Art Abroad: How to Create a Travel Sketchbook | Christine Nishiyama | Skillshare
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Art Abroad: How to Create a Travel Sketchbook

Christine Nishiyama, Artist at Might Could Studios

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11 Videos (55m)
    • How to Create a Travel Sketchbook Trailer

    • Why You Should Create a Travel Sketchbook

    • Tools + Materials

    • How to Fit Drawing Into Your Travel Routine

    • My Process: Page Design

    • My Process: Watercolor

    • Watercolor Process Timelapse

    • My Process: Pen

    • My Process: iPad

    • iPad Process Timelapse

    • Now It's Your Turn!

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About This Class

Hey guys! I’m Christine Nishiyama, artist and founder of Might Could Studios.

This class will cover everything you need to know to get started making your own travel sketchbook.

  • I’ll go over why you should create a travel sketchbook, the tools I use and recommend
  • How I almost failed and how you can get over the same obstacles
  • How to fit drawing into your routine while traveling

I’ll also be sharing my step-by-step process of creating a travel sketchbook page with three separate tutorials on my process for using:

  • Watercolor paints
  • Brush and felt tip pens
  • iPad illustration

And of course I’ll be showing tons of examples from the pages of my travel sketchbooks last year in the USA, Vietnam, and India! Plus, you’ll also get a bonus PDF download to keep all this info handy for your next trip!

I highly recommend everyone keeps a sketchbook when you travel, and I had a blast making all of mine. It’s had a wonderful impact on me and my art, and in my opinion, it’s the best way to record, remember, and share your trip. And anyone can do it, whether you’re an artist or not!

Oh and guess what?! This week I’m setting off on ANOTHER cross-country road trip! So come ride along and see and draw the countryside live with me! :D



Join me for #MightCouldDrawTodaya free drawing challenge to help you draw consistently in your sketchbook with a new drawing challenge once a week!

Together, we’ll grow our creative confidence, tackle new subjects, and develop our drawing skills.

Plus, a winner is randomly selected each week to win a brand new artist tool of their choice!

Learn more and join here:

Hope to see you there next week! :D





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Christine Nishiyama

Artist at Might Could Studios

Hallo! I'm Christine Nishiyama, artist + founder of Might Could Studios.

I make books and comics, and I draw a whoooole lot. I've taught over 45,000 aspiring and established artists, helping them explore their art, gain more confidence, and discover their unique artistic styles.

I've been drawing for over 20 years and have been drawing as my full-time career for over 6 years. My core belief is that art is good and we should all make more of it. Might Could is here to uplift...

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