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Aromatherapy-How to treat health conditions with essential oils (part 2 of 2)

Mark Perren-Jones, Best-Selling Instructor, 100K Students

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39 Lessons (1h 14m)
    • 1. Welcome to Part 2 Musculoskeletal disorders

    • 2. How to treat acute injuries

    • 3. How to treat chronic pain

    • 4. Headaches

    • 5. If I had just one essential oil to treat pain it would be this one

    • 6. A 2018 study on knee osteoarthritis pain using lavender

    • 7. A study that increased athletic performance

    • 8. Bruises

    • 9. Varicose veins

    • 10. Treating swelling, oedema and cellulite

    • 11. Treating respiratory disorders

    • 12. Sinusitis

    • 13. Asthma

    • 14. Chronic bronchitis

    • 15. Hayfever

    • 16. Allergies

    • 17. Digestive disorders

    • 18. Nausea

    • 19. I.B.S. (irritable bowel syndrome)

    • 20. Constipation

    • 21. Weight loss

    • 22. Female reproductive disorders Dysmenorrhea

    • 23. PMS

    • 24. Menopause

    • 25. Skin disorders

    • 26. Essential oils for skin complaints

    • 27. Dermatitis/Eczema

    • 28. Studies on sandalwood for eczema

    • 29. Psoriasis

    • 30. Using tea tree for acne

    • 31. Hair loss and scalp issues

    • 32. Burns

    • 33. Athletes foot

    • 34. Scars

    • 35. Wrinkles/anti-aging

    • 36. Make your own anti-aging serum

    • 37. Stretch marks oil

    • 38. Hand sanitizer spray

    • 39. Congratulations! you have completed the course


About This Class

Aromatherapy- Treating Clinical Conditions

After completing this aromatherapy course, you will feel confident in applying aromatherapy essential oils using the most effective methods so that the aromatherapy essential oils will be absorbed into the bloodstream in the quickest manner possible to get optimal results!
In this aromatherapy course you will learn how to use aromatherapy essential oils to treat yourself or others therapeutically, both simply and effectively.
Please note that in this aromatherapy course, I will not be focused on making aromatherapy products with essential oils like lip balms and deodorants etc.
This aromatherapy course is focused on using essential oils in their purest and most therapeutic methods as aromatherapy was originally intended to get the best clinical results for yourself, your family or your clients that you are treating.
What that means is that we will be focused on using pure aromatherapy essential oils topically or inhaled with the correct dilution rates so that you will see their immense healing benefits!
You will finish this aromatherapy course and know not only which are some of the best aromatherapy essential oils to use for each condition (based on many essential oil studies) but also which are the best methods to apply them!


