Art Journaling: Intro to Mixed Media! | Jenni Shatto | Skillshare

Art Journaling: Intro to Mixed Media!

Jenni Shatto, New class coming soon!

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4 Lessons (39m)
    • 1. Introduction (Handout Link under 'Your Project')

    • 2. Lesson 1

    • 3. Lesson 2

    • 4. Lesson 3


About This Class

When I first started art journaling, I had no art background. I found some tutorials on YouTube and I was hooked.

I learned all I know by trial and error, YouTube tutorials, and Kelly Rae Robert’s Spirit Wings course. Some people might be intimidated by the label ‘mixed media art’ but all this means is mixing two or more different types of art mediums--like acrylic paints and watercolors, or collage and pens!

I love mixed media because there are no rules and the possibilities are endless!  But getting started and learning what the different products & mediums are can be overwhelming. I created this class to share what I wish I would have known when I was first starting out!

Art journaling is my outlet to express my thoughts, feelings, and ideas when I can’t put them into words, and I want to share this magic with you.

In this class you will create a project--your own art journal spread (make it look like the one pictured or not! It's completely up to you!!)--as you learn the following:

  • Matte medium, modeling paste and gel medium-what they are and what they’re used for

  • How to collage papers to start your background and get past the intimidating blank page

  • How to create rich background colors

  • How to use modeling paste and stencils to create beautiful texture

  • Embossing with stamps

  • My favorite markers to use for art journal spreads

  • How to embrace ‘happy mistakes’ and overcome the fear gremlins

This video is packed with tips and tricks that I’ve learned over the years and is for anyone who is interested in self-expression can enroll in this class, no previous art experience required! I have a list of the products I use in the class page. 


To learn more about me and my art, follow me on Instagram (Mixed Media by Jenni) and follow me on my blog,!


