Art & Fun: How to Create Lettering and Illustration on a Wooden Box | Natalia Siposova | Skillshare

Art & Fun: How to Create Lettering and Illustration on a Wooden Box

Natalia Siposova, Art & Fun! :)

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7 Videos (14m)
    • Introduction

    • Materials and Supplies

    • Applying the Wood Stain

    • Searching Inspiration on Pinterest

    • Sketching Process

    • Painting Process

    • Let's Sum it Up


About This Class

In this class we are going to create a painted wooden box. Central piece of our art will be lettering and for those who wants go further we are going to create colorful illustration.

This class is for anyone who likes to experiment, trying new techniques and is interested in discovering new styles. It is for artists, illustrators or any creatives who want to challenge their creative skills and aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty! But there is no need to be master in painting, is it the idea and creativity what counts, so everyone can do it! :)

Our wooden box is functional piece of art because it can be used as a storage for jewelry, tea bags, cards, sewing accessories, cosmetics or just any of your little secrets :) It is ideal gift for your loved one, especially for christmas, birthday or anniversary. If you are out of ideas for your family DIY sunday afternoons, this is just the best project to try with your kids!

I am going to show you some amazing tips and alternative materials to use if you do not have wooden box at home and want to jump right on it.

I am going to show every step along the way and show you some amazing tips how to make it really easy. Please let me know any of your questions, suggestions or advices, I would love to know what do you think!

Happy painting a experimenting with this new technique and don’t forget to make art and have fun! :)





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Natalia Siposova

Art & Fun! :)

Hello! I am Natalia and I am into art and graphic design.
I love capturing positive emotions, love, happiness and feminine beauty through my art.
I am eager to create many Skillshare classes about art, graphic design, creativity and creating all kind of art projects :)

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