1. Welcome to Part 2 Musculoskeletal disorders: now we got to about treating musculoskeletal disorders. You know, aches and pains, muscle pains, arthritis, that sort of thing. And I'm going to teach you all about the different types of anti inflammatory. So they're sitting there cooling anti inflammatory, essential oils, and there are also warming. One's gonna teach ones which of the best to treat acute conditions. So, like a sprain or strain on chronic conditions. Which of best? I also talk about what I considered it. If I If I was gonna buy just one essential oil to treat pain, this is what it would be a 2. How to treat acute injuries: So I'm there to talk about different musculoskeletal pain. So there lots of things to go through because, for example, this chronic information and acute information. So what I'm gonna look at is acute information, which means a sudden injury, for example. So let's have a look at, say, an ankle sprain. Now, this might be itself. You may have someone if your therapist coming in there. And so what we're gonna do? We want toe treat the person with essential oils that perhaps an orgy sick to help with the pain and cooling anti inflammatory you got. You've got these in your nose because there are warming anti inflammatory, essential oils and cooling now way when I would hear to what is known as the effort directly from an acronym Rice. Which means in the 1st 48 to 72 hours after you've injured yourself, you've got inflammation. You've got hate. You've got redness in the eyes of the cat. One for the cardinal signs and pain. And so you need to our rested. Okay, so you want a relative rest? So you want you want to be running around, you rip it again. I wanna ask the area right about 10 to 15 minutes. You can use a slurry in a bucket of it, your ankle or a nice slurry. You can use ice packs. Make sure you're protected with the tower, so I don't get ice burn. C is for a compression bandage, so you want to put a compression bandage to help reduce the swelling. And finally e in the R. I CE rice regime, which is even in a elevation. So it's ankle, for example, elevated above the level of your heart, which will help drain the fluid out. Now the other anachronism is harmed. These are the four things you don't want. H is for heat, so you don't want to put heat on onto the area of inflammation. You're use cooling, so I'm not hating the 1st 48 to 72 hours. A is for alcohol alcohol. You do not want to do what we used to throw the football club and hurt ourselves and then go get drunk that night. Back in the day, it's a head thing to do. A zit finisher blood. So you do not want to be doing that, uh, are means running, so in other words like we talked about You want arrested? You don't want to go out injured again and tear it again. And m is for massage now. Lymphatic drainage in the 1st 48 Teoh, 22 hours is fine. It's a very light massage going towards a heart too. You're not trying to lymphatic drainage. Very light. I stressed you because you've got tissues trying to heal. So you do not want to have some cowboy going in there and I'm gonna grind away cause this all this will fix it. You're just going toe hurt. You inflame mawr and possibly damaged more tissues. So you wanna have very, very light message now. Okay, so then you think what sort of essential is what we use? What we want to use anti inflammatory and essential oils there. Two classes there are warming anti inflammatory, essential oils. And there are cooling antifa anti inflammatory, essential oils. So we don't want to apply any hate. Okay, So those warming centralize which turned out much better for problems that say someone's arthritic knee is bad in cold weather is the same thing we do in Chinese medicine. We had hate to that a problem that's worse in cold will have hate to it now within it with an acute injury. We want to use cooling anti inflammatory oils so you've got them in your resource is a short list of what we can use now. There are also, and juicy essential oils to help with pain. Now it's just so happens that certain essential oils like camomile and there old friend lavender do boat that animal juice sick and they are calling essential oils. Now everybody, a little bit later on. Lavender has been found to be a fantastic pain reliever. The other thing that's great about lavender, which I keep bleeding towards because it is so amazing, is it? Now remember, we're gonna be able to do 5 to 25% because it's a painful area in a dilution, right? So remember, a teaspoon full roughly about 25 drops to a teaspoon so teaspoonful of carry oil. Remember back to which, let's say you got some of the Spratlys sprained your ankle. You just heard yourself in some way. Now remember, the absorption was quickest with aloe vera, So maybe you want to put the usual carriers Talavera to get that in Aziz quickly as possible into your bloodstream. Okay, so a five mil if it's a small spot and then using up to 25 drops again if you want to try increases the think about the safety of lavender is so good you might try it neat, depending on your skin type and so on and so forth. Just remember, of course, is to keep talking about. There are some camps to say you should dilute every single essential oil, including leather lavender, but I'll leave that with you. I can put 11 Nate, but again, if you were to use it over and over again, there's certainly a risk of irritation. Sensitization wants to sensitize him before then. It's generally for life, so you know, you keep the low risk category, then diluted. Okay, so I say 11 is really good at that sort of thing. Now what I would do, I would use he's calling essential oils. I would let my risk, for example, and then what I would do. You remember how we talk about the putting the cling wrap around it, so if it was your ankle or your wrist, so you can see I can see my ankle, but I would wrap it in the Cling Film Plastic film, and then I would use ice packs. Cold compresses are specks, that sort of thing. Now, if it's your ankle, wrap it in plastic film. And if you get a bucket, some sort of bowl and usually ice slurry, that would be a fantastic way to do that as well. So just adding cold to it, whether an ice pack now just be careful with you. Got the Cling Film should be okay with ice burns and that sort of thing. So using that I came here on their and usually cooling, anti inflammatory old cover up like that. 25% dilution, right? So use that, and that's what you do in acute pains. Strangis Price. 3. How to treat chronic pain: now once that that after that 72 hour period, then you could have to be strict on the cooling and the cool pants treaties stop applying heat and someone and so forth. Likewise with someone that just has their lower back pain or their knee pain. You know, something is chronic. It it wasn't injury. So now we don't have to pay. Now it may be that they on This is where you would ask the person or again, If it's for you, then so does it feel better with ice or heat? Now, some people might have chronic s a hip bursitis and but they actually it feels better with ice. So there are no hard and fast rules is what I've always said. I ask people, you know, this is a very common question. What should I do? I don't know. Do I put on ice? Do I put on head? I don't know my back pain in my neck pain do what feels better. So you're treating someone just some see what it feels like. It feels better with ice ice packs on your on your shoulder, pain, whatever. Then use it. If it feels better he came with. This is people, if you ask, someone doesn't feel better when you're in the shower. So with necklace states and neck pain Oh, yeah, yeah, I'm step when I wake up When I get in the shower and it feels so much better After a nice warm shower I run the water on it feels much better. Well, there's a green light to use argues warming anti inflammatory oils with heat packs. Now, I want to mention this when you start to warm up essential oils Then there is a slight, more increased rate risk of irritation. So on oil, that's okay without putting, say, a heat pack on it, it might irritate you. Just gotta be careful with that. If you're doing a massage, for example, treating some of that, then just be careful with the heat because it might irritate. So just just gonna put that back in mind just in case. So okay, now, one other thing I want to say to you is again in your notes. You got this warming anti inflammatory yours. But if the person says it's better for their court back then used to cooling ones, Okay, the energetic schooling wants that sort of thing. Um, now I see it all the time that they're all these essential oils for combinations for beside us. They'll have a different one for Sy. Attica. That'd be different. 1/4 You know, tendonitis, Nissa thing. I don't think this is all necessary. You see, shoulder rotator cup. There'll be some sort of, um, combination rotator cuff. They're all musculoskeletal disorders. Okay, I think it is. Really think. Totally unnecessary toe. Have one. Have to remember this comment. What? They have been knee bursitis. That was different from hip bursitis. Yep. Stick with your warming and cooling areas. Just like like you just said to you. You know, I just feel better with warming. Does it feel better? Was cooling that sort of thing? And then you choose those oils You with your animal, ji six. But you're warming Any plan we're calling anti inflame and use that just like that. So if it's not back pain and the person says yes now, it feels much better for heat back then, warming central oils on there and so on and so forth. So just remember your percentages and with the small, painful area you can work up to 25% if you're going to use hate packs that I would most definitely bring that back to stay safe and just see how you get on with that. But so that's that's how simple it is. When it comes to treating these sorts of things on, we don't need to over complicate. 