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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

90 Lessons (7h 28m)
    • 1. Aromatherapy level 1

    • 2. Holistic approaches pt1

    • 3. Holistic approaches pt2

    • 4. Benefits, applications and uses of aromatherapy

    • 5. A brief History of Aromatherapy pt1

    • 6. A brief History of Aromatherapy pt2

    • 7. A brief History of Aromatherpay pt3

    • 8. Renee Maurice Gatefosse

    • 9. Dr Jean Valnet

    • 10. Dr Margarite Maury

    • 11. Robert Tizzerand

    • 12. History of Aromatherapy final thoughts and conclusion.

    • 13. What is aromatherapy

    • 14. What are essential oils

    • 15. Essential oils under the microscope.

    • 16. A broader understanding of what essential oils are

    • 17. Aromatherapy essential oils and methods of extraction.

    • 18. Aromatherapy and purchasing essential oils

    • 19. Aromatherapy essential oils and groups

    • 20. Aromatherapy essential oils and notes

    • 21. Synergy; mixing, blending essential oils

    • 22. Essential oils health, safety and storage

    • 23. Aromatherapy essential oils and oils to avoid

    • 24. how do essential oils enter the body?

    • 25. Diluting essential oils

    • 26. Carrier oil diluting essential oils

    • 27. Carrier oil; sweet almond oil

    • 28. Steam distallation of neroli essential oil

    • 29. Lavender essential oil

    • 30. Orange essential oil

    • 31. Mixing and blending; making a blend

    • 32. Quiz

    • 33. Quiz

    • 34. Aromatheray and quiz

    • 35. Aromatheray and emotions pt1

    • 36. Aromatheray and emotions cont...

    • 37. Aromatherapy and emotions cont...

    • 38. Base oils for massage

    • 39. Carrier oils proflie 1

    • 40. Carrier oils proflie 2

    • 41. Carrier oils proflie 3

    • 42. Blending carrier oils

    • 43. Carrier oils and student a & a

    • 44. Plant families, a brief look at botany for aromatherapy.

    • 45. Angelica essential oil

    • 46. Basil essential oil

    • 47. Bergamot essential oil

    • 48. Bay essential oil

    • 49. Black pepper essential oil

    • 50. Cedarwood essential oil

    • 51. Celery essential oil

    • 52. Cinnamon essential oil

    • 53. Clove essential oil

    • 54. Dill essential oil

    • 55. Eucalyptus essential oil

    • 56. Fennel essential oil

    • 57. Frankincence essential oil

    • 58. Galbanum essential oil

    • 59. Geranium essential oil

    • 60. Hyssop essential oil

    • 61. Juniper essential oil

    • 62. Lavender essential oil

    • 63. Lemon essential oil

    • 64. Lemongrass essential oil

    • 65. Myrrh essential oil

    • 66. Nutmeg

    • 67. Orange essential oil

    • 68. Parsley essential oil

    • 69. Peppermint essential oil

    • 70. Rose essential oil

    • 71. Roswood essential oil

    • 72. Styrax Benzion

    • 73. Sandalwood essential oil

    • 74. Tea tree essential oil

    • 75. Vetivert essential oil

    • 76. Ylang Ylang essential oil

    • 77. Coughs, colds, bronchitis, sinusitis and core thraots

    • 78. Coughs, colds, bronchitis, sinusitis and core thraots

    • 79. Creating refreshing, cooling and energising blend

    • 80. Refresh energies

    • 81. Lip balm

    • 82. Aroma diffuers blend

    • 83. Recap of some essential oils used in diffuser blend

    • 84. 1 Root chakra

    • 85. 2 Sacral chakra

    • 86. 3 Manipura chakra

    • 87. 4 Heart chakra

    • 88. 5 Throat chakra

    • 89. 6 Third eye chakra

    • 90. 7 crown chakra

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About This Class

Level one Aromatherapy,

Natural health and well-being with Aromatherapy essential oils, (currently being reviewed)

With Aromatherapist Deborah Casey

I love essential oils for their powerful healing properties; their gentle restorative powers in tiny drops amaze me as their fragrance permeates the air.  We each have an affinity with nature and the natural healing of essential oils.  This class follows on from the beginners class which introduced students to Aromatherapy. This class builds upon previous learning and provides a certificate of completion at the end.  

In your earlier learning you discovered Aromatic essential oils provide a wonderful fragrant pharmacy to aid health and well-being naturally.  Aromatherapy provides us with perfumes that help to heal the mind, body and soul with little effort and with great ease.  Qualified Aromatherapists have been found to work alongside other health professionals in clinical settings such as those for advanced disease states and end of life care bringing comfort to patients and support to families and friends.

In this class students continue to learn about essential aromatic oils which are used to create some personal products. You will need some equipment including essential oils, carrier oils and some storage bottles, a Bain Marie too.  But don’t worry because I share with you some affordable methods to help keep the costs down.

This course is for interest and education only and does not replace medical assessment, advice, treatment or referral to other professionals.  This course is a pre-cursor to level 2 and level 3 professional diploma study. This course is delivered in the following ways: voice over still image, demonstration videos and reading materials.

Some of the topics covered in this course are:

recap of the course instructor

recap warranties and disclaimer

What Aromatherapists do with Essential oils

a broader understanding of the history of aromatherapy

a deeper look at what is aromatherapy

a deeper look at what are essential oils

where do essential oils come from

babies, infants and children and essential oils

health, safety and storage of aromatic oils

diluting, blending and mixing

various essential oil profiles and some profiles for students to complete. 

Students are introduced to butters, base oils, hydrosols in the making products section...

Student assignments are included throughout

Demonstrations; making personal products, balms, Shea butter whip, orange carrots and hand massage blend...

Course Certification

Students will receive a course certificate of completion from myself, Deborah Casey, however for this you’ll need to provide an active email address which is only used for the purpose of providing your certificate.


To be able to get the best out of this course students are recommended to start with 'Aromatherapy, a beginners guide'  

Using essential oils safely is a great way to soothe stress and promote relaxation and restore vitality.  Aromatherapy is a world wide industry that has seen tremendous growth, many professional massage therapists now provide Aromatherapy as part of their treatment menu.  If this is something you are looking to pursue as a professional career this course can support that goal and I am really excited to help you.  

Added topic: Aromatic essential oils and chakras.

Are you ready to progress your learning and enjoying this wonderful divine gift of healing? Then enrol today and I will see you on the other side…

Disclaimer: The information in this course is based upon both her personal and professional experience and research. 

Please note that the information contained within this course is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  It is your personal responsibility to ensure you obtain appropriate care and treatment from a qualified medical physician.  Prior to using any essential, aromatic oils consult your medical physician where you may be pregnant, or planning to become pregnant, nursing also known as breast feeding, taking medication, or have any medical condition.

The information shared in this class is intended for educational and informational purposes only and should not be relied upon to determine medical diagnosis or as a course of treatment.  This class aims to support you in learning about the topic and to motivate you in your own lifestyle choices in partnership with your health care provider or those who are within a multi-disciplinary team.  You’re responsible to conduct your own research into the topics covered.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Deborah Casey

Aromatherapist, Holistic practitioner


Hi and welcome.


I'm Deborah and I'm a holistic, complimentary and massage therapist here in Washington in the UK. I've created courses to help you to learn how to share holistic therapy with loved ones.  I've been working with clients since 2001 and have successfully helped clients to overcome various stresses in life and supported many students fulfil their goals of becoming professional therapists.


The projects shared here aims to help you share holistic therapy with friends, family and your loved ones.  You are encourage to share what you find enjoyable about holistic therapy in the group platform e.  I do hope you find these classes enjoyable and useful, if you have any questions please contact me in the platform.See full profile