1. Introduction (Handout Link under 'Your Project'): welcome to my first still share Clouds and Trow to mixed media Art Journal E. My news, Jenny and I am a self taught mixed media part is I created this past to share, but I wish I would have known when I was first, starting out several years ago. Tips and techniques could use journaling, scrapbooking and even planners. I love mixed media because there are no rules and no limits to what I can create. I have journals since I was seven years old. Art journaling is so much fun because I love being able to add pictures to express my thoughts and feeling this outlet for me. In a way, for me to capture my memory, you can find more about me and my work on my instagram under mixed Media by Jenny for on my Website Mixed media by jenny dot com. In this, I'll explain how to create beautiful backgrounds in Boston. Penciling and Lord, I'll tell you what materials are used as we go along, and I'll also post a list in the class knows I would love to see how you apply these techniques to go along and encourage you to share your projects on the class project page 2. Lesson 1: So we are starting with our blank page, and first thing I'm gonna do is cover that up with Tim holds is ideal ology to shoot paper . And I bought this at Michael's, and I love it cause it's really easy to work with and is thin but very durable. We could see our there's several times, and I have actually a little bit of trouble ripping. It is as like a plastic e type coating on the underside. So here is my Golden Matt media. I'm going to use this to glue it there onto the page. I like Matt medium because it's really did, and it takes a little bit too dry. So it gives me a little bit of time to arrange things that I'm Clausing or adding to my pages. And then here I'm just using an old paintbrush, and this one actually was shedding a little bit, and I didn't care because I knew that it would be covered up. So here I used way too much Matt Medium, but I am actually giving some of it to my seven year old, who you can might see its arm in one of the frames que and said, Now is time to lay the paper and I'm trying to do this keeping in my my composition. I wanted that sideways butterfly to be just to the right of the gutter or the middle, and then I'm just trying to smooth it out as much as I can. If you want a little bit more texture, you can actually try to make it a little bit. Wrigley or even you could ball it up first and then smooth it out. And that would give you the really yummy texture kind like crinkly. So because I want my background to be nice and smooth, I'm starting in the middle and working my weight out. And so I'm just trying to get it nice and flat and then trying to push out any extra Matt medium to the size so that I can wave it away. Okay, so you do want to try to get the edges really, really well because otherwise the page will. The tissue will lift up from the edges of the page and they could actually completely come off of your art journal. And so I tried to seal my edges really well to me, The best way to do that is to kind of pushed the glue out. So here I am, reaching for a give card It I love saving these because that you worked perfectly to kind of almost squeaky out the extra glue. No, I'm just gonna grab it down, kids. It's try to catch the extra clues, so that doesn't clue all my other pages shot, which sometimes it does happen, and I just kind of appeal in the part. So if you were using the tissue paper and say, for example, you are using collage paper ripped up paper, you could actually put the map medium on top as well to seal it in on the bottom and then saluted on the top. And that way you get, like, a really good seal, and you want to worry about the corners lifting up and here and lifting up the page because they want to make sure that when I closed it, it's not going to affect anything. So here you can see that I have an air pocket ready in the middle, so the thing it with Matt Medium is it gives me a little bit type to work with it. So I'm just lifting it up so that I can get to that air bubble. Other needs. Otherwise, if I don't get that glue down, isn't it be really noticeable at the very end? So if you want your pages to be nice and smooth, you want to be treated, all of the air bubbles out. So I love these two pages before this spread, Buoying because if you're going to be doing your spread with a lot of Matt, medium and other gels, I knew that if I had a spread right before it, I could potentially it ruined that spread to. So, um, I might come back to these pages later on and add something to them so I might come back at a later date and do something else with ease playing pages, maybe something a little bit later. Or I might just leave a blank. Who knows? That's like I said, no rules. In the lower left hand corner, you can see where the page was written when I first started, and this is what I call a happy mistake. And sometimes I feel like if I just get out of my own way and let the art, I guess, in a way, have a say to my projects tend to turn out much better than if I try to be a perfectionist and make sure everything looks perfect. And so I like to have that corner looked in. So I chose to leave it instead of ripping out a new section of paper. No, it's time to trim the edges. I kind of wanted the rougher look, so I am ripping my edges. But if you want until up nice and clean, you can use scissors or something like that to get a nice, nice sharp look and right here is going to see how durable this paper is, so it makes it perfect for mixed media. And there you have it. The scary white pages gone, and we are ready to move on to the next step, which is so much fun. And one, my favorites is working with the favorite Castel Chill Lotto's. So I apologize. You could tell I kind of got a little excited and got carried away and forgot to start the camera. And so I've already put down a few colors. The blue in purple. No, I'm adding the darker blue Angela knows they're so much fun because they go on like a crayon, and then you could actually use your fingers to blend them together. And you could also because their water soluble you can spritz water onto the page, and that will further help from blend. But I wanted more of a chalky look, so I didn't use water for this project. And you do want to use colors that are going to blend well. So, like I'm using blues and purples. If I were to use like blues and orange or purple and yellow because they're complementary, they would possibly planting together and give you like a brownish mud look. And so if you want to know what colors do you should use, you can actually watch a couple different skill share crisis about that color theory. And one thing I like to do before I start my projects to is to pick out my color palette and on my Pinterest, I actually have a board called Color Love. That is just nothing but color palettes that I can use for inspiration. And so I will post a link to that Pinterest board in the notes and I apologize for the shakiness of the video. This is actually my first time videoing and video editing. And so I learned a lot during this class. So if you could just kind of bear with me for this first class, I promise I will get better the next time. So