Art Licensing or Print on Demand? Pros, Cons and Strategies for Artists | Ronnie Walter | Skillshare

Art Licensing or Print on Demand? Pros, Cons and Strategies for Artists

Ronnie Walter, Artist, Writer, Art Biz Coach

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6 Lessons (52m)
    • 1. ALvsPOD IntroVideo

    • 2. Lesson One-What is Art Licensing

    • 3. Lesson Two- What is Print on Demand

    • 4. Lesson Three-Which Method is Best?

    • 5. Lesson Four-Can I do Both?

    • 6. Lesson Five-Maximize Your Success

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About This Class

Art Licensing or Print on Demand?

Hey, wait…aren’t they the same thing?


In this class I will explain the differences, the similarities and how each (or both) can help you in your quest to monetize your art. I will walk you through the best strategies to enhance your message and grow your audience—and how to employ them to build your income.

The resource guide will contain links to popular POD companies, additional classes to take, and a short quiz on how to determine which method might be right for you.

I’ve licensed my art on hundreds of products over the years and used Print on Demand to enhance those efforts. If fact, my self-published (POD) coloring books led me to a thriving relationship with a traditional publisher. I’m also the author of License to Draw—How to Monetize Your Art through Licensing…and more!, and I coach artists to help them discover the right path for their creative goals.





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Ronnie Walter

Artist, Writer, Art Biz Coach

Hi! I'm Ronnie Walter. I'm an artist, author and Art Business Coach. I license my work on all kinds of cool products like greeting cards, fabric, giftware, books, plus 17 (and counting) coloring books for adults.

I am frequently caffeinated.

I love what I do and I particularly love teaching and coaching artists to help them move further on their journey no matter where they are! My goal is to help you calm the overwhelm, discover your unique gifts and make a game plan where you ...

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