Aromatherapy-How to treat health conditions with essential oils (part 1) | Mark Perren-Jones | Skillshare

Aromatherapy-How to treat health conditions with essential oils (part 1)

Mark Perren-Jones, Best-Selling Instructor, 100K Students

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53 Lessons (2h 11m)
    • 1. Aromatherapy-How to treat health conditions with essential oils

    • 2. Welcome to my course

    • 3. 2. Before we start

    • 4. What is aromatherapy?

    • 5. Where do plants have essential oils?

    • 6. Why does the cost of essential oils vary so much?

    • 7. What to look for when buying essential oils

    • 8. How essential oils can be adulterated

    • 9. I just bought some adulterated essential oils

    • 10. Storing your essential oils

    • 11. Best carrier oils for skin condition and small areas

    • 12. What are think are the best carrier oils for massage

    • 13. Dilution rates

    • 14. What on earth do these words mean?

    • 15. If I only had lavender oil, what can I do with it?

    • 16. A quick word about using lavender oil neat

    • 17. Treating bites and stings with lavender

    • 18. Lots of great ways to use lavender in your daily life

    • 19. How does aromatherapy affect our minds and bodies?

    • 20. What is the quickest base to get the oils absorbed into our bloodstreams?

    • 21. How to increase your absorption rate even more

    • 22. The garlic test

    • 23. What you will learn in this section

    • 24. The steam and water distillation process

    • 25. Cold expression

    • 26. Solvent extraction

    • 27. Carbon dioxide extraction

    • 28. Enfleurage

    • 29. Summary

    • 30. Using essential oils safely is paramount

    • 31. Some good news for people with high blood pressure

    • 32. A word about citrus oils and phototoxicity

    • 33. Oils that must be avoided in pregnancy

    • 34. What you should not do

    • 35. Introduction to this section

    • 36. A word about aromatherapy baths

    • 37. Warm and cold compresses

    • 38. Roller balls

    • 39. Bath and body products

    • 40. Small topical creams, oils and lotions

    • 41. Foot baths

    • 42. Steam inhalation

    • 43. Diffusers/inhalation

    • 44. Full body massage

    • 45. Room sprays

    • 46. Summary

    • 47. What we are going to go through from now on

    • 48. Let’s look at stress

    • 49. A handy list of essential oils for emotional states

    • 50. Stress and insomnia-which oils to use

    • 51. What some studies say about helping anxiety and depression

    • 52. Let’s use this knowledge practically

    • 53. Congratulations! Now you are ready for part 2!


About This Class

Aromatherapy- Treating Clinical Conditions

After completing this aromatherapy course, you will feel confident in applying aromatherapy essential oils using the most effective methods so that the aromatherapy essential oils will be absorbed into the bloodstream in the quickest manner possible to get optimal results!
In this aromatherapy course you will learn how to use aromatherapy essential oils to treat yourself or others therapeutically, both simply and effectively.
Please note that in this aromatherapy course, I will not be focused on making aromatherapy products with essential oils like lip balms and deodorants etc.
This aromatherapy course is focused on using essential oils in their purest and most therapeutic methods as aromatherapy was originally intended to get the best clinical results for yourself, your family or your clients that you are treating.
What that means is that we will be focused on using pure aromatherapy essential oils topically or inhaled with the correct dilution rates so that you will see their immense healing benefits!
You will finish this aromatherapy course and know not only which are some of the best aromatherapy essential oils to use for each condition (based on many essential oil studies) but also which are the best methods to apply them!


