Art School Boot Camp: Designing Quirky Characters | Christine Nishiyama | Skillshare

Art School Boot Camp: Designing Quirky Characters

Christine Nishiyama, Artist at Might Could Studios

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6 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. What's Character Design?

    • 2. Speaking with Shape Language

    • 3. Checking Strength with Silhouettes

    • 4. Case Study: Shape Language in Animation

    • 5. The Fine Details

    • 6. Project Assignment

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About This Class

What makes a character look like a good guy? A bad guy? The comic relief? The love interest? A character design is different than just a drawing of a person. A “character” must be dynamic enough to tell a story about who that person is. The viewer must be able to connect with the character and understand who they are at a base level just by how they look.

This class will focus on using shape language to draw characters that communicate personality, story, and emotion rather than focusing on drawing perfect anatomy. We’ll be developing unique and expressive characters by speaking visually with shape language.


Shape language is how basic shapes (whether in character design, fine art, or any other application) can communicate aspects of mood, personality, and story. Understanding how shape language works gives you a starting point for drawing characters, as well as depth and meaning to your final character design.

By the end of the class, you’ll have your own new character design for use in whatever you like to create whether it be books, comics, video games, or just random doodles!




You can see more about Christine and her work at

Get weekly essays on creativity and art making AND get my free list of artist tools here!

Hope to see you in there! :D





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Christine Nishiyama

Artist at Might Could Studios

Hallo! I'm Christine Nishiyama, artist + founder of Might Could Studios.

I make books and comics, and I draw a whoooole lot. I've taught over 45,000 aspiring and established artists, helping them explore their art, gain more confidence, and discover their unique artistic styles.

I've been drawing for over 20 years and have been drawing as my full-time career for over 6 years. My core belief is that art is good and we should all make more of it. Might Could is here to uplift...

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