4. Headaches : So let's talk about treating headaches now. Headaches is a big one, obviously, and there are lots of different reasons. People get headaches. So I want this letter to really reflect on that. Because the most famous essential oil is peppermint peppermint for essential oil. Pepin, essential for headaches now no, actually study done with a 10% dilution. They found that using equipment essential or attempts and delusion rubbed into the temples was actually mawr effective than 1000 milligrams of acetaminophen. This was one of the studies. So yes, Pittman is excellent for treating the person's headache. But let's go into deeper levels in that. All right, so we want to find out. Why is the person getting the Let's Let's say, for example, you have a client comes in to see you, and they're suffering from headaches, and you're a massage therapist. Reflexology ist. So you do the treatment you use peppermint essential oil on. You recommend that when they get a headache, but little is to take it back. Why? They get a headache, they run down exhaustion. So then we started thinking, you know, so little business. I think you're inhalation your diffuses. You're all the things we've talked about it. So they conduce things at home. Let's say to getting messages once a week now, so we'll use essential oils because there to stress. So we're coming. Maybe they're not sleeping well, so use blends for insomnia. Andan someone, it's open. Maybe it's irritability to you. Go to the emotional states area off the course way. You can give them a blend off medics for anger or irritability. So we try and calm the system down. Okay, So getting into parasympathetic state. So because if it's stress Okay, yes, we're doing that the massage and that sort of thing. But then we want to give them a blend to take home or at the very minimum, recommend something they can do. Okay, so yes, Pittman, I would, with my number one go to to treat a headache. But then let's treat the core problem and find out by asking your client, you know, and again, if this is for yourself, What when do I get stressed? Is at the end of the day is it because I'm exhausted, so I can maybe I need some uplifting citrusy oils and someone and so forth. So using all the application to you, You that we look for the course. Maybe it's a bath at the end of the day using specific oils, So let's dig deeper into why the person if we can y with persons getting headaches and then treat at the corps level. 5. If I had just one essential oil to treat pain it would be this one: now if there was one central, let's say that you could only buy one essential oil to treat pain. Let's say in your spot, what would you get? I know what I could. I get lavender essential oil one because you can use it neat or very high dilutions because very, very safe. Aziz. We talked about its anti spasmodic. It's an and juicy, and it's a calling anti inflammatory. So it is just such a brilliant oil that you can use with pretty much very little fear of getting an irritation or sensitization. So it is such a great oil plastic order to many users of being calming. So let's just say that if there was one oil, water sense of oil that you said, I'm short on money. I want to get into this essential oils thing, then go out, do so favor and get lavender essential oil and say, It's so good psychologically for emotions and so on and so forth and pain as well. It is just absolutely the best bang for your buck. 6. A 2018 study on knee osteoarthritis pain using lavender: Now it's a big 2000 single, blind controlled trial on 80 prisoners with knee osteoarthritis and what they do that three groups. One group did nothing. The control group, the other group rubbed in 20 minutes, rubbed in a straight almond oil, and the third group rubbed in lavender, essential into the Navy 20 minutes, three times a week for 20 minutes. Now, after one week, the group that was rubbing in the level of oil showed significant improvement in their pain scores, as opposed to the ones in arm indoor and the ones that did nothing. So once you get 11 is being trying to be a fantastic pain reliever, whether it's osteoarthritis or whatever pain so much again 11 that doesn't. 7. A study that increased athletic performance: Now here's something you might want to try. A 2016 study They studied just a small group. 20 participants, 20 athletes who were going to run 1500 meters on this several times. Now what They found that they used a nebulizer with both spearmint and nearly five minutes before they did the 1500 meter run. So what they found was after they usually aromatherapy in the nebulizer. They had fast to run times, and they had better spy Rama tree test Now spiral. Mr. If you don't know it's what they used to test a lung function from, say, a somatic set sort of thing. What you do, you, they pick the nose and then they put a cup like device of your mouth. Get your breathe in, hold your breath, and then exhale as much as you can. They do that several times, so it takes your lung function. So they found when they had the nebulizer with the spearmint and nearly by the light, nearly was more effective than spearmint. They had been a lung function tests and faster times. So if you're gonna go for an event, why not get the nebulizer out and put in some narrowly? And who knows? Maybe you wouldn't that race 8. Bruises: now, when it comes to trading bruises, we need to treat them like would treat any other injury for the 1st 48 to 72 hours. You want to be treating them with the rice regime. Rest ice compression, elevation again. Compression bandage if you can, depending on whether bruises and also elevated above the level of the heart again if you can. So but you don't put any heat on for the 1st 40 X every two hours. After that, you can start doing heat packs and hate compresses, that sort of thing. Now my favorite essential oils Hella Crewson For this, for anti inflammatory on it was speed up the bruising process very, very quickly wound healing and also Cyprus as well. Cyprus is brilliant as well, just like what's with America's veins. So those you could also use lavender geranium on. I've got to meet again in your notes. Now arnica cream has been studied. A lot Article Joanna Cream, Annika Lotion. Heavy, perfect formula normally and so on. It is great if you want to use that as your carrier your base lotion, you carry that sort of thing. Ally Vera would also be very good as well, so you could do this to attend to 20 percent dilution, depending on your skin sensitivity. But so if you make it strong because you're a small area, so remember a teaspoon is around roughly 100 drops, so 10% would be 10 drops of your essential oil again, just depending on your sensitivity with your skin. Okay, so but that doesn't mean my favorite's to use Hello, Gruesome and Cyprus. But lavender is also excellent as well. So have a look at your notes there. That's how you go to treat bruising, and you do that several times a day. Now, this would be great to put your central. Then put your cold compress on after that or bandage it around it and put a cold compress, which you can't contain those essential oils, so more get absorbed into your system. 9. Varicose veins: All right. So let's have a look at treating varicose veins now if this is you, or it might be something that you're treating and if you're inspiring the clinic so the best by far the best essential oil is Cyprus. So Cyprus is a fantastic good Just use. I've got a recipe that uses geranium Cyprus and the lemon in your because I have a great astringent qualities and so we're gonna keep it a dilution that that's quite small around 2%. Because you're using it regularly. We want to make sure they don't have any reactions to it. Talk about the course when you have to do something daily and your repeat, repeat, repeat the acidity. Dosage like dilution, right is important. But also how often you're doing it can also increase your risk of getting irritated as well . So we keep it a 2% dilution or, if you want, you could even bring it back to 1%. Okay, so Cyprus is fantastic. Lemons, astringent properties, fantastic as well. And so it uranium. So now put into a carrier oil, it's 2% in your resource is I think her Khobar is an excellent oil or wax. But you know it's a wax, but it's a lot of people call in oil horrible, so you use that, which is fantastic. If you don't have that any other carrier. Oil, coconut It's fantastic as well. So they've got the central oils have got stringent properties and blood moving property, circulatory properties. So these air really fantastic, and it might take months to do it. Now make sure that when if you're advising someone to do it, because in massage it is contra indicated varicose veins messaging of America's veins. So then what you do is get the person to just or if it's for yourself, just very gently massage, always towards the heart and just very gently. If it's a cars on, work up towards a heart. Gently, gently, gently over the varicose veins. 