Art Essentials: FORM/ Enhance Your Drawing Skills to Create Fantastic Forms

Jennifer Moorhead, Artist, Art Professor, Entrepreneur

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14 Lessons (1h 2m)
    • 1. Proj16 A:Intro

    • 2. 2D to 3D Form (part one)

    • 3. 2D to 3D Form (part two)

    • 4. Ellipses & Directional Exercises

    • 5. Directional Soft Forms

    • 6. Directional Shaped Forms

    • 7. Simple Additive Forms

    • 8. Simple Subtractive Forms

    • 9. Simple Subtractive Forms (part two))

    • 10. Interlocking Forms

    • 11. Interlocking Forms (part two)

    • 12. Applying Constructivism to Form

    • 13. Class Project

    • 14. Final Thoughts


About This Class

This class is for all levels and covers one of the important elements of art which is form. The goal of this class is to give you the basics of learning to draw 'form' and creatively building directional multi-forms. The basics you will be introduced to can be applied to other types of drawing such as figurative art, characters in animation, and designing 3D objects.

We begin drawing 2D shapes and converting them into 3D forms. We develop an understanding of the basic geometric forms (sphere, cube, pyramid, cone, and cylinder), as well as, biomorphic forms (forms found in nature). Then we take an innovative step further and start exploring what happens when we create transparent forms which are called 'constructive drawing'. This gives us a complex visual diagram of the total existence of the forms. Through challenging exercises, we will begin to draw amazing new imaginative directional forms and let your creative juices run wild. You might even be so motivated with these fantastic exercises and project that you may not want to put your pencil down. Let's draw! 

Art skills you will learn

• Constructive drawing 

• Modeling

• Develop basic 3D visual forms

• Drawing through Form - Transparent

• Active pencil sketching

• To use your Imagination

Art materials you will need:

  • Sketchbook (at least 9" X 12")
  • Ink Pen (optional)
  • Pencils (4H, 2H, HB, 2B, 4B, Ebony)
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • Staedtler Eraser (Plastic Eraser)
  • Ruler (optional)