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1. Aromatherapy level 1: Level one, aroma therapy. Natural health and well-being with aroma therapy, essential oils with aroma therapists, cause creator, Deborah Casey. I love essential oils for their powerful healing properties. That gentle restorative powers in tiny drops amaze me as their fragrance permeates the air. We each have an affinity with nature, the natural healing of essential oils. This class follows on from the beginner's class, which introduce students to around that therapy. This pass builds upon previous learning and provides a certificate of completion. At the end. In your earlier learning, you discovered aromatic essential oils provide a wonderful fragrant pharmacy to aid health and well-being. Naturally. Aroma therapy provides us with perfumes that help to heal that mind, body, and soul with little effort and with great ease. Qualified aroma therapists have been banned to work alongside other health professionals in clinical settings such as those for advanced as a state and end of life care, bringing conflict to patients and support to family and friends. In this class, students continue to learn about essential aromatic oils, which I use to create some personal products. You will need some equipment including essential oils, base oils, which are also known as carrier oils, and some storage bottles Obama R3 to. But don't worry because I share with you some affordable methods to help keep the costs down. This course is for interest in education only and does not replace medical assessment, advice, treatment, or referral to other professionals. This course is a precursor to level two and level three professional diplomas study. This course is to live it in the following ways. Was of a still image demonstration, videos and reading material. Now, you may be wondering about the next levels of learning. I go into that at the end of this course so you're able to identify your pathway of learning. We also look at some of the things those courses cover and what certification will allow you to do and how to obtain that. Okay, let's look at some of the topics covered in this course. Okay, so we have a recap of your course instructor myself, Deborah, and then we recap the warranties and disclaim. It's really important to look at that information. We then look at what a ROM therapists do with essential oils. And then we take a broader understanding of the history of Robert therapy. We go deeper into what is aroma therapy and what our essential oils. And then we look at where do essential oils come from. We look at babies, infants and children, and essential oils. We also look at health safety and storage of aromatic oils. We returned to diluting, blending and mixing essential oils and carrier oils. And of course we returned to essential oil profiles and we update your knowledge with new essential oils. We are introduced saying boaters, baselines, Hadrosaurs in the making of products section because you've got some demonstration videos that go with this course. Then there are some assignments included throughout. This has by you complete these and keep them in a file. And you will also be able to send them to me through email. I provide my private email to you and you're able to send them to me and are rural, assess the and give you feedback? If you're not happy about that, that's fine. You can retain the assignments for yourself as a self-assessment, as mentioned earlier, we have some demonstrations, so you're going to be able to make some personal products, some bombs, shape it away. And we're going to be looking at making different blends of essential oil. Cool certification. Students will receive a certificate of completion from myself, Deborah Casey. However, who this you will need to provide an active email address which is only used for the purpose of providing your certificate. And of course for sending assignments for to be assessed. Should you wish to do that, whether you send those assignments or not, does not matter. You'll still receive this certificate of completion prerequisite to be able to get the best out of this course, students are recommended to start with aroma therapy, a beginner's guide. This will help you to make real sense of what you're learning in this level one course. Using essential oils safely is a great way to sooth stress and promote relaxation and restore vitality. Aromatherapy is a worldwide industry that has seen tremendous growth. Many professional massage therapist now provide a ROM therapy as part of their treatment menu. If this is something you are looking to pursue as a professional career, this course can't support that goal. And I'm really excited to help you. So let's dive in and I'll see you on the other side to a PIP for now. 2. Holistic approaches pt1: The holistic approach, consultation, hand safety. Hello everybody and good afternoon. And welcome to this recording will have we are looking at the holistic approach, consultation, and safety level of your learning. We are looking at this subject in brief. But as you go through the different levels of learning, we got into it more deeply. In all holistic therapy modalities or professional therapist will undergo consultation with the client to identify any potential health issues, Assess stress levels and areas of tension in life. This assessment will include alcohol consumption, tobacco use, diet, and fluid intake. For example, how much coffee and tea or coffee drinks are taken. A physical exam of the client posture can give indicators of problems may be occurring for the client. For example, there may be tightness in the shoulders. Shoulders maybe hooking their neck, or they may be hunching or a link to one side. These are indicators that inform that therapist or imbalance and misalignment of the spine can't occur. This can restrict the blood flow and create a lot of pain and tension and tightness in being able to move the arms and shoulders. And this affects the overall body function. The overall function of the body. Stress and tension affects the entire body, impact the mind and emotions and spiritually tablet to a disconnection between mind, body, and spirit. Hazards that could be considered potentially harmful of a treatment was provided must be considered. And this lends itself to the holistic approach to therapy practice as the whole person is considered. And this briefly outline below. Physical medical ailments that cause pain and suffering and affect the mind and emotions. Which leads to the psychological issues such as anxiety and grape arising from bereavement of a loved one, or where there is a long-term chronic health condition. And whether there was a cocktail of medications involved this country in the entire system and cause toxicity. Medication can indicate around the therapy and massage treatments. Social issues such as stressful job row or relationship issues with a partner. Financial matters that contribute to increased mental health problems. Dietary or nutritional issues that can cause physical and mental symptoms of discomfort. Nutritional and dietary factors such as not drinking sufficient fluid, leading to inadequate hydration and the potential for infections campaign because of this. And I want to add to this at the present time, in January of 2021, we have a continued pan make of virus, which has created a lot of stress on people. And so a lot of health factors tend to God, when does so? What I mean by that is people tend to become more isolated. They may not eat the right food. They stop and exercising as much. They may increase that alcohol use or their medication years or he fed tobacco use. They may even start to use illegal substances or elicit substances whichever way that is termed spiritual. And so issues around code, source, definitly, creator, weather, risk, disconnect, good words, a high power. What would spirituality? This is so fragmentation and can be really painful in all areas of life and states of being. 3. Holistic approaches pt2: The holistic approach continued in consultation with the client, the therapist will identify any contraindications to around a therapy or a robotic massage, which could be affected by the treatment and pose a risk of harm to the recipient where there are no contra indications, therapy will continue where there are contra indications identified, then no treatment should be provided as this is known as complete or absolute contra indication. And your further learning, you would cover the contra indications tooth I repeat in more detail. Such contraindications to aroma therapy would lend itself to obtaining an agreement from the client or persons medical provider. The medical personnel can examine that patient and assess their condition before aroma therapy treatment. Comments as a case study in brief. Okay. Friend here. I'm going to share with you a personal experience from my private clinic. A while ago, I received a new client who was receiving dialysis four times daily. He was a carer for his dad who had Parkinson's disease. The client was deeply anxious as he was waiting kidney transplant and H J, K, and passed, he felt closer to death. I found myself struggling to maintain my composure. As I heard his experience and troubles. I explained I could not provide aroma therapy, massage, offered an alternative therapy until he was able to see his consultant. But Clyde greater brachytherapy but no aroma therapy, massage. But I did apply a diffusion of essential oils as I felt this would benefit him. The client agreed to lavender and sweet orange essential oils, which combined with raking. He felt deeply relaxed and calm. He was later able to gain specialist consultation agreement to rekey practice, but not too aroma therapy massage. So between myself and the client, we agreed to apply row key with a combination of essential oil diffusion and was provided at a two weekly appointment. There was one day the client did not attempt their appointment. And I had worried they had succumb to their condition and had died. But it was about eight weeks later, I telephone the client who was still alive. And here for me that it was some six weeks earlier, he was called to receive his kidney transplant and was recovering. Well, he said that it received the phone call about four o'clock in the morning. He expressed his gratitude and hovering the core. And therapy sessions as he thought they had helped him throw it deeply disturbing time. As a therapist, it was a wonderful feeling to it provided a supportive experience to the client that was safe and effective in relieving his anxiety. Personal experience. Do you have my nose training? There was a huge learning back covered holistic nursing practice. Are the students who knew I'd completed holistic therapy training had the impression this would be very much the same as holistic nursing practice. The two are very different. And this thickness in practice looks at the patient in a different way. Note the patient as opposed to my client. It feels a very different perspective, two-port personhood, holistic nursing practice, nursing models of which there were several, to assess a patient through consultation. In holistic therapy, we assess how clients through a holistic approach that includes mind, body, and spirit. When you look at lifestyle factors as discussed earlier, and health issues as a result of stress. This causes imbalances in the brain, body being holistic nursing will utilize a model of care such as ROPO, login and Taney's model of nursing to assess 12 spheres of living. And there are many assessment documents. It could be very interesting to look up some models of nursing to gain a deeper understanding of the holistic nursing approaches. And this creates a comparison to holistic therapy and can support your understanding should you feel drawn to find work in the care sector in such areas as elderly care, end of life care, terminal pair. In these three areas of health and social care, most patients can't experience tissue damage and as a result have won't care needs. And just looking at that one subject on its own, you need to look at diet and nutrition, calorific intake. So there's a great need for lots of protein where there's a wound, Then there's the potential for infection. And this is where essential glass can be absolutely fabulous to help with clearing out infection and help in healing wounds. And then on the nursing side of that is all about positional changes and throughout the night, if it's an elderly person, they need to be moved from side-to-side to relieve pressure and to make sure there's a distribution of weight, add also specialized mattresses and so much more. So holistic nursing is very different to holistic therapy practice. Ok. I hope you've enjoyed this look at holistic approaches and let's continue. 4. Benefits, applications and uses of aromatherapy: benefits, uses and applications off aromatherapy. Aromatic essential oils are used in three ways. Topical application to the Durmus, mainly through massage practice, is the most commonly used application method inhalation. Throw distribution in one of various methods mainly steam inhalations internally through ingestion. This method is not recommended as there can be unknown effect on only where on aroma therapist has undertaken such advanced clinical training. Should this even be considered? No matter what is believed about ingestion off essential oils, we must always practice from a place of safety. In the world of health professions, best practice is safe practice to operate outside. This is hazardous and risky. There is a separate section focused upon health and safety. As other data becomes available, this will be shared the benefits off aromatherapy with essential oils. There is no doubt to the benefits of aromatherapy practice using essential oils. These benefits include relax ation off the mind and body. Deeper sleep improved, moved on. Reduced depression, increased energy levels, increased sense of well being and vitality. Richards tanks are you take increased rate of word hailing a safe alternative to antibiotics proven by the work of Dr Val Nay, who we look at later improved memory and cognitive function. He's a pain from long term chronic conditions. Relief off tension, headaches, migraine and other results are daily like stress and pressure uses and applications. There are many ways to use essential oils in our daily lives. They think bathing with essential oils is great for stress reduction. Relax ation serving sore muscles and joints. Supporting respiratory health mood enhancement on treating your senses to the full aroma off essential oil. However, we must avoid adding essential oils directly to the bath or adding them to a carrier oil and then to about on. We go into this in the safety section back here. Shit. Spreading the essential oil throughout the room is now in this type. Yushin Black fuses range from simply putting a few drops onto a tissue to electrical devices that spread more oil over a wider area. Devices for this method include oil burners and lump rings. Room sprays. Sprays can be years to deodorize a room are simply putting rosewater or with chase or together with other essential oils into a spray bottle. We can then spray areas with the mix personal hygiene products as a personal perfume, a skin cleanser, skin refresher or a facial toner. We can't simply add essential oils to a hydra salt that in a spray bottle or a sterilized glass jar with cotton strips, we can cleanse and refresh ourselves throughout the day. I don't share with you a demonstration off. Make a, um, hygiene strips that are infused with hydro Saul Andi essential oil on the cotton strips that are used to wipe the skin on. They can't actually be really, really a lovely alternative to baby wipes and things like that. Steam inhalation, a simple and very effective method of using essential oils. But care is required with boiling water. We look at that again in safety section steam inhalations can directly impact our spiritually system to help clear nasal passages on the therapeutic effects of essential oils directly into the lungs, which can help prevent respiratory infections and aid recovery from them, too. Nasal inhalers creating our own nasal inhaler and using this can have a similar effect. A steam inhalation. However, a nasal inhaler can't be curried with us and years throughout the day to support respiratory health. Nasal inhalers are also used to support oneself emotionally through the direct connection between sent on the emotional centers in the brain skin lotions. Adding on blending essential oils to an incented lotion can help us to take advantage off the hailing properties of different essential oils. Use this method when working directly with skin issues such as itchy skin, washes, scars or insect bites, as well as for muscle aches and pains. Massage oil. This despite father most common use of aromatic essential oils by Rama therapists. Adding aromatic oils to massage May Jim and having a massage from a professional therapist can increase the effectiveness off the reputed Massage. The combination off a signature blend off essential oils with carrier oils on massage. We can increase circulation, relate pain and nourish the skin. Aromatic massage can also richest depression and hands smooth and support emotional balance . Lip balms creating our own lip balm a simple affordable aren't affected. They are also safe that as they don't use any of the chemicals found in most factory made products using all natural ingredients, we can combine essential oils into a base blend of these lacks coconut oil shea butter on your over to create a therapeutic signature blend lip balm. After some car, we can again blend various essential oils into curry products to create a signature blend too soon on replenish skin. Whether or not we may have had a little too much sun exposure, this can be a really tricked our skin and smells great. Mixing cocoa butter with carrier oils on essential oils can be fun as you get to be creative shower gels, soaps and shampoo. Extend your personal care product range by getting really creative with essential oils on making your gels, soaps and shampoo. However, it's not within the remit this course to cover that subject toothpastes on mouth rinses, adding mixing and blending essential oils with other natural products. Further extension personal care range without the harsh chemicals of factory products on. We do. Look at this in this course on finally suppositories. This is another method off using essential oils, but only in a clinical environment where the therapist has taken that additional extensive learning. This company a year's full approach for ladies who suffer conditions such as thrush, menopausal dryness on pitching. There's no concludes this part off your learning 5. A brief History of Aromatherapy pt1: that brief history off aromatherapy. Hi, and welcome to this part off your learning where we are going to look in brief at ancient cultures that used her aromatics on. This formulates a timeline. We also look at some leading edge experts who are modern and contemporary individuals who researched, developed on aided the spread of aromatics, toothy global industry on profession that it is today ancient cultures and aromatics. There are various ancient cultures that utilized that aromatic, essential lawyers that it arrived from plants. The ancients used them for medicines, treating on hailing ailments and illness. The ancients here's aromatic oils for beauty and well being, and it is also said that the aromatic oils were also used for their spirituals properties. 6. A brief History of Aromatherapy pt2: their brief history of aromatherapy Aromatherapy has been utilized since ancient times. In this section, we are going to take a look back in time to the use off essential oils up to the present day. This part of your learning is shared with you in two parts. Let's dive in. We begin some 60,000 years. Basie in the country of message Latonia, now known as Iraq. It was in 1979 that archaeologists unearthed a grade that contained remains of Neanderthal man found within the man's grave for pollen grains of eight Herber plant species, each with well recorded medicinal properties. This suggests the use of plants and health dates back to prehistoric times. Also, in an earlier archaeological dig of 1973 tablets of play were found in a location near to Iraq. Ancient, my super Tayna, but no today, a Syria. They were dated to 4000 BC On these play tablets were inscribed with detailed information off half herbal remedies were formulated on prescribed to trip to say says the inscriptions included biggest of pine needles. Panel on Cal Beynon The Indian subcontinent has been show to apply for a Vedic medicine dating as far back as 3000 BC Not in your shows. This continues to be goes by over 90% off the engine population in one form or another are a vida is the science of health which targets the whole being mind, body and spirit through tailoring of treatment and therapy to the individual needs. Some of the older scripts day back to 3000 based say on reference to plant base remedies is clearly demonstrated. Ira Vader incorporates the use of aromatic oils in therapy on treatment. There are records that show in India. There was the use of herbs, spices and plants in treating ailments dating back to 2800 BC on today, Traditional Chinese medicine continues to provide an ancient alternative in the modern world. In Ancient Agent, there has been a long tradition of using aromatic plants on their extracts. Initially, the aromatic plants had been burned offerings to the gods, however, that he was put Piras stated to 15 50. Basie provides us with a recognized collection of medical knowledge being years by the ancient Egyptians. The perp iris included treatments for the body skin on the mind on the Egyptians undertook the embalming off the bodies off the ruling class and use the preservative on unto microbial properties off macerated aromatic oils. In this process, the Egyptian priests were experts in making perfumes from the aromatic plants on. We find evidence of aromatic oil use in Egypt between 69 30 BC when Cleopatra, who was renowned for her everlasting beauty on lavish regimes, enjoyed fermented milk baths that would infused with the essence is off jasmine murder on Droz. She is said to have one custom blended perfumes that with the secret to her seductive abilities in the period of 4 60 pc to 3 70 BC, a physician by the name off Hippocrates access to much of the medicinal plant information held by the Egyptians. It was during the conquest of Egypt. This information was obtained. In order to ward off play, Hippocrates directed the people of Athens to burn vast quantities of plants to fumigate the city. He also advised aromatic bay they and myself as part of a daily health regime Aunt. Of course, this is the gentleman who implemented the Hippocratic Oath, which is a code of conduct for positions to abide by Onda. Still applicable today as his biggest off the aromatics in his day undergone increase between 371 BC on 287 BC The operative is a Greek philosopher became known as the father of botany. This was due to his study on recording of over 500 plant species. Jury. His study, Hey noted the scent of jasmine flowers as being stronger during the hours of darkness on which is the reason they are picked before sunrise. And we conclude this part with discord is who was a great physician on who drafted the publication on Encyclopedia in Herbal medicine, which had been relied upon until after the Middle Ages. This now concludes your first part off a history of aroma therapy. 7. A brief History of Aromatherpay pt3: the brief history of aromatherapy Part two. It was after their defeat off the Greek Empire on during the expansion off their own territory that the Roman spread the knowledge off aromatic plants throughout Europe. The renowned physician on philosopher Vincere wrote. The cannon off medicine on medical and soca PDO, used for centuries in European universities, are ever seen. It is also recognized for the invention off the equipment onto the method used in the state distillation off plant materials, the first being rose essential oil between the time period of 10 9 fives in a on 21 9 c a. The use of aromatics herbs under the methods spread around here up the Mediterranean on the holy lands during the Middle Ages. Those men returning after conflict from the religious wars off that time brought with them the knowledge of plants on medicine years, often in the form of exotic plants and spices. However, during that are ages, wise women had knowledge of herbs which they used to provide care to the sick in their villages on during the Dark Ages. Most of the best information aunt refined techniques have been long forgotten. However, Christian once did continue the use of traditional herbal cures on often replace the wise women off the Villagers. The Arab world retained the superior and sophisticated knowledge through the continued years of aromatics and herbs. On this was passed on to the next generation of people's here in England during the time periods, extend six stain, say A on 16 54 c A Nicholas Culpeper, who waas a botanist on her bliss, studied hundreds of plants on their properties. He is famous for treating many people with herbal remedies on his encyclopaedia. The Complete Herbal was one of the last documented works published before the serpent off the Scientific Revolution. On the modern medicines that we have today during the time period of 16 65 say a to 16 66 say a England experience the great plague of London. There were plagued doctors who wore big like must build with aromatic herbs and spices in order to protect themselves from the disease, which was believed to be transmitted in contaminated air. You may recall earlier how Hippocrates directed people to burn huge quantities of plant materials in ancient Greece to fumigate the city of Athens. This simple air purification method appears to have been forgotten on may have bean really useful as an application off aromatics in these later times. Later, during the time period of 18 37 c A to 19 want see a Victorian bright applied aromatherapy when they reportedly wore headdresses and curried bookcase using orange blossom. The flowers were symbolic of purity on said to aid calmness off a nervous bride In 18 38 Dr Chabon AIDS wrote The great possibilities. Bio difference materials. This was the man who would later become the teacher of Renee Maurice Force A. It was in July 1910. Renee Morris got her bar say discovered the healing properties of lavender essential oil after severely burning his hand in a laboratory explosion. This led him into a lifetime of research into essential oils. Other works of Monsieur for, Say, influence Doctor Jean Ballet and modern Moray, who went on to further develop aromatherapy. The time period between 1923 and 2000 and six find three around the therapist work closely together on created the fall of Aromatherapy as it is now used around the world. Today these people were known as Micheline Arcia, Marguerite Moray who was an Austrian by calmest on Dr Jean Val Neck. Michelin opened her own clinic in Knightsbridge, London, in the 19 sixties, where aromatherapy training was made available on two students, Geraldine, Howard and So Beachley were trained in the art and benefits of aromatherapy and founded the International Federation Off Aroma Therapists. An additional No, my great Murray research, the effects of essential oils on the nervous system and Dr Val name and medical physician utilized essential oils as an aural ingested treatment. However, in this day and age, we do not recommend Orel ingestion off essential oils the work of al name and got four, say, stimulated and influenced the Englishman Robert to surround, who in 1977 wrote the very first aromatherapy people in English, which was entire told the art of aromatherapy. This book became the inspiration of reference for virtually every future or the on the subject of almost for almost two decades, the modern day aroma. Therapists who influence education are penny price, Julia Lawless and Valerie on or would to name but a few. Aromatherapy has made a full return to the public domain training and education is easily accessible, however, very is gonna be astronomical on this. And it is my desire to enable on post students with aromatherapy claiming and education that is kind to the purse strings. This now concludes this part of your learning. Thank you for your time. Bye bye for now. 8. Renee Maurice Gatefosse: What is aromatherapy? Aromatherapy? Is Thea application off essential oils to facilitate health and well being. So let's have a look at the term aromatherapy and how this was first coined and we're looking at Renee Morris Got Force A. The term aromatherapy, as it is known today, was first quite in 1937 by the French chemist hum perfumer Run a Morris can force A. It was in 1910 when gasp oh, say burned his hand very badly whilst working in his lab or a trade on accidentally and most his hand that was badly burned into pure, undiluted lavender. Essential oil, which he was surprised to find, not only immediately eased the pain off the burn but help to heal their hand without any sign of infection or scarring. He later went on to discover that minute amount of essential oils are absorbed by the body on interact with the body's chemistry 9. Dr Jean Valnet: Hello, dear friend. And welcome to this part of your living where I introduce you to Dr Jean Well Nay, who was a Frenchman and he was born on the 26th of July in 1920 Val name was raised and Shaalan say Monday on Died in June A C c n on the 29th of May 1995 Please forgive my pregnancy. I should. Doctor Volney died having dedicated his life to his patients to medicine onto aromatherapy During his like time, Doctor Volney held a strong background in medicine. He graduated in 1945 as a doctor of psychiatry, microbiology and colonial medicine on surgery US. An army physician, he held a distinguished career in the military and fought with the Brutus Resistance Rope handling on in 1942. He also assisted the chief off the surgical services in 1944 to 1945. How he later held opposed US position off a military school. Later in 1953 through to 19 Big deny he was Jake position to the secretary of war on was awarded for his actions during the Second World War in the French Resistance. It is during the war that he was able to use aromatherapy toe help soldiers who had wounds on there was no medicines, medical medicines western on the perfect murder sense available to him for this onto this lead to him in 1940 a beginning to explore the nature and uses off essential oils. On off particular interest was their therapeutic qualities and values in everyday medicine , and he wanted to provide scientific understanding to prove the hailing nature. This led to Ball Ney's resignation from his military career on to pursue a civilian life. He became a civilian position, opening her surgery in Paris, where he practiced and revived his developing theory of natural therapeutics. He was to use the following 50 years of his life to share his discoveries on theories and a variety of publications. Boots on medical journals with the world. Over the course of time, Hey became conferenced off essential oils on their types of action, particularly their ability to treat infections on endure cause withing with Dr Maurice girls isolated bacteria and was found that this was treated with aromatic. Gus is doctor Jean Boal. Nay developed unaccomplished the scientific background into essential oils on their actions , but he had set out to do so, fulfilling his desire and wish. I personally hold a lot of respect and gratitude for Dr Val nasal work. Interesting they in the UK and the USA Research into a room. Three pay has been conducted primarily by nurses. However, in Germany and France, this has been the domain of medical doctors. What a wonderful way to help the rest of the world to learn and understand and apply aromatherapy to their own lives because they professional people give their credence to aromatherapy. 