1. Aromatherapy-How to treat health conditions with essential oils: Hi, I'm Mark Barron Jones. And welcome to my aromatherapy course. In this course, I am going to teach you one of the most effective methods to treat people therapeutically. Whether that's a skin problem, digestive disorders, respiratory tract infections or whatever, I am going to teach you all of these different disorders, these conditions and the best ways through sides back research on how to treat this. So you're going to run all the different ways to apply aromatherapy. And then when you get specific conditions, what are the best methods from most applications to help the person the quickest. Now, I'm also gonna show you which of the best carriers when you don't do your delusions. Which side of shown actually brings the let's centralize into the blood stream quicker than others? And I'm also gonna show you how you could make the absorption into the bloodstream three times quicker topically than if you didn't do this technique. So you're going to find out how to use a sense in the most effective way to get the best results for with both yourself, your family and your clients. At the start of the course, you'll learn the basics extraction methods of the different ways that do that basic safety , which is so important. And then we're going to get into other parts of applying them and using them for a while these different disorders and conditions. So I hope you join my course. 2. Welcome to my course: Hi, I'm Mark Barron Jones. And welcome to my aromatherapy course. In this course, I am going to teach you one of the most effective methods to treat people therapeutically. Whether that's a skin problem, digestive disorders, respiratory tract infections or whatever, I am going to teach you all of these different disorders, these conditions and the best ways through sides back research on how to treat this. So you're going to run all the different ways to apply aromatherapy. And then when you get specific conditions, what are the best methods from most applications to help the person the quickest. Now, I'm also gonna show you which of the best carriers when you don't do your delusions. Which side of shown actually brings the let's centralize into the blood stream quicker than others? And I'm also gonna show you how you could make the absorption into the bloodstream three times quicker topically than if you didn't do this technique. So you're going to find out how to use a sense in the most effective way to get the best results for with both yourself, your family and your clients. At the start of the course, you'll learn the basics extraction methods of the different ways that do that basic safety , which is so important. And then we're going to get into other parts of applying them and using them for a while these different disorders and conditions. So I hope you join my course. 3. 2. Before we start: So you're about to get into the course? I thought it be since an aromatherapy cause. I imagine quite a lot of people here have aromatherapy oils and you probably gonna defuse it. Diffuses basically the most popular way to use aromatherapy oils. Essential oils. So, in your resource is I've got 64 different blends for you to download. So you can Let's say you're a little bit stressed. Well, you can use one of my coming blends or you need a bit of focus, a little bit of concentration because you want to study and remember what you study so you could get a diffuse brain for that. So I've got all of these are de stress that uplifting but funds for code inclusive season. All these blends are in your notes. Is 60 40 blends there about 10 drops to each blend. You can cut that back to 5 to 6 drops if you want to just have them now. The other thing you want to know when it comes to diffusers. The research has shown that between 30 and 40 minutes, 45 minutes roughly is optimum amount of time to defuse them. If you go past that it actually is just wasting essential oils because there's a curve and up to 45 minutes is where the body, because otherwise you just get used to it. The mind gets used to it, so 30 to 45 minutes is enough and switch up your future blowback. Canada. What have you and I also want to say? And this is really important throughout the whole course that you see in your notes you've got There is a sense oils that you should not use when you're pregnant or nursing. Onda also Children there, certain oils that you should not diffuse around Children that they can't inhale and others topical and some are both and that you see in your notes when his Children it is all routes , which means they can't inhale them. And you should not use them topically and got their age groups and so on and so forth. So I want you to throughout the course, check always whether these essential oils you can use around Children or and pregnancy and nursing and cross check every single time to check the or to save. Now, if you do want to use, let's say seven oil that you can use around Children say eucalyptus. For respiratory tract infection, you can use the small inhalers, which is the best way anyway for respiratory tract infection, which you learn lead run eso. You could do that on a tissue cotton bowl just straight from the bottle, that sort of thing to inhale it that way. So that's sort of a work around rather than feuding the whole room. I've got other in your notes, a different ways. You can do it with Children and so yet really important to check. And as I talked about throughout the course, if you are unsure of any medical condition, medications, epilepsy, check with a medical professional if you have any doubts, what so ever toe? Be particularly careful because essentials are fantastic, but they're very potent, and so we need to treat them as such. Okay, let's go 4. What is aromatherapy?: So let's just define what actually is aromatherapy. Well, it's simply to find Aziz. This aromatherapy is using extracts from aromatic plants for the purposes of healing. Now, when we talk about extracts, we talk about essential oils. We talk about absolute when we talk about hydro souls, which I'll go into explain what they are if you don't already know a to moment. So what we're doing is we are extracting it is this extension oils from the plants that they must be aromatic and not all plants are aromatic and so, But there are also other things, like piers and apples and mangoes, which have a lovely aroma. But they don't have the volatile, essential oils that can be extracted. So it's actually very tiny percent that we could get a sense oils from the plant kingdom now, so a central oils are used as a say for the purposes of healing. Now they come from flowers, flower tops. They might be used from the leaves, the bar, the resins, the roots or even the seeds. And the most common way of extracting these again I'll go into this is from steam distillation. But they can also take them from cabin dioxide extraction. They might be solvent extractions that might be maceration emperors and other type of extractions as we get the best way to extract them from the plants. But the most common way is through steam distillation again, which I'll explain later down the course. Now the difference between aromatherapy and herbal ism is her. Boris will take the herbs, and then they will state them into either water, which it called dick options, or infusions and delay them in that. Or they'll put them into alcohol, which is known as a tincture. Now, in aromatherapy, we're extracting that's right through three simple from processes. The essential oils, absolutes and hard results to use that and run therapy works in two ways, which again I will explain in a lot more detail. But for the olfactory system in the limbic system, which means breathing it in because essential was a volatile, which means they evaporate in the air and the molecules into your body. And if it both your body and mind through the sense of smell and also through through the skin, there empty, absorbed into the bloodstream through the skin. Again, I'll explain a lot more about this in more detail. So no, that works in two main ways, through scent aroma and also through the absorption into your body through your skin. 5. Where do plants have essential oils?: now in the plant kingdom, there are around about half a 1,000,000 to a 1,000,000 plant spaces, but only about 3000 of these aromatic that have essential oils that can be extracted. But we actually only use about 300 different essential oils in aromatherapy. And so what is the purpose of these aromatic plants? Why do they have these essential oils? Well, firstly, the sentinels. Most of these, as you'll see they have certain qualities most of antibacterial summer. And, he found, was any viral. And they have lots of other qualities which will go into. And so why did they have essential oils? Well, they helped them. The essential oils help the plot from disease from certain pathogens, microorganisms that can affect them and so it will help them like, for example, the resin in bark. If you cut open like frankincense, and the reason comes out to protect the tree so that doesn't get diseased. Other essential oils will be there to detraction in six or seven animals from eating them and others. Other center oils might be to eight attracts certain insects, so they help pollinate them, so they have different reasons for having different essential oils, and the essential oils are in different parts off the plant, depending on what the purpose of the center oil is. For that particular species, they might come from the flower tops. They might come from just the flowers themselves, like rose and jasmine. They might come from the twigs and the bark Seiken cinnamon, the woods like in sandalwood. They might come from the seeds, the right of the fruits, such as the Citrus class, and some of them like the bitter orange tree that they had three different essential oils. The flowers from the bitter artistry is known as narrowly, and then also from the leave to called petty grain penny grain made from the French word meaning like tiny Granules, which is because of the lives on the forestry. You'll say the little globules of essential oil in the little sex on the lease, and that's why it was called Petty Grand. And then they got bitter orange oil from the rise of the fruit. So three different types of oils extracted from one tree. Now the prices of essential oils very enormously from one essential oil to another. So let's have a look at why essential oils can have some tea with $100 5 mills and others are much, much cheaper. Let's find out why. 6. Why does the cost of essential oils vary so much?: So when you're buying essential oils, you'll notice that to buy essential oils, the prices will be range from a certain price to $200 or anything more. So why are the prices what is a very so much? Well, there's several reasons that might be there. Why they're extracted. It might be with it found the overheads marketing. They might be multi level marketing companies, so they need to have a certain markup, so people go selling product might be certain quality. By the way, when we talk of Central is we're not talking thes cheap $5 chemical fragrant oils you never want to buy Those Aaron are therapeutic properties they just chemically made. So of course we're talking, you know, pure, unadulterated, essential oils. So this is a five mil bottle now the biggest difference. And in your young notes, I've got a pdf file on the different yields. So this is where the major difference is coming in with price. Three years. How much you get. So, for example, with eucalyptus, you need £50 of eucalyptus slaves to produce £1 of essential oil. Now, when it comes to lavender, you need 100 and £50 of 11 to flowers to produce £1 off lavender essential oil. When it comes to sage, you need £500 of sage to make a pound of essential oil. Now, when it comes to Rose, you need £2000 of rose petals to make a pound of rose essential oil. This is why it's so expensive to way make 15 mil bottle off road essential oil. You need over £100 unit around about 250,000 rose pedals. To make that much, it takes 60 rose flowers to make just one drop of rose essential oil. So that is the biggest difference. So okay, let's have a look at when you come to buying essential oils what you really want to look for when you start buying them. 7. What to look for when buying essential oils: Okay. Now, when it comes to buying since oils, if you're really not sure which company to go with a great thing to do is to find an aroma therapist that has bean by essential oils for a long time and find out what supplier they go to on that will give you It's much better. Generally, smaller companies are better. Another are exceptions to the rule, of course. But generally smaller companies better than your rather going to a supermarket or pharmacy and that sort of thing and getting the sort of large, large brand names, it's much better to get smaller places. I said there are exceptions to the rule now when you're buying them. All right, I've got two different essential oils here. Okay, So what you want to look for is first and foremost, we're gonna be in a glass bottle and dark glass, So Okay, both of these past that. Okay. Dark glasses, not plastic. You do not want plastic because the essentials were made into the plastic and so Okay, so you got that. So But them you want to tamper proof lid. Okay. So, no, that is not temperature with this one. Is and you want to have an art Orphans reducer. Now, this one, you can see that this one does. Okay, that is good. This one absolutely does know. So either the problem with this is you know you can't measure out the drops, so Okay, so that fails. This passes now. The other thing you want to have is you see, on the label is the common name. So yes, with 11 to here, this one says eucalyptus. All right, so we know that's what we got there now then you also want to see the boat Technical name. So now when it comes to the botanical name Yes, I've got 11. The first name, generally in capitalized letters is the genus. Okay, the family, the genus off eso like for example, lavender is 11 doula and then of these plants in this genus. So there'll be several different types of species within the genus. For example, if you got 11 doula, there are different types of lavenders, so they won't be on gusta folio, which is what's known as the true lavender. Now there's also 11 intermedia. There's lavender letter Foley unknown. A spike 11. So they these all have different qualities and different costs. So you really want to find out what that is? Now? This Roger says eucalyptus. So I have no over 700 different types of eucalyptus. Now they're not extracted for central oils. But this tells me nothing. About what time of eucalyptus cities. So this one, this one has the botanical name. And so you know what type of lavender? Because, for example, there's 11 din, which is very cheap to make it a hybrid on they can, because it's from the level of family. And this is what you normally get in. Your creams have 11 and that sort of thing. Ship markings actually think they're gonna essential oil. Is it a lot cheaper to produce? Okay, so 11 11 didn't can be used under the name off 11 dir, but it is not. And just a phone Leah, which is, if you're gonna get through Lebanon, which is more expensive. You also want to know the way has been extracted. So is it steam distillation? So because again, these can have different effects, different sense, different qualities, whether they had been extracted in one way or another. So the most common way of extracting is steam distillation. What? The other things you won't find out is have there being tested. Now they test them to test their constituents to make sure they haven't been adulterated on the specific chemical components within the essential oil. Now the most common ways to test of our guest liquid chromatography, which is written generators GC or GOC. You'll see that GOC tester, a juicy tested and mass spectroscopy which is written down his M s I. M s testing generally C g C M s tested. So that is an important factor as well to make sure the oars have been tested. Where were they grown? How would they grow? So have they been conventionally farmed? Ethically found, are they organic? Certified Organic, wild, crafted. So these will also have an effect on your essential oils. What part of the plant does it come from? Now? Does it have the 11 to? For example, the flower topped here. So it says steam distilled and from the flower tops, this one again tells me none of that. All this says is eucalyptus essential oil and the price. It doesn't even tell you the mills. Okay, so That's another thing you want to see. How many middle ages is. Well, the other thing is country of origin. It because if it's 11 death from France, a Bulgaria or wherever else its coming from, they will again be very different. You might also see the chemo type. Now certain plants will change over decades of centuries. And so the team I talked to the chemical compositions. So for exact example, So if you see like time famous for Guardia and it might see T for chemo type now it's gonna tell you your main constituent might be literal, might be something else. So you might see that as well, because they'll be different again when it comes to that. So when you buying them, the If you can't get us on the label, you want to find out from the supply that should be out of give you all this information or another good thing if you can get it, is the expiry date. I think the distillation date. So when was it made? I mean, maybe it's been sitting on the shelves for two years already, so that's good. If you can get that information if you get it from their priceless. You get it from their website. If you get from the person selling to you, these are really important things when it comes to bind them. Now, if they're really cheap, then they're probably going to be a really cheap, poor quality oils. So these things you really want to look for on ask about on. Don't be afraid to ask the supplier about old days things, so you know when you're being, we're going by them that you really informed as to exactly what you're purchasing. 