here is another happy mistake where the page ripped and I couldn't just glued it down. But I kind of want to give it more of a distressed to look as I'm grabbing a Sharpie to color the edge black to make it stand out just a little bit and honestly in the finished product or the finished page. I really didn't even notice it, not just using my finger to blend it a little bit, and then I'll use a clue stick to glue it down. - So here I'm using some scissors. I decided to trim of the edges just a little bit, so I saw it a little bit of distressed look, but not how the edges hangover. So I am done with the gel Atos. And now it is time to put down a good coat of the Kloss gel that I talked about in the class notes, and there are three different kinds of the gels you could get in that gloss or semi clause . And for this you want to make sure that you're using the glossy gel because when it dries, it will almost give it kind of like a plasticky finish and so that it helps you with the blending that will do later. Kind of gives you a little bit extra time. Where is like the matte finish. It would be hard to erase any mistakes, so I just grab it out of the jar air and use my card again to spread it out in his jar of the class gel could be a little pricey. Uh, so what I do is wait until Michael's is having a sale or I have a really good coupon, and then I'll go buy some and you'll notice I took my rings off just because it it can be kind of hard to get off of my rings was its try. You can and I honestly, I'm just using my fingers. I like the way it feels, and I can't spread it a lot quicker than using a paintbrush. If you do use a paintbrush with this. You want to make sure that you rinse it out really good and not let it dry, because if it dries, it's pretty much gonna ruin the paintbrush. So if you wanted to add more texture to your page, you could actually leave the gel clause glass shelves just like it is, and it will dry, however you leave it, and so it would take quite a while for it to dry. Um, but you could do a lot of interesting effects. And what's even more fun is if you have more texture. The colors that will use later well, actually pull into the crevices and a little in between areas. I wanted it to be nice and fairly smooth, and so I'm using my fingers and then all using cards. You kind of smooth it out so you'll notice that it looks really white. But when it dries, it will dry. Clear. Okay, and now I am using my recollections heat gun that I got from my mother in law for Christmas . You can get these at Michael's, or you can just use their hair dryer. The heat gun just is a little bit harder. So it works a little bit quicker. Quicker. So right now is a perfect time. If you wanted to take a break and let it air dry a lot of times I would actually leave mine and just let it dry overnight. So right now, I would love to see what you've come up with. If you want to take a snapshot of your projects and head over to the class page and get some feedback from myself and your classmates, I can't wait to see what you come up with. 3. Lesson 2: So here I am, using favorite pastels, Pitt brushes the's could be used for stamping. And they are amazing with the gel gloss after it dries. Because if you are quick, you can actually blend them before they dry. Once they are dry, though, they are archival ink, which means that they are water resistant, and so they work really well with mixed media. So as I'm working, you can see the glossy sheen to page thanks to the gel clause. So I'm just kind of using this color too, at a little bit more vibrant saints in my border. And you really can't see in the picture what I'm doing. But you just use different colors, and it is just a great way to create more colors and add more interest to your pages. So now I'm gonna use these markers by ranger there perfect medium pens. And these are great for em bossing, which is what I'm gonna show you next. And so is that butterfly that is on the left side of the page. I'm just going to go over wherever I want the embossing powder to stick. And the beautiful thing about these markers is I can create really fine lines and pretty much, you know, if I want to write something, I can use thes markers to do that. So with these is clear, so I can't tell where I've already drawn. And so I decided just to do the right side of the butterfly first and then kind of see how he turned out and then go back into the other side. Okay, so now I am using the in Boston powder, and this one has by recollections, and you can get these at any craft store, or you can also order them on Amazon. And this is the seventh the I at the embossing set up. So it's got the trade, which is kind of nice. It's got the little, um, cover that you can pull out to put it back into the container. So you just does soft whatever your don't need. And you don't have to have that tray like if you just dusted off onto a piece of paper, you could pull that up to put the loose powder back into the jar. So then, once I've done that, then I am going to dust off the extra powder that kind of tends to stick around the design . If I leave it on there and then use the heat gun, it will cause the, uh the powder to remain on the page. So if you want, like, a nice, crisp ally and you're gonna have to use the find brush to kind of brush it away, I could hear my 18 month old in the background. So which is brushing other way and then I really like the way this is turning out, and I'm really excited to outline the butterfly. And then I can use that big brush pit pens, markers again to fill in the inside of the butterfly. So here you can see where the gloss the job losses kind of bubbling up a little bit, so that's from the heat. And so it's kind of a find a balance between getting the powder to get hot enough to melt and not completely making the chill close bubble up. So now I am going to shade the inside the butterfly, and they really don't have a plan other than I want to use blues. And I thought about maybe using the grays and the black maybe like do a little bit of shading. And I've also got the white there, so, uh, just kind of going with it. I really don't have a plan in this to what I wanted to look like. But I did have a print out of, ah butterfly just to kind of see how those colors blended together. And so I'm doing a little bit of the time and then using my finger to blend. And so this does try pretty quickly, Case. Now I'm gonna use this jelly roll white marker to at the highlights, and it is amazing you could take any picture. And just by adding a little bit of white to it, it really makes the picture pop. And so this jelly roll pin, um, does have a tendency to stop working a little bit. And I've kind of gotten into the habit of just writing a little bit on the top of my hand to get it to work again. So I'm just going back and forth, adding more color and adding highlights. So here I apologize again. I forgot to turn the camera on while I did the passion, passionate, faith, selfless love, and I just used the same marker by Ranger to do that. And then I went over it with Ian bossing powder. So there you have it. That is the next step of our page. So don't forget to upload your latest creations to the class project page. And I would love to see what you've created. Thank you so much for watching. 