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Art Journaling: Your Word of the Year

teacher avatar Deb Eastwood, Psychology Subject Matter Expert

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Material List

    • 3. Your Word of the Year

    • 4. Prepare Your Journal Page

    • 5. Lettering

    • 6. Putting on washi tape

    • 7. Washi tape done

    • 8. Coloring Lettering

    • 9. Boxing Lettering

    • 10. Border

    • 11. Final Thoughts on Project One

    • 12. Project Two

    • 13. Lettering

    • 14. Finishing It All Up

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About This Class

In this course, we will discuss the purpose of art journaling, the materials needed, how to select your word of the year, and three ways you can complete your project. We will cover how to use your materials, lettering, and design. 


Meet Your Teacher

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Deb Eastwood

Psychology Subject Matter Expert


Twenty years of experience teaching psychology. Award winning artist. Ten years of experience teaching online. I enjoy working with students and designing curriculum.

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1. Introduction: Hi, I'm Dave, East Foot and on your instructor for art. Journaling your word of the day. Welcome to the class. If you'd be so kind, Introduce yourself in the comments below and say where your friend and why you're taking the class because I'm nosey. Oh, we're going to be working on two projects in this class and both of them are going to relate to your word of the day. So I'm going to go through. And did you how Ichi's air? Word of the day. And then we'll have to separate pages in our journals that we make from that. I'll go with the supply list with you in another video and teaching two different lettering styles. And I'll also be teaching you how to use the materials that most people use in art journaling today. Although we could certainly use more materials, I tried to keep the costs panel for you, So welcome to the class and let's dive in 2. Material List: Okay, so going to me, Uh, graph composition book I recommend. Not with holes. I got the one on one when I got this, but I work with it anyway. Oh, you're gonna want glue sticks to glue your pages together. I prefer the magic, bro. Racer kneaded Eraser also works well. You're gonna want some kind of pencil. I like to work with a mechanical pencil. Now, this is a oh, sick signal Univ. All And I think these are the best pens for the outlining. So the black and the why are good to have for the color pins. The ones I think are the best of all are the Tom Bo dual brush pens. You could certainly by any pins that come in a variety of colors. One set should be fine for the class. You're gonna want to get one color of die allusions, Haines. So pick a color. That is your favorite. Um, the need At least three rolls of Washington, and it just looks like this. Michael's also has a brand called recollections. That's fine. Oh, sometimes you'll find this in scrapbooking supplies. And sometimes you'll find this, uh, with other scotch products because like the Post, It notes that company makes the Washington and you want just a set of wire colors. It doesn't have to be this many cover. She could get a smaller set if you want. Pyrrhic men brush about this size for putting your mediums on any positive ones and the only served medium you'll need. Besides, water is a mat medium, and I'm using liquid tax. You can use any brand that you want and last but not least, some type of baby wide or makeup remover. These are really essential when you're working in your dirt, and that's all the supplies you'll need for the class. Thank you. 3. Your Word of the Year: we're going to be working on a project called Word at the Year. So I thought I'd better explain how you're going to slept your word of the year. I really like to do word of the year because it's a lot better than New Year's resolutions . Your murder year. Dis guides for the year so you don't break resolutions when you make word of the year to guide you. So what you're gonna do is select one word that you're gonna focus on for the year. Oh, it's gonna give a clarity of focus, and it's going to give you You're a pitcher who you want to be, and that word is going to help you become that person that you want to be. So it's your intention, and it's gonna guide you through your here, and it will just give. Show you the path to happiness. So if you have any trouble picking a word, just type in Google. Word of the year and there's lots of people who give lists or tools to help you find your word of the year. So first thing first, pick your word of the year and then we'll have fun and use the journal journaling techniques. See you next module 4. Prepare Your Journal Page: We're going to get our page ready for our first project today. So in your notebook, we're gonna glue two pages together so that we don't get pins bleeding through to the next page and our drillings all about layers, layers, layers. So we're gonna start are leery. Process. Okay. Once we get that done, we're going to take our man medium. I just did right into the container, and we're going to brush this on the page until we've got the whole page cover. And then if you're in a hurry to get a little old blow dryer and blow it dry Are you like me? You could just wait when it take its time to drop, okay? 5. Lettering: you know, our Matt mediums, right? We're going to add color. Tour paid will be different. Tim will have green. So I'm disc using ordinary water color. And I add it turned at quite a bit of water because I don't want it to be rolled dark is just gonna be in every layer on a page. Okay, We're gonna do your whole page in with the color like that. Okay? And after you color dries, you're gonna come back with your mad at me, and again there's going to paint over the top, Uh, the color. So you have three layers at this point on your page, and now run to start and Oh, do the right. And this is just a sample. I have a patron to show you, and what we're going to do is fine center now, I bought a book, unfortunately, with three holes. So my center, I have to do it to the polls because I can't obviously work over the holes very well, so I found the center of my page. I don't call it there. And now word I'm working with for today is a dream. So that's a five letter word so he is going to go in the middle. Well, I'm gonna go ahead, make my letters on my word of the year and would make them five pi because I wanted to be the biggest word on the page. 12345 Of course, you'll be doing this over the painted Blair part. I'm just showing you here, and you just use your own handwriting on. So now I've got that in the middle. Go ahead and write your whole word out. Well, I'm not going over Pretty job. Sorry. Yeah. Then go ahead and find in your brain or in the office. Are some other words. Go with your word of the year I have. Maybe you want to see it. I have a dream vision, goal wish, mental picture, image, illusion. And this is for 2016. I just decided I had enough words to at the Data Que and now we're going to take are Black Pin and we're going to make thes my chunky letters. Okay. And so I just make the I go with the shape of my writing and I just make them kind of Kirby and chunky, so I'll go ahead. You don't have to worry about being exactly on the line because we're in a race. All those pencil lines and I like butlers around and forget the touch. So this isn't, ah, hard script. This is just pretty close to your handwriting and just vacant a little bit larger. And it's an art girl, so nothing has to be perfect. So don't worry. The way it goes, they'll be fine. Okay, consult. 