8. How essential oils can be adulterated: So it's so important to get your settlers from a ripped a reputable supplier because you want to have 100% essential oil. Pure, unadulterated, unadulterated, essential oil. So I just wanted Teoh explained it like how? Because, of course, essential oils are very expensive, can be very expensive, and anywhere along the chain from the farm to the time you buy it for the supply by is they could be adulterated along this way because, of course, we want to get more out of the essential oil to be able to sell more or have more to sell. So one of the ways they do it is maybe cut it with a base oil. So I had the essential oil and a base oil to it because, of course, they have more essential oil. One of the ways to tell this is it will be essential. Oils are not oily as such, so if it feels like a message, or you can pretty much bet that it's been cut with the base oil, another thing they do is or may do is use a synthetic fragrant oil to end to the essential oil. Um, now a synthetic pregnant oil. If you have smelled them, they smell chemically and awful. And just think you know your lemon essential oil, as opposed to the lemon chemical oil. You wash your floors, that sort of thing, that they're completely different smells. But that will add this Aziz well. Another way that might do it is cut the oil with a similar smelling, essential oil. For example, they might put Rosewood into the rose essential oil to again stretch out, especially rose being so expensive. Another. Why they might do it is, for example, the bitter orange tree. Three different tires were sent to always come out of the pure orange tree. You've got narrowly essential oil, which comes from the flowers of bitter orange tree. Then you've got pity grain, which comes from the leaves and sometimes the twigs off the bitter orange tree and then from the Ryans. From the fruit, you have the better origins Intro. Three different essential oils from the same tree. This is a little bit of a aside, but anyway, so what they might do isn't nearly big flowers is so much more expensive, and they might add to the petty grain from the leaves similar smelling central oils that they add to once again to make Mawr essential oil and judge charging for nearly essential oil. Another form of adulteration is by using nature identical chemicals to add to the essential oil. Because we now have a technology that they could do this so because what you do within the in testing really high grade essential oils have been still properly over a certain period of time and down without too much heat and so on and so forth, we'll have a certain chemical structure and so that when they do the testing that look at this thing. These percentages are excellent in this essential oil now. So what some distillers might do is rather than do it for the whole process, so everything is extracted like it should be. They do a very quick distilling process, for example, and so it doesn't get a lot of chemical constituents. So then they add synthetic nature identical constituents to build up the percentage. So if it was meant to be 40 to 40 trip and a really high quality 11 the little hesitate, then they'll add synthetically little estate to bring it up, so it looks like a really top quality lavender, which is obviously bad because synthetic nature, identical chemical. And finally, one of the things that you should be aware of is, for example, rose essential oil. 10 meals will probably generally be around about $100 so if you see rose, essential oil at $15 then immediately become suspicious. So they will be generalized pricing structures. But sandalwood on roses, these more expensive ones. So again, be very wary. If it's cheap, then it's not going to pay your high quality because you just cannot do that for the amount of money that it cost to get extract these really high quality essential oils from the more expensive, like, say, for rose and sandalwood. And any for that matter, if Levin has a certain price point generally, and if it's $3 then you go Well, not gonna buy that 9. I just bought some adulterated essential oils: So I just bought some fake essential oils. Well, fake, that being adulterated like we talked about before. Now let me go through a couple of things with this. Won't give the brand away. Well, it doesn't even have a brand on it. That's how bad it is there on the Internet. 64 $20 And they're 11. That a tree, lemon balm, sweet orange and eucalyptus. Another 11. So you know the old saying, if it's too good to be true, it probably is. Well, you're not getting six essential oils, that 10 mil per bottle. So let's just go through a couple of things. I'm gonna show you just a few things that make them, you know, you know that it is not gonna be high quality to drop. First of all, this does not have, um, the botanical nine. This just says Levin does. That's all. Which lavender? Okay, so so that there's this one problem. It says 100% pure essential oil, which it's not, and I'll go through that therapeutic grade. All right, So if it's therapeutic grade, here's the problem with therapeutic grade. There is no therapeutic grade therapeutic grade. It's a marketing ploy that that came back in the nineties, a multi level marketing company. And it was a great idea. Let's call him therapeutic grade and it means nothing now. Another thing. When I bought this on the Internet, they've got FDA written on their on their where I bought it. Essential oils. FDA has got stabbed across next to the oil's. Well, there's one problem there as well. FDA do not regulate essential oils or classes of cosmetic, so they do not regulate them. So they're once again you. You start to think it will ability, but I want to buy him anyway. All right, so then I went to smell this. So I opened up yesterday and I compared the Rama with that with my other pure one. And this is so much stronger and nice it So then And here's a really good test for you to do. Oh, so yeah, no country of origin, no botanical name, no batch, not nothing. There's absolutely zero justice lambda percent pure essential oils. Therapeutic grade. Right now, here's a test you can do If you suspect Oh, so OK, so then I went to feel it now. Essential oils are not. They're not oily like like a sweet harmonies. All right, so if I was to put this lavender here, it's got just the tiniest bit of slip. And if you do it, but it's already hit it, do that. So it's got that little bit of a grip to it. It's not oily like an oil. All right, so this one I put, I look so this year I immediately felt, Oh my God, it's cut with the base oil and it's just slippery. So I already so Okay, so So it's been kept in the basement. Now here's a test you could do and what I did. You get a piece of white paper and what you do, let me just get this done. What you do, you put a drop of your good one, but one that knows fewer. And then I put a drop of this next to it, and I let them dry out my take. You're a few hours for some oils. Now you see that? See that there, That oily patch there that if you've got pure, essential oil apart from a couple like a virtually in sandalwood, which really maybe German camomile that would not leave an oily residue. See that there said that has been cut with a base oil. My other one. You can't see a thing. That's the other. The other lavender was put there. Drops it. So there you go. So I've got six essential oils which of being cut with the base oil toe Live amount. And but yes, I want to do that just to show you that the end of the day is this. If the price is low and they're all the same price, then you can be pretty brilliant. Rest assured that these have been adulterated in some form or another. If it's too good to be true, it probably is. 10. Storing your essential oils: So you've got your oils. Now you need to know how to store them so that I have maximum shelf life. And indeed, how long that self light, because certain oils will last pretty much differently and others will deteriorate very quickly. What noticed? Oxidizing. So you want to store them in a a cool place. So something Think of it like red wine, where you have been a seller, anything that's sort of a cool, constant temperature. You could still them in the fridge. If you do put them in a stay Chris container. So doesn't you know the smells don't leach out into your refrigerator. And so what you were doing, like things like Citrus Citrus oils will deteriorate within around about 9 to 12 months. So you want to change them out, and you could use it for cleaning supplies, that sort of thing. But a Citrus will deteriorate the most quickly, so once they do oxidize. If you're going to use them for massage, for example, or on your skin, then they can irritate the skin a lot more easily, so it is really important to change out. Those were used them up before that 9 to 12 months of Citrus and also the like. The needles like it pines. They also opted. Eyes were about that same time. Now you're woods, your resins on. Do your roots. Those oils will last pretty much indefinitely that last a long time. You're very busy. Julie's you murdered. Frankincense will last a long time, so you have to worry about too much of that. And all the other oils. Your flowers. Herms. It means that sort of thing. 11 does around about food three here, period. So you generally would have used them up anyway. So, but just remember, it's important for your Your ones have needles like pines. Certain mints also have a pretty quick shelf life, so it most definitely Citrus, so you wanna have them in a cool spot because of a fluctuation with temperature, damage them that oxidize a lot more quickly. So cool dark place refrigerator if you want to. Otherwise, just a cool, constant temperature and then you're not like Teoh. Oxidize them quickly, and I'll be so much better for so much longer after you spend a lot of money. Yeah, let's look after them 11. Best carrier oils for skin condition and small areas: So let's take a look at trading certain skin conditions or just certain areas where you're not doing a full body massage and what sort carrier oils you can use for certain conditions . Now my absolute favorite is her Khobar Oil. Now it's actually not annoy oil. It's actually a liquid wax. It looks like an arc feels like an oil. It's actually worked. But Frank say we call it Hobart Oil. That's the way it's not really knows how Hubble waxed. So this is fantastic, actually. Mimics bounces. Seebohm, which is sebum, is the moisturizing part of their skin. Montrose see them now, so people have excess sebum. They have oily skin. Now what it does, it balances it out. So now. So it's fantastic for acne prone skin because the body actually thinks it's produced enough . See bum, and it doesn't produce more. So doesn't come oily. So it's fantastic for that. It never goes off, does not go rancid, has anti inflammatory problems. Properties of Big pun and the native Indians. They actually used this for centuries to treat dig cuts, their bruises, their wounds that scrapes and so on and so forth. So her hope is really fantastic for things like psoriasis, But it's great not only for audience skin. It's great for all skin types of dry skin, cracked skin and so on and so forth, so irritated, skin sensitive skin. Khobar really does it all. So that 2 May I really put that number one when you're treating they small conditions? So that brings us to Rose Hips Etoile. Now this is really when it comes to scars, you'll go to your go to carry oil later. In the course when we talk about trading scars, talk about studies that were done and they just had amazing effects with scars, Stretch marks, these sorts of things and even wrinkles as well. Fine lines and wrinkles. Rose Hip is absolutely bruhth. But when it comes to the section in the Skinner area later on in the course, just remember this rose it when you're treating scars and stretch marks, that really is the one who wanted it. It's also incredibly moisturizing as well. So this is another great These again with the Khobar is deeply narrative on fantastic for all skin types. Once you're in row ship and save the scars stretched by settle things but again, it's also incredibly nourishing now. Also evening primrose oil is really great. It's very, very nourishing. Moisturizing for the skin. It's been studied extensively with used X MMA menopausal symptoms on DSO. Once I've got PMS, it's another really fantastic oil. It regenerates cells. Andi has got incredible quarries and very, very well known. There's other oils in your notes. Argon oil, which is from the tree in Morocco. Johnny come from Morocco. These are concede that again great for anti aging because it's got incredibly high levels off Vitamin A. Now I could have written a whole boatload more essential carrier oils for you, but this again, I don't want toe flood you with too many. I'm sure people have their favorites out there, but these again, if you only had to buy a couple of carrier oils now you got the one for massage. A city of sweet That's retirement is one I recommend on Khobar on you know, the other ones I just mentioned here. So this will get you started and then as that when you're going to build up and use other qualities of other oils and make blend Rick Perry oils by all means. But this this is these great, very well known carry oils, toe treat skin problems and say to get you on your way. 12. What are think are the best carrier oils for massage: So I want to talk about carriers because this is what we're gonna use to disperse the essential oils of the task that we need to do now. We talked about this, that it might be carrier oils in mess are you hear things like sweet almond oil because atyou already know essential oils won't dissolve in water there. Lippo filic, lipids, fats, filic loving. So they love that. So they should generally be fats that that will be dispersed. As in vegetable oils, you might hear vegetable oils based oils, carrier oils. So this might be anything from avocado oil, walnut oil, Khobar, all these different types of oil to go through somebody's different qualities because you're not just to, let's say in a message using to it. And they had their own nutrition as well. They're packed full of vitamins, vitamins and minerals, essential fatty acids, and so they also serve a purpose as opposed there, not just to disperse the oils. Now, of course, you want to know you could use soaps, because if that based shampoos, we add a central to shampoo. Do you soaps on so on and so forth. It could be a very jealous that they dissolve in Talavera jail legend to disperse well through that as well and also alcohol as well. So they did these disperses we're gonna use now. I want to talk foreseeable about carrier oils for massage for the massage therapists out there, because when it comes to message, you see lots of recommendations for different types of oils. They might say a great seed. This is a personally, I don't think this is one women A. Now I will talk to you about different properties of essentials for different conditions and that sort of thing. But as a I don't think we need to go past sweet almond oil Now. Don't use mineral oil baby oil because it's number one pitcher Chemical and Theo oils will not absorb into the skin by using that that provides a protective barrier on the skin. So you definitely don't want that. So obviously, mineral oil is out to go back to sweet Amador. Sweet AMD is brilliant qualities. It's light, it's great for massage, and that's why it's It's the most popular natural massage oil, so I don't think that we need to get it, and it's not too expensive it's easy available. I don't really think we need to go past sweet almonds of your massage therapist. Now some people might disagree with me, maybe into grapes it or some other natural oil, but for cost for availability, for the qualities that has the nutrition has, I think sweet Armand. I just keep it very simple when it comes to Mass at ST Herman. Is that the most used natural oil for massage therapist around the world? So why reinvent the wheel again? You might have favorites if your message therapist and that's that's great. But just for the majority of people, if you don't know what to use, just go straight for sweet almond oil. And that is the best one to use in my personal opinion when it comes to massage. 13. Dilution rates: Okay, So what I've done here is I've made up a dilution table to make it easier for you to know how many drops of essential oil you need to put in whatever carrier oil you're using. Whatever a lotion or whatever you're using and how many drops you need to get the correct percentages now, I will be. Reinforcing this through the course would make it easy for you. But I just want to touch on this so that you've got this. You could download this pdf file on. But it's just an easy way to always look, so just so here. Now. Okay, Top here. The 10 mill 15. 20. This is your carrier oil. So the amount of carry oil So then down the side here, my graph, you've got the percentages of essential oils. Your dilution. Right. Okay, so let's go with one fluid ounce, which is 30 millimeters at milliliters. A bigger pardon. And if we wanted a 1% solution because we're treating someone totally or a child or pregnant woman, we're going to use around 1%. And so that would be nine total drops of essential oil to your 30 mils. Uh, one flowed out. Now I must say essential oils do very in the size of their drops. So I put this right in the middle middle area because with thicker oils like sandalwood, that sort of thing, you get around about 20 drops to a miller later. Now, with General, you might get 35 to 40 drops per Miller later. So I put it around about that 30 30 drops, you average it out. So I guess over 2% dilution, right? Going to a full body massage, for example on a healthy adult. So we're going to use to 30 mil one floor doubts and will use 18 total drops. So if you're using a blend that is your total amount of drops now down further. I've just made this even easier for you. So you've got solicitor. You want to make a cream or lotion and putting essential oils in the same morning with a hand motion, you bought some unscented hand lotion, so you want to spoon it out so you get two tablespoons, which is equal to one fluid ounce, which is equal to 30 mils, which is also equal to six tablespoons. Okay, so for example, I've got 30 mil. So once again, we're gonna make a hand cream. We want to make it 2%. We'll, you know, you just spoon out two tablespoons, which is equivalent to your one ounce throw. Doubts. 