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Aromatherapy- Using essential oils in your everyday life

Mark Perren-Jones, Best-Selling Instructor, 100K Students

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28 Lessons (1h 51m)
    • 1. Welcome to my course

    • 2. Before we get started

    • 3. Let's get the aromatherapy happening straight away

    • 4. Why Do Certain Plants Have Essential Oils?

    • 5. Why do prices vary so much with essential oils?

    • 6. What to look for when buying essential oils

    • 7. This is important when buying citrus oils especially

    • 8. How to tell if the essential oils are adulterated

    • 9. FAKE! How to test for an adulterated essential oil cut with a base

    • 10. Storing your essential oils and their shelf life

    • 11. Essential oils, hydrofoils, absolutes and CO2 extracts-what are they?

    • 12. Welcome to section 2

    • 13. Why I prefer these diffusers over others

    • 14. What you are going to need

    • 15. Before you start

    • 16. Learning to blend the notes

    • 17. Essential oil safety and conversion rates

    • 18. Making a stimulating blend

    • 19. Making a soothing blend

    • 20. Lavenders amazing calming properties from studies done

    • 21. Blending for specific emotional states

    • 22. Pain relief blends

    • 23. Antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and antiseptic oils

    • 24. Warming and cooling oils

    • 25. The essential oil categories

    • 26. Your Essential oil essentials

    • 27. What are carrier oils

    • 28. Congratulations!

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About This Class

What people are saying in Mark's aromatherapy course:

"Are you looking for the Essential Oils class that will enable you to learn and experiment freely on your own when completing the actual aromatherapy course? Look no further, because THIS IS IT! " A.J.

"Through the years I have taken several essential oils courses. Mark's lectures are by far the best I have taken." L.W.

"There's so much info I was able to glean from Mark, I don't even know where to start. This was definitely what I was looking for in an Aromatherapy class & instructor" L.B.

Learn aromatherapy and use essential oils today from best-selling instructor, Mark Perren-Jones!

Mark is an Approved Continuing Education Provider(APCE) with the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork

NEW! A complete section on essential oil blending has just been added to Mark's aromatherapy course!

This is a complete and comprehensive beginner's aromatherapy course to guide you on how to use essential oils in your everyday life.

Imagine being able to use aromatherapy and essential oils to make your own all natural chemical free soaps, cleaning products, muscle and joint relieving balms and salves, bath salts, lavender body lotions and moisturizers, peppermint foot creams, anti bacterial hand gels, fungal creams, spritzers for sunburn and so much more.

In this Aromatherapy course Mark teaches you how you can apply aromatherapy and essential oils to all aspects of your life for your health, your home and your happiness.

  • Learn Aromatherapy to Pamper yourself and others: You will learn how use aromatherapy and essential oils to make your own body scrubs, which carrier oils to use and why, bath salts, body lotions, spritzers, peppermint foot creams, liquid hand soap and body soap and so much more!

  • Learn Aromatherapy to Treat Pains: You will learn which are the best essential oils to treat sprains and muscular aches and pains and learn how to make muscle rubs and salves using the most potent essential oil blends and also make your own homemade tiger balm, essential oil remedies for arthritis and joint pains plus so much more!

  • Learn Aromatherapy for your Health: You will learn which are the best, most powerful essential oils to make your own all natural insect repellents and bug sprays. Also, which are the most potent essential oils to treat skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema and acne. You are going to be able to use aromatherapy in your everyday life to treat headaches, use essential oils to treat fungal problems, burns, insomnia, make anti itch creams and so much more!

  • Learn Aromatherapy to have a Chemical Free Home: You will learn how to make dozens of essential oil combinations so that you can have your own all natural air freshener, dishwashing liquid, house cleaners, glass cleaners, kitchen wipes, anti bacterial hand gel and so much more!


 You will come away from this Aromatherapy course with a thorough grounding in how to use essential oils in your day to day life!

You will also learn which essential oils are best for use with your diffuser for different emotional states.

You will know what dilution rates will need to be applied for each situation.

You will know how to treat certain health and skin conditions using essential oils plus be able to use various blends of massage oils for different situations.

Finally, you will understand just how incredible aromatherapy and essential oils are and how powerful they are when used properly.

Make no doubt about it, there is a reason that essential oils have been used for thousands of years-they are very powerful therapeutic tools and once you begin using them you will wonder why you haven't been using them all of your life!

My courses are now full accredited with the C.T.A.A(Complementary Therapists Accredited Association) which means that on completion of any course of mine you can join the C.T.A.A and receive:

  • A Professional Certificate showing that you have full membership with CTAA as a Practitioner, covering all your therapies. 

  • Access to discounted Therapist Practitioner Insurance

  • Access to their CTAA Logo to place on your Website/Social Media/Email

  • Free CTAA Directory Listing

  • Have the opportunity to write a blog/article within the complementary therapy field that you work, that will be shared on their Website and Social Media to enable you to reach a larger audience and have exposure to yourself and your website.