6. Putting on washi tape: So I went ahead and I went over all my letters with the black pin and our next step we're going to use washing cape. So I picked three shades and I think we'll go with the color scheme here and the Washington beacon, this terror by hand and find use of three different capes. All kind of just break the page into sections so again and have a layer we'll see. And then I'm like, Take, who is the starting? Take this room. You could Nick. It is big or little issue sections. There are no rules. Have fun and be creative. 7. Washi tape done: So I finished covered in the page with Washington. And now we're going to take our clear Jessel and we're going to cover the washing. Take clear Jessel because otherwise is it's really hard to, um, bright over the Washington because it's kind of waxy. Okay, so let that dry. And now we can come back with our black pins. I'm just school for lead re. It's 8. Coloring Lettering: All right. Okay, so I've gone ahead and black my letters back in, and now I'm going to start doing the color. So I decided I'm going to make dream green and using my marker. And there's color the letters hand. Sometimes it's then, while you're doing this, if you listen to some nice music that you like or sometimes did you take your book outside and be in nature one color for you Just have your house quiet kind of peaceful activity we get to express. 9. Boxing Lettering: Okay, So you can see now that color all the words in I just go. I mean, I have a set of markers, and I just use what colors I think would look good. So I don't have any theory about it, Like this kind of color. What feels good. So now we have to think about what we want to do with the pains to finish it up. So I like to make the words set off from each other. And so I'm going to draw some boxes, just freakin boxes around some of the words, uh, now I was left more space. Between this box cultures goes Sprague egx. Uh, I'd like to do something special. I don't know if you noticed. I was unhappy with my d up here, and so I just made it bigger, So it matched letters. Better. I really like this to be in a cloud because I think dreaming kind of your head in the clouds and a little fancy like bourbon, I think just box mental picture got your grill, my own box wish and another round box around goal. Okay. And then I'm going to used my colors again. And I'm going to still in the boxes around the world so I might try and use. I was not real happy with the dark in the dark here. I think I think I'm going to try and use lighter colors to color these at 10. Border: So I went ahead and colored in all my boxes. And I think that under at this plant go ahead and put a border on here. Then I'll see what I think after I get bored. So I'm going to use the di allusions paint if I can open it well on, where did my fresh cool. So I don't have to be really careful. Appear of the top Because I got this so close to the edge in this covers real nice and hands working there. Good. Okay, Now there's another part of clothes on these bigger parts. I could just squiggles this song here and then why you can buy a blender, But you can also just work with these baby wives. I couldn't just Okay, I've been to get the company nice there. Probably store 11. Final Thoughts on Project One: So I went ahead with solutions. Pain when they wipe, Just make a real soft for border around everything. And my only suggestion. After this, you could add some doodles if you want to. And then if you have a spray finish, it would be good toe. Take it outside and spray it with just the clear finish just to keep things from getting messed up. And you finished your first project and we'll move on to our project number two. 12. Project Two: Okay, so for practically over to bring a start off glued Archy pages together, and I'm paying well, covering the page with the mad medium. And this time we're going to use a caption for one of our first player. And you I want to American Right on for you. Want something with big pattern. So off. Why I want to do is separate these layers, Terry. Separate. I just know of heart. Yeah, I have to get the border way. All right? No, I just want a rope. Then. Where? Tissue? Not quite good. Couple page. Trying to get the rankle self, but it's OK for wrinkles. Uh huh. Matt. 13. Lettering: where I went ahead and did was draw some wavy lines. So two of the lines are right between and then to The lines are just kind of doodle between . So I got these lines ready to write in and on this page, I'm going to write my word of the year, which is dream. And then I'm gonna write a definition for the work. So go ahead and above the line, Right? Dream Bush used my pencil. Um, so I would use this time. I'm good. Use big block letters. I'll show you how we're going to do good in this case. Oh, I spelled work wrong. That's why we do it in pencil. Probably put the e next. It will look a lot better. Now we're going to widen just the left side of the letters, not both sides. So I'm going to me that wide. And may this part of the car why And this part of our wide Oh, could you do this? Okay. I'm going to make this boy go ahead and triangles on the end of thes legs and words here. This site that a boy and we'll put the triangle end on this and will make this side of the am. Why can use the Krankl here. So when black loaders skin the parts that we want to go ahead and give horizontal strike two are and then e will see, we have endings on the parts. We haven't white. And this font is called Easter Decks. Okay, and then I'm going Teoh, start with my pencil and I'm going to alternate between this type of layering and curses. So I'm going to start my definition here. Oh, just using my regular cursive writing. I don't know that. Next word we have to put my next work out here. Could I can see and I have enough. Okay. And for my eyes, I go ahead and got my I's with circles kind of met her background, and I'm just going Teoh slightly thick in my cursive lettering so I can use a little bit of color on them. Okay, 14. Finishing It All Up: So this is my final page then And just called them between some of the lines. And I do be deal between some of the other lines. I just did some spirals since I had all the round dots. I just kept with a round circle thing. Yeah, it my pages dream a vision creed by my imagination, Something I have always want very much. And I hope that your projects have been fun for you. And be sure to post your projects in the project. Space and place reviews a class. I enjoyed working with you. And I hope you have a great week. Thanks. Bye.