30 minutes. Okay, so there's a tip. If you want to write, make a really small amount. I put this down here, which is? One tea spoon is equal to five milliliters. Five milliliters, isn't you? Give or take around about 100 drops. OK, so if you had So in other words, you've got one teaspoon, which is around about 100 drops. So if you want to make a 1% you put one drop of essential oil into your teaspoonful of carrier oil. Okay, so and likewise, two drops 2%. Okay, Now these just think we're going again. I'm gonna reinforces through the cause. I'm gonna take you through the course, but I just want to touch on general percentages. Okay. Now, with someone irritated, sense sensitive skin generally say 1% but you might even more take it even further, down 2.25% or even less, depending on the person's, you know, got very great sensitive skin. If you want to make some facial creams, that sort of thing. Anyone run about 1%. I got 2.2 again, depending on the skin. Tight with the purse is very sensitive that something up to about 1.5 max Full body relaxation massage just include deep tissue, that sort of thing. But using the oils on the whole body, then we're going to use about 1% for again for the elderly, for pregnant women on but the country education That central is contraindicated for pregnancy. It's on the sideboard, So 2% for healthy adult and Children, 1% manual lymphatic drainage. If you do that, you want to run about 3 to 5% essential oil dilution. You need that more for the lymph flow to be more effective if you want to make bath and body products like, you know, soaps and that sort of thing anywhere between one and 4% specific problems. So if you're treating something specific in a localized area in the 4 to 10% we might go up to 20% perhaps with acute strains and sprains and that sort of thing but around about that . So if you're doing abdominal massage for menstrual pain, Ben, use about 4 10% essential oils. And again, we're gonna go through all of this. So don't worry about it. Localised pain again. Wounds, bites and stings. You knew 5% up to 20%. Again like this might be carpal tunnel syndrome in the wrist or knee. Better things that could increase the percentage is where it's just a local small, localized spot. Now you can use 11 to essentially oil, undiluted on bites and stings and so forth. It's general considered very safe to use. Meet again. If you have sensitive skin or talking titles and that sort of thing, then diluted. You can always increase your percentages as you go up. If you have any money, would get sensitized or skin irritation a swell hot go competition going to look at hot and cold compresses again. It's localized that we use for 10% so we're gonna compress saying athletic need, for example, which will go through footballers now don't do this just dropped straight into the foot bath because again oils will not dissolve in water, so the central is one of those mix it with any instead of Fats Costil. So any other soap, shampoo, vegetable oil, anything that mixed it in first and eso that they'll get dissolved and then you can put them into footbath. So there's no chance again. Excuse irritation. Um, diffuses oil bonus nebulizer. Okay, if you're gonna use, you know, open let sort of thing. Make sure you put your water in and you can use 3 to 5 drops depending on the size of your room. And if you want more, you can always add more. OK, make sure you always put, you know oil, but never put them straight into an oil burner without putting water in because they are flammable. Essential oils. Spritzers would go through once 2% and direct steam inhalation, So I've got a ball with hot water esteems coming up. Tel Aviv head 123 drops A Let's say eucalyptus on the congestion again. We go through that or you can buy the specific little steam inhalation machines. Video. 1 to 2 to three drops is generally plenty for that as well. Okay, so that's just sort of tap into to get you started on that and download that and you've got that for a valuable resource. 14. What on earth do these words mean?: Now, what I want to do is in your resource of section. You will see this A pdf father you can download. And this is basically a glossary of terms. Now you say, Here's the thing. You will see our further than for the course soon properties that certain central oils have now. It's fine if I cite antibacterial and a septic. You know, balancing calming. Well, you know what? They are right. But then we might start talking about something that's anti heretic or call agog. A men agog eyes still talking English. So this is why I've got this So you can have a look because there are all these different properties when we go through these essential oils, then you can just look at these ago. Oh, Okay. Um, you politic is it brings up mucus from the lungs, So Okay, so that's what that oil is good for. That's one of the properties of that oil. So So that's why you got of also downloaded that, and then you always have that. So when you're looking at oil to go, do you wonder, You know, um, Flynn was something I needed expectorant. You could have a Look there. You haven't three always Crawford cross reference. And that way you haven't understanding it. Say, if you see something that says, let me see Rupert Patient. You know what is a river patient? Well, I'll go to the notes. So there you go. Download it right now. 15. If I only had lavender oil, what can I do with it?: Now what I call this is if I only had one oil. So I'm guessing that if you're gonna run it there because you've probably got some aromatherapy oils around your house and essential oils, but I imagined pretty much most people would have 11. Itt's one of the most widely used, its easily accessible, and it's so great for 70 things. Now what I want to do is show you how you can use just lavender. That's what's going. There is only one oil I had. You only had 11 dir. I'm gonna show you all these ways. You can use lavender if you just had that one bottle of oil now hasn't got through the course. I'm gonna talk about studies of different oils, but I'm just assuming you got one bottle of lemon oil. What can I do with now? 11 does a good place to start, in my opinion, because this is the oil that really became mainstream because I used to use a lavender on battlefields treating wounds and battle injuries, these sorts of things and they used military hospitals. But it really came became mainstream by a French perfumer named Renee. Maurice. Get the force. I believe it's pronounced. I have no idea how it's pronounced, but if you make it sound a bit French, I guess I might get away with it anyway, back in the 19 thirties. So anyway, so he in his laboratory there was an explosion, so he used had a tub of lavender essential oil. And he used that to treat it and found that it was unbelievably effective at wound healed healing. And it's antiseptic properties. And he, in fact, he wrote him articles, one of them being it was called Aromatherapy. That's by Fred Jackson again. My apologies to the French from that Hay was talking about how he'd seen these incredible results of these case histories, seeing past disappear from wounds, seeing here, Wound's healing much more quickly on DSO and said it was amazing results and in fact, from him from his inside of do this again, people that speak French, his his document code aromatherapy. That is where the word around therapy has come from from this one guy. So this is what really brought aromatherapy into a much more mainstream, and the scientists then picked up the ears and started to look ago what is also essential oil stuff about now. Of course, I talk about being used in World War One extensively, but obviously lavender has been used for thousands of years over the centuries have used it all over the world. Now two of the constituents a chemical constituent, the two main ones Linna, Lu and Lin, a little hesitate now. So what happens when they test the purity off lavender like to do with other essential oils through gas chromatography, They will check to see the The higher the literal acetate is that the better the quality now, the problem is, is that nowadays they can synthetically manufacture little estate and Lynn Alou and so to stretch out the purest and draws. So they put that in there, and they will get you much more consensual because those two constituents that magic constituents, because Lebanon has over 150 different chemical constituents. But these two are huge percentages that through major ones now, and that gives it that sweet, lovely floral aroma so synthetically putting those into the essential oil then gives them a lot more a sense of oil now, thankfully, gas chromatography, which one of the testing methods, which you learn that later on. They know that there's a constituent in the synthetic little little s tape that they can detect and know that it's been adulterated. Okay, now another thing in the world. Like talking about later on in the course as well. Just white, with 11 with other essential oils. For example, France is just one example. Bryant's makes producers. Let's say it's, um, 100 tons of essential oil, lemon or central oil per year. They know that there's a certain amount they produced, but then they're selling 200 tons for just figure, in other words, double the amount that they actually produce. So something is not quite right. Mm. But enough about the world of adultery. Essential oils. Let's talk about the benefits off lavender essential oil. Now there are three main benefits, and they are a pain relief, skin care and helping stress related psychological issues. So let's look at the 1st 1 skin care. So when it comes to treating skin, it's unbelievable. It's an antiseptic antibacterial, its anti inflammatory, and it's a secret treason, which means it speeds up wound healing. So this is why it's been used so much and researched enormously. And it's so good for treating things like bites, stings, burns, small cuts and words, these sorts of things he's scrapes and that sort of thing. It is so good for these sorts of things because of these properties. But more than that, it's great for problems like skin problems that is dermatitis, its anti several right? So it's great for support dermatitis, but acne for psoriasis, all these sorts of skin conditions. It's absolutely brilliant calming them down now when it comes to a soothing remedies, pain relief qualities, it's anti spasmodic, a zit before its anti inflammatory. And it's an animal Jeezy. So it's absolutely brilliant in helping things like menstrual pain, muscular, skeletal pain up right as these types of things. So it is fantastic as a pain reliever, and it's fantastic toe help skin. But there's more. The third thing is even more amazing. This is where it comes into its own. One other thing that makes Levin to so incredible is it's regulatory function on the nervous system and what that majors is both a tonic and a sedative. So if someone's like listless and depressed, it will be uplifting to that person. If another person is anxious and hyperactive, it will bring it. Which is most commonly people know. Lambda as a sedative, as it would bring that person down is not a yang, nor Yin is really that neutral. It will bring home yo Stasis to the person. In other words, it'll bring them down to the mid line or bring them up to the midline so it regulates. The nervous system is absolutely incredible in doing this and has been studied again extensively on how it can just bring them back to this sort of neutral position. So why is it so important? What, as you're going to learn later in the course we got the parasympathetic nervous system and the sympathetic nervous system. The sympathetic nervous system is the fight flight response so that something comes into your life that's stressful. But immediately and you either gonna fight or flight. It's a survival instinct, and that's operated by this sympathetic nervous system. Now, sympathetic nervous system raises your heartbeat. Read your breathing and it decreases your digestive system function the function of digestion. In other words, it puts all the blood and the energy into running or fighting we can deal with the digestion later on, all right? So people that live in chronic stress, which again you're going to learn about later on, then they are in. Despite flight sympathetic nervous system problem is chronic problem. So they have digestive problems. They might have irritable bouncer that this and that had a whole host of given problems. So the fact that Levin dir can then modulate and regulate the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system is quite incredible. Which we can switch that sympathetic nervous system back to Paris sympathetic, which is back to digesting. We don't have to panic that sort of thing, and that's what 11 does. Then the person is much better up with their digestion and other physical maladies that they're suffering from because of this constant stress of adrenaline and cortisol coursing through their veins. Now, if that wasn't enough, it's also fun. Kosaido. It's not as good as tea tree oil teachers, a much stronger anti fungal, but it is found inside of it also is an immuno student stimulant, so it's great in cold and flu. Season two uses as well, and it's also repels insects, so as a repellent, it's fantastic, has been used for centuries against mosquitoes and other insects, so I mean, really, it's quite incredible 16. A quick word about using lavender oil neat: Now I do want to talk about applying lavender essential oil. Now there are certain schools of thought where you can use perhaps lender and tea tree oil . Nate, meaning undiluted on the skin. Others they definitely don't use any essential oils on dilated at all, including a tree and lavender. Now, the case of sensitization and irritation within using a lavender central are incredibly rare, incredibly rich. But there are certain people because you'll see around 30 books and websites, and someone apply lavender oil. Need to. This bike listing would be very, very effective, but agile in later on him with irritation, sensitization and they cause problems. That's a Levinger Central is incredibly rare, and many books and websites will say Apply it made with no problems. Now I want to say this If you're a person that get sensitized to perfumes, to soaps, to detergents have contact dermatitis and prompted so you're more sensitive skin. Then I would suggest you diluted okay, the making dilution rather getting yourself in a risk. Even the risk is minuscule with using lavender, you might want to just still diluted anyway, So I just went on the air on the side of caution for people have more sensitive skin and your general know who you are. You say you break out with from allergies from contact dermatitis with perfumes and soaps and detergents, those sorts of things so then diluted in a carry oil just a safe to avoid any problems with irritation or sensitization. 17. Treating bites and stings with lavender: No. While we're talking about lavender, I just want to tell you a study that was done. It's a very good clinical trial. Your work, because I've just been talking about whether to apply neat here risks versus rewards now and for treating bites and stings. Levin is absolutely fantastic. It's an anti histamine. So when you get a basting, for example, you get a system in response, and lavender inhibits this histamine anti histamine. Now what they did, they did a study, and they look to using different percentages. Now, when this 11 was used at 1% in a dilution of 1% dilution, so remember that one drop off. So I wanted to drop in a teaspoon of a carrier oil or Ajello. What have you? 1% had a 54% in the hip inhibition off his domain. So it did Kristen by 54%. Now, when it was used, a 10% was about 58 but 100% using it neat, right? 100% was only 68% inhibition. Right? So what does that mean? That means at 1% it didn't go much up from using 1% 1 tiny drop in a teaspoon of a carrier oil or a sale. Joe, Whatever. Cream, whatever You got just one drop and opposed to using it. Neat that there was hardly much difference. 54% with one drop into a teaspoon of five meals, a teaspoon. So one drop and then 68 applying it need. So, you know, being safe with this was just one drop has a massive effect and not much mawr by risking it by using a need. So I think that says it all. You know, keep it, keep the levels low, and you don't set stuff up a risk like I'm just talking about. 