10. Dr Margarite Maury: Hello, dear friend. Good morning. And welcome to this part of your learning where we are continuing to look at people who have had a really big impact on the development off aromatherapy. And in this recording, we're taking a look. It, Madame Marguerite More Madam more. I was born in 18 95 and passed away in 1968 and she was raised in Indiana. Modern Morro lived during the first World War on Dhere. She lost her first husband, their father on your son, that her father was a well known intellectual unsupportive of the artist co star Clint A. Marguerite herself obtained a degree in nursing on for a surgical assistant, and this was the highest apartment could attain in not a great time. It was Ah, she was working with a surgeon she wrote for the Britain in 18 38 by Dr Shabir. Names on the book was called Foolish Ron Days. Possibilities are lay materials or different days. Please forgive my pronunciation on this gentleman. Was the teacher off? Rene Morris got process as Madame Marais began her own journey with aromatherapy. She became reliant upon this booth and it was akin to a Bible to murder. Moray wasn't Austrian, born by a chemist, and she was interested in what was to be around. Elaborate. Went on to mate Doctor. More ready on. They shared a love off the same activities music, art, literature under rubble. The aim off. Hailing through alternative methods, Dr Morey wrote She had a scientific curiosity towards research, which is a little know, if not ridiculed, by the great night off the day. And it is the skills that she heard for research and pioneering that brought modern more bang you modern. Moray and her husband, Dr Morey, work together as a fantastic team. They explored various of alternative natural approaches to Hayley, including home neuropathy, not Tripathi osteopathy. Unrated. Asia hunt. It was during this time that they worked to research and write books on it was at this time . But Marguerite began her research work to demonstrate and to prove the effects all essential aromatic oils on the nervous system. On that influence on the world being off a person, not a more. I went on to also developed a unique form of massage techniques. This entire work was based purely on the principles that we can remain youthful in our attitude, energies under lose if we only take the time to look at how we take care of ourselves. And I personally believe that taking care of ourselves is the antidote to stress aunt, especially more so. Where there is trauma on that is a duper much altogether bert around the therapy and self care. Many other therapies all combine to make a fabulous soccer pathway, but hopes to overcome trauma onto never more fulfilling, healthy life. It is said that modern Moray also possess some of the s interest cities off genius. On that, she was also one of the most generous, unlovable women she heard. A magnetic and charismatic personality. She also heard abundant energy. And then Thursday, ascent. She worked tirelessly until quite literally. She died on the 25th of September 1968 and have final manuscript was found beside her bed and it began. The aromatherapy involved in cosmetology can lead to the most extraordinary off results 11. Robert Tizzerand: Hi and welcome back In this recording, which is a brief recording, we are looking at modern master contemporary aroma. Therapist Robert tis around Robert Is around is a leading edge expert in aromatherapy. Hey started his life experience back in 1967 when Hey himself was a young man. Robert Tis Ruins own Journey of Aromatherapy began with the presentation off the book from his mother, which was a signed copy off Doctor Jean Boal. Nate's book in Aromatherapy, Robert Ezrin, continues today to research and develop around therapy. He has a product range of high quality, essential oils and body products, and this is the amazing thing about aromatherapy. We continue to learn about essential oils that benefits. They uses their applications, how the individual person experiences that, as well as the research that comes out about the essential oils themselves. This now concludes the section about the history on the modern aspect off aromatherapy 12. History of Aromatherapy final thoughts and conclusion.: before we conclude the history of aromatherapy, I want have a look at where we are now and the future of our romantics. It can be said that aromatherapy is truly a global profession and industry that has reached all areas off the world, and I personally hypothesized. But even where man has not ventured on, where there may be indigenous cultures that have remained elusive from modern man, there is no doubt they will have some form of use off her bows and aromatics for medicinal purposes. Although we cannot dispute the reach of aromatic essential oils as we witness them today from America to the UK from Russia across Europe, aromatics are in use. But there has been growing concerns on worries and fears, and here in the UK, fear House grown. But the European regulations around aromatherapy and hopeless um, would say that these modalities would be eliminated again from professional and public use . Some theories emerge that this has done to big farmer who wish to see the demise off aromatics to give them greater power with their medicines. Hopefully, aromatherapy aren't for blizzard will continue to grow in strength and perhaps even replaced many unnecessary medicines such as paracetamol with its liver damaging side effects. And certainly many antibiotics could be replaced by aromatherapy as aromatherapy. Essential oils have greater anti bacterial properties. We can also consider the use off pain relief aunt, the replacement with the use, the safe use and application of aromatherapy essential oils to treat pain conditions with much better outcomes for the patient on to the individual, regardless off. Any fears aren't whatever happens with a U regulations and laws and things like that where we consider the use of aromatherapy essential oils. Little has changed over the course of time. Our robotic essential oils have been collected, aunt blended and applied in the same ways. Throughout history and us, we have seen there are people who have dedicated many years of their lives, researching on developing and gaining knowledge and evidence to support the therapeutic and clinical use off essential aromatic oils. This husband divided scientific proof that essential aromatic oils to be more powerful on with fewer side effects than most from so tickles. And this brings May to the final concluding statement that I personally believe the world requires more highly skilled, untrained practitioners off aromatherapy herbal ism harm neuropathy, healing natural methods. And that is why I'm here today to bring to you the listener This which I have learned for your to safely use to maximum benefit our aromatic, essential oils. The snow concludes this part off your learning. 13. What is aromatherapy: Hi and welcome. A little bit of housekeeping before we launch thing to what is around therapy on the five branches ever. Charity. Rather, Cooper Pan paper. Make some notes. Just kick back and enjoy on. Should you have any comments? Questions Complement of any concerns. Please just post in a Q and A section on. Let me see what you think had work out how to, um, address that issue for you. Moving forward. Please enjoy. Hi, Welcome to this short recording where we're looking at the question. What is aromatherapy? Aromatherapy is a system of hailing that utilizes essential oils that are extracted from various plant materials for therapeutic purposes. There are five main branches off aromatherapy medical application, cosmetic application, there's cycle aromatic application and a genetic vibrational application on this fragrance Perfumery. Aromatherapy is also a term that was coined by the French chemist Run a gut force. A. I hope that pronunciation is correct. Forgive me if it is wrong. So when we look at aromatherapy, it is also a system off alternative complementary medicine that is staged in ancient culture and has made a massive return to modern times. It is also a system of hailing that many health professionals have now entered into. So we find doctors, nurses and various other health professionals have explored qualified they'd experienced in the field of aromatherapy. Aromatherapy has a concrete, solid scientific foundation to it on. We look at that in a little bit more detail as we journey through the course. Aromatherapy is acknowledged in the UK on is protected by a law dating back to Henry eighths Time Henry the Eighth protected aromatherapy by virtue of the herbalists laws. That's something else that we look at and I share. Some resource is with you about moving on. I'll speak to you in the next second. Toodle pip. 14. What are essential oils: what are essential oils. Essential oils are the volatile, fragrant liquid extracted from a single botanical source. They are complex chemical mixtures that form the lifeblood off the plant. Their functions include helping to heal the plant, protecting it against disease, as well as attracting pollinators and repelling pests. Safety warning. Essential oils are extremely concentrated, so it is important to use them correctly. Here are some handy tips on how to use them safely. Aunt Effectively Patch test. Always conduct a patch test when looking to introduce a new oil. To perform a patch test, simply mix a taste bone of carrier oil with four drops off essential oils. Using the inside off the forearm. Apply a couple of drops off the blamed to the part or a plaster and fix it to the inside off the forum. If you experience any irritation or discomfort, immediately remove the plaster on. Wash the area with cold water. Now we need to be mindful. It could be the plaster that you have an irritation to, so it may be wise to try out the plaster on the bar on first. And if there's no irritation, then put Theo oil onto the plaster, put it onto the arm and then compare the difference. If there's no Pyra Tae Shin after 24 hours, then this oil is safe for you to use in its diluted form. Children, we must never use essential oils on Children under two year old unless advised by a professional aroma therapist. Pregnancy and medications. If a person is pregnant or suffering from serious skin conditions, epilepsy, asthma or taking medication, we must seek advice from a professional aroma therapist before using essential oils on. They will work with your G, P or specialist to ensure that the care and treatment you receive is safe during pregnancy . The use of cosmetics containing essential oils is by as they are blended at safe levels, but pregnancy for therapeutic doses or treatment, please make sure you see a professional aroma therapist. 15. Essential oils under the microscope.: Okay, let's take a little bit of a deeper look at essential oils, almost like putting them under a microscope. Essential oils are volatile, aromatic compounds that we obtain from plants. They are extracted from plants by first harvesting the plant and then undergoing this process is off distillation, which involves most often steam extraction. If we take and leave from 11 to plant on, place it under a microscope. A number of oil glands will be seen and when the lake is touched or damage, the Glance rupture had released the oil that gives the distinctive fragrance off the plant , for example, lavender. 16. A broader understanding of what essential oils are: Hello. Different count. Welcome to your level. Born a Roman pay course, you're beginning to your professional training. I'm Deborah Casey on I am your course instructor. Hey, we're going to have a look at what are essential. Oils began in a little bit more detail. Essential oils are highly concentrated on are very powerful. Great care is needed to make sure that we use that responsibly. These are potent gifts from of the Earth on Learning had hears them safely is a great step into responsible use. The most common Harbert side of Becks, experienced from people using essential oils, include journal irritation, dermal sensitization, nausea, headache on derma discoloration. Although these are birth defects are generally where it is important to be aware off the safety off each essential oil, so that when you were using them, you were declined. You will know that by using them responsibly and safely. So common ways is holistic. Therapist and your training instructor myself cannot predict how anyone will react to aromatherapy for essential oils. And in this course there are a variety of essential oils that are shared through demonstrations, along with cover your products for application on a convoy says holistic therapy on your costume struck to myself. I'm not affiliated with any of the product companies, and they also cannot know how you or I or anyone else, for that matter will respond to any off the essential oils carrier oils. And so it is up to give the student to investigate issues such as authenticity off a product on the product. Purity, etcetera. What I share with you here is the guide. So we look for certification off the oils that providers on producers offer, such as soil certification on organic, on bigger, not tested on animals and so on. It is the student's personal responsibility to connect with their healthcare provider. Should they have any have concerts on any responses to essential oils for the curry oils? But we do provide information around how to address any of these initial issues, such as if you inadvertently get essential oil into your eyes. But we can look at how to really avoid that in the first place. So to recon for essential aisles are highly volatile and concentrated, very powerful oils from plants. So ready to progress on Yeah, let's take a look at Dr James Ball, Aunt Aromatherapy, a war 17. Aromatherapy essential oils and methods of extraction.: methods of extraction. There are nine methods of extracting essential aromatic oils. The most often used this stain distillation as this provides a high quality, essential oil that has not been adulterated by other chemicals or compounds. Methods of extraction or water distillation, stained distillation, expression and flew Raj maceration solvent extraction. Fractional distillation in preparation, carbon dioxide extraction and bite. Oh, nick Process and flow Rosh. There is both hot and cold method available. However, both methods are time consuming. The card meant that uses animal fat lard, tallow that has been smeared upon frame class shaped. This frank shape is not as chess is. The fathers are like to set. Once this has set, plant materials such as flowers or petals are placed upon the fact they are then left to die fears their fragrance into the fact this can take between one and three days. The process is repeated frequently as the spent plump material is replaced with fresh flowers or petals. The results are a high quality, concentrated product. The hot method follows a similar mechanism off collection, but if that is hated on the botanical material soaked into this, then pressed to obtain the essential oils. The products are known as in flu rush per made, which can be sold passive peers or further process by soaping the per made in alcohol. This draws out the essential fragrant oil, which are soaked into the alcohol. The alcohol then evaporates, leaving behind an essential oil known as an absolute the remaining but can then be used in soaps as it still retains. Fragrance from the essential oils and blue rush is not used as much as it wants waas, as other methods have become more popular. Maceration macerated oils are also known. Pass infused oils on this extraction method say it's the use of dried botanical material instilled into carrier oil. The carrier oil is used as a solvent to extract the reputed essences from the plant material. With this method, more of the plants essential essence is absorbed into the curry in oil. This is due to larger, heavier molecules from the plant. Being liberated during the process. On those retains more of the plants. Valuable essence expression. This is a method of extraction that uses specialized machinery to puncture the fruits. Rights, as they are repeatedly turned on, rolled the containing unit off the machine where the Citrus fruits are housed have spikes the action. The pump train off the fruit rhymes. The fluids that are released are collected in a container situated below the container in which the fruit is housed. They're after a centrifugal spinning process is employed to separate the volatile oils from the juice off the fruit. A very different process was once in operation. This was all done by hand on utilized punchers. This was an extremely time consuming process, so machinery has made it a very simple and quick process. Student activity on assignment I've shared with you some off the processes on my bit employed to obtain essential oils. You want to research the other methods off extraction used in aromatherapy for the collection of essential oils. Then, in your own words, aren't in no less than 800 words. Write a short essay describing each off the methods. As with all your other coursework assignments and activities. Cape the copy off this in your desktop fire to be submitted to May for assessment. When you come to the end of your course, 18. Aromatherapy and purchasing essential oils: purchasing essential oils when looking to purchase essential oils. There is specific and vital information that an aroma therapist will require and this is what we're going to look at now. Firstly, is the packaging By this, I mean, what is Thea? Essential oil stored in essential oils must be contained in dark glass bottles. Amber Green on blue are the usual colors. Any essential oil product contained in a plastic bottle will be contaminated with PC bees on DSO. Unworthy off. Use in aromatherapy on must be avoided if the bottle rates fragrance oil, do not use this at all in therapy. Secondly, is the labor early? The aroma therapist will note the information on Will Want to see the following data on the label English name not named. Method of extraction growing and harvesting location Plant family percentage. Um, purity. So a bottle that reads 100% organic is preferred. However, some essential oils are diluted on the bottle should demonstrate this information. Some producers also display came out types. Thirdly, a storage data and simple safety data keep out of reach of Children. Store in a cool, dark area locked in a cabinet dilution and applications will be information also shown on the label. Lastly, the wholesalers reputation Most businesses are online these days on, they have product reviews and ratings. These are extremely useful indicators for you to consider, however. Remember, these are the subjective experiences off individual persons. It can be said that where there appears a high level of regard by the purchases for the wholesaler than it can be a good sign. They have a good reputation for quality products. Other noteworthy information includes data sheets for the products. Certification such as Bigon soil Association, Organic all contribute to informing here the purchaser off the quality off the products. Price is often quoted as a factor to indicate quality off essential oil, and it's argued, the more expensive the essential oil, the better factor of quality. However, I'm not totally convinced about that and be mindful of statements such as therapeutic grade , which is a sales tactic. I'd rather go for food grade if it's deemed safe to consume than it steams, say Fort have dermal and topical use. That's my opinion, Aunt. We look at shelf life, which is also a factor to consider when purchasing essential oils. Most store for about two years, with the exception of Citrus oil, which has a short shelf life. Your activity for this part of your learning is to research the different websites online. Aunt to hover, Look for certifications. Haven't read around what the claims are and things like that. What information is made available on. There are some really exceptional sites out there. If you're struggling to find any, then get in touch and I'll provide further information. This now concludes this part off your learning. 19. Aromatherapy essential oils and groups: essential oils from groups. Earlier, we looked at where essential oils are collected from. This was the botanical material on. We identified the different parts of plants that are used for essential oil collection. Essential oils can be grouped by scent or fragrance types in both perfumery hand aromatherapy. This helps the practitioner to obtain a good mental framework and knowledge off aromas. Creating a schemer of essential oils by that grouping in the brain aids the selection off essential oils. The purpose off this is to ensure a balanced approach to creating a signature perfume or the prescription blend for clients to address clinical issues. For example, skin conditions. So let's take a look at these groups. We have floral Citrus by seat wouldn't on her basis. Also known as green floral. Essential oils are Iranian jasmine. Often Mama Rosa Rose. Vanilla Citrus are all of those wonderful fresh smells Bergen up. Citronella grapefruit, lemon lemongrass line. Melissa. Thoroughly orange. Peptic right touch of rain on spice Say we have cinnamon, cloves, ginger, nutmeg and pepper. On the woody group offers a state word Coriander, Cyprus for frankincense, juniper murder. But Julie Santa would that on the ambitious green group off the bustle. Com. Um a very sage eucalyptus March room or Ghana peppermint pine, rosemary, sage, tea tree and thyme. This now brings US test student activity Hunt for this activity. Consider the groups of essential oils from the list of essential oils. Associate it with this course. Identify H by group once each off the essential players are placed into that group. Consider there by note, Then place each of the essential oils into that note group. Then write down your observations for this activity. This now clothes that's part of your landing. 20. Aromatherapy essential oils and notes: essential oils. Notes aren't hip operation essential oils evaporate at different rates on this is dependent upon the note on its exposure to the outside environment. From the moment the essential oil bottle is opened, the essential oil is beginning to evaporate. The essential oil will continue to evaporate until the lid is replaced. On the bottle sailed the speed of evaporation that pence upon the note off the essential oil top notes quickly evaporate. Midnight's take longer on bass notes, evaporate much more slowly and can last up to a day or two. Traditionally, there are three notes. Top middle on base. However, somewhere in time there has been someone who has added in between homes, and you get to have a look at that a little bit further wrong, notes a fad in perfumery. Formulate the book Hey, which is the frequent aspect of aromatic oils within perfumery. The focus is placed upon the ascetic qualities off essential oils, not the therapeutic qualities. Perfumery employees different product to curry the essential oil. However, the similarity is to create ah harmonized blend, using the essential oil notes. Okay, so let's take a look at the notes. We have top notes at the essential oils are Bergamo eucalyptus, great fruit, lemon lemongrass line. Mandarin may early orange. Top to mid notes are basil, fennel, lavender, peppermint, patty, gray pine, needle, rosemary and take trade. Mid notes are camomile Clary, Sage Journal, Trebinje, Marchman, Melissa Palmer, Rosa and Time. Mid to bass notes are Black Pepper Cyprus from Consent. Rose Langella and we have bass notes, which include Ben Sowing Seed Award, cinnamon lee, patchouli, sandalwood and furtive. To complete this part off your learning, consider how the blending off essential oils by notes one from age Tigger creates the synergistic effect off the combined choirs discussed earlier on this ties into the traditional approach to note. So we're looking at the talk made on bass notes. This leads to your activity to explore further the essential oils off this course, identify them, note and then choose one essential choir from each note group to create more personal signature synergy and then consider the qualities and properties off the oils. And of course, this will mean you need to hop the head on. Listen to the essential oil recordings to Okay, well, I hope you enjoyed up Bye bye for now. 21. Synergy; mixing, blending essential oils : synergy. Mixing, blending on combining essential oils. A simple understanding of synergy, as used in aromatherapy by aroma therapists, is the combination of two or more essential oils that result in a greater effect on the some off the individual effect off a single essential oil. Those a more powerful therapeutic outcome is gained when essential oils are blended together than when used individually. However, they can't go deeper with this understanding off synergy. When we look at the chemical compounds of individual essential oils, which are unadulterated natural and organic. Aunt Unrefined this is associate it with two following specific factors. What the plant material is exposed to and it's growing location and how the essential oils are collected. In relation to the extraction methods, science has become increasingly interested, pain aromatic essential oils and seek to isolate individual compounds to assess the efficacy off effect off the one into which world molecule found in the essential oil. This method is the traditional approach of Western medicine when researching medicines, but it removes the most vital part of natural organic compounds on the combine benefits off the whole part off on essential oil 22. Essential oils health, safety and storage: Hello and welcome to this segment about the health safety on storage off essential isles. It's really important to take note off this segment because essential oils are highly volatile and flammable. On it is for this reason, it is important to ensure that we safely store on safely. Use essential oils, storage of essential oils. We store essential oils and dark glass bottles with stop it tops that we keep them in cool , dark places in a upright position. We must make sure that there are two site and reach of Children. Do not store essential oils or their blends in plastic containers as this'll leads to the container on the oil. Perishing, mixing and blending essential oils, we need to look at making sure we use glass or ceramic containers. When we've created a mix or a blend, we need to make sure that we label it correctly so that on the label we have the date. The time we have which essential oils are in the blend. Aunt, how much we've put in. So if we have five drops of lavender, five drops of bergamot on five drops of Cyprus, that's what we need to put on the label. Of course, we need to also make sure we put on the label what carrier is being used. So if we've used grapeseed oil, we put grape seed oil on the label. We need to take great care not to splash any essential oil into our eyes. And if we do, we need to rinse our eyes with plenty of water. But as oil and water do not mix, I have found using milk or a base carrier oil on the I helps to disperse and get rid of the essential oil out of the I. Yes, I did have an accident some years ago, and I learned this for myself. If you have spillages, wipe them up with tissue immediately on dispose outside in a bid. This is because some essential oils can be very powerful and very potent in their aroma. When you are smell testing essential oils do not sniff directly from the bottle, but you can sniff the lid or put a drop on a test strip aunt Sniff from that, you may not have test strips, but then you can use a tissue or a piece of toilet paper. Ultimately, as you're learning and practice, saying on experimenting with blending essential oils. Not only be mindful of the health safety on storage of the oils, but enjoy the experience moving forward, we're going to look at blending and mixing essential oils. We're looking at the carrier oils that we can use to mix and blend the oils with a blending on mixing essential oils. Base aisles play a really important role in career and die alerting highly concentrated essential oils. Essential oils are only is in small quantities measured in drops. The base oils dilute the pure essential oils on inhibit the evaporation rate. And in the manual, I have detailed various carrier IRS when we look to purchasing sure that they've bean naturally extracted cold pressed is best. Base oils play an important role in diluting the highly concentrated essential oils, which helps to make them much more safe when we apply them to our skin. They also help to spread a thinly and easily over this skin on encourage a quick absorption off the oils into this skin palms, and the soles are the most absorbent part of the body. 23. Aromatherapy essential oils and oils to avoid: Hello, Good morning, and welcome to this part of your learning where we are looking at