1. Welcome to my course: Hi and welcome to my room. It there because my name's Mark Grown Jones on the owner of the award winning Isla Verde spot. Now, in this court time you completed, you will know a ton off information when it comes to aromatherapy and essential oils. The courses like this, we started with the basics what to look for when buying essential oils, how to storm of them. What's that? This particular show life. Well, look, more categories blend better with other categories where look at precautions, dilution, race and everything that's important to get you a good basic level. Then we're going to move on. You know what? Blending by the notes so you can make beautiful perfumes. Okay, so we're gonna look at stimulating blends, which is the oils at a suiting, which any fungal antibacterial and we're gonna look at all of that and then all of that information. Then you're gonna be out of start making your own beauty product Your own bath salts, foot scrubs, your own natural deodorant, and so on and so forth. And then we're also going to look at is pain relieving blends. Make your own tiger bump for congestion. Your own vapor rub, and we're also looking, cleaning your house chemically free. Make your own powdered laundry detergent, your own old natural purpose sprays and someone It's over. We're gonna have so many things that you can take all this information, Man. Have a chemical free lifestyle with chemical free products for your body and also cleaning your house as well. So let's get started. 2. Before we get started: hi and welcome to my ramp there. Because in this court you're gonna run everything from the basics right to making your own products. We're going to show you how to make your own beauty products your own all natural 100% cleaning products. You can clean your house without the use of chemicals. We're gonna look of pain relieving. Sounds like tiger bound vapor rubs for congestion and so much more. So I've laid out a course like this in the first section. We're going to go through the basics what to look for when buying an oil, the specific things that usually look for when you're going by essential oils, how to store them because you want to make sure that your oils are stored sore properly. Otherwise it go rancid carrier oils. Which of the best carrier oils precautions, dilution rates are gonna go through all of these basic stepped I'm gonna look at the different categories of oils. Which ones mix better with others. We're gonna look a blending by the notes so you can make these amazing bouquets if you want to use in your diffuser or your massage oils or just say in the bath and we're gonna look at all that so you could make stimulating friends suiting blends pain relieving blends. Antifungal, antiviral, antibacterial. You have always information in the second section. Then you're going to apply it and make your own beauty products. Lip glosses will look at bath salts, foot scrubs. So many things will look at your own deodorant, all natural deodorant. Then we're looking. Also chemical free is to send you before products to clean your house without the use of harsh chemicals, nontoxic or natural on, we're gonna also the pain relieving things like make your own bombs, your own salves and these sorts of things. So let's get to it wants to go through and I want to say once again, welcome to my course. 3. Let's get the aromatherapy happening straight away: all right. So as we get start into the course editor aromatherapy cause with essential oils. Then I thought we'd get stuck into it straight away, cause I imagine the majority of people here will have already diffuser defuse is the most common way of using aromatherapy and essential oils. So in your notes, I've got a period with about 60 plus a central oil blends for stimulating, for uplifting, the concentration for focus for calming someone and so forth. So let's get some A central is going So let's say you want to use it to because you want to see the course so you want to study, you want to concentrate. So I have a look at that blend and put it in your diffuser generally without the futures and have your water that you read about 100 mils of order, and I've got around 9 to 10 drops in the essential oils in the blend in total. Now, something interesting with research has shown is that when you're diffusing essential oils in a room, then there's a curve. Where is the most effective? And it's up to about 40 minutes now, after about 40 minutes. If you continue burning the essentials. Your body is not getting the effect that it was getting in that 1st 30 to 45 minutes because your body just gets habituated, just gets used to the essentials. So you're not getting the therapeutic benefits, so it's actually better if you're gonna defuse is. And if you got A and animals did. That sort of thing is to do the more like 20 to 30 minute burst, turn Amman 10 them off and then turn the mind again in another hour or so, as opposed to having two hours of your diffuser burning because they say it lose its therapeutic benefits. Okay, now, also, I've got the country indications and precautions with Children for defusing and topical and that sort of thing, and also the pregnancy and nursing mothers. So I want you through the course to always, always cross check these PDS to make sure that you know there's not contraindicated with Children. And, as you see with Children that will say that topic. Lee, you know, led to its country educated. You might say all routes, which means I can inhale it, nor have it topically, so you always want refer to those as well because we want to be very careful with essential oils. Now, if you didn't want to have an essential oil that you say you got Children in the house, but you can't defuse it, then you could always use something like this and you can endure, said Roger to a cotton ball What you learn throughout the course. And you could do that as a little personal inhaler and or into a tissue and that sort of thing just personally inhaler. So you're not diffusing through the room. All right, so, heaven over these notes, get the diffuses on, Let's get going. 4. Why Do Certain Plants Have Essential Oils?: So we're gonna look about what to look for when buying had it look at essential oils that might be adulterated, because what you gonna do when you buy essential oils and I go into this are pure, unadulterated, essential oils, and I'm gonna teach you how they adults, right? These essentials to make it get them more bang for their buck is such now essential is that we've got over half a 1,000,000 plant in the plant kingdom, and only very few of these have actually essential oils. Now about 3000 plants that have essential oils of those we use a ground about 300 for a centralized with therapeutics now, essential oils come from buries parts of the plant. Now they might come from the seeds they might be extracted from the from the Rhine, such as in your Citrus. They might come from box that might come from the wood is in sandalwood flower top, Sele's and even the bitter orange essential oil from the bitter orange tree. Now the bitter orange comes from the ride off the orange, the bitter orange nearly from the same bitter orange tree that's from the flower tops. And then It's got 1/3 of central from this one bit orange tree called petty grand, which is extracted from the leaves. So there are three distinctly different essential oils just from the bitter orange tree. The essential oils are used on the plants for different purposes. For example, a sense of oils. Because why do some plants have essential oils right now? Essentials used to in some cases to attract insects for pollination to attract them to the plants of the essentials are attracting a certain insects so that the plant could pollinate , propagate. Other essential oils might be used for certain plants to detract animals and insects and that sort of thing and diseases, so that then they can survive in the wild. And thirdly, what the central are from others. Just because so many of these internals are antibacterial, it's to protect them from pathogens from diseases. So, for example, if you scratch the bark of a tree, then certain reason that will come out, which is the central oil which will protect the tree OK, so it doesn't have like an open wound, just like their bodies do is protected, decides to Grover, They said. This sensible but that the reason the CEP is such then protects the tree. So now the thing is essential. Oils convey vary in price enormously. So why is that? Well, I'll tell you. Let's have a look. 5. Why do prices vary so much with essential oils?: So why do these prices very so much now, first and foremost, when you're going to buy a centralised and I'll get into buying essential oils in a minute as well and what to look for, and so on and so forth and had to find out which ones a fake to the best of your ability as well. Now, when it comes to buying essential oils, their price differences okay, If something's organic, then obviously, if someone has grown organically, there's gonna be a lot more labor, a lot more work, and so that's gonna be more costly for you as well. It depends also on the countries that they're grown in and someone and so forth. Multi level marketing companies, then that what? I have a certain amount of profit for their cellars underneath in that sort of thing. So are these specters come into price? But the biggest price difference is you'd the there different extraction methods. But yield is the number one thing. In other words, how much can you get from that plant? So, for example, to make £1 of eucalyptus essential oil, you need £50 of eucalyptus leaves now 11 dir. If you wanna get a pound of Linda, you need £150 of lambda, which is not that much, really. But then, when you start talking about sage, well, then you need £500 to get a pound of safe, essential oil and rose, which is size are so expensive you need £2000 of rose petals to get just £1 off Rosa Center Oil now say extraction methods could different as well, because that cost more like, for example, Cabinet officer distraction, that sort of thing. But it really it comes down to how much you can extract from that plant, and this is why they get adulterated, which we're going to talk about as well. In other words, people put in other things into the essential oil to make more essential oils. We're gonna look at that a swell. Now in your notes, I've got a pdf bar, which tells you the percentages that you make from eight essential oil. What percentage is extracted and you'll see Rose is the percentage 0.6% of extraction. That's how much you get when you expect it. It's just an absolute minuscule amount. So that's why when you find a tiny five middle button mill bottle of Rose Center low, it's $100 or so. Now, just remember the old saying, If it's too good to be true, it probably is. So if you find really cheap, essential oils now start. You should have those. Those Britain was up on the back your neck. You should start thinking, Oh, because if it's if it's cheap, then there's something going on because you just can't manufacture essential oils cheaply. Okay said that someone would be price difference because of yield. But if you start saying sandalwood or rose or jasmine on narrowly and these $8 then steer clear them because you just can't make them pure, unadulterated settlers board that price. 6. What to look for when buying essential oils: So what do you look for when you're going to buy essential oils where there are a few things, a few basic things that you really wanna look out for? Now, if you really don't know where shop, if you can find an aroma therapist, find out where they buy theirs from because they'll have a good a good supply of someone that they can use their trust in that sort of thing. Generally, it is better to go get someone that's really into the essential oils somewhere where they sell essential ours. And then is there thing a supposed to go into a supermarket, a pharmacy, that sort of thing with these major brands, that sort of thing. You wanna get someone that is really totally into it? So if you can find that person that that's what they do, that they think they sell essential oils and I will have a list and tell you, you know, things like country of origin, if it's not already really written there in front of you are on the bottle, but chemo types and all that sort of thing that they could give you that information, whether it's being tested, that sort of thing. Maybe even when it was actually made in distilled as well. There's all really good things now. You would be thinking that a good thing to do is to buy the ones that say therapeutic grade . Right then. Therapeutic grade was nothing more than a marketing ploy by a multi level marketing companies selling essential oils and some bright spark. And I gotta hand it to him. Let's call him Therapeutic grade. And then people will think they're better than non therapeutic grade. Right? Why wouldn't you? Of course you would. Well, guess what? There is no such thing as therapeutic. Great. All right? Yes. Or adulterated, which I talk about how they do it. Essential oils that are low quality. But there is not, like, you know, some pure therapeutic grade essential oil. It is just as we would say, a load of bollocks. All right, So don't get caught in the thing that says therapeutic grade. I'm not saying they're not good oils. They're just not a therapeutic grade. All right? Doesn't mean anything at all. All right, give my soapbox now, but anyway, that's good to know. All right, so when you're buying a central, or you do want to make sure it's in a dark bottle and glass. All right, so central is gonna like three plastic leach through plastic. So yeah, that would be the first thing. Is it in a dark bottle and is a glass? That'll be my very first thing. OK, Ideally, if you get a tablet proof lid, that's great. Especially got kids. Now you wanna have and see that? Okay. The office reduces okay for two reasons. Now, if it doesn't just report first of all, you can't measure the drop. So this car fits Radusa measures of drops. Now that's number one. Number two is that the Children of the medications of any poisonings have bean with Children. And it's so much harder to get a poisoning get get poisoned as a child when the only a drop to come out. Now when its just with a different doesn't have that, then obviously they guzzle that down. And that's very, very dangerous so