Art Yarn- 2 Ways to Spin Locks | Alexander Reynoso | Skillshare

Art Yarn- 2 Ways to Spin Locks

Alexander Reynoso, Fiber Artist

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4 Videos (16m)
    • Intro to Locks

    • How to tailspin

    • How to lockspin

    • 2 Ways to Spin Locks Reveiw


About This Class

In this class Alex will show you how he spins locks for texture! Learn how to tailspin and lockspun.

We will cover :

-What breeds are better for lockspinning vs tailspinning.

-What core to use when tailspinning.





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Alexander Reynoso

Fiber Artist

I'm a fiber artist from NYC. I picked up fiber arts from watching videos when I was 13 years old but most of them took too long to get to the fun part. My classes are quick and straight to point to insure I can pass along my passion for fibers to you.

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