Art Collage : Create a Beautiful Paper Rose Bouquet | Claire Picard | Skillshare

Art Collage : Create a Beautiful Paper Rose Bouquet

Claire Picard, Illustrator

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8 Videos (20m)
    • Introduction

    • Getting Inspired: Inspiration, Materials and Colour

    • Getting Started: Collaging Roses

    • Adding Leaves to your Composition

    • Adding Penwork: Stems

    • Using collage to add finer details

    • Adding Penwork: Spriggs

    • Final Thoughts


About This Class



Learn how illustrator Claire Picard, works with colour, form and collage in her first Skillshare class about decorative Art Collaging techniques. Learn step-by-step how to create a floral rose bouquet using collaging techniques, source visual inspiration for shape and form, and build an inspiring colour palette to work with – Claire pinpoints clearly the steps to building a balanced floral composition.

No prior experience required, this class is perfect for illustrators wanting to try out a new medium, but is also very accessible to beginners at all levels. Claire shows you how to take the collage technique to a more mature professional level, allowing you to create works of art for wall art or greetings cards.





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Claire Picard



Hi! Thankyou for checking out my Skillshare classes! My name is Claire and I'm an Illustrator based on the sunny south coast of England. With a degree in Fashion and Textiles, I worked in Paris as head of a fashion trends design studio, and have worked also in fashion illustration, print and embroidery design. With over twenty years experience I now work as an independent designer in surface design, creating art and illustration for greetings cards, fabric, stationery an...

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