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Art Plates by Acrylic Paints

teacher avatar Alina Stepanenko, Designer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What you need to start

    • 3. How to prepare a surface

    • 4. Drawing details

    • 5. Learn secrets

    • 6. Background creation

    • 7. Conclusion

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About This Class

In this class I will teach you to create simple but spectacular handmade interior design items even if you have never been involved in art before. Today it will be Art Plates.

Meet Your Teacher

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Alina Stepanenko



I have graduated from art school and together with the students of a summer art-camp we have been making home decorations and toys as well as embellishing clothes for several years already. Therefore, believe me, children have been able to do this, you can do it even better! For these classes I chose the most interesting master classes which look very beautiful and at the same time do not require a lot of work.

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1. Introduction: art plates by acrylic panes. Hello, dear friends. My name is Alina and today I will teach you how to create simple but particular hand may enter your design items even that you have never bean in world in the art before Today it will be art plates. I have graduated from art school and to give it with my students off a summer art camp. We have been making home decorations and toys as well as embellishing clothes for several years already. Therefore, believe me, Children have been able to do this. You can do it even better for discourse. I chose the most interesting master classes which looked very beautiful and at the same time don't require a lot of work. Today, I real demonstrate and explain to you what secrets are important to know in order to easily create exclusive decorate plates which can be used for the decoration off your kitchen or living room, or be presented 2. What you need to start: so for these work. Real needs Acrylic glass colors. Relieve colors for glass. A synthetic brush. The protective varnish for glass colors, which protects the work from moisture and detergents. Glossy, thinner for glass colors. It makes the paint lighter but doesn't change its consistency. The wallet and knife que tapes. A safety green droving, which you want to apply on glass masking tape. A piece of white paper acid on all alcohol and off course, a glass plate. It is possible to buy acrylic paints and other materials in any art shop. So if you have everything you need in front of you, choose a convenient like work, please, and we will begin. Here is the first secret Real paint the backside off a plate so that from the front off our work looks even more glamorous. Look. 3. How to prepare a surface: at first that needs to be removed from the glass with help off. Ah, acetone or alcohol in order that the paint layer could be put on smoothly and once threatened fee later. After that, we leave it to dry and start the following stage. This is how we do it. The choosen droving is placed under the glass and fixed by the mosque in tape at the ages so that the pictures want move. This is how we do it. Re transfer the drawing counter onto the surface off the glass. Ah, by the liner. And if the counter is not clean after the first try, it is possible to correct it Using a Q tip. Moisten in the S, a tomb and the seas How we do that? 4. Drawing details: heaven carefully unstick the masking tape from the ages. We removed the joing from under the glass for convenience, we can put a clean sheet of paper under eat. This is how they do it now. It is necessary to give the thing lines, bride, other shapes. For this purpose, we take relief based for glass and carefully hardly touching the surface. We make the counters off picture thicker, drawing the line from the top to the bottom. This is how we do it. There is another secret here too. If you press too much, then there will be a unpainted strip in the middle of the contra which reveal ah which we don't need. So you shouldn't press the counter tube very hard. After you have checked all these, there will be the last secret. It is the most effective to put a contract continuously from the beginning to the end off the element it is better to do is standing. Then all your weight moves to the tube with a counter die and your hand will not show ever much. At the same time, it is convenient to have two more support points a hand which is not joing and the an elbow off a hand. Ah, riches joing and relieve too dry for 10 minutes. But oops, what to do If you have made a mistake like this, If you need to remove the droving completely, it can be done right away under a stream of hot water. Using sponge virtual correction, we remove ah contra piece the knife. These is how they do it Look. 5. Learn secrets: After that, the most creative teach comes us. We start pointing directly for the easy real needs pains and the synthetic brush as well. As a poet. Rich uses the color necessary for the painting. If there is no desirable shade, you can usually make it yourself. For example, try to add a little blue into red, and the most beautiful purple shade will appear from under the brush. And if you makes a small amount off white paint with any other, you will get in a braid shade. However, keep in mind that you can makes Onley pains off the same brand, so we shall now proceed to apply the colors. We begin to paint over the area frame with the concert from the center in order that pain doesn't accidentally speed on to the next site. However, feeling in the segments give the paint oath to be don't over is the center. This is how we do it 6. Background creation: for a start, it is necessary to deep the brush into the pellet with the paint and to create a big drop. We put it into the corner off a Sigmund and begin to pull. Keep in mind that paint dries quickly enough. Therefore a big drop in necessary to manage to feel a fragment awaiting stains and navy. In this. These is how we do it. As soon as you see that your pain has started to dry up at one more drop, the main thing is to manage to finish painting the make fragment while the paint is wet. If there are bubbles, they can be delete with the pain. But on Li E, they are still wet. Look, our bleak is almost finished. Believe it to drive for two days, protecting carefully against the dust. - The final stage is varnish in it is necessary. In order to protect pains and a contra from external impacts, the world ish needs eight hours to dry completely. - One more important future. Any drawing in the finished work will mirror the original picture. Therefore, if you want to apply text under plate mirrors original one from left to right and from top to bottom. You might need to practice before or or to bring the mirror text beforehand. Remember the main secrets? Would you? That effect that we began the work we've drawing the quarter and at the end, off the our work returned a plate. All our possible mistakes reminded at the bottom and errant visible from the front side. Look. 7. Conclusion: in such a simple way, wonderful digression might appeared in your living room or in your kitchen. Look, if you take a deep bow, it can be used for nuts or Kendis. Look, fled blades look beautiful on the special supports on the ball. These type off art is an excellent option off a gift to loved honors era. Make boo way to spend time with Children's or away to be alone, creating wonderful handmade things. Thanks for your attention. I'm sure that after these instructions, you make beautiful things. I look forward to you joining me for the next Muster class.