Aromatherapy-Using Essential Oils For Your Children | Mark Perren-Jones | Skillshare

Aromatherapy-Using Essential Oils For Your Children

Mark Perren-Jones, Best-Selling Instructor, 100K Students

Aromatherapy-Using Essential Oils For Your Children

Mark Perren-Jones, Best-Selling Instructor, 100K Students

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85 Lessons (4h 22m)
    • 1. Welcome!

    • 2. Some important information before we get started.

    • 3. Let's get you in the right frame of mind first!

    • 4. What this section covers

    • 5. Knowing the grade of your essential oils-are they therapeutic or not?

    • 6. Why Do Certain Plants Have Essential Oils?

    • 7. A 2 minute history lesson on essential oils and aromatherapy.

    • 8. When is an essential oil not an essential oil?

    • 9. Why essential oils have such huge variations in cost.

    • 10. Buying your essential oils

    • 11. Storing your essential oils and their shelf life

    • 12. This is important when buying citrus essential oils

    • 13. So how do they adulterate essential oils?

    • 14. So how do they test essential oils for purity?

    • 15. Results from the adulterated essential oil test

    • 16. The unsung heroes of the aromatherapy world-carrier oils.

    • 17. A Closer look at carrier oils and their qualities.

    • 18. What are the best routes of absorption for the condition you are treating?

    • 19. Diffusing and which diffusers I prefer and why

    • 20. Personal inhalers

    • 21. Smelling salts, a great way to inhale your essential oil blends!

    • 22. The Steam Method is fantastic! It is really beneficial.

    • 23. Roller balls

    • 24. The Fabulous Shower Method!

    • 25. Bath time

    • 26. Shower Hearts

    • 27. Making balms

    • 28. How to use aromatherapy with babies.

    • 29. Sweet Dreams Blend for Babies

    • 30. Aloe Vera Hydrosol for your babies skin

    • 31. To summarize...

    • 32. Ok, just a reminder on how to apply everything to maximal therapeutic effect

    • 33. Irritation and Sensitization

    • 34. A word about essential oil safety and phototoxicity

    • 35. Dilution rates for children from 2 years and up

    • 36. Personal Inhaler for Anxiety/Nervousness/First day back to school etc

    • 37. How to improve focus and concentration by doing these steps.

    • 38. Aloe Hand Cleanser

    • 39. A word about water based products on the skin and solubol

    • 40. Sunburn

    • 41. What to do for scrapes, minor cuts and grazes.

    • 42. Bumps and bruises oil

    • 43. Immune boosting oils and blends

    • 44. Nausea

    • 45. Sinus Infections

    • 46. Colds and flus

    • 47. Allergies

    • 48. Headaches

    • 49. Stomach pains

    • 50. Sweet dreams blend

    • 51. A word about eucalyptus and peppermint safety with children

    • 52. Mosquito Repellents

    • 53. Green Cleaning.

    • 54. Hydrogen peroxide and it's many incredible uses.

    • 55. A closer look at vinegar

    • 56. So what actually is Castile soap and why should you start using it?

    • 57. A closer look at baking soda

    • 58. All Purpose Cleaning Spray

    • 59. Super powerful Scrubbing paste

    • 60. Cleaning and sanitizing your cutting boards

    • 61. The easiest ways to sanitize your house chemically free

    • 62. Shower head 1

    • 63. Making a fabulous all natural citrus sanitizer

    • 64. Mold remover

    • 65. Fabulous Foaming Hand Soap

    • 66. Microfiber cloths

    • 67. Trash 1

    • 68. Welcome to the section

    • 69. Bergamot

    • 70. Cedarwood

    • 71. Black spruce

    • 72. Blue tansy

    • 73. Lavender

    • 74. Geranium

    • 75. German chamomile

    • 76. Spearmint

    • 77. Tea tree

    • 78. Vetiver

    • 79. Patchouli

    • 80. Ginger

    • 81. Helichrysum

    • 82. Juniper

    • 83. Lemon

    • 84. Roman chamomile

    • 85. Congratulation

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About This Class

A complete course on how to use aromatherapy essential oils to treat children and babies emotionally and physically

In this aromatherapy essential oils course for your children, you will learn how you can treat your children and babies safely with  therapeutic aromatherapy essential oils.

Know which are the best aromatherapy essential oils to help them sleep, to treat allergies, which oils to use at the first sign of a cold or flu and which are the best methods to apply your aromatherapy essential oils so that they will be most effective.

Make beautiful aromatherapy blends to diffuse in the house to help them study or make them a personal aromatherapy inhaler that they can take to school to help them remain more focused.

Learn how to make a cooling soothing essential oil body spray for sunburn, how to treat scrapes and grazes, muscle aches all by using all natural aromatherapy essential oils!

Learn how to reduce the toxic chemicals in your house even further by learning how to make all natural non-toxic cleaning products using aromatherapy essential oils so that you and your entire family will not be living in such a toxic and chemical cleaned household every day.

This aromatherapy essential oils course is not just for the health of your babies and children, it is for you as well. Everything that is taught in this course can be applied to adults as well.

Learn how that much better it is to be decreasing your dependence on chemicals and living a much healthier, happier, less toxic lifestyle today!

Wouldn't it be great for your children to grown up learning a much healthier way of living that is not only going to benefit them, but they will also then be able to grow up knowing how powerful and effective aromatherapy essential oils are for our lives and our environment.

Make the decision today to give your children and yourself a healthier and happier approach to living!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mark Perren-Jones

Best-Selling Instructor, 100K Students


Hello, I'm Mark.

Mark Perren-Jones is a bestselling massage course and pain relief, instructor.

He is also the owner of the award-winning Isla Verde Spa, a highly regarded massage therapist, acupuncturist and Pain Specialist and his youtube channel has well over 2 million views. He has more than 25 years experience in the massage and acupuncture field and has worked in spas and clinics throughout the world. He has massaged Presidents and their families, Olympic athletes, professional sports people and celebrities around the world.

Mark's spa earned an incredible 100 out of 100 5 Star Reviews on Tripadvisor! ( 100% 5 STARS). In just 6 months after the Isla Verde Spa opened, it became the No.1 Ranked spa in his highly competitive. It was also ... See full profile