essential oils to avoid. And this relates to health and safety and storage off essential oils. Please forgive any background disturbing noises. It's a really one day and I've got my doors open for some nice fresh air flow. Okay, let's take a look at what safety involves. Safety involves a state of being free from risk or occurrence off entry harm and danger Individuals who practice around the therapy. I need to be aware off the safety issues involved with using essential oils in order to avoid potential adverse effects. Aunt, where there is a first aid safety issue arising, then they need to know what actions to take. According to Berfield, although many essential oils are potentially hazardous materials if handled in the appropriate manner, the risks involved in their use can be very small. So therefore, most commercially offered essential oils are safe to use for the purpose intended in a domestic, professional or clinical environment. The informed use off essential oils may create occasional irritation on mine it discomfort , but it is highly unlikely to create serious injury or lusting physical problems, particularly when basic guidelines are followed. The following essential oils must be completely avoided unless you have taken professional clinical, advanced advice or training. More detailed information is available at Source National Association Off Holistic Aromatherapy This morning to avoid these essential oils is due to their containing certain potent compounds that can be lethal in high doses. Bitter moment Birch Bold leave Columnists Yellow Comfort KCIA Cinnamon Come on my arm a rock vernal, Bitter horseradish Mark Werth, Pennyroyal route Sage Suffer Us Spiking out. Seven. Tuck. It's tansy. Fujita, Trepany, Wintergreen, Wormwood A neuro. Okay, so you may be wondering about Come on the rock. And when we look at some of the safety issues, we can see that there's poorly documented adverse reactions. For example, effects on the menstrual cycle reputed abortive effect. You trying stimulation armed avoid. Here's during pregnancy. No clinical data is available on the years of camomile during lactation. So this is where you need to do further research and reading around these essential oils to get a good, clear understanding off the side effects. The safety issues involved moving on. Okay, you may not be able to see this very clear, but I'm sure if you expand this screen, you will be able to read it. And if not, a wonderful exercise is to get your note part pain on right down as you listen to the recording to help with the learning experience, there are general safety precautions that are accepted across the board in aromatherapy one . Keep all essential oils out of reach of Children and pets, and I up to this confused people to I'm going to keep this simple. Do not use photo sensitizing. Essential oils prior to going out in the sun are using some to pay thing booths. And should you use voter sensitizing essential oils, then avoid going out into the sunshine or using such bathing boobs for at least four hours after treatment. Number three. Avoid prolonged years off the same essential oils. By this, it's often recommended that every 10 days we change essential oils used in blend or individually number four. Avoid using essential oils. You have no knowledge about research and get to know the oil prior to using it on yourself or others. And, of course, we have the list that we must avoid. Number five. Avoid the use off undiluted essential oils on the skin unless otherwise indicated all by star. Loot essential oils as detailed within your learning. If your suspect that you have an allergic or sensitive response to essential oils, then avoid using these essential oils on conduct the patch test. This also applies to the carrier oils. Become really familiar with the safety data off essential oils? Aunt. Place this into the center off your knowledge base. There is no harm in having your data sheets available to you to be able to access this information quickly. Where there is pregnancy or suspected pregnancy, use caution. Other conditions to be aware off our epilepsy and seizures diabetes, asked Smith on cancer. Also avoid providing any care to any person who is under the influence of alcohol substances that are illicit under legal. Anyone with a highly infectious and contagious disease cape essential oils away from the eyes. Do not drip undiluted essential oils into the years. Do not add essential oils into the bath on their own, they do not disperse. We can swish the water around. They will still separate on form little blob Yours on the top off the water and so when you go to sit into the water can cause an irritation. Avoid adding essential oils to curry oil and adding them to the bath because this'll causes a great risk off slip on. We want to avoid accidents. Do not apply undiluted essential oils to the gums. For example, clove essential oil has been recommended for application on diluted to the gums. I have tried this on it actually burns the gums. I did have carry oil toe hand. And even though I switched my mother with the oil, the burning continued for some time. Should you get essential oil into the eye, it is recommended to rinse the eye with an eye bath off water for 20 minutes or 30 minutes . I have done this inadvertently on water. Didn't work. I did find great relief years things semi skimmed milk and splashing my eye with that and then adding a very light carrier oil for a short while just to the upper and lower lid off the I. The irritation did linger, but it was less severe and just a note about making mouthwashes on departing essential oils toe water. I use essential wires to make my own mouth water on to gargle with, and I make a 350 milligram face off purified, filtered water, and I add my drops of essential IRS, and I give it a really good shake, and you can't say the essential oils do collect at the top off the water. Now, before I actually use this to gargle my mouth, I will give the jar a really vigorous shake to help to redistribute and disperse the essential oils further. Do not ingest essential oils. Some off the essential oils are actually very dangerous to use in this manner. Also ensure that your treatment area has good ventilation. Where there are spillages wiped them up straight away. And lastly, essential oils are highly flammable. They are volatile on. They must be used and stored safely on correctly. So in a cool, dark area where there's a lot covenant where Children, pets and confused people cannot reach them. The National Association Off Holistic Aromatherapy Informers. The following safety measures If essential oil droplets accidentally and to the eye or eyes , a cotton cloth or similar should be infused with a 30 oil such as olive oil or sesame oil and carefully white over the eyelid aunt or immediately flush the eyes with cold water. If an essential oil causes dermal irritation, apply a small amount of vegetable oil or cream to the affected area and discontinue use off essential oil or product that has caused the irritation. If a child appears to have drunk several spoonfuls off essential oil, contact the nearest poison control unit in the front, off the telephone directories, cape the bottle for identification and encourage the child to drink whole on fat milk or 2% milk. Do not try to and choose from a tape. This now concludes this part off your learning aunt. You are encouraged to research into this a little bit further. 24. how do essential oils enter the body?: in this next part, we're going to look at. How do essential oils entered the body? There are two main ways in which essential oils into the body. This is through the sense off. Smell the nose on this, creates an emotional response on, then also throw skin topic Lee through absorption, and this creates a physical response. 25. Diluting essential oils: blending oils safely. Essential oils contain active ingredients which come from the plant on. These are highly concentrated on undiluted on DSO. It's vitally important that we dine oot the essential oils before using them on the skin. It is vitally important to use the correct dilutions off essential oils to avoid irritation . Possible burning off the skin on potential toxicity. The table that I share with you shows you the correct concentrations off essential oils for application off the blended oil to different parts off the body. So in the first column, we see the base oil lotion, bath or shower gel that we can dilute the essential oils into, and we have different amounts. So we've got 10 mills, 20 miles, 25 mills, 30 mils and 50 mills. Now a taste spoon is about five mills, so we can half the 10 mill down, and we can increase the 20 mils up to 25 to 30 upto 35 up to 40 and adopt the amount of essential oil accordingly. Now in the next columns. What we have is the maximum number of drops of essential oils that we apply to the face or delicate skin what we apply to normal skin on the body until local application around the body. And so we have a dilution of 1% for the face and delicate skin on. That would be about two drops of essential oil into 10 mills off curry oil. Or, if I use saying 20 mils of carrier oil, this would be about four drops off oil and then if there's 25 miles of curry. While this would be five drops of essential oil on 30 mils, we would apply six drops into the carrier oil on for 50 mills. We would then at 10 drops off the essential oil now for normal skin aren't the body we would look to apply a 2.5% dilution and again in 10 mils of carrier oil or lotion. Whatever product we're adding it to, we would use five drops in 20 mils. We would add 10 drops in 25 mills. We'd art 12 drops Ondimba 30 miles with her 15 drops on and 50 miles, 25 drops, and then if I creating a local application or for the body, we would have a 5% dilution. And so in 10 mills. We can't hard 10 drops hand in 20 miles, 20 drops. And in 25 mills, we've got 25 drops on in 30 miles. We have 30 drops on him. 50 mills. We have 50 drops. 26. Carrier oil diluting essential oils: carrier oils, diluting essential oils. Application off essential oils to the skin requires dilution. The most usual method off essential oil dilution employed by Rome therapists is combining the essential wires into a carrier. Oil. A career Oil is a vegetable oil. These are most often collected from Metz, and states based lawyers have various nourishing properties. Found qualities. Other botanical products that essential oils can be added to our cocoa butter. Shea Butter Alavi raja Bees wax are just some of the products son shot. Where's can be added to two dialer. Ben, A Rather therapist, can also use lotions and creams to blend essential oils into which can then be applied to the skin. Vegetable oils are known as carrier oils. On quality is crucial when we look to obtain the vegetable oil for currying essential oils , we want to look for cold pressed virgin aunt organic that is stored most often, and dark glass bottles aunt avoid plastics as thes contaminate soils have caused essential oils to oxidize. What follows is a brief overview of various carrier oils. This is not an exhaustive list. Then there follows a more in depth review off three off the carrier oils, and then students have an activity to complete. As part of their assessment. Let's look at sweet almond oil. Sweet almond oil. This oil nourishes and protects the scale When used frequently, the skin will feel smooth with the healing properties, often the choice of aroma therapists who prefer it for blending Essential is into at applying body massage. Arkan Oil. This oil is rich in proteins. That's aid to strengthen the protein bonding structures off the skin and improved elasticity. This oil also regulates saved them. Where there is dry skin, this oil will increase seven production on where there is oily skin. This oil will reduce secretion, and so it acts as a really good balance, saying carrier Oil. Any record on page kernel oil both are ideal for facial treatments such as engine facial rejuvenation. As Theo oils are lighter and help the skin feels softer and support. This is due to the chemical Constitution on can be blended together for synergistic application and maybe even incorporate a little argon oil to bring in the properties off that oil. Ah, here, when we are essential rose oil, long line frankincense can make a really beautiful blend four to nourish the skin. Avocado oil is ideo for dry, mature skin. This oil penetrates state until the dermal layers. This oil has a strong poder and can be diluted with another. Oil, however it used on its own, is a powerful treatment in itself. This oil has a high content of Oleic, I said, off about 70%. Barrage oil. A great oil for facial skin to soften fine lines, but requires regular use on campaign mixed with lighter oil massage. This oil contains gamma lie Oleynik, I said. Paul Mitic are said stir Rakic said Oleic acid. I cosign, Onek said Uric said, and never own neck asset coconut, for this is an oil that often comes and clear glass jars. I've yet to find coconut oil stored in a dark glass jar. This oil is solid on white in color but cooler temperature. But in warmth, this oil becomes fluid on clear. This oil has emerged into the health world as the most versatile oil on the market for many users, however, in massage it is light and easy for the skin and absorbs easily into the skin. Thus, the nutrients are absorbed directly into the skin of bringing a satin smooth feel. Coconut oil is one of my favorites for use a massage on it does provide a very light fragrance off coconut to the blend. You're Hobart Oil is a thick oil, and so blending this carrier oil with grapeseed, peach kernel or coconut oil will make it more fluid and their four more easy to apply. In massage. Your Khobar oil mimics sebum, which is the skint natural lubricant. It helps to deeply cleanse blocked pause, moisturize the skin and give a healthy glow to the complexion. Macadamia oil is an extremely nourishing oil that is rich and Paul Mottola pass it on. This promotes um, looking soft and supple skin as we age. We have a lower production of Palmetto Lick Massoud on, so this oil helps to reduce the signs of premature paging caused by environmental toxins on poet dietary intake rose hip oil. This is an oil beneficial in preventing ageing off the skin, this issue to its powerful natural cell regenerating chemicals. It is a great oil for the treatment. Off stretch marks scar tissue on problematic skin conditions. Sunflower oil. This is an oil very well known for its great most arising and softening properties that hub all of the skin on the body, including being great for face massage treatments on. Very useful if there are concerns around, not allergies. Grapeseed oil This is a light and gentle oil that is a lovely alternative to net based oils . It gives a lovely glide when massaging the body. It will blend beautifully with the oil, such as your Hoeber, to allow for more ease of massage. Grapeseed oil has very little odor to it, so blending essential oils into it doesn't affect the aroma, such as with coconut oil, where we do have that faint cooking oil note in the background on, we finally come to the last carrier oil, which is weak. Germ oil. This oil has a high bit mint, a content which makes it a great oil to try mature until skins because this oil is thick and heavy. It is a lovely addition to coconut oil, for example, or for adding to grapeseed oil when providing massage. As mentioned in the beginning. Off this recording, there are many more career oils that you can look into to expand your knowledge base. Moving forward, we're going to look at three profiles off the carrier oils, which provides a little bit more detail for you 27. Carrier oil; sweet almond oil: Let's take brother. That sweet woman toy I'm reluctantly is proneness, so off the benefits off this as a career oil is that it contains vitamins, e and pay. It's nourishing and serving to try escape, and this is the color oil that it's most often years in massage for those who do not have any loot averages people who will benefit mostly from the use of this for you. Those who have dry, itchy skin, either three X men hepatitis or survive since those with sensitive skin. Those who have somebody's going shocked. Inflammation. Who made a nourishing base for Musashi blades. Note. This oil oxidizes easily. 28. Steam distallation of neroli essential oil: we go to take a minor die aggression on. Look at the creation of New Rowley. Essential oil. We begin with the process of harvesting flowers from the bitter orange tree on. Follow through to the distillation process. Harvest A. The flowers are picked by hand before picking the flower. Lawson mats are placed under the tree so that the pickers can pick on drop the flowers onto the mats. They then shake the collected flower blossom into crates. Crates off orange blossom are then transferred into the area where the distillation process occurs. On. Once in this area, there was a process of sorting so that the blossom is collected and separated from the leaves and twigs. This allows for only the finest flower blossom to be used in distillation. Once the flowers there are separated on the blossom collected, they are moved into the distillation process. The distillation process is a highly specialized process, aunt requires, because orange blossom is a very delicate flower. It haas to Bay ST distilled at a very specific temperature, flowers are disturbed in water. This allows for to keep the temperature lower. Inside a distillation vessel, water is hated on the flower blossoms, then added The distillation process takes around about four hours to complete on the distillation process is completed when no more drops of oil are found on the surface, Off the water spout off the condensation vessel. We now come to the conclusion complexion off this part of 29. Lavender essential oil: we are not going to take a look at detailed information about lavender essential oil and sweet orange essential oil. This is so you can develop confidence about using these two essential oils for yourself. Blended with a carrier oil, lavender essential oil Love Angela Gusta phobia is the Latin name off lavender essential oil and here we are going to take a look at the specific benefits of lavender. Lavender isn't a rheumatic schaub that is native to the Mediterranean areas, and it has a long history of years as a medicine. Although this oil is very safe, there are a wide variety of lavenders which yield oil, so it's important to make sure that they are sourced correctly. Love under essential oil has a note off top to middle. It can vary depending on the variety of lavender, from very sweet too sharp. It also gives an aromatic claim. Note Safety data in relation to lavender essential oil, lavender oil is said to be non toxic. Non irritant may be used under looted and is not sensitizing. However, you must be aware that should you inadvertently get love and oil into your eyes that you rinse immediately with a career. Oil or milk, Simply flushing the eyes with water will not removed the oil from the eyes. Let's take a look at some off the effect off this essential oil on the mind and body. This essential oil is balancing and regulating it tones and revitalize er's. It helps with relaxing on restoring mind and body. This is an essential wild that is safe for all pages on during pregnancy. However, remember, you must consult with a professional around a therapist if you are pregnant. This oil helps to relieve pain, is relaxing on the sauce and is set how prepared this game. This essential oil has strong anti microbial and calming effects, and lastly letters take over have therapeutic properties. Lavender essential oil has the following properties. Analgesia, sick, digestive, anti spasmodic site over lactic, hypertensive, sedative aunt. Of course, the anti microbial qualities, too. Conditions that can be alleviated and benefit from There are a variety of conditions that can benefit from lavender essential oil applications. These include headaches, toothache and sprains, indigestion, flatulence on nausea, cramping associative to I. B s on period pain inducing, rapid hailing 100 juicing scarring, reducing hypertensive states and aiding the relief off anxiety, panic in some year depression and restlessness 30. Orange essential oil: orange essential oil, the Latin name for orange essential oil. A Citrus sun insists on the description off the plant. Producing this essential oil is that it's an evergreen tree, smaller than the bitter variety, less hardy and with fewer or no pines. But the fruit has a sweet pope and non Bitterman brains. The extraction of orange essential oil is by either cold expression or by steam distillation off the fresh ripe for almost ripe out appear off the fruit. The characteristics off this essential oil is that it's an orange, yellow or dark orange liquid with sweet, fresh scent to it. This essential oil blends really well with lavender narrow Lee Clary Sage mur spice oils such as nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves, and the fragrance sent off. This essential oil is that it's sweet and warm. It's sensual, radiant. It iss citrusy fresh. It's fruity and tangy, and the key qualities off this essential oil is that it's a tonic to the nervous system. It's refreshing, uplifting at the same time, soothing and comforting sedated. So it's a really useful oil toe help bring balance to the mind and the emotions. The therapeutic actions attributed to orange essential oil is antidepressant, anti inflammatory, antiseptic. It's a bacteria Seidel and common native. It's also a digestive. It's a fungus cider. It's a hypertensive and sedative to the nervous system. It's a stimulant on. It's a system archaic. The aromatic use off orange essential oil is a the skin care circulatory, respiratory, digestive and nervous system. So for the skin care, it will treat dull in oily complexions on its a lovely, essential oil to help with the Bay City palpitations, water retention, bronchitis chairs, coals of flows, constipation, dyspepsia and spasm all benefit from this essential oil and, of course, the nervous system where we experienced nervous tension. Stress related conditions such as anxiety which can incorporate depression, will benefit with this essential oil safety data distilled are enjoy should not be used on the skin before exposure to sunlight or the use of some bad 31. Mixing and blending; making a blend: Hello, Do, friend, Welcome to this part of your learning. But we're looking at mixing on planting. And for this interactive activity, we're going to be looking at orange essential oil on 11 essential oil. And we have a bottle of sweet almond oil. So I'm going to pan the camera around and down so that you can see what I've actually got here on my desk, and I actually explain it to you. Let's move on. Okay, so let's look at what we need. What? We need to gather up and collect up for this part of your learning. So we begin by having a career oil. We got sweet almond oil on its more preferable toe. Have the oil in a dark glass Porto, much like the essential oils onto this helps to protect it from sunlight and so on. So what I'll be doing is storing this with my essential oils in a dark environment, which is cool. Okay, So as you can say, though the carrier oil sweet almond oil is barely translucent with a hint of yellow to it, there's lots of data on their best before date. Much number. It's got barred codas Well we've got the producer on. We've got the product and the amount. 70 mills, then this additional information almond oil for culinary use so we could use this, you know, solids and we can consume it so it'll be fine to use on skin. So that's our carrier oil for this part of the learning. We then have sweet orange oil and I've used and your before and I'm using and you again. This is a five mil butter on DSO. The labelling is there. It's got all of the details on that is required to make sure that it's the correct product , aunt. So this is 100% pure essential oil. And if you look on Anju website, you will say that it's certified organic and there's other certifications there, too. So we need our essential oil, and you can hopes that any maker just check that it's organic. Look for the certifications and I've got lavender essential oil a swell and again it's 100% pure essential oils. So that's our three products, and we've got dark bottle and we're going to put the oil into the bottle and then we put the top on. We give it a shake toe, mix it and blended together on. We must make sure that it's labeled on. I've got the first of July 2019. Sweet almond oil 10 mils Love under essential oil three drops sweet orange, Essential oil, two drops and my name. So if you're working in a clinic or a Spar Cylon, having this information is really important. Because if somebody else was to pick this bottle up and it wasn't labeled, they would look to dispose of it because you don't know what Senate. Maybe you could take the lid off, have a smell and you know that it's love and dead an orange. But still it's not labeled, so this is a safety precaution, and it also informs colleagues. So that's a steroidal bramble that we need with a label on Goran. No part and we've got a pen Pencil might doodle, So sometimes I write in pencil because I feel more comfortable. But I use pain when it comes to labelling. Now, yes, we can get pre printed labels and so on, and that makes it look so much more professional. However, at this point in time for looking to keep costs down. This is the cheapest method we need. The Sollitto to uncle, the labeling on. If you get labels sticky labels, you can put on the information and then stick that directly on. I would still look Teoh solitary because it helps to give a waterproof covering so that the ink doesn't smoke and so on. So that's those things. Pen, pencil, no part. We're going to write down what the dates, the what we're using and so on another going to write down how we used it on. And then we're going to be looking at any additional things that come to mind how our skin feels, how the oil fields, how the aroma sent is for us. Now I'm using a fairly low dilution. Five drops toe 10 mills. We can add more, but I want to have a nice safe does with a faint fragrance off essential oils. I don't want her to be overpowering. Let's move these things out the way and have a look. What's on Tornay's now through out learning all the aromatherapy paid, you will be required. Teoh. Look at the chemistry off the aromatherapy and have created a document for you. to download and print off. So as you progress through your learning, you be able to make um, some research. Anto the chemical components off aromatherapy onto this, then allows you when you finalize with your fourth level off learning. This creates complete process. In the past, I have provided training in a totally different way, and it's just being too much information of over people. This is bite size on more progressive, but covers old faces so that you, when you receive your diploma, you know you are fully qualified and knowledgeable. So inside then I have recycle papers, so I've got notes on the back off shapes of paper. So inside we have love intoned, Boil on. We just a sui research look for the chemical components and we put for therapeutic uses what the chemical components company really use for full and any other notes, sort of hazards, irritations and things like that. This is for your information gathering and your knowledge and development of understanding around around the therapy. But when it comes to looking toe obtained your diploma, you will need to submit this as evidence of your learning so you can print it all fill it in by hand, take some photographs on your mobile phone, upload them to the your computer, had them into a vote on touch them into an email and send them to May. Okay, so more about that later. So let's move on to planting the essential oils. So I'm good. Here's a pencil, and I'm just going to write down the date. So it's the first of July Dependents stay in America. I hope it's other private time, and then I'm going to write down my products. So I've got almond oil moment oil, and I'm going to make sure they are right. Sweet, because there's a difference between sweet and bitter almond oil. When you do your research, you will make a note of that, and I'm going to use 10 mills as indicated on the bottle. And then I've got my love under essential oil essential oil, and I'm going to goes three drops, as indicated on my bottle again, I have got sweet orange oil, essential oil to drops. Okay, so that's what we're going to be doing. Amusing. We can then make some notes about what we're going to do with the oil, too use in hunt massage for self aunt, a friend. So as you work through this course H module, introduce says massage onto the massage a part off the body on when you complete your diploma level training, the whole body massage process will come together and this will then act as the aromatherapy body massage element. Now, yes, there are other methods off using aromatic, essential oils. And we do look at that husband progress through. So it's bite size to help avoid over whelming you with knowledge, information and so on. So one we've completed creating the blend during the application. We can then go on to make further notes off how the oil felt as we massaged it in, Um, what was the aroma like? And how did a friend experience the massage? Now remember, there are some people who are contra indicated to essential oils on. That is something I really need to be mindful off on dso as you continue to explore fully lavender and sweet orange essential oils. Look at the safety data to that and remember what's in your recordings. So I provide you some brief information on you. Expand on that a little bit more. That's progress on to make came the blend. So wait, pull the oil and arch. Then when we get to the neck, we stop. We're very careful about that And be recap the bottle, move it up, off the way. And then we aren't they love and a essential oil drop by drop. And we need to be really, really careful. You might not say the drops going in boat. We pay pay. Really good. Careful attention to that. Because sometimes the oils can come out really quite quickly. Um, so trying listen. Shot. So that put the lid back on. Give it a shake. Just a gentle shake to disperse the oils and to the carrier oil. Okay, so moving on to hunt, massage for self on others Also in the next bit. Hello. So welcome to this next part where we're looking at massaging their hands. I have a clean tower. I have my massage blend. Ah, hands of being washed on. We're just going to apply a little bit off the oil a little bit. Goes a long way. So just a little bit. And to the poem, that might be a little bit too much sweet almond oil does spread ever so lately. So beginning with some warming motions, and please forgive the doubling off the light and any background noise that may be disturbing anyway. So rubbing and Robbie warming warming, then ringing ringing is going toe help to get the oil in between the fingers, and it's helping to release tension in those drinks. It's helping to mobilize the wrists, crossing over into bringing the thinkers, and that's got the oil dispersed between the biggest. So we then grasp one hand over the other, curling the fingertips together and just rolling. And this is like a duckling motion into the palms of the hands, and you will feel your nails being massaged. The cook two cars being massaged also just by the motion, and you'll feel the warmth building up on that just helps to warm the tissues. It helps to get the blood flow away and so on. And so just so rolling around very much like washing hands, really aren't there just taking the entire hand over the back of the other hand. So the palm is being massaged as we go over this part on massaging this. So just rolling hard over aunt off rolling handoff so the palms as well as the back of the hand, is being searched honey. But the next part, ISS that way can roll the thumb. Cover the part of the hands at along the fingers, just stimulating for circulation, creating some very, very light tension. Traction on just stretching along the fingers. Um, help won't pull ever so likely to release tension from the fingers with some post work on a rest, because we're going to do the same to they hunt. Just no hard and fast rose just rolling with therm across the area had. Remember, as we are rolling with over there were rolling hard over the back and just a long fingers, too stroking off. Aunt coming to pose that IHS Basic Hunt massage, self treatment Internet show. We can incorporate circles along the digits. Um, this is ever select. Aunt helps to continue with the circulation into the tissues, and we can struck off after during those circles. Wiccan Circle alarm. Back off fingers over the knuckles lightly and give us a very slight took just to help release tension. But we won't be cracking. Niko's her moment same. On the other hand, just circles. It smells absolutely divine. So when you have your love and on your sweet orange essential oil and your sweet almond oil and you make your blend, you will get to know what it smells like. And I do apologize for the lighting top play so very difficult to get perfect lighting on the summit of studio setting. I don't have a studio. So the good hearts to oppose I'm just complete with some rough wiping off. Just why pay off and then come to a pause. Just hard, hard over the and that concludes self massage off the hands. Progress on to massage her hands off a friend, a family member. I'll see you in the next section. 