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Aromatherapy: Healing & Essential Oils Advanced Training

teacher avatar Wahido Marata, I #love to help #entrepreneurs

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (2h 1m)
    • 1. 5 Things Everyone Needs To Stay Healthy and Improve a Healthy Lifestyle

    • 2. Meet Wahido Marata

    • 3. What Are Essential Oil And How To Use them Safely

    • 4. Healing and Essential Oils Advanced Training: Skin Rejuvenation

    • 5. Healing and Essential Oils Advanced Training: Weight Loss

    • 6. Healing and Essential Oils Advanced Training: Immune System

    • 7. Healing & Essential Oils Advanced Training: Brain Health

    • 8. A deeper compassionate understanding about Depression and how to manage it.

    • 9. What is a diffuser and how to use it?

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About This Class

Learn how essential oils can help moisturize & cleanse Skin, boost Immune System & Brain Health, & manage Weight Loss

Everyday we are told that conventional medicine is the way to address physical, emotional and psychologic stress, but when we use our intuition we know that there are other ways to healing. We know that natural medicine helps human beings not only heal in a direct way but bring a more holistic impact to our lives. What we offer in this advanced training is to explore the powerful combination between healing and essential oils when used for brain health and depression.

For centuries, people have used essential oils for skin due to their soothing, purifying, and calming characteristics. While topical application is a simple way to enjoy the skin benefits of essential oils, there are far more creative uses for oils when it comes to boosting the immune system and brain health, and to manage weight loss.

Humans have been savoring these precious gifts from nature at least since the ancient Egyptians:

…Clay tablets confirm their role in early international trade

…Middle Age religious orders embraced them

…Hippocrates promoted their daily use

…The Chinese used them well over 2,000 years ago

- These habits, spanning four categories — physical health and exercise, diet and nutrition, cognitive activity, and social engagement — can help keep your body and brain healthy and potentially reduce your risk of cognitive decline. Research has suggested that combining good nutrition with mental, social and physical activities may have a greater benefit in maintaining or improving brain health than any single activity.

- Because essential oils are so versatile, they can easily be used in a number of ways to benefit the skin. Whether your skin is dry, oily, irritated, or otherwise, there is an essential oil that can help soothe, moisturize, or cleanse skin on the face and other areas of the body. Healing through deep relaxation, combined with the diffusion of an essential oil or by using it topically, makes one of the most effective ways to deal with any skin ailment.

- The immune system is a host defence system comprising many biological structures and processes within an organism that protects against disease. To function properly, an immune system must detect a wide variety of agents, known as pathogens, from viruses to parasitic worms, and distinguish them from the organism's own healthy tissue.

- If you are dealing with adverse obesity, or looking at sliming/toning, or simply wanting to achieve your optimal body weight, in this course you will be able to gain a deep understanding about which essential oils help achieve weight loss in a safe and controlled way.

Essential oils have been used for millennia for medicinal and health purposes. The potential healing compounds in essential oils come from distilling or extracting the different parts of plants, including the flowers, leaves, bark, roots, resin and peels. And due to their antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties they are used worldwide as healing agents. Here is what you will learn in this advanced training...

  • How to help the clean and moisturise the skin and protect it from the sun.

  • Learn the top essential oils for healthy skin, boosting the immune system, weight loss and healthy brain activity, and how to use them on a daily basis.

  • Learn easy to use DIY recipes for a glowing and shinny skin, a strong and vital immune system, weight management and improving brain activity and reduce depression.

  • Understand which essential oils are good for a glowing and shinny skin, boosting the immune system, weight management and for boosting brain activity.

  • Learn how to break up dead skin cell and allow them to naturally detach themselves from the skin surface.

  • Have an understanding that weight loss in individuals who are overweight or obese can reduce health risks, increase fitness, and may delay the onset of diabetes.

  • Learn a safe and effective way to achieve permanent weight loss (or conscious weight management) by following the these steps: Healthy Diet, Plenty of Exercise, Improvement of One’s Lifestyle and Using Healthy Supplements.