that you want to look at as well. Now you also want to say you did you see the common name? This one says lavender and you also want to look at the bow technical name now, so the juniors and a specific time. So, for example, it will be generally exciting. Lavender, the family genus is 11 doula. Now if it just says, Look at this, I'll give you a job. This one here, this says 100 give a glass on here 100% pure essential oil. Well, that's good. And guess what we're gonna do that it's not or it system what it says Therapeutic grade. Wow. Well, we already know That's a bunk and it says 11. What else did it say? Nothing else. It has nothing else on. There is no botanical name. So what? Does that become? A problem? All right. There are different types of lavender. For example eucalyptus. There are hundreds of species of 11 of eucalyptus now lavender. What we call true lender is Lavandera and gassed a folio. And I think this is exactly what this is. If you see here $11 gusta folio, which is classes true lavender and it tells you its extraction method steam distilled from the flowering tops. So this is things you want to know. How is it being distilled? These are just things I tell you it's more serious. They know what they're doing because they tell you that the distillation method of extraction method steam distillation from the flower tops. But importantly, what type 11 there is it because there are cheaper types of Linda Letter Folio, another types of spike lender, and they also have different qualities. So if it just says, like this little guy lavender, you've got no idea what type of lavender it is. And of course, I could mix them up because they're still from $11 family. Because most of the not all your hand creams, it might say, has pure lavender essential oil that will have 11 to coat known as 11 din, which is a much cheaper lavender, much cheaper to extract and produce. And that's what they use. They won't use and gassed a polio, and so they used to treatment. So this Where are we, this one here? I would pretty much guessed that that is 11 din, and I gotta tell you, it's not 100% your essential oil because I'm gonna show you in a second, and it is definitely not. There appeared a great because there is no such thing. So all right, so there that made you think you want to look at ok country of origin, The distillation method of extraction method with his distillation CEO to extracted, etcetera, etcetera and your botanical names. So you get to know and say When you go by them, you can get that person that's really into it. That's what they do. They sell essential oils, aromatherapy, that sort of thing. Then by all means, get them. They'll be at our to any questions and tell you all about it. That's the best deal. And if you're totally lost their serious binding aroma therapist or going toe forums, websites that something. Obviously I can't give you all these links because I teach people all over the world and their different producers. Moreover, so Okay, so there you go, not show. Now I'm gonna teach you. How did I adulterated essential oils so that they can then make more essential oil, but it's not 100% pure adulterated. How did they do this? How are they making this 7. This is important when buying citrus oils especially: now just quickly. I want to talk about buying essential oils when they're Citrus. Essential oils. Now, obviously in an ideal world, would like to get organic essential oils, of course, but that could be cost prohibitive because it could be so much more expensive because of all the races I've stated before. You know when it's so much more labor intensive. But when it comes to Citrus sensible center oils, if you're using them on your body because the process they are literally just squeezed out of the fruit. Well, Citrus fruits could be heavily sprayed with pesticides and chemicals. So when you're getting them, then there's gonna be a certain amount that gets into the essential oil. So I really urging if you can. If you're gonna use essential oils that a citric it once, then try to get organic ones so that you don't have the chemicals in your essential oils. 8. How to tell if the essential oils are adulterated: so unfortunately, a lot of a since oil gets adulterated. Now I'm gonna show you, tell you how they tolerate them to make it to say, make mawr off the essential oil in various ways that they do this. Now, this could happen, by the way, anyway, along the surprise, I'm not just saying that manufacturers, the growers do it, they may do. But anywhere along that line of sale where the person cells had the grow ourselves of that next, maybe then they mix it with certain things toe, stretch it out, and then sell up on from there now. Okay, so one of the ways that they now this that my 11 I show you this rocket. First of all, I bought six essential oils. I knew that they were gonna be adulterated because about 6 $10 for $20 Lemon eucalyptus rose Me. Something else is up there. Something else Now use count by six essential oils There 10 mils. Yet 10 mills, $20. So again, it's too good to be true. It probably is. Well, of course, they are now so essential oils should not feel like a carrier or like a like a mess our job . They should not be oily. No, this one here, right? It feels exactly like that. It is. I mean, it's really oily. So they've cut this with the base oil. There's no two ways about on ago show. If you have suspicions, that is. First of all, you know, I know sits oily. It should not be oily. Now if I get this one here, which the pure lavender. If I do that here, put this on my finger, it will not and it has a grip to it. But it because it's no oil, it's not oily. This is pure Levinger. Okay, so there's there's one thing to look at now, so they'll cut it with a based oil. And I'm gonna show you how what you could do to see if it's been cut in the base or as well . So this that they will also use nature. Identical. They can use nature identical constituents as well. So, for example, when they do messed, expect atrophy and guess chromatography, which is a tech two of the major testing methods for essential oils. What they'll do there would then test them and then they'll have the scale, and they will look at the specific constituents off the essential oils for a chapel in Lavender Augusta. Vote Folio. They might be looking at the central component constituent, cold, little appetite so they will look at that, and that will have to be in a certain range now, if certain. Let's say a manufacturer, what goes and extracted extracted is another way. What they will try and do is extract three essentials quicker than they should actually be extracted. It should be a certain time, and they decide well, the quicker I could get this batch through, I could put another batch in, but they will affect the constituents in the central. So when it goes to be tested, let's say the literal has to be 42%. And that's when they do the testing that will look at that. Let's say it's only 20% Well, what they could do, and they do it very cheaply these days is they will make synthetic literal and add that to it. So then they will add that into their to raise up to the 40%. But thankfully, the testing could test this and I know the synthetics are in there, so they contest that or another thing due to adulterated, too. Stretch at central issues. Similar smelling essential oils now nearly, which is from the flowers of the bitter orange trees were told you before. If you add better so it's much cheaper to extract the bitter orange essential oil from the right of the fruit. And then you can add those in right so they're adding in cheaper extractions to they said that narrowly, and that will make Mawr binary just pure, narrowly essential oil, saying with rose they might put in with roses central that put in rosewood and so on. It's over. So this another why they do it just putting similar smelling essential oils and then still call it narrowly or or rose scented oil as well. So they do that. So carrying with a base essential oil, using synthetics and also using very similar smelling essential oils to do that as well. Thankfully, the majority would not doing this now. So what do we look at? High quality, a sense of oils. So we'll look at that from a reputable to supply dealers and that way you're gonna be much better off not getting adultery. Essential clothes. Now, here's what you do if you If you suspect that it's from captured the base oil, which mine is. So what I did here, I got two drops of this and you get a piece of paper and put two drops off essential oil Well adulterated sentinel and then to drop of the one that I know is how 2% pure. So you'll see these here now. Okay, you see that? I can't yet. Or so this one's a daughter. Now this is drink up with the base oil. Okay, this one does not. It's 1% fewer center. Well, what you'll find is when these dry out, you will not see anything here of the essential. It would dry completely up, but this because it's got oil and it's got a base oil that only an oily film. So you have an oily stain here, so you let this dry, Okay, this will completely disappear. And this would then be still there as an oil blotch on a piece of paper. So that's one way to find out if it's been cut with the base oil 9. FAKE! How to test for an adulterated essential oil cut with a base: Oh, I just wanted toe mention remember, I did. The drops of essential oils. The one that was being adulterated is being cut with a basil. And I put that on the drops member. This and I put the drops of the pure central next to each other. All right, I want to show you the results. And let me just get this down here so I could see that. Come here. We are now. I don't see that. Get it? What? Can you see that? So this is basically disappeared. This, as you can see, is still that was adulterated with the base. So that's the big oil oil slick on the page. There. Receive. You see that? Okay, I hope you can see that. OK, but as you can see now, this is not quite dry. When this dries another couple of hours, this will be completely gone. Absolute disappear. Where this We'll remain an oil slick. 10. Storing your essential oils and their shelf life: So let's look a short life and had a story essential oils on. You probably know this certainly had a store them, But I'll go through it anyway. For those of you who don't you want to store them? First of all, the things that go to oxidize your essential oils more potentially oxidized is the enemies . To us, it was a light heat and air. So you want to make sure you got the tops on nice and tightly. Don't leave them over the tops off and don't leave them do this. Whether in dark bottles, don't put them up on your show up in front in the sun, that sort of thing. And don't leave them in areas. It's gonna be really hot. Okay, So the officer to that cool, dark environment is where you want to be near. You can store them in the refrigerator if you do put them into some sort of container so the aromas don't leach out into your food so you could do that as well, and it will make them keep longer. I've seen number saying that actually double the shelf life, but so just look about shelf life because service and draws have different shelf lives, and it's important now when it comes to the central was like your roots. Your reasons. Your woods so think routes like ginger. Residents of murder, frankincense and wood, sandalwood, cedarwood. That sort of things. These could be eight years, and some people even say, just in definitely like a fine wine. They just get better with age. So you really don't have to worry about those at all now the ones that will oxidize more quickly. Your pine needles, you pine. Yes, you're very spruce, those sorts of things and Citrus oils. Now this is important. So round about 6 to 9 months, you want to start. If you've opened them up, then and that's why it's important, especially for these oils, is to put the date that you open them, write something down on the label or what have you. So that you know that you when you have read about 6 to 9 months now, after that you can. You abuse him and you're cleaning products, that sort of thing. But do not use them on people skins. So, for example, with your doing massage, because once they get past its use. By date, they stand oxides. You have a much, much, much bigger chance off getting a skin reaction on a person's skin. Self your message service and you want to use a bergamot or what have you are in jail? What any sort of Citrus and you're using one that's 1/2 years old. You've got a much greater risk of getting that person having a skin reaction to them. So using fresh Citrus is really cheap, so relatively cheaply as far as the central oils go. So you really do number and say you don't have to throw them out if they still smell fine, use manure, cleaning products and so on and so forth, but just not on skin. So in a nutshell. Store them in a cool, dark place. Maybe the refrigerator. If not somebody that's not called. Just think like you would store wine and remember the chauffeur. Oh, by the way. So the woods, the residents and the roots 5 to 8 years or indefinitely Citrus is, and needles like a pint is to say, then 6 to 9 months and all the rest around about 2 to 3 years. So eucalyptus is 11. Better thing. I run about 2 to 3 years before you need to change them out 11. Essential oils, hydrofoils, absolutes and CO2 extracts-what are they?: Now we're about to get into spending the night so I can teach you how to blend the essential oil notes on how to do blending in general. But before we do that, I just want to teach you how are central oils are indeed extracted. There are various ways that aside roles are extracted. In fact, technically essential oils are only considered essential oils if they bean distilled. Whether that's water distillation or steam distillation, which has been around distillation president been around for thousands of years now. Other things like solving extractors, actually called absolute. We have hydro cells and different types of things like this, So okay, let me go through this for so it's steam distillation. So what you have is you have your plant matter in a vet. Then you'll have you're hating. Element boils up water. The steam goes through the pipe underneath the plants and then in the vapor. The essential oils of art are essential oils, because dishes that go up in with the steam and then go into a cooling condenser, which cools down the