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1. Welcome!: Hi. My name's Mike Judge and a welcome to my cause. I can't wait to teach you how to use essential oils for your babies and your Children. And not only that for yourself as well. This course encompasses everything you need to know to safely and therapeutically trick babies, Children and your entire family yourself included. I'm going to show you we're gonna start up for the basics. If you don't know much about a central, I show you how to store them, what to look for, for buying all these sorts of things and safety issues as well. So as a city, it's gonna be therapeutic and safe. You'll learn all about the dilution levels that correct and safe is always on the side of caution. I'm gonna teach you how to treat specific Ireland. But physical Amos and also sort of emotional problems. Maybe your child is having trouble sleeping or they get the first day of school how to make a beautiful little personal inhaler to make make the night and calm when they get nervous, going to school or in the school yard or anything you like. I'm gonna show you that how to make little roller bottles. Now, you don't have to buy this, but they're really cool. So you can have these poor sunburn sprays all these sorts of things you're gonna learn so that you could start removing more of the chemicals out of your life and start using essentials the therapeutic benefits of essential oils. Now, I'm also gonna show how to make your own chemical free cleaning products for your house because no good, just using essentials in a diffuser and then clean your house with all these chemical products. Let's use essential oils and there appeared benefits. So you've got a much better natural, non toxic household for you and your Children and your pits, and it's so much better for the environment, I said, I'm so excited to teach this, So we're going to get started. So let me go through everything on Let's get moving 2. Some important information before we get started.: Okay, So let me teach you how we're going to structure the course. Well, how? I have structured the course now. First and foremost, I want to teach you how to be therapeutic with essential oils safely on bond. I will be going through this away through the course. How we're going to do this is safely We're going to be cautious. It's always which would do in any aromatherapy course anyway, which is what I teach. But of course, when we starting with babies, you'll notice that I'm always very on the short side of caution, with dilution levels keeping them low. But they're still gonna be therapeutic at the same time. Now, if your child has certain medical issues chemical sensitivities, certain health disorders and you're not sure, then place, place, place. Go see a qualified clinical aroma therapist. We pediatrician or doctor? If you're in doubt of any sort of illness a child might have, then please. Absolutely. Go on, get the check. I don't know your child s o I condition. So please always be cautious, Which is what I've been doing in this course as well. Now download the pdf files. You've got a whole heap of safety notes. I want you to read those. I'll be going through more of these things that I have in the notes throughout the course on. Also, I've got a huge list off child safe, essential oils and a lot more about the qualities in the therapeutic properties that you can download and have a look at Safeco. Oh, I've got this oil. I wonder what and more about that oil if you want to learn more about it. All right, so we're going to stop the course off and through the first section. I'm going to talk about the basics because with any aromatherapy cause, like, if you're completely new to it, I want to teach you You know what to look for when buying essential oils, adulteration, safety issues, all that sort of thing. Had a store them properly the basic of essential oils. Okay, now, if this is not your first around there because and you know what you're doing, you can skip the entire section. But please understand. I have to put that in there so that people that don't know anything about them Well, by the end of that section, right? Said there were going to start. I'm gonna start talking about what are the best ways to apply essential oils. So whether that's through inhalation, when is the best time to use inhalation with your Children or when to use topically or when to use both, using both topical application and inhalation. So we're gonna get the best therapeutic effect by using the best method of application, what condition it gets treated the best through inhalation. And then I'm gonna show you lots of different ways to do inhalation all these fantastic things that your kids can take to school. They can do it when they're studying. It can help with nervousness, agitation. Or if they've got problems with concentration, I'll show great ways you can help them to help them in any study and that sort of thing what, this sleeping and that sort of thing. So we're gonna go through all of that. We're gonna look at a fertile treating babies and how we do that safely when it comes to treating babies, which is up to the age of two. Okay, then we go and look at dilution devils for 2 to 6 and up to 66 above. And I'll tell you all about that. And I had a cup that head treat their cuts and grazes. They're scrapes, Sunbird and always their thing now, because I have made for you, is simple in the fact that my other aromatherapy essential oils course teaches all about making products, beauty products, bombs, lip glosses. This is not that course. This course is about how you as a parent can apply these easily. We're busy. We're parents. All right, so I wanted to make it really simple, but effective, right? So if you wanted to go, if you got my other course and you wanted to make a lip, make a way, we want to make a special served with bottles and that something, by all means, I do teach you how to make a simple bomb in this course, but it's really about carrier oils or Lovera or hydro souls using essentials for quick and easy. If it because the easier it is, the better it's gonna be for you to do it right now, I'm also gonna teach you not only had a trick, certain ailment, emotional conditions, but also I'm gonna teach you how to make their old brand new recipes had simply at easily change all the chemical cleaning products in your house so that you're now cleaning your chemical free using essential lows because it makes no sense to be using essential oils, diffusing do, doing all the right things. And then your whole house is gonna be laden with toxic chemicals on your floor and your training process windows. So we're going to help your Children and yourself on having a much better chemical free environment through your house. So a centralized not only inhalation topically when needed, and also in the house as well. All right, so then in the final section, I talk about the different essential oils in more detail. So if you've got 11 do If you got Clary Sage, you've got these words, and you want to know more about them like a summary of inch of them that I've got them for you as well. All right, so lots to go through. I'm really, really looking forward. Thank you so much for find this course because I want to show you all you need to know what it captured trading your Children with these beautiful essential oils 3. Let's get you in the right frame of mind first!: all right, so I need to heavy in the right frame of mind. So been around there because we should get some aromatherapy happening that diffusing some essential oils on. So if you're looking a note, I've now, but your resource is it's about concentration of focus. I've given you the central or is that a really fantastic to hell with attention concentration, focus, memory. So again, kids safe so you don't have to worry, and so have a look at those You could put one. So in a diffuser, you seem a little diffuser here in a diffuser. If you don't already know, you could put it. There's no hard and fast rules, but if you got a big space, maybe 10 10 or 12 essential oil drops smaller space. You do five. Some oil, a more powerful in a Roman than others said Just play with give you a couple of blends also , so one of the blend is for uplifting. So let's say you're a little bit flat then. OK, you can use the blend that I've got, which is four drops a great food for drops of line four drops of black pepper, and you put those in. And that's really stimulating. Uplifting. If you need that, if you don't have all of those, don't worry. Excuse me. You could use to We could just use one that you've got. And I gotta listen about a dozen oils as you see other ones. A calming like vetiver and cedarwood. So maybe in 11 maybe. God, Well, you know about a hard day's work. A bit frazzled, a bookmark course, But I don't do any more stimulation. Onedio come things down so I could get focused. And then you could do those as well. Now, remember, if you don't know the qualities of the sentinels, you've got that big, safe, essential oils Pdf that I gave you so you could down like that. And then you go, eh? So what does this? So I will do that. I've got yesterday How easy it is. All right, I'm ready. Are you 4. What this section covers: okay. In this section, I'm going to go through the basics of buying essential oils. How to store them properly. How they produce have that astute absolutes. Central oil purity, looking at labels had a test when that being adulterated, what it's important to look for when you're buying essentials of Citrus, statistical, Citrus, essential oils, and so on and so forth. So if you already know this, then you can go into the next section. This section is actually the same as a section of my aromatherapy oils using essential oils . Course, if you have no idea what GC mess testing is if you have no idea what adulterated central oils are, if you don't know what the importance of buying certain Citrus oils and what to look for with Citrus oils, if you don't know what botanical name time, if you have no idea what I'm rambling on about, then you probably better watch this section 5. Knowing the grade of your essential oils-are they therapeutic or not?: now, as this is in aromatherapy course, and we're all about a sentinels. You want to be using 100% pure, unadulterated, essential oils. Very high quality. Correct, Right? Of course you do. You don't have adulterated sentinels, and I'm gonna explain how they adulterated and explain what to look for when buying them. But first of all, I want to get into the world of therapeutic essentials. Therapeutic grade essential oils. Now. But I got a bit of a conundrum. I gotta tell you, I'm in a bit of a bond. Could be a bit of a pickle. I've got a problem. You say This one says, certified pure therapeutic grade. Certify pure therapeutic. Right. All right. Now this one says they're reputed Great. All right, This one, it doesn't say anything, So I want you to go and check your century oils. See, because this is really important because you want to be using the best essential oils you can, So I want you to go and see for central say something like therapeutic grade. Maybe they say, certified pure therapeutic grade, maybe safe food grade, something like that. But go and have a look and see what it says on the bottle. All right. Okay. Bullshit type and company. Okay, so you got your central's. So what is better certified? Pure their acuity? Great therapeutic grade or just something? Doesn't say anything. No. Great. Well, me to tell you, none of them make a lick of difference. All right. There is no therapeutic. Great. I'll repeat that there is no therapeutic grade. There is no certified pure beauty grade. Now, listen. That's a multi level marketing company that sells essential oils that call. There's certified pure therapeutic Right now. Steady on there, Tiger. I didn't say they weren't good quality oils. I'm just saying there's no one certifying them. There is no independent body FBI on doing it. No one's out. The guy checking the oil and saying, Well, you can put therapeutic right on here because that their beauty cried that much better than just 100% pure center oils when 100% pure. That's what they are. 100% pure essential oils which are therapeutic, right? And they're adulterated, essential oils. And there are higher quality essentials. Or but there is no don't fall for several goes Oh yeah, my sentinels you should buy this because it's therapeutic grade, All right? No, you should him. Who said Find the therapeutic grade Now How this all came about was back in the nineties. A multi level marketing company had breathed an idea and is a breed idea. Some smart fellow or woman? Not sure. WAAS. When let's put therapeutic grade, why would you if our mothers looking to counter that's gonna have lavender? 11. Therapeutic, right? Lavenda? Well, I'm running to buy that I but it's nothing more than a marketing term. There's a marketing idea, and it's still to this day, all right, so point is, someone comes up to you. Try to send them because that there appear to get now, remember, I'm not saying if it says therapeutic trade, that they're not great. If it says 35 certified pure, they're perfect. I'm not saying they're not great essential oils. You got it. I'm not saying that they're not great. I'm just saying there isn't any certified pure therapeutic calls. In fact, that therapeutical that period 100% pure essential oil. If you're about to see in the case in the course percent pure therapeutic grade, it's actually fake, and it costs me $3. So you're about to learn If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is a $3 essential oil you're just not gonna get. So what else don't you know? All right. So you got your sentinel eyes. Maybe the therapeutic, right? Maybe there. No. Maybe it doesn't matter. Like you just found out. 6. Why Do Certain Plants Have Essential Oils?: I said, Let's just go through a little bit of the basics of essential oils. Now essential oils can come from Europe any different parts of aromatic plants, so they could come from the bath. Certain essentials come from the roots. Some come from the flowers. Some come from the green twigs might be the leaves. It could be the rides, the fruit as in Citrus, so they come from various past, depending on what they want. In fact, the bitter orange tree has three different essential oils from the same tree. That's right, so you get bitter oranges intro that's extracted from the run of the bitter orange fruit. Then you've got a pity grain, which comes from believes now. Pity in French is small, and grain means I will drop you, and that's what they could see on the leaves. The essential oil sex that it on the leaves. That's why it's called pity grain. Now the other oil comes in that is nearly which comes from the flower shop, so three different and they got different therapeutic benefits. Three different essentials from the same tree, the bitter orange tree. So why do these plants have essential oils in the first place. I mean, what on earth did they have us into? Laws for? Well, for two major reasons. Message, attraction and D traction, in other words, for protection or communication. So what happens is this. They have essentials. These essentials are released from the plant. That's why they need to be volatile so they evaporate in the air to send off this message. So, for example, that protect them against a certain bacteria. Certain found guy so they have a central is for that on also so certain insects. So this is why student essential oils are fantastic insect repellents because that was their job to keep certain insects away. So certain plants have that. But other plants they might want to get pollinated, so they attract a certain type of be to their flowers to pollinate, so they might do that now. Also, some plants can send up their essential oils, two others plants of the same species to warn them like almost like a signal, not almost everything. What is a signal? So they send off their centralized released into the air, and so then those other plants are warned of Venice. A warning system And then that will do the same thing. So that this chain reaction of sending up these volatile molecules into the air to warn them and ward off as maybe it's insects, certain animals on what have you so they don't get a 7. A 2 minute history lesson on essential oils and aromatherapy.: down run therapy has been around. We've been using it for thousands of years. But the Egyptians 3000 BC were using a frankincense and murders piled their embalming process. King Touch Tomb 3000 BC They found King stops turned alabaster jars of frankincense. Essential oil in 13 hundreds with the bubonic plague was around. Then what happened there, Papa? Greasewood like that. Today's chemists pharmacists the Zapata Grieves would use essential oils on their skin because everyone was dying the bubonic plague, right? So they would use his rough rub several essential oils. And then they go on, rob the dead bodies of the belongings and no, not died of bubonic plague. And as the legend goes now, this is what's called thieves recipe or these oil. So you get the recipe in your notes. Had to make thieves oil. You can't buy it. It's called things up and or four thieves oil because of these four thieves. When they finally got caught stealing what the judges said, you give us a recipe from what you're using, what essential oils that you rubbing on your body and you're not dying. Albu short your sentence. So that was that now in basically in the early 19 hundreds. It really the run. A sense of aromatherapy started because what they're using in World War Two Treaty of leavened 11 lemon clothes to treat wounds in world war and really, really right up until World War Two started discovered penicillin. But Renee get a false a French chemist. He burned himself in a laboratory. There was an explosion and he burned himself, ran out to the grass. Apparently rollover put the fire out. But after couple days, his hand started become gangrenous. So he bathed in lavender essential oil, and it removed the gangrene of the gangrene and it didn't scar it all. So then he just went, Wow, these were Central was amazing. And they think it's him that the term aromatherapy it comes from this guy, Renee, get a plus. And they, in fact, dedicated the rest of his life to essentials that that was really, really were started to take off 8. When is an essential oil not an essential oil?: Okay, I've got a rhythm for you. When is an essential oil not essential oil when it's an absolute or a CEO to extract? Whatever I talking about, Don't worry. It will all become very clear very soon. Grasshopper, let me tell you how things were extracted when it comes to essential oils. Now they're the two most common ways we extract essential oils are through distillation, whether that be steam distillation, water distillation or a bit of both. Now the other way, the main way is through cold expression, which we do with Citrus. And I'll explain all of these in a second. Well, explain right now, actually. So Okay, so what we got? We got steam distillation. We'll just go. State decision. You put your plant matter into this Still got bubbling water underneath it. It bubbles up the steam goes up through the plant matter whether that's your flower tops leaves. What have you go through? That. And it breaks open the molecules of oil and they go up with the paper into this troop roundy round. It goes into a thing called a condenser, which caused this vapor back down into a liquid. Then they go into a reservoir. And that's where we have essential oil. Generate floats on top, and below We have the water that's left over. Right. So the central is separated on that water that's left over is known as a hydra soul or is known as a hard Dronett, or it's just not its floral waters. Okay, But you could buy in shops, right? So that's the steam distillation. Okay, We can also go with water is where they just bubble him in the water right now. Okay, We got cold expression when I talk to about card expression is what we do. The Ryans of the Citrus fruit to get this enjoys out of them. And what do you say they print the runs pretty breaks up in the essential oil sex, and then they once I've done that, it's in a centrifuge, and they squeeze all the juice and the oils out. All right? And so then they separate the juice from the oil because they're separated. You're always in border juice, just water and juice and boils. And you know what I'm saying? And so then you get you always from your Citrus fruits. Okay? There are some Citrus fruits that is named distilled. And but the majority, through cold expression to the pricked arise. And they get that oils out of the rides like that right now, so that gives us essential oils. Steam distillation of water destination on we've got Citrus oils is what Citrus scents off . Now here's where it gets a little tricky because you might come across someone saying, Well, that's an absolute, non essential oil run. What happens is there are other buys to extract essential oils. Now some like delicate flowers, jasmine. They might not do well in the steam distillation with a temperature of that sort of thing, so they'll get what's called solvent extraction to get yours. So what that means is they use a solvent to extract the essential oil. All right, So when they used solvent solvent and get the essential oils removed the solvent and then they have what is known as an absolute seven solvent extraction, you get things were recorded absolutes. Right now, there's another way to extract fairly new way. Very expensive. Super claim uses no hate. It uses carbon dioxide, right CEO to what we breathe out so they use is under enormous pressure to the CIA to guest becomes liquid and then acts to solve it and then to within get rid of or not getting extract the essential oils. The CEO, too, is like a self of such, but it's it's natural, and then they release, get race it on, the liquid becomes against again, carbon dioxide offer goes, and it leaves you with the essential, which is called a C O to extract. All right, you got it. So distillation we get essential oils and a harder soul. Otherwise, there's a hard relax flora water as a byproduct. We got solvent. Extraction gives us absolutes. We got sewage co two extraction looking just to extract. And then we got cold expression, which gives us Jimmy a Citrus essential oils, All right. 9. Why essential oils have such huge variations in cost.: So why do a sense of oils differ so greatly In price, where there are several factors, it could be just the country's growing. It's more expensive to grow this in the United States, for example, amenities in Iraq. It could be certain multi level marketing companies. They have to have good markup so the people would sell their products so that I need to have a higher price point. The the major thing on also the extraction process CO two carbon dioxide extraction is still really expensive. It's a very pure way of getting Central's, but at the moment still expensive, but was about to say The biggest difference is you'd, in other words, how many pounds of this product it take to get this amount of essential oil. So let me give you an example. All right, this is a 10 mill bottle off lavender, lavender and goes Augusta, Fauria, $11 gets the folly. This will take £2 of lavender flowers to get 10 mils of essential oil. This is a five mil bottle of rose. Now, this will take £105 of rose petals for this five mils. That's why Rose is so expensive. One drop of the rose isn't oil requires 60 whole rose flowers, so the difference is enormous when it comes to yield. So that's the major factor, All right, so when it comes to that, how much can you extract? Like, for example, sandalwood? Sandalwood comes from a tree that's gonna be 30 years old, so your sandwich trays to be 30 years old. That's why they getting in Australia that got the planting. Only sandalwood traders trying sandwich. So it's much better to buy from them because the Indian sandalwood they're getting cutting down forests and all the sandwiches going. But Australia doing Australian sand, which was a fantastic, essential oil. And this is standing lee growing it. I think every tree they cut down, they had about six more 10 more or something like that. So it's This is substantial growing now, so this is one of the major reasons a sense of oils get adulterated, you know, so putting in cheaper center oils or synthetic ascent oils. So we'll talk about that a little bit longer, but a little bit later. But that is the major difference between one essential oil on the other. It really comes down to. How much can you extract? How much of central can you really extract, and how many pounds do you need to do it? 10. Buying your essential oils: Now, when it comes to buying yours and trials, there are a few tips that I want to give you as to what? To look out for the first thing. If you're not really sure if there's an aroma therapist or aromatherapy school around going , ask them. If you're not sure where to go, they should have good supplies and good contacts. But as a general rule, you're gonna be better off going to a place that that's what they do. They sell essentials. So you go to that person goes, Oh, yeah, so this is such And they could tell you all about it because that's their thing, their essential oil people on. They know all about their product. That's where you want to go. That's where you're gonna be a much better chance. Get your pure on a daughter in essential oils, as opposed to go into a supermarket, going to the pharmacy and getting these big, brand essential oils much better to go to someone because that's what they do. That's what they're into now, Having said that, if you find a let's say you go well, sandalwood, that's cheap. $12. Wow, get that Don't are essential oils. You just can't produce them super cheaply. Now sit you. A sandalwood tree has to be 30 years old of Indian sandalwood before they cut it down to extract the essential oils. This amount five mils of rose. Essential oil, 60 flowers but one drop £105 of essential oil of rose petals. To get this essential oil. There is no way you could find that for $15 that's why. So it goes back to yield. So don't go thinking, Well, Mr Bargain, because you're not getting good, essential oils. All right, so when you look to buyer well, it's been a no brand. It should be in doubt. Glass bottles gets affected by light of central oxidized by light, heat and air. Now she pretty much a tamper proof lid and an orifice reduces You want this? Or if it's producer to measure out drops and course so your kids can get to it. That should be stored away from kids anyway. But the major cause of cases of poisoning have been with Children, and we have the orifice producer. They guzzle it down where this comes out and drops. It's a lot harder, but place to make sure you keep them out of the reach of Children. Okay, now on the names when on the labels you want to see. The top of distillation is it's stained. This dude that was so to extracted. So you want to see decide you are now the legs. If you go by, they should have this stuff either on paper or it's on the bottle or they'll be able to tell you so. Country of origin. Where was growing? Because lavender in France is going to have different aroma than, say, you know, in England or somewhere else like that. So that's really important as well to the country of origin and, well, it's been distilled, and it should tell you the parts of the plants as well. So the flower tops off. So So you know what part of the plan seemed to steal flower tops? Levitan. Now, when it comes to 11 and if it's like this one and it says Lavenda, what Levin Which one? Because you see there are lots of different $11. All right now this what's called true Lebedev is 11 doula, which is the genus, so you have the family of the plants that the group of plants 11 doula, all right, and then you have the species. What type of 11 Dora and true lemon does it's known is and gusta Fauria. So 11 doula. And could you have Berries? So another type of 11 doula is into media, so Lemon Dolan Intermediate is actually known as 11 din, and it costs half the amount than Labrador and gassed if Olea, to produce so 11 a lot cheaper than Augusta failure. But if I just put on lavender, I can sell 11 do because it's still from 11. Do our family, right? So if you don't have the botanical name, you don't know what type of 11. You bet your bottom dollar it's gonna be 11. Didn't it cost me half price to do it? So that's also really important. Like why, Sister says eucalyptus Well, there's like 700 different types of eucalyptus. True, so it tells you nothing, so make sure it has the botanical name as well. So distillation method, country of origin. Some even have the the date that it's being extracted bottled, so that's all important as well. If you could get that you know how long it's been sitting on the show and when you do open them because these have specific shelf life to go into, the best thing you could do is write down when you open a little tag when you open the bottle, because then, you know, like, Oh, this thing Teoh eight months old. Uh, okay, I should probably get a new one, because it's gonna be oxidized. Okay, we'll talk about that in more detail later on. So those are the things. But as I said, if you're not sure, see if you can asking around a therapist or if there's an aromatherapy school, maybe even a mess at school around. Uh, but if you do find a central store there that when you want to go see the people, that that's their thing, man, that's the deal. They just they ate, drink, sleep, dream about essentials. 11. Storing your essential oils and their shelf life: All right. So you spend your well earned money on your essential oils. You bought really great quality oils because, as you well know that if you buy cheapest engine oils, at best, you've got a central. Is that a pure but like the third distillation so that only the therapeutic benefits at worst, you're getting adulterated, essential oils. Okay, so they said if you want to care for them properly, you want to store them because you could double the amount of shelf life by doing the right things. Okay, that three enemies went counter essential oxygen, heat and light. Okay, that's why they're in OPEC bottles. Dark borrows to keep the light away, so keep them in a cool, dark spot. Excuse me. Now the best pleasure could put them is in the refrigerator. You will double the shelf life by having them refrigerated. Okay, Now, here's a tip you might want because certain essentials will get a little bit more viscous because you're in the refrigerator, they cool down, but you just put them in your head on the other. Paid up out of the fridge and putting the drop is no problems whatsoever. If you buy Rose Auto Essential five mills. You probably spend 100 plus dollars on that put in the fridge because if you put in the fridge, it should go solid. If it doesn't go solid, you start asking questions. Big time. All right. Rose Aro will go solid in the fridge. All right, so there's an isolated now if it's been adulterated or not. Okay, so keep in the refrigerator and keep them. Keep the lid on. You don't have the lids off for a long time because, say they'll start to oxidize now. Some studies have been shown where lemon essential oil. What they did was they kept the lid off for three minutes a day and kept it in 77 77 degrees temperature, sort of outside and 12 months. The constituents in the lemon went terms the limousine, which is the major therapeutic constituent you want. It went from 70% down to 30%. What does that mean? It means that it's probably not doing what was supposed to do for you in the first place. You want those therapeutic you want lemon in it in Citrus oils because that's the thing that's going to beat their up unit for you on the most part. But it's gone down 30% because of oxygen ization. So you absolutely, absolutely keep the lids on time and best put them in the fridge. Now, if you put them in the fridge, put them in something airtight. Otherwise, thank you. That sort of you, your peers could stop tasting like lemons. Perhaps because of the essential. Also, put them in an air tight container in your fridge and you're gonna be great. Okay, So the other problem when they started oxidize, especially Citrus oils, is there's a higher chance of irritation. So if you're using them and the starting to oxidize now, when they are when I say that oxides you used to know because they won't smell like they should. So if you've been using them on, you haven't used one for a long time, and it doesn't smell the right. There's probably oxidize. Okay, Some of the Citrus oils will go cloudy as well. Okay, so that's really, really important. You spent good money on high quality essentials. Put a mini fridge, put him in something air time. Okay, Keep the lids on. Nice and tight of the address and gets them. If you got a big bottle, said two ounce bottle of essential Oh, I have used half transfer that into a one ounce bottle, so there's not so much here in the actual container as well, so that's really important. This will ask you a good amount of time. The more you care for them and keep them cool down away from Hey, they're gonna be much better. Not only much better quality, but the last year, a lot longer. 