Art Lettering - Cool Love Heart Lettering Using Watercolor Pencils

Constance Hessman

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18 Videos (1h 3m)
    • Introduction Lettering

    • 1 Supply List

    • 2 What You Will Learn

    • 3 Making or Using a Heart Template

    • 4 Drawing the Construction Lines

    • 5 Drawing the Word Love

    • 6 Drawing the Hearts

    • 7 Coloring Love

    • 8 Shadowing Letters

    • 9 Color Heart

    • 10 Color Small Heart

    • 11 Painting Love Lettering

    • 12 Finish Large Heart

    • 13 Coordinating Colors

    • 14 Letters on small heart

    • 15 Inking the Letters

    • 16 Inking the Heart

    • 17 Conclusion


About This Class

Let's have some fun learning just how simple it is to draw fancy lettering. I will take you step by step showing you how to draw this creative lettering project. You will amaze yourself with your finished painting.

A video for each step of the art lettering project that you can start and stop at anytime allowing you to go at your own pace. View the videos again and again if needed.  

I teach you the same way as I teach the thousands of students that I have taught in my studio to successfully draw and paint. Learn online to paint from a professional artist.

During the class you will learn:
How to Space Letters Evenly
Create Letters
Use a Template 
Use Watercolor Pencils
How to Add Values / Shades

So what are you waiting for? :-) Let's get started learning and creating together. 





Constance Hessman Fine art Artist and Instructor
Constance Hessman has a passion for art and teaching. She is also a formally trained computer graphic artist. After a full career in high tech and ever changing computer graphics, Constance has decided to enjoy life more and settle back into her fine art and art instruction. Her love for children and nature often appear in her works of art.

Constance is a very diverse artist, she likes the challenge of using all types of media. Her favorite media is colored pencil, acrylics, and pencil. She finds beauty and art in almost every form. Constance's greatest passion is her art instruction. She has taught thousands of students of all ages to master the skills of art in her studio. Helping many find careers in art with her training and encouragement.

A message from the artist: Life is what we make it, follow your dreams! My grandmother once said: 'Don't ever let anyone discourage you in your art career. Where there is a will, there is a way'. I have always lived by her words. I encourage all my students to do the same.