Art Licensing: Create and Sell Your First Greeting Card | Ilana Griffo | Skillshare

Art Licensing: Create and Sell Your First Greeting Card

Ilana Griffo, Artist & Author

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8 Lessons (39m)
    • 1. Class Introduction

    • 2. Art Licensing 101

    • 3. Art Licensing Portfolios

    • 4. Trend Shopping

    • 5. Know Your Market

    • 6. Start Designing

    • 7. License Your Card

    • 8. Class Project

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About This Class

Creative Brief!


This class is an introduction to art licensing, and creating your first greeting card design! We'll walk you through the basics of the licensing industry, what buyers are looking for, and even give you the tools to get your first licensing gig! 

This course is for anyone interesting in art licensing - from painters to hand letterers! Maybe you've been interested in art licensing but haven't known where to start, we've got you covered and this class will get you on the right path! 


Class Outline

  • Art Licensing 101 - In this section, we'll walk you through the *very secretive* world of art licensing. What it means and how it works. We're pulling back the curtain and helping you jumpstart your career in art license.
  • Art Licensing Portfolios - In this video, we'll walk you through what an art licensing portfolio looks like, and how it's different from a traditional one. We'll touch on what buyers are looking for, and how to create a portfolio that sells. 
  • Trend Shopping - This lesson is all about opening your eyes to the world of licensing. We'll talk about how to stay on top and AHEAD of the trends so that your artwork is fresh and exciting for buyers.
  • Know Your Market - This section is all about knowing and understanding your market to help you create strong designs! We'll talk about occasions, demographics and more!
  • Start Designing - This video is all about setting up your workflow so that your final deliverables are exactly what clients are looking for. We'll share tips for file sizes, and tools for both analog and digital artists. 
  • License Your Card - This lesson is all about how to find buyers for your work! We know you can make beautiful work, but the hard part is making sure it gets into the right hands. We're breaking it down and giving you tips to get started today!