12. This is important when buying citrus essential oils: now I just want to about when you're buying Citrus oils now. Citrus oils. Obviously, in a perfect world, I would be grateful to buy all essential closer organic. You know that best but generates very much more expensive to have organic, essential oils. But when it comes to Citrus oils, it really is important if you can get organic oils because of the process. That's why they're extracted, like I told about in cold expression. But they just picked the rides to pick the oil sex to come out. Now Citrus fruits can be really sprayed heavily, so they're lopping a chance of the pesticides getting into the essential oils just through the natural process of just pricking through the Ryans. So, really, when it comes to Citrus oils, if you can get organic, it really would be much better. 13. So how do they adulterate essential oils?: now, when it comes to adulterating essential oils I've been talking about throughout the course because essential oils are big business. I mean, it's hundreds of millions of dollars and a demand outstrips supply, so the ones remotely central's most commonly adulterated with lots are but the real high end ones. Jasmine Rose sandwich. You could imagine spending around $250 for rose oil. Well, there's gonna be a lot of people that want toe adulterated them, stretch them out or just complete fakes. So that's what one of the ways that they adult, right? Okay, So, for example, they could cut them with carry oil. And this one now, first festival like a tortured because I bought six essential oils for $20 Lemon, rosemary, eucalyptus, lemon graphs. So I knew they were going to be adulterated. But I want to buy it to show so you just city before you just cut by six essential oils with $10 each. 20 bucks just just can't be done. What can be But you're not gonna get pure center lows. So okay, this is being cut with the carrier oil, So when I do this, it's awful it feels like olive oil or mass ajo. Essential oils are not oily around, so this it smells. It doesn't smell good at all. So this But it's oily, right? It's oily. Now if I get what My fingers here. Yeah, now. So if I use it a pure, essential oil here, after all, it's I know you could hear that. I hear that it's got a grippy. It's not slippery and slimy, oily. It's slippery. It's not slippery because it's not oily. All right, so this for the Catholic out so doesn't evaporate. This could really care less, but I'll do it anyway. So on. Easy way to test for that, which I'll do. I've been a white piece of paper here. Of course it's been cut with it. Said it was being cut with an oil, so they put a drop on this piece of paper off. The one that's being cut with annoy will carry oil. Yes, for some sort of vegetable oil. Right. So you drop of that and a drop off my other one. That's pure century oil. Yeah, so you show here. Okay, So this one here, let them try out. This one is the ones been cut to carry oil. This one here is the pure oil. Okay, it's only those to dry out, and you'll see what happens once it dried out or out. So that's one method. So coming over the carrier oil. Another method is using synthetic constituents that the central always have, because the central oils have lots of different constituents in them. And, like, for example, Rose de Messina roast central, around 300 different constituents Justin Rose, Essential oil. So with all these different constituents, they can make sit very cheaply these days. Make synthetic constituents like, for example, literal appetite or Linda Lue, other of those in lavender, so they can increase because when they're testing them, they can increase the amount so synthetic so they don't have anything. Therapeutic benefits. So that's another way using synthetic constituents to stretch out the essential oils and make it look better than they actually are. And so that's a second. The other way is just simply make putting cheaper oils into also, lets said, I call it a close battle, but it's being cut with clover leaf leaf oil, which is way cheaper to make or it's just super cloverleaf, and they flat out lie and calling it close. But oil sand with lavender. They cut it with 11 din, which is way, way, cheaper makers, I told you earlier on, and so they can put it and no hide that within the lavender and don't show smell similar a swell. So there's lots of different things that they could do. I've got a link that you can have a look at all the different oils in different ways. They that they will adult, right, these oils. We're gonna have a look at that and and you just say it is mine bubbling. It's well known that the amount let's say in Bulgaria that they produce you're the market was in the market's central markets. What they know is there's a sooner Mel gets produced each year, but way more is getting sold, all right, It's just no possible let's say 100 tons of Lambda went to the market was produced on them for the market, but they're selling 500 tons. So you know, where did all that extra come from? Of course, it is stretching out these essential oils, so they say, and the ones that like Sandalwood and Rose. You know these ones A highly valuable. So, yeah, it is a big problem. But then we have testing Tippmix mess spectroscopy and guess chromatography these really high tech things. Two ways of testing, which I'll go into alleged knows what that means and how they test them. 14. So how do they test essential oils for purity?: Okay, So when you're buying Central's, you really want to make sure that it says something called GC Stroke M s tested. Okay, this is a graph guest chromatography and mass spectrometry on these out of the gold standard. There are other testing methods as well, But these are like the gold standard, or it comes to checking purity of essential oils. Okay, So what happens? It will check the specific compounds specific constituents. Now, there's two different test, but they generally do them together, and it gives him a information of whether the oil has been adulterated or not the purity and the levels of the constituents. So we put a graph out and tell you the percentage of literal estate center of linear Lou on all the different constituents of the essential oil. So they're not have that, and then they'll compare that with what they know. It's a hard percent pure essential over the same time. And then now check that you're okay, all of these levels where they should be. Okay, so this is really, really important that it's tested, okay? Because this is the way we can check out the purity and adulteration that sort of thing. And now some websites that you condone by a central central to the shot you want to find out, and they probably better show you the chart. You know, the If they've got no idea what you talk about being your GC and miss tested, then I don't have any idea what you're talking about. You're in the wrong place. So, like, for example, there's a website. They're also get before with the central oils and they actually have the graphs you can click on the graphic on the pdf file off the all you're buying to show you it's 100% pure and it's got all the graph line so I can actually see. They told you the batch number from when it was distilled the actual battle came from. So that's really, really good. That's, um, jade bloom dot com. I'm sure there are lots. Others just happen to stumble across that. So it tells you all this information that shows you this is 100% pure essential oil. And to show that testing of that oil with the bench with the dates is really something else . 15. Results from the adulterated essential oil test: Hey there. Okay, The results are in from my testing, my adultery testing, my adulterated essential oil test. Remember that I have the my central is being cut with a carrier oil and put the drop on and then put the pure essential 11 or essential right next to it. And here are the test results there. Back in. Okay, so is it. I told this big Gracie splotch is cut with an oil with the carrier oil. That's why you see the big, oily stain, the essential ones today. That's the lavender. That's pure. Okay, so it doesn't get any clearer than that, doesn't now? Interestingly, ask me anything on this. Now, this one, I still smell the beautiful lavender essential oil. So that is just one way to test if it's been covered in oil on a piece of paper. Did easy. And remember, the other thing I told you was, if you've got Rose Auto, if you put that in a fridge, it should go sword. If it doesn't go solid, you haven't got a genuine rose Auto 16. The unsung heroes of the aromatherapy world-carrier oils.: carrier oils I want to talk to about carry yours. These really just don't get enough attention there. The unsung heroes in the aromatherapy world, If I may say so myself. You know, Carrie oils really somebody. We just think about them as, um something about my central Elgin. I don't really think too much about them. Now. You need to think a lot about them when it comes to your skin care. Because they have always had such amazing different qualities in all of these essential oil Elise carrier oils. So that's why I got list view. First of all, you need to know. When did they go? Ransom. What is their Their shelf life, You know, So you need you need to treat them like your essentials. You need to treat them dearly and put them in. You know, called out places don't have them in hate areas of the heart, that sort of thing, that constant cool temperatures may be refrigerated. Remember, Rose hip oil, even when refrigerated, has a six month show fly. Okay, so you don't really put rancid oils on your skin, But more than that. And you're seeing your notes that I've got for you. You want to know when you start choosing your essential your carrier oils is what's your absorption, right. You know, for when you stop to think what once and it's rapidly absorbed. Okay, so I've got that unites view ones that are rapidly absorbed. What qualities are not oils, right? Or the nutters? What about the photos of avocado and that? So you start to really look at, you know, absorption rate. What? They're good for these. Good for these sorts of conditions. Skin conditions here, this sort of thing. So you really need Teoh. Have a look at this because then you can choose wisely. And because maybe I wasn't It's greasy. I wanted it absorbed fast. Okay, so you look at that absorption, right? Hello, my carry. Oil. So, really, these little babies we gotta give him or love because I had just your magic in a bottle. By the way, they don't. Yes, we dilute the essential oils in them, but it doesn't dilute the therapeutic properties off them. Or it's not like where we're diluting the effect of them. Know which which this same. If it gets into them by using with the carry alot. Okay, So really have a good thing about which carry odds are best for which situations by looking into resource is that I've got for you Checking what? They are on the go. Okay, this would be great for this. This would be great for this skin condition. This would be great for my hair. This and someone insightful. So you really both of them? I want to stress it both just imported. Is it each other? Because as I know, no central's up here. Okay? I was like, Yeah, whatever. No. Put them together, and then you're gonna make these incredible blends. And by using them because your skin would soak these beautiful carrier was in so treated with respect. These butters, these carrier oils see what properties they have because they are really, really special. The unsung heroes of the aromatherapy world 17. A Closer look at carrier oils and their qualities.: Let's have a look at carrier oils and this is the oils we're going to use, especially for, say, massage, reflexology, this sort of thing, the oils that you're going to use that we're gonna do, dilute the essential oils into. Of course, you can use Allah, Vera gels and creams and that sort of thing which are going to run. So what, actually, is carry oil? So when we talk about Carrie, always say like doing it. Massage things like sweet Armand Oil, April Colonel Ricardo Oil. So these sorts of things. So the jury made from nuts or seeds or colonels like you're a pickup hemp seed, this sort of thing hazelnut, And that these all of these have incredible therapeutic properties in their own right on each of the defer, some are better for some things. Others are better for other things. Like certain oils. We're gonna learn about better for skin condition. So if someone has X mercer rises that something, you can use something. Carrie always have better properties for sensitive skin and that sort of thing. They're full of fatty acids, vitamins, minerals packed full of nutrients than they are really fantastic. Now they produced mainly by cold, pressing or maceration. You don't wanna have them produced, but with heat. This this is not good for the oil and donate to the oil, so you want to have it. It look for this pure, unrefined, cold pressed just like you have your olive oil. You want to make sure your olive oil if you're cooking and that sort of thing is cold press . Okay, so no hate involved it all. It is simply just They pressed these things with no hint involved to get the oil out of them. We used to delude Essential Oh yes, exactly now. So when it comes to mess sides, there's certain character carrier oils, which are really good for message. Now. There are lots of other oils that you could use, but I just want to go through a couple of the more popular ones. Now. Sweet Amador is most definitely the most popular oil for massage on. I'll go into the specific properties of each oil as we go along in this lecture. But sweet Amador really fantastic Hemp seed is incredible oil, which you can use with carrier oil, which I'll go into it well and fractionated coconut and explain what that is. If you don't know, these are really, really good for massage and reflexology these sorts of things when it comes to facial skin care. So let's make so you're making you stepped cream for the face for examples on nourishing cream. These are really great as well as you're about to learn. Apricot kernel rose hip So you've heard of these. Hazelnut is also very, very good. When it comes to skin disorders, think dry skin, flaky skin irritated, inflamed Xmas, psoriasis, dermatitis, teachers think avocado evening primrose Herber grapes it or really, really fabulous when it comes to this. So when you're buying, or just like with your essential oils, you want to make sure that you prolong their shelf life so again you want to keep them away from lot. You want to keep away from hate, so you want to put them in a cool, dark area. You can put them in. The refrigerator is well, if you wanted to. If you got space for that, they might go a little cloudy. But don't worry about that, because what you take them out they get back to room temperature. But it doesn't do you do anything any harm Theo Oils as well. But if you don't have a space in the refrigerator, just a cool, dark area will suffice. No problems at all. So let's look at the specific oils and their qualities. So when it comes to message, sweet almond oil now is that this is great for all skin types. Some of the dryness information itchiness, xmas, psoriasis. Now it's great for the fact that it's very moisturizing, but it absorbs quickly, so it's not greasy. Is nothing worse than feeling greasy in a massage? This is a great oil for its absorption. Eso the person doesn't, you know, leave feeling like that being dipped in oil. Really nice, Richard Fatty acids, proteins, Vitamin D. This really is so you go to when it comes to message. Now, as you find out for in the lecture, you could use Sweet Amador and still ed other types of oils in the carrier to give different qualities to that oil. All right, so let's have a look. A hemp seed oil. This is one of the most nourishing oils you can find. It is absolutely pet with fatty acids. Linda leg acid on a little little assets. Camel. It s omega six. Paramedic As hysterical as a leg acid. This is a great oil for age related resort disorders. So rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis information. It's great for here healthy nails and for the skin. So this you could mix in said it a 10 to 20% dilution with your sweet almond oil or any other carrier oils rather using that 100% okay, fractionated coconut oil. Now this differs from normal coconut oil in the fact that its molecular structure has been altered and so it will keep as a liquid. At room temperature doesn't hardened like normal coconut milk. It doesn't go rancid, and it doesn't smell real. Coconut E. So it's a really, really fantastic oil to use for massage, absorbs well moisturizers and cause cocoa fantastic for skin conditions. So this is a really nice one, and it will protect your sheets and your towels in the fact that you know, because you don't want unless you have a lot of hot water. Lots of So it's hard to get, say, normal coconut oil out, and then you 10 towns or start to smell, become rancid, Mr Think so, This freshman out of you know really, really fantastic If a massage as well now I forgot. You know, Colonel Oil, this is another really terrific oil. Fabulous for skin. It absorbs well. Moisturizers got vitamin A b a really, really good for facial. So I think facial creams, that sort of thing. It is great for sensitive skin. And you could cause, Like I say, if you're doing a massage, someone's got sensitive skin. I've got some dry skin, flaky skin, this sort of thing. You could add this to your massage, but yet this is a really, really fantastic think of this for skin conditions and really, really nourishing. Now, Rosie boiled. This is again one of those anti aging, fabulous, very, very popular oils. Great for wrinkles. Think Think you took an anti aging blend. So wrinkles it helps with scars, regenerates cells. It is brilliant for calming down skin problems as well. So if you would So you want to give something like an anti aging mixed than this? This blend This would be absolutely go to use them in this in there as well. Hazelnut oil. Another really good oil for skin types. Now this is turning Anton. If I ng, it's in a stringent so again think anti aging eso great for facial wrinkles. So it turns out that sets in a stringent so really, really good. So you use this for your facial cribs and again Oh God, you as we go along. But I give you a broad outline of some of these avocado oil packed full of vitamins. Vitamins a B one B two D three. Again, it's got feting s so another really good one for anti aging. So one of these things that you again mixing with your plans for facial creams. Evening primrose. Another very well. No. One again. Terrific for skin moisturizing again, anti aging so you could blend these carrier oils together with your essential oils for saying and anti aging helping with wrinkles this sort of thing really, really terrific. Hug oil. This one is really good for any problem. Skin eso think acne unclogged pause. Probably the best carrier oil for acne. Great for calming inflammatory skin conditions such as psoriasis and ex MMA. Terrific for your hair. Now it's as he often rich, So this is a terrific, terrific oil first for skin problems again, especially acne. So you just terrific grapeseed oil. This is great for all skin types. Now, if this also tones and tonic fires, so with astringent properties another great one for, say, anti aging wrinkles, this sort of thing. So this just gives you a broad overview of the certain carrier oils hand look after them and we'll go into this in more detail. But just so you know, a good idea if you didn't have already have certain qualities of different carrier oils. There are lots of all carrier oils out there, but I just want to get some of the most popular ones for you. 18. What are the best routes of absorption for the condition you are treating?: Okay, So what? Explaining how we goto use the essential oils in this course. So we're going to use them topically. And I'll tell you what the best use of using topical essential oils are and also through inhalation and diffusion. Okay, so let's just go through that. So if a topical use meaning like putting into a carrier oil into a sob, a bomb and putting, that is best force skin complaints, experts, psoriasis bites, stings, burns, sunburns, that sort of thing, you'd use that top of the right thing. Other way is through diffusing with your diffuser in your house and also like personal inhalers, whether you just significant at the bar bottle on a cotton bowl or other different types as well that I'll show you. So that's best for inhalation. And defusing in the room is best for focus for memory, for mood, so anxiety. If you want more energy, you need more focused, more concentration and handsome memory on also respiratory disorders asked me. Bronchitis, coughs, colds, flues. Okay, so just think. If it's an emotional problem, your child, you need to calm the child down. But focus could test coming up or something like that think inhalation. That's really the best way to get into your into your bloodstream through inter. Label into a charge, but drink through inhalation. Okay, so if they got a topical problem fungal tenia paris at its foot, you're going to use it topically. For sunburn, you use a top inhale. So much for your somebody's gonna be much more effective. As you topic. Let's go through the bloodstream through the skin. Okay, right. The third way is using a combination of the two. So let's say it's really good for a respiratory trash tract disorders. Let's say your child's got a cough or a cold so you might rub it on their chests. So you're and they're back and that sort of thing, like as a child, I'd get VIP fix vapor. I was a child. We had a cold. We put on my back in my chest. So then it's getting locally to going through the lungs there, but they're also giving inhalation so you could do it topically and then diffuse in the room, by all means. Or you could do it topically, and they're going to inhale it through there and someone and so forth so there were three main main routes inhalation. Of course, you could take essentials internally, which I do not recommend that bypass described. Of course like this, I never reckoned recommend. Unless you're working with a qualified around the therapist, I absolutely would not take central oils. Recommend you do not. And you look at all your text. Your virtual old tapes. State don't just go really nearly taking essential oils, all right, and I know certain companies do, but it's other professions. Even the Allied Aromatherapy Association worldwide don't recommend is going and taking internal settlers internally. All right, so what we're talking about is inhalation best for mood. I can't move concentration and respiratory disorders. All right. Topically for skin, local disorders, cuts, greatest Bruce scrapes, expressed psoriasis, stings, bites and so on and so forth. Fungal infections. And then we can also do a combination of inhalation, which is great for respiratory conditions as well. So we'll look at all of that, and I now look what the different ways we can apply them through inhalation. Sure, you're all these great ways that you can use them to apply your essential oils 19. Diffusing and which diffusers I prefer and why: so I want to talk diffusers Now diffuses is probably the most common way that people get to essentially start using them in their rooms and so on and so forth. Now I could, but there are lots of refuges around, but I want to go through the three most common refuges that you'll come across. The 1st 1 is really I give you my opinion on on all of them, just for my personal experience and the first ones. The 1st 1 certainty that I had other little teak hand, the ones where you put the water in you put a few drops and you put the take handle underneath. I'm not a big fan of these personally define, but here's the thing that I like them. We used to defuse them back in near that back in the day would defuse it. We have to take handle, and it was nice, but you're using heat, which could be nature, the oils, in a way adding at a hate source to it. But more than anything, this the fire hazard, I guess a little bit of that, but more than anything, it's when that tea candle goes out, you're gonna blow it out. Let's say you're going to bend your blowing up or like, its smell. Was that burning with, you know, with smoke from that So or this beautiful, beautiful aroma around central oil aroma in the room was completely garden. All I could smell was that and then the smoke and that thing would burn the little ember, and it just smelt smoky. So that was my biggest gripe when it comes to those tea candle ones, Okay, The other one, which I tried is what they call a nebulizer. Take animals a jet atomizer on. What that does is the one I had you'd screw a bottle of attention oil on. So you get your body of essential oil and you'd screw it onto the machine and what it does , what these do. They have a pathogen up here which pulls the essential oil up and into the air. So you only need to put these on for, like, five or 10 minutes because they really should have a lot of fine Mr Essential Oil. The problem I have with the one that I had might not be all of them, I'm sure it isn't. Was it had. It was noisy, So I think. I think I bought it from a mate of mine, and I think it was a young living. One Doesn't matter. The brand. I just remember 10 are I don't listen to that, you know. So which brings me to my favorite now the ultrasonic ultrasonic it is, which means it uses vibration so you put water on. The good thing about this is you put water in there not as potent as the nebulizer, because that's just direct, essential oil. And here. So these what this does it itemizers but the water and the essential oil and presented this fine mist into the air. So it's also humid if I ng as well, because the water's going into the air as well. Probably see that this here so this demeans here and you can see this looks like smoke, but because it's not, it's this beautiful vapor, and it's got a fancy lights and all the lights change in that sort of thing, and you've got timing settings as well. But I love this. It's completely silent. It's really nice, and I just love it. It's We have one in every room. Liam's with one of his bedroom. I got one in my bedroom to help its sleeping. That sort of thing, This down here. When I'm filming like this, I'll have it over here and you have to study. I'll put in my study blends that sort of thing. But I absolutely love this 100 mills 150 mils of border. And you're putting your drops between five and 10 drops. You put in a diffuser, generally depending. So what? So maybe you start with five drops and you know it's not strong enough. You put in 10 drops and put this thing down here on, uh, so you 5 to 10 drops generally diffuser. But that, that is mine is a completely sign. She mystifies the air. So if you're a dry climate like, say, Australia, then us greater humidified the air. So that's my favorite. But I'm sure people are. They will have nebulizer minds that don't make a big burger sound or they don't care about the candle. And but the three most. This only cost me $20 so they're really cheap, and they're everywhere by on, but they're so futures absolutely fantastic way we have it here. So but let concerned does his homework are putting study blends at night time? We put in calming friends while watching a movie in the morning on my putting a Citrus blend. Just beautiful. So and of course, your coughs and cards and blues up talk about allergies, all this sort of thing, Whatever blends you want, this is a great way to diffuse throughout your house. 20. Personal inhalers: Right now, one of the best ways to treat respiratory conditions is through inhalation and also affect mood. And so these brilliant, you could get these on the's a little personal inhalers. Okay, so they're great for dream Children with anxiety. Now, by the way, these kids for five years and over if I was, I'd be very careful with younger than five years. I certainly would not get them. Do you know, get the head of like this would be too strong for them. Maybe, you know, just smelt like, slight still in to smell like a flower. But really, I think for five years and over is probably the best with these because it is so concentrated. So you got all these different colors, right? So you can have not happy one for you know, for that I citrusy 11 for anxiety and so on and so forth with absolutely fantastic. They're absolutely fantastic. Let me show you. I'll go make up One for coughs and cards for Children was a five years and over of coughs and colds. He's what you're getting from Amazon. What, like 30 off them for about $10 or something. So they got this It okay, these will last you 3 to 6 months, up to 12 months, depending on how often you open them. Now, the beautiful thing about rather than could you hate someone saying? Well, what? I just, you know, stiff from a bottle. Well, as you know, the more you open the bottle, the more oxygen comes in. The more degrades pasta. Course you can't sniff a blend from a bottle. Left less support of many ready made blend. So Okay, so what you've got here, you have the inhale apart, the cat that will keep it sealed off from the air. You've got a little cotton week. Now, by the way. Cartons are highly spread. Drop so by the organic cotton wicks. Okay, they're much better. And then you just got a little kept on. You know where you go. So let me show you how to do this. Now you can put them. I just putting the drops in directly like that. I find it better to put them into a little dish. All right, So put him into a little dish there now. So this is for coughs and colds remedies Now, of course, you can. The remedy I'll give you. This is for kids. Says to say five and over. But of course, you could use this. You're a few drops in the diffuser. You could put in a role. A bowl three drops into a roller ball, and I'll get to that gets them. All right, So T trio. So four drops of tea. Tree oil. 12 four. My cat just walking around here doing what she wants. Okay. And then I'm gonna have ceded would say it was a great day. Could judge suggestion as well. So we're gonna put two drops of cedarwood. Want to? Okay, now, two drops of black spruce. Black spruce is absolutely brilliant for carbs and blues. So blacks bruised two drops of that. Right? Okay, good. You got next one. And it doesn't matter. Does not matter, okay? And finally, to of lavender, Linda again is fantastic for calming great for colds and flu's two for 11. All right, so then you just made you didn't want to be touching this with your fingers because it's Nate Essential oils. So you could just get still gets to pair tweeters. Chopsticks is I'm gonna do Oh, you know you like that. I just want to swim around. You get Get all the essentials over. Smells amazing. So what we did was four of tea tree oil to of cedarwood to of flex Bruce and two of lavender. Now, of course, if you don't have all of these, I've got a list in there for other oils that are really fantastic for colds and flu's mandarins. Amazing give you blends where? So calming blends for night time, that sort of thing. All right, so we got this here, all right? Broke it in there and then, But you kept on No. Okay. All right. Just give them a shake around, and they have it. Your coffin code. They say it will last up to a year, depending on how often you use it meant, bank. Sure. You have five years old or over in a nasty breath. Hold one nostril. You can just about this. It is quite strong for your child. Or, you know, the little order. Bigger. Nowhere. Close one nostril. Breathe in. Do it several times. So you can also use this if you feel the onset coming on. So it's called phrases you feel like you might be getting cold? Absolutely. You want to be doing this to avoid getting a cold as well? So there you go. So I'm gonna show through the course once for anxiety. So the kids, you know, anxious about going back to school, They do this. I've got one for my son to help focus and concentration in class test to get go start looking out the windows and stuff like that. So I put him one with rosemary and seed aboard and something else I put in 11 s. So it's calming and grounding, but also stimulating. So we've got all these these things, but these ads affect it Now, of course, for yourself. These are wonderful. You up it up If you use this for yourself. Got a $15 for adults. 