essential oil. Grab yours and molecules and also the steam, and then they are separated calls him Daniel liquid. So the heat boils. The water that steam goes up goes through that the paper with the essential Monaco's rises out, goes through more tubing and goes into a condenser, which then cools back down from a gas back to a liquid. And then you know that they will separate them the water. This, too, has molecules of essential oils in them. That is what's known as the harder. So you might have been a floral water rose for a water 11th floor water, and that's what's known as a harder So the essential oils they're extracted from that they're separated. They are your essential oils now. Another process is called CO two extraction carbon dioxide extraction. Now this is a fairly new, very expensive way to do it. But it's one of the best ways to do it because I mean certain plant medica be used through steam distillation or what distillation So that C 02 extraction is just coming out of time . So what they do, they pressurize the CO two and then that becomes the solvent. And what it does is it gets your scent. Oils are under enormous pressure now, of course, it doesn't use any heat. It's very clean because just carbon dioxide and you get these wonderfully rich, chemical free, essential oils, and they're known as C 02 extracts. Okay, so from carbon dioxide extraction, he gets so to extract from distillation, you get essential oils. Now there's another white coat solvent extraction, where they use sovereigns to extract the plant. Medic through that, because certain things I say jasmine and other delicate flowers that the hate would destroy them through distillation so they'll use solvents so that they are called absolute. So solvent extracted, essential oils. Coat absolutes said that you got distillation essential oils. Now, by the way, they put them all under just so every doesn't get too confused. Jenah Klassen more is essential oils, but technically essential oils Company distillation, solvent extraction give you absolutes. CO. Two extraction gives you go to extract. And then finally, what you've got is what they use for the Citrus oils, which they extracted eggs. Citrus oils, basic is putting through a machine on Did they separate the juice because of the essential oils in the Rhines of the Citrus? Your limits, Orangeburg Ammo's and so what they do they will get the essential oils out of the rind. The juice get separated, the essential oils get separated. And then you will have Citrus oil extracts through the process of extraction through that. So there you have your four main ways that they used to get essential oils out. 12. Welcome to section 2: okay, in this section, I'm gonna teach you all about how to blend by the notes and you can learn all about top notes. Millrose bass notes had a blend, had to make stimulating blends, soothing blends, antibacterial, antifungal and so on. And so you're going to learn all about this in this section right now. Now, before we get started because and I mentioned the vast majority, people will have a diffuser home and their different ways to defuse your oils, which I want to go through in the next lecture because I teach you not only had a blender notes, but if you're going to use a diffuser, then which ones I like on which ones I really don't like. So let's just have a quick look at that. 13. Why I prefer these diffusers over others: one of the most common ways to use aromatherapy is using a diffuser. One of my students asked me that said, What type of future do I like? Which do I prefer on the pros and cons of each one? So I wanted to go through this guy. Thought it would be good lecture to explain which diffused or what types there are, which I like more than others. And there are four major types. What once you get now, evaporative, we shall go through these hate ultrasonic or humid if I ng diffuses otherwise known as and nebulizer. Okay, so let's just have a look at this that these are evaporative. So you see here, this is terra cotta, the terracotta bowl, so you can put a couple drops as a little pendant, so you could put a couple drops into that on. Got that to wear around your neck. Now, likewise. This you silly little pad here. So you put that in. There is a nice little locket now, other ones down here. Now, this is cool. Why would you ever I really dislike those chemical fragrances. You put it. The fan and a car get into attacks and it stinks now. So there's a little little stainless still kind of future. Can you put a little petting? And away you go diffusion through the fan, so evaporate you can also have the sticks that you put in and have a little fan behind them in the household. Another good little trick is to use the toilet paper roll Put a couple of drops on the inside of the rolling on the cardboard on the inside. So you're using that in the Tora Bora ball roll? Okay, so that's that now. So I liked him. Now let's end of the next one. So this is probably the most common diffuser. Now you put in water in the top of the tray here, as you know, and a few drops off essential oils and you have a little tea candles to light it. As you can see, they're all right now. I don't like this. I haven't used one of these for years. And the reason it is this well, first you don't have a naked flame could Well, it could just be dangerous with a naked flame. But that's not the real reason. The real reason is that you're using hate to get the aroma throughout the household throughout the room. Now, just like essential way olive oil or any sort of hours. You want them cold press. Many oppressed the oils without using Hey, because it d nature's them. So So I don't like heating up yours. I think it's a much better way to do it, which I'll go through. And the other thing is, you still get the smell of that candle, especially the candle goes out. Then you get this smoke. It's most or all of that lovely, essential oils, then just smells like smoke. That was the which goes out. All right, So okay, let's have a look at this One got back to this one first. Okay, so the next time is ultra sis. Ultrasonic. So think ultrasound. So uses vibration. This when you add water to it, it's got a fire, a fine mist, so there's no heat involved, which is great, but you're diluting it with water. Your essential oils with water on ultrasonic are really good. They're also great because they humidified the room because the water. So if you're in a climate where you want more humidity into the room Thes air. Really fantastic. Don't wear this price isn't Mexican pesters? It is not a 759 U. S. Dollars. Ma Rohit's Mexican pesos. Now that this one this one I have now this is what I call a nebulizer one. So what they're doing, You don't dilute with water and you see here, you actually some of these are This is just one that I have and you connect the central bottle directly to it, and it sends out a fine miss of the molecules. Animals is the molecules in sentiment, the air. So it's not diluted by water. There's no heat, so my favorite is by by the nebulizer ones. But if you get ultrasonic great, I just would stay away from the heat for the reasons I have stated, because whether it's take candle or whether they're electric eight months, your dean a chewing through essentials and you don't want to do that, you spend good money on your essential oils. You really want them to be released into the air the way they're intended without hating them up. Just as you would buy a sense of olive oil or whatever oil you want to get cold pressed as opposed anything made by heat so they only natural and yeah, 14. What you are going to need: So what I want to go through is just some of the basic equipment that you could buy online . Or they might be shopped around you where you can buy these things, but just basic things that just go through some of the things that you're likely to need. So all right. So I don't want you to use plastic, if at all possible, even for your cleaning supplies that you make your room sprays whatever. Try to make sure their glass it's much better. And, of course, always make sure it's dark so they don't oxidize. So dark glass bottles. Now you might get like small ones. Five bills. 10 mills have different sizes. Five months of great for gift for people, that sort of thing. Also, you're 30 and 60 60 mil. If you want to make a blend for massage, generally about 60. Mill is a good site, and that's what you're looking at here in this photo. So 60 mil blend is generally for a full body massage about what you need, So these are great for 60 miles of great for massage, Um, and you make it blends in with these, so you probably want to get some some of these same very varying sizes for you could use for topical epically application as well. If someone have a sprain, you have a smaller one so different sides to be really headed. But again, make sure the dark glass always sort of protect your essential oils, and you carry oil for that matter. Now the other thing that you most likely we want to get a pump bottles. Now these are great for you. Make your own soaps, conditioners, shampoos. You're these sorts of things, So getting a pump pump bottles on same thing again. Just make sure you don't getting plastic glass jars, and these are great as we go along the course, getting some of these four your son remedial sobs for, like, you think tiger balm type things, sobs and bombs and that sort of thing on get tiny ones. Even lip glosses, lip balms, that sort of thing. But there's a great for say, for making your balms and salves, and again they make a really terrific gifts is gonna give someone something special. Spray bottles. Now again, if you can't glass bottles, dark glass bottles much better, So these air for. But again, if you can only get plastic, then Steven get dark plastic. But again, it's much better. So you got glass bottles And of course, you've watched them out So dark. Let's put these great for making your when we make our own cleaning supplies. You know, window cleaners with this enjoy oils, room sprays as well. You know, a beautiful room spread you wanna put around here. So these are really nice Teoh have on hand as well. And now these little small spray bottles of these great for perfumes for spritzers, this sort of thing a little pump bottle and their smaller so you could put them in yet your bag And what have you in the car? That sort of thing. So these have really handy to have these little small pump acts like this and a great a great little thing toe have. Let's say we made one with again, which will go into, but let's wait for sunburn. You keep it in the fridge and you got some burn and you usually lavender and so on and so forth. And you've got that with in the fridge. So there's a great little packed with just a hot day. It's lovely to have this denies it was spritzer, as it will get into that another thing that really nice for perfumes. Or let's say you wanted for headache relief, that sort of thing are these little Rolla balls and these great So you can get this all of this stuff and get online. But these are great. You can have them with perfume. Let's say you want to have a nice rose sandalwood, something perfume that you really like. So these are terrific assay could rubbing on temples if you want to do a headache, relief, um, blend and so on and so forth. So these are great on Let's say you wanted to your student you want to study So you're putting rosemary ambassadors and that sort of thing in your blend. So study blend, and these are just brilliant to have in your pocket your handbag and use rollem and really , really fabulous on easy to carry around. The other thing, you wanna have labels? What if labels preferably. So this is great for you to eso you make you blend. You can put on you know how many drops if you I put up the drops in that sort of thing on a separate piece of paper. Where you So you know what? It is better that you could write the blend on it. You could write your drops if you wanted to, but then you know, uh, ever put a name to it, you know, And you Citrus planned or what have you? And you've got your notes put aside and that sort of thing. But also, you could put the date on. So you know, when you made this particular blend and I say you could also put the amount of dropped on us. Well, so these are just some simple basic things that you can get yourself started. They obviously don't need to buy all of these once. But these are just some things that get get, get you excited about what sort of things you might need when you start going. Okay, let's start making and blending. And so yet again, just just make sure, um, if you can make sure the dark glass on you'll be way better off 15. Before you start: now, before you start blending, there are a few things that you want to take into consideration before you make your blend . Now the first thing you have to ask yourself is. But what's the purpose of your blend? So you get making like a therapeutic arm or sub because someone's got pain? Is it just purely for the aroma? Maybe you just want to make a lovely a lovely blend for the house you know, to have a new diffuser. Is it for because you need to stimulate the person because they have just completely burnt out and run down or the opposite. Maybe someone is totally wound, wound up on or yourself and you go. I want something to cook, to calm me down. So they say, Is it just one aroma? Or are Are you looking for therapeutic principles? So that's the first thing you really want. Ask why am I doing this? For what reason am I doing this now? The next thing you need to say is, how were you going to do it right? The first is the why the second is there. How so are you going to make have therapeutic massage oil or a therapeutic bomb or solve because you got a sprained ankle, Is it? You're going to make an anti fungal cream for that athletes foot or something. Antibacterial, is it for you? Maybe you want to have a calming bath salts. So again. So what you wanna do it is like What are you going, Teoh? Uh, why you going to do it? And then how you going to do it? What are you going to Maybe gonna make several things. So maybe you want to do a massage oil because you got some back pain and you want to make a Sarvas well, or for your client. And maybe you wanna have a diffusion, um, with these oils to help as well, with pain or if it's for calming and so on and so forth. Now, the next thing after other, any country indications, is the person