18. Lots of great ways to use lavender in your daily life: All right. So let's have a look at all the many uses that we can use 11 to 4 now, they directly from your notes in this lecture. So Okay, so let's go cluster here. You'll see here skin conditions. So we talked about how so, So incredibly good for skin care. So I've just written down all of it from right now. I just want to go through a couple of things with you now. Actually learned throughout the course we got toe, we talk about dilution rights, and we want Don't let the essential oils. Now we're going to use carrier oils you might use. Village might lose lotion. So l a very Joe. You might use uncensored lotion, whatever you like for moisturizing, that sort of thing I've written here, Khobar Rose Hip, rush of oil. Evening primrose are really quite the other ones that I go through in more detail out a gun and different ones like that. But if you had to go and buy some that these were great, especially her. Khobar is excellent for acne again, as you learn later on, because it mimics the sea bottom, which is the Skins moisturizer in the fair skin. And so it's actually great for all skin types, so it's really, really fantastic. Okay, so we're just gonna now again, You will learn this later on, but it's not touch on them now. If you're treating something, let's say it's a sprain or something like that on. You want them to absorb skin conditioning, your the central ours not to evaporate so quickly. You could wrap them in cling, film in the plastic wrap, and then you'll get three times better absorption right into the bloodstream. So it's much more effective and again as they will go through that. Okay, now, the dilution rate that I'm going to show you through through this lecture here generally were about 5 to 25% ornate. Azi talked about the last lecture. You assess that what you wanna do with your delusion rates. We're talking about very small areas. We're not talking about large, the fullback or by no means a full body massage. Full body massage again, you'll and this. Further down the track is 2% for a healthy adult, 1% for child elderly in sensitive skin, okay, and pregnancy. Susan. All right, so just a general skin care. If you want to make like, a tone of cleanser, you could do this. This is a 1% dilution, right? 30 drops to 25 million witch hazel on distilled water, and you can use it before you start moisturizing regime. And then I got a moisturizer, and you can use as well now three drops to a teaspoon of carrier oil. That's a 3% dilution. If we look down here, visit now. By the way, again, the drops are not exactly different. Viscosity of oils have different drop sizes, so they're rough estimates. But if it to give you a ballpark, one teaspoon, which is equal to five milliliters, is roughly 100 drops. So if we want to make a 3% solution with a teaspoon of carry oil would put three drops three into 100 right? So that's a really easy way for you to remember that acne. You can use them again, Nate or 5% delusion, and so that would be five drops to a teaspoon, and you can apply that to their now always other things. You can usually make spritzers that sort of thing here, bruising we're going to go through that in more detail later on. But the acute stage 40 to 40 48 to 72 hours makes use cold compresses, presence, not hate, and you can pry the lavender on that as well. Burns. We're talking about small burns, of course. Large ones was a hospital visit, but we're talking about small burns scored that sort of thing again, running under cold running water for the 1st 5 minutes, at least to cool. Cool the site down and then you can use. Now this would be another one that you're not going to use that the director skipped the plastic wrap around it. What you put 11 down on there as well for a few minutes to get better absorption into the bloodstream bars. Where you're getting learning this well, you can use the carriers that you can use our soaps because it there there pat based so soaps, shampoos, shower gels. Or you could just you to carry oil in your bath to a cool bath unless they got son some bird you could make spritzes. This is here. 25 dropped to 100 million distilled water in a spray bottle put into a spray. But if it's somebody putting the bridge charts court even better. So you haven't got all this, Boy, you can make your own. 11 was fantastic for hair growth and strength as well, so you can see that you can put them to shampoo bites. Stings. Nappy rash. Now you learn this again, an offshoot of the distant, distinct installation. The water that comes from that is called a hydro soul. And so it's got trace elements of lavender. If you're distilling lavender and you can buy these 11 quite difficult broke here, there's Rosewater 11 the water. Make sure you get pure 100% harder souls from a reputable supply, but these are great. Very safe. Um, so you something like that for nappy rash pain relief. Once again, we're doing 5 to 20% dilution rates, so you can just go through all this headaches. We go through all the muscular pains, so we would look at skin that I take it to treating pains and strains and the menstrual pain dispensary. Also, they stress related issues again. You're gonna learn this later on, but when we're talking about treating moods, psychological issues, focus, concentration, memory, these sorts of things you want to get as direct inhalation. This is the best absorption right to get so little personal inhalers it you learn about steam inhalation, putting your head over a buffet of hot water with the tail of the head. Anything to get better straight from the bottle, a tissue, a handkerchief. Think using those sorts of things for direct inhalation is the most effective way to treat concentration, memory, stress, anxiety, depression, all these sorts of things that is your direct way now. Also, of course, using Lebanon in bars with you carry oil that I go through in your notes here. Massages, treatments, reflexology, that sort of thing. Foot Bob's make spritzers. You can make your own much charge and creams. Oils. L. A. Very jail put in with that, so you always using it diffuses through the house. But just remember, when you do that, the most effective ways to get his close to your nose so you get more of the molecules evaporating into your system. 19. How does aromatherapy affect our minds and bodies?: So have you ever wondered what percentage of essential oils actually go into your bloodstream? Well, studies have been done, and it's really, really interesting. So topically. So let's say, a massage that they found that up to 10% off the essential oils in your your carrier oil with your essential oils as you're up to 10% goes into your bloodstream. And it goes I, either through the cells around the cells or down the hair follicles themselves. And that's how they entered into Russian. So they go through the skin through the different layers of the skin and then into the muscular tissue and then into the bloodstream they absorbed into the bloodstream, so on go into the distribution a little later. But this is really interesting when it comes to knowing what sort of percentage is actually affecting the person with the essentials. And they found that around about one of the studies was done was that they gave a person a massage, and then what they did was draw blood. The five minute mark timid about 15 20 every five minutes after about an hour and 1/2 and they found that the biggest peak of when the most amount of its internal wars was about the 20 minute mark. So, you know. So you give someone a message, for example, or you're rubbing a joy. So we're joined for the thing in the matter Amount of essential oils. It peaked in 20 minutes and then starts to taper off. Okay, around at the 90 minute mark, it was it was absolute completely absent in the bloodstream. So this is really interesting to know that. Okay, the most affect you have is around about the 20 minute mark of the essential oils into your bloodstream. Okay, so that's topical. Now, when it comes to our, like, Smith in inhalation, then they found that up to 50 to 70% gets absorbed into your bloodstream. Now, this is incredible. So you sniff central oil, whether you diffuser, whether you've just got on tissue where they got a little personal inhaler, and up to 70% around 50% up to 70% will be absorbed into your bloodstream. Now, the distribution of this it goes through your nasal cavity. And then what happens is 1990 plus percent goes into your lungs, and then from there it disposes into the bloodstream, and that goes throughout your body from there. So this is a fantastic way to use aromatherapy by inhalation. Of course, when you're getting putting it on topically, there will be a certain amount going into your nose because you get a smell as well, so volatile that going into the atmosphere. And so there is a certain amount of inhalation as well. So what this means therapeutically is putting it on Topic. Lee is great for pain, so I think arthritic pain, muscular pain, that sort of thing, nerve pain and also, of course, skin conditions, whether you want to anti aging and acne and what have you. Okay, so that's obviously the best way to treat. Someone will say a skin condition. Then you put it on topically and for pain when you do that topically as well. Now, when you want to use inhalation, this has a great effect. On 90 plus percent goes into the lungs and then into the bloodstream. A certain amount goes directly to the brain. Now these are most effective for you gonna affect someone's mood. So let's say someone is stressed, then inhaling is a really effective way. As it goes, a certain percentage goes to the brain and it goes through the bloodstream through through the lunch to say so inhalation be really effective with someone some people with respiratory respiratory disorders and also to affect their mood. So your calming oils, that sort of thing, the most direct route would be by inhalation. So again, inhaler on a tissue diffuser in a spritzer, that sort of thing. So when it comes for you, treat someone did you really important things to know. So let's say you've got some of those very stress in the most effective way is for them to inhale it. Now, of course, getting a great massage would be fantastic as well, a certain amount. But then, at home, they put into the diffuser on a tissue. That sort of thing, if they want toe whatever they want to be stimulated, for example, have a stimulating, essential oils, more calming and that sort of thing you put your lavenders and these sorts of things so on for sleep disorders, that sort of thing. So what happens is the route to the brain. They found that when you breathe in, it goes up to the W name Nature Keaveney Cavity. And then it's affected by the to get the olfactory bulb affected Bob up here and then the essential oils, the molecules absorbed through the olfactory ball, which is a nervous tissue. And then it goes wrong, affect, retract to the olfactory cortex and has direct relationship with the brain, and it also affects the hypothalamus. So for emotions and these sorts of things, and so what happens is when you smell something, it has a direct effect on emotions you might like to smell smell. You might dislike this. No, but it can also bring back memories. You know, I think what you smell something. Oh, my God brings you straight back to childhood. So there is this direct effect through the olfactory system into the limbic system. And this is where you had this connection with your memories and this sort of thing. So it's very, very important that you you understand this because it has a direct effect. But for yourself on, of course, if you're treating people in the clinical spot, so the essential oils once in the bloodstream then what happens is they go to with a shred the lungs, and then they go into the bloodstream, where there's tropical weather through the blood stream. And then what happens is they get metabolized in the at the liver and the liver than that metabolized them from bats are legal to water soluble, and from there they go to the kidneys and then from the kidneys, excreted through the blood and then excreted out of the body. Now, I just want to finish up with this lecture because just think about this 20 minute peak, um, amount of attention oils in the body. So I just want you to remember just let's say you had to study for an exam. Just remember that at the 20 minute mark. That's when you get your peak amount in there. So if you're going to study for exam, then you know stop smelling days 20 minutes before you're about to study, you're exempt. Likewise, if you want to be calm down or you need to come sundown or it's a you wanna go to sleep. Remember that that 20 minute markets where you got the matter amount into your bloodstream so 20 minutes before, but maybe you put your diffusion on 20 minutes before you want to go to bed if you have sleep problems. And that something. So just keep that in mind about that 20 minute peak. Marc Andre. Likewise, If you know you're treating someone, then this is where you might be important. Safer exam to be stimulated, to be calm down. Just keep that in the back in mind. 20. What is the quickest base to get the oils absorbed into our bloodstreams?: so studies to be done. How quickly, with essential oils get into your bloodstream using oil using a lotion and using a Jill. And they found that using a gel was way quicker way quicker of getting the essentials into your bloodstream. Now, why is this significant? Well, now, by the way, when I say Jill, you want to get Talavera jelly, not the Talavera Jill Talavera jail is very watery. About 99% water. You want to get aloe vera jelly and you put your central so this is great. So if you think burns steams, But it's that sort of thing and you want a really effective very quickly, then your go to should be aloe vera gel e. Okay, so using it Joe, like this is we'll get those central was working much more quickly within your body. Second, we're using lotions and then third was actually in oil so that quick admit quickest method to get essential. Those working within your body is using the Allied very jelly jell. But L a very jelly in particular is fantastic. So think of you got pain, then use that. So you've got something that immediate pain, then put that into the talavera jelly as opposed to an oil. If you wanted to get it to work way more quickly, get the essentials into your body. Why more quickly? So the fastest is Jill, then lotion. And then it was oils. So that's really significant. If you're going to say if you had a bite or a sting, you gotta burn. You wanna really like a some sort of pain? You know, you just just hurt yourself and then use the job. 21. How to increase your absorption rate even more: Now, as you work your way through the course, I just want to remind you that if you are doing a small, topical region, whether it's for a burn, whether it's for bruising, whether it's for an injured knee or what have you anything, it's that if you could wrap the area in cycling film, you're the plastic wrap. If you can read that in around where you put the essential oils on, you will get a three times better absorption rate. So because in the volatile, essential oils, the molecules won't evaporate like they wouldn't when you put on your skin. So, for example, let's say you gotto trading a bruise here. So you got the bruise. You put your essential oils on and then rep cling film around it. Now, if it's a did, you learn later in the course you want to put cold on. So then you could put the ice pack on top of the Cling film all right, and like what you're doing Warming anti inflammatory Central's for arthritic sets. An arthritic wrists. You put your warming anti inflame, put the cling film around it, the plastic wrap and then put a heat pack on there and it will trap in those volatile central molecules, and they will absorb three times mawr. So do that when you when you got the chance of you treating a certain condition where you were able to do that to wrap that when the president of rap on do you can enhance it even further by using a cold or a hate back if it's applicable for the condition you're treating . 