15 drops, 10 drops for Children 55 and up. And wonderful to get a little color code. So you remember them. You don't have to put the thing on the label. So there you go, ese 21. Smelling salts, a great way to inhale your essential oil blends!: Okay, So what? I'll show you another great way to use a personal inhaler of a different sort. Smelling souls? Yes, that's right. So, what you need to do, you're gonna get yourself some pink Himalayan sea. So now I had no idea that inhaling see soul. It's a thing. I didn't realize this, but there are things you could buy an Amazon and stuff like this. Two people for asthma and lung complaints and, oh, all sorts of things. And they breathe in through the mouth to breathe in their beautiful. I think it's negative ions or something. I'm not really well read on it. But so anyway, we're gonna use pink Himalayan, so might get the therapeutic benefits. Is that as well? So, what you do, you get your five mil bottle, all right? Empty. And you're gonna fill it up, which I've done with Pink Himalayan, So Okay, got that. And then you can just simply add some essential oils to it. So once again, you use blend, put a better harper doesn't drops in. You can use a blend you could use. You know, maybe you wanna have Well, like I say throughout the course, you can do whatever you like. You can have a coughs and colds brand. You can use your use your room. Beautiful. So now you could have the carving planned. You know what? You planned anything like that. If you don't have your personal inhalers or your wedding, do you? Both him and you're waiting for Come to your house. But these are a great deal. Alternative. Very eco friendly. And then it's awesome. That won't evaporate. And there you go, your own little smelling salts. 22. The Steam Method is fantastic! It is really beneficial.: all right. So it might look like I'm going to the beach. But quite the opposite, Actually, I'm talking about cold and flu season, and I'm going to show your head and make this forest and Citrus blend, which is fantastic to open up your lungs. If you, you or your child start to feel a cold coming on or you've got a cold, you're tickling your throat. This is what you want to have a gun. Now, this is for Children. Five years and up. And, of course, for adults, for yourself as well. Okay, we're going to just change out three essentials you need to five mil bottle because we will make a stock blend that you can keep on hand. Okay, so we're just gonna turn really sweet orange and bolson for and for Children. They five years and above, we were used cedar wood. It's a fantastic day. Congestion on for adults will use eucalyptus drop Bulus. If you got radio Otto, there's no problems. Absolutely fine. But if your globalist is got better character, better if they're getting properties for colds and Bruce, so you can use that. Okay, So you want to go on do you go to get sweet orange? Absolutely brilliant. Uplifting. It's really fantastic at antibacterial Antiviral. So 24 drops into your bottle bottle of sweet orange, then your lead for Children and six day drops of eucalyptus. Sorry for adults. 16 Drops of eucalyptus for Children. 16 drops of cedarwood. Hey, so 16 drops cedarwood and then bossom for 14 drops of bolson for Okay, so let me just go back through that. So 24 drops off sweet orange, 14 of balsam fir. And for Children, 68 drops of cedar wood for adults, 16 drops of eucalyptus. Mix them all together. Put our office for years back on. Mix them together and what you want to do. So you got your A soup. Oh, any sort of boat. Make sure it's not too hot. So you got a check? Okay, that's fine. And what you want to do So potent one drop for Children and for adults to drops three drops is too much even for adults. So one drop I would stay with If you got to drops in for an adult, then okay, but if it's a Children stick at one drop, if you get two or three drops in. Check it out and do it again. OK, so is that Putin now? I just did it for kids five years and up. Okay, let's just start with the arrow. It's got to blend for head. Oh, you're gonna put one drop in. All right, drop and what They've got one drop, and now I'll bring it back so you can see May. But you know me and have it over a table. This I think. Now you have it on the table, you know? But you want to see me for do that So you could do that. I mean, you could hold it like this, but you want to make sure this is steaming but not boiling hot. It burned sculpture. And if you want to concentrate more, you can put tell over. Okay. And you have a nice big Brits like that now for Children. Don't use the towel. It's too strong. So if your Children five years enough, as I say they could just walked in taking deep breaths like that. Absolutely fantastic to help open up the chest. Help with caution, College, as they say. If you feel like you're getting a cough or a cold your child. Then do this. Have a look at the notes, sort of demonic confusion, but we're not going to use eucalyptus with Children under 10 years of age. So because of the one a senior in a constant constituent, so cedarwood is a brilliant, dynamic calming. But it's also a fantastic day. Congestion so heavily unites. Make it before me if it's coming into cold and flu season and you'll be ready to go. 23. Roller balls: all right. So another sensational way to apply essential oils is through these little beauties by my family's on roller bottles. If you don't know what these are, run, don't walk. These are awesome. So this is 10 mills, and you just It's got carrier oil and essential oils in there so you can use this topic Lee for coughs and colds and flu's respiratory disorders, skins, words like whatever you like. I mean, they're just fantastic, so you can help with mood and respiration. So let's say use your inhaler, coughs and colds. Okay, Got that for your chart. And then at night time during the day is, well, getting rubbed it on. And so they also rub that into their chest and on their back, that sort of thing. But also just for you. If you've got paint in your neck, for example, anything like that. Anyway, through the course, um, you can use these blends either diffusing him roll Abbado's inhalers. So look at this. I got through Amazon get on this role, but there's, like, $12 or $10 or something for about 20 of them. So you get that and then they give you other than irreparable tops. And then I have got some Not exactly pretty, but label sick and label them. Siegel once for nausea. One for anxiety. Once the study blends for aches and pains, Brent Bug bites, you name it. So you can just imagine you've got all these labels, all of these roller bottles. You're sitting around for every different thing that comes along. So all right, this thing here, it looks like a little glass out. All this is actually to help pop off the because if you try to pop days off, that there generally has a break your fingernails on today's Keep him in there, you gotta see so 10 mil bottles. So you want to use between rand about one to take 2 to 4 drops for Could you going to be doing spot areas? So 2 to 4 drops. Now, I just made one thing morning for my son and may a of a beautiful calming blend. So now the brain we just made with the inhalers for colds and flu's. You could do that. You bring that up and then just putting in the dish, blend that up there, and you could make them and then put 2 to 4 drops in there, whatever you like. Now, I just maybe on this morning with two drops sandalwood and I'm sorry to drop cedarwood two dropped 11. Beautiful. Calming on. It's just absolutely wonderful. So use that as well. So and so you can put your nice it'll nice little name tags on their if you want. And, of course, you fill it up with the carrier. Or if your choice fractionated coconut oil was excellent for these. But if it was a skin condition, you want something like avocado oil, something more nourishing her, Khobar. These sorts of things, by all means sweet almond oil off your massage therapist. You've got it on hand grapeseed oil, any of those carrier oils. So you add them so you can use that. I say we magnetic personal inhalers and use that as well. They put these in your purse in your bag, and they're absolutely fantastic. I swear by these. And so this is just another great way that you can start applying essential oils topically , but a nice way to keep them 24. The Fabulous Shower Method!: okay. He's a fantastic idea that you can use in the shell. It's not only for your kids, but do this for yourself. It is absolutely fantastic. So all you need to do you to any of the blends throughout the course where you could just use one essential oil. But so let's say a child has respiratory problem. So what you do you can make up any of the coughs and cards blends or what have you already made it and just put a drop or two onto the floor in the shower, Okay, because of the steam it comes up. And remember, inhalation is the most effective way to treat respiratory conditions and affect mood emotions, that sort of thing. So maybe it's a late night shower, and so your child, you want to calm it down. So you put in once two drops of lavender on the floor of the shower, Teoh calming, calming blend with cedar woods or sander woods. Or maybe you have your baby's being waking up. You know you've got a young babies being wake up, so you are totally wrecked. I know this, but this is like not getting sleep. Sleep, desperation is killer, and I'm preaching to the converted. But think of a nice, beautiful Citrus blend to wake you up. So you get into the show. It would change the shower experience, I guarantee you. So you have a little bottle, and you're maybe gonna Citrus Brent and use pop a couple of 2 to 3 drops for yourself Put under the floor, bergamot so uplifting on orange, lemon and are my God. So look at all the blends you've got what you say. You don't have to have a friend You could just put wonder. Maybe you've, you know, maybe you gotta be really focused. So you put down for yourself some rosary, improve your memory, whatever. So have a look at the blends you've got and just used this. And so you've got this little just obviously be careful. You wanna have them in a little glass bottle for your blend? You never would have a central oils in plastic. So little doubt. Bottle your five mil bottle. One drop to drop. Having a nice cabinet in your bathroom. Keep it out of reach of Children. Of course. And you're gonna absolutely love it. You're welcome. 25. Bath time: now, something absolutely wonderful is having a bath at the end of the day. So you put your child into a bath and you can put some central's Now What you do not want to do is what I say a time time again, which is this. You'll see that the person recommending but three or four drops into the bath water there be fantastic. Well, you should know by now. Or if you don't already about to tell you, water and oil don't mix. So what have you just done? You've now put Nate under limited essentials into the bark. Now you've got free floating globules of a central oils which you're going to go on to your childs skin. You absolutely do not want to be doing that. So what do you do? And your resource is? I've got everything. Therefore you're once again on you want to first of all, at two essential oils into other shampoo or something like cabs. Still, So it could be a vegetable oil, so or bubble bath, something like that. But you are first of all, get a tablespoon with shampoo with research with its carrier oil, and you go toe put your your drops into that and mix that through, which will disperse your oils in through there. OK, it's gotta do that first. And then you can put it into your and your bathwater. Okay, because then the essentials will be dispersed through those. Do not put them in your central oils into something like Olivera corn starch. All of these. I got a list of them for you as well. These bath salts, these are old water soluble. So what happens is that they will dissolve once I get into the water. And once again, you got the same problem again. A central oil globules floating throughout the water. So have a look at your notes. Remember, the first thing you do is so I've got the delusion right there as well. A. A tablespoon of whether shampoo, bubble bath costume, vegetable oil, coconut oil. If you're gonna use an oil which is great for this skin, just make sure that we get careful because it makes bath slippery getting out. Okay. The edge of central Internet. Stir them up into that tablespoon there. Whatever. Then and only then after the authority mixed, can you put them into Buffalo, because that way I don't have a lovely bath. But there were no problems of the irritation of neat, undiluted, essential oils on the skin. 26. Shower Hearts : All right. So this is a really fun thing you could do with your kids, Doctor. I've got my little silicon mold here. That cute little love hearts Doesn't matter what shape they are. So what we gonna do? We gonna get baking soda and water and essential oils. That's all we need to do. We mix these up, and now this is great for kids. Got coughs and cards. You can use sweet orange and cedarwood, except with coughs and colds. But maybe you wanna make them. You're just just relax ation purposes on. So what you do would make these up, and then they dry out the hard, put the essential oils, and in each one of the show you And then when they get jump into the shower like these little cool little things dissolve at their feet. The essential, of course, get released with the steam on. It's really cool. So let me show you how to do it. All right, So it's a syphilis. Is a cup off baking soda. Okay. All right. So a couple banking started goes in there. All right, that's that done. Put this up. Here it is, out of the way, and then you want around about 1/4 of a cup off, Would so and if any would make a nice little paste. So we'll see how we get on here. Might need a little bit more My name? A little bit less So depending all right. Mixed up into a nice little paste. So there's a great thing you could do with the kids. I looks good over that. Perfect. All right, so you see that And there were put it entire little modes. So just spin the senate through here. Try not to make too big a miss, so you could make it. You know, obviously, a lot more. If you want to. Just double up here, whatever your name, deliver him out. Look at that. All right. To a pretty little love hearts. And now what we're going to do is we're gonna add essential oils. What? Mia. So I just made these lovely little orange ones, so I put a drop into each one. So then, you know, you've got exactly the amount. Okay, So there's two look like I wanted to jobs came out quicker than I expected. And so there you go. All you need to do now is let that dry and then they'll come out and you put them into a stay Chris bag. And then So when they have a share in the morning away, they will share nighttime on or the colds and flu's. And what have you used those? It's great fun. 27. Making balms: Okay, So I just want to talk to about throughout this cause I've made a deliberate attempt to make it super simple. You know, I haven't been doing recipes. I've got out the remember Third, because where if you want to make body, but as lip bars and goodness knows what, That's another court, this course, because with parents, you know, we got enough. I've got one shot I can't imagine. But my sister got for their growing up now, but raising three Children and you know we're busy, right? That's the point. So I didn't want to make it get your life even more complicated on so just making a really 80 things to do to adapt in your life, to use essential oils that are easy, doable, quick and really effective. So that's why I haven't done, you know, bombs and body butters and stuff like that. All right? I just want it super simple. However, I want to show you just in case you do want to make a bomb for your child. Maybe got x mo, or you could make coughs in college and rub it on like that and fill in the blank any any of the the century oil combinations. But you could do that using now. Okay. Cooking at all. Organic called fresh, extra virgin coconut oil goes without saying right. Okay, that's what you gotta be by, um, naked. See, this is in liquid form because cargo becomes a liquid at 76 F or above, which about, I think, 27 degrees Celsius. So if you're in a cold climate, this would be solar or partially solid. Okay, So the easiest, easiest way that if you want to make a bomb, is you get to do the same as I talked about the carrier. Oils are same dilution. You're gonna use coconut oil. Remember, coconut oil is fabulous for dry, flaky skin. Skin conditions absolutely sensational for your bad skin, that sort of thing. You two tablespoons, which is 30 mills, which is one fluid out of coconut oil. Then your address. Settle. Drop central drops depending on your state of four, drops for 40.5 or older Children will go one, so up to nine drops right on your dilution table mixers through and into a little container and then put it in the fridge. Don't go hard. So you keep it. They're air tight living there. And then whatever you want, You you get out, bring a little bit out there. Put it on and Robert on their or robbery charges for cough so you could have that in the fridge. All right, that's that's number one. Easiest bomb ever. Right now, if you like, may live in a climate where you want to take it somewhere, you want to take it wherever you're going, you're traveling well, that's gonna go back to a liquid form if your planet is over 76 to graze like here. So then what you could do is at bees wax pill. It's all right now for the Vegans. If you want to be sweat you can use can Delia wets or Canicoba wax on and to get you around the beeswax. Okay, so it's really simple. Let me show, um, what you need to do. You get a pan, this work order or if you've got a double boiler. Good on yet. But if you don't, you're gonna do what I'm going to do. Pyrex dish. So if you're going to put you want to use around about a 3 to 1 ratio. So that is three off the coconut oil. One off beeswax pellets. Alright, Beeswax. Petrol, then hardened this up. So, what you do now, if it's too liquidy? Utkan making formula with more base webs. All right or less Cooking up, but 3 to 1 generally good. 34 The ones really generally pretty good. Coconut, three tablespoons on base rex one. So you put those into your pirates dish, have It's about an inch of water. Put this into the water. So be up about here. And then you put that on the stove, all right. And then you're just city. They will milk the beeswax, and your coconut oil will melt. All right, So once you've got that, then you will add your essential was never a member. You're gonna have to just calculate four times extra because you know what, 44 tablespoons of big. So which two ounces? Right. So just looking dilution. Child work out. If it's a 20.51% and they just work out your number. Number of drops, easy peasy, lemon squeezy. Let that cool down just slightly. So it's not really hot. Endure your essential oil gin and then you put it into a little tight containers. Mason job. What have you and then that will stay solid. All right, that's what you want to do. If you want to make it, take it with you because the climate where you live, it's, you know, it's just It's like, you know, it's too hot on, so that's a great way so you could take it and use it like that on and all right, so that's it. So I just want to touch on that. But the easiest way. Just coconut that put it in the fridge on. You can use that for whatever conditions you're treating or just Edson bees wax. Read about 3 to 1 ratio. 3214 to 1 ratio. See what's better, more being sexual, making firmer and, of course, less will make it less firm and see how you get on. So that's just if you wanna have a bit of fun. Makes bombs. That's all you need to do 28. How to use aromatherapy with babies.: Okay, So when it comes to treating babies, Children for two years and under, let's stay in a very conservative approach. Okay, I think it's much wiser. Especially thing I don't know your child, your baby with health problems If it's weaker than other Children of the Baileys on someone and so forth, what's the medical problems and so on, so forth. So the best way to dio with the babies are using hydro cells rather than putting essential oils topically on their skin. So remember Hydra sold from the distillation process. That's the water. It's 2000 times less than a century. Oil misfires its potency, so it's really great. You can use it on diaper rash so you get, like, 11 hydro soul and spread it for diaper rash. You spreading their crib in their rooms so that not using a central oils topically at all. Okay, so this is a really safe way and say hold it 100 salt. Absolutely gorgeous lavender camomile these sorts of things and use their qualities without having to risk any problems with using essential oils and the potency that they have so you can put you can defuse. So, for example, a couple of great ways and say Hydra SOS. Yes, you can spread on diaper rash, you condone. Use it on X men if you charge extra and so on and so forth sprang around because the common quality of, say, lavender and camomile, for example who is still using the qualities of the essential oils that you would to come a child. Another great thing you could do is for moms and dads is that if you go small baby again, rather topic, they can inhale it. So what you do, you get 30 mills. One house have said carrier oil or unscented cream, and you put in 2 to 3 drops off, Say, lavender essential oil, and you put it on your back here on the back of the shoulders here. So when you're holding your baby, they still get to inhale. Let's sit there crying. So your baby here remembering back to Liam now is a little baby on hold them, and because you put on here now, they just get to inhale the lavender, and then it's just beautifully to help calm them down. Plus, so get this sense memory because as a baby, when they were agitated that would inhale this beautiful lavender. So as they grow older that had this sense, memory of vegetation and how 11 that helps him. So that's a great way. One ounce of sacred on Senate cream. So you get that 2 to 3 drops in, and you could rub that carrier oil, whatever you like, and it's great way to do that as well. The other thing you could do is to diffuse, and you could use lavender, say, three drops a lender and two of German camomile on door ramen cama. So use that in your diffuser so say five drops total and you only need around for about 10 minutes. And you could put that on before your baby goes to sleep so you could just diffuse just 10 minutes well ventilated room. And so then you've got the beautiful healing qualities from the diffuser going through the room, but said, The point is, we're not gonna use essential oils topically when you use hyper souls and difference of batters and that sort of thing carrier oils, but without the essential oils in them. But you can put on your back with your essential oils like I talk about and use hydro salts freely. No problems whatsoever, and it's a great alternative, keeping everything really, really safe. 29. Sweet Dreams Blend for Babies: All right. So what I want to do, I want to show you how to make a really beautiful blend for for safe. I call it sweet dreams. So Okay, so what you wanna do You wanna put the future on, say, 10 or 15 minutes before you put your baby to the bedroom. OK, so you can put up 5 to 10 minutes. That's all you need. Now, if you were to forget to put on you to put your baby the nursery, then make sure the doors open. So the rooms, well ventilated, that's not going to overwhelm your baby. Okay, um, now, I suggest a five drop maximum a total in your future. But again, drop it back there. You know, if your baby's newborn or has certain health issues or so on and so forth, Just put one drop in and see how you get on. Okay, Five drops is the maximum, but just put in one or two drops, OK? Always stick on that. That conservative side. All right. Now, the four. I'm gonna show you a really beautiful blend, but whatever sense had the four oils that are really now course I'm talking about babies. But for your Children of any age yourself, these oils are particularly good for calming for your behavioral issues. Agitation, nervousness, anxiety. Andi, sleep. Okay, so the 1st 1 is cedarwood. Cedar is incredibly grounding. Very calming. So this one? Yeah. Oh, go into this in a little bit further in a minute. But so cedarwood sweet orange. These ring you notes, by the way, camomile Roman Can my preferably but Roman or German cama. Beautifully, incredibly calming. And also, of course, 11 doula and gusta folio 11 to true lavender. All right, so those four oils you can use for calming I'm gonna show this blend. But maybe maybe you try out 11. Or maybe tribe, lavender and camomile or may ST George maybe one has more of an affinity with your baby or your child. Because, of course, if you blend these issues with your babies now and they love them, puts them to sleep, what calms them down, then, of course, they're going to have this sense memory, you know? So if their two year old having attention, you put it back on. You put the thing that they remember as a child. This sense memory And so that's the beautiful thing as they grow up. You use these, of course, are anxiety. Attack is an adult. You put it back on. You had it was a baby. All right, so this is a really wonderful thing. All right? So just spoken up these four. Of course there are others, but I'm just gonna focus on these four to keep it really, really simple for you. So now what I want to say is if your baby has a child, but we're talking about babies in this section hasn't goes to sleep really well with cedarwood. Then change the or sweet orange or has then you can change the blend around and play with a little bit. All right, but I'm just gonna give you a stop blend. That's really, really fantastic. So but there's here. Okay. Are so what you're going to need? So if you're going to, um, you're just, like test out, which also better. Then you say five dropped. Maximum said maybe you try cedarwood. Two drops of that on one of sweet orange. Two beautiful combination was seeded with 11 or just one of 11 1 drop of 11 dough. So you play, we go. Oh, wow. This really worked well, so then you can based on here. But here's one that I really love. We use it here at the end of the day. It's a beautiful sleep blend. So what you're going to need is to get yourself a five once found inside, then rather have to do a drop each night. If you've got a blend the go or certain oils you got, this really works. Well, then you don't have to keep making it up. Keep dropping. You've got your blend made. So you get still for five mil bottle, you could get them on Amazon. Or do what I've done. Just repurpose toe on essential Abbado. Clean it out. Take off the orifice reducer. Okay. And what you're going to do is you're going to put in 30 drops of this beautiful calming seeded would. Okay, so you would put in 30 drops off your cedarwood, right? And then you get your beautiful 11 doula and gusta folio every 11 and then you put in Mark . It smells beautiful. 25 drops of lavender. Okay. And then 20 drops of sweet orange. All right, so they blend there. So that's 30 25 2030 55 75 drops. Okay, so five mills is around about 100 drops. So you got five. Mills is a good size bottle, because, of course, you don't want to put into a 10 mill. But if you could help because going oxidize more it more easily because you've got more space in the bottle. So that's why Bible is really good for 75 drop total. Okay, so then you've got your friend, right, And you mix it up gently like this, Okay? And then this is your blend. So So let's say and then do one there, 1 to 2 drops into diffuser. Okay, 10 minutes before your baby goes to sleep. Okay, So this is a beautiful bed or your kids say this is not exclusive for babies, right? These are really beautiful calming oils that you can use and use for yourself as I go throughout the course, all these blends you can use for yourself you can use for your teenagers and so on and so forth. Your husband, your wife, because the quality is still there. But of course, the focus is on babies and Children. But never forget that any of these recipes and blends that I go through for people of all ages. 30. Aloe Vera Hydrosol for your babies skin: All right. So I want to show you a really great thing. You could do the high results. Now, remember hydro souls again? Not just for your baby. They are fantastic to keep in the fridge for sunburn. They're incredibly calming as a savior for the whole family. Hydro salt, A brilliant. And if you keep them in the fridge for someone at a cooling effect as well. So what I've done here, So we're going to do this is great for it's a hydra style with aloe in it, which is fantastic for your little cuts and scrapes. Diaper rash, that red and inflamed baby acne. These sorts of skin problems. So what you do make sure when you buy your hydro sold, make sure that it's organic. Drink organic on due. Also, to be careful with shelf life so, you know, thrown out after a few weeks when you make them up, Okay? Because you know what? Your shelf life with harder source has a water based product. All right, so what do you need? You need a 60 mil, which is 12 ounce, two ounce spray. Bo OK, And you get your hydro. So I've got 11. Heartfelt. And I just repurpose this little one washed him out on bond. So this is so you fill it 3/4 for I guess it, you know, so 3/4 full of your heart, your soul. So this is 11 heart. So beautiful. Okay, so there with that, then what you got ahead, your pure Hello. All right, So you're going to get here. I put it about a table, a teaspoon and 1/2. Okay, so you get your head, and then you're going to put it into So 1.5 years, the half year, So it's a bit of a guesstimate 1.5. So good. Sorry about that clinking sound there. Okay. Better let noisier next to the my phone. So then you shake him up. Of course, because it's for babies. There's no essential oils. So you've got a lavender hydro soul stroke Hydra. Let also known and hello. So to say it's great for cuts and scrapes and die. Paresh your skin conditions. Absolutely brilliant. Sunburn So perfect for baby perfect. It's perfect for adults 31. To summarize...: All right. So let me just stop the baby's section, okay? So many babies would take during newborn two years old. So let me sum it up like this. We're not gonna use essential oils. Topically. Okay. Instead, you use hydro souls. Camomile German, a Roman camera. Hard yourself. 