Art Journaling Basics for Healing, Hope and Fun | Diane Cunningham | Skillshare

Art Journaling Basics for Healing, Hope and Fun

Diane Cunningham, Artist. Coach. Renaissance Woman.

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5 Videos (31m)
    • Welcome to Art Journaling!

    • Types of Journals To Consider

    • Pens, Markers and Washi Tape

    • Watercolor and Acrylic Paint

    • What do I write? What's next?


About This Class


Join me to learn art journaling basics. We will cover why journaling is important, basic journaling ideas and how to start adding art to your journal today.

  • Learn about different types of journals
  • Pens, Pencils and Writing Tools
  • Adding Washi Tape, post-it notes and paint to your journal
  • Acrylic and Watercolor paint demonstrated
  • What do I write about?  Writing ideas to get you started 





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Diane Cunningham

Artist. Coach. Renaissance Woman.

Hello, I'm Diane, Artist, Coach, Lover of Life.

Art snuck up on me in my 39th year of life. It healed me after my divorce. It welcomed me when I felt disheveled and distraught. It comforted me when I spun into chaos. It still does. It is my Heart Art. I work in acrylics, watercolor, words, doodles, photography and mixed media. The world is my studio and my heart is my canvas. My hands then become the brush.

My goal is to invite inspiration and creativity into t...

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