10. Treating swelling, oedema and cellulite: So let's talk about treating swelling. Treating a Dema, they sort things cellulite as well. We'll have a look at that as well. Now when when you treating someone with said it lived a demon that something you're using? A special took making a message technique called lymphatic drainage. So I imagine the majority people watching that I do not have skills in lymphatic drainage. So what I suggest you do if you're just treating swollen ankles, for example, with this sort of thing then or just a swollen limb, then if you don't know how to do lymphatic drainage, then just make sure and I stress make sure it's very, very light massage strokes, working towards the heart, always always always towards. Because the lymphatic system the capillaries that have the lymphatic system, they have little shut off valves, and so you always want to make them go towards the heart. Okay, so if you're doing swollen ankles, do not work towards the toes at all. Always, every single stroke goes towards the torso towards the heart. Okay, so you could do in that side with this. If you're doing a full body lymphatic treatment, I would drop back to 1 to 2% like we always talked about the massage. If you're doing just say someone ankle with certain swollen limb, then you could increase it. You're saying, like 45% now. You could also give the person oil to take home with the same blend certain oils and gotten your notes. Grapefruit, lemon, geranium, middle, very good. Have a stranger stringent qualities. So these are really good for reducing swelling. And so yes, if you give them called presses compresses they could have. You could make a lotion a lot of things that we talked about before. The same the cellulite. Now you could do the treatment. If you're treating people, do the city like, and you could give them a lotion to take home that they can, you know, put on morning and night, that sort of thing could be in. Oils could be in a lotion, could be in Talavera and make sure they do it daily or twice a day. And and just make sure it's regular. Especially said you like this one of the things you want to do. You know, you might not see any results for a couple of months and so this is what I would do with that. So give them some something to take home and and give them to do it regularly working the cellulite, So the same with the say the swollen ankles, for example. Just you set for example. Then you could also give that person their oil with the oils that you've used to help move the fluid as you work them in the spot and I get to take home and they continue the treatment on themselves. 11. Treating respiratory disorders: respect. Resort is so remember back into the lecture are talking about how in 70% inhalation said 70% of the essentials are absorbed in the bloodstream and go to the bride as well now. So this is fantastic. Counter aroma therapy for treating respiratory disorders. So thank you. Steam inhalation. Thank you. Diffusers. Think inhalers where you get your cotton. But you put it in there and put a cap on. I told you before that you can get these on Amazon. They're blank. You take them off, get a cotton ball that you put your essential oils in. And then you use this as an inhaler. Fantastic way to do it. So, bods, I've got a list of the ways you can use it again. And I'm also gonna list off center oils that are really the best for respiratory tract infections so it can use that. If you want to make room sprays, you might make blends for your inhalers or just one. These are you. You go to ones when it comes to respiratory infections. So the essentials for that so you could say unusual room spray to spray on your your cabinets. And so forth. Obviously, be careful with furniture and pets and so on and so forth when you use using a few rooms, praise, but so that you can go through that and diffused steam inhalation. And so on and so forth Bars, etcetera, etcetera, All things we talked about. And all right, let's get started before we get started Story about that. What I would like to do is just to remind you with because we're gonna be using eucalyptus a lot and peppermint a lot Go back. If you don't remember the dilution rates and went to avoid these essential oils, remember with Children. So, yeah, I just want to give you a reminder again. So go back and have a look at the essential oil safety with Children with dilution rates in regards to Children for six years and under. And you can have a look of that just to remind yourself 12. Sinusitis: Okay, so let's take a look at trading Sinus artists now. There's been a lot of studies done on peppermint. Peppermint is excellent. In fact, did you know that the U. S. Navy used to test their gas masks with Pittman essential oil to see if we get through to the guest mask. So obviously very powerful. Now, peppermint is got lots of mental, which is but you have in your so your baby rubs and that sort of thing you'd expect Rob the inhalers ocean something. Um it was really, really great for this. So peppermint is really you go to oil for sinusitis now, Theo. Other thing where studies have shown is really good ascent oils that are high in 18 senior , which is eucalyptus is a great one. So a combination of Pittman and eucalyptus would be ideal. So let's stop thinking, gets a little inhaler, and you could put the essential oils onto a cotton pad and then put into your hailer Use that you can use steam the steam inhalation in minding, one drop of each, or maybe two drops of each and steam inhalation. Um, diffuses all the talks things on a cotton bud on a tissue. All these things in a bath, you name it Anything to do with inhalation. To get this all the different ways you inhale by a pillow nighttime these sorts of things. So the but the key things this really are peppermint and eucalyptus. A really fantastic at clearing out Sinuses. 13. Asthma: Okay, So let's have a look at Esmor now for the essential oil that's been really studied more than any other is eucalyptus globalists. It's, um, you politic. It's an anti inflammatory, and it's a bronchial dilator, and so it's been very, very effective. So that's a great one you can use now. If you're gonna do steam in relation, it may bring on as protecting some people, so it's best to check with your doctor first. Before you do that, other people have should be fine, but it's better to be safe again now, other oils that you might want to use as well. Kemah. Now there is a sometimes a stress component with asthma. So can a model not only great anti inflammatories, both Roman and Jim, but they're also very calming. Likewise with lavender, a tea tree is also anti inflammatory. So these if you're gonna make a blend their other oils now Scots pine you don't want to use with asthma. It it may bring. The studies have shown that brings on labor labored breathing so you don't use Scott's pilots, and so massage is excellent with asthma and you use the same essential oils that you might use for a computer and that sort of thing at home. And so you use that. But it's also great toe help with muscular tension, fashion restrictions, that sort of thing with asthmatic. So I found in the years of doing besides that, asthmatics really do get a lot of benefit from getting massage aromatherapy massage. Even better, obviously. Okay, so the things you wanna look for with asthma and how to help it's a message taken. Oils, diffusers just became aware of the steam inhalation, that sort of thing, and you could make up a really nice blend. Using expectorant is calming. Or was that sort of thing to help with aspirin? The house. 14. Chronic bronchitis: now, when it comes to treating chronic bronchitis, you want a scented oils at a mu kalinic to break up the mucus and to release that. So it's easier to cough expectorant to cough up mucus and sometimes anti inflammatory to suit. The membranes are inflamed, so oils that are really good for this spike 11 dir eucalyptus and reverence. Ara. So you could use just one of those. Or you could blend them whatever you like. And so again, such start thinking seem him inhalation and someone and so forth. But those three really great essential oils when treating and studies have shown they have been very, very effective. So Spike lender Eucalyptus, Reaven, Sarah. These have the qualities of the essential oils that we need. Teoh treat chronic bronchitis. 15. Hayfever : now, when it comes to pretty happy that we want toe suppress the reaction, the inflammation and the release of histamine. So we wanna have calming oils like lavender tea tree, both camomile Roman and German Kenema. Oh, excellent For these we have expectorant de congestion, Spike lavender, eucalyptus. These ones are really great for treating hay fever. So of course, 11 being common to the system as well. That's really, really fantastic. Take a hell of Scots pines. Another really good expectorant as well. So these are all in your notes again So you could make up a blend Do steam inhalation All the things we talked about on to treat hay fever. I think the inhalers will really be fantastic to use. And you take them with you. Put him in your pocket, your handbag, whatever. And you got them with you. Cotton balls, tissues, etcetera 16. Allergies: now just another mention to keep it easy. Boy, if you suffer from allergies, there are that there are anti allergenic essential oils. Now the four best ones are lavender tea tree and either German or Roman and or German or Roman camomile. So if you're something allergies, I say you have to go to work. You can use a blend of any of these. If you've got all of them, you could use just one. And if you got a little inhaler blanks, keep talking about through by Amazon. Put into a cotton bud. Put about 15 drops in here, and then you could take it to work on or whether you have to go and you can use that so as a lavender, both Kevin Miles Roman German and tea tree and the anti allergenic. So again you could. You could put one or two drops into a steam inhalation. Diffuse it in the house. 