Art Hack: Turn a Photo Into a Work of Art With Watercolors. Chapter II | Katya Schwarzenböck | Skillshare

Art Hack: Turn a Photo Into a Work of Art With Watercolors. Chapter II

Katya Schwarzenböck, Designer, Decorator

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7 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What you need

    • 3. First watercolor layer

    • 4. Adding shadows

    • 5. Adding details

    • 6. Fixing mistakes

    • 7. Go! Paint. Assignment


About This Class

In this second chapter, I will show how to successfully develop and finish our watercolor painting.


Hello, and welcome to Art Hack Series, where I will teach you how to make a successful watercolor painting in some easy steps without hand drawing skills!

My name is Katya and I’m an interior decorator working for ceramic tile company out of Munich, Bavaria. I adore watercolor and love to decorate my space with bright art pieces I’ve created myself! For the past two years, I've been working on my own collection of hand-painted tile decals & wall tattoos, EasySweetHome.

I am positive that anyone can paint but very often you can“t just pick up a brush, start in one corner of the paper or canvas, and magically have a finished art piece in one pass. You wish you had something to guide you, so that you know where to place your brush as you paint.

I use watercolors all the time, because it is a friendly medium that doesnt require much fuss. And the colours flow and blend into one another in beautiful, unexpected ways, creating a diffused effect. However, watercolor is not always the most forgiving medium — if you add too much water to a wash it can dry in uneven, splotchy color. When still wet, different colors can bleed into one another.


I divided this class into 2 short individual chapters, so you can consume it whenever you have free time.

In these two chapters I will cover two important aspects of successful painting including:

  • How to produce clean and nice outlines for your future paintings.

I will show you two tracing methods that can be used for drawing, designing embroidery patterns, stencils, tattoo tracing, sketching, calligraphy, and so much more.

  • How can you successfully control your washes and maximize the watercolor effects without worrying about mistakes.

My watercolor approach is simple. And you really don‘t need a lot of painting experience and many supplies to get started.


In this class I will prove you, that you can paint like a pro without “hand” drawing skills, only using these exciting and simple art techniques. And at the end of this class (including II Chapter) you can win some lovely prizes —one of these hand-painted Interior Decals! For more information take a look at Class Project Description.

I can’t wait to see what you come up with!





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Katya Schwarzenböck

Designer, Decorator

I am an interior decorator working in ceramic tile company out of Munich, Bavaria. I moved from Russia to Germany 4 years ago and now run a shop with my own collection of tile decals & wall tattoos, EasySweetHome.

My hand painted art decals are about simple, but beautiful things created by nature: birds, butterflies, spring flowers, beautiful undersea world. But exactly these little things make our days better, don't they?

I am lucky to work with colors, emotions and humor every...

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