11 Hardball's for things like neporent, bumps and bruises. Ex MMA think hydro souls. The incredibly powerful and safe to use any sort of skin disorders, bumps or bruises, grazes, scrapes, that sort of thing. Then think your higher souls topically. So that includes but no central's in Bard's nothing like that. All right, but we defuse essential oils with your four mainstays. Sweet orange, lavender, camomile and cedarwood. Okay, these was for defusing just for five or 10 minutes in the room. And that's all you really need to know. It is really that simple. Now, for dry skin you can use coconut oil is exceptionally good for dry skin problems on again for nappy rash, maybe expeditions things. Think hydro cells with particular dry skin. Issue used coconut oil. Also, of course, you've got pure alive, era again organic Allah bear without any essential or so. That's really where a simple a zit is Talavera hydro souls. Coconut oil talked typically. And then you've got your four, your four big oils that you want to use for calming. For coughs and colds. There's a great seed with decongestant antibacterial antiviral 11 sweet oranges. Fantastic. So these are great for coughs and colds to defuse them. Onda also, of course, remember that method I showed you? You can put some into a carrier oil. A couple drops in capital carry oil looking your notes again if you've gotten so maybe lavender, maybe camomile, whatever you want and put that in when you're nursing a baby and they could smell that coming from your skin As you're putting, you just need a little dollar on there. You don't need to put here the whole duty, the whole ounce of hope, 30 meals, just a little little bit of your put on. And then if your baby is your news of your baby or wherever you want to put it. Okay, so that's it. In a nutshell. Simple as that. Now let's move on to two year olds and up 32. Ok, just a reminder on how to apply everything to maximal therapeutic effect: All right, So now we're going to start trip looking at different treatments for different am etcetera . Thing I just wanted to write remind you about the methods of application because now they're so I don't have to go over them over and over them so that you've got really in your mind conference as to what? Whether it's topical application with inhalation or both. On what I want to remind you what their best for. So when it comes to mood for to help your child sleep, remember, I'll be talking about Children. But I'm also if this is you as well. So any any of the things I talk about for your child also apply to you. Of course. You know, if you having problems sleeping, you're agitated, your nervous anxiety and so on and so forth. Nausea, whatever. All right. So mood emotions, sleeping, these sorts of things respiratory conditions, inhalation. Now, when we come inhalation, what does that mean? That could be the ball with the steam that I talked about for five years and over, remember, Could be steam. It could be the smelling salts that I showed you how to make just like that this could mean nasal inhalers for kids. Five years and over, we talked about diffuser in the house. Okay, so those air inhalation, fewer inhalation so, you know, affect mood coughs and colds. The sorts of things. Think of these as well. Okay, topical application. So we're talking. You might want to make a bomb or your oils that you could apply that directly if you make yourself in oil or about with coca and put it in the fridge Like I talked about roller bottles. A brilliant so topical application will be things like skin problems, bites and stings, birds, these sorts of things. So skin complaints Xmas top of magic. A topical application. Alright, topical end inhalation. Best for lower respiratory, your bronchitis. Asthma. So you're doing both inhale and put it into a bomb and oil. What have you roll the balls? So you apply that here and also with the inhaler, those sorts of things. So Okay, so I just want to remind you that as we go through that the methods of applications are really important. So you get the most effect from therapeutic benefits from essential oils 33. Irritation and Sensitization: now. I talked to you about irritation and sensitization. Okay, So what are these? So you put on it. This is why it's so important to keep your delusions at a low level. I've seen recommendations from certain countries, 30 50% of essential oils. And what happened to see you increase your risk of irritating your skin? Okay, when you're applying at toppling topically, so what happens is you get arrest. So if you have any certain essential oil sites in about will irritate the skin mark. They're known irritants as well. So you gotta be careful with that as well. But so what you do, you always want to dilute it and keeping it safe levels. And you go to be much better off someone's. If your person that has particularly sensitive skin or, you know, someone you gotta treat with sensitive skin, then keep those delusions down to 1% or less. There's no benefit putting too much on your delusion. 5 10%. And then you irritate the skin. If you do get an irritation that you want to wash it off with soap and water, Okay, now, worse than that is sensitization on. This happens Well, very much more common if you're putting essential oils on neat okay, meaning undiluted. So putting on their you could get sensitized even with lavender. Okay, there's a lot of aroma therapists that you're back in the nineties and some of them before that We're just putting 11 on Nick and they get sensitized. Sensitization is an allergic reaction to the essential oil on. Then what happens is you may never be able to for the rest of your life, never be of use limited Senator Levin. And again, you get this allergic reaction to them. So which is really unfortunate, of course, if you want to do something as incredible as 11 or essential oil. So that's why you don't put centralized on. Keep the dilution levels like a recommending the course, and you keep their safety levels so that you're not it. Put yourself in a much higher risk category of one irritation or worse, sensitization 34. A word about essential oil safety and phototoxicity: okay. Someone just talked about photo toxicity. Otherwise, notice photosensitivity on what that means. OK, so there soon oils that if you put them on topic Lee then and go out into the sun, it can have a reaction with the son. Very much like somebody, actually even blister. All right, So photo toxicity or photosensitivity, their oil was generally the Citrus oils. Okay, so, bergamot and lime at the most photosensitive burger, my being the most so you can get more than to drop maximum on now. I don't recommend the street. Of course. I'm just saying this just in case you when I might put on some Citrus oils into a nice cream on, put that on my child and myself, and then you go out of the sun and get this this burn reaction like this Sunburn. So what do you do? OK, first of all, if you did now you have looking. Your resource is you'll see the watch to the Demel maximum on the amount of drops per outside. Believe it is I've got there. So where No more than two drops of bergamot. Poor outs on several. Do you have that? No. Now, so if you do, If you cover, cover up the skin gonna be fine. Otherwise you can't go out into the sun for at least 24 hours. All right, now, if you got by, see if they're cold pressed certain certain Citrus oils. But they're certain centers that are not photosensitive. Others are Okay, So let's have a look. Just for example, line if it's cold pressed lime. So that's what you're gonna look at your bottle and say, or the manufacturer wherever you getting it. If it's cold pressed, it'll be photo toxic. However, if steam distilled, there is no longer photo toxic. Okay, so the distillation process doesn't make it so toxic. So then you're fine. Now, with bergamot, you could get a Bergamo, which is called a gapped in free or FCF free. So if you get that, then the constituents been removed, gapped in, and so then you find as well. All right, so just keep a lookout for those. So heaven knows. So if you get Bergamo, get captain free if you're going to use it topically, alright, the same with Citrus or it's gonna use it topically heavily, but the ones where they're not photo toxic and the phone toxicities are different. Grapefruit. You could use about 24. You don't really have to worry about this because you're not gonna people in 24 drops because we had delusion. Rates are so low. But I just want you to know that just in case you are, you know, someone that doesn't know anything about this or you gonna do you experiment with doing Citrus and topically or something like that. So you need to know. So have fun tonight, and then I'll explain everything as well. 35. Dilution rates for children from 2 years and up: All right, So now we start using essential oils topically on Children from two years, two years old, I have to say, 12 years old. Okay, on. We're gonna divide them between the ages of two and six and 6 to 12. All right, with their dilution rates. Now, I want to say that if your child has any medical issues, you're suffers from any particular issues, and you're not sure then, please, please, please, go on. Ask her to certified around therapist or a doctor that's qualified in aromatherapy, perhaps so didn't make sure. So they're not under any doubts. All right, now, so from the ages 2 to 6, we're going to stay conservative. I'm going to use a 60.50 point 5% dilution. Right? So what is it? That's four drops total in his in your notes, by the way. So you need to try and write this down so that this is your carrier. Let's say that is olive oil, coconut oil. That's 30 mills, which is announced, which is two tablespoons. So let's have two tablespoons of a carrier oil. Coconut oil will call it. And then to that, you would add four drops off total off essential oil where that should blend of what on what? Single oil? Whether to blend. It will be four drops or less total, which is 1/2 a percent. That's from ages 2 to 6 from 6 to 12 to 12 in the same amount of carry oil. The two tables spurs you, then be using nine drops OK, which is 1% so nine drops or less total. All right, so this journey for you. So let's just make sure you got that from age 2 to 6, and I'll keep reinforcing it said that too much two tablespoons of carrier oil. Add four drops if your child or Children aged between the ages of two and six. Okay, if there is between six and 12 then you'll use nine drops into your to tailor. Suppose you mix him up off your carrier oil, okay, or whatever you're using with its customers. So what have you? All right, so there you have it. I want to get that clear off. Reinforce it. It will be in your notes, so no need to worry, but they're your maximums that we're gonna stay by the 1% or have sent for younger, younger Children 36. Personal Inhaler for Anxiety/Nervousness/First day back to school etc: I want to give you an inhaler blend. Now I'm gonna give you diffusing blends. It's well and give you a couple of different blends in your notes, but I want to show inhaler blend. That is just profound. Let's say your child has is going back to school and got anxiety. Or maybe there's a test coming up or a school performance on my son had he doesn't like speaking in front of, you know, there was a performance in front of the school. Unlike May, I couldn't careless Hey gets really nervous, so I made in this bled. It's absolutely beautiful for anxiety. Now tip them straight into the into the little inhale. At this time, you never last time I put them into a dish. I just show you this method. So I got the Cotton Wick in there. All right, so this is a beautiful blend. Now, cedarwood talk about. Of course, cedarwood is grounding. Its cedarwood is profoundly calming. Grounding, I think it said somewhere in the course of about cedarwood how I was imagine just the big, huge, massive, majestic cedarwood trees Just going You're okay. I'm just like getting a big tree hug not, maybe in a tree hugger, the trees hugging May. So that's what they do. That's the picked will. Just one of the effects of cedarwood emotionally is incredibly coming. So three drops off cedarwood, you hear? Takes it a bit more to get out to three. All right. I just I don't know about you, but I just never get sick of these beautiful aromas. Just never. OK, lavender. Is there anything need to be said? Of course. It's beautiful. Calming at three drops of lavender. That's right. I don't want to get one over there, you know, for droppin or something like that. Frankincense, once again, just beautiful. Such a well, unbelievably coming smells a spectacular. So we're gonna put two drops off going on for exit, have a go two drops, frankincense and one of Roman Kenema. Where is he? So, of course, Redman. Cama is, um, one drop. Just one drop of that. So there's 10 drops, So camomile is, of course, uh, famous of being calming for anxiety coming for the skin. They pop the balloon for the base, I guess. You know, a minute. Yeah, I think No. Okay. All right. So there you are shaking around and then you've got this center before this could last for a year, at least 3 to 6 months long as you your central, I always on oxidizes. That's not going past the shelf life of the actual essential oils, but depending on how often you use it. And don't keep them in a hot car or anything like just like it normally would with your essential oils. And it is just so maybe said what you do. Now remember, this is just not the kids, these kid friendly. So remember, this is five years and over, but of course you can use them for yourself. Great. If you meditate, pray you wanna be calmed down. So you have. So I don't forget. Throughout the course, I'm giving you these with kids from kid friendly oils, kids safe oils. But it caused all of these start excuse May. All of these are perfectly great future years, of course. And so from head Oh, you could put in 15 instead of 10. So you can you can up the drops by five. So but absolutely gorgeous. I'm keeping this on hand. So this is a wonderful anxiety on uh, blend for anxiety and, uh, and you're sees diffuser. Bliss. Now, course, you can use this in the diffusion as well. This is not just for this. Remember, you can use this. Blend this up, put a few drops in your roller bottles, put in carrier oils from massage and so on. And so forth is long, which is stick with the delusion. Right. Remember, this is 10 in here. The Children. Which about what? You want to blend that up? You could use that in your diffuser. 10 drops if you want to. Just drop them in separately. So all of this is there for you. You can mix and match. Put him into carrier oils, put him into inhalers. Just get your dilutions right and say, Don't forget to use it on yourself. 37. How to improve focus and concentration by doing these steps.: Okay, so I want to talk to you about making blends for focus for attention. 80 HD These sorts of things. Memory, perhaps, and on how to go about it. Right? Okay, so let's let's just take up a scenario. Let's say that your child is not focused, not concentrating. Um, you need to find what reading isn't because in nervous, because they're, you know, they're they're uncomfortable in the surroundings of scores. A new school, perhaps, and that's what they're not focused. So then do you need to sophistication? You need to go for the anxiety inhalers that I talked about five over. So this is where you can start working on, you know, have a look at the qualities of the oils that I've got you and say, All right, Is it because they just don't have really much energy or something? They need to be stimulated more. Okay, so putting this blend of a stimulating blend more more to stimulate them because, you know, they just they just didn't have the energy or not. I can't remember things, or they just have problems focusing. So you're using those oils shooting or like, wanted to say, maybe because it agitated, nervous. They test coming up and they just think they get too nervous. So they you probably don't want to give them a stimulating blend because you want them to calm down whenever lavender, that will help them. You know, calm down. I remember when I studied around the therapy and acupuncture, there would be people I would go in there. You just nice and relaxed and I have done my work, but everyone had done their work. But there was just a certain subset of people that they came in and they would do. They did break out when it came time for exams, and I didn't way. They studied way more than I did because I was working, doing massages, to pay for my courses on time, working that Goethe University and work where these were full time students. So they had way more time to study. And I do better in my exempt because I was in there just nice and calm and just acceptance if you like. I'm here now because when you get nervous, you have mental blocks. You just you know, you know what it's like when you get nervous. You just you can't perform at your best so that come in on that. Be having rosemary sniffing Rosemead, sniffing basil and always yourself. I think these are the wrong oils. They should be having something to settle them down to the similar down. Then the memories will come through that you're all the work done, then once it. But now they were having these stimulating oils when they needed to. You get the yang, if you like in Chinese medicine, bring that yang down. Bring the year up to get bounced that way, so to speak with Children again. I said, let's say, for example, you know, you know the reasons they're not focusing or they need to focus. Okay, so maybe there is no reason. Maybe not anxious. So you're gonna go, OK? We're going to use a blend that stimulates them. You know, it's not nervous is. So I'll give him a stimulating blend like I've got in your notes for you that we did it the very start to get you focused for my court. All right, so that was great Fruit lime. And I think black pepper can't remember us to lift to say that. All right, So here's what you could do when they're studying at home. Then you diffuse in the room. You could also have a nasal inhaler, a personal inhaler for them. But you could diffuse and have that same set of oils, right? So let's say it's great fruit. Lyman Breath, black pepper. They diffuse that whilst this studying. Okay. And now give them a personal inhaler with the same oils, the same oils. So the blend that they study so that it's gonna have a physical emotional connection to the run. The therapy. Okay, Because they were studying and there were sniffing these oils and they connected to that, helped him with it. And then they go to the test where they go to this sporting event. They go, whatever their god their performance on, then they get there and they're doing school prayer to remember their lives. All right, so you could do this. So this is a fabulous way to help them. That they learned the launch for the player home. They did that. And then they got there the full of for months. They do this at all. The memories come flooding back. Everything comes, everything brings it into focus, you understand. So again, it could be a cream and unscented lotion, you know, toppling but best thing again for mood and memory and focus on whether it's calming. So they had the calming or because they're nervous about the school play. So they go in, they rehearse in their bedroom or wherever home they go through their lives and have common goals. Lavender very ever. But surely whatever you want, I got a calming blend their focus as well. So the point is, anything they gonna take that and they have their calming oilers because the problem was their nerves or the anxiety inhaler that I showed you before. So any of these blends and this is where it gets really, I've given you these breads. I've given you selected oils that recommend. But then when you want to take it further and I'm gonna have experiment well, you know, and likewise, make sure they once that they like it. If someone doesn't like the Langlands but go about its calming, then that's not gonna be so good. All right. You want something? OK, give another example. Liam. I made a brand of I can't remember. What about or something to help with school. But he loved Lemon. So I made him a different inhaler with lemon and orange, cause just stimulate him because I love the snow. This so that's really important for you. And figured you know what? To make something that that's to go. I really don't like the smell of that. You want them to love it. So not only they love that therapeutic benefits, but same time it's gonna piss Positive reinforcement. It was good. It makes me feel so good. I love this. I just can't do without it. Yeah, so these are the balances that you go through when you start to take it to another level with your blends and that sort of thing. It could be single oil as well. Maybe just love love, like I don't Levinger 11 just takes me. I just love it saying with Liam at night time, just a drop of 11 releasing off to sleep. He doesn't need Sander. What? He doesn't You know, that is it for him. And that will carry on for years to come. And maybe through his whole life, you know, get stressed. And that's everything. Levin is it for him? So you understand that's the connection is really important. One focusing on why for concentration. Why why were they not concentrating? Met many memory problems. Maybe focus and that sort of thing. Why is it do they stimulation the balance? Do they agitated and then do that? So do it at home or wherever the workplaces or whatever. And so they reinforced with Nigel Hiles Roller Board What haven't what have you or diffuser ? Where they have to go to whatever you know, So just to connect those dots and they reputedly going to an even better job. 38. Aloe Hand Cleanser: All right. So I'm gonna show you how to do this. Absolutely wonderful ello hand cleanser. All right, So you're going to need depending on how much you clean your hands. And how many kids have gotten that sort of thing. I've heard of two ants. Little bottle here. You could use one else. I don't have a one ounce one. So what we're doing, we're gonna fill them up with a nice Hello. So scored is in here. That is the tube, Not may, just by the way, just in case you're wondering. All right, for a nice organic Hello? Guy in there. Really? There. All right, beautiful. And now I'm gonna add to this five drops of lavender, okay. And five drops of cedarwood again. You could use tea tree oil if you wanted to. No worries at all. A lot of people that like tea tree oil. Well, no love some people. I personally love it. That's probably because I'm Australian and it comes from Australia. I don't know. And five to see to it. Let's go here. It's been in the fridge just a little bit thicker to three for Alia her tea. I love the combination. Such a common combination of lavender and cedarwood. All right, Shake, shake, shake. That's it, then smells out of this world because you had so that I had the alcohol. The smell with sanitizers that you buy Absolutely beautiful. I love a give that a go. 39. A word about water based products on the skin and solubol: Okay, so I wanted just to talk about the ally here. I failed to mention it when we're making it the yellow hand now, because no. Okay, so what you want to do with because L O is a water based product, is remember, with water, border and oils don't mix right now, because the guy that I was using, it has anthem gum in it, which is a Fichtner. I didn't need to use a dispersant multi fire. Okay, but so I want to be clear about this. So if you don't have a thickening agent so you don't get your grub use of essential oil on your skin, you want to get some things called solar ball? Okay, so s o l u b o l soluble now. So what? This does it so liberalizes in the most buzz. So if you're going to use a water based product So I haven't mentioned it in the course to now because yeah, I want to keep it as simple as possible. But if you want to make, say, let's say you've got 11 hydro soul for you want to use it for yourself for somebody when you wanted to put in some extra 11 2 drops because the hydra soul, because it's actually is a water based products. So what you want to buy is solar bow and your generation one before so if you've got one drop of lavender, you put four drops of soluble that were then effectively impulsive. Fire and disperse it through through your water breaks so that you're not going to get any globular of essential oils on your skin. Body sprays missed those sorts of things. That's where it becomes important. Special got sensitive skin. So let's say you want to make you know a facial spritzer so you got to distilled water and you want to put into essential oils for yourself and for your kids, you know, And so you're putting your solar boat. So I've got a link in the notes for you for where to find it. So you just add that that will disperse it. That will most if I like I talked about before. Instead of using alcohol, this is a great and you cost. You can use it for the bath instead of using cash still, So instead of using a carrier oil to dispose the essential Hollows in you can use soluble as well. So if you had five drops of rose essential oil Wonder four. It's roughly one before that they do very. But I wonder for it be five drops of central 20 drops of soluble. So have a look at your nose. So because if you won't do water based, so l o based approach you don't have a thickening agent. You're not sure? Then put in a soluble. So think l I was water based. I think you're spritzes these sorts of things body sprays. We're going to spray them on your body so that you can have a nice disposing emulsified for your space so soluble. 40. Sunburn: Okay, let's take a look at minor burns and in particular Sanburn. So there are a few different options. Okay, Essential oil wise. Lavender is king now, Talavera, you could put on Talavera. Just you just need elevator on there. You could also get 11 hydro soul if you got there and then spray that on what I suggest is having in the fridge. So it's cool as well. So Talavera or 11 Hydro soul, You could even mix the two of them together 50 50 with Talavera and 11 high hydro soul and spray the moment with the wound healing capabilities of Ally Vera Now. Or if you don't have access to any of them, you could get yourself. Get some water, okay? And add some lavender drops to that. So if you're going to have a say 120 mils, which is four ounces. Okay, you put just eight drops maximum into that. Now, remember, what do we have to remember? Okay, Water. It's a water based product. And so you're gonna have a central. So you want to put in your soldier bowl? Okay. So you need to soluble to disperse the central in the water, So what you would do is a drops. So wonder. Four. So you put 38 drops of lavender, so you need around about 32 drops of soluble in the liquid and then shake them all up to disperse them. OK, so that's for four ounces, Uh, which is what we're doing now. Four ounces, 120 milliliters and you just have eight drops 11 in there and get keeping the fridge and 32 drops of soluble. And then you could spray that on keeping in the fridge and just pray that on like that, so there are a few different way to go now Course, you could also use coconut cream, and that's anything. But I think the spritzers are way better an ally. Vera. It's well, but just for that cooling calming. If you get down to the base, you get somebody spray that on. Say, if you got easy access to getting hydro souls, that's an easy way to buy that. And you could just spray on 11 to Hydra Cell or Roman camomile German camomile of a sorts of things. Once again, if you want to add more drops to your hydro so you could add that. And just remember at some soluble to your heart, your soul as well, because it's a water based product. All right, so there you are terrorists, and they are absolutely fantastic where it counts, treating minor burns and indeed somebody. 41. What to do for scrapes, minor cuts and grazes.: All right, so the little tech it, he's got a long He's only escape board and he falls off the Grace Disney. He's got a scrape on. The elbow comes in crying. What do you do? I'll tell you what to do. You cannot go past Talavera. It's that study after study. It's incredible. It's getting too technical. It's got five domestic activity proliferation. In other words, what it does it hills. Would it prevent scarring? It's absolutely used for thousands of years. It's absolutely amazing. Now, once again, you can't go past a lavender or tea tree. Either of those are you Go to Okay, so 11 or tea tree and you've got the dilutions in there Now. The other thing, when it comes to words and scrapes is once again think of your hydro source. So going back into the course, don't don't just think like the hydro souls were for the baby's hydro souls are incredible , so you have to get them as well. Haider Souls 11 to hide assault eatery Haider So they're absolutely brilliant. That and Ally Vera, you can't go wrong 42. Bumps and bruises oil: all right. I want to show you a fantastic oil that you can use for kids, bumps and bruises. They get knocked around. The got a bruise. So this is a really fantastic combination. Beautiful blend. Now you can if you don't have all of these oils used, the ones that you've got are going to make a 1% dilution. So that's got kids aged between six and 12 right? It's all in, you know, So don't worry. So what you need is a 30 mil bottle. Now, if your kids about between two and six, then what you've got is a 60 mil bottle, so you'll add 60 mils of carrier oil to the nine drops on. That way, you have a 90.5%. Okay. All right. So what you gonna do The first oil rampant in this hell across him? Hello. Crisis isn't a central that's absolutely brilliant for wound healing. For pain, for information, redness. It's absolutely splendid. So we're gonna put three drops of hell a crisis in this. Okay, one, Teoh three. All right. And then, of course, where would we be without Levinger? We're gonna put a couple drops. 11 11 $11. Guests gasp! Euphoria! So two drops of that in to to because Lebanon is great and ah ji zig pain relieving. Of course, being an A to Z anti inflammatory. It's absolutely sensational. Cypresses again, All of these by the essentials improves circulation as well. So this is one of the reasons we're doing two drops of Cyprus. You gotta be careful with these and frankincense. Another great pain relieving oil. It's calming and improves circulation as well. So two drops off frankincense in there as well. One come on to okay. And then we had carry oil to that plant, which I've already got in there. So that's what you want to do. And then now, if you want to make your this is a great one to do a Rollerball Sorry, roller bottle. So you can use that blend. I mean, you could just use it like that and, you know, public onto the bumps and bruises. Um, or, of course, you can put it into your roller bottle and you got one made up here, so just transfer that directly into your role a bottle, and then for bumps and bruises, you've got it there. Put your label on. So they get bumps and bruises. That just smells amazing. So you get that rub that in there. So then you're dilution is already made up, right? So you don't have to worry. So this is remember, the roller bottles of General 10 mil. So you have to start worrying about are how many of these drops in the 10 mill? You've got dilution made up there. So then you simply transferred into roller bottle and away you go chicken at that one. You can have that one. What if you like? 43. Immune boosting oils and blends: Okay, so I want to show you some moves immune boosting blends now. So, for example, if it's coming up to flu season or if you're going travel like we're going to Australia in a couple of months and I will take these with us Absolutely. Because you know how people go on holidays and they get sick or, you know, your traveling from one country to another. And so they're different germs. They're on. So people get it so often, it often happens. So I've got. So the best thing you could do is in Hayley's again to boost your immune system getting through. So again, think your personal inhalers, and that's what will be taken with us. Now remember, I can't go about the personal inhalers. But remember, I told you, even used the ones with your salts in here with the Himalayan pink. So and you said, if you don't have a person, use one of your old bottles or buy them and use those, you know, absolutely perfect. You got those. You put them in your in your travel pack and you've got that. So you know, like I say, you know, I talk about Brown DuBose on a personal hairless because they are so hand they're so easy to do. But, you know, you could have this. And so you choose between any of these. But this is obviously the easy option if you don't have these, but any of these immune boosting you could for May, the best way would be inhalation. Just like with respect to kill bacteria and anti violence, going into your Lums would be the best. Right now. Of course, you could do it. Topically here, this sort of thing. But really inhalations it. So think diffusing before you go on holidays. Take your person inhalers washer on holidays. All right, That's exactly I say when we go to Australia. It's my grandmother's 1/100 birthday. She's sharp as a whip. She's 100 years old. I'm booking it like five months in advance because she's just rock solid. She lives by herself. She's completely independent. Number looks after her mind is sharp, is incredible. Just fantastic. So we're heading across there. Can't wait. It was like to have drifted off into Australia already thinking about testimony and rock oysters and goodness knows what, but oh, yeah, Person inhalers. Yes, So you do the source. If you want to do that, you don't have the person inhalers. We could topically rub it on that sort of thing or the stuff we already know now. Oil sort of fan tested for immune Boosting As an adult, your kids over 10 years old eucalyptus I'll be using eucalyptus, which is really fantastic, especially see him got to Australia, saying That's where the eucalyptus come from, so that frankincense, it's just beautiful. I've got them in your I've got to blends in your notes in the resource is and lots of other oils that you can use. These are all really great for boosting your immune system. Citrus ones, June Burberry. And so have a look at which ones you've got there, but especially eucalyptus for adults. Or you're above 10 years old and 12 years old, but really to above 10 years old. Eucalyptus radio. Fabulous, fantastic, and add that into you blend Juburi. Cedarwood scene was absolutely fantastic as well, so I haven't looked at the ones that you've got there, see what oils you've got, but I really think you know I want in the Haley's so before you going This is what we'll be doing Before we go, we will be diffusing these in the house. And so we're getting a immune system boosted and will be on a little jet plane. And we're not a little jet plane on a jet plane. Wish I wasn't my little jet plane. And then we're gonna be using their inhalers and that sort of thing. So we go, we're gonna be loaded up with