5 to 10 drops in the house on or 15 drops into your cotton bad if you don't have this put into a tissue and so on and so forth. But yet those those are really the big 4 11 both camels and tea tree 17. Digestive disorders: Okay, let's have a look at the digestive system and more to the point digestive disorders. Now, if you remember back to when I talk about stress and the fight flight response, which is when you get stressed, then you're sympathetic to parasympathetic and your sympathetic nervous system. The sympathetic nervous system is when us some sort of crisis happens and your sympathetic nervous system goes into action then. But I talked about your increase heart rate, increased respiratory rate, and it basically shuts down your digestive system. Well, it shuts down your Justin movement so, or the energies towards your muscles and your heart rate so you could run or fight on. It could do the digestive digestion like to run. Now the problem is like I talked about people have chronic stress, so they're chronically in this sympathetic nervous system. And so what happens is so many digestive disorders you'd remember. It's stopping digestion or very minimum, slowing it right down. And what happens. People are always constantly stressed. They have digestive disorders because of one of these reasons is for that fact, the sympathetic nervous system. It's pumping, adrenaline pumping cortisol and working Teoh help the body in a stressful state on that affect digestion. So with that in mind, what we want to do is to calm the person system down, as you might remember from the section on stress. So we want to get their body back into Paris sympathetic mode. So they're not in sympathetic motor that calm them down. So common goals so immediately stop thinking lavender, Roman camomile, bitter orange, these sorts of things going to calm their systems down to get back into parasympathetic mode. So I would be thinking all the things we talked about back in the stress section Wiki massage. You could get them to do the things we talked about with the diffusers. With the calming oils, they could use lavender or Roman camomile on their stomach and itself. You could use their remember doing specific conditions with a 4 to 10% dilution, right, so that they could use lender or run Kemah. Whatever your calming oils and I could use it on the digestive system. Start thinking inhalers. Stop thinking, just put it drops on a tissue, anything. So we're gonna start affecting because the nervous system controls the digestive system. So we want to start thinking, How do we calm down? So think message. Think bards, think spritzers. Think all they say room sprays. All these things were calming oils to come, the person system down. Now, if there's pain, you want to use anti spasmodic. Now it just so happens that Roman camomile and lavender both and expressed marks peppermint . Also remember basil smooth muscle spasm so excellent. So this would be another really good one to use in a blend. And, as you say, anywhere from 4 to 10% specific region, I would work their stomach clockwise because you got your ascending colon transfers. Colon Dyson descending colon. So work the mass out in a clockwise direction, especially if they have constipation, this sort of thing. But so just think 1 to 2% for your massage, as we talked about all the way through the course, and then a stronger dilution for home use and that sort of thing. So just think, calming oils, and if there's spasm pain, this sort of thing, then use blend with them and best Monica oils as well 18. Nausea: Now, when it comes to treating nausea, one of the best central oils is lemon essential oil. Now there's actually a study done with over 100 women suffering from 66 pregnant women for 6 to 16 weeks, suffering from morning sickness, and they divide among group up. And so what the heck is a Cotton Bowl? And one group had two drops of essential oil lemon intentional that is into Armando and then put onto the Cotton Bowl. And I would sniff it when they called nauseous. And the other group just had Armando No. 11 intentional, and the group that that had the limited Central was significantly better with the nausea with morning sickness. Then the other group that was just living Amador, which showed no difference at all. So once again, limb is absolutely bring for Nordea. I've talked about another courses for for hangovers and that sort of thing. So I think if you think nausea, use your inhalers, diffuse it room spray, spritzes, whatever and but you think nausea, lemon essential oil 19. I.B.S. (irritable bowel syndrome): So let's look at irritable bowel syndrome. It's known as I B s effects after 20% of people in the United States. Now what happens is you get lower abdominal pain and spasms, and people could alternate between getting constipation and diarrhea. Now it's main. Trigger is stress on their also food triggers as well. But the main culprit, if you like, is straight. So just what I talked about in digestive disorders. The previous lecture then used those same oils for this person. So again, just calming this system down as much again that their nervous system, so calming oils by recommend bods making cream and lotion to jail for 10% dilution, right to rub on their stomach Love Lower abdominal region if they've got more problems with spasm, then argues more anti spasmodic, essential oils. But again, just think calming down, coming down their system de future by their beds. Rooms brace because all the things we talked about but most definitely make up a 4 to 10% dilution that they could rub on the lower abdomen at home. Use 20. Constipation: all right. So when it comes to her, look at constipation. Constipation has There could be lots of different reasons. That person's constipated. It could be poor diet, not getting enough exercise. It could be illnesses, dehydration or stress. So you really need to trying to try to find out what are the core reasons, but behind why the person's getting constipated. So it might be that stress is a major factor. So then you use more common goals. I've got a list of what it traditionally cost a central able to use for constipation on the abdominal region. So things like ginger, peppermint, basil once again, bitter orange, these sorts of things essential oils really helpful with constipation. Again, you want to work in a clockwise direction, Okay, because Bamaca's go through here the religion test time. So you wanted. So you don't want to go this way? What? We're trying to help the movement through the larger test time for the through their ascending colon transfers. Colon descended color. So work in that way. So once again, if it's stress, think of things to de stress them once again, 11 would be fantastic. All the things I've talked about before again, I would talk about using specific oil gel lotion, whatever with the essential oils and a 4 to 10% dilution so that they could do that on their abdominal region. You a couple of times today, say, morning and night, that sort of thing to help with them. If there's more pain involved, it start thinking more pain. Relieving any spasmodic type of oils were more anti inflammatory oils. So once again, we're sort of we're gonna look a constipation and look at the specific course. If you confined them better, can you? I would be recommended to the client diet. A high fiber staying off junk food, plenty of border, you know, Try to de stress if that's a problem, you know, but it's recommending yoga Weekly massage. You know, there's all sorts of things that we talked about before, but just remember, if you get it going to give them the massage 1 to 2% and then hire dilution rate up to 10% for their at home lotion or oil or whatever you give them 21. Weight loss: So let's talk a sent orders for weight loss. Now the most famous essential oil is grapefruit for food cravings, but and you could use it in an inhaler, a tissue and that sort of thing. Diffuse it. Generous Britcher whatever you want to do. But definitely I would inhale it to go affect your hormones, your limbic system, the brain, etcetera, etcetera. OK, but it I don't see it as simple as that, because people have generally overweight. That might be so okay. He's what I would do if the person would. Let's say you, because you just don't have the energy and then I would go over things. Grapefruit would be great, but always stimulating oil. So any of your Citrus oils, your peppermints, you rosemary, eucalyptus, basil, they don't. Your you're just not energized then, and that's why you wait. Then I would use energizing now other people because they're stressed. So then maybe lavenders Better for you, Lang Lang or the Roman camomile always types of a calming oil, so decrease your stress of certain people. There, I went because they eat when they get stressed. Um, now, other people, maybe it's hormone imbalances. These sorts of things. So maybe something like geranium would be better for you or again 11 to these sorts of things and people because they're depressed. Then I would look at Bergamo also against Citrus oils, these sorts of things. So it's not just his 80. You'll see it all over the Internet. You know, great group is great for food crags. I would certainly try it. I would certainly use it to defuse it. But I would also think more along the lines of why do I eat? Or if you're treating someone you know, What is it? What do you eating in the bad food habits now? Obviously, there essentially are not a miracle. Cure is such that you can't just keep eating doughnuts and not exercise, Obviously a good diet. But these things especially, I think, a cotton bad tissue and inhaler and use that a site with your essential oil when you're feeling hungry to help with the cravings. So that's that's in a nutshell. What I would look for, the factors that that person is eating, whether it's stressed with depression, where it's not enough energy, and then use the oils accordingly to help specifically with why they think like they do 22. Female reproductive disorders Dysmenorrhea: Now let's take a look at Dis Maria or painful periods. Menstrual cramps. Now one of the problems with this man, Arria, is stress affects the menstrual cycle. So one of the things we want toe work on when we're using essential oils is to help decrease the stress. Because the sympathetic member all from the sympathetic nervous system, Well, this is regulated by the hypothalamus in the maturity glands endocrine system. Now remember odors and go up to the olfactory bulb and then go to their limbic system and affect the hypothalamus and amygdala and so on and so forth, which the hypothalamus then is in control of the pituitary gland and someone and so forth through the endocrine system. So this whole has a direct effect on the menstrual cycle. So what we want to do is you to central oils that a many dogs, now a medical, remember, promote menstrual flow and also anti spasmodic and calming oils. So Lambda is once again a really good one to use. Peppermint is also energy sick. Sort of really good one to use as well. I've got a list there, Geranium rose. There are several ways that