4. Lesson 3: So this idea actually came out of the middle of my project. When I first started this spread, I had no idea of even creating like a riel three d tight butterfly. And so I saw the sideways butterfly and I didn't like the way it was kind of, like half covered up. And when I was actually making this our journal spread I am coming from, um, recently I was a pretty heavy wine drinker, you know, like by heavy. I mean, like, 2 to 3 box. So why in a week? And I stopped drinking in February of this year, and since then it's really been a very eye opening, painful, amazing journey. And I'm realizing a lot of the beliefs that I used to hold on to, Where what was weighing me down. And by letting these go, I have begun Teoh live like a life that is so much more fulfilling, and I kind of want to reflect that in this page. So I've been doing a lot of Kelly Ray Roberts art classes that she has online, and one of them was called mantra love. And so that's where the passionate, faith selfless love comes from, And I basically wrote out all of the things that I loved about two people that I really care about. And that was what resonated to me is that they're passionate in their faith and their so selfless in their love. And that's how I want to be a swell. So I thought I would just grab another section of the Tim holds ideology tissue paper, and at first I was going to color it. But then I decided I wanted to put the joke lost on first, and so that's what I'm doing now. And I was originally just going to put the gel gloss on the butterfly. But then I realized that I really like the way this turning out, and so why don't I just go ahead and through the entire piece of paper and do something with it later? So that's why I decided to but the job loss on the entire page. So I am going to use my heat gun to drive Israel quick, and I wanted to make sure to take it off of my art journal spread because the heat from the gun would cost the background to bubble and warp and I didn't want that. So you could see where I comes. Kind of feeling the jail close to see if it was dry. And when it is first dry, it's still gonna be pretty warm and tacky, and you want to make sure that you let it cool completely before you start drawing on it. Otherwise, it can kind of messed with what you're trying to dio. So I added a white page to the background just so that I could kind of see the colors better, because the craft mouth I have is that green. So I just kind of want to get a better picture of what was going on. Let me zoom in a little bit for you. And this part is really fun because he just kind of used the Pitt pens. These air, the not the big brush pens through the smaller ones and you use them very similarly. And they're also archival once they're dry. And so I'm just using these colors, too. Jaw in color, my butterfly and lending him together. So now I am just using that same range of your marker to create my embossing for this butterfly as well I love watching the powder turn and melt with the heat gun. I don't know to me one of the most satisfying things ever to watch. So now I first tried to use the gelato to color in the Butterfly, and it really wasn't working as well as I wanted. I could have done a couple different things to make such a lot of work, but it said I changed my mind and I decided just to go ahead and use the the markers again . And here is another one of my favorite things to do, and that is using the same white jelly roll pen to at some highlights. And like I said, it's just amazing to watch how the white makes the entire on object just kind of seemed to pop. So now I'm efforts was thinking of laying that new butterfly over the old one like an of, ah, way to symbolize transforming from the past to the future presidents. But I am because cutting it out now and I didn't really like the way it looked like you had three antenna, so I trend that one side as to, and now I must adding the Rangers glossy accents. And this is so much fun because you put it on, let it dry, and then it makes it look three dimensional. Look, is that like a gloss? And so you can use it to make buttons, and I'm just using it to create kind of like the outline of money Butterfly on. And this also looks like it's kind of hazy, but it will. I'll still dry clear. Okay, so this is actually the acetate backing from a package of stamps, and this works great for all kinds of different things of mixed media. And so I'm just cutting out the cutting off the edges. And again, I'm really not sure at this point what I want to dio just kind of playing with different things. At first I thought, maybe, uh, still keeping it on the old butterfly inlay and just having the at ST Strip coming from the right side of our journal page just so that you can kind of looked it up. So here I'm using Tombaugh was awkward liquid glue to adhere. The acid eight to the back of the butterfly is just going to give it a little bit more support so I'm still kind of playing with it. And then all of a sudden, I get an idea, like, what would happen if I crinkle this and e I love when I know I'm on the right track because I just get really excited about what I'm doing. And I knew, like, this is exactly what I wanted to dio. The only problem was that my glue wasn't dry yet, so I kind of had to keep playing with it. And I apologize because, like I said, that got really excited, and I kind of forgot about the camera. So some of my shots are a little bit off screen. So again, I apologize for that, Okay? And then I grabbed some of Tim Holtz is, um, while she taped to just gonna help secure it on to the page. I love his washi tape with the music notes and just kind of smoothing it down. So now I am using this modeling paste, and and this is what I'm going to use to create the white dots on my page. And if you want to, you can actually add a color from the gelato. So this is the gym holds dot fades. You can use the gel, Atos and just kind of scrape some of the color and that mixed it up really good. And that would be how you would add color to the modeling paste to get color instead of using the white. And I'm just kind of putting this down and again, it's amazing how that way just kind of makes it pop and then just won't be careful to not disturb it till the modeling pieces completely dry on the page. And then you also want to make sure you clean out your senses really good immediately. You can use the baby white when you first are done with it, but you would want to make sure you use to open water so you can do see that I wrote some stuff on the right hand side and it just as I am enough. And then in between like strong, smart, blah, blah, blah, pretty enough. And so that is how I created this art, General. Spread it, and I had so much fun creating it, and I hope you I enjoyed watching this video, so I cannot again wait to see what you guys come up with. The only thing I love more than creating art is seeing what other people are able to come up with. And so please don't forget to add your projects to the class page. You can find me a mixed media by jenny dot com or on Instagram and Facebook. All of my links are on the skill share profile page again. Thank you so much for watching.