digital beautiful little inhalers. You know, after I will take calming blends once for sleeping. I think Jet Leg, especially seeing from Los Angeles to Milburn is 15.5 hours nonstop. So I'll be making ones for immune system for sleeping, uplifting Citrus plans and all that sort of stuff. So I'll be, you know, my bag begun Clickety click click with inhalers. And but that's what we're gonna do, because that's what we do. All right, so there you go. So have a look at the oils. See which ones you've got. See my blends. I've got the same blend, except for the number of drops for adults and Children, this one. But then see what you've got. So if you're going on holiday raises coming up to Christmas and just think, especially with up North United States. Then it's that cold, cold and flu season. People getting secret. You don't be sick around Christmas or Thanksgiving, so when you know what to do. 44. Nausea: Okay, Nausea. Let's go through that now. Some of the oils that are absolutely well if you don't know already. Oh, camomile tea is amazing on. Of course, seriously. Gingers been used for centuries for nausea. And so you just slice up some fresh ginger put into hot water, making tea with sliced ginger. Absolutely fantastic. We're gonna be using Ginger essential oil as well, But I'll get to that now. Also, you remember the Roman camomile for stomach aches. That sort of thing is also very soothing and really good as well. So you can put that into irreparable making into a carrier oil or uncensored lotion. You could do that as well. I also want to show you the this famous acupressure point acupuncture point. It's called pericardium six, and it's fantastic for nausea as well. In fact, in pharmacies, they so little bands with a sort of a bead of bowl that presses on it for travel sickness, set sort of thing. So you can also do this for nauseous. Well, all right, so it's said the first risk Reese here. So you better you'll see that risk. Crease, You gotta go. Three finger wits down from the wrist. Cruz. Okay. And then where That lands after third finger and right between your field. Two tenders. Can you feel the in between those two tennis? All right, so right there. And you could do that both sides So that your child get them to do that? Never. Chard. It's their three fingers. Okay, it's the width of the person's fingers, so it's no good. You have a small child and you using your three fingers down that's going too far. So it's gonna be the person's fingers. Okay, get the child to measure that your child to measure down three fingers right there where that ends at the end point between two attendants and that's it There. OK, so you can hold that for your 30 seconds to a minute and then do the other side as well. All right, so that's, uh, pericardium six. Now, when it comes to making a blend, inhaler blends think in Hamlets and also topical. This is one of those ones where I would inhale. Onda also used topically around the stomach as well. So essential oils and a fantastic now lemon is really fantastic when it helps with essential oils helps with Georgia. And just sniffing lemon is absolutely fantastic as well. Lavender is very calming again. That's really fantastic, Ginger. Of course. So, ginger essential oil. So I give you a really nice blend. So for an inhaler blend, of course, you can use this. And if future as well, you want to use four drops of lemon or lime if you got lemon or lime. Okay. I've got these in your resource is well. And then four drops off Levinger, four of lime and say four of lime or lemon and four of lavender. Okay. And then you're going to use one of ginger judge again of great for nausea and one off Roman camomile. Okay, So lime or lemon and Citrus of fantastic, really fantastic for nausea level again will calm your system down. And so Roman Camomile. And did you, of course, is classically used for north of a safe thousands of years. All right, so you can use that in your diffuser. You could make it blend. You could make it roller blend. You could put it into an ounce of carrier oil, rub it topically on the stomach, but I would really want to do. This is one of those ones were combined, the two of them OK, so topic around the stomach and also inhaling. So whether again, whether that's through the future, whether that's on a tissue now course, you can always just use what 11 single oil. If you want to be sticking with, say, one of the Citrus ones that lemon or lime rum, camel Lebda, those to try and calm things down. And so for the anti nausea qualities. Okay, so just think both topically and inhalation when it comes to treating nausea. Now, also in your notes have got one for, um, for adults as well. Pittman, of course, is also very good for headaches. So if you've been on the Terps the night before handling too much to drink, you could have a look of the adults version, and you're welcome 45. Sinus Infections: Okay, So what we're gonna do now is look at Sinus infections. Now, these central is really great for stimulating and supporting immune system as well. So once again, it's, um, grateful person hated very much like the cold and fruit section. The allergies, Sinus infections once again, personal Haider's this stain diffusing s are so for the same thing. Rubs on the front and back that sort of thing. So this is a really beautiful competition again, I've got a search of different oils, but first of all, we're gonna bring frankincense once again. Remember, it's completely really counting for a system, so a supports immune system. So I put three drops off frankincense. If you under the person inhaler to discipline again If a child is your under five years old , then you'd be putting your five drops in the make this blend on. Put it into three drops or whatever into the and diffuser. So we put into a roller board. Just make sure your delusion to write all that sort of thing. So yeah, you know what? You know now what's going on? What I say. 33 frankincense. Three off to tree. Teoh three. So again. Antibacterial antiviral supports immune system again fantastic and then to mentoring amendments but calming and uplifting and again very supported of the immune system to fantastical kids, love the smell of it. And finally, to off 11. Of course you know all about 11 to buy. Now it's coming. It's just a fantastical all round oil, so one to to All right, so they just 10 drops in there. Okay, so shake it around as we always do. Put the cap on. By the way, forget about reusing these ones. If you get the same one. I once a capstone, is that's just like thinking our breaking. There's no way I would be able to use this again. Not that you really want it after you've had it for six months to a year. All right, so this fantastic for science infection, rubber on the chest and diffusing everything that we talked about with college and flows. Allergy relief. Absolutely beautiful. So you can have a look at those oils on really, really fantastic to say to help with the immune system and really clear up Sinus infections as well 46. Colds and flus: okay with a little bit. Colds and flu's. All right. Now I've got in your resource is a list of fantastic essential oils and can choose from Make your own blend if you like. Just remember your dilution rates. I've also got you. I'll give you a really great blend that you can use for Children over five years old and for yourself definitely using personal inhaler. Now I'll give you that this blend, but just think cause and through so respiratory so inhalation, So dilution, dilution, diffusers, personal inhalers. The steam. Remember, just a drop of tea tree or black spruce is fantastic. So they have got. You are absolutely fantastic to remember that the steam for kids five years over in heinous bikers over otherwise, if the younger ones is diffused, Roland's absolutely get your role on and with your dilution and roll it on their chest, their back on drug that I'm before bed at night time. Especially now, Um, wonder one of the blend that I've got for you, which is really beautiful for your name's inhaler, is tea tree. So you want to put in four drops of tea tree. Now, tea tree is you know it's anti fungal, but of course, it's also anti viral. Anti bacterial soap, one of four drops off teh tree essential oil. That's a really terrific blend. Okay, four drops tea tree, then two of seed would now seated with a decongestant. So you put that in. Plus, it's very Carling, as you probably know by now. So two drops of that, um CD was very, very calming and a decongestant. So with coughs and colds, these coughing, coughing, coughing makes your child easier to sleep as well. But of course lavender, lavender, antibacterial and again calming. So it's really good to drops of that. OK, two drops of lavender, Um, and finally, black spruce. Now blacks. Bruce is really terrific, fantastic for allergies, for science, infections, coughs and colds. They were pretty to drop it especially good as a warming oil. Two drops of black spruce. That, and it's especially good if it got aches or pains, and that cold chills the sorts of things. So, um, so that's four drops of tea tree oil to of black spruce, two of lavender and two of cedarwood and courses for five years and over, and you just feel it open your chest up. So do that several times chest rub as well, so you could use exactly the same a blend that I've given you for everything for your diet Future. Now, with a steam, you could just put one drop of black spruce in, especially the cough. Got your aches and pains or just to drop a tea tree oil, which is amazing for adults. You could do a drop of eucalyptus and drop off tea tree or black spruce. Just member two drops maximum, or you could make up a blend and put a drop in like that. So all right, but they remember that's for adults with the eucalyptus. So I'm gonna be your notes there. But just remember, so were you topically on the back and there topically and inhalation steams for Children five years and over. Personal has five years and over otherwise for the young months, you can put it on their chests and diffuse in the room 47. Allergies: all right. I want to show you some oils and realized blend for allergies now. Okay, so, allergies. Once again, we're gonna be start talking inhalation through your diffuser. You could make the blend and use esteem on, Of course, your little personal inhalers for Children over five. Okay. Otherwise, diffuse in the room rubs in carrier oil unscented lotion. You could make a solution on the chest, that sort of thing on their backs. So you can use this for also for prevention with allergies as well. So you preventative now. So what you want to use frankincense is fantastic. So we're gonna put in frankincense here. It's a wonderful, gorgeous oil I just knows about. It's incredibly, incredibly calming. So we're gonna put in 55 drops off frankincense to three for Okay, So five drops of frankincense they were gonna use Roman Kemah. Roman camomile is, if you don't know, its doesn't get a more gentle oil in this. It's incredibly calming for the system post physically and emotionally. It's one of the most calming or as well, you know, from back of the babies were joined by just 11 on Roman camomile on dso, both German Roman camel beautifully coming through for skin conditions. Information. Just emotions for sleep. It's just terrific. Toe com to the system down. So put three drops of Roman camomile Ian. Okay, and it finally cedarwood. Now, once against Saito. A decongestant. Beautifully coming type. Okay, so two drops of sea do it. So there's your 10 drops in turtle. It always takes a bit to get out sticker so two drops do so. Five drops of frankincense. You could also use Juniper berry. You could use a tree. You could use lavender. This I find a really effective blend to use so again five years in order, as you know by now, and it's just gorgeous. So as I say, this would be another one. You could rub it on their chest on their back and defuse it in the room. A lot things we talked about life in college and bruise. It's absolutely fantastic. Take these anywhere and again, Remember, uses preventatively. So coming up to say, if your allergies and certain times of the year, then you know if you start using that as a preventative but in your purse but in your pocket, what have you so that's it's a beautiful Ben, five frankincense, three of Roman camomile and two off cedarwood on. I do have some alternative oils if you don't have those. 48. Headaches : All right. So let's take a look at headaches now. Obviously, you know, if this is a really bad headache in your child's got a headache and they don't normally have headaches, maybe a trip to the doctor for maybe if my son said complaining, really never suffer from him. This is with adults, by the way as well. You know, if you never have headaches in San Diego dropping headache, I'd be a trip to the doctor just to check things out. You know, I think that's very wise to do that. I would certainly do that with my son Feed. You suddenly got a really bad headache. That would be really you know, that's not not normal. Okay, however, um, all right. So with Children, I would be using lavender, Levinger, frankincense and sandalwood. Beautiful calming oils. Now, again, this is one of those treatments where I would absolutely I would be using it both topically and through inhalation, whether you should diffuser whether it's your personal inhaler. But that and also toppling rabbit around the backs of their neck, you know, and shoulder especially ifit's tension related and of course, for yourself as well. If you want you could do some around the temple. Be careful around the eyes, but a little drop here, right around the temples, Back of the neck, that sort of thing. OK, so that's what I've been doing. I've got the blend in. They're for kids now, for adults I've included in the blend I've got Lebanon and frankincense for its calming qualities on about Jesus and pain relieving qualities. But also, I put in peppermint, which is classic for treating headaches and what s happening. Oh, I think Eucalyptus, Eucalyptus. So these there is a more stimulating, essential oils. So peppermint you could do your a rollerball with just pip mint alone. And you work that around there, rub it into your or of course, you know, as to sit through the course, get out to carry oil or unscented lotion, blah blah, you know, should be by now. So he rubbed that around there on age with attention, you could just use 11. You could just use peppermint and just worked at around there on up around here as well. Okay, so here's the thing with the blended. I've got the adult peppermint, eucalyptus, frankincense, lavender. You could adjust those points just points just those oils. If it's more stress related, you might want toe drop down some of the eucalyptus. Put more drops of, say, lavender or frankincense. If it's a really you know that you just completely wound up, then you might want to you up the drops of that unless stimulating ones as well. But see what work now. The other thing is, as I mentioned throughout the course is, don't put if you don't like the smell of lavender or help do it if you don't like. The smell of eucalyptus is only that you know that that doesn't make you feel good. Or don't put it in. If you don't like cedar wood, then diaper in. There's no point putting in essential oils that your body doesn't react well to. Okay, so if you don't like a certain leave that one out. Forget the blend that I put in and put him ones that you'll have an affinity with or like Like said before I think the focus. One with the focus lecture with my son. He loves lemongrass. Okay, great stimulating so on and so forth. So he'll use that so he doesn't like cedar wood so much so put that into a comic meant So I do something like vetiver, patchouli, some other nice base grounding oils if I want that. So just a way to remember that these are not hard and fast rules. Yes, there are certain. Or is it a steep learning so much that I'll recommend? But if they're not, if you don't have an affinity with him or your child doesn't like those, then you don't want to be doing that It all you want. But once they go, Wow, that's no, it's fantastic. That's gonna have a much greater effect. 49. Stomach pains: All right. So let's take a look at what? Treating tummy problems here. Maybe. I guess maybe it's just stomach pains, that sort of thing. Cramping. So what? One of the best essential oils is Roman camomile. So now, if you don't ever MHMR lavender again is absolutely fantastic or you do it. But four drops into an unscented lotion or carrier oil and rub it on their tubby tummy, and you want to rub in a clockwise direction, Okay, because you've got your ascending colon, transverse colon, descending colon. So, especially, is any sort of constipation, that sort of thing. And the reason that just gently rub in a clockwise direction. So say, Roman camomile is absolutely brilliant at this. So is lavender now, four drops total. If you had both, you could do by two and two. You could just do four of camel or four of lavender. Okay, so that's that's very little taxes if they got tummy problems in that sort of thing. All right, now what I'm on this subject will talk about you made your teenage door or maybe yourself with menstrual cramps. So what was a really great idea is now Clary Sage is the hormone female hormone essential oil regulating menstrual problems. It's absolutely brilliant. So what, You wanna do it now? Great little thing again is if you're using a rollerball and you could do around about 69 drops, this is food for you. So? So what you do is four drops to 344 drops off. Clary Sage. I was just keep it simple for four four of Roman can Emma. Now again, If you didn't have Roman camomile, you could buy homemade use lavender. But you definitely want Clary say so for this, just to make its simplicity into a 10 mill Rollerball course. Once again put it in, put it in court, announces carry oil. But these for great. If you suffer from menstrual cramps, your monthly, then you've got this, and then you can take this around with you, have it in your purse and then once again, just rub rollerball on really fantastic for not only just menstrual cramps but menstrual irregularities. Clary Sage is absolutely fantastic. So Clary sage and either Roman camomile or lavender for menstrual cramps and again stomach discomfort as well. You just You did exactly saying so. Same thing if it's for yourself as well. So those are fantastic when it comes to helping at little checkers, tummies and also menstrual irregularities, menstrual cramps, that sort of thing absolutely fabulous. 50. Sweet dreams blend: All right, So what I would do? I want to show you this beautiful blend. It's a really calming bread, which I call sweet dreams, so you can use this in the nursery with your baby. About five drops into the diffuser. Leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes before your baby wants to go to sleep, and you get that diffusing through the room. Five minutes is plenty if you are going to have this on when the babies in the room make sure it's well ventilated door open, but you don't need more than 5 to 10 minutes. Now remember, as I give you these coming blends and blend throughout the course, then you can use these for yourself there not just for a baby or just for a five year old and that sort of thing. So this blend is absolutely beautiful. I've got one that I used to just cedarwood and 11. Now, of course, you can use the lavender and camomile blamed, so you're a play with agency, which ones work better, right? But this blend is beautiful. It's incredibly calming. So what a genetic itself. A five year bottom. Get these on Amazon they're gonna put the blend into here, and then you could just use the five drops of the blend each time you wanna. Which baby to see? Okay, so you take off the orifice, producer, OK? No, I've already got this blend made up a home here at home. But I'll show you what that the amount of drops are. So you know. So the first oil, essentially one, is cedar. Now, cedarwood is incredibly calming. Grounding. It's absolutely beautiful. So, what you want to do? You want to put in 30 drops? It's in your notes. By the way, 30 drops obscene word. This is absolutely beautiful. Calming oil. Okay, so you got 30 drops of cedarwood, and then also, you're gonna put in lavender, So 25 drops of lavender. That's just beautiful. So then you had 25 drops of lavender in here, and like I said, you this is great for you. Uh, if we're watching a movie, it's time for Liam to go to bed or by first you know? Then I'll have this and I'll put it on my diffuser, and we just sleep beautifully. Oh, it was a 30 of cedarwood 25 11 and you can play with this. But this will give this a beautiful blend. And then you want Mandarin, and you gotta put 20 drops of Mandarin in. That's beautiful. So 20 drops to 30 25 to 30 of cedarwood 25 11 20 off mandarin Mandarin against really calming supports the immune system of all. There are incidents soils. I find this one to be just the most calming, especially with Children. So you put them all in and there you go, so that you just mix it around. All right, so then you've got this beautiful blend until you put your label on it on. You can use this now. I say just 3 to 5 drops into diffusing water. Okay, put it on for 5 to 10 minutes is plenty. You don't overwhelm your child, but again, remember, you can use this. If you want to use this in your house like we do, then you could put your fire. Maybe you wanna put 10 drops in your into your living room, that sort of thing, depending on the side of your room. But it's absolutely beautiful. It's absolutely beautiful for calming to help sleep. so you can do that now you can use other or centralize, but just make sure they're coming. But these this plant is a really, really beautiful one could get your baby off to sleep. 51. A word about eucalyptus and peppermint safety with children: okay. I want to speak to you about using eucalyptus and peppermint with Children and infants, because is what can happen with this constituent called one night signal in eucalyptus and peppermint. And in rare instances, it's caused breathing difficulties with Children and really isolated incidents and also neurological problems. So I just sort of go through this. I don't think I don't have any of these in the course. It'll I don't use peppermint or eucalyptus self. You're following the blends and my recommendations that you don't have to worry. But maybe now I got to say this, you know, when we were kids being in Australia with eucalyptus central everywhere. Um, you know, we're taking on that tissues to school, and none of us knew anything about any problems and that sort of thing. I never heard of anyone. So we're talking about It's a very rare, isolated incidents, but I want to tell you because it's talk about essential oil safety. Now, Robert Tissera and again from the Central Safety Book, I'll give you his info graphic. Hey, talked about with peppermint for Children three and under. Not to use it at all. I don't diffuse it nothing at all, best to leave it alone. And also he has the dilution rates for eucalyptus is well, personally, I think, because this course don't want to keep it safe. It's possible I would steer clear these now Robert Sister and also talks about eucalyptus radio and fabulous and smithy these eucalyptus, tighter eucalyptus and other types of eucalyptus to avoid them, especially around the faces of infants and young Children. And he he also just talked about You're not using them on Children 10 years and under. So I think just my recommendation. I'll show you what Robert History says safe levels and even says he thinks, or even over overly cautious levels. So give you that on. You can have a look at the infographic that I've got in your resource is, but for May, I'm just saying, you know, I don't have them in the course. Are not using eucalyptus or peppermint Utkan. Substitute eucalyptus with cedarwood, black spruce white for the excellent substitutes instead of eucalyptus, yet decongest ing. And so those what I've used throughout the course. But I just want what you understand this because you know you might be just your having a small child, one year old child or something in the room. And you're diffusing Pittman because you like it. It's great for headaches or something like that. So you need to know and say I I'm not recommending a course, but you know, when you just start diffusing on DSO and so forth and you want to know safety with these couple of particular 18 senior rich oils. So have a look at the infographic. See what hey recommends. And I say, if you're just following the course strictly from my blends and ones that I recommend, then you're not gonna come any problems because I'm not recommending Bettman nor my recommending eucalyptus for Children from 10 years and under. 52. Mosquito Repellents: All right, so I want to talk to you about mosquito repellents. Now, I'm taking these from Robert Tissa Rand. Now, if you don't know Robert frustrated. He is the guy when it comes to information on essentials. Hey. Co wrote the book Essential Oil Safety, Which is Put it this way. If any Roman therapists in the world wants to know about precautions Contra indications, specific dermal percentages. Anything about essential oils. This is the Bible. So this guy what he doesn't know it was not worth knowing When it comes to essential oils on these air, his recommendations as far as a mosquito repellent. Okay, Now, in your notes, I've got lots of different central. Always a really, really good sweet, a sweet orange cedarwood so you can see other oils. But I'm gonna give you and I'll give you a link to his what he writes about mosquito repellents. That's really, really interesting now. So the first is a diffuser blend. It's 40%. This is getting Robert two strands diffuse of lead. 40% is lemongrass. 30% is closed, but and 30% is cinnamon bark oil. All right, so central. So that's what you would defuse. Only that's not for skin that is for diffusion. So in other words, four drops of lemon grass, three of clothes, but three of cinnamon bark. Put that in your diffusion. Okay, Now, if you're outside, you could double that up. Triple out. You know, you could put more out there, lots of mosquitoes. And you're outside, for example. But start with the 433 drops just like that. All right, now that brings me to his repellent. Now again, I tell you, Robert, it's ready. Is a world authority so faces? Because this is a strong dilution for a mosquito apparent to be used child safe and to be used with a 10% dilution he's got of essential oils. And, you know, throughout the course that we talked about 100.51 this is a 10% dilution, which he says it's safer skin. So if he does absolutely now, you can spray it on on clothes or says, put it safe, safe for skin remembers 10% dilution. So, um, I don't know. I would go with 5%. I would go safer and go 5% and I'm gonna leave this up to you if I will. Um, because I said, you know, 10% is a huge percentage, but again, Hey, said safe. Safe for skin. Anyway, um, I'll leave the ball in your color. I hope you don't mind in this room because I would feel safer going back 5% and spray it on my son's clothes. I would want to be doing temps in all over the body. Um, but I think you're safely sprang it on clothes now. Interestingly, the carry oil studies have been shown that coconut oil against olive oil has the carrier. Oil was way more effective as a mosquito repellent. So it s a mosquito because just as any sort of repellent was about way more effective coconut oil, then on level. So you might want to use that as your carrier. Okay, so if we look at butter like this, two ounces, so two ounces 60 mils your carrier oil toe diffuse eso To dilute the oil, you need around about 5%. You'd need about 90 90 drops in your direction table. So 90 drops of essential oil. So the essential oils he recommends tumeric. So this is 4% of tumor 3% of ginger and 3% of citronella. Okay, so what does it mean? That would made if yes, if you stuck it 5% kind of right back 90 drops that it be. Ah, Other analysts say, for a guesstimate 40 40 drops of tumeric on was 40 35 drops of tumeric on 25. 25 15. Something along those lines 35 25 25 35.5 60 around about that. So 35 25 25 would be around about 44%. 3%. 3%. Okay, so that would give you 85 drops of so into your 60 minutes that there would be half of what they suggest now. If you gain you double up to what he says on we're safe 35 so 70 50 and 50 more or less in 60 then it's a lot of essential oil drops on. And I'd be more comfortable to say usually that sprang, maybe on the clothes and that sort of thing. But again, I'll give you the articles, and I said, but this guy doesn't know when it comes to. A central safety is not worth dying. So if he says, tempted to say for the skin, so be it. You know. So I haven't been to re sources and sorry, but I'll leave it up to you. I personally would not do that percentage just because that's May and I feel more comfortable. You bring it right back on D sprang it on closer to post the skin. Maybe you wanna do 10%. Do that, tempts a delusion and just spray it on clothes, for example. Anyway, there's the information. It comes from the guy who knows just about more than anyone else in the aromatherapy world , the most respected voice when it comes to safety. So there you go. 53. Green Cleaning.: All right. So this is the part of the course where we're going to look after your Children and yourself. Your whole family, your pits, everything by green cleaning. What is green cleaning? May green painting means simply this. We're gonna ditch all of these chemicals, okay? They're unnecessary. That irritants. We don't want you doing everything you can Let me put these downpours doing everything you can using essential oils for the health of your Children. And why would you then go and put chemicals or through your house by cleaning with these harsh chemicals when there's absolutely no reason to? Okay. And it is so easy to do. We're gonna give these fabulous recipes. So you clean everything chemical free. So let me show how little you need. You need really six different products on the whole. Okay. So what do you need? So thank you. We're gonna need himself. It's a great scaring agent. I'll go into more detail, but I'm guessing the first agreed You've already got in the household. Simple. So OK, so that's one thing. All right. Hydrogen peroxide. I talk about this a little more detail. Show you. Fantastic. Uses fears hydrogen peroxide is fantastic. It's sanitizers on. It's a bleaching agent as well. You think of hydrogen peroxide in your pace, that sort of stuff. So that's great. It's 100 and peroxide. All right, Cleaning up. Okay, Vinegar. Fantastic. I'll talk to you a little bit more detail on that as well. Now, what you don't want to do these two hydrogen peroxide and vinegar are fantastic on their own. Okay, but mix them together is a definite no, no, that its chemical reaction, which is an irritant called parasitic acid, like chlorine bleach. So you don't mix these two together. Okay, Great by itself. Great by itself. Together. Bad, bad bet. All right, but I'll take you all the recipes. So you have to worry. What else do you need? Okay. Well, that's a given. Beautiful, essential oils. When you having a floor cleaner. The difference between cleaning your floors with beautiful central roles in the aroma go. I know I'm preaching to the converted, but this stench of a fragrant chemical, let's just think of the pregnancy, the chemical fragrance of lemon or orange like this. And then the difference is enormous. When you're using liminal orange essential oils you'll never go back. Tell you right? I talked to this in more detail. Cast still. So run. Don't walk to get this. This stuff is amazing. It's great for the environment. And I talked more in detail about this, but you won't have some costumes. Cerpa's Well, okay. And of course, my cats walking around behind me, upstaging me again as usual. But you can see pet friendly house. Why would I want to use it? Why would I want to be putting this on the floor when I got my beautiful son and my beautiful cat? This is why I'm giving you this lesson. Baking soda. All right. This is by boat from a store up the road here. Cleaning supplies, banking soda is absolutely bring. You probably already know about. You'll get them in the box is the most famous one is arm and hammer baking soda, sodium bicarbonate, making bacon said All right, so that's basically what you need. Let me start teaching you how to make some or some recipes 54. Hydrogen peroxide and it's many incredible uses.: Now I want you another product. If you're not aware of this is hydrogen peroxide Now you probably know that because it's a bleaching agents in your toothpastes aan de so whitens things. So this is great for whitening close whitening, grout, grime and tiles. Za bleaching agent. But it's also it's Kennedy and owners hates to go to, and in fact, it's it's, um, sanitizers. OK, so is absolutely brilliant. Toe white down your coverage, your Children's toys. You're chopping boards, this sort of thing affect the EPA, the Environmental Protection Agency in the United States. I recommend this as a sanitizers. Well, they used in hospitals. So what we do here, you just get your bottle and put in a put a spray bottle on top and just use it as a spray bottle like this, and I spread on surfaces all over the place. Is it disinfects? It's absolutely fantastic. 