pregnant? Do they have any other sort of precautions with high blood pressure, epilepsy? Any medications that could be contraindicated or get precautions? So you need to consider those Aziz Well, okay, so now also, you need to look at your dilution rate for 2%. Say it's a mess. Our joy or 2% for healthy adult? Or are they got chronic illnesses there? Week the elderly Children pregnant from 1% or less. So you have Teoh. You have a good understanding of what is my dilution right for this particular cream or oil and silence of it. Now the other thing you want to do is let's say you're treating someone is does the person have particular favorites? I said this many times. I love love, love Levin does. So you want you want to check, you know, Or maybe they don't like a particular don't like dangling. So if you're you don't want to put something into the person doesn't like you choose different essential oils. And again, if they really particularly love certain things, then you add them in. Now, having said that, you want to make sure that you don't just add in a stimulating oil that they love. Say, Rosemary, if you're trying to calm them down, so you want to look at the therapeutic properties off the oils as well. So yes, you write down and taken any consider. So you're treating Incline there, Any particular one say, like Oh yes, I love jasmine on I really love camera, so that would be fun if they If you won't do it coming, then you can put in Camelot and Jasmine into that mix. That sort of calming oils as well. The other thing you really want to do is you want to write it down, all right, so on your bottle you're going to write down. The oil should put in the amount of drops, maybe even the carrier whale that you used on the date as well. So write it down because let's say you had a particularly effective cream that you made. It was really great for that person's arthritic fingers on. Do you want to reproduce it because it was great or a particular room spray that you just love this wonderful citrusy room spray? So you want to recreate that as well. So write it down the book. So you you've got that for you and, of course, write it on the bottle and, of course, right the day So you know how long you've had it For now, let's just give you an example. Let's say you've got a person comes into your spy on a city before So what? I get back with four letters. Say you've got some of its got pain or family member, and they're a healthy adult, so you know, you're gonna have a 2% dilution jackets, a healthy adult. Now you want to make, uh, let's say your message. So your 2% dilution into the massage oil all right. And then, of course, you would check what essential Always have therapeutic pain relieving properties. Okay, again, you check the precautions, check any country indications. And then you were based your your blend every if you do them by notes if top notes, middle notes and bass notes. So you look at the top notes, middle notes based notes in the therapeutic pain relieving guide. So the oil essential oils are going to be pain relieving months. Okay. And likewise, if you're doing an anti bacterial or anti fungal and so on and so forth or stimulating what's everything but Okay, so and then you could also start thinking about, um, you wanna make make that maybe you could offer that person a pain relieving serve. So you make itself or maybe you've got them on hand that you could sell to them, Aziz, part of your treatment. You're now starting up so product that you're making people love, you know, home made natural pain relieving sob just fantastic. And you get them to use it six times today, 5 to 6 times a day on rabbit on wherever their back, their shoulder, their ill by what have you. Okay, so now Oh, so you could have bath. So really, this is limitless. But you could say Oh, I've got these beautiful bath salts that have therapeutic essential oils in them. Here you can use these This blend in a diffuser making cream a hand cream to, say arthritis in the hands rheumatoid arthritis, for example. So you can start thinking outside of the box. If you are a massage there and then you're going to mess, Sarge oil or that scrape. But then you can start thinking outside of the box is Well, what else can I give? Value added to my client, Which one will help your client not be super happy and to you'll be getting more money per client. And likewise, if it's just if it's yourself that's got back pain, let's say then you can make yourself your own paints. I've had that on hand your bath salts. You make your own creams, that sort of thing. So you've got these wonderful, wonderful natural products and this is a check the notes make sure you got the right amount of dilution rate and therapeutic properties in any precautions or country indications. And it is so much fun and then say if you write it down, make sure you always write them down so that you know when you want to do it again, if you have particularly like that or particularly, didn't for that matter, what kind of not gonna do that again? Well, then you know what you did, so you don't do it again. 16. Learning to blend the notes: All right, So whatever do now is talking about blending by the notes now, So the essential oils have notes and your resource, as you will see that I put down the top notes, middle notes and bass notes, and I go into what they are. Quite surely now, all right. So when you're making a blend, they should contain a top note. A little note in a bass note. To balance these these notes out on, do you want to balance them out at a rate of three drops for a top note? 22 of a middle note on one drop for a bass note. Okay, so we're gonna look at this and a teacher about what these notes are because this is this give you a boat, your bouquet of your fragrance. So okay, your top notes and a lot of it You top notes tend to be so you're citrusy. They got a light fresh aroma on disses. The first when you put the say, the blend on the person's skin in a massage, for example, it's the first sent that you smell when you when you put it on. Okay, so that gives you that that first impression. You get that with of Citrus, of orange or lemon or whatever you've got in there Now this evaporates quickly. This goes pretty quickly. So I say, Bergamo, aromatic eucalyptus, this sort of thing. So this is that first when you smell that while you get that that I said that that goes within a few seconds to a minute or so. Now, your middle notes, this is what they call the middle. Much of the the balancing of the heart of the blend now and sort of bounces between the base and the top notes that it brings it all together. And these noting last for 2 to 4 hours on a good example that it's a lavender geranium s. So this is what you get next and the bass notes. Well, these last many hours, even days, Um and this isn't because the rock, the foundation of the blend and this is what you're smelling. The very end where you you get be, it'll be sandalwood. They seem to be gums and resins. This sort of thing as a picture is you got frankincense there. But surely the woods, these sorts of thing rose rosewood these sorts of things. So what you want to do is get a bounce it and teach all of this a bounce of the three notes . And I said that you get this incredible complexity, this a Roman. This is where the art and science come in. And so this is where just get all of these said they noticed, like a musical scale on. But this is what's known in perfumery as the bouquet. So I'll give you an example here. If let's say you wanted to do a massive someone's really stressed, So you're going to do an aromatherapy massage for them and let's say it to healthy adult. So you know you're going to put in a 2% dilution for healthy adult, of course. Right, So we need to use calming oils and we're getting it, so we need to get again. It's saying your resource is you can look at these, which he knows for all the notes written down, which wants a top. Which one's the middle's? Oh, by the way, you'll see there are some notes which will be between top and middle after the be in both columns so you can use it to your advantage. Actually, let's say that your head of fuel oils, but you didn't have a top note that you had a couple of middle notes. Well, that one that goes between top and middle, you could use that as your top note. So Okay, so we want to remember announced 30 mils to 2012 drops to make a 2% solution. A delusion. So Bergamo, wonderfully calming. That's a top note. So you do six drops for troops in solution to 30 million lavender again, beautifully calming Kemah. We could've also have used as well. That's a middle note as well. Four drops of that. So there's six boards 10 and then you go to use your too, because remember, we're using that break down 3 to 1 your bass note. You could use sandalwood, patchouli, frankincense, and this also comes into which I'm going to get into further down the track as well as when you're asking. Your clients say you see incline in your spire treatment room, whatever, because some people might like you. I love lavender, but someone else might not like it. So this is what, As I said, I'll get into this as we get further down the track asking people, Do you have any versions to certain particular essential oils that you don't like any particular favorite? And then you can head that in your write that down your notes sale going to touch on. So then you go Are they really love Can, um, a really loved rose geranium. So you want to add those? As long as they're they're still in with your therapy. Could you put a stimulating one in if you're trying to come them even though that they like that one? So, uh, have a look through that. So you see this, these your notes, and we're gonna now work on how we're going to use these a much deeper level more therapeutically. 17. Essential oil safety and conversion rates: Now it's time to have a look, a dilution rates and what you need to know about it, because it is vitally important that you dilute your essential oils and don't put them on neat. And you make sure you know the dilution rates will go throughout this through this throughout the course on the specific dilution rates specific purposes. Now, first of all, let's just talk about contraindications. If you are pregnant, you suffer from epilepsy asper on it on any sort of specific medications. Or, if you have any doubts about any condition that you may have seek out of qualified aroma therapist. Um, because it's really important that you you know, if you're unsure that you find out a safe from someone qualified eso that you know for sure . OK, so let's walk some general guidelines here. No essential oils. EOS You can see that short for essential oils should be diluted in a carrier oil, and we'll go through carrier oils and the choice The truth that the options you make with the carrier oils for whatever therapeutic reasons, but that it should be diluted generally between one and 5%. Your essential oils are gonna be 125% and I'm gonna go through this with you now. Skin care formulas around about 1 to 3% message formulas around about 2% maybe 3%. And Children were chronically ill people, elderly people, pregnant women and their pregnant 1% or less. And again, we'll go through this throughout the course in more detail. Okay, so let's just have a look at dilutions now. A T spill of the 1st 1 drop. So we talked about the percentages. So one drop into one teaspoon full of carrier oil, so one drop of essential oil into one teaspoon. Now a teaspoon is roughly about. Now. These there are no, um, not exactly 100. What happens is with essential oils, there might be different. Different viscosity ease. The dropper might have a slightly different hole, a slightly larger or smaller hole, but he's a pretty but sort of rough estimate, so a teaspoon around about 100 drops. So let's say about 100 drops off sweet almond oil in your teaspoon. You put one drop of, say, lavender or whatever essential oil that will give you one into 101% dilution right. And likewise, if you put two drops into that same teaspoon, then you'd have a 2% 3 drops, 3% and so on and so forth. Okay, So you got that right. No. Um, so you've got 30 mils of carrier oil. Okay, that is equivalent to one ounce were those your imperial, and that is equivalent to 600 drops. So a 30 mil bottle is equivalent to one ounce, and that is equivalent to 600 drops. So for a 1% solution, he was simply add six drops of essential oil to your 30 mills. One ounce of your carry oil right there to give you 1% solution. You want to make it 2% you double up, you put in 12 drops, and as we go through blending, and that sort of thing will work this out a swell. So I ain't drops for 3% and so on and so forth. Okay, you got that? All right. Now, 5 to 6 drops of essential oil. 2 30 mills. Which is it out? It was 1%. And as the city before this is recommended for Children, pregnant women, and of course, you're gonna make sure the game will go through, Of course, that those oils are safe for a pregnant woman. For Children, etcetera, etcetera. So 1% or less is recommended for Children. Pregnant women, the elderly, chronically ill people so healthy. Ignore healthy adults for general use a 2% solution. And this is where told about full body massage. That sort of thing and 3 to 5% solution is use for specific areas. So have a stronger solution. Let's say it's an ankle brain, something like that. All right now. So we're blending here for a 2% solution into a one ounce bottle. 30 meals. You would add six drops of your top note. Now go and go into this, but I just want to pop this in here now. Six drops of a top note, four drops of a middle note and two drops of a bass note. And now, if you could do 1% it would be three drops of a top No two drops of middle note on one of a base now, right? 