Art Journaling For Beginners #3 - Painted Backgrounds | Angelique Noll | Skillshare

Art Journaling For Beginners #3 - Painted Backgrounds

Angelique Noll, Artist and Writer

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7 Lessons (17m) View My Notes
    • 1. AJ03 00 Intro

    • 2. AJ03 01 WatercolourSupplies

    • 3. AJ03 02 WatercolourTechniques

    • 4. AJ03 03 AcrylicSupplies

    • 5. AJ03 04 AcrylicTechniques

    • 6. AJ03 05 UnstructuredSupplies

    • 7. AJ03 06 UnstructuredTechniques


About This Class

Join me in this class where we use acrylic and watercolour paints, as well as a few other non-paint mediums, in a variety of ways to create interesting backgrounds. The idea is that a plain white page can be incredibly daunting, so putting something on it is a good way to get your creative juices flowing. Once you've collaged or painted something on your page, it's no longer such an intimidating blank space to create on. In fact, the messier you make your background, the easier it is to create on it afterwards;-)

Happy art journaling!


1. AJ03 00 Intro: I welcome to our journal number three for beginners in the first decisions. I'm sure you guys how you could get to expressing yourself creatively on the page. The first class we learned about using basic shapes and forms and tools to get our creativity going. And in the second class, I showed you how you can use different collage materials, some unusual materials to start working on your pages. And so in this class, I want to show you some other things that you can do to get your background pages going. And the reason why creating a really nice background is important is because it changes the white page, which could be quite wanting. For some people, it changes it into something that already has marks and things on it, so it becomes a bit of creative stimulation. But it also takes that intimidation away off, being faced with the white page and not knowing what to do on it. So if you're still interested in doing, are turning and you want to find out some always what you can get creative with your pages , then join me in this class. As we explore the use of chronic sort of colors and other things to start working on your background pages. See, they 2. AJ03 01 WatercolourSupplies: used water colors in your journal is very simple. It's perhaps the easiest unless Macy Tool to use All you need is some simple to cutters. I've got two colors, but you can use the little pants. If you like a paintbrush, you can have various sizes, a fairly thick one for doing a wash and something no one's for detail, your journal paper or your journal. If you extract in your journal, you could also use some watercolor pencils if you like, and you're going to need a jar of water to Jaws and some kitchen tell that's all you need. 3. AJ03 02 WatercolourTechniques: 4. AJ03 03 AcrylicSupplies: But through these other supplies you'll need for this close on the critics, some basic acrylic paints and an assortment of colors. You'll need some geezer and, if any little containers that you can pull from, um, old mole checked ins or these are old yoga, drinkable yogurt tens anything that you can pull from a little pouring cups to pull your pain from you will need in a paintbrush. Some baby wipes any kind. The cheapest kind will do something to pour your paints into an old credit card or any sort of even called, but will be fine and all critical. And you'll need some water. You are journal or your loose pages, if you working on loose pages and something to protect your surface with. 5. AJ03 04 AcrylicTechniques: 6. AJ03 05 UnstructuredSupplies: thats part of the listen, I'm going to show you some other interesting things that you can use for the background in your journal. So I'm going to show you some tea bags. Yes. Teabags again. So used teabags. You went into her some leftover teen. Then I've got two kinds of good normal English breakfast tea, and I have ah, verity here because it has a different color. So your choice. I have some left over coffee from this morning in here. And then you also going to need some leaves or anything with texture, perhaps from the garden. I'm using celery leaves because it's raining outside. So leaves and some Castells will pistols or crayons. If you don't have hope, Estelle's on you also going to if you can, you can use some water soluble pistols. So these are well past ALS and you can their water soluble so you can actually paint over them with water. So we're gonna be using these on, and that's about all you need. So let's get going 7. AJ03 06 UnstructuredTechniques: