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Aromatherapy-Make Your Own Green, Cleaning Products

Mark Perren-Jones, Best-Selling Instructor, 100K Students

Aromatherapy-Make Your Own Green, Cleaning Products

Mark Perren-Jones, Best-Selling Instructor, 100K Students

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About This Class

Welcome to my new course, Aromatherapy-Make Your Own 100% Natural Cleaning Products using essential oils and completely natural ingredients for an organically green clean home.

In this course I show you, using aromatherapy essential oils and completely natural products, how to make your own natural cleaning products to clean your entire house without chemicals

Do not worry, you don't need to have any previous knowledge of aromatherapy.

It is really, incredibly simple and I test out which are the best products to make.

Imagine being able to clean your house, using common natural products and aromatherapy essential oils, and being able to clean:

  • In less time

  • With less effort

  • Spending a LOT less money.

    Sound good? I thought so.

And the best part is, it is so simple and they work better!


  • Liquid Laundry Soap

  • Garbage Can Tablets

  • Bath Bomb Fizzies

  • Toilet Cleaning Fizzies

  • Foaming Hand Soap

  • Scouring Pastes

  • Floor Cleaners

  • Stain Removers

  • Clothes Whiteners

  • Fruit And Vegetable Cleaners

  • Wood Polish

  • Air Fresheners

  • Stainless Steel Cleaners And Polishes

  • All Purpose Disinfecting Sprays

  • The Best Grout Cleaners

  • Bath and Tub Cleaners

  • Goo/Sticker Removers

  • And So Much More!

Think about how incredible it is going to be to go from:

  • Toxic chemicals to using aromatherapy essential oils and completely natural products

  • Smelling horrible chemical fragrances in your house to aromatherapy essential oils

  • Destroying the environment to helping it.

  • Harming your health and your family to helping it.

  • Spending enormous amounts per year to spending a minuscule amount

  • Using lots of time cleaning to having more time to doing the things you love!

In fact, what I teach you is so simple, you will wonder why you didn't do this years ago.

How good will you feel when you, your friends and your family walk into the house and it's the cleanest it has ever been from your new all natural cleaning regime AND you are helping the environment, helping your health and that of your children and also saving a ton of money as well!

  • Let's all get together and do our bit to help our health, our pockets and our planet!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mark Perren-Jones

Best-Selling Instructor, 100K Students


Hello, I'm Mark.

Mark Perren-Jones is a bestselling massage course and pain relief, instructor.

He is also the owner of the award-winning Isla Verde Spa, a highly regarded massage therapist, acupuncturist and Pain Specialist and his youtube channel has well over 2 million views. He has more than 25 years experience in the massage and acupuncture field and has worked in spas and clinics throughout the world. He has massaged Presidents and their families, Olympic athletes, professional sports people and celebrities around the world.

Mark's spa earned an incredible 100 out of 100 5 Star Reviews on Tripadvisor! ( 100% 5 STARS). In just 6 months after the Isla Verde Spa opened, it became the No.1 Ranked spa in his highly competitive. It was also ... See full profile

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1. A Naturally Clean Home: way. Welcome to my course. My name is Sharon Jones, and by the time you have finished discourse, you are going to know how to clean your whole house, how to get it spotless without using one single toxic chemical. You're going to use essential oils, and you are going to use completely natural cleaning products. I'm tell you. I will save you an absolute bag load of money by using natural products. You're gonna save your health and that of your families. And you're also gonna be helping the environment. So what's not to love about that? And you will see the difference that these actually worked better. I test them out. I test out what's the best rust remover. I teach a secret er of removing tarnish off Super. You make around laundry detergent, liquid detergent, powder, detergents. I show you how to make your own fabric softness, and it's oh, dead easy. And it's so simple. You wonder why you have been using chemical products ever in your life. I'm gonna show and I test them some of these myths on the Internet about using certain products that just don't work when it comes to using natural products. So then a but bust submits a teacher, your head of playing the best waster from a disinfecting sprays cleaning your tubs and bathrooms. I check out different tile and grout cleaners and test those We test all these things and I also show you a trick, how you can clean things and get grace off them with just water alone. This in itself is absolutely amazing. You No, no, no soaps, no detergent and you'll be out of clean grease off things. And I test this with just this product. So let's get going. We got a lot of learning to do and then a lot of cleaning to do. 2. 1 INTRO FIN: Hey, and welcome to my course. I'm so excited about this course. I've been working on this for months, testing different formulas, gun for different things. And I'm going to show you how you could be like me and have your house clean without chemical fragrances without harsh chemicals. And it will save your boat load of money by doing it Naturally, it will save your health and your family's health. It'll save the environment, and it is so easy. I'm gonna show. Now. Look, we're going to do Digital is I was so horrified when my cupboard underneath was chemicals at a young son. Probably many of you know, and I was so hard like all these chemicals, so many poisonings happen every single day with kids getting into your cleaning products. So we're gonna make this so much safer. Pledge Expensive. We're ditching it. We are making on a show you how to make your own natural chemical free using aromatherapy essential oils for a wood polish ditch that. Now look at this. We're ditching this up. I'm gonna show you how to make your own hand farming. So look that I made that you're gonna make that too. Now, that is what? This up with my micro fiber. Why am I talking micro father? Because micro father, as you're about to learn, is so much better and obviously so much better than using paper towels. I was so horrified to see my cleaning that he used so many paper towels. A change of a marker, Father. Not only is it better environmentally, but it does way better job than any paper towels will. All right. Now, instead of using fabric softener, I'm gonna show you how to use these central oils and these couple of ingredients to make your own natural fabric softener. The pennies only Abdullah, as they said. Now, instead of using this, I'm gonna show you how to make your on liquid laundry detergent. Or if your life look at this, you can make your own power one, which is exactly what I did. Exactly what? I've done. The course. All right, Now you can make your own bath bombs. I know, Bob ones have nothing to do with cleaning, but they're fun to do. So they're in the course. Look at this. You want to make Cem, uh, toilet bowl disease? Well, you've come to the right place. You drop this into the toilet, smells amazing. Essential oils and clean your toilet 100% natural. So we can say goodbye to the topic. Alrighty. Now what else have I got for you? You don't let all of this. Oh, yeah, Yeah, yeah. Can stinks. Making little garbage, Cantonese, all essential oils. Oh, natural. You put that into garbage. You learn that as well. Hey, go standing still. Cleaner. Here you go. Bathroom cleaner. He goes No more fragrances. Chemical fragrance. Got your own spritzer to make your house smell amazing. Joining us vanished anymore because I'm not sure you had a lot to close. 100% naturally. And last of all, we're going to get rid of this dirty old come up. If you still using one of those, You're working way too hard and we're going to use micro fiber. Micro fiber is going to save you time, energy, money. So much better. Micro fiber cloth microfibers marks. They are the way to clean. So are you ready? Let's get cleaning 3. 2 checklist new1 (1): already. So what we need to do is find out what we've got and your resource. You've got a checklist here, and I'm gonna go through what you need. So the first thing you're going to need just after cleaning is micro fiber cloth. These things, Theo. Absolute bomb. These are amazing things aside. Go through another lecture, talk about microphone because absolutely unbelievable. Democra fiber, ma, And gets a close. It will say you enormous amount of time and energy. What really get distilled white vinegar. We're gonna use back roads of this. So you want to get yourself so white vinegar. Acetic acid. Amazing stuff. So simple. So great for disinfecting and cleaning as you're about to see now. Hydrogen peroxide. Three person. Get this anywhere. Not anywhere. Not gonna get a cinema. But you know what I mean? Hydrogen peroxide. You want to get this? This is an incredible disinfected. They use it in hospitals as you're about to learn. It's absolutely It's a great bleaching agent. All sorts of things s so good. It's also known as pH to to baking soda. All right, well, we're gonna use Boatman into this as well. Banking side of being used to see Egyptians study. They didn't have it in a box, of course, but this is great stuff. It's a scouring agent. It's a deodorizer. It claims it's unbelievable stuff we're going to use that that alone is just incredible. Now, this one you don't have to have, but this is citric acid that you get. If you can get the supermarket, you could get it in on Amazon. That sort of thing. We're going to use this a component, cause we're gonna make a toilet bowl disease. Little visited is up in the toilet and also bath bombs. No, I know. What's bath bomb got to do with green cleaning of the chemical free clean household? Nothing. Nothing at all. But they're fun. So we're gonna do if you want it. Don't have to know essential oils. Of course to them, use essential oils. I go through this in the course. Do not do not by fragrant oils are be very upset. They're not therapeutic benefits of fragrant oils. I go through this in a lecture which one elected which of the best essential oils for cleaning anti bacterial or viral? All right, Castillo liquid. So this is Dr Bronner's most famous in the world. You wanna get Castell so? And you can also get another product which I talked about from Dr Bronze called South Suds . Talk about the differences between the two south sounds better for Greece. These are amazing. All right, let me just I need to say something. I have looked through hundreds of recipes to try and increase my knowledge of this something. I missed that sort of thing. Here's what I've found. A lot of places say books, websites do all these different types of recipes and it really is not necessary. You can clean your house without having to get extravagant in all of these, you know, formulas, that sort of thing. Because really, a lot of these just so simple. So that tried to keep in the course. I could pet this course out, which is a lot of books do with a different recipe for this different recipes. That informed of this, it really is not necessary. If it is too complicated, you're not gonna do it. You can you 15 bottles. Onda speaking. Which spray bottles, urinating spray bottles now probably glass. Probably dark if you could get them. Because, of course, that you needed all. By the way, you need labels. They could. You spray because you want to know which it is. Is it the window cleaner or is it your magic bath tub cleaner? That's wrong. Just don't water. You don't have to get to steal water. You can go through the course, you boil it all down. The reason we do that is because it prolongs the life of your product. But if you're using them rapidly, you know, it doesn't matter. You could just use normal tap water. So you gonna need things like funnels. Uh, measuring Cox measuring spoons, measuring everything like that taken. Mission Stop. That makes sense. Now, finally, uh, I want to talk about this. This. So now this is doing this of computing. Decide Really good at dawn dish. They used doing this. So I have been using for 40 years. Oil spills that 50 75,000 animals have been helped cleaned up with dawn dish. So this is what they used to look after animals that are affected by oil spills in the ocean. Is it coming free? No, not a 1% chemical free eso for the purest of youth, and I go through this in the course. You can use your Castillo so or south sides, but I wanted to make this cause and be clear about this accessible Teoh. Really everyone. So if I if I'm doing my job, that people just digital is harsh chemicals that you buy in the supermarket. And you know, obviously if you're doing, Castillo said, that sort of thing building it. But even if using dished up in somebody's recipes, it's still way better than noise. Harsh chemicals, very environment for a safety on for your pocket. So that's why you'll see throughout the course. I do it. Do explain it. That's what we're going to use this so you don't have to use Still sort. Of course you can. But again, I want to make sure that everyone try to make through everyone's happy. Well, it's me again. I knew I forget something, but I did So you also. If you want to make which I suggest you do you want to make your own laundry detergent, Where you going to need super washing soda arm and hammer head, otherwise known as soda ash, Super washing soda. Gonna need some of that and some Epsom salts. So we're gonna start using to Memphis insults as well. If you want to make bath bombs, which I suggest you do because there are a whole hate fun. So I think that's it now, uh 4. 3new fizzies w intro (1): all right. Now, in the course, I've got lots of things that were going to go through. And I think you had a story of essential oils if you don't already know. Potentially part of the best essentials for cleaning touch about micro fiber class and the benefits and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah anyway. But I thought it'd be fun if we just get started and just make something. What do you reckon? So I will make toilet bowl physicist these freeze up in your bowl and clean your toilet. So let's just go straight into have a look. Let me show you. I'll get it So you don't see my wife should because otherwise do that. No good do that. You can see. See that beautiful show? Let's get straight into doing something fun. Not that the rest, of course, is not fun. Just one toe thought. Well, let's get you but get you doing something already. We are going to make toilet bowl disease. Look, a little guy. He fits away licking him, so that's what we're gonna do so already you can see that it cleans your toilet. How fantastic is that now? It's very very simple. As you're about to find out, all you're gonna need is two cups of baking soda bicarbonate soda. So use dropped this India ball when they clean it up beautifully. Of course, the cleaning of banking Southern removes odors, etcetera, cheddar, cheddar. So get two cups off baking soda and every guy. Now, as you're about to see before you give me a hard time about this, I'm gonna make them in ice cube trays. You can, of course, get silicon molds. Which gonna be fancy that make beautiful gifts, actually, And get the dots of a spherical, uh, get I took up the bag total. Let me get back on track here and 1/2 a cup of citric acid. Now you could increase the citric acid if you want to Toilet bowl physician to be busier. So but that's two cups of baking soda. And one what, half a cup of citric acid. 20 drops of your favorite essential oil, and then used picks him up except drivers. Now a So I was saying I'm gonna put the ice cube trays because, you know, I really don't. They let me put this wife my little guys earlier. Mother could love him that they're not gonna win any beauty contests. Now, what you want to hear? You could just you need to put some liquid in there now, so I'm just using you could use hydrogen peroxide. They have the effect of hydro peroxide being disinfecting. You could do that. I'm just using my spritzer bottle, which will learn about later in the course which got essential oils and water is essential oils now And you want to get it? Don't get it to with It wants to be like that. Look, that damp sand, nothing more if you make it to wit, that's perfect. If you make it to where it's gonna go in there and it will start growing like creature, the Blue Lagoon or the black good or one of the lagoons. But who It will start coming out like love. It'll start just growing growing, Greg. So I don't get it to wit. So say I was gonna put these into you. Put him into the Oscar trade. You press him down, you dry them out for depending on your climate. A few hours or a day or two on, then they'll just simply come out of there. So you want to press them down? It's so easy. And so is that These are great. Yeah, Children can help you. My son loves doing this, and then we go and then just get it all there. Now, I said if you had a silicon modes that look really awesome. No laughing, no laughing. But they work. The purpose is just to teach. All right, All right. What the heck did only get in the toilet, guys? Tiki. Nowhere did any beauty contest. But they're okay. That's my little boys. Here you go. And look at that toilet, both disease. So you dropped them in the toilet. Claim to toilet. There's my little boys. 5. 4 micro grease off (1): Hey, went Now. I got to show you this right up front of the front of the course. These are called micro fiber cloths. All right? Now, if you know nothing about micro fiber, I hope by the end of this lecture, cause we're gonna do the big microfibers grace challenge. I'll get to that. So we're gonna do that in a second. OK, so let's just you don't know about mantra fiber. Run. Don't walk and go get them. Throw out two paper towels throughout your your cotton class or whatever you're using to clean, because this is cutting edge technology again. I'm sorry if you know about market fiber because, you know, you just save yourself a ton of money and a ton off effort. Now look at this. These are called E Cross, All right? There are other brands, but this is one of the top brands. Okay, Just everything e cross here. Just add water. All right? It says that they'll get rid of grease and grime. We're gonna test this grease and grime, dust and dirt and get rid of all of these with just plain water and look with only water. It says it will remove 99% off bacteria. Now, this is huge if you don't, or you can buy my market father gloves for dusting micro fiber cloth. So, of course, microfibers, Mops. All right, which again? Just think about this. These things clean. Nine. An opportunity. Bacteria with just water. All right, so All right. Let's Let's let's do the experiment. I'm gonna go grease up a big pot and use a paper towel. Uh, let's just just just go to it already. It's time for the micro fiber. Great challenge. Grease off thinking. All right, so here we go. We're gonna go a nice stand still, and I'm gonna grease it up with a night stick of butter. All right, We're gonna try paper town and then micro fiber cloth with water and see if it actually does what it's supposed to dio steaks up. OK, so I think we could say is pretty gritty. I knew one swipe, just the one. So I see how the Pepto. Okay, That doesn't do very well, though, as probably predicted. All right, No. So, nothing like that. But then again, we got no soap with the micro fiber cloth either. So Let's grease up the other side here and see if it does what it says. Which Waas just water will get one of the greats. Do one swipe again. All right, We're gonna get big trying to be a consistent All right, Dan. There's a damp cloth. Scott border in it. Just a damn club once. What? Holy guacamole. Look at that. That is completely gone. That is just a wet micro fiber cloth. So how can micro fiber work? How does it get rid of Greece? Just with water? How? This is possible? Because if you had a cotton cloth with water, it wouldn't get rid of the grace, Would it? Even used the paper towel with water. It would not get rid of the grace. So here's what happens. My fiber is back to the the cutting edge of technology when it comes to cleaning. All right, so you throw out your cotton cloths youth. Roger, Cottonmouths mumps. Not months anyway, So throw them out. And because microphone, but works like this. It worked on the forces of attraction. Okay, Now the microfibers are so tiny, they're minuscule. What they're doing by by what's with the force of attraction, which the Vandals forces by the famous noble prize winning chemist Vander Wal, Dutch chemist from 1937 where he discovered that Gecko's could stick to a wall because of what's known as Venables forces because of him is they have quintillion ins, squiggly Jillian's off hairs on their toes, And that's why they have that attraction. They like Little Hoover's little little vacuums. That's where they can suck on toe underworld, the same thing with micro fiber. They are so smoke microfibers between 10 and 15 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair. This more than pollen. The fibers are smaller than red blood cells there and about the same size off bacteria now . So this is why they work. They are basically sucking, sucking them up. So it say, their force of attraction with these forces, just like you, a little gecko friend. It's just sucking up that dirt that Greece that grime every dust, everything Okay, so this is where they work. Think of these cloths and think of these cloths as basically a little vacuum cleaners in your hand, and that's why they work so well was just a little bit of water and you clean so many things just with this. All right, So the best micro fiber across called the one you don't get a cloth and it's called Norwitz . They actually say they won 200 the size of a cube, the diameter of a human hair, Which puts it about 2000.33 microns, I believe. Anyway, So that's the size of that. Can actually pick up viruses. So that small that can pick up viruses so they can pick up all the viruses. But they will be out of here. And now not only antibacterial about certain are anti viral as well. I mean, yes, I know. I know. This is why I'm so excited. Okay, So this is why you need to go out and get micro five across the best you can afford. They last for years. They last for years. Now. The only thing is look at the manufacturer's instructions. All right, you do if you want them in the washing machine. Fine. You can, general, just wash them out with water. Use a little bit of detergent if necessary. Do not using with fabric softener because they will draw up the fabric softened you up using with bleach and definitely do not put your microphone in the other close because I just attract the lid. All right. These your little my They gonna be saving you an enormous amount of time, energy and money just by using micro fiber and cleaning your house. Have one in every single room. 6. 