32. Quiz : Okay, let's have a little tester off what you've learned. Okay, True or false? The term aromatherapy was coined by French chemist Rene Morris boasts a on board. The next question. You can use essential oils on Children of any age. Essential oils are very concentrated oils taken from a single botanical source only patch test and new oil if you have sensitive skin. 33. Quiz: Okay, so let's check out your knowledge. What have you learned? So thinking about what we've just been talking about with delusions. What percentage off dilution off essential oil would you apply to base and delicate areas off the body and then for normal areas of the body? What? I'll notion of essential oil. Would you use on for local applications? What delusion would you then? Years for that? Okay, let's move on. 34. Aromatheray and quiz: Let's check what you've learned. Grab a Cooper. No pardon pen. Listen to the questions write down. Your answer is, Let's begin. I'm a go to look at the carrier oils. Which of the following carrier wires are suitable to be used as carry oils. Sweet moment. Petroleum jelly. Hey, precooked karma name. Let's take a look at what you've learned about macerated oils. What arm? Us aerated oils. Why else that are synthetically produced with added essential oils? Organic mineral oils that are used to enrich carrier oils. I'll start of infused with dried herbs or flowers over a period of time. Okay, how did he do with their own says Please note that if this went a little bit too fast, too, return on pause as you work through it. 35. Aromatheray and emotions pt1: aromatherapy aren't emotions. Hello, friend. Welcome to this part off your learning in this recording, we're looking at the connection between the body and emotions in brief. Then we're going to have got some specific emotions on how they affect the body. And then we're going to look at essential oils that will help in various emotional states. And then we get to the practical part. We're going to do some blending. Let's typing. There is an inextricable connection between the body on emotions Armed. An activity at this moment is to get a no pad and pencil aunt to write down an experience that you hade that caused you to feel an emotion. This could be a happy emotion or sod emotion. It could be an emotion Why, you thought angry, irritable, frustrated or really embracing joy under light into life. My own mind went to a memory of when we received a puppy into our life, and that puppy grew into a dog who was with us till he was quite elderly and suddenly had to be put to sleep. So my emotions moved from great joy delight how he was so playful into a so loving but also really mischievous on, caused a lot of worry because he was a great escape artist. He could get out off offense garden without any problem, and I would have to go looking for her and then moves through to the great sadness off his loss off his departure from this planet. Anyway, what was your experience? Your emotion. Did you write that down? How did it feel writing it down? There is an inextricable connection between the body aunt emotions. And so while we have failings, we may fail it in our stomach. We may feel it in our shoulders. Should a loved one pass, we feel sadness, grief and loss off a some anger and frustration. For others, there may be heartbreak. Such overwhelming suffering on recovering from the loss is almost impossible in that state , depression can become in a show and can result in money of the problems. This is a fairly general view, as we each respond or reactor lost very differently on is dependent upon various factors, such as the support networks we have. Conversely, we could think about the birth of the baby. We would normally think this would lead to experience of joy and happiness, excitement. But for the new mother, it can also lead to failings, affair, anxiety and worry, and maybe even regret again dependent upon the person and their response on their support network personal response is tied to how, as a child we were taught, hold our failings and express them. The limbic system is connected to the end, the crime glandular. It's system on the enter crime sister secretes hormones, which were released on circulate around the body in the circulatory system. When we have strong emotions, we also have release of neurochemicals into the blood stream that also circulate around the blood system. On this results of various responses we can have raised or lowered blood pressure fainting palpitations. The response is very personal and individual. This release of a cocktail of hormones and neurochemicals is the result off emotions, and it is said when feeling scope unexpressed, they become stuck on. When that happens, those stuck feelings when they are. In result, they effect the party. Examples include the follow way UNCA under sentiment affects the liver on gold bladder. Bigger on anxiety affects the stomach and bowels, trauma and unhappiness and childhood effects. The kidneys. The off rejection affects the sexual organs. The of life and responsibility affects the lungs. They of expressing creativity, effects the reproductive system. Lack of joy and love affects the heart and circulation. Tension and worry affects the muscular system. Belief in struggle on black of fun effects, the pancreas and heart beer of moving forwards. The facts. The hips, knees and feet. Beer. Have saying what you need to say to others. Effects the throat too much going on in your life effects. The head, Sinuses and immune system criticism both off self. Under those effects, the balance of self regeneration. Aromatherapy is based upon creating complete balance and harmony of all the energies on our emotions, and certain essential oils are very effective on beneficial. In helping to release emotional toxins, try the following blends to help gently release congestion off emotions on smooth, they flow off the energy. Aunt. I do share with you how you can use aromatherapy as an Oric lens. Let's move into specific emotions. Aunt specific essential oils to help us. So where there's hunker and resentment, we can use peppermint, lemon and camomile. We blend four drops of age into of 10 Mel bottle on, then we can, either at this to curry oil and massage it into the skin. Or we can use it as an inhalation treatment for fear and anxiety. We can't blend. Four drops each of Bergamo Clary Sage on ginger For childhood issues where we have felt deep unhappiness and sadness, we can blend four drops Age of lavender, Clary sage and sweet orange rejection we all love to bay. Accepted and rejection is, ah, horrible experience. And here we can blend four drops H of jasmine, sandalwood and coriander for life and responsibility, where things can be feeling a little bit burdensome. Call. Maybe way too burdensome. Three Drops age frank and Sense Geranium, Ben Sign and Love and in again blended into carrier oil and applied and massage can be really helpful. Fear off creativity. We've complained four drops Age of Cyprus, Spanish or Clary, Sage and Melissa. My complaint that blamed into a curry oil and massage it into our sacred center. Lack of love and joy. We can blend four drops each of rose long line in sandalwood on blend that plant into a carrier and then apply it to our heart center on a rant, our ribs, where Alan area is and, of course, the liver area. To for muscular tension, we can add four drops age of lavender, marjoram and cama. And for mental tension, we can add four drops age of basil, grapefruit and sandalwood, where we struggled toe have firm or there's a lucky firm in life. We complained. Four drops each of eucalyptus, lemon and ginger when we feel stuck in life, and we feel that we're unable to move forward, we complained. Four drops each of Frank and sent Sita would on marjoram. If we have a fair if speaking, hope we complaint. Four drops H. Of Bergamo longer line on Rose on where there's too much going on in life, we can plant three drops of geranium cedarwood, lemon on pie on where there's criticism and judgment off self and others. We complained. Four drops H of grapefruit Lang align in Corrente call. When we hail our emotions, we begin to move forward in life. Ah, hailing our emotions isn't always a sick. It's not always easy to hail our emotions because we're not always aware of the root causes . And here in the West we have the ability to stuff down our emotions on. Just keep believing that we get on with life if we are determined to make changes for the better in our life that we really need to do that in a deeper work on bay prepared for some painful emergencies. But no way that once we have those released that we feel freer on more liberated and then more happy. Okay, before we move on, I want you to be certain that each off these blends of essential oils can be blended with a carrier oil and applied topically in massage form. If you have a partner who must Sargis this into your back, for example, they will get the benefit off the blend. Also, Aunt, you may even reciprocate and give your partner, your friend a back massage on they. You have two very happy people beginning to make big changes in their lives with powerful or on the therapy oils. Let's progress on father's next part. You will need tohave some equipment on some products. You will need tohave some steroidal dark brown bottles, some paper pen and sell a tape. You will need tohave, a carrier oil of choice. Sweet almond April Coughed peach kernel. What ever resonates with you? And of course, you will need a selection off essential oils for the emotional state that you wish to trade . Suffer may. Personally, I'm going to work with too much going on in life which is affecting my head. Sinuses, aunt immune system. And so I'm going toe. Have a look at the essential oils that will be helpful for this. So the recommended essential oils for me at this moment in time because there is a lot going on is three drops of geranium seed would lemon and pine. Now, I don't have any cedarwood a pine, so I'm going to look at what I can swap this with. 36. Aromatheray and emotions cont...: Hello, dear friend. Good morning, and welcome to your presentation where we are having a demonstration off blending essential oils to help with emotional states. We begin with preparation. Preparation is everything on for May I've collected up all of the items that I will be looking to use. I went and washed my hands on him. Now, part of my preparation has been to get a paperback strip Nice, clean and fresh from the pocket. J and I've used three essential oils. The essential oils that I refused. A peppermint. You're collectors. I'm birth. Um, up on these three essential oils are nice and refreshing. Energize. Say they help with clearing the mind under Sinuses on break A sense of clarity to the session. So this may be something you choose to do. Also, I suggest that when you're doing this, you may like down and you're not both the essential lives that you used. How many drops and obviously you take the page the essential oils that give years how many drops hunt what you've used them before and then later think about how the essential oils have affected you instead. Right back down to this writing activity really helps, too. Embed the information and understanding into your brain and that it becomes second nature to recall that information and also writing it down. You've got a record for your learning outcomes of what you've done with your around therapy . Okay, let's move on to the next part. So the next part there's I've got a pen or pencil. I can't just going to focus it up randomly. It was a little bit of pages that being building with other things. So this is where I'm going to start. I use pencil because if I make any mistakes of errors, drop it out. And then I made type everything. If I have time. So we just start with the date on today, this July 22nd 29 to. And then I go to write down the essential oils. We just put Theo s essential oils and then we can write down the carrier by also, so carry a boil. But we'll burned into, So we're going to create a blend off cut essential oils and a blend of carrier oils. No, got to blend the two together, so I have also a dish. Have some spirits. I have some glass bottles. My look so essential oils have looks of different career oils. And this this where becomes really interesting because when you dio you're research and investigation. When you examine the different carrier oils, you become aware of the nourishing practice off the essential oils on the carrier oils as well. And this makes for wonderful synergy in itself. So I want you to identify the emotion the states of being that IHS primarily problem for you. And it wouldn't touch connective. The activity did in the beginning off this part off your learning for May. I've got a lot going on. So I'm going to But looking back here say geranium So just got to write down hair Iranian. And then I'm going to write Lemon the suggestion that is two years Seda would on pie. And so I feel a resistance to those two essential oils. But I'll write them down and I will plant them on the career oil I'm going to use. I'm going two years, Ricardo. I'm going to also use cold pressed April cop oil on. This has been decanted from a larger bottle. I have absolutely huge bolts. I've decanted some into a clean, sterilized job, and I've labeled eight Hunt written piece of paper with some tape over. Couldn't get any cheaper. Yes, we can buy labels, print them, make a absolutely fabulous, much great if you have the money. But for those of you who don't, this is the simplest way you could do it. It's really makes it more affordable. So I'm going to have paper coat. Let me think. I think maybe some of that evening primrose oil. It's in a plastic bottle, but I'm not happy about plastic bottles, so it may be that I find a glass Pato sterilize it, make sure it's really clean that will really come to that into a glass bottle and label it . Plastic is really unacceptable in the world of aromatherapy, and that was actually quite an expensive oil. And I think it could have been, but project presented in a glass photo. So I said, Come have a little bit of pigment prints, oil, any place because this is really a nice oil for the state. Okay, so we've got those wrote down. So this is my prescription blend. You could actually write that thymus well, personal prescription blend. Now, at this point, I'm wondering if you have picked up something that is being backed out on what was being left out is how many drops go two years because this information needs to go onto the label that we'll be putting on to the bottle. And so I've got three drops of age, so I just pop three drops off age for you. Just brackets that on, then when it comes to the career, or this is where we look at our delusions. So we're gonna have 12 drops in total 2 12 drops, and this is really, really important. So we need to think and look at our dilutions and we're going to. Here's 20 mils of Korea Bland. 37. Aromatherapy and emotions cont...: Okay, So if you have been able to afford any measuring jokes or anything like that, what we're going to do is use spoons to simply is a dish on a spoon. This is a five mil spoke so have full of these taste bones off the curry oil into Hey, get and then we will blend the essential oils. Let's move on to measuring something. Going to use great to spokes off the apricot oil. This is where you can see how the oil boat trip down the side of the bottle on this takes me back to the days when it was no saying and I would be mushroom caps, um, medicines, several medicine. It's what would happen to have just aggressing. I don't apologize. What happened is nurses words big put, measuring out they medicine instead of go measure A from the part where there's no label that would measure by the label boss. And, of course, the labels on the medicine bottles aren't protected by any kind of plastic covering or anything, so all of the syrup would dribble on, then they wouldn't wash it off. And with syrupy, sugary things, that is a breeding ground so it was really quite horrible. So because I want to know, so be essential oil. I'm going to estimate they have Accardo oil on barbed harbor teaspoon. Okay, So very carefully about toe. Add just a few drops. Oh, see, picnic promote. So it to be called a boil. We cut that. Just put that there so that we could robocalls nice and clear, um, hot to reduce any slip off, Because why are you being handled with slippage? Okay, so that's my 20 mils or blended hurriyah oil. So that's the carrier Oils nicely blended. Um, in traditional a practice, if you work in a classroom, you would have a blast stirring rod. But I've got a spoon, and that's fine because it's clean. It's steroid, and that's okay. This is literally thinking about people who are unable to afford all of those additional bits and pieces. So don't make that that moment. Now we're moving on to the essential oils. Okay, so I do have a larger blast. Spot over is too large, but to be creating a blend. So what? I'm going to dio. Here's hoping the drops into the big spoon. I'm just going to start with three drops of lemon. Did you see how fast that is running out there? And this is why way Blend the oils separately. Aren't that into the job? So then we have the next oil and again, running very quickly. Countered that aunt already. Oh, my God. Already that's creating an absolutely gorgeous aroma on. So we move on to the next door and you will know this, that there's a different makes off essential oil, and that is OK into that. That is really smiling. Really, really. When we come to the state aboard. Okay, so now we're going to at the city board. I did have to just sign off their little bit. Now that has come out extremely quickly. On what I can say that in this bird down of you can say that in the spoon and it looks approximately three drops, and rather than just wasted, I'm going to presume the street drops. Because just for demonstration purposes, this is literally just for demonstration purposes. So, yeah, and of course, there will bait the elements off the other career essential oils. So So just about there. And I just got to hope away the essential boys. Uh, retained tightening environment much. Okay, so this is now our let just trying straight, but in its I don't respect actually, that's really nice. No way on that is almost like a test strip in itself. Yes, I've got the of the essential oils on their able have evaporated by now on, so that is really very nice. Very refreshing. And so they and so we got's the curry oil on the essential oil. We just threw it around. So but IHS a 2% blend. Um, I don't have debatto to put that. That is going to be suitable books just about the demonstration purposes. I'm going to look at the counting it into here. I do have a strip of paper. I have some type. I'm going to label the bottle and things like that. Okay, so I'm going to switch off for a moment and then come back. Okay, So I've moved my broken things away, and I've got my wax paper strip here with the bottle on to the top. And what about So it's just and it seems such a waste because you can't say curry oil. Hand essential along there what? You can actually do it the moment there's just wipe that off into your heart. I don't hunt muscles and absorb those essential oils into your hand. This come make your hands slippy. So be mindful when holding the bottles and things like that that actually feels so. Now we've massaged it into the hands on. What we've got is we can feel the texture of the carrier oils, and that is a really lovely texture. So when it comes to doing hand massage for self, we've got the essential oils, which is giving us that beautiful around. They're being absorbed into the parts of the hands, which is really absorbent. But the current oils also do a wonderful job of nourishing the skin. I could feel that I tend tohave, really dry skin, but I can really feel that have that benefit in my scared, and this is in shape on there, so it's not really thick whale, but it's a shame. And so you could do that so as to not waste whatever was on this booth. So let's move on to try Vogue carefully, too. Do you count from the bus dish into a glass bottle so good in here. We've got a residual current oil. I would be able to just work that fans around that and then massage should be to the four ups, so there's no placed. But let's move on to the Botto. So because might be safe, they it's filled the bottle to this point. No, we're going to label it because way don't want to leave a photo with something came without a label. This this part off the safety issue that we need to always remember. We need to hug labels on things. So we get our paper and a pen on. I begin with the date. So we've got the 22nd off the seven. 2019. And so we've got your idea. Lemon, say the word. Fine. I got 12 drops. We've got 2% planned. We've been got avocado. I work out people, my friend. 20 blend. Now it's not this important to note have the quantities, but you may want to know days for your reference. So we heard 15 mils here and then approximately 2.5 mills here, 2.5 miles here, which approximate how we can make enough of this thing a book. Approximate 2.5 mil. All pigment primrose, 2.5 mil avocado on the 15 miles off a prick. Opt on that time here where you put notes. So may I would put how that smells and how it videos So one but on here we could even make a reference. So if this was to be page born, you could make a reference here, Page one, which can refers to the prescription actions that we've taken here. So we don't get some cell type on the wrap that around the bottle, of course. We go back to the dish on bacon. Just wipe a bigger around that dish, aunt. Then we've got more of that wonderful essential oil to just gently applied to the And that's just a nice flu. Raasch motions, Teoh. Oh, that is such a lovely aroma. So let may know which land of oils you have chosen to make. How you felt it worked for you aren't other pro turn. It's time together. I've really enjoyed sharing this time with, you know, bye for now 38. Base oils for massage: Hello. Good morning. Welcome to this recording bubble. Looking at carrier oils in any of the massage treatments, we use a career oil to apply to the skin to the feed, to the hair to the base. The hands Where Everwood providing treatment for years. A carrier oil. Some curry oils are much thicker than others, which are much thinner, and Rania and we can combine a thick curry oil with a thin running curry oil to get a synergistic effect. Because the career oils each harm therapeutic benefits aunt in particular to Indian head massage, I preferred. Here's coconut oil the benefits of this when it is melted, so journey I can apply to the skin where there's dry skin conditions where there's dandruff . For example, this curry oil will help to relieve the dryness and dandruff. For treatments such as aromatherapy, we can use the wide range off the curry oils available to us in body massage. We can use grape seed oil coconut wire to give a good slip. Now in hot stone massage therapy, we want an oil that isn't too slippy but allows us to apply the stones so that they glide over the body without slipping out of our hands or slipping to easily over the body, and something like olive oil is really good for that. Now, the image that I'm sharing with you here is our Ricardo oil and avocado, or does require dilution. Avocado oil has a really lovely blend or nourishment on nutrients in it, but it also provides pain relieving properties. So as you go into your learning a little bit further on, I get into that you come to look at these things as part of a research activity. So what follows is a list off different carrier oils With the brief paragraph off the properties of age, I've created a pdf document and uploaded it so that you're able to go and research each of the curry oils in a little bit more detail. I don't buy the nourishing factors, the benefits of each curry oil on how you would apply them in a massage treatment, for example. Your hope is a really lovely rich curry oil, but it's a little bit on the thick side so we can dilute that curry oil with grapeseed oil , for example, Aunt, Then, if we have, um, examples we almond oil we may make start with a little bit off macadamia oil. Wheat germ oil is another oil that we can use on blend with another carrier oil against such a sweet on the Doyle. Now this is where in the activity you identify by issues around allergies. Notes aunt, not ology can indicate that you don't use that kind of curry oil on a person, so we would avoid. If we have a client who hasn't analogy, we would avoid macadamia all meant. And so one we're not looked abuse grapes. Sade Coconut, which isn't actually a note, even though the word is in there. Andi. So we can use these other oil, sunflower seeds, sesame seed and so on. Now there are carrier oils that I have not talked about, some of which I wouldn't use at all. So there's genetically modified organisms, which have filtered into suddenly the system off products. So always look at the labelling. If it's genetically modified organism GMO, don't use it. I wouldn't use canola oil, cotton seed oil, Rapeseed oil. I wouldn't use them. I there on as you do your research and you read into that in more detail. You'll become aware of the oils that you may think. Would I use this? What? I not use this? If a carrier oil has cold pressed organic is in a natural glass jar, then we can move towards knowing that's more appropriate for use in therapy. So this is where you have your activity to research and learned much more about this. Complete the data sheet that I shared with you on. Keep that in your vial of learning on your computer desktop, and then when you're ready to submit for assessment, send it along all together and I look at that. Um, there is a no additional three profiles that I share with you as well, which are voice over PowerPoint presentation, video style and there someday to shapes that I've touched. So that helps you with as a guide when you do your research, so there's the grids to fill in. There's the data shapes on you can for building activity, and then you have some really good informational tales at hand. So when you receive clients who have different skin types, you be able to identify which curry oil blend will be really useful for them. Um, just before a sign off. There is one wonderful career oil, and it's very There's some onset curry oils which are really quite rich, which are really quite costly. For example, Rose hip oil aunt, we used them in smaller proportion. So we can aren't rose up oil Evening primrose oil to something like sweet almond oil just to give it more richness and therapeutic effect. Okay, So hot. That's been really helpful to you, Aunt. I hope you enjoy learning this part off this wonderful therapy. Bye bye for now. 39. Carrier oils proflie 1: Hi, everyone. And welcome to the first off your carrier oil profiles. I'm going to read the bait. Um, from the data shape that I have prepared, I do this for all three carrier oils. Aunt, I have shared with you a copy off the day to shape that I'm reading from, so you can if you wish. Read along with May. This is helpful for anyone who's first. Language isn't English, So we're looking at sweet almond oil on. We have the Latin name pruners, dulces. We have aroma, which is light, slightly sweet and practically odorless. The texture is slightly oily, leaves a slight oil feeling on the skin and is fairly quick to absorb into the skin. The color is virtually player with a