22. The garlic test: Now, here's something else. A little bit nifty. If you want to go, you got friends that said, Well, this whole absorption into the bloodstream. That's your rubbish. There's no way they could go through the skin. Well, here's what you do. Get yourself some garlic or give it to them. Rub it up and down the soul of your feet, and with about 15 to 20 minutes roughly, you'll be out of taste garlic in your mouth. That's because the Michaels have transferred from your feet into your bloodstream. Your feet aren't the ideal area to actually do this because their son is dead. Skin on your feet It's but it's still jobs anyway. You'd actually be much better. Do it, say, on your abdomen or your wrist with the skins dinner, and it just has easier access to blood stream. But that's sort of the famous trick is putting it onto the the soles of your feet. So that's why I thought I tell you about some of the fate, but anyway, there you go, get the person. If you got any non believers, then garlic on the sole of the feet or wherever else, and they will soon be tasting garlic in their mouths 23. What you will learn in this section: now, in this part of the course, I'm going to teach you how they extract the essentials because not all essential oils are extracted the same way. The most common way is through distillation. It's just been around for thousands of years, and steam distillation run the most common ways to extract yours. But others things like delicate flowers cannot be steam distilled, so they have to use other types off ways to remove the essential oils. Now, technically speaking, if essential oil is not extracted through the process of distillation, it's not classes essential. Now they do just to make it easier class, the more comfortable in his exit generals. But technically speaking, other ones that are extracted become absolute. And then we got other things called Hydra SOS, And then they extract and so on a sugar, how they do and what how they do. The extraction process of the dip one's age old ways that they've done them before, no longer used before anymore and do the different ways on why they used different processes now, interesting enough what you learn later, in the course, certain Citrus oils become photo toxic. Many if you get the sun you can get a bird through the expressed Citrus sores, but when they steamed to still them, they're not. They're not photo toxic anymore. So all this a lot more to come. 24. The steam and water distillation process: now the most common form of extracting essential oils from plants is through steam distillation, distillation. Distilling has been around for thousands of years, and it's been used throughout the world over a millennium now. So the way they extract the essential oils out through steam distillation is you got a pot of boiling water instead of that, and that goes through general troops and pipes into where you got your plant matter into another big container. And then the steam goes up underneath the plants into the container, and then the plan breaks down through vapor and the vapor rises. The steam rises with it goes the essential oils, so the essential oils and the paper then go up, and then they go into what is called a condenser. So it's basically cools it down again to bring it back to a liquid state. Okay, so you've got the steam on and you've got the essential oils together, going up in a guest, and then they cool down, which becomes a liquid, and then they go into another container, and then they're now cooled and they're separated. So you've got the water, which is called a harder sell and then you've got the essential oils, so and they're separated because the density is different and that's it. Steam distillation. So then they separate the central from the water. Now distilling like any craft is it's like making a wine. Now certain plant matter might only be made very high heat and take only 2 to 3 hours. Others might have to be done for 24 hours, depending on the density. The plan on how they have to extract the essential oils. So that's it. So steam distillation, it goes up through the plant matter. The steam from the plants goes up with essential oils in that steam is then cooled down. And then they're separated because always in water, different densities. And there you have your central oil. 25. Cold expression: So when we want to get the oils from Citrus fruit lemons, you burger, most tangerine, lime grapefruit, they use a specific way to do this, which they don't use with any other essentials. It is just the Citrus proofs that they use is, and it's called expression. Otherwise, notice cold expression, cocoa pressing. So just like when you get your extra virgin olive oil, you want that cold pressed, many no heat, just as the name would suggest. No heat has actually been used. So there's no you're not gonna de nature the oil by using a heat process in this. So it's only the Citrus fruit that they do this, and it's simply that they just now this internal incidence rates are in the rind in the peel. So what they do is they picked the peel and then they'll squeeze amount and literally just cold, pressing them. And they're not. Separate the juice with the essential oils, and there you'll have your essential oil of lemon or orange. What have you now? Because of this process, it's really important. Obviously, it's better if you could buy organic anyway, but you can imagine a zoo just literally just squeezing out the oils on separating from the Jews because they have different, different densities, then it's really important to try. Get organic with these because you can imagine if these lemons, for example, alarms in origin. That's used a lot of pesticides and a lot of herbicides, then that's going to go straight to your essential oils, isn't it? So again, obviously it's better if you could get organic. But I really feel that with the Citrus because of the process of this expression that it really seems to make sense to try get days organic whenever you can. 26. Solvent extraction: now another form off. Removing the essential oils from plant matter is called solvent extraction, and it's based on what the name says. They used a solvent to extract the essential oils so they immerse the plant minute, and this is most generally used for delicate flowers. Like jasmine. Jasmine wouldn't stand the heat a steam distillation so they can't remove them up that way . So what they do that most the flowers that pedals like narrowly rose assay jasmine, these delicate flowers and a Muslim in a solvent and leave them there for a certain amount of time. Then they wrote the solvent and what you're left over with this sort of waxy substance called a concrete. Now that's your plant waxes and also the essential oils air in there. And then they washing without the whole and go for somebody from processes until we know they removed the wax and you just left with the essential oil. Now this is called what's known as an absolute because two essential oils are distilled only. So these air now cold, they say it's a jasmine jasmine, absolute, so it's not just intention oil. It has not being distilled. It is a jasmine absolute. So seven extraction. The absolute Okay. So it has advantages because someone extraction also has a leaves, a much richer aroma. There's when it's over, distilling and also gives a bigger yield. So course when you're dealing with things were very expensive, like jasmine and rose. Obviously, that's very advantageous having a large you. So that's why so that prefer steam distillation, silver extraction over steam distillation for these delicate flowers that probably wouldn't be out of handle the heat. Now I must say that Rosa Central Oil is extracted through both solvent extraction and also by distilling, and they actually quite different when you smell them in their qualities as well. 27. Carbon dioxide extraction: now another form of extracting essential oils is called CO two carbon dioxide extraction. Now this, of course, is very environmentally friendly. We breathe the outcome dioxide. It's a fairly new way of extracting, sensuous. The essential oils that come out of here to extraction are of the highest quality now, because, of course, we're not using heat and what they do unfortunate. It's very, very expensive to do this because you have to put to come out under incredible pressure. So what it does, the pressure then turns to come docks, I guess, into a liquid that is your solvent. So it's advantageous over solvents because you're not using the chemicals that they use in solvents. You're just using CO two. And of course, you're not using heat as in distillation. So go to, although being very new, unfortunates just so expensive to do. But hopefully you'll see a lot more co two in the future. Now these air, known as co two extracts. So remember, from the solvent extraction band known as absolutes, see eye to obstruction unknown is CEO to extract, and, of course, if they've been distilled, the known as essential oils 28. Enfleurage: now another way of extracting centralizes cold in Florida, not garage as in for the massage therapist in Florida, e N f. Now things is not very This is not used it so labor intensive. It is one of the oldest forms of extracting essential oils and put simply what they haven't sheets of glass, and then they put like, lad, some sort of fat down. And then they put their use of rose petals, and I'll place the rose petals onto the fat. And, of course, remember, flowers are Lippo filic, so make love oils and fats. So what happens is the essential oils are then extracted into the fatso. The fat gets aside, the sentinels gets absorbed into the lad, and so they do it every 24 hours. They'll remove the rose petals because you have done their job and they'll keep doing this so they might do this after two months. And so the lad just keeps absorbing all these essential oils. So this was an old way that I could use that could wash it off with a solvent alcohol to get rid of the fact, but or just use it like that in some bombs and that sort of thing. So, yeah, in Florida, not used anymore really on again because it's so labor intensive, but this was a traditional way of doing it. 29. Summary: Okay, so let's just go through this. So these there are different ways of extracting essential oils. The first been around for thousands of years, and most common is through distillation, whether that steam distillation or war distillation. And we're using the heat off the steam or the water to then extract them to go upto a vapor through steam distillation. And the essentials got with the vapor. Then they called back to a liquid, and they're separated. And this is the only process that gives you essential oils. Distillation produces essential oils. Okay, then we've got solvent extraction. Where we extracting? Using a certain solvent on. And that will give you what are known as absolutes. Distillation gives you essential oils. Solvent extraction gives you absolute. Now, the problem with this, you might have trace elements of chemicals within them. Better getting very pure on. So that is your starting extraction. Solvent extraction gives you absolute. Now, when you got CEO to and you're using that pressurized co two, the co two becomes the solvent because it's pressurized so much that it becomes liquid. And then they released. The president gets worked up. When you get the essentials are extracted through C 02 a solvent. And these are called co two extracts. And then we have the Citrus oils which are expressed. And so the situations that Ryan's had the central oils in them and they are expressed so literally just squeezed out and they're separated. And so then what are known as expressed oils? Okay. And that's only the Citrus is expressed this way. So they haven't there the various legs of how we extract essential oils. Wait a minute. I forgot mine. The hydra souls that I mentioned earlier Hydro sold, uh, what quite commonly known as floral water, your rosewater, your jasmine border, 11 water And what? That is the water from the distillation process. So OK, so we've extracted essential oils and the water that's left over from the steam or the water that they're used depending on the type of distillation. That is what separated. So one in one jar, if you like, one that becomes it goes to the central oils and the water from the process, and this has trace amounts off essential oils. And this is what we nose sort of floral water. That being what it went, mix with oils, but these are beautiful and so absolutely gorgeous to have a spritzer, you know, a little little spritz if you face that sort of thing. So, yeah, get them very, very pure and absolutely gorgeous. 30. Using essential oils safely is paramount: now in this section, we talk about essential oil safety. It's absolutely vital that you know about a central safety. We'll talk about the oils that should be avoided through nursing mothers and pregnancy. The Children photosensitivity for toxicity, though such things what to do if there's an irritant reaction and someone and so forth. So it's absolutely vital that you look through this now I want to say this. If you're treating Children, then you have any doubt whatsoever. I talk about 1% when you're treating Children. If you're treating young banks, I urge you to go see a qualified aroma therapist. If you have any doubts, no, she qualified Run therapist or doctor. If you have any doubts whatsoever, epilepsy as well. We need to check with certain oil. So again, check with your doctor. If you have any doubts whatsoever. Any medications, any reaction. If you had reactions before, then, places a qualified therapist or doctor or both 31. Some good news for people with high blood pressure: all right. I just wanted very quickly speak about hypertension people, the high blood pressure and using essential oils. Because there's so much going on around the Internet and with oils that a contrary indicator, rose may hiss up. Sage that contraindicated because they raise blood pressure. Well, the good news is this. If you've got high blood pressure, hypertension, you do not have to worry. Andi, I will quote I always wanted to say that I will quote Tissa. Rand says here there's no remember, this is the book. As I keep telling you throughout the throughout the course it is the book that all aroma therapist go through. This is the book called a Central Oil Safety by to surrender. And it says here and I quote, there is no case for Contra indication off any essential oils is in reference to the hypertension. So if you got hypertension, high blood pressure, don't worry, OK? You do not have to worry about this increasing your blood pressure 32. A word about citrus oils and phototoxicity: So you remember I talked about the photo toxicity about going out to the San Child in using certain oils like Citrus oils and then getting burnt. I'm going to share a little secret. How you can avoid this happening is what you could do instant. So if you have going to get a massage, for example and you're using now, by the way, it's generally the Citrus oils I've got a list in your resource is of the ones that, um, tend to get photo toxicity. Now, interestingly, if they're expressed, they could be photo toxic. But if they steam distill them, then they are not photo toxic. Okay, now what you will see, for example, in now they can also remove the constituent. That makes them about a topic in Bergamo Zberg, Captain. So you might see. And I recommend that you buy these wherever you can. So if you're going to buy, let's say Bergamo, you might see one of constituents is for Eno Kun Marin, and that's a constituent makes a photo toxic so you might see F c. If so, which means for Moreno, Coomer and free. So you might see if Bergamo FCF or gapped in free. So I and just see that they're steamed is still there, not about a toxic. If they're expressed, they are. So have a look at the list and what I suggest you do now tous around in their central safety, they recommend that you use no more than a fluid ounce 30 mils, no more than four drops totals of expressed Citrus oils. So if you got expressed once they're not steam distilled, then you should do. If you get the sunshine to be safe. No more than four drops per 30 mills one out. So which is a 0.5% to be on the safe side? Now you can just cover yourself up, but you don't wanna go to a tanning bed. Anything is what UV rays and not a tanning bed not out into the sunshine to avoid photo sensitivity. Now you could put on a long, long closer. The sun can burn you, but this is to be safe with using settles. But really, the best thing that you can do is if you're going to buy six souls, then use the ones that have been steamed or stewed on by the way. Not all of the essential oils are phone a toxic, for example. Sweet orange Mandarin on Not but you see that list there? So take a look at the list and it's really only you have to worry about it if you're gonna be doing, say, putting into products like you make a lotion and I Citrus lotion. Now, if you're gonna make a lotion, you'd want to keep it that way. 0.5%. So let's say you want to make a nice lotion that your moisturizing cream or what have you? You're gonna do Citrus oils, which is uplifting, which is terrific. Then make sure that it 0.5%. So if you've got 30 mils, four drops maximum if you remember, that's if they there expressed Okay, so if they're steamed a student, you don't have to worry about that. 33. Oils that must be avoided in pregnancy: So in your notes in this lecture, you've got the oils that you gave your pregnant or nursing, then the oils that you should avoid and the oils that you it's considered safe to use. So down on those if you're pregnant or nursing and then you can cross check with those which are considered safe on which you should avoid. 34. What you should not do: now, I just wanna briefly touch on the fact that if you are starting to see see people with the aromatherapy recover of things, we should really talk about things that you should not do and really goes back to the Hippocratic of do no harm. So as aromatherapy. After doing a course like this, you should not diagnose anyone. All right, this is outside the scope of expertise. Unless you're a doctor, for example. But if you just on this course, you should not be diagnosing someone's disease. Given the diagnosis for illness, anything like that, you would refer them on. If you have any suspicions, I get them to see a primary care practitioners, Dr. For example. You should also not tell them to start taking certain medications or neither. Tell them to stop taking a medication either. This is again not in your area of expertise. And the final thing is, we're not gonna tell people to start taking any essential oils internally. Okay, use him externally and say topically under the skin with bars and that sort of thing spritzers and so on and so forth. Oil and museums aroma in the sense as diffuses in that sort of thing, So always err on the side of caution. And if you do have any any doubts or any any sort of suspicions of something that something might be going on, then refer them on as say to a doctor Primary care practitioner. 35. Introduction to this section: now in this section, of course, this is the sort of the meat and veggies, if you like of the course. So as you're going now, I could give you all the background of the aromatherapy. These are the ways that you can apply your aromatherapy so everything from bars and had a Dubai's properly, whether it's delusion, rates for massage. I was doing certain areas. So this is how you're going to use him to the information after this section. Then you always have to come back to here on work. I will make a room spray What do a spritzer where I do you a topical lotion or jail and that sort of thing. So this this section teaches you all of the ways that you can play aromatherapy so you Central's and whatever therapeutic ways you want to use them 36. A word about aromatherapy baths: now it's lovely to have used essential oils in a bath. It's beautiful. It's warming. It's relaxing. You're getting it topically on your skin and also inhaling it on with the warm water opens up the pores for better absorption as well. Now, this also could be a disaster. So I want to take you the right way to have a barn with Central of now so many so many sites and books, would you say Sprinkle in your bringing in your your Senator Doyle's 56 drops into the bath and switch it around. Do not do this, okay? You already know that they will not dissolve in water. Now what happens is this your city. Before that, you're the warm water will open up your pores. And now you've got globules of pure, essential oils around. You're going through your water in your back and with hate, they can hear it, had even more and generate what they'll go to sensitive areas in your body. Need I say anymore and could give you a really sting. So make sure that you put them into something like this. Is Castille soap any sort of soup? So will do shampoo or a vegetable oil. Coconut oil, if you wanna make more luxurious bath with some oils, will go into your skin as well. But so that's what you need to do. You must dollar them one tablespoon off, say oil or shampoo, and then or so as I say, and you can put it anywhere between 5% into a tablespoon will be 11% anywhere between 14%. So anywhere between five drops 2 20 drops, which will give you a 5% dilution and then put them in and swing them around in your bath. And then you will have diluted essential oils within your bath. And you won't have to worry about having globules of essential oils, potentially causing a very nasty reaction. 37. Warm and cold compresses: So let's talk about using Compress is complicit. They're fantastic. Way to help certain conditions, localized conditions. Now there are cold compresses and warm compresses. So what you're gonna do is you use your bandage, a small towel or something like that to use your compress. Now what I see so often recommended complexes get something like a pint of Let's score a cold compress. So what you gonna do? You use the cooling anti inflammatory essential oils with a cold compress. And likewise, you're warming anti inflammatory oils and your walling oils with a warm compress. Okay, so that they benefit each other now what? You didn t see a recommendations to get a pint of water and then get your essential oils and you drop them into the water on. Then put your tower, put it into the water here, and you know, they put that in the water there, ring it all out on, then you know, put it on the side of your injury or your pain. Okay, Now and so if it's a cool one there sent a cool one. We got into icy on icy water slurry or a laser refrigerator border. And so we got that So good cooling coils into the cold water and then we bring out the excess water withdrawals in there and then put it on and want to get to, you know, sort of body temperature. You repeat the process now. The only problem is this. Well, first of all, undiluted essential oils. Water. Once again you nagel globules award. So this is the skin irritation problem. But let's say the person does get their teaspoonful of carry oil, puts the essential oils in and then put it into the water and mixes it all up and then put in their town. And then they do the same thing. The problem is, is now you've just diluted your let's say, 10% solution or dilution into a pint of water. So now it's really dilute, so it makes no sense to me to do it this way. So let's say, for example, you got someone with and inflamed wrist OK, got risk paying a lot of pain. Eso they didn't claim wrist, so all right, so let's say I'm going to use a five million and five minutes Great, which is your teaspoon? Okay, so get a teaspoon remember a taste Birds equipment, about 100 drops. So let's say we want to make a 5% 5% dilution. So So we're gonna put five drops by 10 505 drops of essential oil on like what if you're making stronger, we put in 10 drops, which is 10% dilution, right? And then what I would do with that? I put it into a little ball and then I used that, and I would put Ellis said, We're using cooling Jesus disable. Using Pittman on 11 A. Mixed with five drops of age. A 10% solution into five mills, one teaspoon. So essentially I would rob them into the joint first. Okay, it makes no sense to me to have a diluted to say into a pint of water. Makes no sense. Now then. So you've got that rubbed into your skin. You've got your towel into just cold water, so but you're putting the essential oil in the carrier oil onto the skin first, then because he's a cooling oils, then we've got a cold towel or bandage and put it on like that. Okay, so then you're using and you gonna fix it with a clip or whatever you've got, because you can use a bandage now also, what you could do with this is if you want to keep the essentials from evaporating, you can then put Cling film around the hotel. Okay, so that's a really good way. And likewise, if you doing warm, you don't with warm water once it cools down sort of body temperature. Then you put it back into the warm water and you repeated okay, so that, to me, makes far more sense when doing a compress. To put it, the essentials direct on the skin and say deluded into 5 to 10% delusion. Put that under the skin. Whether it's using whatever carrier oil or using Allah Vera gel or a lotion doesn't matter what uses. You kept me a put it on and then took the tout. And 2 May that makes a world more sense. 38. Roller balls: now one of my favorite things to use Rolla balls. And here they are on Amazon. You can find them very, very easy. And they are cheap as chips 13 99 you get 24 10 mil empathic glass roller bottles and there stands to a bull. You get the you see here you get the the pets toe. To put the essential oils in a little funnel is to take the little stainless steel ball out on. Then you got all these labels you can use. They make such great gifts. They're so wonderful to use all you do another 10 mills. So you just put it in your carrier oil and then make it dilutions. Ever go to a dilution table here and 10 mil? All right, so work out whatever percentage. Or let's say you won't do something for headaches, as we learn later on down in the course that peppermint is great with probably the number one essential awful headaches and for treating them. So if attention headaches 15 drops. If you want to make a 5% dilution, 15 drops into into here and you have whatever carrier or you want, but it's fantastic so if you want to study, you can use your basil combination. All those essential oil combinations I gave you back in lecture to. Then you could make anxiety, blends concentration, study. But whatever you want and say they make great gifts, you could have put him in your purse, put him in your pocket. Leave, you know, wherever you like this so handy. And I said you could rub on your temples If you've got for a headache you want calming montee your risk produce 11 dir on that. These are just a great way to apply for bruising. For example, you could roll around the mess Sergeant in, and it's just a great way to be out of, especially if you're out and about your the office and you got some sort of pain. You can use that. Yeah, great little things. And as you can see, I 39 9 24 of those that super cheap and a great way to use them 39. Bath and body products: So when it comes to making your own bath and body products that say you want to do a body moisturizer or make a ship medicated shampoo, you buy yourself a pH neutral shampoo and let's say you want to add rosemary. Rosemary. Essential oil is excellent for hair growth. Okay, I haven't been using all right. I've been so but anyway, so what you gonna do? Get 100 milliliters off your shampoo? And if you want to make it so it's 124%. I would start at 1% so you can always add more later on in case of any reaction, Of course. So 1% is 30 drops it. Let's say you're using rose me 30 drops of essential oils to 100 mils just during this, so you don't have to go through, you know, to go. What's that dilution. So that is a 1% 30 drops to 100 milliliters of shampoo. Okay, it's a same with the moisturizer. So you want to make a nice a nice moisturizing lotion, you're gonna make one or 2%. 30 drops 1% to 100 mils. 60 drop would be 2% and so on and so forth 40. Small topical creams, oils and lotions: and another way you can use your aromatherapy is to use it a makeup, a little, a little bottle with your carrier carrier oil, your lotion, your talavera, whatever you want to do, make up a small batch of it. And then you put the essential oils to treat specific problems. For example, it was menstrual pain. You could a 44 temps in dilution. If it's for specific pain, you could go anywhere from, say, Ford 4% up to 20 again, depending on the person, depending on the problem, that sort of thing on for wounds and bites and stings so they sort of things. You could make a little pain relieving lotion or oil that again you could take. If you were treating people, you could make that up for them to take it home and rubbed it on there for information, for pain, that sort of thing. So there's there's another thing where you increase the dilution to help people with local trauma. Let's say this Maria Metropolitan person could and rub it on a four attempts sent dilution do that at home 41. Foot baths: So let's say you wanna make a football. Now put parts of fantastic. You put your feet in at the end of the day. Or, for example, if you've got a fungal problem. 10 years foot continues for tenure. Athletes foot, and but these are really fantastic. So all you need to do is get a soap. Shampoo. Could be vegetable oil, whatever you want to put it, especially if you want a dry track. Frightened. You want nourishing a little more, and you add your essential oils 3 to 6 drops of essential oil. Mix it in with, say, you can use your site. You can use a shampoo whatever you want. That they're fine for carriers. Have that Children. So 123 drops into the foot bath and just sit there and enjoy it. 42. Steam inhalation: now, another terrific way to use aromatherapy is to esteem inhalation. You can buy them a little steam inhalers that you would over the amount. They're like that nose and mouth. To inhale like that. You need a drop or two to put in them. If you don't have that simply, you get a boat. Put warm water on hot water, obviously not too hot. Better put 34 dropped into your water and tell over the top of your head and away you go and you do that for a minute. Great for chest infections, great for coughs and colds and science infections to clear you up. Also with steam, you can use certain oils, which will help clear your paws like tea, tree or lemon, these sorts of things. A great clearing. You also could do that for that as well. 43. Diffusers/inhalation: Now one of the easiest ways to use aromatherapy and incredibly effective is to put it into a diffuser and nebulizer something like that on inhale the wonderful aromas room from the essential oils. You could also just put it into a cotton bowl and use it like that a tissue, and take it with you. You can use easily inhalers. You can buy these blanks from Amazon, put in a cotton ball inside it in a way you go, you can use it to. You always got them like that. So these air really easy ways for you to be out a use aromatherapy and diffusing through the room and really, really effective, especially for emotional problems. 44. Full body massage: all right, Because you do massage a quick reminder. OK, you got to dish and you're gonna put in your carrier oil. So now you need to do you have need to experiment this, but generally between 30 mils and 60 mils purpose. So 30 minutes, remember, is one fluid ounce, which is two tablespoons off carry oil. So let's say using sweet damn putting two tablespoons of you carry world That'll be 30 mills, one fluid ounce for the Virgin Imperial, or just double it up for 60 mill. So if you're using 30 mills, one fluid ounce, two tablespoons, you're going to put in for a 1% dilution. You're going to put in around about nine drops OK, and double that for a 2% solution. Remember, 1% percent solution for Children, people with sensitive skin or less elderly, that sort of thing. 2% for healthy adults. Okay, so then you go so it's gonna be two tablespoons and add in a total for a 1% solution. Around about nine drops and a remembers a total. So if you use a blend for a 2% solution with two tails going to carry oil, you use 18 drops 45. Room sprays: now, a lovely thing you could do is make yourself a room spray. Now you want to have your bottle of this is half a later or 16 ounce, and you wanna have a dark glass bottle dark and glass perfectly. So all you do is you put in distilled water because that would make it last longer. And then add in are the times been a which has a or vodka, a massive find of dissolved, the essential oils. And then you can put around about 30 drops of your favorite essential oil blend or one essential oil, whatever you like. So if you want to make a nice calming blend, you put in a nice coming essential oils. 30 them to steal border and some alcohol. Shake it every time before you use it anyway. And if you spread it around, be careful off your furniture. Would that sort things that spread directly on that or your pets or on a pregnant woman, just in case 46. Summary : Okay, so now you've seen all these different ways that you can use essential oils and aroma therapy and all the different ways you can apply them. I just want to summarize this. So as you go through the course now, when you're treating respiratory tract infections, colds, flu, Sinus, hay fever or psychological issues such as anxiety, nervousness, depression and so on and so forth, we want memory concentration. Focus. The absolutely best, most effective way is through inhalation. So whether that's a personal and hair that you made up with essential oils straight from the bottle using a tissue, a steam inhalation method you know over a ball. Or if you've got one that you put on the mask, that's something. They're the most effective ways. Trading as a safe respiratory tract, infections, psychological issues and concentration focus that sort of thing. And because just much more direct than using a diffuser now diffuser once again, you can use that as well. But much more effective is obviously where it's closer to your face through those sorts of things. Now, when it comes to treating things like hair problems like dandruff, skin conditions, xmas, these sorts of things pain They think you want applied topically. Okay, So, so much more effective than the breathing in. You want to be out of apply you cream gel lotions, your elevator and that sort of thing for burns Weren't stings pain that poor thing, right to drink them topically. A combination of two will help for moods as will and asthma and bronchitis these sorts of things. Where and relax ation that sort of thing. So moods think massage, that sort of thing. So combined the two really great for those sorts of things as well. But most direct skin pain here, that sort of thing bites, stings, sprains. The most direct method is topically on. Remember, you wrap it around a swell, if you can, with some cling wraps and plastic to get better absorption rate even more. Is your trap in the molecules and inhalation for respiratory tract allergies, that sort of thing. Psychological issues and focus concentration, that sort of thing 47. What we are going to go through from now on: Okay, so in this section, now we're in the following sections. What we're going to be doing is this is sort of your resource resource area. So I'm going to be going through the best oils, the best essential oils on just run you through all of these different disorders and that sort of thing. And so this is the area where you can always what you download all of the pdf files that I've got you so that you've got the reference notes. So, for example, if someone has head eggs, whether you're treating someone with yourself that you know Oh, these the essentials that mark symbol for this these treatments Now, you already got your toolbox of applications. Meaning you know how to apply. I've gone through that, you know, had applied the aroma therapy for the best topically or inhalation. So now I'm gonna go through, and so you be a better. If you download these notes, you'll be able to have a look. Okay, So respiratory disorders, these fantastic cross check them with Children and pregnancy. Of course, as we talked about earlier on the course and to measure the safe, But so then you're gonna look at that. Okay, so we could do that. I know the inhalation. That's the best way to treat colds and flu's. So what? Inhaled probable of a block on. That's the way you going to do it. All right. So download all the hates of references here for you. Then you can put him in a bolder look through them when you need them. If you've got a client in your spy and that sort of thing, and that way, you've always got them and you know, But if you need to be refreshed, you go back to my lectures. 