5 2: one of my students has asked me how to clean a disrupter. She has a destruction that she's used over and over and over again. It's got soaps, government, Grimes. What Greece has got smells on what to do. And now I don't have a dishwasher, so we're gonna have to use your imagination here. But the good news is, there's not much to it. In fact, this very little to it. But it will work again and beautifully now in the background. I hope you don't mind. You'll see my little captain. That basket that's a favorite. It's a favorite place to sleep in this little basket here anyway, so she she's not gonna cause any fuss right back to the dishwasher. First step, you need to go to the bottom, your dishwasher. Check that drain. Make sure its not clothed. Okay, so get out. Any gunk, any foodstuffs and anything like that is just gonna make your dishwasher. Obviously work a lot better if the drain is not closed. Okay, that's step one. Step two. Get your old friend vinegar. You're going to use a cupful of vinegar, a cupful into a dishwasher safe, you know, play whatever you got and put it in the top rack of your dishwasher and running on hot cider, obviously, is an empty dishwasher, so a couple of vinegar into their empty dishwasher top rack on a hot cycle and let that do its thing right. That's step two now, because, of course, the vinegar will cut through grease and grime and soap scum. It will deodorize or remove odors, and it's gonna clean everything up beautifully. Okay, then you take that out, and then the third last step, you get our old friend baking soda and on the bottom of the this washer, then Sprinkle all over the bottom of the dishwasher. Remember, of course, you know by now the abrasiveness, so that's going to clean up the inside your dishwasher. So you gonna put the baking centre in and then cover the whole bottom and put it on a short hot cycle as well. OK, first was a long upside down. Now to a short cycle, that baking soda will work through and just clean everything inside there and deodorize it . And so you will come out with a spartan claim, dishwasher and beautifully smelling, and you know, you really you have to lift a finger 7. 5 fragrances (1): all right. Now, as I just went to a very quick little exercise for you Now, don't you who are already well versed in aromatherapy and use essential oils Places bear with me a Z B a very quickly lecture. But I just Here's the thing when you start working on cleaning your house using essential oils, I just wanted to show the difference. The enormous difference, which is when you get your house claimed without chemicals. You don't have that. Okay, let me give an example. Using pilot clean or lemon scented whatever on the floors you go are that smells lemony or smells like pine and that sort of thing, which is a chemical fragrance. Okay, now the difference you're going to find out is enormous. When you use essential oils in sales floor cleaner would have you. It's an enormous, enormous difference. Now, I just wanted for those you know, really that familiar. If you've got an essential oil, I want I want to show something. Here's lavender essential oil. What I'd like you to do is this smell now if you got lemon, so what we'll do is whatever, cleaning or using. So let's say you got a lemon cleaner, Lemon chemical clean for a floor clean are putting forth this in a ditch This but I bought it for the lecture. So this is Lambda, which what that means is this It's a chemical lavender fragrance now, So if you've got lemon central oil and lemon fragrance floor cleaner or what have you I want you to smell the difference because, uh uh, just the men were seriously, that's most nothing like left it. Really? I don't even know what that smells like. The powerful chemicals that's most nothing like 11. Now, then you smell your lavender essential oils, and it is just world away. I mean, I don't know who whoever makes these guys where I think that's 11 to smell, and I think they all went well. Yeah, I think it is, too. Look, when used not cleaning with, say, instead of pine o clean. If you know what that that is the pine smelling floor cleaner that's coming in. Smell that apartment where if you use pine a central oil on the floor, it smells like a pine forest. Why? Because the essential oils are extracted from pine needles, so it just smelled a magnet. It won it once more or chemically lemony or chemically pine or chemically, Whatever the hell that 11 does supposed to pay or a stick. I just wanted to show Please do this. If you've got lemon essential and 11 center whatever. Yeah, it could be a floor clear can be a hand motion me whatever Just smell the difference because you're going to smell a natural essential oil as compared to a chemical fragrance. So Oh, by the way, if I haven't already said this in the course when you go by your essential oils, you must buy essential oils. Do not do not buy fragrant oils. Okay, They must. Because that's just chemical you just by a little cheap bottle of chemical fragrance. Please do not by fragrant oils, because then you're doing the same. Is what you buy with this You Susan a chemically made fragrance. Okay, so do that. It's a little exercise because you got it. It's an enormous difference. The people already using a centralized thanks for bearing with me 8. 6 essential b est (1): I want to speak about essential oils. Now. You can use virtually any essentials that you like, ones that you prefer specific aromas. But I wanted to give you a lecture on which ones have been study because the central have been studied, which ones that they find were best at getting rid of E. Coli staff. Inhibiting bacteria, which is the best disinfecting ones. So the ones that are really tend to be stand out. I've got this in your resource is cinnamon. They found that that successfully inhibits bacteria. There been studies done in 2018 to theirs and 19 about cinnamon. Close thyme. Oregano are really great. The combination of both tea tree and eucalyptus is bound to be especially powerful for inhibiting Steph and E. Coli closes another very good one. Lemon. I use a lot throughout the course, so that is very powerful as well. And also Pittman. Now Pittman is especially good for using that found that it's very powerful against bacteria code C. Difficile, which lingers in place like your hot tubs Jacuzzis, you bathrooms, that sort of thing. So if you're going to make one that's especially good for your bathroom, tubs, that sort of thing. You'd added peppermint essential oil as opposed to another one, because that's especially fair for the bacteria that lives in round bathrooms and that sort of thing in tubs. And that's something so, but again, you get your micro fiber cloth. You got your hydrogen peroxide vinegar in this sort of thing. But if you just want to be, you know, if we didn't have essential oils, we had to go and buy some. You just got what are just go. The ones that have seen the researchers showed have been especially powerful. Then you gon pick those up a swell. So in your notes, I've shown you where some of the research is being done curry and is another really good one. So you research notes will tell you which has been the sort of the best ones. And but again, as I say, you don't have to stick hard and fast to these. It's just give you a suggestion that we wanted to get, you know, down to the nitty gritty of the disinfecting with essential oils. Then I've got that for you right now. 9. 7 thieves (1): now, as you see, you can use one essential oil. You can blend a couple, or you could use what is known as the four thieves combination. All right, so this has a history to it teaches the history of this, and you could use this and just use this. It smells absolutely wonderful, has got great qualities to it. So you could actually just make this up and use that when you clean virtually everything. So all right, let's give you a little bit of a background check on the thieves oil, The background story that is the thieves oil recipe. Now, let me give you a little a little background. Here s So the story goes, there were four thieves and they would go when the bubonic plague was happening. They would go around, and it's like still valuables from the dead bodies that were lying around the streets. But they didn't get the plague and what they were doing that they put this said, The story goes, that put this cloth that was soaked in some sort of oil and it became known as the four Thieves oil. And I think I can quote me on this But I think what happened was they got caught and I think the spare their lives. They had to give away their recipe that that was saved him from getting the bubonic plague . So this is a really fantastic one. Not for the bubonic plague. Thankfully, that's for you Could make this recipe up and then use a few drops of this. This is the recipe for this thieves oil. Okay, 40 drops of clove oil 35 11 and 20 of cinnamon, 15 of eucalyptus, 10 of rose. Me. You mix them all together a small dark bottle bottle, and then you could use that with your dropper and actually used this blend. And it smells amazing on De. So it's got all these really potent disinfecting oils that you can use. So you could just if you love that, you could just use that if you wanted to. So anyway, so that gives you a good general basis. And the great thing with a lot of these oils of Citrus oils are they are inexpensive to buy . So that's another great thing. Eucalyptus, inexpensive Rose may on that sort of thing. So Okay, so that so when we get stopped doing, you know, into the recipes and that sort of thing that I give you. Then now you can make an informed choice or more of an informed choice. As to what oils essential oils that is you want to put with them. 10. 8 storage new: all right, so I wish for a go through a few things with essential oils because now my politics to those who used essential oils a lot and know how these things. But please, in the center of a certain amount of people that don't really know how to look after that, they're going to be spending money on essential oils. You don't know how long they actually keep for now. So you're Citrus. Oils are the ones that keep the least amount of time. Now. It's not so much a big problem with cleaning at all, but if you're going to use them as will Mass are joyless because a lot of people were doing that. So it's good to know this sort of stuff. So Citrus, always good for nine months to a year. Then you've got always, like sandalwood, patchouli, lang lang better and they're good for at least 5 to 6 years, 5 to 8 years and some actually said they don't even have a A used by date. They just get better with age like wine, and all the others really should be replaced at the three years better, just using in the orders and cleaning products instead of throwing them out. So the reason I might do that, because I know if you're into essential oils, many people want to use thumb, you know, the diffuses or in a massage oil or in hand creams or what have you. So it's important that, you know, you know, they did the basic used by date. Now, when it comes to storing them, OK, you got there certain things that essential oils don't life. Now the big one is a big three light heat and oxygen, so you want to keep them in a cool, dark place. You can store them. You're actually double their shelf life if you store them in the fridge. But if you do something in the fridge, you wanna have them in some Ziploc bags or some sort of container, so that because they might affect your food with the aromas. All right, so cooler here. Cool, preferably fridges, air, say on, especially with Citrus. And are there guys down there refrigerated container with last twice as long. You want to make sure that leads on through rock civilization purposes, and it's a good idea to put the date on the bottle when you open it, because they don't give you a good idea. When did I open? This? Maybe three months ago. Could have been two years ago, so it's always good to be out of do that as well. 11. 9 what not to combine: Okay, So there are a few things that I want to just get through what we shouldn't use together, Okay, Because you're going to see this all over the Internet, and, you know, I just playing wrong and a lot of misses out there. So I want to get before we get into what we're going to do, let's get into what you're not going to do. All right, So the 1st 1 is is and again, you'll see this a lot for cleaning and that sort of thing. So this is this is Spanish egg were oxygen, nada, because I live in a Spanish speaking country, which is hydrogen peroxide. So we are not going to mix in the same bottle. Hydrogen peroxide and vinegar. Okay, what you get there is a chemical reaction which produces parasitic acid. Now, this could be an irritant for your eyes, your skin respiratory system and also damages services. So you never want to add mixed hydrogen peroxide hydrogen peroxide brilliant on its own vinegar, as you're gonna say, brilliant on its own. Now you can clean the surfaces which I show in the cutting board area by cleaning them with vinegar sanitizer. and disinfect after you want that off after you've wiped out the vinegar, then you can use hydrogen peroxide. Absolutely no problems whatsoever, but not in the same bottle. Because I said then you came. Correction meant making parasitic answer, which could be airtight on damage. Your your actual kitchen furniture, someone so forth. Okay, so now the other things we're gonna look at here, banking the other things. We look at our baking soda and vinegar. You see that all time you clean your toilet, this sort of thing. So it's everywhere, using baking soda and water to clean things, your drains and block everything now. So let's Celester this because it looks really impressive. So why wouldn't it be? But I can't. Minnesota Baking soda is brilliant, brilliant stuff. Vinegar again is absolutely brilliant, and they look amazing when you put them together, so you think they would be fantastic. There's only one problem. Banking ciders basic, and vinegar is acidic. Okay, so what? The reaction just produces mainly water and sodium hesitate. In other words, it's ineffective. So, Betty, a za cleaning solution, you've made an ineffective solution. You base it on interest kind of salty water All right. So you've made a very dilute solution of salty water. Looks great, but ineffective. Don't waste your money. You see it all over the Internet. Okay, so All right. So that's that. Now, another thing you're not going to put together. Cast also on its own and with the right other ingredients. Brilliant. Brilliant. Brilliant. So soap to base. And then you put in vinegar. It's an acid. So let's see what happens when we do these two together. You can already see it. It onset of unset unified the Castiel, so it brings it back to its original oil. In other words, it makes it a complete gunk. So you're not gonna mix? Cut still. So with vinegar with mixed with other things, but no. With vinegar. And as in the base look absolute guff. So there you go. So let's blow some of those miss out vinegar and baking soda. Look at that. Yeah, Bigger. Bang said doesn't work. Don't waste your money on doing things like that. They don't work. Um, And so there you have it. So there's a couple three things that we're not going to incorporate together already. Let's get on with it. 12. 10 ewg (1): Okay, Now I want to show that Why do natural green cleaning? Well, obviously you got this course because you don't want to be using chemicals in the house. And for good reason. You say lots of Children get poisoned hundreds every day in the United States, your chemical products. So it's bad for the environment. Despair from the environment you live in, um, and green cleaning gonna be reusing the bottles over time, as I was very non toxic. And you will save a boatload, a boatload of money Buy donuts that you're about to see. Now I want to show you this website. I urge you to go and have a look at this website. It'll blow your mind seriously. It's a w j dot or now, so I just go to their about us page here. Environmental Working Group's mission is to empower people, live healthier lives in a healthy environment. Um, and it's great. This is such an awesome sight. So we'll have a look. You will go to consumer guides. So if you look here now you see here they do things like a guide to cosmetics rates. 80,000 personal. So what they do they rate the products for toxicity, for the environment on someone and so forth. And so you can check the products that you might be using and just see how that rates A. So far as you know, when when you get Sun scripts to see what's the best Son script Now PwC's guide to Healthy Cleaning That'll be us. All right. So what you could do now they rank it in from a being the best two f being the worst. So you've got the air fresheners that open the whole purpose. We have to do a whole purpose. Would you hold this? But let's have a look. So if you see here a 89 products scored and a all right, so let's let's see the best ones to use. I'm have a banking. So well, we're gonna be using them. And we talked about I have a super washing soda will be using that as well down the track. So you'll see here these the ones you can buy, but so you can see what we're using. A graders A Now let's for a bit of fun. Go have a look. A Look what? Sorry about that. if 25% scored. The worst score to this isn't if so. Let's have a look. It I just go. The 1st 1 agents alone. Farming powder, whole purpose detergent. All right, so some concern help like through their asthma, respiratory from's skin, allergies in irritation, cancer, moderate concern. And then you have a being. Ingredients. Formaldehyde, methanol and sodium dough disliked whatever. So when we get up to here, we start to see the ones that the classes pay, but obviously the worst ones back here. So let's just let's go to something common that using a type in, Let's put in Windex So many people use windows, which we will not be. But let's have a look What the hell they write WinDix. Where's that window cleaner? A glass of body says just gets a D. So that's not good. So public assessment, respiratory, skin allergies, environment so you can see it money and hydroxide. So we're gonna use things that fragmented. It just goes through. It's mind blowing so you can have a look and see the products of you are using and see what you know, just how bad they really. So there you go, have a little looking little scare. You 13. 11 laundry (1): Okay, folks, it is time to make your own laundry detergent. Here's a liquid Lord recision. I've got lots in your notes. 2/3 of a cup off super washing soda. That's your arm. And Hammond Super washing soda. Okay, now aside. Indian resource is I've got a lot of that, even recipes you could try for laundry detergent. And then you simply add to this two cups of boiling water and it sort of makes it through. So old dissolves completely. It's a two cups of bone. And what is 2/3 of washing soda? It's so simple to make you wonder why you ever bought a detergent in the first place. All right, so too, that's about two cups of boiling water. And today we're just stir that up a little bit, and then you're gonna get out your bicarbonate soda. Now you're gonna put three tablespoons of bicarbonate soda and mix that through my cabinet . Soda is a natural softer for your clothes, so you work with three tales which that in So it's a great little fabric softening, adding to it. So I say we have looked through your resource it down. I've got dry liquid you could make its well, it's all explained there, and I think three or four different. Okay, so 1/2 cup of still soap liquid, Castillo said. Unscented now are rooted in the notes, but I don't put this one does have tea tree oil in it, but I and I put essential oils in to the washing soda. Get ahead of myself there and three cups mawr of boiling border. So you forgot five cups water, and I don't put the essential oils into these really getting washed out of the cycle, so I don't bother with that, but I show up in your notes again. So that's it. That's all waas put into a bottle or a towel or something with a lid. And there you go. Now are at it. Let's do a natural fabric softener. Now. Vinegar is a natural, so this I'm gonna put two cups of water into this. Vinegar is a natural softer. You can put in your in cycle just straight vinegar, a swell, but what we're gonna do here with two cups off distilled water, So just remember that so ferrets up the natural fabric softeners, baking soda and also vinegar So this one go. Okay, so with two cups of water and we're adding two cups of distilled white vinegar. Now this I don't put some essential oils in because it comes in Teoh through in cycle again . It's all explaining unites so really easy. Two cups of water distilled water, two cups of distilled white What, like mine for vinegar and then an eighth of a cup of natural glycerin. So you just at the right. Now this is an old vinegar bottle. I'm repurposing. That's a later bottle, just slightly ever laid a bottle. So it's perfect, and then 15 drops of your favorite essential oil. Maybe we'll have lavender wherever it doesn't matter, but every year's your favorites had 15 drops to that and that. Is it your own natural fabric softener? So there you go. Have fun with them. 14. 12 powdered laundry (1): Now, let's make a powdered detergent. All right, for the laundry. So what you do is you got to use your customer. So now and your great on the smallest whole possible Now that garbage back is gonna make a big lot here. Now, I've got Zotan soap because I couldn't get Castiel soaping so you could use this. Ideally, argues Castile soap. But if you don't have customers so you can use Oh, it's ready, I think See, with the WG. But ideally, ideas Castillo take three weeks to get into where I live. And so I just using this for the moment for the video. Now, that's what happens if you do this in the 100 degree heat without air conditioner dripping wet. But that's what happens when you finished. So there's my finely grated, so All right, so you spread that out. That's the hard part. Now a box of baking soda, right? So just add that to it. What's a gunshot? Integrating the rest is a breeze. Now you're super washing soda. Now, I've got in the bag that I got from the laundry supplies, but you'd use the box that famine Han Hammer, Justin, box So the ingredient Really easy. A box of baking soda. A box of ah, watching soda side arrested cold. Okay, then you add Epsom salts and then you're using now normally have a £3 OxiClean. Now, this is ready to be a in a W j. Very good rating. £3. So you could buy £3 box. I just couldn't find it again. So I'll get a £5. I think it is so easy about half of that. There you go. Now, you just mix her up carefully. You might want to put two bags in, but then once you used to back in case one breaks and that's what it looks like, the end of it. Look at that. And then I just spoon it in. Now you only need about a tablespoon or two tablespoons per load. So, as you can see, you've just made a whole lot for very little money at all. And you're all natural powdered laundry detergent. So I just spend it in, and then we'll get about halfway. What I do is I give a little shake a room, so check, check, check, check, check. Jake, that's the picture. Pull up and there you have it. It's full at the end. You can see that, and nothing will shake the good luck. Make sure it's all mixed up beautifully rocking and rolling, and they could have it. It is that simple and that quick except the grating part driving parts. Next time, I would definitely use air conditioning. 15. 13 sal suda laundry: So you just watch the last lecture and you thought well hidden that nice. You know, you know how to make your own laundry detergent, but yeah, yeah, I like the idea. I'm keen on the idea of having no chemicals, especially my laundry, the closer where every day. But to be honest, I'm not really sure I'm actually going to do it, you know? And so this is the lecture for you, because I'm gonna make it the easiest way possible. Here's what you do. If you want to say chemical free with your laundry, you do. This is the easiest possible way. You go on, get yourself some Dr Bronner's South suds OK, and only do 2 to 3 tablespoons per large load. That is it. Now, if you want to get a little bit more, you can go for half a cup of baking soda. If the closer particularly smelly, it also softened your clothes as well. That's an option. Don't You don't have to get complicated. You can just stay with the 2 to 3 tablespoons off south sides. If you feel a little bit energetic, you can put 1/2 a cup of vinegar in the rinse cycle. Only the rinse cycle to make clothes softer as well. All right, that's just an option. I'm trying to keep its simplest possible, and you'd have these corners for Haiti machines. So there you go. You can still be chemical free in the laundry without having to go to any, uh, any effort at all. 16. 14 whites test lab (1): Okay, now here we're do We're going back to Mark's test lab and what we're gonna do here, one of my students and asked me, Could I Do you use sheets and your pillowcases get old yellow? We What about a really good cause of the stain remover specific ones? But what about, you know, all these natural whiteners that we can use for the sheets in the pillowcase and that sort of thing, So I'm gonna test them out now. Okay. So what I've got just I've got four buckets. Let me just one second here. Can't see if you can see me here. All right. Four identical buckets. I'm gonna fill each bucket full of water. Okay? Disliked. Now I have four grotty, wherever they can see received this. You see this? Anyway, I get to you. There are yellow and, uh, pretty ghastly. I've got foreign now. His thing There were all board at the same time and it all equally grotty. Okay, so I'm gonna put one in each bucket now What? I'm done because then what? I'm going. Okay, So he's running. I'm going to use now. A natural nature is lemon. Okay, so I'm going to use half couple images and put it into a bucket of water and then mix it around. And then I put in the pillowcase one in each bucket. Right now. Another one is vinegar. Vinegar is, uh, made to be a fantastic natural bleachers. Well, 100 peroxide. We're gonna put that into another bucket, half a cup of each. Okay, so we got the same men of water and also OxiClean. We're gonna use that in another one. Now, remember, this is gonna be rating on a WG, a doddle website, so it's very well rated. Okay, there's not now. All right, so then I'm going toe so comfortable for two hours, and then I take them out and put them in the washing machine and see which comes in which come out the cleanest. So how am I gonna know which is which when they all come out the same, We're not gonna wash one pillow case, you know, a whole lot of water. So I'm come with an idea. I've got a little mark up in here and this'll see that people peroxide. Okay, so l for lemon people peroxide. And so when they will come out. We're gonna know what's going on. All right? So I'm gonna get to work, Philip, these buckets with water and then at 1/2 a cup of each ingredient and there will wash him leaving for two hours washing. Find out which is the most effective. Close. What now? Okay, time is up. Now, Now. Okay, so I've got the mo here. Um, one thing I can tell you in particular is that they Oh, definitely, watcher. Now, what I'm going to do now is under late amount in the sun here, but it's gonna be hard to pick up. But that is by death, Lemon, and that looks You can see that very well. Can I just take it from May? So limit being and acid, that is, by 55 Blatter, no doubt about that at all. Now this one, which one is this one? This one is vinegar again. It's It's way whiter now. Okay. So I could use baking soda as well, which is a whiteners? Well, I haven't, but these are definitely definitely weiter, no doubt about it. OK, so now what I'm going to do because the sun fades. What? So we'll go to know Dry the mountain, the sun Because this is another great thing you can do. And I suggest to do this if you got your yellow sheets, Yellow pillow cases, what have you and you want, Teoh, Get the wider. Once you've done what I've done, then put them out in the sun living to dry in full direct sunlight, if you can. Okay, so they've been out in the sun for a few hours, about three hours. I guess now. And I could tell Tell you, let me just get this done. So see what I'm showing you. I can tell you right now that they look great and I'm just going through all of them and they are all Why? Why better? So now that in my test there's no clear winner. Yeah, they are all the older, an exceptional job. So I guess that's good news. So whether you got OxiClean, whether it's hydrogen peroxide, whether it's lemon, whether it's vinegar again, you my test joint. But all of these came out. Absolutely. I'm really looking brand new. So each and everyone worked fabulously So there is no standout winner, which is good news. So just whatever you've got in the house with any of those four, you can use those. And certainly from my testing, they all were brilliantly. Then, once you wash them on their wet, put him out in the sun and let them some dry in the sun will widen them. Eben. More shades as well. There we have it. 17. 15 dawn stain new: all righty, then it is time to give you a fantastic stain remover now. So why am I cooking up some fish fingers? Well, because I need to make some stain. So nothing better than some greasy fish fingers to put on to my white pillowcase. So there is my lovely wife Clean Bill case, All right. And I'm not sure this fantastic stain remover is really, really brilliant. So Okay, let's just do this baby up, get some ketchup. Whoops. A daisy. It's, um, kitchen there and, uh, rub that in. This is no comfort. I am of this stain remover. I've used it. Some barbecue sauce right down a fryer. We have used it so often, it is having a young child with the white school uniform. As you can imagine, it gets dirty pretty quickly already. Oh, by the way, vegetarians look away. There's a sausage. Nice greasy sausage. What? That over there. That's not talking about. I am so confident. I have uses for so many years. It is so brilliant now, um, so I think we all agree. Well, just get that. Yeah, that's looking pretty greasy. I give it a little bit more way get. All right. So can we all agree that you know pretty well, good and greasy and stained and so on and so forth. All right. Now we're going to use dawn disserve, which is obviously a very good degree, sir. Now, uh, But for those of you who don't use district, you could try. I would suggest the South suds Dr Bronner's south sides, which is best for Greece. Um, So what we're doing is one part dish soap to to put this in bubbles to one power dish, soap to two parts hydrogen peroxide, and that is it into a spray bottle. All right, So I did two tablespoons here of dish soap and four tablespoons off hydrogen peroxide. As that you could try 100 Brookside with sounds. And nowhere is that you could probably even try with Castile soap as well that South Side says that so safe throughout the course is better for Greece. All right, so there we go. Okay. Let's, uh, test this baby out, so All right, so we got the spray bottle there, and now I'm not now what I would do in normal cases, band is gonna show you how good this is Spread all of the stains, Of course. Now, um, what I generally do is get a toothbrush on. Duh. Scrub it in a little bit. And but I want to show you the stain removing power with doing nothing but sprang it on and then leaving in 10 minutes and then putting in the wash. So just get it all over there. This is so fantastic. Now, obviously, with the 100 Brocks average to bleach, you'd want to be careful. I wouldn't do this in my colors. Um, because the hydrogen peroxide, you might have been white spots on your red shirt. All right, so there we go. So good that all over there arrested just middle 12 to 1 part dish soap to two parts of hydrogen peroxide. And look at that. I'm not getting I haven't I haven't done something dodgy. And Jackson pillowcase. Look at that. It is perfectly clean. I put in the wash. I let it sit for 10 minutes and perfectly clean out of the washing machine. Oh, I just remembered I didn't put the fish fingers to grace it up with the fish fingers. Yeah, well, your money. There you go. 18. 16 white newestmp4 (1): All right. So let's have another look at another stain remover. So So I'm giving you lots of different alternatives. So this is your arm and hammer Super washing soda, which is sodium carbonate. So one tablespoon of that, and two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide, and they just mix them together. So instead, like, I'm gonna give you a lot of different options. So you think this one works better than that one? You can find your favorite, so just mix it up, and once you do have mixing up, you simply put it onto the stain. Now, here's in both stomach video because we got to get a stain. Well, said Daisy, that's gonna leave a mark, But it's OK. We have a stain remover. So put it under the Stein. So say two of hiding in Brookside two parts hydrogen peroxide, one part washing soda so this would be good for stains. That may be you about wine and a steak, balsamic vinegar and stuff like that. You tried on all of them and there you go, put in the washing machine as usual. I'd laid that on for 15 20 minutes and look at that. Look at that just like a new one. There you go. Give that one to go if you like. You don't like another one that I put on their give that one. A crack done thing I want to show you is if you wanted to make it into a spray. So it is very simple. You're going to use one part washing soda. One part. How did your Brookside to to pass distilled water? So quarter a cup Washington, 1/4 cup of hydrogen peroxide and half a cup, for example. So I'm just using tablespoons. So this way you can actually use it as a spray on as opposed to a paste. So you know whatever you prefer. So you see that there equal parts Hodgett Brookside. So one day was been 100 peroxide. Women watching total of soup, washing soda and two are distilled water. Put him into a doubt spray, but because you have the hydrogen peroxide, you want to make sure it's dark spray Votto and became with colors because hydrogen peroxide is a bleach. So this is really feel wise, and then you can spread on perspiration stains and what have you. And that's just another great little alternative for you to try as well 19. 17 vinegar fabric sodtener (1): Okay? You asked for it. So you get it. The world's easiest fabric softener and the cheapest. By the way, your old friend vinegar. Distilled white vinegar. Use a quart of a cup in the rinse cycle. Where have you got a dispenser for fabric softener? That's only true. Do not worry. There will not come out smelling of vinegar a time. You dry them that smell absolutely nothing. OK, so vinegar, quarter cup attitude, rinse cycle essay or under Spencer. And there you have it. Vinegar is a brilliant just in case you missed it before, a brilliant A Z shaped effective favorites up. Now who'd a thunk that? Well, I would have. 20. 18 baking soda brian (1): Now I've got an email from Brian, and he's got a problem here. I'll just read this tooted. Dear Mark, I'm enjoying the course, and but the problem is, I don't got nothing. Very good use of the double negative there, Brian. All I've got is baking soda. I don't got no vinegar. I don't got no watching soda. In fact, the chance of getting that would be as good as finding a three legged duck. All right, Brian. Well, no need to worry. All you have is baking soda. Don't worry. I'm gonna show you how you can use baking soda. Just baking soda alone. All right? So don't worry, Brian. I'm on the case now. Here's what you're thinking about, Brian. Baking soda. Okay. Baking soda is an abrasive, so you can use it to clean your tub. Your bathrooms get crying off the wall, make it into a paste, and then get rid of it like that. Your stove tops your pots, your pans. Your super Where? Banking soda. You could just just think if it needs to be cleaned, baking soda will do it. So baking soda is very alkaline. So I'll get you to Greece. I think in your laundry. Grease stains. Use baking soda. Make it up into a paste. You can make it just as a powder. So again, sprinkler onto the stove top. If it's greedy, spread a little bit of water or damp sponge and scare away. Same with your stay in the stew, saying with your tubs. Same with your tile bulls. All right, Just think baking soda will do that for you. It will. It will break down the grease and then so you got grease stains in your garage. Put baking soda on living for an hour or overnight, whatever you want to do and then scrubbed away and because the baking soda will get rid of Greece. So whether it's on your clothes, whether it's on your stovetop, whether it's in your pots, whether it's on your countertops, bacon Tony even use it either. Just spring on powder and use a damp sponge. Or you can also just make it into a paste on. Use it that way, all right, so that its first really use so you can use it all over the house. All right, now, the second thing, it neutralizes odors. Now, many owners are actually acidic, so it gets a new. It doesn't cover up the odor baking soda. Neutralize it. That's why it's so amazing. So wherever you have any odors, whether it's in your cupboards in the fridge, in the fridge, you can put just a box like this. Open a box changes every month. You can use it that so if the drawers musty. If your bags are must, because you haven't used them for a long time, your suitcases, anything that has a smell, use baking soda, spreading your plastic containers. Use that whatever smells, this will get rid of it. If you got garbage cans, put it in. The garbage can get rid of the owes. It will neutralize them again. It's not like pregnancy won't cover up. It neutralizes your city of the odors. Have one in the toilet. Whenever you think in the cupboards, in the fridge anywhere, user fees, your sneakers, anything that's got a odor. All right, so that's the other thing. Now the other thing that is very good for it's a water softener is great for your laundry, so you can put some into your clothes, not just help. Get rid of stains, but also softened your clothes and will make your whites whiter and your brights brighter. Okay, so that should be it. Now, when it comes to, um, putting them around the house, that sort of thing you can use saying the fridge pops him, holds into your body container and then put baking soda in here. And you could use that you could repurpose a big toe. Yoga. You could pop holes into the top of that and repurpose that. Okay, now, the other thing you could do is get an old Melissa. You want to Sprinkle it somewhere, you get an old, um, talking powder bottle and repair present with bacon center in that, put a couple of marbles. If you've got them, it'll make it shake out easier. You can also use the cheese shakers used for Palmer's and cheese with the holes in the top . Feel that with baking soda and use that. All right. The other thing, you could do you see this here? This is my son has take the story and it's got a hole in the top will work absolutely perfect. Fill it up with baking soda and then you can have it by counter by a stove top, literally speaking of which, it puts out fires so great electrical fires have a big box next to your stove. In cases, any sort of grease fires, mosquito bites and stings. Bee stings. If you get Stanley, it will neutralizing acid, which is the thing that makes him itchy. So get paste and put the a mosquito bite and take away the itch or Sanburn. If you put it into a solution, say something above. So if your sunburn it will ease the pain of your sunburn. So there is so much you can do with this, so it's cleaning. You can use it in a powder. You can use it in a solution, like in your bathtub or your washing. You can use it as a paste. It is absolutely brilliant, beginning with earners for cleaning your whole house again for carpets, for mattresses. You Sprinkle it on you. If your carpet smells your your cat peed in the house. Well, it's excepto smell somewhere. You put it into that, but on your mattress, it'll help your mattress and then vacuum it up. So it really does everything. So just let your imagination go. What if we need something clean? Use your bag. So if you need to neutralize odors news your bag. All right, so it is really such a brilliant thing you've got. Don't worry, Brian. This thing here, by the way, Bad breath. Halitosis. If you want a against, it neutralizes odors. Use this, but it looked a spit into a cup of water. Flushing three mouth will help that You can also use toothpaste maybe 2 to 3 times a week, because abrasiveness it will help get rid of stains on your teeth. So there you have. Oh, by the way, another thing to do. You know that you got that sock that you can't find the second self. Well, you gotta use for this. Now, fill it up. You know, with baking soda into this off and then tied off. Or use a twisty tire user of abandoned river. Whatever. All right, So then you've got this, and you can use these. Put these in drawers or wherever you need to. And you've got your own little sachet off a baking soda to get rid of smells. No problems at all, Brian. 21. 19 garbage tabs complete: All right, so we're gonna have fun today, OK? We've got a smelly garbage can or trash can, as some of you say. So we're going to get the odor fighting capabilities of baking soda. So we're gonna get two cups of that. Maybe they're garbage can. Stinks. Because we've got shrimp in there because we just had a shrimp on the Barbie, by the way, just so you know Ah, we don't call them shrimp. In Australia, they call him Franz. So that whole thing about a strapless now let me just get back to it. This So half a cup of Epsom salts, Two cups a big toe in 1/2 a cup of Epsom salts. Yes, so we don't even call them shrimp. So this whole thing about Aziz put a shrimp on the Barbie. But we don't because we call them prawns, not shrimp. But also, there's your little Aussie fact of the day. All right, so where were we? OK, so we're gonna now put 1/4 of a cup of water in these. Now we're gonna have fun. We're gonna make these little garbage tablets, so if you're your trash can stinks because of your shrimp for your prints, Whatever you're doing, then you can throw these into it. Now, you add some essential oils that 20 drops of essential oils, whatever you like. I think lemon smells fantastic, which is what I'm using here. Nice clip, clean, fresh smell. And then you mix it all together, and then you put it in your silicon trays. Or if you're gonna be like me, you just put them in a little ice cube trays because after all, they're just going in the toilet. But, I mean, the toilet, that stretch can happen again. The toilet, they're getting the trash can. So you use these if you've got a smelly trash can and that say they're absolutely fantastic . So you want to get to that consistency where a said it's gonna be like damp sand? Don't to it. You just see that just as to clump. So then you get your middle ice cream ice cube tray and you fill her up, so get all mixed together. Remember two cups of bacon. You resource it, by the way. Two cups of baking soda, half a cup of himself at 1/4 cup of water. That's what central oils that 20 drops of no hard and fast rules with that. So you feel a pure ice cube trays, and then you just pressed it down a little bit. Hey, guys, you just piss him down, you fill them up again, just depending on how big you want them. Why would I have, um um small or large? Whatever you like. It's up to you completely up to you, of course. And a little silicon mode to be kind of cute. Could you have little starfish things and stuff like that? So But this is fun to do. Well, I think it is. Anyway, that said that you got We just got a pressure that down. So you see, if you got a smelly trash can, then what you do? You put it in there, and this will help get rid of all of that smell. All right, so, through the magic of cameras, I've got to filled up and pressed down. Now we're gonna put them into sunlight by a window. Are you know, just a dry area living for a few hours, my deliver a day, depending on your climate. And that should just about like that Look at him. My not gonna win any beauty contests, but that's right, the going in the right on the garbage. So then you are putting a little airtight container. What a fun little thing to dough and there's super useful. I use it all the time. I looked at a Are my little boys easy Now I hear what you're saying so well, Mark, I'm not really feeling it. Oh, visitors over. I don't have time to do my garbage can templates, but my garbage still stinks because it's still for a shrimp. And so, you know, just simply put your baking soda in there, people said, So that's what you need to do. By the way, if you've got closed that a smelly and your laundry basket, like if you like May, my son will put a wet towel on the floor, and I find it, you know, later that day and so smelly, then you could do the same thing. If you don't really do a bush, you could just put the baking soda onto your clothes as well. So yeah, it's the bag. Or if it's actual trash, can itself just put it in there now what you could order if you need to wash it out, cause you to do some dishes. Certain produce cuts still so whatever you like. But the rial certified is our old friend Vinegar. Spray it with vinegar. Wife. Remember that. And it will work wonders on a smelly can trash can. That is today a good video. That's the sacred to clean it out, all right. 22. 20 cutting boards newest: now probably one of the most important things to clean is your cutting board Are your cutting boards and you say this It's, uh, good need of a clean. So here's one of the ways you can clean them. So and this will really get rid of those because what I'm gonna do is see So now I got pretty course see, sold here. It doesn't need to be. This course is just what I happened to have the sea salt on hand. So you you put c so over the board, and then you use that line but lime or lemon, Put the juice on and then scrub it around with this. So this is great. Really? Freshen up your board or you're cutting boards. So this is a great little way to make it kinda, but obviously a lot cleaner, but also given any fine scratches. And it will really make it looking you again that you're about to see. So this is a great common way of really helping the chopping boards of cutting boards. And so this is something you could do it. And there you have it. Now, another thing you can do is put on baking soda. As you know, baking soda. It's fantastic for deodorizing getting rid of odors, so banking. So it is something you just put over that and leave it for a while. And it just spread all now, especially being cutting fish or onions or garlic, and you want to get rid of some sort of odors in it. So baking soda really is fantastic. So I'm just going to spread that over there. Okay, so this is just another alternative, so you can try different things, but this is great for getting rid of voters. The other one really cleans up your board with the salt lemon. This one really gets rid of the odors. Okay, So once you've done that, um, what you do is get vinegar and squirted all over because that's what they do all over the Internet. And by a minute, you know, you don't put vinegar and baking soda together because they cancel each other out ones that basement. And I said I was just tricking her there so you could use vinegar without the banking sector. Banks odor without the vinegar that don't use them together. Get rid of that stuff. Okay? hydrogen peroxide. Of course, it disinfects. So what you can do on there? Just wipe this on. You could spread on white. You can either wipe it off or just leave it on there. Now, you can also do vinegar first or 100 peroxide first and then to the other. One second. Whatever you do first together on second, if you want to be a really clean but don't use them together, Hodgins, peroxide and vinegar. But do them separately and you could do that as well. Look at that. 23. 21 all purpose fixd (1): All right. So I want to just should give you an old purpose spray. Now, I might tell you a little story. I've actually re filmed this video because I had several different recipes that have found that I used. And it goes back to that old thing again. Like what? My cleaning lady would come in each week and comes in each week. So should come into tape. You know, my crewmates amore or purpose spray. Okay, well, what with the risk peak? So that's come back, Have washing soda ahead. This had that. I had to look it up. This is not gonna work. I mean, yes, you could get all fancy and, you know, put a teaspoon of their two teaspoon of that and so on and so forth. But again, like I keep stressing, Of course, it's too complicated. You're probably not gonna do it, which is what I do. Like. I got to go make some more sprague in this week. So I tested a whole hate and the one that I felt was actually the best Again. Simple was just using three ingredients. All right, let's take a look at the ages. One that way you're done. It does bring out your super Washington. You don't bring out this. You have to bring out that this is just something you could do. The tubs, the benches, everything. It's just perfectly simple, as I say, which really is the essence of what I keep trying to stress. Keep it simple and you'll repeated each time you need to claim. So here's a super simple way, and I love this I used all the time, so I'm just feeling to the top. So you're gonna have this in the eight ounce bottle and so just filled with distilled water . And then you're gonna edge a Castiel so and again. I talked about this before, but just keeping things so simple. I say there's one tablespoon there and because then you'll do it when it's so simple. I tried all sort of all purpose sprays it complicated. This is so easy to see their two tablespoons of Castiel so and then you can add some. My Castillo said shots and tea tree oil in it anyway, but I'm gonna add some peppermint as well, so I'm gonna add that through there as well. You could use lemon of course. You know already. You can use anything you like. About 10 to 15 drops into their okay, and that's it. And I love it. I absolutely love this. Now again. You could use south sides if you had more of a greasy problem. And you could, but you just interchange them, and it just works so well. It's so quick and easy to do. And like I've spoken before, if it's quick and easy to do, you have much more likely doing that. Rather complicate things where you really don't have to. All right, I gotta get cleaning. 24. 22 disinfect new: Now it's time to make a disinfectant spray. So let's get started on this now, okay? I'm gonna show you one. So we got a night and a glass bottle, and we're going to put in vodka. Vodka is a really great disinfected. So you put that in there, And then what you going to add? You're going to add, So it's an eight ounce bottle. So you gotta at 15 drops of tea tree oil. I'm just fudging. This is You can see lemon oil, lavender and eucalyptus. You add them, put them into that spray bottle of vodka. Stood around a little bit. And there you have a disinfectants. Fright. Very easy. Very, very. You know, you're cutting bards, everything. Now it's only one problem. I don't want you to do that, quite frankly. Look, I've got a much better virgin. It's cheaper, it's better. It's better using hospitals. Hydrogen peroxide. It is by far the best disinfectant now, so as you see the cutting, but what you won't do you want to use hot, soapy water and then you disinfectant. If you're gonna disinfect, then you'd leave that on for a few minutes to let it do its work. Okay, Hydrogen peroxide is by far the best that cheapest the easiest disinfectants bright that you can use on everything. Basically, every you just have to watch out. It's a bleach, so be careful with fabrics. The good thing is, I'm not disinfecting in part everything that I'm cleaning with. Okay, my cleaning towards getting disinfected. All right, So you do you clean it off with soapy water, and then after that, you could use and you can put your toothbrush into disinfectant. You toilets, sinks, trash cans, cutting boards to say your sponges. If they get a bit ready, put them and circum in this it is just for May. I may talk about bang for your buck, so everything Children's toys you never. It's safe, you see later on for fruit and vegetables. It is just fantastic. And as I say it is. Dirt shape said the usual in hospitals, so they used in the hospital tradition fit Well, I'll tell you what, that's good enough for made, So why don't we, uh, let's just keep it simple. Now, of course, the other brilliant disinfected is vinegar, Of course. So you say you just put a spray nozzle on the top and away you go. That's just straight. Really good. It's a brilliant disinfected as well. So you sanitizer cutting boards and wipe it off and why you go. So save your essential oils, your own savior Vodka. Now we do it like a 12 punch A zoo. Say, through you can do vinegar. Wipe it off And then Jews a peroxide. I suggest you leave it on, OK, you can take it off, but if you want to just leave it on and there you go. 25. 23 hydrogen peroxide (1): all right now. I just had a phone call from a guy called Stephen, and Stephen said to Mason, Look, I level this, he said. But the only thing I've got is hydrogen peroxide. I have nothing else but hydrogen peroxide. So what can I do with that? Well, Steve Olsen, guess what? You could do A whole heap with it now This is hates to go to. Let's go to the basics here. I put a cap straight on the bottle. You need to keep 100. Peroxide doesn't option. It needs to be in a black bottle, a bottle and so simple. But the lid on sprayed on top and why you go now. So, Stephen, so the first thing you know that this disinfects, as I said before, using hospital, they use in hospitals. So, like my son got little bird on its leg from a motorbike exhaust pipe a couple days ago. So I've been spraying that like nobody's business three or four times a day to disinfect it . So think, disinfect your chopping boards, you counters your if refrigerators anything like that. Now the other thing that Dutch, it bleaches. Now the only thing you do bleach. Whiten your teeth. You can use this to whiten your teeth. 3%. Make sure it's 3%. You don't have any of these strong with food grade, 35% not necessary Use. That's a white teeth they used are all mouth watches dio and things in your mouth. This sort of thing you can also use it to because it whitens. So why don't you tell your ground your clothes? You can use a whitening agent for your clothes to get stains out. This something. It is an absolutely brilliant. I mean, talk about bank fee above a little hard in proximity. You've got a little bottle of gold there, Stephen. So, yeah, you're in good uring in good shape with this. So spray everything disinfected Children's toys. Just spray and wipe it up with your micro fiber cloth. And I tell you what I mean. You are. You're looking great with that, so don't you worry about that at all. That's why we use it so much in this course 100 peroxide. Absolutely brilliant. And when you can see if you get a bit of vinegar, maybe a bit of baking soda 26. 24 drain fin: Okay, We're going to marks test lab today because here's the thing all over the Internet, you'll see for a blocked drain. Blocked drains are blocked because generally off what's called fog fats, oil and grease. Now you'll see a lot of the Internet to use vinegar and baking soda and then tip hot water down there. So I want to test out this theory. Okay, so does vinegar and baking soda. Actually do anything to the fats? Or is it just as we talked about before? They cancel each other out and it's just basically throwing product down. You're just wasting back baking soda and vinegar. All right, the other. What I'll do is with just dishwashing detergent and hot water. So one is baking soda and vinegar. So here's what I do. I'm gonna put a little Cuba butter in each tray. Okay, it's following me. All right. One, I will then put vinegar and baking soda and we're going to I want to see does that actually doing it. So I put the hot water in it because I want to see, Does the vinegar and baking soda actually break up the batter? The facts. Okay, the other one. I'll do shoes with detergent. You could I'm using some dish liquid you could use South Side, which is, you know, is a much better getting rid of grace. But to the whole purpose of this is is detergent, um, and hot water. But that work, what does that do to the butter? Unblocked. You sink now does vinegar and baking soda, which is so recommended, um, break up that I could never say you put hot water in after that. But let's see, Does the feeling of bags that actually affect the fetch the actual butter at all Or is it just the hot water that's, you know, having some effect by melting it down. So, you know, we really just putting in vinegar and beg for no reason or is actually gonna break up the butt up. OK, so here we go. I'm gonna put some hot water in. This is a writer. I don't block, block and block a sink with hot water and detergent with south sides. Whatever you use and let's see, that removes it. Now let's see if the vinegar and baking soda actually did anything to the better, because that's the whole purpose is okay, so that that's all that's all broken. That's all melted. So the butter is melted. That detergent and hot water would have unblocked to sink. Now we just used They're looking at that. They look absolutely nothing has happened. So don't waste your time and your money by putting vinegar on baking side of Daniel Sink. 27. 26 vinegar done (1): all right now I have a letter here from Cynthia, and Cynthia says to me that she's unable to get anything time too tough and all I've got is white vinegar. Is it much I could do with white vinegar? Well, you're in luck because in your resource is Cynthia. I've got 45 ways you can use vinegar around the home. Vinegar is fantastic. It's an acid, so it's great at getting rid of things that are based in nature. Things like mineral deposits. So as receiver of the course, using for the showerhead, using it for getting stainless steel on windows. Clean forces getting rid of soap scum, which base so soap scum that could be on your showers Shall walls. Use it for a ringtail for your dishes to get soap scum off on mineral deposits. The same with your laundry. It's a fantastic fabric softener, so I get to do any sort of build up soap scum as well, so use that in your inside. All, there are so many things you can use it getting rid of own and neutralizes odors. It's great for cleaning your countertops as you'll see, so I've got 45 ways that you can choose. And by no means is this exhaustive. There are still plenty ways hard water stains, getting rid of those brilliant for that in the toilet as well. So I've got scaring paste. I've got different recipes for shower tubs and tile cleaner. I've got everything you need getting rid of as you stains on your coffee makers and these sorts of things. So have a look through and you've got 45 ways. So even with just white vinegar, you're gonna be be able to clean so much throughout the house. 28. 27 fruits wash (1): it's time to wash their fruit and vegetables. Now, with over nine million people in the United States every year getting sick from dirty food and nearly 50% of that food is from fruit and vegetables, harmful bacteria and also, of course, pesticides. What we do here, the first is had a soak your your vegetables and certainly lettuces and that sort of thing . Actually, the researchers from cooks illustrate, found that this wash to 99% of bacteria on food s Oh, this is great. So you're using a cup off vinegar and toward a course created in the sink, and you wanna let the and they're gonna add salt to us so greatly enhances, um, the effectiveness of this. So that's all you do. So let them so for it. Two minutes, 10 minutes, whatever you like. And that's great for your leafy greens. And then, of course, with all of these, you'd rinse him up in cold water. And if you're gonna store them, make sure you drive and will beforehand. OK, so that's the leafy grace. And that sort of thing used to be a fruit and veg, whatever. I got brussel sprouts now This one is a spray for a feud in fruit and veg, so this is really terrific. It's just a tablespoon of lemon juice, two tablespoons of vinegar and a cup of water, and you can spray that to your heart's content. Very simple again. Very, very effective. And I'd say once you've done that, you would just wash Washington small off. So there you have it as simple as that. So it's simple. Go to get the not all right so you could do this on your apple. Which pairs, of course. Just something coming out here, every guy, that guy, that guy. So you spread them on. You can leave a couple minutes and then ridge them all off. Now, another thing you could do, it's just simply spray them with vinegar first. And then after that, you spread them with hydrogen peroxide and, of course, rents. Often driver, drive them if you're gonna store them in the fridge and they hit their three ways and I've got another one in the resource is on how to do Berries which take on flavour. So there you go, have a look at the resource is done 29. 28 oven cleaner (1): Okay, um, cleaners once again, simple is best. This is just a paste off baking soda and water on a tiny bit of dish soap or customers and south suds forecast Still so and that is it. That is it. So just smear on a good show just on the glass here so you can see it. Okay, But you obviously don't put on the heating element, but this are you. Now, Once again, the trick is to lead this on other overnight, or at least for a few hours. Okay. And it will clean up your oven beautifully. So just spread that out and that after a few hours, wipe it off with your micro fiber cloth and you'll see it will come off beautifully, and that's it. So baking soda water. And if you like, a little bit of Castell so or south sides against outsiders, Better for Greece. I'd prefer that overcast still, but you could still use it or destroy. And away you go wipe it all off. Easy to like know horrible oven cleaner chemicals. Stinking the house out once again, a great friend baking soda does the heavy lifting again, and they have it now, besides the glass concerned, there's a little bit of back. So there you could just use your video again for your glass cleaner. Get another micro fiber cloth and clean it up so it would be nice and sparkling. You could do that all through your oven, if you like, take of any excess bacon, sort of just with vinegar and that is it done. 30. 29stainless polish (1): Okay, so we're going to Polish air standards. Still. All right, so I want to show you great natural polish for you. Stand still. So step one. Remove your child's drawings from the fridge first. That is step one. Okay, so we got that done, so I'll clean it like I showed you before how to clean it, Which is going to use vinegar solution with your micro fiber, of course. All right. So just get the video solution on, and we'll give it a good clean, and then we're gonna show you an all natural parts they remember. You want to do it with the grain, always with the grain. So my grand is going horizontally of the Steinitz do it is all right. So we're gonna claim that off with vinegar solution. All right, so it's clean anyway, but no. All right, So then what you do is you get some oil. Now, I'm gonna use olive oil, and you put that onto micro fiber cloth, and you're going to polish it with oil. They could use arm and oil. Whatever you've got olive oil, it's just a nice oil. And then you're going to polish it with your micro fiber cloth again, and it will polish up your stainless steel beautifully. So once again, just chemical free or natural, and away you go and you'll see as it comes up. And again, we're working with the grain. Every single time you do your part standstill with your cleaning or polish it, you're gonna work with the grain safe in olive oil. And then I'm just gonna buff that with the market fiber again. Look at that. Absolutely sparkling. Oh, not you, of course. Sparkling stainless steel. All right, get to work. 31. 30 stainless steel (1): All right, here's their friend to clean the stainless steel appliances. Okay, let's get rid of that. Here is you see, my nice duty free. Just deduct, especially for you. And this is so simple. I've got a spray bottle with 20 drops of essential oil and simple white vinegar on micro fiber cloth and go along the grain off your stainless steel. You want to go along the grain? Look at that. That is just plain vinegar with us, whatever essential oils you want to do into a little bottle. And that is your standard steel appliance. Look, one would even Asia just put a squirt nozzle onto your butler vinegar. Direct. I couldn't get any easier. I don't think so. So I put some essential oils into the bottle vinegar, but on a squirt nozzle and then just with your micro fiber work in the direction off the grain of the stainless steel. Look at that. It is absolutely spotless. There it is again. What to do 32. 32 scour powder (1): Now it's time to make a scouring powder, and it's three simple ingredients by cabinet, soda, sea salt and super washing soda and some essential oils, of course. So we need to do here this so on a scale yet parts or anything heavy Judy scaring jobs to do. You put a cup of by cabinet cider in there, so this is great and you're scaring paste. But maybe you're scaring powder now, so okay, cup of baking soda. Then I've got 1/2 a cup off and 1/2 cup of super washing soda. Mix them together and address section oils. I don't way you go. Excuse me, Excuse me. And this is really great if you put into, like, a Palmer's and cheese shaker so you can let you just shake the powder out. So if you get something, that's what the holes in the top like that that's a like what you use for palms and cheese . Get those in the restaurants, those type of things. They're fantastic. So that's it Smells amazing. And it is absolutely brilliant for scaring. So you got those tough scare and jobs away you go 33. 33 degrease new: All right, Now it's time to do a fantastic de greaser. So before we dig Greece, we gotta grease. So I've got chips, as we call them in Australia, frying in oil or French fries for the Americans in the audience. All right, so let's get that nice and greasy there. Uh, let's get a bit of banking on the go. Sorry. Vegetarians, please look away as we're gonna get that nice and greasy here. So, you know, I want to stand by my product. So I want to make sure that you know that I've really got this thing good and greased up so as to say, I apologize to the vegetarians in the audience. Bacon lovers? Well, you're welcome. So there we go. We could get all over there, so make sure that it is Greece everywhere. It's spitting all over the place all over the top of that stove top there. And it's a great natural startup degree. Psa. Really, really fantastic. I think we could say that I have spread this around here, Haven't having a look. Okay, See that spitting beautifully all over my stuffed up there. Nice and greasy. What the heck? Let's drop a few more oil drops of oil on the year. Why not back in fact. All right. Okay. So, yes, we can all agree it's greasy. Now what we're gonna do, we're going to get Remember the scouring action of baking soda. So when you use two tablespoons of baking soda now, I'm going to be using car still. So in this recipe, I couldn't get any cells. Said Dr Brahmas. South Side is better at D gracing, so I just couldn't get me. So I'm using Castell said, which actually works absolutely fine. But when it comes to de gracing things things that Gracia South suds is better from Dr Bronner. So just so you know. But don't worry, Casteel. So if you got that like, I've got absolutely fine now. Okay, So two tablespoons of caster also or south sides Ah, covered distilled water. And then we're going to use lemon 25 drops of lemon essential oil, lemon essential, or has fantastic digressing properties. So we're going to use that there. So any question pretty minute with spray bottle? That is it. That is it. Ladies and gentlemen. All right, but the little and let's go to a greasy stuff and see how it performs. Shake it up a little bit. Alrighty. Give a good old spray over there. Spread on Marx Magic de Greaser formula as I've just decided to call it. All right, So you spread it on the grace, get her alive of the place. And then because of new Greece, I don't need to scour or anything. And I just simply use micro fiber and wipe it off simple as that and just came up and it will be sparkling new grace is gone Ready for the next big fry up. So they have a give it a go yourself. It is really remarkable. ReNu sparkly. 34. 34 refrig: all right, so we're going to make a refrigerator cleaner. So it's two parts hot water to one part vinegar, so I've got a cup of hot water. Now I call it a refrigerator cleaner. It's fantastic. You could use it on countertops as long as they're not marble or granite. Because, of course, you got vinegar. And but basically anywhere. This is absolutely fantastic. But it's brilliant for the fridge. It will sanitize. So it's a it's 1/2 a cup of water to one cup off half a cup of indicative one cup off wouldn't. And then you add 5 10 drops of lemon essential oil. So that's it. Now the hot water will help get rid of the food in your fridge if you got you know, like you know, whatever you've got on your fridge trays, and so what you do, you spray it on and that you live for a couple of minutes and then wipe it off with your micro Friday. And they say this is just so lovely. You could use it on countertops used on the outside of your free tree is dying to steal and , well, you see my fridge is already being cleaned. But, hey, just for the sake of filming so spread on leaving a couple of minutes and it's just smells amazing cause of the lemon essential oil and they get your trusty micro fiber. And away you go and said the vinegar sanitizes sort of essential oil with lemon essential oil at it. It works beautifully. You'll love it, I guarantee it. 35. 35 spices: All right, You're gonna thank me for this one. I've got six cups of order in the pot already to six cups of order to that. I'm going ahead. Just it's quarter teaspoon of vanilla extract. This will make your house smell amazing. I just three sticks of cinnamon. So if you've got guests coming over, um, this is just amazing to star unease. The rind of a lemon or lime Doesn't matter how not, Meg, we're here. And then, you know, about a dozen clove buds, so you're gonna get that and then put that on the stove and let that simmer in your house Let it go for an hour to obviously make sure doesn't boiled dry. We just print sooner. My house smells amazing. So you can imagine if you got visitors coming over do this before they come over. Maybe you're in the ski shell. You want the place or it's Christmas time on the whole house. Just smells of this beautiful, lemony, spicy blend on. It's just such a great way. Just let it simmer on the stove for a couple of hours as I until your water vaporized. It's just delightful 36. 36wipes (1): So let's get rid of those Clorox wipes and make your own. So you get a couple of half of distilled water board water. What have you? All right, so a couple of half of that, and then to that, you're going to add 1/2 a cup of vodka. Now, any old vodka's fine. Doesn't matter what you what you use. So just add that and then what you gonna do is add three tablespoons off Castile soap liquid Castiel. So now this one I have has got tea tree in it, which is great for cleaning. See that? So you see, I've got the little cloths in front of the back of the store. Three tablespoons of that. Now you can cut up a T shirt. It doesn't matter what you use, but so then you've got your own little disinfectant wipes. So rather using the Clorox wipes and that sort of thing and having throwing all those away . You've got your own reusable ones. And once you've used them, you could wash them his house now because I've already got tea tree oil. I'm gonna put 20 drops of lemon tea tree and lemon in this so if you didn't have custom URLs eso with tea tree would be great to put 20 drops of tea tree and 20 drops of lemonade because they're fantastic for cleaning. Stirred up right There you go. And then you put your 1000 said you could use any old cloth because I love micro fiber these micro fiber Costco's They're just so brilliant cleaning and in a cheap, you know. So I've got six of those and you put them in there and mix them all up in the solution, of course, Smells amazing with a tea tree oil. And there you have it. So that's it. I just make sure they're all wet and while you go, so when you want to use him, you bring him out. And why you got you've got your own anti bacterial wipes. 37. 37 floors (1): All right, so I want to talk about cleaning your floors. Now, when it comes to cleaning them, it doesn't matter where it's hardwood, whether it's tile, whether it's vinyl, whatever. We don't need to overthink this. Now. There are so many recipes and I tried so many of them that really get complicated when we don't need to complicate things. So Step one, the first thing you need to do is make sure you have a micro fiber mop. I mean, why wouldn't you? Microfibers as we talked about in the cloths? Just absolutely brilliant at picking up grease, grime, dust, dirt. So that is your first step. Now you can use microfiber mops with just plain water, especially Got this. I got hardwood floor. Use water on DSA essential oils and come up beautifully. You can add a little bit of vinegar in there as well, and the same with your other courts. Now, you could use when I say you got carpet. That's something. A rocket carpet that smells well. Where you gonna go for? Remember, getting rid of smells, You goes, you're gonna put your banking sort of put your back into it down in the copper, where it's smelly. Let's say a pit Pete there or something and leave that 50 minutes, then vacuum it up and the bank said it will do the job of getting rid of that odor When it comes to your your 10 year lords. I've used washing soda, super washing soda. You could use that I've used just like a tablespoon of castiel, so it's particularly greasy. You can use south sides, which, as you know, it's better getting rid of Greece. That's a kitchen floor. You got a great on. You could even use dawn dish. So if you want to use that as well, so really now I say I have used all sorts on my tile floor here, sort of road testing. You know what I do? I just use a tablespoon or so of Castell. So put it in at some essential oils, and that is it. And it comes up spectacular. Okay, micro fiber mop and say either use, Castell said. If it's really greasy like you do deep frying something, use south sides, which is more effective in Greece is, you know, or don't decide at essential oils toe all of these using super Washington. You can use that. You could add vinegar to them as well. And you can even use boards if you do. If you got borax, any of these will do the job. You do not have to overthink this. You don't have to combine Sister. I've tried it with combinations of Washington or this and that Washington had cast away. You're just wasting a whole, he put it. It's absolutely not necessary. Keep it simple. There is the best thing for you to do. Add your essential oils and your floor will look amazing. Just remember, if it's Greece here, then use things to attack Greece. Better like south sides or a site. Don't decide what and your essential oils. And we answered a pivot. And I say, if you're not, that you could just simply use, um, water with your microphone mop. And so you can add a bit of vinegar in there for cleaning on by just putting your essential oils and just do what I do. Keep it simple at your never need to use any sort of chemical Fokker and cleaner at all 38. 38silver (1): Now I'm gonna show a fantastic way to clean your silver. Now we need you. Put him, nephew. American aluminum foil. If you're anyone else thinks Tyne for aluminium foil. Anyway, So you're gonna put this in here because the silver has to touch the aluminium foil. And then what you got to do? You put in your your silver, your jewelry, whatever you and get rid of all the tarnish baking soda, cover bits and baking soda. Half cup, quarter cup. That's gotta put hot water in it. And then you leave that for 10 to 15 minutes. Now I got a confession debate. This is a stainless steel spoon. All right. I didn't have any silver in my house, but also, you leave that attended 15 minutes hot water, tinfoil bacon, cheddar. And then you come back. I'm just doing this because it on every silver, any measures cool, not take out. And then you're working with micro fiber cloth, and that is it. And this will get your, uh, your stupor sparkling again with no effort whatsoever. All right, so that's fantastic. Way to get your silver guy. Sorry about Stannis Dio 39. 39SCREEN FIN: or it's time to clean air flat screens at computer screens. What have you were there, old friend? 50 50 vinegar and water and it works so beautifully, and so may Just make sure that your computers turned off and you sprayed onto your micro fiber cloth first, and I said It works. Great. Now make sure your border is distilled with this, because when you're cleaning, it's great. You want to have distilled water with it so it doesn't streak. So I use this American camera here that I film with, and it works fabulously 50% vinegar to 50% distilled water, and I just use another dry cloth on Mark five. Clough, of course. And that's it. So I don't my flat screen TV. I do my computer, and it worked out beautifully. So not only can you use this for your windows, you 50 50 vinegar water, but it's great on that's This is easy as it gets 40. 40 wood polish fin: All right, so today we're going to ditch the pledge as such on we're gonna make a natural tentative. Now, this is a would not only a wood cleaner, but also polish it as well. So Okay, so you grab yourself a bottle and you put in a cup of water and pledges so expensive as well. So but it's great to get rid of this out of the cupboard, a cup of water and 1/4 cup off white vinegar. So I said, it's cleans. But also polish is, of course, smells amazing with essential oils. Okay, 1/4 cup of vinegar, a cup of water, and then we're gonna add two tablespoons of oil. Now you could use fractionated coconut oil you could use. Now I'm using olive oil. Any sort of oil we could even use arm and oil and that olive oil clothes handy. So I'm going to use that. So two tablespoons of olive oil, and then you put it anywhere between 5 to 10 drops off essential oil. Now, you might want to put in C would you might want putting any sort of Citrus oils, whatever you like. This is really up to you. Now I've got a blend that's got cinnabar, cloves and orange, which is beautiful. So I'm putting in about five private six drops of that in there that is dropping essential oils in there. Of course, when you use this product because you got oils and what do you want to shake it up? You really want to shake up part from the ones that just vinegar? Because just vinegar. But any of these combined, you want to shake them up before you use them? All right, so there is. That's it. That is it. Now use Put the little You just, uh, shake it around a bit. Yeah. Put the lid on you. Put the lid on at a hell of it. Not making a long Let's go find some wood. All right. Here is my beautiful old, uh, bother. Ivor Stores reald and take bothered by founded a A yard and restored it old and look sprayed on a beautiful Shane. It's smells fantastic. It's cleaning any dust off it and it's absolutely wonderful. You see that? Look at that. Isn't that beautiful? 41. 