tinge of yellow. The plant family is rosacea on the extraction method, obtained through cold. Pressing off the colonel's has so results in a high quality product. Nutritional factors. It contains Bitterman a B one, b two, B six on a therapeutics. Internal use has been set to effectively reduced blood cholesterol levels. External use provides excellent, emollient backed and suddenly rushing to dry skin, soothing where there is inflammation and in cases of some burn relieves each in cases of Xmas psoriasis imitators on cases of dry scaling skin. It's obviously very soothing for those conditions. NOTES. SAFETY First sweet almond oil must not be confused with bitter almond bitter almonds. Contain and Magdelin, which can be broken down by the body into the poisonous substance. Hydro Sign Mike. Avoid use Where there is a nut allergy sweet home and is closely related to the page. Apricot and Sherrick plants classified. His troops groups are a flashy throat with them skin on a central star containing the seed . Example. Which plum? Cherry, almond or olive. However, with the almond, the outer layer is not edible. The edible portion off the almond is the safe. Within this show storage. It is best to obtain oil that is in a dark glass bottle and store in a cool, dark place with all carrier oils. Wipe up any spillages and major later ridges, huh's. It's off slips on force 40. Carrier oils proflie 2: Hi. Welcome back to our carrier or profiles where we're looking at the second profile, which is April court kernel oil. The Latin name is proneness Armenia CA on the aroma is light, sweet and paint. The texture is fine. Light easily absorbs into the skin. On the color is golden. The plant family is right. Sissy method of extraction. This oil is obtained through hold, pressing the colonels and so results and high quality product. New trend factors This oil contacts are laying us it protein and vitamins A A B one b two B six on Bay 17 on this soil is rich in polyunsaturated buddy assets. Notes. This is a product introduced to the UK from Italy in the type of King Henry eighths range. The trade has grown in Armenia, cultivated in northern China on the Himalayan region, along with other temperate areas off Asia and is native to Spain. The tree is now cultivated on grown in the U. S. A. The oil is extracted from the soft flesh center off the April Kat Stone. This isn't oil that is an excellent moisturizer on hurry obey soil. The high content off the Oleic acid gives the apricot, a great affinity with the skin compared to other carrier oils. And, of course, the or lake said allows for greater on easier absorb and see into the skin. It is especially useful for dehydrated, delicate, fragile, mature and sensitive skins. Ondas cleansing rejuvenating to mature skin This oil is also soothing where there is inflammation and irritation, and it has been used in some parts off the world for a congestion on a rake. 41. Carrier oils proflie 3: Hi, everyone. Welcome to this part of your learning while we are looking at career oil Profile. Three evening primrose oil. The botanical name is Ernest. The A Penis on the botanical family is only Gracie. The texture off this oil is light. Aren't abs open into the skin, but a trace will remain the color off. This oil is light with a faint yellow You. The extraction method employed, is cold pressed or expressed from the SAIDs and produces a high quality product. Nutrient factors. This oil provides a variety of vitamins and fatty acids. There's vitamin A, B one, B two, B six and vitamin A and small amounts. There was also souther, Silic said, fatty acids available. Throw this oil are gamma lie, Oleynik asserted. Lie Oleic acid, Oleic said on Paul Mitic Acid notes. Although this oil is shared for the purpose of carrier oil benefits, there is some interesting information to consider on that will help you to ponder the values off this aunt over coils on but in the diet. But first, let us take a look at solace, Ilic said. This is a natural anti inflammatory substance, but caution is recommended as you are advised to inform your health care provider off its use as solace. Ilic Assad may conflict with some medicines such as anticoagulants. A personal note tear Weeks before my own surgery in February 2019 I stopped all herbals support and continued with harmony, perfect flower and some aromatic qualities. This was Do not toe having full data of potential risks Aunt Hazards and to make things as safe as possible for myself but also for the surgeons. About four weeks post surgery I reinstated herbal items. This time frame was to allow for the full removal of all medical drugs used in the surgery from my sister. Over the decades, the general population have been brainwashed into believing that fats should be avoided foots half being demonized. This is due to the overly popular anti foot diet, which should cause worry for everyone on. If you're not worried, then you should be because butts and putting us its support, our overall physiological function. Think about this that soluble vitamins a day and a require fuck from food so they can be taken into the body aunt then used by the body. There's no point in having these vitamins if there's no fought for them to be utilized. There is no crisis here in the UK in health of people as they are now being diagnosed as vitamin D deficient and they are being prescribed vitamin day supplementation but not advised about the increasing made off increasing pot intake. The vitamin day supplement will have limited success, if any, as a treatment without thought on our body cannot produce essential fats. They have to be obtained from dietary intake, forethought or semi skimmed milk. But it changed lard. Tallow crane are great but sources as two minutes on suits. Evening primrose oil is a valuable and rich source off fatty asset, noted a book on Are Vital for Cardiovascular Aim, You Nervous and Reproductive systems. But they are also invaluable to maintain healthy cells and functions off the body. Before I sign off with this, I would like to raise your attention to cholesterol, which has also been demonized by the diet. We rose on medical profession. Look at the brain tissue on what the brain is comprised off its but on cholesterol, then look at all the nerves that come from the brain stem. These are surrounded by fatty tissue. That is an interesting factor for you to go and research much more fully on relates to your euro logical sister in the part of the anatomy and physiology element off this learning this now close this. 42. Blending carrier oils: good evening and welcome to this lesson. While we're looking at carrier oils on blending carry oils as he will now understand, carrier oils are the same pass based oils aunt. They are different to essential oils, even though they do come from plant material. Carrier oil is what we blend essential oils into to defuse them and then apply them to the body so that as they are massaged into the skin, the essential oils are absorbed into the skin. But there's also nutrient factors in the current oil also absorbed into escape, so it makes it really healthy option to how overall well being on health. So to blend curry oils, this sweet almond oil is they go to product for all massage therapist. Aromatherapy is live, this kind of oil also because it offers such a light product. I'm almost finished with this bottle because I have been years and there's a lot in the recipes that I share with you later, Aunt in one of the recipes, As I've already mentioned, I do blend the oils, but hey, I'm going to go through a few of the other oils that I've got, so I've got grape seed curry oil. And again, this is another light curry oil aunt. So we've got to really nice curry oils that a light on. If we have a heavier carry oil such as macadamia, we can add some of this with some of this to make it a lovely light Oil you're Khobar is a heavier carry oil, which we had into a light oil toe. Help us to be able to makes a lovely synergistic backed, but also allow us to spread that more easily. On the scale. You will have learned that there are many other carrier oils that are thick and gloopy. Olive oil on that can blend nicely with almond ill to provide a nice set slip. The cold pressed organic coconut choir is a lovely curry oil that, when it's melted, is also quite runny. And it's lovely when massage along the scale to help with a lovely glide on. But when it's blended with the essential oils has a very light, fragrant element to it in the background of the essential oils. So we have evening primrose oil. We have argon oil, and I do have some freedom and a put away over there which will show with you in the recipes. But argon oil is a really expensive or but it's also really been touted toe have some fabulous properties which you would know understand nobody on the evening primrose oil. Well, we don't use any of these oils on Diallo, Ted, for the want of a better word, we add them to the other wires to make them so much more. Andi, it's just a lovely way of being able to pumper ourselves. Care for ourselves. If you will make a any kind of body lotions, creams and things like that, we can add the evening promotes oil into it for its nutrient practice. So, um, I guess because this sweet almond quiet has almost run out. We've got about 10 mills left in the bottle there. What I will do is I'm going to show you how I would bland some off the evening primrose oil into carrier oil, So please have a little drop. Okay, so we got to at just a small amount off this oil and to the Armando just a few drops to enrich the soil. Um, shake that together, and there you can say already the almond oil is taking on more of the color off the evening . Primrose also becomes more rich yellow color to it. Label the bottle so that it shows that you have got the evening promoters in that, too. Now in that bottle, I could if I want to, which I may do later on at essential oils to make a bet. Time blamed to help with my throat because my throat keeps getting really quite sore. And it's difficult to speak sometimes on, and I do tend to get a bit of a rusty voice on. So that's our blending carrier oils together before I sign off. We could even add a drop of two of our God I'll into this. So we've got a 31 blend, Um, and a gun. We can then add the essential oils, but for blending career oils. That's how we do it on. So I'm signing off. I hope you've enjoyed this part of your learning bye for now. 43. Carrier oils and student a & a: Okay, my dear friend, here is where you are to look at other carrier oils those that have been mentioned in the previous recordings on those that may have not been mentioned. This is investigation. This is where you dig around to discover other curry oils, their properties that qualities there uses on also, which carry a quail's. Would you avoid using. Personally, I wouldn't use canola oil on. There are other carrier oils that I would not. Here's in massage in any shape or form to cook with. And so okay, there's a great to download and print all so that you can look at the list off the carrier . Oils that have been in the recording aren't you can fill in further details and information student assignment for your assignment. For this part of your learning, create data sheets off five carrier oils that haven't been covered in the recordings. Keep these in your butt for four years with learning your desktop folder pile on. When it comes to submitting your work for assessment, you will submit these along with them. That brings us to the end off this part off your learning. Bye bye for now, 44. Plant families, a brief look at botany for aromatherapy.: on introduction to plant families. Essential oils are collected from plant materials. There are many plant families on. Botany is a very distinct course, all of its phone on. So here we look at some of the plan families in brief aunt as an overview, Should you wish him, I chose to do further reading around this subject. A planned family is, quite simply, a collection off plants that share similar characteristics being grouped together. Plants can be categorized by similar pictures, including overall appearance, state groupings, flowers shape and more, which shows their relationship to one another. Some of the plant families that aroma therapist come into contact with our nomis CIA cooked Rossiya wrote to CIA mercenary CIA anonymous CIA number Listeria aren't all the CIA. That is just a small number off the plant. Ramos available for you to have looking to make some mats and share some information in the platform. Those who specialized in producing essential oils require a detailed knowledge off plant families. The plants appearance and search for a very important reason. The most important reason is being able to distinguish between Dudley plant on safe plants . Those who produced essential oils also require a sound knowledge of plant chemistry. The producer, holding a sound knowledge off plant chemistry allows them to calm pay to wholesale outlets . Aroma therapists on poison centers, crucial information about a plant extraction. I mentioned poison centers because even essential oils that are undiluted aunt ingested can cause fatalities. This is why it is vitally important to ensure the safest, most appropriate use on applications off essential plant oils. Each plant family has its own chemo type, many of which are the chemical components that constitute the essential oils in around that summer pay use location. Climate on many other factors can all effect on essential oil so that the same plump type, for example, lavender will have the same qualities and properties. But the location on the climate come impact upon them. For example, French lavender and English lavender offer the same qualities and properties, but they very in nature due to the climate off their growing location, 45. Angelica essential oil: Angelica Essential Oil. The Latin name for Angelica Root Essential oil is Angelica Arc Angelica on the family this is derived from is up ACEA. The plant is described as a large Harry plant with rise Um, like roots ferny leaves on. There are some balls of white flowers. The whole plant has a strong aromatic scent. The actions off this aromatic, essential oil is entous. Spasmodic, common negative dip era tive die operatic digestive, diuretic. A man agog expectorant verb refers novine stimulants to market tonic by bacteria. Cider on fungus idol, The perfume and sent off. This essential oil is that there are musky, earthy, spicy, bitter sweet obey cious aromas to it. It acts is a really good fixative. Two essential oil blends. The key qualities off this essential oil is that it is restorative. Revitalizing its purifying comforting there is stimulating on yet sedating quant qualities to this essential oil. It's also warming, granting and acts as if effort to SEAQ. The odor is of high intensity. The extraction of the essential oil is through to steam distillation off. The roots on the oil collected from the roots is colorless or pale yellow on this turns a yellowy brown color with age. This essential oil has a rich, obey cious earthy body. Note. The oil collected from seats is colorless. Aunt. This has a spicy, fresher top. Note. This essential oil will blend well with Pachulia curry sage on other Citrus oils, such as better for aromatic use off Angelica Essential oil. We can use this essential oil toe. Help with our skin care where oh skin is dull and congested or irritated with conditions such as psoriasis, where we have a circulatory problem where we are accumulating toxins and water retention. This essential oil again is really beneficial to help in the removal of that. Also, where there's Arthritis Scout and rheumatism, Angelica essential oil is really beneficial for respiratory conditions such as bronchitis, coughs and calls. We can also use Angelica root and a planned of oils. There are also digestive benefits, so where there's anemia on erection, flatulence and indigestion, Angelica Root will help to relieve these aunt, then where there's no over system issues such as fatigue, migraine, nervous tension, stress related disorders, this essential oil can help with that, too. Safety data. This essential oil is not to be used during pregnancy off by young Children on people with diabetes need to avoid the years of this essential oil. The route oil is for two toxic, which means that we need to use it with care in low dilutions. Aunt, avoid the sunlight if we applied to the skin. So if we're going to use this as a treatment, we need to consider the time of day that we use this essential oils on the body parts where we apply it to. So we could perhaps have a full body massage as long as we cover this skin and avoid the sun light hitting the skin. So the scales that we apply here is that a sense scale is mid to bass. A psychological cost scale is uplifting, balancing and soothing. And the physiological scale is it is stimulating. The stimulating properties off this essential oil are by virtue of using small quantities off the essential oil. If we use a large amount of this essential oil, it will have sedating effect 46. Basil essential oil: Hi. Good morning and welcome. And thank you for joining Make in this recording. In this next recording, we're moving on to Bassel Essential Oil. And here I have my pot of basil on. Though we're moving into winter, this is a really strong, healthy plant on again, very aromatic. I use Bassel a tomato salad, and I make a lovely dress. Save chopped basil into it. And it makes a really delicious dress safe. How we can use bar so many of the culinary dishes. Um, as we go into the PowerPoint presentation, we're going to be looking at puzzle essential oil, the benefits off the oil, a safety data on applications and so on. So I look forward to seeing you in the PowerPoint presentation. Bye bye. For now, Basil. Essential oil. The Ludden name for this essential oil is OK. Um um but skill ecom family is a la Macia. The description off this plant is that it is a tender annual herb which grows up to 2.5 inches high. It has dark green of eight leaves with a gray screen underbelly. It bears worlds over to lipped greenish or pink white flowers on the whole plant has a powerful, aromatic scent. The actions over this essential oil is that it is antiseptic, anti spasmodic, common native digestive and men agog expectorant for bit food collect agog novine, prophylactic stimulant of the adrenal cortex, schtum, archaic tonic and insecticide. The method of extraction that is supplied is steam to selection off the lowering herb on the characteristics off. This essential oil is that it is a colorless, pale yellow essential oil with a light, fresh, sweet, spicy scent and almost both. Some IQ undertones. A tense to blend well with bergamot, glory, sage, lime geranium, essential oils on the perfume off. This essential oil is that it is fresh, slightly spicy and clove like qualities off this essential oil is that it is restorative. It's tonic, it's an antidepressant, and it's free fresh, a uplifting, purifying, clearing and warming. It's also a certain symbolic and its stupefying in excess. It has a high intensity odor. Aromatherapy years. This essential oil can be used for insect bites such as mosquitoes and wasp. It can also be used to repel insects. It's useful for circulatory, muscle and joint problems such as gout, muscular aches and pains. and rheumatism. We can also apply this essential oil for respiratory system problems such as bronchitis, coughs, coz Ereck, sinusitis. We use bustle. Essential oil, also toe help with dyspepsia, flatulence and nausea. And of course, this essential oil is really useful for the reproductive system where we experience Crump's and scanty periods. Also, when we look at the immune system, we can use this essential oil to help with our immune system, combating cold fever, flu and other infectious diseases. Aunt. Of course, Basel is fantastic for the nervous system, where there's issues around anxiety, depression for take insomnia and nervous tension. Safety data. There is the possibility of sensitization in some individuals with basil essential oils, so it needs to be used in moderation. It's also not too big years during pregnancy, and of course we need to avoid prolonged years off this essential oil 47. Bergamot essential oil: Bergamo. Essential oil. The Latin name for bergamot essential oil is Citrus Berg emir on the plant. Family is root ACEA. The description of the Bergamo plant is a small tree that grows to about 15 foot tall with smooth olive leaves. It wears small round fruit that ripen from green to yellow. The therapeutic actions include analgesic, antiseptic, anti spasmodic, anti toxic commentated, digestive, diuretic. It's a deodorant and if eb refuge laxative, parasitic side rube efficient stimulant stem, archaic tonic, firma, fish, culinary and insecticide. It's also an onthe e Melin tick. The extraction of Bergamo. Essential oil is from the peel off the almost ripe fruit through cold expression. Berg captain free oil is produced by the process known as fraction ation. The characteristics of Bergamo essential oil is that it's a light green yellow liquid. It has fresh, sweet scent, fruity scent. Of course, it's slightly spicy with a balsamic undertone. This essential are blends really well with lavender and a roly jasmine cypress, geranium, camomile, juniper, coriander, clary, sage and, of course, other Citrus essential oils such as grapefruit, mandarin, fragrant perfume. Scent of this essential oil is fresh. It's Citrus. It's light and sweet It's warming. It's slightly spicy. It's floral, he qualities of Bergamo. Essential oil is that it's reviving, refreshing. It's calming and soothing yet uplifting. It's sedated, regulating balance, say it's great as an antidepressant, So here it helps to lift the mood balance and regulate the emotions. It helps to feel energized and refreshed. Beauty. Queues of Bergamo Essential I'll We can use this essential oil toe. Help with acne boils, cold sores, Ex Miss KB spots, varicose ulcers, wounds, psoriasis, oily complexions, insect bite. Also halitosis, mirth infections, sore throat, tonsils, lighters, flatulent loss of appetite, cystitis. Lou Correa Pro Try tous and thrush. Also cold fever. Flu infectious diseases On where there's anxiety, depression, stress related conditions. This essential oil has refreshing, uplifting quality. Safety data for this essential oil is that it? Photo Toxic Extreme care must be taken when using this essential oil in skin applications where you plan to you son birds or guard into the sunshine, you may decide to get the big captain free essential oil. However, you may wish to use it. Aunt still got in the sunshine, but cover the body areas where you've applied the essential oil 48. Bay essential oil: they essential oil. The flattening for this essential oil is Pimenta Act Chris, and the plant family is the Mike Rossiya plant description. The bay plant is a tropical evergreen tree. It grows to about 30 foot tall. It has large, leathery leaves and aromatic fruits. The extraction of this essential oil is by steam distillation off the leaves. The characteristics off the essential oil is that it's a dark yellow liquid. It's fairly running. It has a fresh, spicy top note on it has a sweet balsamic undertone on blends really well with orange, lime, lavender start, UNAIDS, clove cinnamon, long line, space based oils to the key. Aromatic qualities off this essential oil is reviving warming, clearing on refreshing to the mind. The therapeutic actions are bay essential oil, including analgesia, anti comfrel said anti neurologic, a stringent stimulant expectorant, its anti rheumatic. And it's antiseptic. Therapeutic aromatic use off very essential oil is that it's useful for sculpt conditions. Where there's dunder of greasy hair where hair is lifeless. This essential oil will help to stimulate the scalp. Promote hair growth Aunt hub to obviously remove the problems of dandruff in grace, this essential oil. There's also really beneficial to people who experience rheumatism, arthritis aches and pains. Strange new Roger on poor circulation. And of course, the immune system will really benefit from this essential oil. So where person is feeling run down experiencing colds, flu, various infectious diseases, then this essential oil will help to boost the immune system safety data. Because of the high level of your regional in this essential wire, it's moderately toxic and therefore care needs to be really taken off the amount used. Here's it in moderation. Essentially, this essential oil is viewed is non ferreted on non sensitize say, but of course, great cat needs to be used on use it in moderation. 49. Black pepper essential oil: Hello. Good morning. And welcome to this recording while we're looking a black pepper essential oil. Now I've been rummaging around in my kitchen, and I've been able to find black peppercorns on a few other hopes and spices. So these are really easy to find that collect in the ordinary shops where you can pick up these hopes and spices, purchase them over the counter and use them hope. Now they peppercorns are really, really tiny. And what I'm going to do is just adjust the camera so that you can have a look a days in my last job. So here we have the peppercorns on, and they're just tiny, absolutely tiny little seat on. What we do is we put in a grinding mill on. We cried them and create powder. Now, when creating an essential oil, that is a little bit different. But we're going to look at that in a PowerPoint presentation. With the peppercorns, we can't make sources. We can add them to stews on certainly ground up. The powder is easy to add into steers, but let's go and have a look at black pepper essential oil, black pepper, essential oil, The Latin name for black purple. Essential oil. There's Piper Nigra. Um on the family is the Piper ACEA description. This is a perennial plant on it has a woody find that grows to about by meters high. It bears heart shaped leaves on small white flowers, which produces Berries that turn from red to black. US. Stay mature. It is the unripe dried fruit that makes the black pepper on. It is thes dried crushed fruits. The black peppercorns that are staying distilled toe. Obtain the oil from them. Black pepper essential oil is a water white to pale olive color. It's I am a fresh, dry woody. Warm, spicy, sent a blend really well with frankincense sample would lavender matra, but the spice oils, floral oils, but it needs to be used a tiny amounts. This essential oil comes with the following warning. It is a toxic and a returned in concentration on DSO. It must be used in Lodi Alosha on no more than 1% in any plant. The perfume of black pepper essential oil is that it's spicy comforts it Woody eight. Warm on Va Cay qualities off this essential oil aphrodisiac stimulant Mentally stimulant. Of course, tonic for the nerves. Restorative, strengthening, comforting analgesia. Sick and antiseptic. Black pepper. Essential oil has many uses. Aunt. This includes skincare in the treatment off Chill Blaine's but the circulation muscular on joints eight is really helpful for anemia, arthritis, muscular aches and pains. Neuralgia. Poor circulation. Poor muscle tone. Rheumatic paints brains on a stick. Nous for the respiratory system. This essential oil can help with Qatar, and chills are by the immune system. When it has coughs, flows. Infections on viruses on the digestive system also benefits where there's cases off. Colleague. Constipation, diarrhea, flatulence, heartburn, loss of appetite and nausea. 