100 peroxide, and we're gonna be using that in the course. But I just want to let you know if you didn't know about it. By the way, in your resource is but 20 something uses for hydrogen peroxide that you maybe never thought off one other thing I forgot to tell you. They found that with hydrogen peroxide and vinegar. Now, remember, we're not gonna put them together. But they found that studies was shown that using two different spray bottles and sprang contaminated food, food and bent benches count up. They found that using one after the other 100 peroxide, then using white video was better than any clean kitchen cleaning agent on the market. It cooperative E. Coli bacteria. Shigella, salmonella. So thank that using one. Remember, you're not gonna put in the same bottle for the parasitic acid, so we don't mix them together, but spray one and then the other and better than any other cleaning product on the market. 55. A closer look at vinegar: Okay, White vinegar. This stuff is that dreams are made of. This comes from the fermentation process of grain oil. It's an asset. It's a 2.4 ph level, which makes an incredible antifungal antiviral antibacterial. In fact, it's 95% effective as a vegetable wash to clean your vegetables. It's 90% effective as an anti bacterial, about a 80% effective antiviral and 85% effective for against molds. So it's absolutely brilliant stuff. It's great against to get rid of rust. It's great to get a rid of soaps comes lime deposits. It is absolutely fantastic stuff. So vinegar, beautiful, safe product as it. It's great for cleaning surfaces. It's great for cleaning your chrome. I love this stuff. We're using all the time around the house, and you're gonna hold up more about bigger 56. So what actually is Castile soap and why should you start using it?: okay for that. You were not aware of what Castiel soap is. I won't expand because when he used us through the course now the most famous Castiel so is Dr Bronner's Castile. So it doesn't matter if it's Dr Bronner's or not. But this originally came from the area of Casteel in Spain, and it was originally made from olive oil to shoot what's called a true So so it's totally biodegradable. There's no has chemicals in it now. It's not just olive oil. They use coconut oil. Maybe her hope oil as well. Hobart wax and completely biodegradable friendly. It's absolutely fantastic stuff. No harsh chemicals, no chemical detergent. But listen to this. I'd let the lettering here is so small on these things. I never really read it until just now. But listen to our Dr Bronner's company, so we're gonna use this. You can use this for so you can use your cleaning agent. It's absolutely brilliant, But listen, what do they do that employees here and says he, Dr Bronner's Magic Sorts believes in business. It's good for employees society and the planet, or profits not needed to re invest in the company donates to charity and Worthwhile causes at least 1/3 of after tax profits over above funds for fair trade projects. Executive compensations has kept it 5 to 1, meaning that no no one owns more five times any other. All employees receive up to 25% of their salary as a bonus every year and get 15% of the salary is profit sharing for retirement. And if 100% free health care for themselves and for their families. I mean, talk about looking after employees. So Castiel start is wonderful stuff. This is essential oil eucalyptus, one unit with tea tree with rose, that sort of thing. So Castillo stuff is you're going to see its future through the course, so I just want to let you know what it is. And it's brilliant as a CYP alternative. 57. A closer look at baking soda: Okay, so baking soda. It's been around since Adam was a boy. It's absolutely sensational, environmentally friendly, Beverly, safe for pets and kids and this sort of thing. It's fantastic for so many things. Okay, you can spread around the out exterior house. If you got insects to the tournament, it will deter. In six, it gets rid of odors. This is one of its most famous visits. Ph. 8.1 is one of most famous things. It does. You put the little box of arm and doesn't have to be Armand Hammer, but that's the most famous. But that India fridge you could have got smelly trash can put it into that. You got the kids putting wet, damn close two days ago into the laundry basket that stinks. Put it in there. Spread over those. Andi will remove the odors. It's absolutely fantastic. Also, you can make it into a paste. Let me put this down here. You can make it into a paste with a bit of water, and it helps with bee stings. It helps with sunburn and the each of poison ivy. So make a bath and put some in into the water and it will really help with these. It helps your laundry detergent work better by stabilizing the pH. So add it to your to your laundry, and it will make it detergent work. Even better. It's a fantastic scaring agent, so cleaning stoves and surfaces, that sort of thing. It's absolutely sensational. So baking soda is just an unbelievable product, and so you're gonna learn a lot more about that if you don't already know. 58. All Purpose Cleaning Spray: Okay, so I'm going to show you how to make it all purpose. Spray a cleaning spray. Now. It's really easy, like everything else in this. So I'm going to use an eight ounce spot Adams bottom, which is 1/2 a leader. But use whatever size, maybe a big house and metal, maybe. Do you want a 16 ounce? Which one? Later? Or a smaller one? But because we're not using preservative, you wanted it. You should be using it up with a couple of weeks. Okay. So All right. So let's get to it now. I have just because it cleaning project after worry too much about this. Now, I put my distilled water in here. Now it's about 3/4 full. Okay, so you just kind of eyeball up because we're gonna put in Pakistan. Oh, you need to do is have water spray bottle essential oils, of course. And get your trusty Castillo. So we're gonna put two tablespoon to that in. So if you had a bigger one, maybe you want to put a bit of extra Castilian or if it's to study, put less. This is a real concentrate, so you don't need much of this at all. I'm gonna put these down because what I was doing of the day Oh, okay. Just show I was filming. I had to re film, because here's what I was doing. I put this down because the microphones right here. Right, So you listen to this, right? So I put this down gently look, and here, that big boom So not gonna do that anymore. I had to do a whole heap of re filming and editing. And you know, that sort of caper. Such is my life. Anyway, back to the car. Still So So cast aside. Water spray bottle, essential oils. And what I recommend is to use him hundreds of peroxide for its antibacterial activity. So put. So we're gonna keep it really easy. Two tablespoons of each in 1/2 liter bottle. Eight ounce bottle. Okay, two tablespoons to take prints, 15 drops of essential oils. Whatever you'd like. You could do tea tree, mandarin lima with Citrus is I do want to mention, though, you know, if you don't countertops net sort of thing, just do a little test area because you never know how that maybe the essential oils might react in that sort of thing. So it's always a good you know, a good thing to just check it out. But it's no, no further ado. Let's stop talking, Mark. So I've got this Here, take this off here. Jones says 3/4 full, but just don't really quietly. I think that worked walking on eggshells around here. Okay, I put this between my legs. Every need two tablespoons of costumes. So you cast yourself. If you're not already familiar with it, you can get them unscented. Or like this one. This has got eucalyptus already in it. Get them with tea. Tree, lavender, eucalyptus rose. They've already got a centralism do this. All right, so that's one. All right. All right. Here we go. Okay. So I put it on the floor. No more begging. Yeah, So, two tablespoons. Now, you want to put the border in first? Because if you put the customer soap in, then you're filling up. You gotta have a big, foamy mess because it's gonna suds up the customers. So So that's that. Now, how do you Brooks? I remember It's fantastic. Antibacterial. So you know, it's trying to get out and spill bleach my clothes. Members of bleaching agent as well. Hard Brookside. Okay, It always smells amazing with the quietly, Quietly, or he smells amazing with eucalyptus essentials in the customs. I could leave it like that, but I know it's a course on essential oil, so I'm gonna put them in now. I'm going to use, uh, smells amazing. I'm gonna use lemon lemon cream. The house of lemon citrusy smells. Use anyone? Would you, like 15 drops? So you need one. Get with plan Here. I've had it in the fridge or he's gonna stick to three. Here we go. For 56 seven. I just chat amongst yourselves for 50 Gammon Puma. Okay. All right. So you want to shake it up to disperse them? And I don't have the any alcohol. And this cause you don't want you be careful with your surfaces, that sort of thing. So shakeup for use in. Look at that. Your own or purpose taking spray. Clean it up now. 59. Super powerful Scrubbing paste: Okay, We're all right. Enough. I'm going to show you how to make this wonderful, wonderful scaring paste. This is awesome. You're gonna love it. Okay, So what do you need? You need some customers, So Okay, you're going to major vinegar, right? I costal salt and vinegar, some corn starch. Ready? Oh, boxer. Cornstarch. Here. Perfect. A bit of that. Or you can use arrowroot powder as well. Can't you? Probably got cornstarch more than a room. You need your baking soda. Okay. And then, of course, essential oils. Now you can use whatever you want. I'm gonna use tea tree and live in fantastic antibacterial. So let me show you how to do it. All right. So let me show you how this is done. It's super easy, like all of them. So you want to get a cup of baking soda? All right, there we go. One cup of baking. So we got that. Now, you also want a tablespoon off cornstarch. So at that, you don't have to be worried about being exact. Exactly. These gets a cleaning product, so you don't have to be too freaked out a little bit over a little bit less Okay, Now we want to put in that costume, so we're gonna put in a three tablespoons of Castell site, which I've done here already. And they were gonna put in one tablespoon off vinegar, no bigger being an acid. And customs said, being a base, if you put a whole lot, let me just clean up this course that takes from here. If you put a whole lot of vinegar with less and the bass, it would split the, um, it would split this open. You get a big gunky mess, Castell says. But there's not enough in this to worry about. Okay, there we go. And now we are going to mix it up into a lovely paste. Now, if you need to have a bit more, you can still save It is a bit dry. What have you, by all means, mixes up beautifully. You see that coming together? Lovely. So what I do with this? I'll use a wet sponge and then just put some of this onto the sponge itself. It's coming together beautifully. Now, if you've got it in your cupboard after while it might be hard or you just do it at a bit more customers. So, too. So excited. It's lovely consistency here. It's a beautiful, beautiful paste. Okay, so this is great, as I say, to clean your stove to clean your sinks Good tiles in your bathroom is just awesome. All right, now I'm going to add Get this out of the way. My essential oils. So I gotta put in 15. Teacher, uh, coming to trade. Have a good again. You don't have to be to exact that guy on then. Lemon, this is spells. If you don't like tea tree, you can always put in whatever you like. Had 15 of lemon. All right. And then, of course, we mix those together, and then you want to keep you in a really nice container, and then you go look at that one non toxic, completely side. Absolutely fantastic little scrub there for you. So, you know, it was beautiful paste, and it's absolutely perfect. So where you go have fun doing it 60. Cleaning and sanitizing your cutting boards: all right. Cutting boards. I'm gonna show you various ways that you can clean your cutting board simply easily chemical free. And we're gonna make this one look shiny. Brand new. I've had this for years. It's a beautiful, absolutely gorgeous. Weighs a ton. So let me show you. I had to make it look a smell. Amazing. And not only that be super clean. All right, So Okay, we're gonna wash it with warm, soapy water. Yes, of course. You're first. First thing you do is force Brian, Have, you know, just for the sake of consistency, do that now it's already looking better. Now here is a method one super easy put in Just, you know, a few drops of lemon or mandarin. It's got a few drops under their spongy ill people Drink there. Yep. A few drops. I don't get it. Or the keyboard. And now not I need your board smelling and is also a wonderful clean. But your sponge smells amazing and super clean. This will with All right, So this step number one Super super easy. All right now. But you said it may wet my jumping boards. They need see better days so we're gonna give it a really good describe, so well, use your limited salt myth. All right. This is great. Teoh giving these fine scratches in that sort of thing. So audio, get yourself a little squeeze in the lemon. He's juices going and away you go. So this is really fantastic to work or through your board like this. Okay, give it a good hour. Squeeze now. Of course, I'm using lines, but because use lemons, whatever. No big deal. Do you hold Board, please it up. Let's get both hands going. Why not? Looking just like doing a message. A little bit of a needing strike getting carried away. I get excited here. Okay, So clean it up again. What's get it? Smells amazing. And now it's a really great way to just help with the fine cut lines that you've got there . All right, now, let's talk about sanitizing. And if you were listening back in the course earlier on, you will know that vinegar is awesome. So give it a go ahead of eating at. You could leave that on to dry. What about today? So there you go. You know what? Oh, you don't like vinegar. Oh, well, being like that. All right, So what about hydrogen peroxide? Hydrogen peroxide? Remember? Absolutely fantastic sanitizer. You can use that. And you could leave that on. Let that dry, which I recommend. Okay, just leave that. Let that go. Now, remember, for those of you who don't mind a little bit of vinegar smell vinegar smell goes away very quickly. Anyway, do one and then the other. It doesn't matter for peroxide first and then vinegar. But if you want to be super safe, you could do one and then the other. And why you go. But I'm gonna want this off. Uh, or she's looking so beautiful. There's, like a friend you. And now I want to give it a little bit in love, a little bit of moisture. So what I do, I go to the kitchen and get my olive oil, which I forgot to bring to the counter here a few drops of olive oil on here and then moisturize this baby. Look at that. You got that has had a clean senators and moisturize beauty product. Well, almost is a beauty product. Look how beautiful that looks. So there you go. Cutting boards. Done 61. The easiest ways to sanitize your house chemically free: or I'm going to show you the easiest ways for you to sanitize your house. You're chopping boards. You're cutting boards, kids, toys, whatever you've got. Never remember back when I was saying to you that both vinegar used on 100 peroxide vinegar . No, you don't want them together because remember, have a chemical reaction so you do not want to do that. But they use. Remember, I told you better than any other cleaning product their use for your Children from E. Coli and salmonella on Alliance. And it was just better than any other cleaning product by using first either vinegar or hydrogen peroxide and in the other one after that. So get your 100 Brock side. If you've got one of the bottles just by yourself, either put, it's gonna be the dark bottle. So you could just directly connect this to hydrogen peroxide bottle. Or like I've done transferred into a bottle like this on there. You've got your sanitizing spray on your cutting boards on everything. Now the other thing that we do here, which I love, is use vinegar, checking your bringing 1/2 running half water, less video if you want to do for Windows and just look, that's a vinegar bottle. Put your spray on that. Fill it up with water and away you go. You could put some essential oils in there and look what you go supposed most Scots work, and it is so simple Justice. It polishes stainless steel perfectly, and it's just fantastic windows, so and, of course, disinfecting. So let's say you get your hydrogen peroxide spray spray spray and then your vinegar spray spray spray or just one or the other. Super simple. OK, that's what I'm trying to help here. You're busy. I know. So that's what we do here. You're gonna love it. 62. Shower head 1: Now. I got a quick little tip here for the young punters out there. All right, you showerhead. It's got full of lime deposits. Is looking need to spruce up. What do you do? I'm gonna tell you never male my Vinje. This is your guy for the job. So what you gonna do? You think your showerhead it's live deposits, maybe rust deposits. This is beautiful. So get yourself. You're gonna get Gunny, Uh, except a bag that you put out of the shower head. So, what you gonna do? It's back. Get vinegar. Bloody glug, Glug, glug, glug. Fill up your bag with plenty of me to get you going quite a lot. Because what you gonna do, then? You gonna stick this over? Imagine this. The showerhead. We're gonna have a little bit of an imagination here. A little bit of make believe that they keep up. So he's going in. It's now sitting in the vinegar, all right. Every guy and now Or you need to do is tie that baby on like that So that showerhead is sitting wet in the village. It's in the vinegar, so you can use a little plastic time. You can use elastic band. You can even use some type table around showerheads in there. Leave it on overnight and just watch the magic happen. Come back next morning. Take it off. Look how beautiful and clean and all the little spray nozzles will be working the way they're supposed to be. 63. Making a fabulous all natural citrus sanitizer: All right. So I'm going to show you how to make a Citrus sanitizing spray, but I want to go through something first. Now, what do general see in recipes is used to steal water Put. It's a bit of which age or a bit of vodka, your attack couple tablespoons and some essential oils. All right. And then what you do is shake it up before you use it. Now I want to just go through. This is really important. Is a couple of factors they did. You could do that. Now, throughout the course, when we talk about hydrologists products, meaning that got water in them, then if you're gonna shelf life us a couple of weeks, then you want to use them up, keep them fresh and that sort of thing because we don't have any preservatives in them. Right? So now I want to talk about some terms that very often people into changing delusion, dispersion emulsion and soluble ization. What are these terms? Men, Right. So let's just because it is important that you know this because I'll get to that. All right, so dilution a dilution is when we dilute things that Jerry likes attract likes side hydro filic. What a life. So say juice and water becomes dilute water based okay and your essential oils and carry oil by oils. And so But they won't. Your oils of water. We're not dilute between them. Okay? So light attract likes Boilesen oils or fats and oils. And then what about that? Something right. So that brings us out to dispersion. Now, dispersion is what you get when you put oils with water. Think your red wine vinegar you're selling and selling vinegar it your red wine vinegar and your olive oil inside. You shake it up. What disperses through, doesn't it? And then it was settled back to spit again. That's dispersion. That's just like what you've got here. So when you're shaking up like that, you've got your water in the oils, dispersants, essential oils. And if he's come out of a tiny grab yours, okay, which is fine now. Then we go emotions now emotions or what we do. You have a chemical reaction that will most if I think mayonnaise water based products with that based. OK, so that is a gimmick that makes a chemical reaction so they'll stick together they won't That wants bit apart. So that's just like they say in mayonnaise. And that brings us to then soluble ization where civilizations were dissolved. So we want to dissolve three essential oils into, say, a grain alcohol, and that's what I want to get to. So there's a couple races. So then we're gonna dissolve the essential oils because I've never dissolved Justin water. Okay, they will just disperse. But if you put in now, so what you want to get is a screaming, strong alcohol. Now it's gonna to benefits to this. Dissolve your essential oils so that that would never spin apart. So you're gonna put this grain alcohol and whether it's called ever clear, you're looking for something ethically a grain, Elko and ethanol. And ideally, it's gonna be 90. About 90% proof, 95% proof. But you get 190% proof 95% ethyl alcohol. So if you just get vodka or the ethyl alcohol is in this one's 40% so that's not enough, which is 80% proof. So we're talking ever clear, I believe, comes in both 190% proof on 151% proof. So 75% of hope, Then I'll go right. So if you get that what you want to do, you want o get you ever clear and you use 25%. So if you've got a four ounce bottle that you're going to you to foreign spray bottle, one answer that should be ever clear. So what you do, you get yourself a job. You put the say, an ounce 30 mils of ever clear hey to a charge of Dr Bigger One of this, you and Dr Us. And then you add your essential oils into that, screw the cap on time and then let that sit for an hour. That would dissolve the essential oils into, and so it's valuable eyes him, so dissolves them into the ever clear, never to spit apart in your water. All right, so 25 it's in your notes, by the way. So 25% of ever clear and does 95% ethyl alcohol, 25% the rest of distilled water. So what you do after now? Then there should be well resolved, and the other thing is going to do. It's going to preserve your border based product, right? So you're sprays. You don't have to worry about changing every few weeks. Last month's okay, so that's the two benefits. It will preserve it. You're needed around about 25%. 25% of 30%. 25% is a really easy number. So 25% grain alcohol, and they want a well known brand is ever clear. And then fill the rest up with you distilled water on that were then But preserve your water brace Citrus spray. And also it would dissolve essential oils within it as well. Okay, so that's not done. You don't have to do that. But if you want to preserve it for a long time, or you could just change it out, you know, just change it out, sprang up and just just pretty dispersed Central's, which you know most people do. But this way is a great way if you want to preserve it, I say, and likewise dissolved the essentials within the mix 64. Mold remover : So if you got a problem with mold, I'm gonna show you this dead easy mold remover and it some ways you're not even gonna show you how to make it. All right. It is simply this. We get one cup of your baking soda, add three tablespoons off Castillo. So okay, it's a little bow. 30 drops off teaching oil. All right, Mix them together. One cup, three times. Spirits of customs said 30 drops of tea tree or and then mix it together. Wala mullah, remember? 65. Fabulous Foaming Hand Soap: All right, so we're gonna make it foaming hand. So dispenser. So I think so. What you need is a foaming hand. So dispenser so you could buy them off Amazon. Or you could do it. I did. And take a little walk down to the supermarket, Grab on. It's already got chemical laden hand, so but it's a farming. So head dispenser Debelle the ingredients and give it a good old wash, and you're good to go. Now, what I've done here, I put in This is 240 mills. So just depending on the size of your family now, being a water based product, you want to use your up to three weeks because doesn't have preservatives we talked about. So So about 3/4 of the way of water in there. They're going to use Castiel. So Castile soap is so constructed. Just need around about two tablespoons. So that's exactly what I'll do is I'll put around about two tablespoons in. Okay, let's put this down here. Put this Joan right there. Okay, that would be one. Oh, now you want to put your water in first? If you put your castiel, so I've been first, and then you had the border. Later, it's gonna froth up on you. You have a big bubbly mess. All right, Ruddy, steady hands steady as we got. Now what? You could also do it. You can put in a carrier oil. You can put some vitamin E, Khobar, whatever we can put him. L o in a swell may be a bit calling. Now, here's what I'm gonna do then my Hello. Hand planting, Thinking. I'm going to square some of this in because already got. So you want to put about 10 10 drops of essential oil shin? Now, I'm gonna put in some Hello under this, which has already got its essential. I was in there, just a couple squirts, and of course you got the I just put that onto my let there, and this court's got Eucalyptus Central is already in. Okay, beautiful. There's a little bit more customers there. All right, job done. Now give it a shake up so you can put 10 or 15 drops of orange tea, tree, lavender, whatever your life and then for me, answer. I'm excited. Uh, never buy, bought, find enhancer that matter ever again. You got it right there. Okay, I'm drifting. Go to go 66. Microfiber cloths: So let's talk cleaning the floors. All right. So of course you need something like texting, you know, to really get into a day two. Of course you don't. You know that? I was just joking. Look, I'm gonna show you here because I hear what you said. What do you use to clean your floors? Yeah, Tom flows. What's going on? What do you use? Wow, about to show up? You know, use water. That is it. Water. Now, how does just plain water get this? This is the big kicker here. All right, Now, I tell you what, if you don't know right now, if you know about this, just bear with me because I know I'm preaching to the converted, and you know how incredible these things are. This material is on. But if you don't owe die Presse that stop or the next lecture about right microfibers there I said it was it. Look, if you don't know about micro fighter, you are cleaning your house the old way. This is going. This is worth the value of the course. If I may say so myself. Right here. When it comes to cleaning your house, I'm not joking. No micro fiber cloth. We use a micro fiber mob, and then just water. That's it. That is it. If you had a particularly dirty maybe one of your little bit of Castiel. So maybe you want to put a little bit of vinegar, but look, micro fiber will clean up 99% off bacteria, some micro fiber. Really high party must even pick up viruses. They claim they lock them away in the micro fiber now, So a micro fiber mop with water micro fiber is OK. Each fibre micro fiber is 100 the 1/100 the diameter of a human here. So 100 times 100? I was never gonna mess. And 100 the thickness of a human here. Yeah. Yeah, I got so in a square inch this much, there were 200,000 microfibers fibers. All right, Now, what it does is got a natural positive charge, and it's like a vacuum, so dusting. Just wipe it out here. Literally sucks it up. A positive charge on this negative charge of the dust and grind. It gets rid Greece. We polished everything. Stainless steel as they get in micro five months. Just muppet like this. Say, remember my God, very serious here. Like this. My grow five. I see it now. Crossed it across the block. I got carried away. My growth fiber with just plain water will remove 99% off bacteria alone. This and water soaking up spills. It will pick up seven times its own weight. So you use this? I use this for everything. My cleaning lady comes around and we have, like 20 of these. And she cleans till the cows come home and everything is absolutely sparking. There's not a paper tell yo what? Done anything. It's absolutely on cost eco friendly. Okay, now they get rid of Greece Now. I disagree. Spare. I'm going to show you something. Is this? No. I didn't believe this when I first heard that this with no detergent. No Castillo. So nothing. Now this will get Greece. It takes grime and grease off just with water. I'm gonna show you. I You don't relate me to you. I'm gonna get a stick of butter, understand a stoop up, and I'm gonna show you exactly how this in fact, I didn't test in one of my other courses where I do, I'll stop talking. I'll get I'll come back. Hold on. I want to show you this. This is really, really important. Come back. I'm all excited because I want to show you this. I didn't think it would do it when it first getting rid of grease and grime and bats with Justin microfibers. No detergent. You're no soap. Now, you see, I don't know whether you can see this, but just say just because you can clean your glass because it holds seven times its own weight in water. Streak free window cleaning. Alright. Stainless steel windows, the whole shebang. Now, look, just doing this. It just comes up beautifully, right? I don't get it nice and clean, so I can show you my test writer. I have some butter. I'm gonna use paper tell. All right, So this is Mark's mad science lesson. All right? Pretty crazy, right? The heck am I gonna do with this now? Front table. Okay. I'll be clean up that Gracie's, but with micro fiber ready, So let's try the paper. Tell method. No detergent, Nothing once What? But you could probably say that One swipe of that still greasy drum roll, please. Okay, once What? Look at that. Going okay, Maybe due to Schwab's, Because I missed a bit because I missed it. I missed it with the microfibers. Look at that, baby doc. Greasy Mark. If I've been on Greasy, you know I better. This do you want? What do you still don't get on the Amazon? Get yourselves and microfibers by the kid by the mob. Get everything. Dusting windows, stainless steel, Greece floors, everything. Now clean up this butter. 