321 OK, and then force should add to carry oil. So So this is where you started blending. We're going to use 3216 drops ever gonna double up four drops into dropped top middle and based No. Right. Okay, so just some quick conversions here. Now, one teaspoon, as I said to you, is 100 drops. Now that is equivalent to a six of announce, which is equivalent to five mills. And you see that little bottle of Rose there, The image there, that is rose essential oil. And that is a five mil bottle as worth around about $200. So you don't waste that, So OK, so five Mills six announced. It's a taste bone. 200 drops. All right now, three teaspoons. Now the reason I'm saying this is because when you were do doing blends with the carrier, it's good to know these equivalents. So let's say you wanted one tablespoon. Well, you know, that's equivalent to three teaspoons. Okay, so three teaspoons of cario. If you didn't have to spend, you could use one tablespoon okay and make it easier for you if you make it bigger. Mix no so three teaspoons equals one tablespoon. So 16 teaspoons it was two tablespoons correct, and that is equivalent to one ounce, which is equipment to for metric 30 mills, which is equivalent to 600 drops. And if you would add six drops of essential oil to this, you get a 1% solution, right? Six drops into 600 drugs. All right, I hope that's clear for you. Anyway, I'm gonna have it in your resource, is so you can have a look. 18. Making a stimulating blend: All right, So now let's have a look at stimulating essential oils. So if you're feeling down to go hang over or use when I feel uplifted you've got study to do our work to do and you want Oh, uh, we're gonna feel belief that these sorts of things so I could see here in your top notes you've got lots of the citrusy ones and they're beautiful was about to say, And you also got spicy Sichuanese as well as we look at as well. So really, really fantastic. Four. Diffuses the message all you want. Someone's let's say someone comes into your spire and you've got You wanna run down there stretch that sort of thing. So he is actually just an example, but it is a really nice floral blend. If you want to make an uplifting flora blend at 60 minutes, Millie's off a carrier oil, probably sweet Armand, and this is 2% dilution using Pamarot, PSA lavender and jasmine. That's that's really floral e. It's uplifting and beautiful. Of course, use 1% dilution if you need to. So that's just one example of a really nice floral blend. Now you could of course, if you want to make this into a room sprays we're gonna look at as well any of these. And that's just a nice example. So as the cities, you see what spices in there as well. So let's have a look at this is one of my favorite room sprays that you can use you. Now. This is a great gift. If you want to give you get get a nice bottle and, um and you could put this in and really nice coming up to Christmas time, that sort of thing. They just make the most wonderful gifts. So 120 mil spray bottle you're putting you just do a border. You've got a tablespoon for a multi fire, which is your witch hazel or your vodka. And it's got this lovely lemony top note. Now I've got 2% delusion. It doesn't have to be 2%. You know, this is the room spray, but against gives you a basic idea. So you got something to work on you could have caused put in 1% dilution, So just have the amount of drops here. And if you wanted a stronger sin, then you put more in. So, um but yes. Oh, this is grateful places, you know, if in the snow winter and that sort of thing because you've got this nice spiciness of cinnamon unites ginger base now is really warming oils and combines really well. Now, excuse me. You could have caught use oranges. Your top notice. Well, a Mandarin Any of these sorts of things because they just go so well together. These citizens with the cinnamon and ginger. Now, that's a room space. So what about a lovely hand lotion? So here you've got again. This is an absolutely super gift. You want to give something about something special that you've made yourself? Now, the easiest way to go and do this is get a lovely pump bottle. Now, I've just got a picture of Bluebeard. Um, so you want to get uncensored hand lotion? All right, whatever. That that is where you buy it. And then you simply add the essential or to this hand lotion. But it is absolutely wonderful. Get get the lotion out of the packaged but Luber term bottle, get into a nice bottle. And they're just the most gorgeous gifts. So you give someone your hand of body lotion. Now, this is really nice, cos you see here the top note of orange and then there's lovely piles. Your middle note. Patchouli. Is this lovely bass note? So these do really well origin actually do beautifully together. So this against 2% delusion you could started at 1%. If you think that's enough, then keep it 1%. But this is this is just really lovely stimulating oils. You can use that same just just you'd never want to buy hand lotion again when they're so simple to make it doesn't say you don't have to go make the motion. You going by a simple natural unscented lotion at the essentials and away you go. 19. Making a soothing blend: Now let's take a look out how to make soothing and calming essential oil blends. So you know, let's say again, you've got a client in the spire and they're stressed and they want to just, you know, chill out. So then you could make a beautiful message oil to calm them down. Teoh, relieve anxiety and stress so you can just once again the same rules apply. You can. No, of course you. Because I'm talking about blending by the notes. But you could just make a 11 to name. You might have noticed that lavender is in both stimulating and soothing. It's it works both. It creates harmony. So lavenders, both stimulating and soothing. And so you will see some of these oils will cross over because they're balancing. So you think these anti stress that beautiful ones like oranges? Very, very nice to have you put this in the diffuser. Um and it said message oil, your bath salts, whatever you want to do. So you have your own calming blend is well, so bergamot so really lovely Oil for calming is very heartwarming. So again, you could just you might have certain favorite. So you you like I love sandalwood holding who doesn't most of the time. So you could put together something like, you know, some lovely geranium, a tsum, sandalwood and bergamot lifted up with some orange just whatever you like. And, of course, in the middle of the Roman camomile is an incredibly good one for calming. So these you have a look at Frank and sense, Of course. So these are very, very calming again. Just go back to the ones if you want to, as your guideline of which ones just again, just to give you a basis to go on a little bit of help to guide you off which groups of oils work better with others. Now I've been talking about you're putting into a carrier what you could could do if you just So you don't want to waste carry oil if you wanted to, Just unless they do three drops of a top note two of the middle on one of base and just have them in a little bottle and just smell them. And now, if you like it, you know, having to throw why you carry oil as well. If you don't like, I think I said so, Yeah. If you don't like it, you don't have to throw it away. So you just Yes, you won't be using those essential oils, But you know, rather than having it, fill them up so you might want to test that. First, just put them and then add them to the carrier. Or, if you like them, so yeah, this go back to the lecture where I show you how to do body lotions, handler assurances and the drops. And that's a simple, as as it can be. And Sofia message alot of diffuses room sprays, this sort of thing you want sued the incoming. You can choose from these oils and make yourself most gorgeous soothing blends to use around the house and on your body. 20. Lavenders amazing calming properties from studies done: Now I just want to talk a little bit about lavender. Lavender, as you know, is very, very calming. Now, science is actually catching up to what we know in the aromatherapy world as Levin to being such a calming, essential oil. Now they're just Some studies have just come out now what? They did some studies with some mice, a group of scientists. And they got the mice to smell 11 to stiffen Linda, and they found it really had a calming effect on the mice. And I think this is going through the olfactory system. Eso no, it's sniffing it, and that's what has a calming effect they think was absorbed into the bloodstream. But it's going through because of the sniffing it off. Factory system gets calm down, stimulated to come the system down. They also had a group of miles where they are. Factory systems were not functioning. Destroy him and they did not have the same calming effect. So the ones at the factory system was damaged did not have the same calming effect, so that Legendre that would yet sniffing this essential oil as we know it is very, very calming. They also another group Sinus didn't studies with horses, and they let open air horn. And they had horses sniffing lavender now, or their heart rates went up. But the ones that were sniffing lavender as against the control group that was it didn't sniff anything. Control, You know, there have one sister, London. Their heart rates went down a lot more quickly, and they were also showed it had much more comma behaviors than the other group of horses that weren't using 11 or so 11 for horses. 11 of mice. Lavender for us. So you want to calm yourself down a man? Oh, come already. 21. Blending for specific emotional states: All right. So let's have a look at how you can actually help more specifically want to really hone in their treatment? Um, then you can Actually, there are certain essential oils that are better for certain emotional states. Now, I will say this from the get go. You know, this is not a replacement for medication if you're depressed. If you said from suffering from panic attacks, so on and so forth, please see Dr Primary Care practitioner on this would be an junk therapy, but you shouldn't use it to replace therapy. So you do get medication if you on advice that you're not putting yourself at risk. Okay, So we talked about soothing, calming essential oils. We talked about stimulating ones, and now you could make you know, let's say we look at the 1st 1 here. Anger. So Bergamo is a fantastic oil. So petty grain or is it is a great for anger. Eso you blend This Roman camomile we talked about before is incredibly calming. So these says the things and get jasmine with virtually roads length. All of these, I could even put in sandalwood or there's a really, really specifically good for anger. So again you could put this in your diffuser. You can make yourself a lovely bath and just calm yourself down. But putting this with the carrier oil or make bath salts and so on and so forth. Um, the next one is we look at anxiety, worry, nervousness, these sort of nervous states. Then again, you got these oils here, which are particularly calming for these sorts of conditions. So if you're really anxious, you got something coming up, got a presentation to do that sort of thing. You could put him in your roller balls. You someone and so forth. You hand creams diffuses in the house. That's what think, Really? There's a lot of worry and stress and nervousness going on. Then These are great as well to look through those and make up your blend for what have you with the right delusions. Now these particular oils are really stimulating. So if you are fatigued, you're exhausted. You're just feeling overwhelmed. You know that. Overwhelmed like the world on top your shoulders. You just you know, you're just not coping. Then you can put it days A. So you see a lot of these Citrus keep coming up against Citrus really stimulating, really uplifting and beautifully refreshing. So you'll see that got lemons, orange, tangerine and mandarin. You do this and so these are great. Eucalyptus, of course, is very stimulating. On Bergamo again is a beautiful, essential oil basil. Very, very good, Very uplifting, very stimulating. And so you see the spices like cinnamon. Another Rino peppermint rose may very well known for being uplifting, stimulating. And then you got your base notes as well. So you work in your blends through their If now, let's say you want to get a message, you could make your own massage blend. Now you're going to a message therapist to receive the message. Why not make your own mess? I've been and ask them. Would they mind using that on you? So OK, so then we've got grief, loneliness, helping helplessness. These sorts of things were again not coping. And again, I tell you, place a medical help you need to em, but you could use is again as peppermint at foot Ross stammering foot rub so you can use it again. You just Citrus is their camel. Lavender again is very good. As I said, before for uplifting, but also for soothing as well. So you got a great range there. You can really get more specific. If these is an emotional states, you or the person is, um yeah. Experiencing? No. Okay, so let's say you need to study. You gotta concentrate you. Maybe you're gonna do a play. You've got an exam. Oh, you're just trying to remember my course. Then you can use these now. Basil, When I studied massage, there were people always had little tissues with basil on them. Pittman again, very stimulating the mind lemon orange again because they're coming. But they're also uplifting and stimulating. So again, if you're specifically and let's say you're stressed about it, you can't remember that. Then orange is gonna be another good one to do. Rose me course very stimulating. So you can see that you can make these. And just to sit Ahonen a little more on the specific. Not just saying there's a soothing isn't yours, but these are more specific to really hone it in 22. Pain relief blends: All right, So this section, we're gonna look at pain relieving oils, essential oils. Now, this is going to be something that you're probably going toe use a lot off because, of course, a lot of us, whether it's your clients over that yourself, have pain. So it's important that you know these now I do want to see Syria got here. No need to differentiate. The reason I have said this is because I think you see this, uh, older time. There'll be books are on the Internet and people like talk about pain relieving oils for sy Attica and then different ones for bursitis and then different minds for whiplash. Different ones for neck pain, back pain. I mean, you name it. I think that there is no reason to get so bogged down and complicated everything you know and have, like, you've got your different ones for elbow pain. Then you have for your knee, Penny. You see this all the time, so you don't need tohave, in my opinion, different message oils for, say, Attica. And then a different blend for neck pain. I think I think that's just that's over the top in my I just my little two cents worth there. But so it keeps this Ah, whole lot simpler for you. So and you can see. You know, by the way, through the course, I'm generally just using three oils your top one oil for top note one off a midnight one off a bass Note to keep it simple when you first out your blending. Now, by all means, you can use, you know, five different essential oils. Aziz, long as you keep your percentage is the same. So you're 321 percentages. So let's say you wanted to. But when I settle the pain relieving ones here, let's say you wanted to put to top notes in and your blend was gonna be nine top notes. Six middle and three bass. Note keeping a 3 to 1 ratio or you've got nine drops. The top note. So, yes, you could put in, let's say, four of eucalyptus and five peppermint as long as you've got you know, roughly those same notes. Then you go to be fine with it. So, as I say you go through these different essential oil, see which ones you have. You can use more than three. But I do suggest that you keep it three, as you start off with, but yeah, these are very powerful. And again, you use them in bombs, whatever you want to do. Bath salts, bombs, massage oils, whatever you want to make for your pain relieving blends. 23. Antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and antiseptic oils: all right, So let's have a look at anti bacterials, anti fungal onda septic, this sort of thing because one of the problems when it comes to attention oils is, let's say you want to make some creating cleaning products or you want to make an anti fungal cream, and you really don't know. You know you've got an oil in the cupboard and central on the cover, but you don't really know. Is it anti fungal? It's an antiseptic is an antiviral. Is it all of those? So what I want to do is compile a list of that, so any resource is again just download them, and so then you'll have them on hand. So let's say you want to make an anti, um, an antiseptic cleaning product or you want to make an anti fungal cream for athletes foot. So you've got them here for you now. Of course, I've got them with the notes. Just because we've been working with the notes. You, by all means, you could just let's say you just want to use one like tea tree oil, which is incredibly good for fungal problems, that sort of thing. So now you don't have to use. You know, you're talking about middle bass night, but my knees, But what you can do I have got the notes if you want to do that. But so this is a really handy resource where you could just go, OK, I want to make an anti fungal cream. What have I got? My covered? Are this that and the other essential oils? Are they on the list? Yes, they are. Okay, so then where you go and you make whether it's a cleaning spray or what have you on anti fungal cream, as I say And what have you so download the and then it's a you got the on hand so you don't have to go and look up. You know, the oil you've got on the Internet, you don't have to g on enough. This is, you know, good for this or that. And so that way you've got this constant resource that you can go back to to use his safe for an antifungal antiviral, a cipher, creams, whatever you need 24. Warming and cooling oils: So let's look a warming and cooling oils. So let's say that maybe you've got sunburn and you want to make a nice spritzer and you won't have nice cooling oils. So lavender is fantastic for burns, as you may or may not know Pepperman again. Great, great cooling over. So let's say you want to have a nice calling. Let's say you make a nice spritzer. You have it in the fridge. You have lovely calling oils that are also really great for a safe for hot rash or boon, that sort of thing, or just to cool you down, for that matter. And likewise, let's say you have some of that has rheumatoid arthritis, which is generally worse in cold weather. So beautiful warming oils. You could make a massage blend. Make a lovely hand cream with these lovely warming world. Or it's just you have cold hands and feet because it's winter where you are. So they have These two lists is a lovely cooling oils that you can use and also warning. Or so once again, you don't have to try and find out, you know it just warming oil. Is it calling oil again as I've said before you could blend the notes if you want to, or just use one of them but yet so lovely warming oils on beautiful cooling ours that you could just refer to in your notes and make your products like that. 25. The essential oil categories: Okay, now what? I teach you about the different aroma categories, so so essential. Oils are class in different categories. There's different sort of families of their types. So the reason this is important is because when you wanna blend certain oils, certain categories of oils will blend better with others. Now there are no again harden fast rules, but certain ones will blend better and the others. But so let's just have a look at the categories here, so you could just Citrus category. So I think orange, tangerine lemons, these sorts of things. Floral rose, jasmine, her basis. That's another category. Something Basil your herbs. Camp gracious. So you clipped a tree. Those sorts of things. Oriental, which is ginger? These sorts of things. There's a mint category peppermints, spicy category. So again, Thank you. Spices. Would he carry category and unearthly category? So let's just take a little look at these in a little bit more detail here. So you Citrus category so they see a line. Lemons, orange, tangerine, bergamot, grapefruit. These sort of things, as you would imagine being so citrusy, So florals. This is things like camomile rose. Nearly 11 there were they using the flowers off these for the essential oils. You're her basis category. Again. Think your herbs like I've got here. Basil, rosemary, marjoram alive. These types of herbs can precious. There is a koala bear eating their eucalyptus leaves. So can't think at camp for eucalyptus tea tree oil Now the Oriental patchouli ginger mint category. So you got your menses, spearmint, peppermint, that sort of thing. And despite a category So I think these olia spices you got new cupboards. So there's the oils from them. See, aniseed, your black pepper, your clothes And of course you would category I think you would. You pine should see the would you stand with and so on and so forth and finally got the earthy category So patchouli vetiver. But this is what you said. These you can. They categorize these on as they say. So let's have a look at which ones. Now again, I don't dampen your creativity. But when you start off, what we do is to give you a basic understanding of what works Well, So you're not just in the doubt going well, I wonder if this works or so the system God think of these as some guidelines that have been tried and tested and be found to combine Very well. So OK, so well, this one's very easy. Your Santa, Would you see the woods? These combined with all categories. Really, really well. So when you combining, you're gonna be great sandalwood. Then you combine all categories with those, so that's very simple. Now you're spicy category, so I think it black peppers your cinnamon, you close. These do really well with floor Also, Ondas Citrus oils as well and a lot of great blends like thieves Planet may have may or may not have heard of this got lots of spices in it and it and it lifts it up with the Citrus oils as well. So really nice combination with that Be a minty category. So your peppermint spearmint, These do really well with Citrus. If you think you know peppermints and lemons and oranges. And that sort of thing also again does really well with your woods and earthy and her basis oils as well. So be really, really delightful to have you use this thing you have to mince in Judea Basil's and your sandalwood really, really nice. And now finally. Oh, so if you've got oils in the same group, they do really well together. So think orange, lemon and grapefruit, for example. Eso you can combine them and they do really well. So they're in the same category that will do really well together as well. So So there's a little just a little bit of insight into what works well with which, within the sort of categories of the family, to the groups and every. Just remember, they do really well in the same group as well. Okay, so let's let's see have gonna start to put that into practice further down the track. 26. Your Essential oil essentials: Okay, so let's just have a look at what I call the essential essential oils, all right, with over 300 essential oils. Well, you could go out and buy them all, I guess, but it be a rather expensive exercise. So let's not do that. I will give you a great little bundle. What I call a basic kit of essential oils that you can use it have just incredible broad, ranging on wide ranging benefits. The 1st 1 Let's go straight to my land Tea tree. This has been used for centuries by the Aborigines. It's incredible. I grew up. This is from the tree of melaleuca tree, which is everywhere. And if you go to Australia, you will see tea tree products in everything from hair care to, uh, cleaning products and oh, sorts of things. And it is good for so many things. Tea tree oil is antiseptic. It's antibiotic. It's antiviral, any fungal, so you can use it for somebody from things that use it. For infections can data ringworm and, of course, fungal infections like athlete's foot. To continue that sort of thing, it could be used on cuts and grazes. It's absolutely unbelievable Onda again. It's a Senate stray. You will see this everywhere. You can use it to treat inset Azan insect repellent on now. By the way, we are going to get into all of this. I don't work. I will teach you how you confused these and how you can make insect repellent. Straight stings. And that's the thing. But I just want to give you a bit of an overview. Of course, you teach me products in Sermanni homemade cleaning products as well, because it kills off mold. It's unbelievable. So advocacy it treats acne is a fantastic treatment for acne. In fact, it's one of the most effective home ready remedies you can do for Actually, it was actually a study found that tea tree oil can be just as effective as benzoyl peroxide, with obviously without the negative side effects. All right. The other thing is for here. For dandruff, it's really, really nourishing as it cleaning. It is a great treatment for skin diseases such as psoriasis. It decreases the information and explore these sorts of things. A toenail fungus, what one of the hardest things to do with, and because of that, Excuse me, a tree oil as the ability to actually kill parasites and fungal infections. Like I told you, with athletes foot this sort of thing. So it's absolutely amazing when it comes to treating these sorts of things. Now, by the way, these are just a few of the things that these these essential oils are teaching you about because they do so many other things yet kills boat you could be use it and you could buy this Australia again T trio in deodorant because of his antimicrobial properties to destroy bacteria. So it's absolutely fantastic for you and of course, infections and cuts these sorts of things. It's absolutely brilliant, and I grew up using this all the time. All right, this is another one of my favorites, Lavender. I love of the aroma. The therapeutic benefits of lavender are unbelievable. I mean, really, it's been used for over 5000 years, and lavender I personally I burnt my hand cooking one not, and I happen to have some lavender essential oil on it killed my hand without scarring at all, and I picked up a hot ah pot by the hand was cast iron pot, and I had none of the burns that I would have had without using it. And this is what has been used for a lot. It's very calming, of course, as well. Yeah, you're held great burns and cuts and wounds. It's his great for stress. It's very, very, um, calming as well. It's great for skin, skin problems, headaches. It's just unbelievable. Now it's also has a antioxidant protection as well. Okay, we'll go into this a little bit further again. A lot of great studies have been done with this diabetes. Of course, it's been proven to be very, very helpful. Diabetics. Um, of course it improves your movie less stress that something, but also energizing as well. So it's been really there's been some fantastic studies. Actually, there was an evidence based study published by the International Journey of Psychiatry. It found that supplementing with 80 milligrams capsules of lavender, central, old alleviates, anxiety slipped Germans and depression. And then, of course, we know so adverse side affects and you know, like like you would if you have to use anti depressants, that sort of thing. Pharmaceuticals so get really, really fantastic. So this is lavender, and I love it, and we'll look at this in a lot more detail. Rosemary. I love cooking with Rosemary when I was studying acupuncture and massage. You know, I always say people coming in with their a little rosemary essential oils in exam time because it's really, really fantastic to hell with concentration of memory. Of course, it's a fantastic pain reliever. You would get rose me a lot of muscular lotions and balms as well. So it's really fantastic for that on hair growth. And you see it rose me. If you look around, there's always always, but you'll see these natural hair products with Roseman them. In fact, there was a ah study done that, um, when they used rose me of the scalp to stimulate hair growth, they've They've found that it was a 22.4% increase in new hair growth. This is a study that was done. All right, I I guess I should be using it. Tell you the truth, I'm not what might be fairly obvious. Okay, so let's move on there, Kevin Miles. You probably know camel from camomile tea. It is incredibly common, usually to sleep. It's also ah, naturally a natural allergy reliever. Really fantastic studies again have been done with this for helping things like the mucus congestion, irritations, swellings from Judah allergies and hay fever's these sorts of things that really, really fantastic. It also helps skin irritations, that sort of thing from if you have a food allergy or sensitivity to something PMS symptoms really, really great for this as well, of course, helps with sleep disorders. Insomnia. Um, it's fantastic for skin health because it was anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties. So it's great for things like wounds ulcers. Um, this is something bruises, that sort of thing. And, of