50. Cedarwood essential oil: cedarwood. There are two types of cedarwood essential oil, and in this recording, while looking at sea toward partners, the Latin name for this essential oil asi Idris Atlantica on the family is panacea. The description of the tree is that it is a para middle evergreen trade and it grows to about 130 foot high. The wood is a hard word on its strongly aromatic due to the high, essential content it contains. The actions off cedarwood essential oil include bank antiseptic, a stretch int diuretic expectorant on societal stimulating to the circulatory system, sedative to the nervous system. It is atomic. It is also anti separate. Aunt Auntie Patrice isn't extraction. Method is by state distillation off the wood, the stumps and soldiers. Wood is a really good, essential oil for the respiratory system, where conditions such as bronchitis, Qatar congestion on coughs are present. It is also really useful for the genital urinary system where there are conditions such a cystitis, Lou Correa and protect itis present under nervous system really benefits because this will help to reduce nervous tensions and stress related conditions. And, of course, those pesky little insects will stay away where we're here, so toward because it is known as a repellent. The cedar wood perfumed scent notes are balsamic sweet, very smoky, slightly comforts very woody on its long last staying. It is a really good fixative. The key qualities all that this essential oil are aphrodisiac. It's uplifting, its grounding. It's comforting, and reviving onto the odor intensity is said to be made him too low. However, it is rather tenacious, aromatic use. We can use this in skin care. It's great for acne. Dandruff dermatitis, x mo fungal infections for greasy skin. It can help with skin eruptions, also says on hair loss. Circulation. Muscles and joints are also going to benefit from this essential oil. It's really sue thing, especially where this arthritis and rheumatism wood is a really good, essential oil for the respiratory system, where conditions such as bronchitis, Qatar, congestion on coughs are present. It is also really useful for the janitor urinary system where there are conditions such a cystitis, Lou Correa and protect itis present under nervous system really benefits because this will help to reduce nervous tensions and stress related conditions. And, of course, those pesky little insects will stay away where we're years. Sita would, because it is known as a repellent 51. Celery essential oil: celery. Sade. Essential oil. The Latin name for celery seed. Essential oil is a PM Gravity. Poland's on the family. The plant family is the upper See a family. The description off this plant is that it's a biennial plant, and it grows to about three foot tall. It has grooved, fleshy direct stocks. Shiny pine eight leaves on humbles of white flowers, the fragrant scent perfume off celery seed. Essential oil is that it is sweet. It's spicy, it has warmth on. It lasts for a long time, and therefore, the key qualities off this essential oil are refreshing, reviving warming to the mind and soothing the therapeutic actions off celery seed. Essential oil are anti oxidant, anti rheumatic, antiseptic, auntie spasmodic common native diuretic. Digestive dip era tive. Also help attic novine and sedated to the nervous system and stimulant to the year. Two. Ryan muscles. It's a tonic to the digestive system, the extraction off essential oils by stained distillation off the whole or crushed seats on the characteristics off. This essential oil is that it's a pale yellow or an orange color. It's spicy. It's sweet, it's warm. It has a long lasting older. It blends really well with essential oils such as lavender, pine tea, tree, coriander. The aromatic use off this essential oil is the arthritis. It helps to release the build up of toxins in the blood. It helps with conditions such as gout and rheumatism. It helps to relieve dyspepsia, flatulence, indigestion, liver congestion on Georgia's. It's also really helpful and useful in cases off um Honoria glandular problems and helps to increase the milk flow. It's really useful for conditions such a cystitis on will help with neuralgia and sigh Attica 50 Data. This essential oil is believed to be non toxic, non irritant, but a possible sensitize er and please be warned. Avoid this essential oil throughout pregnancy. Don't use it in a vaporizer massage. Don't go anywhere near it. This is because it's a you to ride stimulant 52. Cinnamon essential oil: Hello. Good morning and welcome Teoh Cinnamon essential oil on What have I got from my catcher? I have cinnamon sticks. I hear cinnamon sticks for its really fragrant and sweet Woody the Romas on its properties . I use this in drinks on in cookery. So what about the essential oil? Well, here I have my little bottle on when I played up. What do I smell? But Woody? Sweet delight on As we go into the PowerPoint presentation, we're going to have a look at the benefits off cinnamon essential oil on what we can use it for cinnamon leaf. Essential oil. The Latin name for cinnamon leaf. Essential oil. A cinema mema say Lund Niccum on the plant Family is the law Rossiya family. The description off this plant is that it's a tropical evergreen tree and it grows up to 50 foot tall. It has stayed sharp. Spines smooth over eight leaves. Aunt small white flowers. The extraction off cinnamon late. Essential oil is by water or steam distillation off the leaves and twigs off the plant. The characteristics off the essential oil is that it's a yellow to brownish oil. It has a warm spiciness with ah, harsh odor. This essential oil blends really well with Franken, Scents, Orange, Mandarin, Ben Zayn, Lang Lang and also other Citrus oils and flower ful Oil's, too. The therapeutic actions of cinnamon leaf essential oil include being anti diarrhoeal auntie dote, antimicrobial, antiseptic, anti spasmodic anti portraits sent a stringent digestive and man agog Hema static Paris. Set aside refrigerant spas, melodic stimulant stem archaic and firma feared. Also on filament IQ. This essential oil will help to revive and strengthen and restore uplift the mind. The fragrant perfume of this essential oil is that it is peppery, spicy, sweet. It's a beige ISS and tenacious. It's powerful. It's warming. It's got Oriental undertones on its P. Qualities are warming to the mind, reviving, strengthening. It's an aphrodisiac. It's restorative on uplifting the aromatic use off cinnamon leave. Essential oil includes using this oil to treat lice, scabies, tooth and gum care warts, wasp stings. It's useful for poor circulation and rheumatism, and it's hopeful in anorexia, colliders, diarrhea, dyspepsia, intestinal infections where the sluggish digestion and spasm also in childbirth, it helps to stimulate contractions. Where there's frigidity and Lou Correa, Metarie JIA. It could be really helpful there too, with the immune system when we've got chills, colds, flues, infectious diseases. This essential oil is populace on where there's nervous exhaustion, stability, stress related conditions, safety data, cinnamon leave. Essential oil is initially nontoxic, although it can be a skin irritant. The major component in this essential oil is huge. Inal on this is known to cause irritation to mucous membranes. Use this essential oil in moderation. The oil of the box should never be used on the skin. 53. Clove essential oil: Good morning. Welcome. Thank you for joining May in Miss Recording. We're looking at clothes essential oil on. I have a dish ways cloves In Andi, they are absolutely tiny, tiny little cloves aunt. They are really powerful. I use clubs to make a really lovely drink of blend them with lemon mint Bergamo on. This will help to ease digestive troubles. Now oil. The club oil is for dental purposes, but there's many of the uses now. This has a child safety safety top on it, which is really good now. The oil itself is quite sweet. It's dedicate its no overwhelming overpowering. I have had people when I was younger, advised me to get clove oil and dab it onto my Children's gums as they were taping. That is really, really inadvisable. It's horribly dangerous, too. You must always die moved essential oils on again When it comes to babies, infants and Children. We need to be really careful of how we use essential oils moving. Our were going into the PowerPoint presentation, where we take a look at the other properties on your says off essential oil of clove. Bye bye. For now, both bird essential oil the Latin name for this essential oil. This site sick. Um, Karam Attica on the family is my trust CIA. Let us have a look at the tree from which this grows. The tree is a slender evergreen trade, and it has a smooth, great trunk. Hand will grow up to 40 feet high. It produces large, bright green leaves, and they stand in pairs on short stalks. How did it at the beginning off the rainy season in Indonesia that long, but will appear on the tree with a rosy pink Corolla at the tip us. The Corolla Fate. A Cylon slowly turned deep red clothe essential oil house. Many actions and include being antiviral, antibiotic, anti oxidant, common native expectorant, a spasm ally, tick, stimulant and take dramatic on. This makes it a really useful oil and money. Different areas off half on well being aromatic. Essential oil years include skin care that acne athletes foot bruises, burns, kutz, too vague ulcers, wounds for circulation, muscles and joints. There is arthritis, rheumatism and sprains that will benefit. The respiratory system also has benefits where person has passed SMA and bronchitis, the digestive system can be eased. Also, where there's colleague dyspepsia nausea. The immune system also has a boost for colds. Flu minor infections onto this essential oil is also fabulous for repelling mosquitoes. The warning that comes with this essential oil is to use it in moderation on in low dilution of less than 1%. The safety data is that this clothes but oil can cause skin and mucous membrane irritation and may cause dermatitis. In some individuals, the extraction of this essential oil is through water distillation off the flower birds on the characteristics off the oil is that it is pale yellow liquid with a sweet, spicy odor, which has fruity, fresh top notes. It's used in perfumery and blames really well with Rose Lavender, Clary, Sage, Bergamo Bay and line Yulon. Qualities are tonic, stimulating, revitalising for dizzy act warming. Comforting, purifying active on will help where the sluggishness 54. Dill essential oil: Hello again and welcome back. Thank you for joining me again and again. I ask you to give May for the plane of the light or any destructing noises. All the echo witness in this room now in this recording will go to take a look. A deal. Essential oil. I don't have a plant growing in my garden. I don't have the essential oil, but I've been to the shop I purchased a pack it off the hopes for this recording. Now it's a really delicate plant, as you can see with feathery like leaves. And it's a really delicate fragrance, too. On with the essential oil we could hear is it for many different conditions. But we can also use it in a cookery so we can use this for fish dishes in stews on so on, so really, really useful hurt, and I'm really here still essential on when we go into the PowerPoint presentation where we're going shortly, we get to look at this and how we can use it tough without everyday health, and we'll be still seed essential oil, the Latin name for Dill said essential oil as handsome gravity. Poland's on its family type this up ACEA. The plant description is that it is an annual or biannual herb, and it grows up to about three foot high with a smooth stem. Feathery leaves on bumbles of yellowish flowers, followed by a flat, small Sade. The actions that this essential oil has on the body is its anti spasmodic. It's bacteria cider, common native digestive and men agog. Collect agog hypertensive stimulant anstrom Archaic. The method of extraction used a steam distillation. The perfume off this essential oil is that it's a hub, a cious fresh and peppery, spicy warm scent on. It has key qualities off reviving, clearing and tonic to the mind. It can be used to help with colleague dyspepsia, flatulence, indigestion on for reproductive and endocrine system problems. The safety data for this essential oil is that it is nontoxic, non irritant and non sensitizing. 55. Eucalyptus essential oil: eucalyptus essential oil. In this recording, we're looking at lemon eucalyptus onto the Latin name for this plant is eucalyptus Citterio . Dora on the family is my trust CIA. The description off the plant from which the essential oil is derived is that it is a tall evergreen tree with a smooth, dimpled bark. On. There are blotched grey cream and pink areas. It's cultivated as an ornamental plant. The trunk grows fast straight on to be considerably high and disused for timber. The UN leaves are oval in shape, while the mature leaves are narrow and tapering. The essential oil is extracted through stained distillation from the leaves and the twigs off the trays. The characteristic traits off the essential oil from the lemon eucalyptus tree is that it is colorless or a pale yellow color. There are very strong, fresh, citronella like odors on it is quite sweet and has a both stomach undertone. And this essential oil blends very well with other Citrus essential oils on also floral oils. The perfume sent off this essential oil is that it is fresh and clean. It's penetrating with the Citrus lemony sense within the oil, the cake qualities off this essential oil is that it is invigorating and stimulating to the mind. Anthee OTA is off high intensity. The actions off the essential oil from the lemon eucalyptus tree is that it is under septic anti bacterial, anti bacteria deodorant, expectorant, fungus, idol, aunt insecticidal R O Matic. Use off lemon eucalyptus. Essential oil is that it's really useful in skin care for the treatment of athletes, foot and other such fungal infections. It's useful for cuts, dandruff, herpes infections, skin conditions such as chicken pox, scabies, aunt for scarf sores and wounds. It was be really useful toe help with our smell, laryngitis and sold throat. And where these immune system is affected for cold favors infectious diseases. It's also a useful, essential oil for repelling insects. Safety data for this essential oil is that it's non toxic non irritant. But there is a possibility of sensitization and some individuals, so obviously the patch test is really useful and important to conduct. So this brings us to the end off this first segment, where we've looked at the 1st 6 essential oils off the 30 oils we're looking at. We have looked at Angelica Root, Bassel said, a word we've looked at dill seed on eucalyptus on, completed with sweet fennel 56. Fennel essential oil: sweet fennel. Essential oil. The Latin name for sweet fennel is particularly in full gear. On the plant. Family is the Baseer. This plant is described as a biennial, or perennial herb that grows up to six foot high. Aunt has feathery leaves with golden yellow flowers. There are two varieties of fennel, bitter and sweet. The bitter fennel is not recommended in aromatic use. The essential oil is collected by extraction through the steam distillation process off crushed seats. The characteristics off the sweet fennel essential oil is that it is a colorless, too pale yellow liquid that has a very sweet aniseed like slightly earthy, peppery scent. It blends very well with rose geranium, lavender with rose and sandalwood. The actions off this essential oil is that it isn't upper teeth. Anti inflammatory, anti micro bile, antiseptic, anti spasmodic, its accommodative dip, your it'd diuretic. It has a medical expectorant and collect a Coke actions. It is also laxatives stimulant to the circulate re system. It's splenic TstA market tonic and a firm of huge. The perfume sent off the Sweet Fernald Essential oil is that there is a slight must de fragrance to it. There is a earth like peppery aroma to it, too. The key qualities off this essential oil is that it iss stimulating balance, saying restorative, revitalizing, purifying and cleansing on the odor is of high intensity, aromatic use off. Sweet Faneuil includes the use of this essential oil in skin care, circulatory, muscular and joint conditions in respiratory conditions. Digestive problems. Reproductive problems aren't there are some other, you says, So we can use this essential oil for toe help with bruises 4 to 8 with dull oil, immature complexions where their cellular laters. Obesity, a demon and rheumatism. We can also use it for helping to relieve the symptoms of asthma and bronchitis. It's useful in our anorexia, colic, constipation, dyspepsia, flatulence and norcia. It's useful for a man Arria on where there are nursing. Mothers who are breastfeeding aunt have problems with milk production. It will help to improve the moat production. It's useful for menopausal problems on it. It will treat Pirie a so a lot of uses fought this essential oil. The safety data is that it needs to be used in moderation with people who have epilepsy. Children under six on pregnant women 57. Frankincence essential oil: run consents essential oil. This is one of my very favourite essential oils, and the Latin name is boss Wailua Cart, Ear and the bum Late is based Cecilia. The description of this plant is that it is a small tray shrimp like, and it has pine needle type off lays. It has white or pale pink flowers. The tree also yields and natural olio gum resin. The therapeutic actions off this essential oil is that it's anti inflammatory. Antiseptic. It is a stringent, calm initative. Digestive diuretic, its sedative. It's also as an expectorant, a medical site, Oh, flat IQ and a tonic. The extraction method is by steam distillation from selected olio gum resin. The characteristic traits off the essential oil is that it is a pale yellow or greenish color. It is a liquid, and it has a fresh Turpin. E note. It has a warm, rich, sweet bald summit. Undertone on. It blends really well with Santa Word orange. Bergama Basso. I love to play this essential oil with lavender and lemon Aunt. Of course, there are other essential oils. Weaken blamed it with such a sandalwood, cinnamon and other spicy essential oils. The fragrance off this essential oil is that it is a long last staying resinous. It's rich, It's sweet, it's balsamic. There are woody slightly. Come first hones. This essential oil is a really good fixative on preservative. The key qualities off this essential oil are that it's clearing, purifying, restorative, its sedative, it revitalizing, uplifting. I love this essential I'll before I go to bed so that it helps may with a more blissful type of sleep. Therapeutic, aromatic use off frankincense. Essential oil is that it's great in skin care. It's really good for helping with blemishes, dry skin and mature complexions. Scars and wounds and wrinkles really benefit from the years off. Frankincense. The respect retiree system also benefits on conditions such as asthma, bronchitis, guitar, cold coughs, flu and laryngitis will all be benefited by frankincense essential oil. Aunt. The genital urinary system is benefited by the use of this for sustained itis Dis minnery, a. Lou Correa and Metarie JIA on this essential oil. Because of the area that you are, we would be applying it to. You need to make sure your hands are clean, that your the genital area is clean. Aunt, Of course, a pop application because of the skin in the area. Being really delicate, make sure it's well dilated before using it in a blend of curry oils, perhaps grape seed and coconut oil with the frankincense in one or two drops plate to the area very carefully and allow it to do its work. Keep their hands clean. Keep the janitor urinary system clean, too. And, of course, the nervous system benefits immense late. I have used this essential on myself to help with nervous tension. Stress with anxiety. Aunt. Of course, frankincense has Theobald City to slow down and deepen our breath. This essential oil is really useful in the mindful practices of prayer and meditation. Safety data. It's non toxic, non irritant and non sensitizing. But again, be really careful if you're not used to using essential oils or it's a new product that you argue, saying 58. Galbanum essential oil: call paying them essential oil. The Latin name for this essential oil ISF a rule a gumbo za on the family is up acea. The description off this plant is that it is a large perennial herb, and it has a smooth stam with shiny leaves. Aunt Small flowers. It contains resin, dotes that exude and milky juice. This fluid is called olio ressa. Method of extraction off Albanian essential oil is that it is extracted by water. Ost EEM distillation off the girl. Only the 11th or soft type is used for oil production. The characteristics off this essential oil is that it is colorless to a pale yellow or olive. Call it liquid on it has a fresh green top note with woody dry ball, stomach undertones. Thetis Essential oil blend really well with lavender, geranium, frankincense and pine. The therapeutic actions off Albanian essential oil is that it is analgesic, anti inflammatory, anti microbial, antiseptic, anti spasmodic. It's an aphrodisiac balsamic, common native. It's a digestive and diuretic. It's an inspectorate. It's a hypertensive. It's also in a man agog aunt, a restorative aunt tonic. The perfume sent off Albanian essential oil is that it is penetrating but stomach. It has musky earthy tones, and it has a hub, a cious bisi, yet clean and powerful, sent to it on the key qualities off. This essential oil is that it's uplifting, clearing, purifying and soothing. It has a very high intensity of odor, so aromatic uses off. This essential oils include skin care where we can use it for abscesses. Boils could scar tissue. We have information. It's really useful the mature skin where we get worried about wrinkles. It's really helpful for wounds on it really does. Help with softening and preserving the skin in circulatory, muscle and joint systems of what we have is a really useful, essential oil that helps with poor circulation. It will help with muscular aches and pains and rheumatism on for the respiratory system. We have conditions such as asthma, bronchitis, Qatar and chronic coughs that will benefit from the use of Albanian on our digestive system also benefits by virtue of cramps, flatulence and indigestion. Being relieved aunt. Of course, the nervous system. This essential oil will really help with nervous tension on the stress related issues that we have each day, and it's an excellent insect repellent safety data applied to this essential oil is that it's non toxic, non irritant and non sensitizing, but has always conduct a skin test to make sure that there's no response or reaction in the person. 59. Geranium essential oil: Hello. Good afternoon. Welcome to this recording. Thank you for joining. May place forgive any doubling off the light in this recording. But looking at the essential oil of geranium on I have here from my garden a little cutting that I was able to find. Now the stem is really quite woody on the leaves are present with the time of year, though there's no flowers and the flowers on this plant and normally really very delicate, small and very delicate pig Absolutely gorgeous on yes, that bees and the butterflies love this in the garden. So I don't encourage you to have flowering plants in your garden toe. Help with our pollinators are basin butterflies. So for this essential oil, I've got a bottle here and this is from, um for aromatics here in the UK and I believe they are world by aunt. They are really, really inexpensive on, yet they quality because we got by what we can smell as much as anything. Oh, wow, that is so nice. It's delicate yet powerful, and it's a really wonderful, essential oil that helps with balancing the hormones. It's a flower ful aroma as well. So it's a really lovely one fought to combine with love and death. And if you were the oils, however, we're going to look at that in more detail as we go into the PowerPoint presentation. But I feel now geranium Essential Oil Geranium originated in Africa and was brought into here up around 16 90. It was used in ancient times to remedy wounds, burns and tumors. This beautiful plant is widely grown throughout Europe, on it richest around two feet high. There are hundreds of varieties cultivated for their beautiful flowers, but only aromatic pal Ogoni ums are used for their essential I'll aunt. It is the leaves, stocks and flowers that I used in distillation to produced the oils so therapeutic effect. Usually it is both sedative on uplift Day on its invaluable for treating nervous tension on depression. It's so useful for circulate tree and skin problems, especially wounds. This is a popular ingredient in perfumes for its sweet fresh floral notes that uranium is also therapeutically massaged or inhaled fore. It's relaxing, so refreshing qualities 60. Hyssop essential oil : his soap Essential Oil. The Latin name for this essential oil is hiss opus official Alice on the family name. Ihslahm ACEA Description off this plant is that it's a perennial, almost evergreen shrub type off plant. It grows to about two feet high with a woody stand on small months shaped leaves with purple blue flowers. This essential oil is extracted by steam distillation off the leaves on the flowering tips . The characteristics off this essential I'll is that it is a colorless, too pale yellow green liquid with a sweet comforts. Note on it has warm, spicy Kobe cious undertones. This essential oil blends really well with lavender, geranium, myrtle, sage, clary, sage on the Citrus type essential oils the fragrant sent off. This essential oil is that it is sweet. It's warm, slightly comforts on her basis, and the key qualities off this essential oil is that it is a tonic. It's a so phallic notified, it's really calming. It's purifying, cleansing aphrodisiac. It is a mental stimulant on it's really balancing on. Of course, the odor off this the perfume odor is high intensity therapeutic actions off hyssop essential oil on numerous bert hair. I offer just a few of them. This essential oil Issa stringent. It's antiviral Bhakti recital, its anti spasmodic. It's antiseptic. It's also hypertensive. So where this high blood pressure avoid this essential oil? It's sedated, and it's suit of horrific. It's also a tonic to the heart and circulatory systems on. Finally, it's an expectorant. There are other uses for this essential I'll, but I ask and encourage you to seek them out. If you struggle with that, come back to May and we'll go through this in the Q and A segment. The therapeutic use of this essential oil is that it's really good for cuts and bruises. Dermatitis expire. Inflammation on wounds aren't also for low or high blood pressure. Rheumatism, asthma, bronchitis, guitar, tonsils, laters. Sore throats, whooping cough. Also colic and indigestion. It's really useful for, um, Honoria and Lou Correa. And nervous system can really benefit because it will help with anxiety, fatigue, nervous tension and other stress related issues. The safety data for this essential oil is that it should only be used in moderation 61. Juniper essential oil: juniper essential oil. The Latin name for this essential oil is Jonah Bris commun ists, and the family is the coupe Rossiya. The description off this plant is that it is an evergreen, Schaub tree like plant, and it grows up to six meters high. It has bluish green, narrow, stiff needles to it, and it has small flowers on little round blackberries. The fragrant scent of this essential oil is that it is fresh sweet. It has a peppery tone on Woody, both stomach notes to it. The fundamental K qualities off this essential oil is that it is aphrodisiac purifying. It's clearing. It's a tonic. It's reviving, restorative, its protective, the therapeutic actions off juniper essential oil Mbete Many and varied. We have antiseptic aphrodisiac dip era tive. We have a man agog sedative Sudova Rick. It's a tonic, its anti rheumatic, anti toxic on so a common native so it will help many different conditions. The extraction method employed for the essential oil extraction is steam distillation. It's steam distillation off the Berries. The needles aren't or the wood characteristic traits off juniper. Essential oil is that it's a clear water like essential oil to a yellowy colored oil has a sweet fresh odor with woody balsamic tones to it. This essential oil blend really well with better the sandal words, say the word Cyprus Clary, sage, pine, lavender and geranium. Oh, and other Citrus essential oils. The therapeutic use of this aromatic oil is that in skin care, we can use it for acne dermatitis. X MMA for helping with hair loss, hemorrhoids, wounds, tonic but oily complexions on for the circulate re system we have and it will help to remove accumulation of toxins. It will help with arterial sclerosis. Sell you like out obesity and rheumatism for the immune system. Miss Essential Oil will help with colds. Flu infections on the genital urinary system. It will help with a man Arria cystitis dis minnery a. Lou Correa on the nervous system is aided. It will help in conditions of anxiety, nervous tension, stress related conditions. There is a warning with this essential oil. It is a stimulant to the A. Train massages on DSO must be avoided during pregnancy. It should not be used by those with kidney disease as it is an Afro toxic. It is not suitable for young Children and it must be used in moderation 62. Lavender essential oil: Hi. Good morning and welcome. And thank you for joining Make in this recording. In this recording, we're looking at lavender essential oil. Before we go into the data, let me share with you about my garden. I have a little garden on in my little gun. I have a love and a plant, even though we're right at the end of the autumn, going into winter, I was able to find some stems from my love and plant. Now they look a little bit tutti and tired. However, the aroma was really still gentle but strong. Aunt, it's It's just a lovely plant. In the summer months it was it just flourished. It was so powerful. The fragrance from the flowers where I am look hated. I get the sunshine through the summer time all day long. That's why we get some shine on this year. We had really good here for some shine and so my love and a plan really flourished. It just ballooned on blossom on what happened? Waas The butterflies and the bays came along on. They were a delight to watch, so I had the beautiful fragrance from the love and plant on the but applies on the base coming along, collecting pollen. So in the pulpit presentation that comes up next, we're looking at lavender essential oil. Now this is a product I bought yesterday, especially for this recording on its by mayor aroma, So I don't know what the qualities like. I don't know what the aromas like anything like that, but as we go through the purple presentation, we look at the peeling properties, uses applications on safety data off this essential oil. So let's get onto the public presentation. But I love, and it's essential oil. The Latin name for this essential oil is love. Angela and Gustaf Olia on the family is La Macia. This plant is an evergreen woody shrewd that grows up to three foot tall with gray green narrow, headlining the leaves on blue flowers. The extraction method off lavender essential oil is that the oil is extracted from fresh flowering tops by steam distillation characteristics of lavender. Essential oil is that it is a colourless or pale yellow essential oil. It has a sweet floral herb, a cious sent on. It has undertones of being balsamic and would eight. This essential ire blends really well with nearly all of the essential oils. It's really especially so with clove clary, sage, pine, geranium, vetiver, patchouli, cedarwood, all of the Citrus oils on the floral oils, the fragrance sent off lavender essential oil is that it is light. It's blow RL. It's soft, it's mellow. It really got a soothing sedating quality to it. And, of course, the cake qualities off a lavender essential oil is that it is serving sedated antidepressant. It's calming, relaxing, restorative purifying Clients say the therapeutic actions of lavender essential oil are many and varied. Some of the actions include analogy. Sick, anti convulsant, anti rheumatic, antiseptic, anti spasmodic. It's a cholera tick. Amman Agog and nerve ein. It's a parasitic side eight sous editor Stimulant tonic on voluntary. It's a really useful, essential oil. This is an essential oil that can be used undiluted. The aromatic, essential oil of lavender is useful for many different conditions. On here, we list just some of them. We have skin care where obsesses arc me can be treated. We have allergies. Athletes, foot boils, bruisers, DeMott, Titus X men, inflammation, insect bites and stings, life, psoriasis, ringworm, scabies spots and some burn and wounds. this essential oil is also fantastic to help with lumbago, rheumatism, aches, springs, aunt. Other damage to ligaments, too. The respiratory system can also benefit on conditions such as asthma, bronchitis, guitar, flu, throat infections and even whooping cough. And halitosis can benefit from this essential oil. We have our digestive system. Aunt Love, under essential oil, can help with colleague dyspepsia, flatulence, nausea, relieving those conditions. And here we would blend this with peppermint to help bring about the relief off colic and flatulence and so on. The janitor urinary system can also be helped. Where they're cystitis, dismantle Maria and Lou Correa. There's also the nervous system where there's depression, headache, hypertension, insomnia, migraine and nervous tension where we feel really tense with work within relationships, whatever is causing us that tension. Lavender will help, too. Bring that sense of calmness, restoring us to a place off feeling really balanced and relaxed. The safety data for lavender essential oil is that it's non toxic, non irritant and non sensitizing aunt, Of course, mentioned earlier, we can use lavender essential oil on dilated, but of course, always be mindful that there's always the anomaly that somebody would be possibly sensitive to this essential oil. So be really careful 63. Lemon essential oil: Hello and welcome to this recording. Thank you for joining May in this recorder I have here. My little lemon trade on this has been growing for some time. I'm in the code climate, so this little lemon tree has taken a long time to grow. But lemon iss an absolutely fantastic, essential oil. I love the fruit. Can I make a lovely, delicious drink with the fruit combining familes? Sade's honey, I'm so on, but with my been essential oil. What? We have many different properties on coming up in the PowerPoint presentation. We're looking at the lemon on. We're going to look at to be parts of the plunge that eight years. So in lemon essential oil, it's usually the rind looking at that, so I'll speak to you again in the public presentation. Lemon essential oil. Centuries ago, seafarers would stock up their vessels with fresh lemons before leaving for their long voyages to help prevent scurvy on to purify the ship's drinking water description. This essential oil is obtained from the lemon fruit on its the rinds of the throat, the pail of the fruit that are classically used to obtain the essential oil from the trees are cultivated in most Mediterranean countries, including Brazil, Argentina, Africa, Australia, Aunt Spain, etcetera, Therapeutic uses. Lemon is a highly antiseptic, essential oil on a stringent on, so it's years for the skin. Complaints, including Boils, warts for Rikers, it's useful for lowering blood pressure, treating digestive problems, fever and gold storms. So you says we can use this oil in inhalations baths and massages. 