you can use it. A really terrific battle, of course, is a spasmodic. So what you want to do is use a 4 to 10% dilution, right and message in the lower abdomen and also used inhalation as well through diffuses, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Now you might want to put a warm pack a heat pack. I have to put the essential oils in and use that as well. And if that feels more comforting and so yet, these are the ones who want to use many jokes and spend money, energetic properties. And I say on calming as well. And so you'd you'd rub that on? Is that 4 to 10% dilution, right? And a heat pack if you want, and also used inhalation as well to have a direct effect of the brain to help get the body back into a parasympathetic nervous system. If you're if it's a stress problem, stress. So you're affecting it topically, and I'll throw also through inhalation as well 23. PMS: now, when it comes to trading premenstrual syndrome PMS it's known, then what we're gonna do is treat what balance the hormones first and foremost. Now, really, the best one for this is geranium. It's consider an Exxon essential oil for homeland bouncing, so the woman would do geranium throughout the month. Okay, and that really, really good Studies have shown that this will bounce in homers and really help with PMS. So whether that's in inhaler, whether that's just using it through with their weekly massage defusing a spritzer, what have you? But I would recommend uranium and sort of the go to to balance four months said. It's been really good results by using that now the other thing is, Pippa's has both psychological symptoms and also physical symptoms. Such a physical symptoms, such as breast tenderness that might be acne, my migrants, breast tenderness, water attention and psychological symptoms that might be in some near there might be moodiness, mood swings, irritability, depression and so on and so forth. So you want to one balance of hormones and to treat the person symptomatically so a say, if they've got irritability, mood swings it that's the problem. I've got the oils listed for you, which I consider to be all excellent for this. I've also got oils such as a great fruit fruit which is great for water attention and also food cravings as well. Great food is really good for food cravings. So again you might want to do this. We find out if you're treating someone than in the same message Spires, that sort of thing. Find out what? How they're affected with the PMS and then treat symptomatically with this a massage. And this is another good one to treat the person. There's so on the massage table with the specific essential oils you know, symptomatically. And then they take those oils and defuse him at home or in a spritzer at home and so on and so forth. So remember that that off factory brain hormonal connection. So I think it's a really great one for you two to recommend the person use that same sex instead of oils that you've used the friend that you used. And then they take them home on whether they're using them topically or defusing a sailor spritzer. That sort of thing to try to help regulate their hormones as well as I don't forget geraniums is excellent balancing hormones 24. Menopause: Now, when we come for treating menopause, we're gonna be treating again hormonal leave to bounce hormones and also the specific symptoms symptomatically. Whether it's expert excessive perspiration, hot flashes with headaches, mood swings so on and so forth. So okay, so again good. Very good. Homeland bouncing. Essential oils are carry sage, geranium, lavender narrowly rose. These great. So you can use these to treat the person whether it's gonna be in a massage. And we've been through this many times. But whether it's a message with the future of General, you know, going through that enough now, Thea other thing. Okay, so hot flashes you want to be using a great way to do this is get us make a spritzer. Keep it in the fridge if this is for yourself, or get the person to keep in the fridge and use cooling oils. So things like a zoo lender Roman camomile again. They're all in your notes, but you can you make up a scripture of them on every table. It's called on the bridge. It's even better we'll make a little, little one that you could take in your handbag, that sort of thing. But if there's a problem is excess perspiration than what you can also do is add some of the orders that have more astringent properties like juniper and grapefruit lemon Not all of them, but any of those. And so you can add that to your spritzer as well. And of course, you could do these and cool bars and that sort of thing. So yet again, symptomatically the person has mood swings, irritability, that sort of thing. Then again, look at the shoot that you have emotional states. Or look back in the PMS lecture before this, where you see the it draws for irritability, that sort of thing, or poor energy and so on and so forth. So again, symptomatically What is that? If you were treating someone in this bar, for example, that woman came in and said, I'm I met a boy or I got this is find out what the main complaints are. You ask you, how does this affect you? How would you like to be helped by this on Ben based your oils on that? So the main complaint is the hot flashes. Then you make your blend with the cooling oils visit are just you keep breaking out in sweat, then add symbolize as well or no, it's it's because I just headaches or intelligent open so again, symptomatically and again said you before the hormonal balancing Clary Sage is a great way to get them toe, diffuse it in their homes, geranium again as well. And eso using that was a room spray and so on and so forth. So we're treating the hormonal aspect. But most definitely inhalation is excellent at the home and getting messages from you. Then use those oils, used it more hormone balancing oils for the massage and then symptomatically through inhalation with little inhaler with spritzer, that sort of thing. 25. Skin disorders: So let's have a look at skin problems now. This is a big subject we got because the skin is the largest organ in the body. Otherwise, notice in tech a mentoring system. And, of course, it could be damaged by burns. Dehydration. Stress can affect the skin cuts. Wood scrapes, all this sort of thing. So the skin has several layers. The outermost layer is what's known as the MP Durmus, and this has your character and your Millman melon protection from UV rays from the sun on . Then, from the epidemic, you go down into the Durmus now in this area. This is where you use a basis. Glances swept, glad to hear follicles, and it's also consists off elastin. A lesson is think elastic and collagen now. So the united collagen stretched backwards and forwards or your apart and contract. And so if they get damaged, this is where you get your stretch bucks because it actually breaks the bar, the bonds of the elastin and collagen fibers. So then believe that you get your adipose tissue, think fat and other sort of connective tissues now, so let's have a look out some of the conditions that we can treat and generally very successfully with aromatherapy 26. Essential oils for skin complaints: so in your resource is in this lecture what I've done. I've just put this really easy and simple selection of essential oils. Percent already skin. Just something that you can download on. Have easy access to it. But let's say you want to make oil for your face and you want to put some essential oils. And so, which is the best. Which of the best? Now, obviously it's not. You put in dozens dozens, but like I tried to do throughout the whole course, let's keep it simple and give you what I consider to be a really excellent for certain conditions. So I've got ones that I recommend for normal skin, oily skin, dry skin, inflamed sensitive skin and so on. A surf off anti aging so you can't just look. I want to make myself an anti aging cream, so you get yourself a neutral cream or get evening. Primrose oil is gonna make a oil that sort of thing, and then you want to add your essential oil starts. And let's say you want to make on anti aging wrinkle cream if you like, or oil so you get you cream or oil. Now, remember with facial cosmetic products, you're going to use anywhere between 0.25 to about 1.5% dilution. What does that mean? That means if you've got one ounce, which is 30 mills, which is two tablespoons and then to make 0.25 especially got sensitive skin that it's just two drops. OK, so if you're doing anti aging, let's say you're going to use frankincense and you put just two drops to give you a 0.25 Test it out, and then you got now 1.1 point 5% would be around about 12 drops. OK, but again, stick on the side of her on the side of caution. Stick with a low dilution rate. Make sure there's no irritation, that sort of thing, especially with your face. And so there you go. So so you should whatever. Carrier oils Khobar Evening primrose. Whatever carry oils you prefer, and then you can have a look through the essential oils, which best suit you to make your own cream or will 27. Dermatitis/Eczema: Let's take a look. Trading dermatitis now deputize, literally means inflammation of the skin. Dermott skin itis information off. And there are really three major types of DeMott Titus Sabara a topic and contact dermatitis. Now these are characterized by a red, flaky, itchy skin. So we're going to be using essential oils, which are anti Prue critic, meaning removing the itchiness. So you're gonna make a blend depending on the person. How itchy isn't how irritated it is. So you gonna take that into account? So also, we're going to use anti inflammatory to decrease inflammation. Now, we're going to use only cooling anti inflammatory essential oils, not the warming months. Because if a detective to a Chinese medicine point of view where this and read red area, they will see that red hate. We need to call it down. So where warming centralized? We're good for arthritis, which is worse in cold weather. Would put the warmth in to relieve you, because it that the Penis is worse in cold weather. So you add hate so warming essential oils here, we're going to just called it. We're gonna cool and calm things down so again and cooling anti inflammatory central oils. You could do this now. I would do this in a 1 to 2% or less, especially when you're first looking the person, because with these skin conditions, we don't want toe upset. Um, way there might be some reactions with it, so just stay at 1 to 2% and then you can always increase it gently as you go up. So again, I would make something for the person for home might wanna do a spritzer or motion Talavera would be fantastic to be using. Talavera is very calming for the skin, so Allah very job with essential oils would be a fantastic way to treat this and also with essential oils. I would a big problem with Carrillo's a really nourishing because generally these conditions will have dry skin. So something now coconut oil. I've found to be fantastic Hobart oil balances to see bem, fantastic oil as well. So these are two carriers. A. Picot. These are the ones that really nourishing would be fantastic as your basis your carrier oil . But again, justices, I just keep those those dilutions to sort of one or 2% to start with and see how you get on on, then you might just gently bring them up and say, With a single dishes like this and psoriasis, you just have to be a little more careful with skin reactions. 28. Studies on sandalwood for eczema: so I want to mention a couple of studies have been done treating both X men and psoriasis, and the studies were very successful studies using with expert with dating 18 Children, and they also a bunch of surprises with women. And both studies showed incredible improvement with using sandalwood. So using sandalwood oil at a 2% dilution. I think that was with or less that was for the Children. But they had fabulous results. Nine of the Children were completely clear after 60 days up there, X MMA and also the strikers were greatly improved. So just remember what it comes to skin conditions, expert and so Roces that sandalwood has had a really good clinical charge of successful clinical trials when it comes to treating them. 29. Psoriasis: when we're treating psoriasis. Psoriasis is really tends to be hard to treat, but I have seen really good results in my spire. And so what you want to do psoriasis, a set that I was treating. It was a very stressful job being a chef just up in new restaurant, and it's arises. Fled up to cerise is tested. Flare up with a stressful, stressful lifestyle. Stressful incidents. So you want affected that in when it comes to treating a person. So again? So you look at the again. I would keep it 1 to 2% or less to keep the dollars and just very low dilution. And again, if you want. Oh, bring it up. You can now you're depending on the person, of course. So you are a factor in again how it's used it so anti politic. How red and inflamed visit and just work your central plains with your carriers. And I've got the list of carrier oils in there on Ally Vera and all that sort things even use. You could also do spritzes for the person to spritz them on you and again, think of calming. Think of soothing, essential. So I think bards with lavender and your essential oils that are coming for the person and all these sorts of things on a factory in So against this do you want to really think about ? Okay, we decrease the person stress levels. So whether that's diffuser blends for coming, what have you bars and so on and so forth? Also, the person have a bath with a nice blend that was relieved, the itching on decreases the inflammation and that sort of thing. But all of what it really sets a. And this is just think when you're treating the person topically, keep it 1 to 2% and balance out your how it is that sort of thing and then also factory strewed decreasing stress levels. So maybe recommend your massagers and all the things we talked about when decreasing stress so that you are balancing you know, their skin problem with their stress levels. And so you're trying you help both At the same time, the stress will increase. Generally, a person a Texas arises 30. Using tea tree for acne: now I wanted to talk about had a treat acne using teacher on one of the double blind, placebo controlled studies that was done. And now, if you want to learn more about training specific conditions, I have a ramp there because on treating specific conditions. But I just want one of my students from this course asked me about treating acne, and so I just wantedto talk to you about now the best. Get going into my mother course, but the best carrier to one absorbs essential oils in your skin. The best. It's an ally, very jail or Jill rather than, say, a cream okay or oil that is the best way of absorbing in through your skin. Now, tea tree oil is by phone about the best one for acne. Now that just a study with at 30 60 women in total 30 and each group went up the Cibo group , meaning they weren't getting since I was just getting the jail without tea tree oil and the others were getting tea tree oil. They did twice a day, rubbing on their face with a 5% dilution off trail in the jail, so half the group had 5%. Now, if you use less than 5% remember, 5% would be about 5 to 7 drops in a teaspoonful of Jill. So right 5 to 7 drops of tea tree oil into a teaspoon of gel, which is by mills. Okay, so they so have the group used to 5% dilution. Less than 5% have done studies where they used to 23% and there is no effect at all. So if you want, have 5% or more to treat. But any of this study was using 5% tea tree oil into a Talavera jail. Half the group had that. The other half had just the jail. Now the group that had the teacher oil putting it on. Both groups were doing twice a day for 45 days. After 45 days, there was a 43% improvement of the group using the tea tree oil and perceive a group just using the elevator. I used to say perceiving, but they're actually using an elevator Joe, which is healthy in its own right. They had a 10% improvement, So temperature improvement just is your lover Jill and then 43% improvement. Using Talavera Jill with teacher go. So 5% remember 5 to 7 drops into a teaspoon of jail twice a day and that study was done for 45 days. So really effective tea tree oil when it comes to treating acne. 31. Hair loss and scalp issues: So let's take a look at treating scalp problems. Hair loss, thinning of here. Now. Yes, I understand it's a little too little, too late for May. But, hey, you know, So we're gonna look out essential oils that you can use on scout problems. Itchy scalp graying here. And I've got all these in your resource is, and you can choose the essential that you want to use. And they're good. Come on. Minds like to see the wood, lavender, rosemary, peppermint, someone and so forth so you can have a look at them and see which ones apply to you. A lot of them crossover is quite a cruise central. They're really good for, say, dandruff. Others they're really good for hair growth on. A lot of studies have been done with certain essential oil, so there's a lot of studies backed up and show how powerful they are and helping hair loss and so on and so forth so you could put them, dilute them and put them into a carrier oil and then, rather, into your scalp, live 15 minutes and then watch them out. Or what I would do. I would put them into my shampoo bottle at the drops. And remember, with product like shampoos and soaps and so forth that if your essential oils it's gonna be between a 1 to 4% delusion, I suggest that you started a 1% delusion. See how you get on and you might wanna take up eso 1% dilution 100 mils of shampoo would be 30 drops off your essential oil. Now you might want toe take the shampoo out of it, measured out 200 mils and put in a separate bottle if you wanted to maybe do it three times a week. The studies that were done showed people doing for six months, So okay, I would keep the dilution low and see how you get up to three times a week, for example, using your specific shampoo with the essential oils. And then, if you want to, you had no irritation that something Maybe, you know, do it every day or every second day or something like that. You know, from now you know what you have to do. Okay. So I wouldn't just go straight 4% and then go do it every single day. That would just be putting something too high risk. So anyway, have a look at the resource notes and you start using beautiful, essential oils for your hair and scalp. 32. Burns: All right, So let's talk about treating burns now. Very obviously, I'm not talking about magic. Third degree burns, that sort of thing. You need hospital care for something like that, but you burn your hand on a stove or hot part of something like that, for example. Okay, so the first thing you have to do is put it under cold water for least five minutes. Okay? So cold running water, you need to remove the heat from the burn. Okay, so there is the first thing you do. OK, then I've got a burn recipe. If you just say you didn't touch a hot pot or something and you burn your finger, then I've got thistle. Great recipe, even use. And we're using to teaspoonful off alive era, Joe. Various. Fantastic for treating burns. And then you got to use 15 drops. Now this a 10% solution. Eso So if you want to make a dilution, less or more Atmore drops. But 15 drops of lavender oil, 15 off head, a crease. Um, and five of Roman Kemah. Now, if you didn't have all those, then you could just do only lavender and so on. And so forth. But the combination of history is really Pair falls have got him. Use those like that. This has 10% dilution. So if you want to make it 5% to be sure or even take up 20% for a small area, then you could do that as well. Okay, Now, the other thing you do is if you get sunburned again, you want to take the heat out, So think cold bar, Think cold shower. Now, if you had a cold bath, you could get a tablespoon carry oil, or so which air poop adding some lambda and then put it into your bath like that by almost cool bar. The other thing you do get 100 mill bottle and put in some drops. A 30 drops would give you a 1% solution. Dilution to 100 mils of water. Just make sure you shake it up before you use it to disperses Central's throughout it. And so you just put it in the fridge. All of these you can put in the bridge that both the recipes make them nice and cool, which have added benefit as well. The other thing, you could do is just simply go get 11 harder soul and then put it on top of Put a your pump spray thing on top of the heart itself. And then you can use the 11 too hard, particularly for small Children, that sort of thing. 