Art Hacks: Using Positive/Negative Space in your Art | Cookie Redding | Skillshare

Art Hacks: Using Positive/Negative Space in your Art

Cookie Redding, Artist, Designer, Teacher

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7 Videos (30m)
    • Introduction

    • Supplies

    • What is Positive and Negative Space?

    • Demonstration:: Charcoal + Positive/Negative

    • Demonstration:: Watercolor + Positive/Negative

    • Class Project

    • Conclusion


About This Class

In art, the positive space is the object we’re looking at (a vase, for example, on a table) and the negative space is the area around the object (the background).  By being able to understand this spacial relationship, you can hone in a more successful compositional arrangement. As artists and designers, we tend to focus mainly on the positive shapes in our composition, but the magic really happens in the negative’s equally as important as our positive space and this project will allow you time to devote on studying its spacial interaction.

In this class students will explore the relationship between positive and negative shapes in unique, dynamic compositions.  Often times when we are in the early stages of our creation process, we stumble upon composition errors as well as proportion issues.  By learning how to shift between seeing the positive/negative space, your work will evolve and grow stronger in composition.





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Cookie Redding

Artist, Designer, Teacher


Good hello!

Welcome to my Skillshare page and channel.  I hope you find your spark of creativity!


My name is Cookie and I'm an artist, designer and maker.  My first work of art was at the tender age of 2 and was found underneath my parent's coffee table* (they were *thrilled* about my creation but luckily realized that I enjoyed making even then and fostered an artistic upbringing for me) 


I have been a prof...

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