48. Let’s look at stress: all right, so let's talk a little bit about stress and how we can help it with aromatherapy. But let's first look at stress because there are different types off stressors in their lives. Now the first we'll look at is a no immediate stress. For example, you're in the street and a gunman comes out onto the road. So what happens here is your sympathetic nervous system put you into what's called fight flight response. So it goes into action, and this happens in your brain, the limbic system. So the Olympic system then sends a message to the hypothalamus, which is your sort of the big daddy of the endocrine system, and then that releases hall most the opportunity pituitary gland. The pituitary gland then signals the adrenal cortex to release cortisol and adrenaline, which are your stress hormones. So what happens then, when it releases those? Then you have changed in your body. Your blood pressure rises, your heart beats faster, your lungs start taking more oxygen. Your respiration rate staff pick up, so you know it gets Get your body ready to run or fight Fight flight response. Your digestion temporarily slows down your blood vessels constrict. Everything starts to happen so that you are ready to fight or flight. So this is great, right? This is what we need to escape a dangerous environment now. But the problem is, wouldn't becomes a prolonged stressor. So, in other words, you you were constantly on running on adrenaline. You know that is that term running on adrenaline? And this is a very real thing. It keeps pumping out adrenaline, and this is very bad for your body. This is what you get all these chronic complex where people have You're constantly in this state of stress, and this leads to your insomnia, irritable bowel systems, syndrome, headaches, high blood pressure, cardio vascular disease, you name it. Or these stresses have been an unbelievable toll on our bodies and pretty much every department skin disorders. They said 98% of skin disorders are from stress themselves. And so it just goes on and on. Emotional problems, irritability, anger, all these sorts of things, the problems off long term being in that sympathy sympathetic mode where your adrenaline cortisol is continually low, Does pumping it out into your system 49. A handy list of essential oils for emotional states: So we're gonna look at stress and insomnia and different emotional states. But in this lecture, in your resource, is what I've done for you. Just give you now, of course, people say, What about this oil in that oil? Now, you could do that all the way through the course, go. But this oil is great for that. What I've done is tried to make a succinct list off central oils. That one a really effective for the certain emotional state, for example, in this lecture or the end, or they are easily accessible and probably something you may have. I mean, I could tell you religion or do you need to have 100 plus oils in your cabinet to if you want to go through all the different essential oils. So this is just common oils that are really effective to treat fear, worry, anxiety, irritability. So download the pdf file from your resource is and then you've always gotta put in your phone or whatever you're keeping your notes with. And then So if you're suffering from anxiety, irritable or what have you you go on. Now, what were in those and you can have a look at those and then users oils however you like through massage, diffusing, etcetera, etcetera 50. Stress and insomnia-which oils to use: all right. So let's have a look at how we can help someone who is just now, as I don't There is what I'll do. I'll treat the court as if you aren't treating someone. So whether you do your message therapist were aromatherapy reflexology. It's obviously you used these same things I talk about if it's regarding yourself, but we'll talk about it is if you're treating someone. So if someone came into your spark and they're suffering from stress, this is where the questioning becomes very, very important. So, you know, how are they affected by stress? So you wanna ask them, you know, do they have certain pain? Do they have problems sleeping? Are they exhausted? We have the energy levels. They have digestive problems and so on and so forth. Okay, so we get a good round a picture of how that person really needs to be helped. Now, one of the things one of magic is people will get exhausted at a long term stress living under such a long time, people will get run down that might get depressed, they get exhausted. So if the person still in a very anxious state, then start to think of $11 languishing, um, Roman camomile. These are the sorts of things they wanna have before bed, to calm and then or even during the day. So stop thinking. Putting it into a couple drops on a tissue nasal inhaler spritzers this things to calm things down. Likewise, a bath. At the end of the evening, you're putting some lavender and that something in the evening under their pillow in a diffuser. So you start to think getting that Internet to affect their brand to affect the emotional state. Now, an interesting study I want to mention as well. Before I figured it was, there was a study done with 40 working women that had very high stress lifestyles, and they didn't sleep well, didn't have a good quality of life. So what they did it was a double bind. Blind, placebo controlled study. The head of placebo they had part of the group was just getting massaged. Another part of the group they were getting three times a week for 20 minutes. A diffuser with lavender, so 11 or getting diffused 20 minutes a day for three days a week for a four week period. Now the the other group, the fourth group. They were getting a combination of lavender, marjoram and clary sage in a blend equal parts. So let's say two drops 11 to 2 drops margarine, two drops Clary Sage, for example. You know, equal parts, and then they assist them. And they did the same thing. So 20 minutes a day, three days a week, having it defused. And then they looked at the night. After four weeks, they asked the women they did a survey on their quality of life, whether it had it had improved or not, and also their quality off sleep. Now, interestingly enough, the message Well, first of all, 11 to go around about quality of sleep. 20 just under 25%. 23% improvement in sleep, which is pretty good, right? Um, massage had a 39% improvement in sleep, so you can see that massage is very, very effective now. They're just getting message once a week, by the way, and the blend, the lavender marjoram Clary Sage blend had nearly 50% increase in a quality of sleep, and also their quality of life increase by around about 40% which was better than all the others as well. So just think about this as a therapeutic tool. You. But foreseeable, it was just inhaled, right? So just defused. But imagine. And this goes back to what I said a while ago in one of their lectures. Just imagine if you did a blend for this person off lavender, which is studies show highly effective. So giving them a better quality of life and helping them sleep better by using that in an aromatherapy massage, for example. Now, then they get that blend. So you make that blend for them and you take that they take that home and then infuse that into whatever they want to do. And I go into that in a minute on how you can best help people with this. But so this goes back to the once again that association off. I feel great through the massage, and I'm getting the aromatherapy but topically and inhaling it. So the calming effect of the rubber, they're yours coupled that with the relax ation message. So it just going on top of each other. And so then when they go home and when they use it in whatever form they use, it said. I'll go into great ways to be out of users. They didn't then this has reinforced that memory of relax ation in the Spar with those message oil's going through the bloodstream, going through the brain hitting an emotional state is now once again being brought up in the diffuser or bath, or what have you. So really, but I got these in your notes, but yet that so that was a key part 11 of Marjoram and Clary sage so might give that a go. If you're not a message therapist, there must definitely try messing with Bath or any other way, which again I'll go into now. Another thing with in some here is some people their minds just can't stop their minds. Racing, writing, writing a good one for that is frankincense. That would calm the mind as well. Other people are affected by worry, or they're just anxious about everything. Another one, a part of the ones have already mentioned. Another one's very specific is narrowly, which is really good for helping anxiety and worry. So these these are your notes. I'm gonna have them down for you, but this is a really important now, maybe the person sitting before they're exhausted. So that's what they have. A nighttime. But in the morning, they don't want to have because it just did tired. They picked me up. They need to work, you know. They need to get to work. I concentrate. So this is where the Citrus is come into their own. Bergamo has been especially effective for depression. So if a person's get them to have a say in nasal inhaler, any of the Citrus bergamot So fantasy one, as I said, he too. But because they're both calming but also uplifting as well. So really it Just think about the sitters. Smells so beautiful on again. Lots of studies have been done about six years. How have you Citrus oils in people? Just people feel already so much more lifted when they were defusing it through the room. In fact, they use sitters shops to sell more product that done studies where people smelling Citrus essay that was so more product. Okay, so so that now other things, maybe the person, because people's immune systems get run down. So then you might want that's out thinking tea tree oil. They're immune boosting eucalyptus. So they sort of think so. It all becomes really important again. I will guide you through these. I will have these in your notes here so you can look at them. I just want talking through here so that when you think again, if it's for yourself, I always getting colds. And Bruce said them make up. You know, that is something you sleep during the day or something. Refused to boost your immune system. Maybe you just have no energy. So start thinking tonics like pick me ups like rosemary, these sorts of things. So these old things Yeah, a Z you start to go. Okay, cause stress is, of course, a very complicated. So what we wanna do, is, is in that you start to get better and better at it and aromatherapy, you start to narrow them down. 51. What some studies say about helping anxiety and depression: Okay, so I just want talk about some research. Studies have been done now what a couple of these in regards to anxiety now they had over 100 women that was suffering from anxiety and what they did. They put a patch now. One was a control group to the pets had no essential oils. One of the other one had the 2nd 3rd of the group had peppermint and orange on the patch, so they had a central on, stuck them on a patch on the chest, and the third group had 11 and sandalwood and the group that did the best on markedly so with a group that had the patron lavender and sandalwood. So there's something might try again with the massage diffuses, Etcetera said excitedly. Talked about. So that was a combination of lavender and sandalwood that was much better than the orange Pigment group and the control group that had nothing to help with anxiety. Now another study was done with people with men actually of 50 men that was suffering from withdrawal symptoms because they were addicted to crack cocaine and they were hospitalized and they had one group that which is to control group, so nothing happened to them. The other group had a nebulizer with bitter orange, and they found that the the men that had the bitter orange that was nebulizer did markedly better from their anxiety levels. Because, of course, you're going of crack cocaine. And so they did a lot lot better in that group. And finally, I'm gonna talk about depression now. There was a study done or the systematic review, so a systematic review is what they did. They checked all these different studies there, 12 different studies, and they used 11 Doyle. Another nine studies used 11 oil. Other studies use Rose and a couple of other different essential oils. I just excuse me, just one essential oil on what they did. These were people who are suffering from depression, and they were given messages. And so they had one group that just just just smelt just inhaled the essential oils. The other group had just massage, and the other group had aroma, therapeutic massage, and the group that had the aromatherapy massages did a lot better by getting their messages with aromatherapy or the one was studied, had the most studies was 11 so once again. Yes, it's great to inhale them, but you can do much better as we talked about before. By getting that, you try to get a rabbit therapy massage and then, like I said before, then you give them if it's a planned or just get them to use. Like, say, these people just had 11 just on one level. Or that I got message of lavender, and again you recommend to them, too. Go home and use 11 durst different. Inhale it nebulizer, diffusers, etcetera, etcetera, bards like we talked about again. 52. Let’s use this knowledge practically: All right, so let's let's get practical on this. I would just go through this from this. This lecture or these lectures and stress and insomnia is if you had a climb, let's say you're a massage therapist or this is a family member or friend or whatever, and you want to try and help them. OK, so let's have let's say the person is really run down there, really stressed. And just like I am absolutely exhausted. But at night time, I can't switch my mind up. Okay, so you ask yourself or how do I help? Okay, I know that things that affect mood the best way to Teoh to deal with this is inhalation. Obviously massages excellent aromatherapy and recommend that or if your message therapist, you do that. And OK, but at night time, their minds racing. So let's go ahead. OK, so But they're exhausted. They need energy now. Remember, Teoh uplift someone. One of the best things to do is use Citrus oils. Bergamo Great for depression is a Citrus oil and any other settlers. So you might think. OK, here's what I recommend. The person do get themselves an inhaler, and then you get the cotton Bowl in there and put three or four drops of Citrus oil secretarial planned. Any of these blends here and they can use that during the day. Okay. Or it's on a tissue handkerchief, whatever. But inhaling it directly when they need to give them toe, uplift them to give them energy to stimulate them. OK, so that be a really good thing to do. So the person says, I'm just just had a unr un down then I think. OK, Citrus, inhale Citrus. Okay, great. They're working in office. They can put in diffuser is Well, okay, But again, remember, the most direct method of immolation is gonna be the most powerful now, But at night time, they can't switch their mind off. They just basically burnt out. So, frankincense, Judah, mind racing. So think about the job. Maybe 11 and frankincense blend. You could try the Lebanon marjoram. Clary Sage had great results doing equal parts to say 22 and two drops into a refusal 100 mils water. And they used that. They put that remember, the best effect is around 20 minute mark. So you want on that curve of the most effect. So 20 minutes before bed, you recommend they put that endured a future or, you know, a culpable under their pillow, that sort of thing. So So you started work out, OK? The person's exhausted in the morning. I'm gonna uplift the my God get them to do Citrus oils, those sorts of things stimulating always peppermints wild, orange, these things to steal and get them going. Basil, all of these sorts of things we talked about, All right, so that's really and then you're starting to paint a picture, and then you could work with the person. Now, if you're a massage therapist, then what do I would have? They come in and they're always down. And that's the thing. Most definitely I would do, you know, some Citrus oils again. Make sure with the vote of toxicity, you gotta be careful with that. So we've already talked about that as well, but these are fantastic. If they just strung out, they come in, they're all wired. Then you want to start looking at the ones from for calming lavender, Roman can Amado, and maybe better on these sorts of things or even just one essential oil something that will just come this system down, get him out of sympathetic mode. So these are the sorts of things, and then you start looking at all the applications. Think roller Bose is a great bars. Recommend bars in the afternoon. The afternoon. The evening. So you think? Okay, go home. But if you dropped in a carrier oil of lavender into a bath, go home. And then your nights I put in your diffuser, that sort of thing. So you start toe help during the day and also night time, and you're balancing outside. Look at the person. Go Well, OK, somebody to uplift in the morning have been We're going to combat, not time for them. And so you start to get them out of that sympathetic nervous system mode back to Paris and that it calms down, helps the digestion helps their head, except they've got them and other skin disorders. What all these other different maladies that people have can have, at least, but it comes to stress and stress related disorders. And because, of course, affects the whole body. So much more So these are things you want to start looking at. You look at the notes here. OK, what we got here, All right. Get the person to do maybe diffusion together in the kitchen in the morning when they get up, get him to refuse on uplifting brand blend. Getting to put it into said that personal inhaler, all these sorts of things, you start looking all right, so go Anger. Let's start working on those so you start to narrow in and fine tune all of these things. They got these in the notes here. Your blends with depression, that sort of thing. Have a look at these. Director of the lectures on then it might be for yourself, but this is This is the way we need to start thinking in your head space. Do you still go? OK, how do I find TUNEL? This rather just put one blend here. What are the main concerns is the lack of energy. Is it too much energy, you know, is anxiety depression, remember, lavender is so brilliant and we talked about way back in the start of the course about how it regulates sympathetic, nervous, sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. So it goes both ways to neutralize so that to make would be a fabulous one. It only had one again. Like I said earlier in the course 53. Congratulations! Now you are ready for part 2!: And there we have it. That is the course. I sincerely hope you enjoyed my course. A little bit of fireworks going on there. So you have completed the course Now again, I sincerely thank you for watching my course to completion, If you haven't already, I would love it if you would write a review for my course. It's important. As an instructor, we get reviews again. Thank you so much. And I hope that you enjoyed my course.