67. Trash 1: All right. So you trash stinks. Your garbage can stinks. So, what are you going to do? Well, baking soda. Remember, baking soda. Any odors? It's absolutely utilizes. Um, brilliant. Get a handful sprinkled into your garbage bin. Nowhere is it off? That's number one number to me all night. It's been a good now, half of it again. And then I feel that with half what's 1/2 you get half or 50 50 more or less, you know, And then put him some essential oils. Getting our strong ones. Citrusy ones. Lemon, orange. What have you Peppermint. Really good. Okay, 15 drops of that 20 job to that. Whatever you like. What's going on? That's right. I don't let smell and your garbage can. So there you go. Simple. Is that 68. Welcome to the section: okay. In this section, of course. What I would do is just give you a better understanding off each essential oil. The old child. Safer central oils in autumn. Because maybe you've got ones that I wasn't talking about. You wonder what's this good for? Right, So you could have a look at those on. And so I've got pdf and your resource pdf file. And you're resource is that summarizes the talked about the yields they get and countries of origin and whether produced tone and so forth. So I could have a look at that and say, it'll give you a better idea? Maybe you go. What You know about this oil here? I wonder if that's and so now it's not a lot of the guys. This is the most common ones that I've got for you to have a lot. So have a look at these lectures. I'm just give you a better understanding of the therapeutic properties off each of these essential oils that I go through 69. Bergamot : All right, so let's look in Bergamo now. Bergamo. It's like a little ray of sunshine in a bottle. Now Bergamo, it's being ground generally through Calabria, Sicily. This area mainly, in fact, they're being commercially producing in Club Re in Sicily. Bergamo Since the 17 hundreds now interested enough DNA analysis has shined the Bergamo. It's in fact, a hybrid. It's a hybrid between bitter orange and swing line I know now attacked around about 250 kilograms of the rind of Bergamo to make one kilogram. Now Bergamo is great for skin conditions. Now it is so dull, lifeless skin Bergamo is fantastic to revitalize your skin. It's great for things like expert psoriasis even said delight at the wound healing insect bites. It is absolutely bring for wrinkles. These just thing is, it has a revitalizing effect on the skin, so it's absolutely breathe in that regard. Now, the other thing, when it comes to emotional Bergamo has a really unique thing that could do it that Mary balancing. So it's great for mood swings. Think bipolar disorder, 80 HD. But harmonizer balances, but it also has its uplifting effect. Now, many essential oils, uh, might be just balancing and harmonizing. But this is uplift. So if you're feeling negative pessimistic, you get hard to get out of bed in the morning. You got no drive. Think Bergamo has to say. If you got mood swings, think Bergamo it will harmonize and cant think down and uplift you. So uplift your mood, Bergamo. You might know it. Great t when you have an over 80 that useful aroma is what you're smelling is Bergamo. It's used heil ing in the perfume industry. So when it comes to burgers, just make sure that if it's not, if it doesn't say it gapped in free. Now forget it is a constituent that courses photosensitivity. So in other words, if you put it on topic Lee and Dillon the sun you can burn bergamot and life of the most photosensitive oils. Unless it says Berg Captain free and then you find okay, So if you do have it, there is not a captain free. Then you wanna wait at least 24 hours before exposing that since a skin to the Sanshou. Okay, so just think Negativity, pessimism, no drive, don't want to get out of bed. These sorts of things. So what think Big Bergamo is not only revitalizes you emotionally, but also physically with your skin. So it is absolutely fantastic thing of this, the little revitalize er both physically and emotionally. 70. Cedarwood : all right, Cedarwood. Now the to talk to CNBC, Atlas, cedarwood and Virginia See would now the Atlas cedarwood that comes from Morocco from the mountain of the Matmos Mountains. And these are huge, massive seed would forest, and it only takes about 30 to 50 kilograms of wood chips to make a kilogram cedarwood oil. So you're not going to see adulterated because it's such high yield. Now. Cedarwood is great for so many things. One of the things. It's fantastic, boy, if someone what it cause it's calming, it's soothing. It's like I always think of cedarwood as there's a huge for us on these massive trees that tower overs. And if you're in the forest just feeling that this tiny that's kind of feel with cedar wood , it just Hey, I got this. If someone strung out a dream exhaustion. This is great for a th deal have shown being very good for but think stress that their fragile there tends their fragile. They're worried they're anxious cedar, which is going, Hey, it's OK. I got this. And that's what sites so soothing and calming cedar is. Absolutely bring that. So of course it helps with insomnia, repetitive thinking patterns. These sorts of things just think see, Do it camped out just like a sandalwood. Patchouli do the same thing that's calming, just soothing, you know. So I got this. You're OK. And that's what is beautiful. Emotionally for that. For the skin, it's great toys, skin types of acne. It's also great for coughs and bronchitis. Asked these sort of things as a decongestant expectorant. So really, really good for these as well. Furthermore, skin, it's anti inflammatory and anti critic, which makes it stopped itching. So again, think X MMA psoriasis, insect bites speak of insects. There's a reason we had seated with boxes. It keeps the months away. Said it was an absolutely brilliant in separate pound. Aziz. Well, so see, you would just think calming, soothing, suiting for the skin, right? It comes down, the itching comes down. The redness, its anti inflammatory. So it's calming both emotionally, and it's coming physically for your skin and is again. It helps with coughs, bronchitis. Asked about these sorts of things. Oh, and finally, how did I figured? It's really good for hair loss as well and dandruff. So there you go, then, of course, it soothes and calms down and apparently stimuli. Now tell me 71. Black spruce : Okay, Black spruce. Now this come from Canada, in particular eastern Canada, and it's really equivalent to Europe. Scott Pine and the Siberian for in Russia Now this has been used for these have been used for centuries for treating respiratory problems. So it's great for bronchitis. Lloris. Retract problems. Infections, emphysema, bronchitis. These sorts of things tight. Just type chest and breathing. Really great toe. Open out respiratory tract. So think of that index was down. Only takes about 102 100 kilograms of tweets and needles to make a kilogram. So you want. But I find it a adulterated, more than likely now. So it's great. It's been traditionally used for served and lotions bombs because it's really, really good for muscular pain. Okay, so they just overexertion muscular pain. This is really terrific for that. So it's great for muscular pain. It's also very strengthening. So if someone is, they have low self esteem that no get up and go, they don't feel good about themselves. They really just really flat. This is really strengthen again. Think of these huge bit like cedarwood, these huge trees and the strength that comes from them. And these are really, really great. But people, as they say, they just that apathy. They've got no get up ago that no room, there's no drive at all. And they say there's a low self esteem. This is once again that like to see what it comes in, and it's it's strengthening its got. I'll give you willpower, give you current will give you strength, and that's what they get from these as well. So I think respiratory disorders think strengthening emotionally. These are really big ones for that and, of course, muscular aches and pains as well. 72. Blue tansy : now, Blue Tansy. You may or may not have heard of this, but if you don't have it, run, Don't walk to get some. It comes from northern Morocco. It takes them 300 to 4 kilos to get one kill off oil. Now this in a word, calming, all overcoming. Now this this is Central is absolutely bring for people that tense, exasperated and fits of anger. You know, Burt of outraged, this sort of thing, and it helps promote more flexible thinking. So some of those wrote Do it this way. This is my way. This is where brutality really, really is fantastic. It helps promote better mental flexibility, more emotional flexibility now its greatest safer comic. So it just calms and soothes, so it skin it. It's an incredible anti inflammatory as well. So it's great for anything. Think itis. You know, acute dermatitis, our writers, new writers, anything. The night is which I just made information. If you don't know it, can't it down because it's both calming and cooling. Okay, so has got this amazing apple sent to a this apple Reimers absolutely beautiful blue blue tansy. And so I just think skin conditions like Xmas birds sunburn because it's cooling and calming, so anything needs cooling and calming people with a headache. People that get cerise is an expert due to their their stress levels, like what would call in Chinese medicine. Someone has a liver fire that just there headaches because of their stress. So they just need to be calmed down and cool down these red eyes, the skin complaints that are red so these are actually fantastic. It's also anti critic helps with itching as well, so it's really great itchy red skin conditions. Now it's also and energetic, so it's absolutely fantastic for muscular pain as well thinks brains strange where you've got your hate from the readiness in the hate so it needs to be cooled and calm down. So it's muscle sprains and strains. It's absolutely fantastic for the skin conditions that are all upset, red and itchy, absolutely fantastic for that as well. But just think, if you think nothing else, blue tansy. Just think, calming all over whether it's physical complaints like skin conditions of Musker things we're gonna calm and cool, so I need to calm and call that person down emotionally. Then this is it. So someone is worried, anxious and extend depression. They just completely strung out that you're there. Frazzled, it might say, on getting your physical conditions as well. The stress related absolutely blue Teddy is really just calming the whole system down emotionally and physically. 73. Lavender : 11 11 doula and gusta folio. It's gonna be my favorite oil. I mean, what can it do? If I was going on Desert Isle on, he had one essential. This is it. It's just an amazing kids safe oil. And it has so many incredible properties. What country it's it's anti inflammatory. It's anti virals, antibacterial. It's calming. So my son, every night I put a drop of lambda on his teddy bears tummy on the tummy of his teddy bear . And he goes, and he won't sleep with that. He just so used to just love. Just put him up with beautiful dreaming sleep. One drop until you tell it doesn't get any irritations, by the way. No skin sensitivity. So I put it on, Um, but it's coming, but it's also up lifting, and it also supports the immune system. It really is incredible. Now, when it comes to oh, it's pain relieving. So you've got pain, especially pain, dude. Attention like neck pain, dialect this and put this on your neck pain because its anti inflammatory it's G six, so it's just brilliant. The pain, of course, bites wounds, cuts great. A scrapes grazes bee stings you name it. It is just so amazing, for it's also great for skin problems. Acne. This oil is just the bee's knees. 74. Geranium : all right that registered uranium. Now geranium is very well known for very good reasons. Now geranium is person for most great for virtually any skin condition. It's regenerative. So for wrinkles, for Rose Asia, broken capillaries is regenerative is absolutely fantastic for these types of conditions, but it's also coming, so it's great for Xmas. Psoriasis burns weren't scrapes, scratches these sorts of things. It's really fantastic for those, but it's also anti fungal. So think tenure. So it's just it's great for all, like mature skin types on all types of skin is just really think of it, so brilliant for any sort of skin condition, whether wannabe, restorative or when there's a certain condition that needs to be dealt with right. It's also great for women's menstrual cycle PMS, problems, menopausal symptoms, dismay, diarrhea and malaria cramping that sort of thing. Geranium is very, very well known at regulating menstrual cycles as well, so it's great for that now, when it comes to emotionally, geranium is great, it's strengthening, is supporting. So think of it like if someone has a low self esteem, deep addictions, it's very good for helping people to get through addiction because it gives them inner strength. It's where uranium was really fantastic. So it's calming. But it's strengthening a bit, like you know, a big brother or sister is gonna help. You're wrong on your pull You out of that negativity, that pessimism, that low self esteem that no so worth of depression, this sort of thing. So that's why it's it's really, really lovely. It helps strengthen the person's give him that willpower and that drives and get out of their funk, if your life to help their emotional instability, the nervousness, anxiety. So geranium is great first or specially, all skin problems, and so think of it. But also, by the way, it's also good for head lice, mosquitoes, great repellent as well. So even if you need to be strengthened up to help with low self esteem, that sort of thing geranium skin problems, geranium, insect repellents, that sort of thing headlines geranium as well. It really is, and, of course, is set to menstrual cycle problems measure irregularities, Absolutely fantastic. Geranium 75. German chamomile : now German camomile. You probably already know there are two types of Camelot, which we'll get to Roman Camomile and Jimmy Kimmel. Now biggest difference between both is Roma. Kamar has more of a calming effect emotionally, and Gemma camomile, I'll just put this on a very basic level. Jim Cramer was better for inflammation and muscular pain, that sort of thing, right? So German Camera takes about 400 kilos to get a kill off Jimmy Camomile essential oil. Now it is, just think, calming it. It's one of those oils that is incredibly coming. So if someone's nervous, agitated, irritated, frustrated, angry, any and all of these emotions, they're stressed. They're strung out. German Kalamata is fantastic. Okay, it will calm the system down, so it is absolutely fantastic for most your camps out down in Somalia, mood swings, it's it's what's today. It will just bring the person back down. Okay? It's also great for skin conditions is really incredible, anti inflammatory and anti paralytic. So it stopped itching. So think Xmas dermatitis, psoriasis, these sorts of things. Now it's also great for excuse me for burns and wounds, so it's really, really healing. So so you think, You know, wound scrapes. These sorts of things burns, Sunburn. John McCain Mars. Fantastic. Because of its anti inflammatory properties. It is absolutely fantastic for pain and spasms and cramps. So I b s irritable bowel syndrome muster Escalade oh, pains these sorts of things absolutely fantastic as a pain reliever, anti inflammatory as well. So that's Jim a cama. Think of it to come the system down and think of any skin conditions that red and inflamed muscular conditions or inflamed tendonitis, planter fasciitis, anything within a hiatus after new rightness gastritis. Any of these So think German cama eso to summarize. The German camera has a big as opposed to Roman camomile. It's do incredibly calming room. Cable has a more calming effect emotionally, but the both of fantastic German camel has a much better than Roman camomile anti inflammatory response was skin and muscles joints, that sort of thing. So the riders, it is such a fantastic Kamio toe take away is think of it as calming for both body, mind and spirit. There you go, 76. Spearmint : Okay, so spin it. All right, let's take a little spin it now. Spearmint is really good for oily skin. It's fantastic for saying things like acne. It's also grateful. Upper respiratory problems, asthma, bronchitis. It's an expectant and, um, you Kalinic. So it's really fantastic for colds and flues, that sort of thing. It's also great for stomach problems, bloating, stomach pains and cramps. It's really fantastic nausea. That sort of thing is well, so emotionally. It's great for someone stuck emotionally it car. It's coming. So it's strengthened to spirit. Spirit strengthens in mind. And I hope so. Uplift system. So So if someone, if you think you know, going anywhere, they're sort of stuck. This is a really great oil for that. And the fact that you know, if you're treading water, you don't have anything. A real sense of direction. That's what this does. It calms sort of focuses and up lift to get that drive to move on. So coughs, colds, flues, Essman, that bronchitis, the sorts of things fantastic or the other things really greatest fevers as well. It's terrific for helping favors of any cause so great for favors, grateful of respiratory problems on and great for us, a emotional. You'll get someone moving. They're not just mood swings, they don't have any drive. And so it's really re terrific for that as well. And, of course, the stomach with the nausea and bloating. 77. Tea tree : All right, so let's have a look at tea tree oil now to tree oil. It comes from a paper bark tree, one of the melaleuca trees of 30 the 30 different varieties and it's called, which comes from a paperback tree. Why, it's called paper factory. Well, because the bar comes off like shards of paper is, like literally thin chance of paper. And it comes from a country cold Australia. Never heard of it. Blame it. Hang on a minute off. Rocky, might Oh, you strike me down with a feather. Oh, cool, Grimy. That's where I come from. Where? What a bloody beauty might. Anyway, you get about 60 60 takes 60 kilograms off. We have lost the plot completely. Now takes 60 kilograms off leaves and twigs to get you one kilogram of tea. Tree oil. Now tea tree oil is fantastic. It is a really strong motion. If you get Australia, you will see it all of the shelves in limits in bonds and sprays. It originally was used by the way Captain Cook discovered Australia. We're going a little bit of Australian history lesson here. When Captain Cook discovered Australia back in 17 70 Then he found out the indigenous Aboriginals were using the leaves of a tree to hell with their help with their cuts and scrapes and infections that break up the leaves and put them in my poultices and put them on the skin that also used them for coughs and colds. It's everything, right? Tea tree is incredible for his anti violence antimicrobial properties. Anti bacterial, anti fungal. It's very well known, helping 10 years, so it's a restorative when it comes to tea. Tree is really great for chronic weaknesses of any type, so rather than it's not a calming or stimulating, it's such it's restoring, so think chronic illnesses could be chronic pneumonia could be chronic emotional problems or depression. So what does it say? Its restorative. So I think maybe five people in a week, and you're that sort of thing. So it's really, really fantastic to help people with chronic lung infections anything like that. So it's Eddie Fungal so great for tenia sort of skin conditions. It's great for oily skin. It's really, really well known to help acne, so it's a fantastic or if it's going, conditions like acne, oily skin, fungal bums, coughs fruits of the antiviral anti back to so coughs in college bronchitis allergies s So it's really a fantastic, essential oil capsule scraped to save cuts on, you know, bumps, bruises, that sort of thing. Really, really fantastic. So tea tree oil are not really well because, uh, she's a little beauty might and gotta throw a shrimp on the barbie. By the way, he's a little fun fact for you. Just so you know, we don't call them ship in Australia. No, we don't call shrimp shrimp because there's this whole big thing back in the eighties of Australian Tactical Crocodile Dundee. You've probably heard of the young ones Have no any what I'm talking about again. Um, but anyway, Paul Hogan, the actor from Crocodile Dundee A had this this big thing in America back Come on over the estrangement. And I found another shrimp on the Barbie because the Americans understood when he was saying offer a shrimp on the Barbie. Because if he said after our prawn, which is what we call them in Australia, full employment. All right, so, uh, if he said, Well, come on over and I'll throw in extra brought on the Bobby that go? What the bloody hell talking about? So Seo So yeah, just so you know, there's nothing to do with aromatherapy. I get that. But, you know, saying we got a little bit of Australia in the tea tree oil. I got a little bit, you know, romantic thinking of Australia. So there you go. More throw another pro on the body for you when you come to Australia, not a shrink. 78. Vetiver : All right, So let's have a look at Vetiver now. Vetiver is they used. The roots of the planet of grass grows may need India. Sri Lanka, these areas is being was first to still in a place called re union. Back in 18 98 it takes about 50 kilos off the roots of this plant to give you one killer vetiver essential oil. Now Vetiver is a really think of the roots of the plant roots being in the ground. That's what Vetiver is really, really great at grounding a person. So if you got anxiety, agitation, paranoia, restless thinking of your repetitive thinking patterns, obsessive compulsive disorder, things where the person needs to be ground to bring them back to better stand reality. That's where vetiver is really good. So insomnia, because of excessive thinking, excessive worry, agitated states. Think of it like that. We're just ground you get like, I think those roots your way. Talk about meditation when you feel grounded. Just didn't meditation. But you don't mean that feeling ground. That's what benefit does really, really well. Now it's also a cooling oil as well that it's an anti inflammatory, so it's really great at helping chronic inflammation. I think perimeter without writers, fibromyalgia. So it's anti inflammatory and juicy. Cooling properties are great for sprains and strains these sorts of things so emotional level. It is incredibly grounding very much like cedar wood. I talked about truly the sorts of things, very grounding great anti inflammatory properties and cooling properties. So it's also good for menopause hot flashes as well as it cools the system down. So vetiver is a great, essential oil. It's a bass note when it comes to the notes. Top medium on bass notes really re fantastical. Just think of it like OK, person needs to be grounded. I need to be grounded, you know, and get into a better central space in my mind to get to, you know, get back to us a better sense of reality. This is what better really as well 79. Patchouli : but Johnny the hippie oil yes, back in the seventies, or the hippies were putting a jury on them, left, right and centre. Now maturity, though, is absolutely fantastic, said Oil, very much like cedar, wood, sandalwood, vetiver as a grounding centering central. So if you're feeling scattered, you need to pay. You meditate. You just you know you're anxious. You're nervous. You don't have mental focus, this sort of thing. You need clarity. You need to be grounded. Then think maturity. It's one of those oils that is absolutely fantastic to send to you to get you back to connect your mind body back to your center. Okay, it's also a great insect repellent, but you'll be fantastic for that. Likewise, it is bringing for all skin conditions, so wrinkles, scars, blemishes, stretch marks. Agnese, great for oily skin is fantastic, adjusting inflammatory conditions as well. So dermatitis X MMA. Anything to do the skin, but surely is absolutely brilliant for that as well. OK, so I think, grounding for skin conditions. And of course, it's anti fungal as well. So tenia Paris athletes foot fungal conditions as well, so it's great think, but surely a grounding sitting er thing, essential oil and terrific for all skin conditions 80. Ginger : ginger. All right. So it takes about 30 kilos of these little abuse. The ginger root to make a killer off ginger. Essential oil now ginger essential oil. Psychologically, if someone now it's a very stimulating all. It gives people courage. It gives people motivation. So if someone's apathetic, they got no drive, No motivation. Ginger is fabulous, okay? It builds strength encouraging within the person if someone's really introverted, will bring them out of this show to help to bring them out of their show. So Virginia is a really fantastic thing to do that with someone that's saying Maybe there's just apathy. They have no drive. No, no. Now get up and go, right. That's why Ginger is really great. Now, of course, Ginger is fantastic for stomach problems. Nausea. You may already know this, but ginger is terrific for nausea. My son ever had any stomach problems? Oh, cut off a slice here, put it in your board. Some water. Put us a couple slices of ginger. Give me ginger till you come to stomach down. Junior essentially rubber in your stomach, that sort of thing. So ginger sensual, really, really great to help with on its stomach complaints as a nausea. Really fantastic. Very well known for that. Now, it's also incredibly warming. As would say, in Chinese medicine, it's very yang so on its anti inflammatory properties as well. So it is fantastic for cold hands and feet and any sort of cold conditions out say someone has problems with the joints, like arthritis sins, particularly stiffness. So they get another get worse in cold weather. Think ginger, that warming anti inflammatory. So, for example, if someone has your in which you are feeling the low pressure systems coming in, my knee starts to hurt or something like that. Well, then, putting ginger central oil on that to help put warmth into the joint. Really fantastic that think of Ginger as a warming essential oil for pain for cold hands and cold feet. The other cold conditions as well. So maybe some of certain conditions are worsened in cold than ginger is really terrific for that as well stomach complaints and emotionally to bring someone out of this show to give that person drive motivation, courage, strength to really strengthen Fantastic. It's been to still since the 16 hundreds ginger on uh, it's absolutely fantastic and greatly food 81. Helichrysum : now. Hello, Crisis. Um, yes, it's expensive. It takes 1400 kilos off health crisis to make one kilogram of the essential oil. But, boy, is it an amazing, essential oil. Now it's a calming, essential oil. So emotionally, if someone for anything from from shock, trauma, acute emotional drama, this sort of thing. I think it helped him. Anger issues, agitation, nervousness. It just think this thing comes been like when we were with blue tansy. This thing is calming in a bottle. It is incredibly potent for common the emotions. So if someone just needs to be sedated, calm down hill across, um, your. Whether it's acute or chronic with anger issues, what have you help rising? It is brilliant at calming skin conditions. Now it's great for scars, wrinkles, rejuvenation, but also because anti inflammatory, anti priority. So it's great for any implants. Skin conditions such as Xmas, psoriasis, acute diamond dermatitis. It's great that allergies it's great for coughs and colleges. It just calms down the system. It's great for wound healing, so all sorts of traumas, bruises, cuts, scrapes, grazers, boils, abscesses. It is absolutely fantastic, really treated for any skin condition. Hella crisis. Unbelievable so just think of this is being calming both physically and also emotionally, and it is really say it's not cheap. But boy, does this pack a punch. 82. Juniper : gin. Why don't I have a bottle of gin? Well, what are they shoot to have in common? Well, they both come from juniper Berries. That's right. Juniper Berries make gin. Do you know Berries? Such a loyal now? So juniper. Let me put this Jindal for for a second. So juniper berry essential oil. It takes around about 250 kilograms of the dried juniper Berries to make a kilo of juniper berry essential oil. Now, juniper Berries are really good, emotionally forgiving person, courage, positivity and strength. So, so much it doesn't have any motivation. There's not feeling good about themselves that maybe press very negative, huh? Just like Jen. That'll help as well. Not just joking. No, no. Um, Where was Gina? Very yet so very good for motivation, for courage, for strength, its border flying. So think of essential oil, a juniper essential oil, plus the product in Juniper Berry. Essential oil to think of that as fortifying and to give you courage and strength. So, Thea other thing. It's good for its warming and anti inflammatory. So it's grateful conditions like that worse in cold weather, I think up writers, So it's a warming any Clements anti inflammatory, essential oil so great for your people that the joints aching, cold weather cold heads and think these sorts of things. So that's what it is. It's it's it's stimulating essential oil for strengthening. Think of it as fortifying on TV is really good to say. Help, conditions that are painful must correction pains The people that had those joints aching, cold winter days, that sort of thing. And it gives people a lot of self confidence emotionally and, you know, give the introverted makes him or extra inter extroverted just. 83. Lemon : lemon essential oil run now takes about 150 kilograms of lemon rind to make a kilogram of lemon essential oil. Now right at the get go. Okay, remember, Citrus sores are photo of sensitive for the toxic. Now lemon is one of those. If it is cold pressed lemon essential second look at the label. If it's steam distilled lemon essential oil, then it's not photosensitive. So remember rubbing on the skin going out on get burned. OK, so if you do have the cold president essential oil, then remember you're going to have. If you're gonna put on your skin, then don't go out in the sun covered up or whatever for least 24 hours. Okay, so you don't risk your skin irritation burning. The other thing is really important, with all essential oil was specific. Specifically, Citrus essential oils and lemon in particular, is that hasn't oxidized. Now Lemon's gonna show shelf drive around about one year once you've opened it, or two years. If you keep it in the refrigerator, oxidizes, there's a greater chance of irritating your skin. Okay, now, lemon essential oil is absolutely fantastic as a stimulant. Can citric thieves Citrus oil. They're like light in a bottle. So think of lemon. If you need better mental focus. Clarity, memories uplifting. It is sunshine in a bottle, so just think this is. You know, if you're feeling negative, you're pessimistic. You need to be. Have a more positive outlook. You needed some to. You know you can find out how to get out of bed in the morning. It's sluggish. You're tired. Apathy. Just just not feeling it. Then limit essential oil. It's absolutely brilliant to really helps stimulate your system emotionally. The other thing is really good for is sluggish lymphatic system so swelling? Oedema Lemon has been traditionally used a lot for for dame, of using in the clinic myself to help with the demon. Okay, 11 Essential oil. It's really fantastic. Think of it, too, get you going in the morning or whatever, so that you're really it's It's such a wonderful statement feels fresh. It's really just thinking, like is the shining light that is lemon. Lemon is absolutely wonderful 84. Roman chamomile : all right. That brings us on to Roman Canaima now, as did it similar to German camera. This is fantastic. Force Lee for insomnia. Okay, so Roma Kemah, it's absolutely beautiful to get to get you to sleep better. Okay? It's also anti inflammatory. So it's great for it's great for any stress conditions, nervousness, agitation, the same things here. It calms the system down emotionally and physically. So for skin conditions must regret especially conditions that are affected by stress. So skin conditions There are so many skin to conditions. 90 plus percent of skin conditions worsened by stress. You think it's arises that something stress worsens of condition, so anything out tension, headaches. This is absolutely brilliant to help with tension, headaches as well, so it calms a system down. So just think. Great for sleeping troubles. Great for nervousness, irritant, irritability, frustration, the sorts of things. Anything that needs to calm system down and again, as they say for any skin disorders or attention ahead. Eggs. Just think of this other big sedative. So this was just today that the person emotionally and will help with all of these problems that come on from stress as well it's irritable bowel syndrome. It helps was the spasms. It's also very good for master aches and pains as well. So the help of the so think of stress and think of rum Kenema as a great way to help. 85. Congratulation : Well, they were ever I'm sorry to tell you, it's the end of the course. And so I hope you've learned enormous amount of information through the course and you start making if you haven't already start making your cleaning products for your house. Give her those chemicals to help your health help the environment. And of course now you know had a street, your Children and babies and yourself for always having emotional conditions, mood sleeping and physical problems, scrapes and all these sorts of things have been through. So I really hope you enjoy it. And you're gonna use this. Don't just take the course and then not applying to your life. It would be so much better for not only you, but also your kids. And they're gonna grow up with this wonderful knowledge of your growing up with essential oils that I didn't have. So they're gonna get used to it. And then when they grow up, they'll teach their kids and so on and so forth. So we're just doing so much more for our own health, the health of their kids, with their for their kids. And, of course, don't forget, it's just wonderful for the environment. So have a look back through the course. If you've got any questions up always here for you and allowed to any question for people to the best of my ability, of course. And if you want one of my certificates, then write to me and I'll give you one of my very training academy certificates personally from May that you can hang on your wall.