64. Lemongrass essential oil: lemongrass essential oil. The living name for lemongrass essential oil is symbol. Pogon sit traitors, and the family is poet CIA. The description off this plant is that it's a bust. Growing tall, aromatic perennial grass, it grows up to about five foot tall. It produces and network of roots and root. Let's that rapidly exhaust the soil. The characteristics off lemongrass essential oil is that it's a yellow toe amber or reddish brown liquid. It has fresh, grassy Citrus scent. It has perfect under terms. It blends well with Iranian Bergamo and other Citrus oils, and it's an absolutely fantastic, essential oil on its own. The essential oil of lemon grass is obtained through steam distillation from the fresh and partially dried grasses. These are finally chopped, and then, obviously, state legislation obtained the oil. From this, the fragrant perfume off lemongrass essential oil is that it's Citrus. It's a lemony. It's pungent. It does have a really strong aroma to it. It's clean, it's green and it's slightly bitter. The K qualities off this essential oil is that it's refreshing. It's stimulating it soothing, and it has a high intensity of odor. The therapeutic actions ascribed to lemongrass essential oil is that it's analgesia antidepressant. It's anti pirate. Tick antiseptic. It's also an antioxidant. It's a stringent bacteria cider. It's a February fusion from beside a galactic dog insecticide. No, Bynes. It's sedated to the nervous system. It's a tonic, so it has a lot of therapeutic uses. The therapeutic is off. Lemongrass. Aromatherapy oil is that it will help with many different conditions. Acne athletes, foot excessive perspiration, open paws, particular ASUs. Gabi's joints. We have muscular aches and pains, poor circulation saw massages and muscle tone that is really slack. We have colliders, indigestion, gusta into writers. There are fevers. Infectious diseases can also benefit with lemongrass essential oil for the nervous system. It's a brilliant oil for exhaustion, for stress related conditions where we have worked and worked and worked, and we've become so overstimulated Onda. We reached that point of exhaustion. So where those conditions of burnout, it's a really good, essential oil. We have also headaches benefit from this essential to And of course, it's a really useful insect repellent for fleas, ticks, lice. So the safety day to the lemongrass essential I'll is that it's non toxic, but it is possible to obey a dermal irritant or sensitization for some paper. So here's with care on for May I love this essential are because it treats all of those different conditions. 65. Myrrh essential oil: Murray Essential Oil. The Latin name Firmer essential oil is coming for a murder. Under the plant family is the bursts of Rossiya. The description off this plant is that it is a small shrub like tree that grows up to 33 foot high or thereabouts. It does have nothing. Branches on produces aromatic leaves on. There are small white flowers, and it is the trunk of the trade. That years they murder olio resin, from which the essential oil is obtained. Characteristics off this essential oil is that it's a pale yellow to an amber oily liquid with warm, spicy medicinal Odette, and it blend really well with frankincense, sandalwood with geranium, pine, lavender with peppermint, juniper, patchouli and Cyprus. I've blended this essential oil with cedarwood toe help with throat infections, coughs, clock colds and Sinus infections. The therapeutic actions off this essential oil on numerous, including anti inflammatory antimicrobial, accommodative stimulant schtum, archaic tonic. It's also unto septic. It's full stomach. Aunt Antifa Logistic extraction methods off this essential oil is that the resin oId is obtained by solvent extraction from the crude murder. The oil is then extracted by steam decided elation. The fragrant sent off this essential oil, it's that it's rich on its long lasting. It has a spitter, spicy tone to it. The key qualities off this essential oil is that it's purifying, uplifting, revitalising, sedated to the nervous system. Soothing and restorative therapeutic uses off Murray Essential oil on numerous. We can use it to help in the treatment of athletes. Foot cracked and chapped skin X mur, mature complexions of wrinkles and wounds and ringworm. Arthritis can benefit from the use of this essential oil, too. There is asthma, bronchitis, Qatar, code cough, sore throat, voice loss. Also benefit from this essential oil digestive system. Problems such as dyspepsia, flatulence, hemorrhoids, loss of appetite and diarrhea can also benefit from the use and application off this essential oil on where we have a man Arria, Lou Correa, Piotr itis and throw sh This will also help. Other years says that this essential oil is that it can treat gum infections and Mother on all says this. Safety data for this essential oil is that it's not to be used during pregnancy on not to be used in high concentration, so attention to dilution is really important 66. Nutmeg: Hello. Good morning, and welcome to this recording. In this recording, we're looking at the essential oil. No, Meg. And here I have a little nutmeg aunt here. I have one that have been used A. Now it's another wonderful spice that we can great great powder on, then apply into different dishes. I use this a fritton cakes. I use it on rice pudding to make a really nice delicious dessert aunt. Then the essential oil has many uses and therapeutic properties. And as we go into the public presentation, that's what we're going to look at. Nutmeg essential oil. The London name for nutmeg. Essential oil is my wrist occur fragrance Aunt. The plant family is the murderous to CIA. The description off this plant is that it's an evergreen tray, and it grows up to 20 meters high. It has dense foliage and small till yellow flowers. The extraction of the essential oil of nutmeg is by steam. Distillation from the dried, warm, eaten, not max aid are the dried orange, brown arrow or husk. The characteristics off the essential oil of nutmeg is that it's a clear liquid to a pale yellow liquid. It has sweet warm, spicy odors to it. It's a top note. It blends really well with lavender, clary, sage, geranium, petty grain mantra and coriander, and all the other spice oils. The fragrant sent off, not Maggie Essential oil is that it's a rich spice, a sensual, sweet and warm perfume to it. The key qualities off nutmeg essential oil are aphrodisiac analgesic, narcotic tonic both to the nerve and heart. It's comforting, soothing, calming, elevating and euphoric. The therapeutic actions off nutmeg essential oil include being analgesia sick, auntie a Matic, anti oxidant, anti rheumatic, antiseptic, anti spasmodic, common native digestive and men agog or Rexha genic. Prostaglandin inhibitors stimulant an tonic. The aromatic use of this essential oil is it's beneficial for arthritis, gout, muscular aches and pains, poor circulation and rheumatism. It will help with flatulence in digestion. Nausea, sluggish digestion aren't weathers bacterial infection. It's really useful to help with women system, where there's frigidity and pretence near Alger and nervous fatigue. It can also be beneficial safety data. Nutmeg is generally non toxic, non irritant and non sensitizing. However used in large doses, nutmeg oil can show signs of toxicity, so it's important to use in moderation. Do not years during pregnancy are on your Children 67. Orange essential oil: Hello. Good. My hand. Welcome on. Thank you for joining. May please forgive any dumpling off the light or any disturbing background noises in this recording. Today we are looking at orange essential oil. I don't have a plant, but I have a really nice big, juicy orange now edible oranges. Obviously we peel the skin. We get that beautiful, delicious sweet aroma on We get to eat the fruit inside for a vitamin safe. Now with essential oil The part that it's used iss they skin also the flowers, the leaves, different parts off the tree on. As we go into the pop own presentation, we take a look at their uses the therapeutic properties, how we can use the orange essential oil to help us. Now we can use it in skin care. We can use this to help too elevate Mahmoud. So we feel brighter, more cheery. Well calm. A wonderful essential oil on a wonderful fruit. And this is what I'm going to eat my breakfast. So see you in the PowerPoint presentation shortly. Just before we move into the PowerPoint presentation. I want to share with you the essential oil from my kid. This is from on ju on its sweet orange on When We Are Finished wore a lovely delicious wheat flip. Fragrant City is on that is a sweet orange, and it's a really, really lovely product, and I guess I have opened it, used it on, but it be really, really beneficial and useful. Okay, so we're now moving onto the public presentation. Orange Essential oil, The Latin name for orange Essential Oil s Citrus Sun insists on the description off the plant. Producing this essential oil is that it's an evergreen tree smaller than the bitter variety , less hardy and with fewer or no pines. But the fruit has a sweet pope and non bitter membranes. The extraction of orange essential oil is by either cold expression or by steam distillation off the fresh, riper, almost ripe out appear off the fruit. The characteristics off this essential oil is that it's an orange, yellow or dark orange liquid with sweet, fresh scent to it. This essential oil blends really well with lavender narrow Lee Clary sage mur spice oils such as nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves, and the fragrance sent off. This essential oil is that it's sweet and warm. It's sensual radiant, it iss citrusy fresh. It's fruity and tangy, and the key qualities off this essential oil is that it's a tonic to the nervous system. It's refreshing, uplifting at the same time, soothing and comforting sedated. So it's a really useful oil toe. Help bring balance to the mind and the emotions. The therapeutic actions attributed to orange essential oil is antidepressant, anti inflammatory, antiseptic. It's a bacteria Seidel and common native. It's also a digestive. It's a fungus cider. It's a hypertensive and sedative to the nervous system. It's a stimulant on its stomach IQ. The aromatic use off orange essential oil is a the skin care circulatory, respiratory, digestive and nervous system. So for the skin care, it will treat dull in oily complexions on its A lovely essential oil to help with the Bay City palpitations, water retention, bronchitis, chairs, colds and flows, constipation, dyspepsia and spasm all benefit from this essential oil and of course, the nervous system where we experience nervous tension. Stress related conditions, such as anxiety which can incorporate depression, will benefit with this essential oil safety Data distilled are enjoy should not be used on the skin before exposure to sunlight off the use of some bad 68. Parsley essential oil: hi and welcome back. And thank you. Very joining May please forgive the dumpling of the light on any background noises again. In this recording, I'm going to share with you parsley essential oil on because the plant that I have in my garden has turned really Woody and really not very, um, pleasant plant at the moment is really looking. Quite so. I went to the shop and I purchased a new plant. Parsley is a fabulous hope. It will really healthy and nutritious. Hannity or soups Jews and even sprinkled into a solid have doing a buddy a really big favor now as an essential oil. But this is a very pungent essential are. I would describe it almost like helping sweaty feet, but it's a really fabulous, essential oil. Now I have a medical device on sustained, some really, really horrific pain from that device on. While I was going through that really awful time, I refused to have traditional Western medicine. Pain will even things like that, because it just wasn't helping on worst parsley. Essential oil did not remove the pain. It's certainly help to ease the pain and make it more tolerable on what I would do on this is not a recommended practice is I would get the bottle of parsley essential oil on. I would put a drop of two on each of my feet and massaged in on. So, yes, I was using its essential oil that actually smells legs, baby feed on my feet, but believe may it really WAAS survey and comfort a Help me to tolerate that pain. So as we move into the PowerPoint presentation, we're going to look at the qualities, the properties and so will speak to you again in a moment. Parsley, sage, essential oil. The Latin name for parsley sage Essential Oilers Petros line Um, Crispin on the plant family is the upper Syria characteristics off this essential oil other . It's a yellow amber ah bran ish liquid. It has warm her bay cious spicy Woody Otis to it. This essential oil blends really well with Rose narrow, Liya Langella, Clary Sage and other spicy Oil's plunge description. The partly sued plant is a biennial heard plant, and it grows to about 28 inches tall. It has crinkly bright green leaves and small greenish yellow flowers. Andi, they produce small brown seats when ripened therapeutic actions and parsley seed essential oil Antimicrobial, anti rheumatic, antiseptic common negative diuretic dip era tive laxatives stimulant schtum Archaic. It's the refuge hypertensive on a stretch agent. The collection off the essential oil is through state distillation from the SAIDs, however essential, or can also bake collected from the herb itself but has varying properties. The fragrant perfume off this essential oil is the woody spicy herb, a cious aromas that are rather pungent. They're very fresh. However, The key qualities are refreshing, warming and stimulating to the mind, the therapeutic, our room. Arctic use off parsley seed Essential oil is that it aids in releasing toxins from the body . It helps to relieve arthritis. Where there's broken blood vessels, it can help and aid recovery. Inhaling. Where there's Celje lighters, rheumatism, sigh Attica for digestive complaints such as colleague flatulence and digestion and ham roads that this essential oil can be helpful. Aunt, where there's a man Arria dis Mandiri it it can help to aid in labor too unfit. The urinary system. This essential oil can help with cystitis and urinary infections. Safety data. This oil is said to be moderately toxic on a returned. It is the A P L that has been shown to have irritant properties. However, it's not sensitizing when used in moderation and ultimately we need to be really careful where there's pregnant people because use of this oil must be avoided. 69. Peppermint essential oil: Hello. Good afternoon and welcome. Thank you for joining me in this recording. Please forgive the doubling of the light and any disturbing background noise in this recording. Looking essential oil of peppermint on because in my little garden, the peppermint plant is really looking worse for wear. I decided to go and purchase a new plant. Now this is the little plant that purchased on Believe. May you pot it into a plot outside on it crows. It's like a weed, but it's a very delicious tasting. Very fragrant, wonderful We'd to grow in your garden. I have a specific plot put aside for peppermint on. It has ground rapidly, but because of the time of the year, it's really quite woody and dry. There's no leaves or anything like that. Now it does in the summer months get a wonderful little flower on. It's really a beautiful fragrance that again, when this sun hits, the plant just walked around on the breeze. I don't smoke, and I'm really very sensitive to aromas, and so I'm able to pick up those aromas. Now this is a lovely herb to to your Kirk A. So it's really beneficial in nourishment it really beneficial pass an essential oil. Now, this is essential oil that I have here is by aren't you? And again, I'm not affiliated. But with this essential oil, When you open the book up, it really, really a delightful aroma. I have opened this one. Just put the plant down there. I have opened this one, and I have used it when I've been making my own toothpaste mouthwash, and it's absolutely gorgeous. It has an almost hatred aroma to it. Aunt, of course, Peppermint and tea tree blend together really nicely in MK washes in toothpaste asses. A blend If, where experience say hi Babers. If we're having hot flushes, it's a really nice blend to apply to the bait to the pumps. The hand to the chest helps to clear the mind uplift on Cooper's would fall. So going into a PowerPoint presentation while we're looking at additional information will speak to you there. Peppermint essential oil, The Latin name for peppermint essential. I'll is Munther X peppery tha, and the plant family is the La Macia. The description off this plant is that it's a perennial herb, growing up to about three foot high white peppermint has green stamps with leaves and black peppermint has dark grain serrated leaves with purplish stamps and reddish violet flowers. The extraction off this essential oil is through steam distillation off the flowering herb on the characteristics off. The essential oil is that it's a pale yellow to a greenish liquid with highly penetrating grass. Minty comforts odors to it. It blends really well with the rosemary and lavender marjoram. Eucalyptus Bergamo. I enjoy adding peppermint and orange together. Blending it in cocoa butter makes a really flavor Cem aromatherapy blend to apply to this skin, the fragrant sent off. This essential oil is that it's fresh, minty. It's clean, it's penetrating, it's bright, and the cake qualities off this essential oil are restorative, refreshing, aphrodisiac stimulating. It's a nerve tonic aunt. It's really helpful for making us feel wakeful and alert. The therapeutic actions of peppermint essential oil include analgesia, sick, anti inflammatory, antiviral, anti spasmodic, diverted commune. It'd expectorant. It's and no fine. Verma fear just a marker. Get sued off for IQ aunt. There's also anti inflammatory therapeutic properties to this essential oil. Aromatherapy uses for peppermint essential oil are where there are conditions of acne Dima Taters. Ringworm, scabies, Toothache. We have neuralgia, muscular pains, palpitations, asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis, spasmodic coughs, colleague Crump, dyspepsia, flatulence, norcia. We've got colds, flues and favors. There is for the never system where a person experiences fainting, headache, mental fatigue, migraine stress, vertical. It can be really useful for those conditions. Other uses. We can use it for holla, tose, ISS and as an insect repellent. This safety data for peppermint essential oil is there. It's non toxic non irritant, but possible sensitization due to the mental content may occur. Do not use this essential oil with home. You perfect remedies use it in low dilutions on the skin. It's suitable for Children, but with great care. Aunt again. You look at the dilutions and make sure that it's well diluted. 70. Rose essential oil: Hello. Good afternoon and welcome back. Thank you for rejoining. May on. Thank you. Bow Still playing. Taking a time now place that gave the doubling of the light on and any background noises It is a little bit equity and hair, so place forget but to now In this recording, we're going to take a look at roast essential oil. And I saw it here. But I also have a miniature rose plant and I actually went out and bought this purposely for this recording. I stood on. I pondered Do I get a bouquet of roses on what color would I purchase? And then this little plant was standing all by itself And I love porridge. It resonates with this arm cycle chakra Aunt, I absolutely have to do lots and lots of hailing on a check play on my cycle chakra because off the entry sustained from a medical device which takes make my sleep into the use liberals essential oil. So this is a wonderful miniature plant and I'm going to really enjoy watching the blooms come time and again So let's take a quick look. What the essential oil this one is Tis around. I'm sharing with you Many different makes that I've put just a practiced with over the years. Oh my God, that's so delicious. It is absolutely delightful Rose. Essential work is a very expensive, essential oil. And hugely, when we purchase rose essential oil, we have a diluted form. It's the pure, essential oil diluted normal toe. 5% delusion to make it more affordable because it is an expensive I. But it's very, very useful, very worthwhile, having really quite essential for ladies who have obviously ladies problems on for. May I have this, obviously this problem guy running my sacred area in my pelvis on what I learned very simply waas In China, the ladies have rose essential oil on they must sergeant into the ovary area onto this helps them in many different ways. Anyway, as we move into PowerPoint, presentation will go to look at the therapeutic properties, actions and so on. So I look for to singing Rozema rock essential oil. The Latin name for this essential oil is rosat center Voglia, and the family type is rosacea. The fragrance sent off Rose Moroccans that it's a floral rich, tenacious way tender wall aroma on the key qualities off this essential oil is that it's a free, dizzy jack. Soothing. It's comforting. It's date, If uplifting, it's a regulating tonic for the heart. It's also an antidepressant, especially useful for the nervous system. Where the person is over, stimulated on may be experiencing burnout. Rozema rock essential oil is collected through the steam distillation of fresh petals. Alternatively, absolute are produced by solvent extraction. Off the fresh battles, the characteristics off rose Morocco Essential oil is that it is a pale yellow, while the absolute is a red orange in color. This essential oil blends well with Justman orange, geranium, bergamot, lavender, clary, sage, sandalwood, patchouli, camomile clove on Parma Rosa. Personally, I love Rose Essential oil all on its own. That therapeutic aromatic years of Rose, Morocco. Essential oil is bust. We have skin ca where there's thread Baines. Dry, mature and sensitive skin Where there's wrinkles. X Maher piece. This essential oil is really beneficial. Where there's circulatory and my son joint problems. We can use this essential oil for palpitations and poor circulation. And in respiratory system problems, we can years this essential oil to help relieve asthma, coughs and hay fever. The digestive system can benefit tale where there's Coley cystitis, liver congestion and nausea and in the reproductive system, irregular menstruation low Correa, Maria and you'd arrived disorders could benefit from Rozema Rock on the nervous system can also benefit greatly where there's depression, impotency, insomnia, frigidity, headache, nervous tension, stress related complaints or can benefit from rose Morocco. Essential oil because of its so things sedated of comforting expression. It's really beautiful to help to bring calm and pace safety data. Although this essential oil is generally safe, this essential oil is best avoided during the 1st 4 months of pregnancy. 71. Roswood essential oil: rosewood essential oil, the Latin name for rosewood. Essential oil as a neighbor, Rosa Oh Dara on the plant family is a loss iria. That plant description is that off a medium sized tropical evergreen tree that has a reddish bark and a heartwood bearing yellow flowers, the method of extraction off this essential oil is through steam distillation off wood chip ing's. The frank consent of Rosewood essential oil is that it's a rose like floral, dry woody, slightly grain. Fresh, mild, essential oil with K qualities of being warming, comforting and pleasing to the mind characteristics off. This essential oil is that it's colorless, too pale yellow liquid aunt. It blends with almost all other essential oils, especially the Citrus IRS woody IRS on Flora's. It helps to give body and round off the sharp edges of some of the more pungent essential oils. The therapeutic actions of rosewood essential I are mildly tunnel. Jeez, sick, anti convulsant antidepressant. It also has antimicrobial and antiseptic properties. It's an aphrodisiac at bacteria. Seidel. It's a cellular stimulant. It's also a symbolic and a deodorant aunt, an immune system stimulant. It is also a tissue regenerator. Anna Tonic, the aromatic use of this essential oil is for skin care. We have acne, dermatitis, scars, wounds, wrinkles. It's really good for general skin care of all skin types. It's also really beneficial for the immune system as it will stimulate the immune system on where there's coughs, colds, fever and infections. It really useful for that, too. The nervous system can benefit Weathers frigidity, headaches, nausea, nervous tension. Stress related conditions can all be aided and relieved with rosewood essential oil. This safety data for this essential I'll is that it's non toxic, non irritant and non sensitizing. 72. Styrax Benzion: Ben Sign. Essential oil. The Latin name for Ben Side. Essential oil hysterics. Benzie on the plant family is the Styris ear, the characteristics of bones on essential oil. Other. It's on orange brown, rich, viscous, essential oil. It blends really well with cypress, juniper, lemon, coriander, murder Benton Essential oil has two key qualities. One is that it's a fixative in perfume and the other is being a preservative. Therapeutic actions of Ben's own essential oil include bay anti inflammatory, anti oxidant, antiseptic, voluntary Stipe take sedated. It's also accommodative Accord Eo, its diuretic and diode rising on its an expectorant plant description. The Ben Sign. Essential oil is collected from a tree that is 66 foot tall. Approximately as you can see in the picture, the image shows us that this tree produces beautiful humbles of flowers on Dhere. In this image, other fruits produced by the Styer expense sign onto these have a hard shell to be fruit. So there we have the flowers. We have the fruits now the aroma, the aromas. Styer ox bone Zain is a plant that produces an essential oil that is sweet warming. It's rich, it has vanilla undertones, so This is a a very fragrant perfume. Essential oil. It works really, really well with essential oils of frankincense, murder, sandalwood, cedarwood, vetiver, patchouli, essential oils, orange lemon lied mantra, ton cheering Bergamo all blend really well with Styer X Ben Zayn Styer Ox Bone Sign is a plant that grows mainly M Borneo, Java, Malaysia, Sumatra and Thailand. To collect the essential I'll that a knife iss taken to the trunk of the trade and Ace cut is made into the bark and the deep incision ISS, then able to allow the X ID ation off the resin from the tree this is collected on. Then it goes through a process in which the essential oil is taken from the resin. The process, um klar to Zune alcohol and burn soy, which is then later siphoned off removed so that we have the pure essential oils. Therapeutic aromatic use of Ben's own essential oil, including the use of it where there are cuts, chapped skin inflamed and irritated conditions such as X mur, psoriasis, arthritis scout, poor circulation and rheumatism benefit from this essential oil, too. Respiratory problems such as asthma, bronchitis, chills, colleague, coughs, flu and laryngitis will also benefit from this essential oil on the urinary system. Where there is urinary infections can also be helped by the use of this essential oil. And then, of course, the nervous system can benefit where there's tension, stress, anxiety on other symptoms off stress related conditions. Safety data This essential oil is non toxic, none in return but can cause possible sensitization. And this is due to the solvents used in the process off extracting the essential oil. There is a warning not to use this essential oil on babies, so please hate that. 73. Sandalwood essential oil: sandalwood. Essential oil. The Latin name for sandalwood. Essential oil, A san talent album onto the plant family is the Santilli of family. The description off this plant is that it's a small evergreen parasitic tree, and it grows up to 30 foot high. It has a brown gray trunk, and many smooth, slender branches I know produces small pink purple flowers. The characteri