41 air freshener (1): All right, folks. Now, this is what they call in the United States. What? I would consider a no brainer. Getting rid of your chemical air freshener toe have a lovely air freshener over essential oils. You simply get a spray bottle and because essential is that mix oil and water don't mix. Um, then you want to put it and say you can put in vodka, which I've got here tablespoon of vodka or rubbing alcohol or witch hazel. Okay, so you put that in your spray bottle, and then you add your central oils and I'm going to go through the essential oils. You can use just one like lavender or what have you. You can mix, and I'm gonna go through the recipes in a minute. And you can use, you know, from anywhere from really 15 to 30 whatever you want. So tested out used lessons at the start. If you want a stronger add, more central is filled up with distilled water, and there you go. So a tablespoon of either vodka, which hater or rubbing alcohol, your essential oils, distilled water. Put it into your spray bottle, shake it up and away you go on. Look at that. Here's one I made earlier. Look at that waste. Guys. Smells beautiful. All right, so that's how it is. Now, let's get into, um, the essential oils. Okay. Now, these are from your resource. Is your cities in your resource is so I've just got some, uh you just have some basic recipes for you. You can use these and amusing about adding drops in these, but they just to help you out, if you not sure. So you see, there's a calming one. Invigorating, citrusy type ones and all sorts of stuff. So you've got these in your notes that can have a look at those and just some sort of ready made recipes essay could just use one essential oil if you want to. Just, you know, lemon or whatever you like. So you got these in your notes. Now, the other thing is what I want to show you is blending by the notes. Now, let's have a look at this. So you can see here. I've got what are calming and soothing essential oils. Now I want to have this table. Now, if you want to learn more about this and this is my say that the my aromatherapy course. I talked about blending by the notes and a lot more detail, but I want to give you just a, um, a basic introduction to it here because it's important. So these are all what you consider soothing or calming oil. So let's say you want to make a calming mix. Okay, now, with blending with the oils, we do a 3 to 1 balance, which means three less. They were just going to use three drops. So you do three drops of your top note through two drops of your middle note and one drop off your bass note, and then you just multiply them. If you won't do US Canadian drop mixed, you just multiply. But keeping that 3 to 1 ratio OK, so let's have a little over the top line. Let's just say you could mix any of these. So let's say wonder a soothing and you've got orange three drops of that, which is a top note, Um, lavender. Two drops of that and then you go to your base notes, and it's a you've got frankincense in your house, so you do one drop of that and sitting in my room there because I teach which which oils which class Classifications of oils, like the citrusy in the woodsy categories which blend better with which so Okay, so just remember that. So let's say you're doing excluding or coming. These are ones that you have a look at what you've got at home and you could use them if you want to have a nice calming air freshener in your house now. All right, so that's sitting comic now. There's also, uh, categories which are cooling oils, so you look at them or warming oils and say you're in a wintry climate and so you are. Ah, what a what a warming oil So you could have a look through those. And if you don't have by the wood fire and you know what, I have some nice warming oils and make a mix like that antibacterial. Of course, you know, with all your cleaning these oils, but you can use those as well, and he have stimulating oils as well. So let's say you wanted to dio you were studying. You need Teoh needed to study my course so you could spray this around big hit with your fabrics and your sofas and that sort of thing that's probably spend directly onto your your so far and that sort of thing. Just be a little careful with that, but let's say so. So then you've got all these in your resource is so I say it may be a feeling a bit down. You want some stimulating oils? You're seeing the list there. Just remember you, Do you? If you want to do him by the notes, which makes a bouquet is such and then you do top note. Top notes, by the way, are the ones that you smell the first, the first you smell in the balance of the oils. Then you smell the middle notes in the base notes of the ones that last the longest. Okay, so I haven't looked through all your notes. Then you re sources have fun with it. Say in the recipes I've got them for about a day and drops you produce 30 drops. Whatever. Start off with less is more because you don't have it too strong. And yeah, have fun with this and safe ditch if you haven't already the air fresh. Is this is dead easy. A tablespoon of vodka, witch hazel or rubbing alcohol. Distilled water. Essential oils. That book. There you go No brainer. 42. 42 tub cleaner new (1): All right, I'm gonna show you this. This is absolutely brilliant for your tiles, your bathrooms, your tubs, your showers. Now it's not 100% natural. Gonna use half a cup here of dawn dish soap, but its way better than the commercial cleaners that you use for your showers and that sort of thing. So we're gonna put 1/2 a cup of door dawn dish liquid into their and then one cup of hot vinegar. So you need a hot to make a mixed together so you're put in the microwave or put on the stovetop, which need a cup off vinegar, and that is hot for my fingers. So a cup of that and pour that in and then you gotta shake them together and that is it. That is it. Now as it a. I haven't tried it with Castells liquid, so you could try that this work so brilliantly and had so many incredible five star reviews . People saying amazing. So it's great for your bathrooms for your bath tubs forces. So we'll go along and have a lot to shake it up. And there it is. The reason I got this in because you said way more natural than what you buy for tile cleaner and that sort of thing. And about that later. And it works so so brilliantly. Now, I want you to have a good look at the soap scum that we got in the showers. Because look at the crime there. And you see this because I want to share before and afterwards So you can see that it's soap scum all over there, all right. And you see there on the crime there. So I'm just springing here and I leave it for elected for about eight minutes or so. If you get a really lot of soap scum, you might be relieved for half an hour, even overnight. So I just did the tires and that sort of thing, trying to give you a good understand. Now, now, this is an old tap, but I want to see how this comes up until now. By the way, I used way too much on this poor little tap. You don't need Hafiz matches that I got a bit carried away here, but you could do tap select a refreshing up these as well. Clean these Get the soap scum off them now. Okay, look, my sons dirty toilet keeps forgetting to eat. A young boy who keeps forgetting flush the toilets. He looked dark. Ring there, so we'll see here. Gonna clean this up as well so you could do your torrent. Say your bath tubs or showers. It is so versatile. Okay, so remember how dirty this waas and look at that. So, so easy. Sparkling clean. No member. A tip. Look at this. The whole thing looks brand new, and I just used a micro fiber cloth. Now, look, here's the Remember that soap scum on the crime of this and much hours that these air old showers. So you know that they've been there for 20 plus years, I guess. But this just makes him look brand new again. Look at that. So it's fantastic. Get the subs. Come off the glass off your tubs, off your showers, off the tires, and then you could just rinse them off. Absolutely brilliant. I want to include him in here for you. 43. 43 grout (1): Now I'm gonna show you a wonderful way to clean grout. Not a job we love to do. But I have tried so many. And this is by far the best grout plane Atala. Groclin. So half a cup, a baking soda, and you're gonna make it pay. So I ran about 1/4 of a cup of hydrogen peroxide with its bleaching agent. And this is a bit of dish soap. Castiel. So which helps us. Well, you have a taste. Boom. What have you and you're gonna mix it up. All right, So hydrant, proximal bleach banking soda is fabulous at a zoo. You know, it's a scouring agent. All right, so you've got that now we're just gonna put it on to the great. You see how dirty this is? Okay. See these types did it? Just spoon it on? It's all you need to do. All right? There you go. Just like that. And what you gonna do? It's really important you leave this for a good 20 minutes. Let it soak into the ground there. OK, so that's one method now, but I want you to different methods. And so just notice how dark and Yeah, yeah, he This crowd is here because I'm gonna show you the difference. Now, the other method is simply putting baking soda. Um, rather making a pace is just baking soda on the ground there, and then you spread with hydrogen peroxide. So when you make a paste and the other one, you just put it on and you spray it with hydrogen peroxide. It's a very simple, just two different techniques, really. And of course, it doesn't has had the Castell soap or dish soap on it. So I'm just gonna test these both out now. That said, I've tried so many other again. You'll see it. 70 people. I'll use the vinegar and baking soda, which, of course, no, you know, cancels each other out on bond. It just looks effective, all right, take itself a brush or toothbrush, whatever you need to do it to scrub it out. So you've left it for 20 minutes and we'll see. What's the difference. Now I know how well both of these work. I find the paste easier, rather, just sprang it on. But you know, it's really up to you whatever you feel like, but it's really important that you let them wait for 20 minutes before you a good 20 minutes before you scrub. All right, so again, really held up. These were a say, I'm using minimal effort, minimal amount of time. And what do you get your micro fiber and just clean it all off. So you see, they have you, Have you any energy or time, and let's see the difference as that I've tried so many different techniques. These other two best by far the two best. Look at that. Look how white that is. There you see its cover little spots there in that center there that I have missed their but look, hell, what that ground is compared to the left. It say that. So much for Lena. 44. 44 foam new: Now I'm going to show you how to make your foaming soap dispenser, and it literally is charged Play. Hence, I got my child, Liam, to make it for us, so we should just sell symbolises. So now I've got a little container here. And so I just feeling that up, you know, like 4/5 full of it. Onda. And it's been boiled water and cooled down and distilled water, which is better. And you fill it up pretty much. You want to put that in, and then you put your castile soap in afterwards, so you put a tablespoon of Castell. So now if you've got a bigger soap container, then you might want to put two tablespoons in, but just play with it. There's no, you know, no problem. Just see how it is. So this is one tablespoon of customers. So you headed after which otherwise, you get too many bubbles as you put the water in. All right, so that's it. Now, this has already got tea tree in this customer. I could have just left it like that, but I'm gonna put Liam's gonna put in five drops. That's seven drops. Whatever off lavender lavender and tea tree. Great. Papa is getting the bottle out of the way for, uh so we can see the foaming dispenser so you can see that's how easy it waas and look bad photography here. That's my fault. But there you go. Look at that. It's already working. That is how simple it is. And then normal chemicals. Oh, natural. Beautiful. That smells amazing. 45. 46 shower head (1): All right, So now what? We're gonna go to clean the shower heads, and we're gonna use vinegar, and we need to do is put distilled white vinegar into a state Chris bag. All right, so it makes you got enough? Probably about how 1/3 to have full because it's gonna get rid of those line departments that rust in them in the shower. Grab yourself some type. Let's go to the shower. So get rid of the rust on the your shower. Heads get really dirty with line. Now, all you do, you put this up in. You've got a fully submerge your showerhead in the vinegar so you get it up there. Now you can use you Might Teoh random to use a rubber band. I don't know how you're supposed to use a rubber band over trying. Get out of this and forget it. You want to use type, or you could use a zip tie as well. All right, so you get it, so it's fully submerged. Get yourself some type and wrap it around. You're gonna leave that overnight and this will clean it up beautifully. You'll find a shower. It'll be working nicely again. You're nice spray. So you get that. And make sure that say that the showerhead is fully submerged into the vinegar. Leave it overnight. Come back in the morning. Take it off. Just get that little bit better. That's it. And you have a beautiful, clean showerhead. 46. 47 windows edit (1): All right, folks. Now we're going to get rid of the Windex. Let's get this Windex. It's expensive. It is absolutely full of chemicals, which gonna fix eyes, irritates skin. Gets a D rating as faras environmentally friendly. So let's get you into using natural way and let's get rid of that. All right, no more. That's expensive. Here's a cheek by. That's even better. Okay, so what we've got here we're going to use It's very simple. Equal parts, distilled white vinegar. And we're going to also use distilled water. They don't have distilled water to say through the course. The reason you can boil it. Let it cool down. Okay, this is distilled water or even blow. Let it cool down. What that would do. It'll prolong the shelf life. All right, that's it. Alright. Equal parts vinegar and water. That is it. Now you can put some essential oils if you like Peppermints. Really nice. It's entirely up to you. Put him into your spray bottle and away you go. You'll never use Windex again. Yeah, 47. 48 goo (1): All right, Now you have. I've got a shot glass here that had a price tag on. You see, it's a lift. I've taken the price, their businesses sticky adhesive. Now, I gotta tell you, I tried the scour with this open letter thing, and it just is still really turkey. It's absolutely horrible. And it looks terrible. And so, you know, I'm going to have someone. Well, we're in Mexico. Give him a shot of tequila. I got this horrible tackiness, and I just had so much trouble trying to get this off. So look, so now I'm going to show you is gonna blow your mind. How easy this just takes off these adhesive stickers now, so use equal parts. Now, I'm gonna use a tablespoon off baking soda. Okay, Bye. Cabinet soda and coconut oil. And it doesn't have to be organic, and it's nothing, but what happened? Tohave so equal parts. So I'm using a tablespoon of each. And I tell you, I cannot tell you how much I'm just gonna what? The banking sector off big for Put into the coconut oil and but this gets it off, bringing you will not use anything else but this this is absolutely the best. So you just mix these two together equal parts coconut oil and baking soda. So I'm gonna mix him up, and you see that there on all these sticky to hasten of labels, would you have? The best thing is you tear him off as much as you can and it'll, But all that sticking is that I've tried to get off. This is the bomb. This absolutely works brilliantly. So just mixing up into this paste again, absolutely dead easy. I mean, I'm just going to the lumps of the baking soda out so you can store this. You can use this, but I just with the views of a tablespoon or teaspoon of each or whatever you want to use, it doesn't matter. Ditch it after you've used it. So I've got these here and put it just smeared over the sticker. You see, they just smeared over there, and then I leave it for, you know, about 10 minutes. So you set it down, live for about 10 minutes and then and believe me, you come back as you're about to see, and all you need to do is wipe it off with a soft cloth. No hard scouring. Look, he go 10 minutes later and look soft. Micro fiber, I Look, there goes now. I tried to get this off for weeks and weeks with dish soap at a scour, just I say weeks away so it wouldn't do it constantly for weeks and weeks. But, uh, but every time I watched the shot glasses, I would, you know, give a scrub. Look, it's gone. It's gone. Dish up. Did nothing. Now I was telling my mind how wonderful this good remove uses a hazy remember So he said to make quite comfortably, Well, big deal. Just use, you know, an acid like a lime or lemon. You see how tech it is? Look, So I said, uh, just use a line and get rid of it. But all right, I'll give that a go. So you run the lime over and we'll see how this works. He quite company said anything acidic would will get rid of this. No problems at all. So I did that and once again left it for 10 minutes. And then I came back to do exactly what I had just done with coconut oil baking soda a soft drop to get rid of the cases and didn't work at all. Absolute rubbish rubbish. 48. 49 rust (1): rust remover challenge. So what I've got has got some rusty old played here, and I'm going to try a few different things and see which works best. So you see, my rusty old cannot know here good and rusty. So what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna soak them overnight in. Just plain vinegar. Vinegar is made to be very, very good for getting rid of rust. And so we're gonna soak them in video. Now, it's not gonna be a perfect experiment, but because if I didn't have four, you know, I have one with citric acid and blah, blah, blah, and have four different containers. But I did my best anyway, so Okay, so you see the rust on this place? No barbecue players been sitting outside. Okay, if you want. By the way, if you don't know this, you roll the limes to get more juice out of them with your hand, like you just did. So I'm going to Sprinkle lime juice, obviously lime or lemon juice just in Mexico. Got limes left, right and center. And so lime lime juice on this one. And I'm gonna leave that overnight to see what happens now. Generally people, even for a couple of hours. You leave him overnight, but I just want to see what happens if I leave them. Okay, so that's meant to be a very good rust remover as well. Now another great rust remover, supposedly is a potato. The oxalic acid I believe it is. So if you got rusty knives, they said, it's just put this at the end of this sore, his really rusty. And I'll leave that overnight and see what happens to that now. Apparently used a potato that has a chemical reaction. You can wipe off the rust in the morning, so we'll see. Okay, so we got that. All right, so now another thing you can do is get the potato and use either salt or baking soda. And that's what I'm going to use baking soda and used it. And put the baking soda either on the trailer on the potato and then use a potato and that will use it to get off the rust as well. So we'll give that a go as well. So we'll see what happens when we do this immediately and see if it has an effect right now . So see, I just put the banking center on here and we'll see if this works meant to have a chemical reaction now. OK, so it worked brilliantly. It really did. It worked absolutely brilliantly, so that's just baking 30 canoes, soda or baking soda. It took that rust off so easily. Get this been sitting out in the weather, so but I was super impressed with this. So this is just a play on what you do it. Once it gets degraded like that could slice to the end of the potato again and just keep going and you put more bags. But it absolutely worked brilliant to get rid of that rust. Now another thing is lemon and salt. Now we used over there cutting boards to clean them up. That's meant to be a good rust remover as well. So I get my trusty lime. It's a it's a lime or lemon. It's a citric acid that that's gonna make the reaction and rub it in. Now, As I did this, it was it was okay, but it was certainly wasn't the potato with the baking soda. It was way easier and more effective. I really scrub it this. Now what they say you can also just you can leave and I'm going to say immediately. But you could, like, leave them for a couple of hours and do them and what I think, did you? Then you rub it off with the rind off the lime or the lemon. You see, there's still there's still rust marks from the lime with sugar over there. Sorry. The soul where the potato with the bank said did it way benefit. That was the best on that. All right, so now we're trying the sword blade, so I'm gonna spray vinegar on this one, and we'll leave this overnight and see which works better. So I do also put lime juice. So this kind of a little bit better experiment, cause what the same blade and I believe in both overnight. So testing out the lime juice, which is meant to be very, very good Lima limit You set aside the citric acid, and Vinny is also meant to be very good. So we're going to check that out and see which works best. So I just place that there. All right, So it was that there, and we're going to see how that goes over. Not so. We have a lime juice, we have a vinegar and we had a potato. Let's see how they do overnight and here we go. So next morning, here we are. So I've got my got a white microphone. But now that the line really made like a black, sticky Tyree kind of stuff on there, So it was really tough to get off and vinegar as well, said. I had a bit of a film there, but it was easier to get off. So you see that there a little bit of descent, just a damp micro fiber tower. But so I could work with the vinegar and looks to take have taken that rest up really nicely, actually, so you can see that it's done its wits. But don't drive yourself. But there's a black to the tire from the from the lemon there, so it's really tough to get off their I had a hard time trying to get that