11 to hiders. I'll be absolutely fantastic. So there you go. One of the first recipe you have gotten the resource is is for small burns, and then I think a using a spray bottle, put it in the fridge. Large areas like somebody down the page, put it in the fridge and that extra cooling, if they would be fantastic. 33. Athletes foot: Okay, So what? We look treating athletes Foot, which is called tenia Pittis. And that's that. You know, that itchy, smelly fungal infection you get between your toes if you haven't dry them properly and that sort of thing, So okay, give me a few different options here. Now, the best oil really is your tea tree oil. It's really a fantastic anti fungal. We don't have that. You could use lavender again, but if you get a tea tree oil really is the bee's knees. Anti fungal now. So what you gonna do? We use a 20% dilution. Teoh, get coconut oil. Now if you don't have coconut oil, you know, use any sort of carry oil. But coconut oil is anti fungal. So, you know, get more mawr just makes sense. If you got coconut oil using anti fungal carrier oil, a teaspoon of coconut oil and then you are gonna make a 20% dilution Now again, if you got sensitive skin to bring it back to your lesson that remember a teaspoon is equivalent to 100 drops more or less, so 20 drops would be a 20% solution. So teaspoon, which is five mills and 20 drops of tea tree oil, and then you put them under a cotton bud and rub them between your toes. All right. Now, another thing in do is make a foot spray. So what you would do get 60 mills off vodka? Any cheap old vodka is not cheap old vodka, but do you use cheap old vodka? I just got this for demonstration purposes. I would not be using this vodka in a spray, but that's anyone go anyway. So 60 mills, which is quarter for cup, which is two ounces. So put that into a spray bottle, and then you can add your tea tree oil. So I recommend you use about 30 drops of tea tree oil, so vodka, tea tree oil and then spread it on your feet a couple times today as well. Thea Other thing you could do is do the same dilution with your coconut oil. 20 drops to a teaspoonful if you got a foot bath and put that in for a foot bath as well. Okay, so there's a few different remedies you could do the foot spray and maybe the debit on as well. Dual three. Just be careful again, sensitivity on irritation. But tea tree oil is a fantastic way. Do it twice a day to help clear up any foot fungal problems such as 10 year Paris, also known as athletes Foot. 34. Scars: So when it comes to treating scars there, obviously two different types of scars, recent scars and also mature guys. So I want to go through had a treat, but you tricked both quite differently. Now new scars have got obviously new cells forming regenerating, So we're going to use secret recent essential oils. The wound healing wants to help with the word dealing so but the thing is a problem with new scars is very sensitive. New skin there. So you want to keep your You can easily get the military, so you want to keep the dilutions really low, like I'm talking below 1%. I think even better than that would to get to be safe. It would be to use something like a rose or 11 hydro soul, especially in the early stage, because then it's a much weaker dilution, but you so you don't upset the area. So I think lavender and rose or rose hydro souls would be fed tested. Way to go to start trading new new scars. Now, if there is no irritation, you want to do it. There was the carrier oil. A choice I would use is Rose hip. There were studies done in South America. Scientist. She what she did get hundreds of people with scars that you have from facial scars, acne, scars, birds and little thing that's treated hundreds of people with just rose. Oh, no, Rosie Boil. A big part, not rose oil rose. It boil without any essential oils. This was just the rose it oil, and she found that four months and that they found that the results are absolutely incredible. Even 20 year old scours had marked differences. So whether you're treating the cute scars or your once, it could be 20 years old. Rosie presented oil, so to be fantastic, for treating scars and help regenerating tissue. And in your notes you've got the different secretary since, like Rose, essential oil gym and camomile frankincense, and so on and so forth. It's all there in your notes. 35. Wrinkles/anti-aging: so frankincense is very popular in anti aging. It's very well known as I got a great reputation in removing fine lines and wrinkles and age spots and other things like that. But anyway, there's a couple of studies have been done using one side of the face they would have pronounced for 30 days and they used women. And they had, I think, the grip for about 40 and 1 50 in another. And they would moisturizer face heart face with the carrier oil. One study used her, Khobar. The other study used Evening Primrose now so that half half the face was her Khobar and the other half face was her harbor with a 4% frankincense dilution. And they do this continually for remember you doing? You don't essential oils around your eyes. You will be very, very careful the other side and get the same thing with evening primrose. And then they actually had Estee Lauder technician come in to skin specialist to give a objective observation as well. And they found that the women in both groups thought that they had a much better results with the carrier oil with the frankincense in it. So that was a 4% dilution. Now, I would suggest if you want to do this being your face, I would bring it way back to be jaw 1% or less of always talked about through the course, especially on your face. You don't wanna have any reactions, so go right back into your your delusions. Bring it back and then you can always slightly increase it. So there you go. They found that they had marked differences on either side of the face. 36. Make your own anti-aging serum: So with that in mind, let's make an anti aging serum so you could know geraniums also good there. There are many essential oils that are good for anti aging. But let's let's just I want to make a blend with uranium and frankincense to make a 1% I just want to do this is a reminder. So you carry oil. It could be road ship. It could be her. Khobar. Evening, Promodes. Whatever you your favorite carry oil is, and then you just added nine drops total, which would give you 1% going to use 1%. So let's say 55 drops, frankincense and Ford uranium. Okay, so easy to make your own beautiful anti aging serum. 37. Stretch marks oil: Okay, So what we do is teach you how to use straight had a making oil. I beg your pardon to use for stretch marks. Now, you remember when the college of breaks down in your dermal layer of the skin is we talked about way back in the course. This is what happens and you get stretch marks. So you start to think about this in the third trimester I mentioned, and you could rub this on daily. So my favorite carrier oil, we're gonna use one else. Carry on 10. You re sources. Khobar is great, Rose. It's great. We don't have them. You can go use any care or you like, but there does. To my two favorite. You asked me, what carrier or Khobar, which is actually not an oil. It's wax just technically speaking. And we're going to use essentials we're gonna use Elise have fantastic properties for stretch marks. Jasmine, nearly hella gruesome frankincense and geranium. They all are fantastic for stretch marks. So in you know what you've got that all you do, you combine them and then you rub them on your least once a day and maybe later in your pregnancy to use it a couple times daily, morning and night, that sort of thing. So really easy, really effective and avoid getting stretched box. 38. Hand sanitizer spray: All right. I'm gonna show you how to make a hand sanitizer spray four ingredients dead. Easy now. I've got a spray bottle here. This is This is too big. You want to get a small spray bottle that you can use that you can put in your handbag? Put in the car, that sort of thing. So you've always got a handy. So all we need is two ounces off which 60 60 mills off. Witch Hazel, Put that into your spray motto. And then you get two teaspoons for off your favorite carry oil, whatever you like. Any sort Carol, that'll help moisturize your hands and then all you do once you've got those and you add your central oils, 16 drops of tea, tree oil and eight drops of sweet orange. It smells amazing. Really effective. We use it all the time. Did you leave it in? You know, in your bag, that sort of thing and use it as they get one of those little spray models. I just don't have one on hand. But one of those small spray bars you could just squirt like that Be way better than this. This is way too big. But a little squirt bottle that's got the little pump spray on top and you'd be absolutely golden 39. Congratulations! you have completed the course: And there we have it. That is the course. I sincerely hope you enjoyed my course. A little bit of fireworks going on there. So you have completed the course Now again, I sincerely thank you for watching my course to completion, If you haven't already, I would love it if you would write a review for my course. It's important. As an instructor, we get reviews again. Thank you so much. And I hope that you enjoyed my course.