Art Licensing Fundamentals: Finding Buyers for Your Art | Shannon McNab | Skillshare

Art Licensing Fundamentals: Finding Buyers for Your Art

Shannon McNab, Surface Designer & Illustrator

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8 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Understanding Your Portfolio's Potential

    • 3. Where Should You Go Looking for Companies?

    • 4. Popular Doesn’t Always Mean Perfect for You

    • 5. Searching for the Right Contact

    • 6. Knowing Who’s in Charge

    • 7. Become an Inbox Hunter

    • 8. Final Thoughts + Your Assignment

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About This Class

So far my classes have focused on giving you strategies for improving your pattern design skills, but now I’m switching gears and focusing on the business side of the industry.  Finding Buyers for Your Art delves into one of the most important components of a healthy surface design career.

Here's just a few things you'll learn in class:

  • How to describe your art (and how it helps you find buyers)
  • 6 different methods for finding companies
  • How to decide if your art is a good fit for a company
  • Common job titles to look for when searching for contacts
  • 6 ways to search for the correct contact
  • The BEST method I've found to find a contact's email address

My hope is that by the end of this class, you’ll have more confidence to search for and connect with buyers. Because at the end of the day, that’s what will help your business grow!





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Shannon McNab

Surface Designer & Illustrator

Hi there!

I'm Shannon, a surface designer & illustrator with a possibly unhealthy obsession with patterns.

My heart has always called me to create and teach. That's why my two main passions are growing my own surface design business AND helping other designers improve their skills and avoid the mistakes I've made – and believe me,  there's been a TON!!! 

The best place to find me is The Creativity C...

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