off, but so it starts to get enough to see if we can get that, uh, get that cleaned off there. It says it's a little more work to get that off there. It might have been better if I just didn't, like, say, two hours, For example. Um, you see that? There's says Stewart, that group black tar on it there. So try a scary is a little bit better there. So we just do that there and see all the vinegar. It's really easy to get off their now, the lime juice there much easier with respond to you, by the way. Okay, Both of these took the rest off, but you see where the where the lime juice was there? It's actually taken off the black coating. You see that there? So you may want to be a bit careful. I couldn't care less with this trade because barbecues. But you see that now? It's not Teflon, by the way. This straight some just some sort of black, Another painter of coding. But that might be something to be aware of. So let's take a look at the vinegar with the can opener. Remember how rusty days were the the gears there? All right, so get it. Toothbrush and, uh, away we go now, let you know, um, this cleaned up the up the rust. Really, really Well, so it's created up in these kind of brand new that they were being rusty for, I don't know, two years. I guess. You see that brand new again. So the vinegar worked really well on these, As you see. Really, really nice that rust came off really, really easily. So that's that's a definite yes for the vinegar. It would well, in the tray. And it worked well with the can opener. Now, the citric acid are even took off. That black. It really did work. Well, um, both took off rush. Really? Well, okay, so we got this sword blade here, and they both dried up now. So, in a perfect world, maybe I should have done maybe 2 to 3 hours, so they didn't dry up completely. So you can see here. I just That's a vinegar there. And here's again that black tardiness. The citric acid with the lime juice. So just a little bit of, uh, scaring a set. And you can see here again what a lot of weather. But look again, the citric acid has really, really worked into that. So that was far more effective. Now that potato meant to just want that off? Nothing. So even though potato with Bacon said, it was great, I didn't have really any success. I was just doing it. We just see if it'll get off without anything on there, and it wouldn't come off so potato with bags. I was excellent on the plate to get the rest off. So try potato with baking soda on the sore here because it's a lot, lot rusty and I didn't have the same effect. It was a lot tougher to try and get some sort of reaction to it. So it kind of makes me wonder, you know, if it's not too rusty. It seemed to work really well. But I really worked away this, and it wasn't that you consider it really didn't kind of make much of a difference. I have to use a lot of elbow grease to really sort of get that to work. Now I just again. That's if you know nothing. Just cut the again. So get some or the potato juice on there. So what I have come away with thus far is the lime juice seems toe work better than the vinegar and certainly the potato with a baking soda on less rust. Your articles. So I really think both of vinegar. So you can see now. And so it sort of cleaned up the citric acid from the lime juice really seems to work better even in the vinegar works great. With the cannot know, you could just see on the sword blade where it's it's really worked in Better. So for my money, I think the citric acid, the lime juice, lemon juice so I just don't try this try. This was so the linemen salt before. So I thought I'd try align with baking soda And again, it didn't really have much effect on this. Really rusty sore. So Okay, so what kind of way would I really think? Is that the lime or lemon juice? To use that as a suck and so that for a couple of hours, five hours, whatever overnight, whatever your life seems to really, really do a better job of removing rust. So then you supposed todo cae here, use the rind. Uh, I think there's a real kind of worked pretty well, but, um, but yeah, if I was going to while trying to take Russia, I would use lime juice, essentially the Canada. I'd use lime juice or vinegar, but again you can see there's the lime juice right there. Makes it must be that was the vinegar was not much of an impression. So you just see that really rusty old store. And then again, you can see it did take off that whatever the I think it's black paint or some some sort of blackness is not Teflon. I would still try, but it's certainly good in this. They might be a little bit careful, and so the vinegar did certainly a good job, no doubt about it. So vinegar, citric acid do great jobs. But for my money, I think I'd use the line. Now. Another experiment that I want to show you is getting rushed off crimes. I think of the crime rims on your kid's bikes, the crime pipes on your motorbike. Now this is through a chemical reaction, using tinfoil or for the Americans, aluminum foil for the Aussies and anything probably much anywhere else in the world world. Aluminium foil. Now you just dip it in water. That's just water, apparently, in a carrot. Chemical reaction takes rust off chrome stainless steel. And because the aluminium foil is softer, it doesn't scratch it. So let's give that a crack on my old garden life have been sitting out there rusting away up there, and so you simply just dip it in water and it plays the rushed off crime, and it really works. I can You got to give a little bit of elbow grease, but that's OK. So water, and due to a chemical reaction, don't ask me what that chemical reaction is. We don't care too much, do we? Don't know. But look at that. It's coming up nice and clean. So think of those those rims on the bikes and a rusty crime on your car. You have given little test area just in case, you know, Be a little careful. Perhaps, but I don't have any scratch marks or anything on a roll. And it really came up very, very nice. I just get a paper towel. Just wipe it off so I can get a better look. But just to have a couple of minutes there. Do you see that? Okay, it took that rust off there. No, I get a better. So there We have a citric acid in vinegar. I still like the potato on baking soda. That worked really well on the train. So there you go. Give him a go. 49. 50 granite (1): Now let's talk about paying your granite at home now. First things first, you definitely do not want to use vinegar. Anything cost Memphis acidic lemons? Nothing like that. So that's the first thing. Do not use that. So when you clean your granite, this is just I doubt bottle. Um, that's very, very simple to make. So you're gonna get better half a teaspoonful off Castiel. So whatever you like there, just 1/2 taste bone and then we're gonna add 1/4 of a cup off. That's vodka. Or you could use rubbing alcohol as well so that the Castell said there say, if you want two or three drops of dawn, if that's what you wanted to do either of those. Whatever you like, you put about 20 drops of your favorite essential oils whatever you want there and around about 20 jobs, you do 10 to 15 20 whatever you like there, and then you add a cup of distilled water. You may have noticed I did not put any drops of essential way was in because I don't have any granite. But I'm just doing this for the filming. I fudged it a little bit All right. That's it. Add them together, swirl around and you've got your own natural, beautiful granite cleaner. Now, if you had marble just used water and a few drops of dish, so they have it usual. Micro fiber cloth and you're granite will be sparkling playing. There you go. 50. 51 BBQ (1): Alright. It's time for the barbecue Grew clean off as we say, what I say. Okay, so what I'm gonna test several different products are my totally filthy barbecue. Now, in the left corner There, what we have is your all purpose spray that I talked about, which is simply Castiel. So we're liquid Castillo. So with water, right, That's the less the 1st 1 on your left. The one the 2nd 1 from the left is straight vinegar. Now, all over the Internet, they talk about by the way, let's go back a step all over the Internet. Talked about using vinegar and baking soda on these, As we already know, that doesn't work. They cancel each other out. So don't even bother down that track. But you know that already. So no big deal. Okay, so the left our old purpose spray second is just straight vinegar now, going to spray all of these on and living for 10 minutes now. Third is, do you remember the one that I have with dawn dish up with the vinegar for a bathroom? That's what that is. And because that's got that that's got vinegar in it. They were headed up the vinegar. So it's got vinegar in it, which is supposed to be great losing up. And also the dawn December 2 degrees it so that should be really great on the 4th 1 in the white bottle is just a solution off dawn dish up with water. Of course you could try with. We already got custody, but you could try with South sides as well. Which is a degrace, sir, as you know, or I. So let's Oh, by the way, all of the Internet. Look, that's why what tribe is Clean the barbecue with tinfoil aluminum foil for the Americans in North Americans, that is. And aluminium foil. But we just got 10 forward so that we all on the same, you know, like as such. Okay, so here we go. All right, let's get to the barbecue. All right, Now. So I think we can probably agree that is a completely filthy barbecue with marinade from horse and chicken. A big, sweet marinade that I had, And also I think you say yes. That's good and filthy. All right, so I'm gonna do a couple of right runs with one and the next one and We're trying to get this vaccine every caked on there. All right, so the 1st 1 we're going to use is the vinegar and dawn's dish soap. The moment you to the bathroom. One that I showed. You get that. Not working there? Yeah, we have a have a go. Gonna put that on there? All right. And of course, we'll leave them over 10 minutes. So that's the 1st 1 The next one is they're all purpose spray. That is the Castell soap and water with essential oils again. So we'll work that down the center line there, so try to get the equal amount of sprays. And the 3rd 1 is just straight vinegar. Nothing. Nothing in it except for vinegar. Just distilled white vinegar, which have seen a lot about the effectiveness of just vinegar. All right, it's 123 Yes, exactly. Uh oh. Did the doing the doing one. All right, well, I'll put the door. Went up in the top. I know that's not gonna. Bay is exact. It's possible I didn't have enough room this making sure don't contaminate the other ones as much as possible by spraying it away. So it's not coming down onto the O's. All right, side down the dawn. Don't just don't disturb with water Any dish, right? Okay. We'll get a tinfoil. What? Everyone says tinfoil. All right, this is 10 minutes later. Now, remember, this was a dish up with vinegar, and that was okay, but it's hard to get off. I mean, it really had to scrub that. There's another piece of tinfoil, and that was us. Castiel. So the all purpose cleaner that we've got that was having removed a thing. Now, the vinegar I've got to say, really did something, everything up. And it really worked very, very well. The vinegar. Yeah, right there. It's taken that off there. Obviously a lot more claim to be done. But that was easy. And you can't see it very well because I forgot to bring the camera there. But they're doing this work well as well. But for my money, the vinegar really worked so much better. And so I just tried doing district down down there where it wasn't you cleaned up, but I didn't give much time, that sort of thing, so All right. So what? What I ended up doing was just sprang everything with vinegar because it was so much easier than any of the others. Teoh, get it off. And you say I have five minutes and the vinegar really did get it off. However, I've got some conclusions have come here. All right, So here's the first thing. Let's just go through this. The first thing is this, Uh, I think the tinfoil, Even though we worked it on crime, it worked great. And and that sort of thing, I think the tinfoil It's a bit dumb to tell you the truth, I really don't see any purpose in using this tinfoil. And here's what I would do. And I would love to get your feedback on this if you go try this on your own grill. But I personally think this vinegar spray it on. But then I would take these grill plates off and get a decent old scrubbing brush and use any of these. Any of these would do well. My my my thoughts are because of the the way that the vinegar works so well was spread on vinegar living for 10 minutes and then put him It was soapy border with the the doing dish soap And what was it? Vinegar? Because it then it has both of those that we use the bathroom. I think that would be probably the best because it was D grazing properties. I don't know. I don't know. I really come away. This kind of going well, I know the meaning of what Really? Well, I think the tin phone is Could you can get between the cracks. I mean, you can't get between the grills there, so you know, brush is way better. Take them off, put him into a big bucket and then get a scrubbing brush. After I've done the vinegar and use any sort of detergent, I think it's It's 10. 40 just later. Who hard to truth? But anyway, guys, get back to me. I love to hear how you guys get on and tell me what you feel was the best, but that's what I think. A scrubbing brush, soapy water After you've done the vinegar 51. 52 bbq new (1): Okay, I'm back to the barbecue now. I wouldn't bought a barbecue bust from other one was wrecked. So after the tinfoil disaster, I want to see what's going on. So I put the vinegar back on because that worked the best. And then I started to scrub up with this brush and just to see how working with a brush instead of the tinfoil because, as we know, that was just really quite rubbish. So I used to brush their and yeah, OK, but still you can see it's still not It gets off the top, doesn't get for the bars and that sort of thing. So then I tried the other side, which is the cast iron. So use the other side of the brush there. I got that and again the same thing, you know. And here's the thing. We can really kind of overthink things. Sometimes, you know, it's simple, is better. Okay, that tinfoil on the vinegar and are blood blood, place it all of the internet. And then I just What? That now, of course, I could have just hated up and burned it off. That sort of thing. I want to give this a deep clean. So that will I'll get some, uh, some sober sponge, you know, that would be the best way to do it. So once again, So again, car still so self. So south sides of bigger pardon dish. So whatever you want, three all purpose cleaner, Any of these would work. So the scouring pace that I gave you any off these would work. Fine. Okay, So here's the absolute everything. So again, like the same before we didn't need to overthink this. All right. Any of the claim is that I've given you would work because now, as say, if it's just a bob, do you want to claim I just get a wire brush and hate the grill just cleaned up like that. But really, for a deep clean like I was doing today you clean up the whole barbecued, my do watch twice a season. I just pulled it apart. I think the grills are put into a bucket, some soap suds and say whatever you want. Any clean is that I've given you through the course would work absolutely fine that the rule is here is once again like let's keep it simple. Let's not overthink this. We just had to pull apart. Definitely, Definitely. Though the vinegar at the start before you start using the whatever so said you want to use . Definitely. The vinegar helps close it off. So that is that in itself is something really good to know. So I get Oh. Now, by the way, used 10 sort foil on the crime here because I thought that was rust 10. Dad, it wasn't rusted all. It was actually just sort of red caked on grease. I tried to give the team for another go. Remember, it works really well with crime. Wow, that's Greece. That wasn't rust. I thought was respites, Grace. So I got back with it with the certain water and cleaned it all up with a sponge again. So Okay, my incredibly filthy Barbie. Look at it. It's absolutely beautiful now and ready to cook. So that's the upshot. Vinegar first and then just away you go. All right. Time to cook a Bobby, Uh, be a good time for the vegetarians to look away now, 52. 53 castile and sal suds (1): all right now, I just want very quickly have a quick lecture on, because throughout the course, you're going to hear about Castell. So a lot. And also South Side. This is a product from Dr Bronner's. If you don't already know about, we did talk about this, but I just want to talk about the differences between South Sands, which is one of their products and also that Castile soap. Now from Lisa Bronner's website. You can interchange the interchangeable so you can use one or the other. There are a couple of differences now. Lisa Brana when she talks about you know if there's exclusive use Steakhouse still so over south sides. So use this for her body. In your research about the dilution rates, use a shampoo usually has a body wash. So the cast also said the ingredients in this, you know, organic olive oil, coconut oil, organic Hobart oil, hemp oil. Do you see palm oil is just beautiful, beautiful product. So, yes, you can use it for floors. Yes, you can use it, but she talked about using it exclusively. This she doesn't use South since her body. She uses this for her body She also used this for for her pets. When you wash your pits and the other things uses it bore is pissed control Castell. So it's very good getting pictures. Okay, now South side. That's talked about throughout the course. That is more, more of a degree. So yes, you can use it on. You can use it exactly the way you would with customers. So absolutely. But if there's more grace involved now, so she'll use this for laundry because he's better with hard water as well. The south suds. So laundry, south suds, um, washing cars, self suds and I was living dishes dishes, so it doesn't leave a white film on them. So South sides think that if you're using a few dishes, if you're gonna wash your car and also your laundry now, the reason I decided is because I know there's gonna be a certain amount of people I know that the purest get into this ago. Wow, I'm gonna make all these recipes that I've given you, but there are going to be a certain amount of people again. Maybe you ran out of the mixture that formula, and you just gotta wash the floors, so you could just use this, you know? So what I'm trying to do again I've explained before is trying to involve everyone. So say, or you just don't have time ago. I just use a squirt of Castell. So for just squirt of south sides or you want to chemical free and this is just the, you know, yourself you got Well, I'm not gonna make this. I'm gonna be honest with myself, you know, for example, So I'll do this because that way, at least I'm chemical free. And I know I can still be chemical free around the household. Okay, so they're the major differences essay that their safety is and always different surfaces. Brilliant. But they're just the major differences between the use of sound suds and the use of Castillo. So s a very interchangeable now. I just looked at the playback off this video, and I see my cat has upstaged me. She's a curious thing. This is a cat that was on the street when I first came here to this house and we basically adopted her. But I've gotto kept baskets. I just wanted to share this with you. She saved this little basket? Is that not the cute little thing you were saying? She had it in there. And the cat basket? I gave it away because she wouldn't sleep in it. She loves this little little wicker basket. So you, that's my cat in a basket. 53. 54 congrats new cut: And there we have it. That is the course. I sincerely hope you enjoyed my course. A little bit of fireworks going on there. So you have completed the course Now again, I sincerely thank you for watching my course to completion, If you haven't already, I would love it if you would write a review for my course. It's important. As an instructor, we get reviews again. Thank you so much. And I hope that you enjoyed my course.