course, it's a fantastic pain. Relievers Well, amongst many, many other things. Frankincense. Well, another fantastic, um, that this has to be in the list. Frankincense, as you probably know from the Bible. It's been around thousands of years, and, uh, it is a fantastic A stress reliever could be used in natural cleaning products, so it's great for skin and wrinkles because it has a stringent properties. It's a very, very good for tightening skin and slowing size of signs of aging, great for digestive, indigestion, stomach problems, gas, constipation, these sorts of things as well, really, really fantastic. And, ah, it's a fantastic thing for skin problems such as, um, wound healing and things where you might have blemishes from acne and stretch marks. That sort of thing really, really brilliant with this. It's also a natural cold and flu medicine, and, uh, it's been used for centuries to help with coughs and colds flam this sort of thing and again we'll go into this in more detail. And, of course, it helps with pain and inflammation. Really, really fantastic as well. Must be in your basic kit pigment. I'm sure you know peppermint from toothpaste, and it's very coolants in a lot of pain. Relieving lotions on bombs and these sort of things you feel on your skin is very cooling at the same time. In winter. It's very warming as well. It's incredibly good for stomach problems. Digestive issues. Of course, it's freshens breath. Halitosis is called great. One of the best things. You can do it for headaches. Concentration has had muscle pain relief. It is really, really brilliant and again has to be in this. But the basic kick it cardamom. I love to cook with Carmen. Absolutely fantastic. Uh, the actual condiment see they used for bad breath in India have been using this for centuries. It's fantastic for this. It's also very energizing. Anti bacterial, anti fungal. Um, it's been used for digestive problems, stomach and abdominal cramps. Crone's disease, i B s as say, it's any bacteria, any fungal and, jeez, IQ. It's anti inflammatory, but this is another one is absolutely fantastic. It's also very stimulating. So if you're tired, Carmen's very, very stimulating on both in mind and also on your body. Geranium. I love uranium go in the garden. Here. Geranium is such a beautiful, sweet smelling oil, and it really will lift your mood. And and if you take, it's fantastic. Fantastic oil. Um, it's great for to say, because of that is great for stress. Depression, um, it balances hormones, relieves stress, leave depression, decreases inflammation and on and on. Ago, as the states, it had astringent qualities, so it reduces wrinkles. So it's a very, very good thing for us. A facial lotion, um, great few muscles to because of the stranger restriction qualities as well. So really, really fantastic for that, it's great for healing, so this is really great oil for cuts and injuries. Infections. It's a great deodorant because of its sweet smell, and, of course, is very, very good for nerve pain and has been used and studied a lot with things like like I've had singles Really brilliant essential oil for this as well. Okay, time one another one of my favorite oils. This is a fantastic essential. Oil has been used for thousands of years as well and has enormous benefits. It's any bacterial, anti fungal. Um, it's great for sore throat, and it's actually time. Oil is one of the strongest natural antimicrobials eso. It's a fantastic method Do for to relieve sore throats. Um, course it's great for lowering blood pressure and all sort of coughs bronchitis, And it's actually been used to preventing food poisoning and times that the ability not only to prevent food contamination, but can actually decontaminate foods that are actually being contaminated. And I've actually done studies and found that the essential oil with time can actually decontaminate lettuce inoculated with shigella, which is an infectious organism, because diarrhea and so it actually ah, took that By using this, just 1% of the oil actually removed the shigella down to the point that they could not detected anymore. So it's a fence that none of the time fuck taste meant, as it was a great thing for that. So keep that in mind as well. Lemon. Now lemon is very cleansing because of some. Sure, you've seen it. No, these different products for cleaning products, but also very cleansing for the body as well. For lymph drainage, it's energizing. My mother used to run a play. Tennis should always put because it quenches thirst. It's great for skin. It's great as a bug repellent. It had something. It's an antimicrobial. It has so many great things lemon that you can do if you use a laundry. If you've got smelly clothes, you can use it to just freshman year. If they get damp in there, beating the washing machine for too long. It's very, very good for that is great for cellulite, and I could go on and on. It's just a fantastic, essential oil as well. Okay, back to Australia. Eucalyptus Ready Arte. So eucalyptus is fantastic primarily for respiratory tract infections. It's antiseptic. It's an antibiotic. It's antiviral. It's an animal. Jesus, essential. It's anti inflammatory, a diuretic and even has deodorizing properties. Do I need to say anymore? Actually, it's comes from the Tasmanian Blue. Gum has been used by the, um, Aboriginals for centuries, and so this is really very common. If you go into Australia, you'll see this in products all over the place. It's great for colds and flu's. It's stimulating. Fantastic was a cleaner at home and, uh, Sinus allergies. Removing odors, cuts, abrasions, bites, stings. It's a fantastic repellent and great for treat treating wounds. I mean the benefit. Just go on and on and on. So okay, so let's let's now getting that so that that is your basic kit. And so let's see how we gonna start to use them. 27. What are carrier oils: Let's have a look at carrier oils and this is the oils we're going to use, especially for, say, massage, reflexology, this sort of thing, the oils that you're going to use that we're gonna do, dilute the essential oils into. Of course, you can use Allah, Vera gels and creams and that sort of thing which are going to run. So what, actually, is carry oil? So when we talk about Carrie, always say like doing it. Massage things like sweet Armand Oil, April Colonel Ricardo Oil. So these sorts of things. So the jury made from nuts or seeds or colonels like you're a pickup hemp seed, this sort of thing hazelnut, And that these all of these have incredible therapeutic properties in their own right on each of the defer, some are better for some things. Others are better for other things. Like certain oils. We're gonna learn about better for skin condition. So if someone has X mercer rises that something, you can use something. Carrie always have better properties for sensitive skin and that sort of thing. They're full of fatty acids, vitamins, minerals packed full of nutrients than they are really fantastic. Now they produced mainly by cold, pressing or maceration. You don't wanna have them produced, but with heat. This this is not good for the oil and donate to the oil, so you want to have it. It look for this pure, unrefined, cold pressed just like you have your olive oil. You want to make sure your olive oil if you're cooking and that sort of thing is cold press . Okay, so no hate involved it all. It is simply just They pressed these things with no hint involved to get the oil out of them. We used to delude Essential Oh yes, exactly now. So when it comes to mess sides, there's suit carrier oils, which are really good for message. Now. There are lots of other oils that you could use, but I just want to go through a couple of the more popular ones. Now. Sweet Amador is most definitely the most popular oil for massage on. I'll go into the specific properties of each oil as we go along in this lecture. But sweet Amador really fantastic Hemp seed is incredible oil, which you can use with carrier oil, which I'll go into it well and fractionated coconut and explain what that is. If you don't know, these are really, really good for massage and reflexology these sorts of things when it comes to facial skin care. So let's make so you're making you stepped cream for the face for examples on nourishing cream. These are really great as well as you're about to learn. Apricot kernel rose hip So you've heard of these. Hazelnut is also very, very good. When it comes to skin disorders, think dry skin, flaky skin irritated, inflamed Xmas, psoriasis, dermatitis, teachers think avocado evening primrose Herber grapes it or really, really fabulous when it comes to this. So when you're buying, or just like with your essential oils, you want to make sure that you prolong their shelf life so again, you want to keep them away from lot. You want to keep away from hate, so you want to put them in a cool, dark area. You can put them in. The refrigerator is well, if you wanted to. If you got space for that, they might go a little cloudy. But don't worry about that, because what you take them out they get back to room temperature, But it doesn't do you do anything any harm Theo Oils as well. But if you don't have a space in the refrigerator, just a cool, dark area will suffice. No problems at all. So let's look at the specific oils and their qualities. So when it comes to message, sweet almond oil now is that this is great for all skin types. Some of the dryness information itchiness, xmas, psoriasis. Now it's great for the fact that it's very moisturizing, but it absorbs quickly, so it's not greasy. Is nothing worse than feeling greasy in a message? This is a great oil for its absorption. Eso the person doesn't, you know, leave feeling like that being dipped in oil. Really nice, Richard Fatty acids, proteins, Vitamin D. This really is so you go to when it comes to message. Now, as you find out for in the lecture, you can use us Sweet Amador and still ed other types of oils in the carrier to give different qualities to that oil. All right, so let's have a look. A hemp seed oil. This is one of the most nourishing oils you can find. It is absolutely pet with fatty acids. Linda leg acid on a little little assets. Camel. It s omega six. Paramedic As hysterical as a leg acid. This is a great oil for age related resort disorders. So rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis information. It's great for here healthy nails and for the skin. So this you could mix in said it a 10 to 20% dilution with your sweet almond oil or any other carrier oils rather using that 100% okay, fractionated coconut oil. Now this differs from normal coconut oil in the fact that its molecular structure has been altered and so it will keep as a liquid. At room temperature doesn't hardened like normal coconut milk. It doesn't go rancid, and it doesn't smell real. Coconut E. So it's a really, really fantastic oil to use for massage, absorbs well moisturizers and cause cocoa fantastic for skin conditions. So this is a really nice one, and it will protect your sheets and your towels in the fact that you know, because you don't want unless you have a lot of hot water. Lots of So it's hard to get, say, normal coconut oil out, and then you 10 towns or start to smell, become rancid, Mr Think so, This freshman out of you know really, really fantastic If a massage as well now I forgot. You know, oil. This is another really terrific oil. Fabulous for skin. It absorbs well. Moisturizers got vitamin A B a really, really good for facial. So I think facial creams, that sort of thing. It is great for sensitive skin. And you could cause, Like I say, if you're doing a massage, someone's got sensitive skin and I got some dry skin, flaky skin, this sort of thing. You could add this to your massage, but yet this is a really, really fantastic think of this for for skin conditions and really, really nourishing. Now Rosie boiled. This is again one of those anti aging, fabulous, very, very popular oils. Great for wrinkles. Think Think you took an anti aging blend. So wrinkles it helps with scars, regenerates cells. It is brilliant for calming down skin problems as well. So if you would, so you want to give something like an anti aging mixed than this? This blend This would be absolutely go to use them in this in there as well. Hazelnut oil, Another really good oil for skin types. Now this is turning Anton. If I ng, it's in a stringent so again think anti aging eso great for facial wrinkles. So it turns out that sets in a stringent so really, really good. So you use this for your facial cribs and again Oh God, you as we go along. But I give you a broad outline of some of these avocado oil packed full of vitamins. Vitamins a B one B two D three. Again, it's got feting s so another really good one for anti aging. So one of these things you again mixing with your plans for facial creams. Evening primrose. Another very well. No. One again. Terrific for skin moisturizing again, anti aging so you could blend these carrier oils together with your essential oils for saying and anti aging helping with wrinkles this sort of thing really, really terrific. Hug oil. This one is really good for any problems. Skin eso think acne unclogged Pause. Probably the best carrier oil for acne. Great for calming inflammatory skin conditions such as psoriasis and ex MMA. Terrific for your hair. Now it's as he often rich, So this is a terrific, terrific oil first for skin problems again, especially acne. So you just terrific grapeseed oil. This is great for all skin types. Now it's also tones and tonic fires. So with astringent properties, another great one for, say, anti aging wrinkles, this sort of thing. So this just gives you a broad overview of the certain carrier oils hand look after them and we'll go into this in more detail. But just so you know, a good idea if you didn't have already have certain qualities of different carrier oils, there are lots of all carrier oils out there, but I just want to get some of the most popular ones for you. 28. Congratulations!: And there we have it. That is the course. I sincerely hope you enjoyed my course. A little bit of fireworks going on there. So you have completed the course Now again, I sincerely thank you for watching my course to completion, If you haven't already, I would love it if you would write a review for my course. It's important. As an instructor, we get reviews again. Thank you so much. And I hope that you enjoyed my course.