  • How essential oils can lead to healing and relaxation.

  • Advanced strategies for a healthy and prosperous life on all levels.

Further information: If you have ever enjoyed the scent of a rose, you've experienced the aromatic qualities of essential oils. These naturally occurring, volatile aromatic compounds are found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants. They can be both beautifully and powerfully fragrant. In addition to giving plants their distinctive smells, essential oils protect plants and play a role in plant pollination. In addition to their intrinsic benefits to plants and being beautifully fragrant to people, essential oils have long been used for food preparation, beauty treatment, and health care practices.

Note: Not all essential oils are created equal. In fact, most of them are worthless to your health and often synthetic. Therefore, when using essential oils, make sure they are certified pure therapeutic grade.


and Create Your Own Unique Daily Ritual and Share it with the World

Bring the Present Moment Closer to Your Radiant Being

"What if there was a near instant way to experience joy or peace? Or support your overall well-being in a gentle, time-tested way? And it was something you could take with you wherever you go? Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? Whenever I come across a way to support physical, mental and spiritual health that isn’t invasive or costly, it captures my attention. And I believe, as you learn more, you’ll be impressed, too. It’s Not Hocus-Pocus… There’s Real Science Behind Aromatherapy." - Dr. Mercola

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Wahido Marata

I #love to help #entrepreneurs


Hi, my name is Wahido Marata and I am a CLC, CCC, Certified Life & Career Coach by the ICF (International Coach Federation) committed to helping entrepreneurs go beyond struggles, limiting belief systems, boost their self-confidence, motivation and self-awareness. My goal is to assist entrepreneurs to create a strong mindset that allows them to exponentially increase their social media presence, create a massive action plan, resources and strategies to grow their business, learn how to generate more leads and sales online, learn how to make a bigger impact in the world with their work and increase revenue, learn how to build a solid rock reputation and how to grow and monetise instagram and other social media platforms.

I spent time in Pune, India studying spirituality, Ayurveda ... See full profile

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1. 5 Things Everyone Needs To Stay Healthy and Improve a Healthy Lifestyle: thank you very much for joining me in this advanced training on essential oils in healing. This is a pleasure for me to be here with you today. Really? Because there are not many people out there that really are looking at healing, you know, holy sick. Wait. And that this dress training is actually a bit off in depth information and sharing just tips and tools that I've been gathering throughout the years about healing. And when I mean healing, I don't kneel, mean just a healing in a spiritual way which nowadays is spoken. And very often, you know, I'm healing for humanity, healing for the earth, healing for this and for that, what I'm going to focus in this training is actually healing the physical body, feeling the emotional body, healing the mind, healing the spirit and making a holistic approach to healing. And I combined many tools. But in this specific workshop, we are going to focus on healing, using essential lives in that in this advanced training, we're going to focus on four areas of our life. And I noticed that many people struggle a lot with these four elements that make us who we are. And this is why I focused on this training specifically about skin care, about weight loss, about boosting, insisting system in about depression and brain health. And why did I do this? Because it's like I said, the main four reasons why I feel people are struggling in today's world, not only in rich countries but in poor countries, in countries which these social economically inequality. And it's very important that we know how to take care off these four areas of our lives. Otherwise, we are, in my opinion, lacking when our vital energy on our on the energy that okay, really is missing in our lives. That's making so much sad in the breast and the overwhelmed and basically not happy with life, not bringing out that joyous feeling that we are entitled to have and that we can. We can leave our lives in a much, much better way in a way that it's much more relaxed in the way that is much more choice. So basically, I've seen pursuing the sense off happiness for so many years, the sense of well being, a sense of balance, the sense of harmony, and not only in my physical body. But in my mind and in my emotions, in my feelings and in my relationship with others. And so we're going to speak about many things here, and one of the things that I would like to focus on is really these four elements of our lives. But and I would like to introduce a little bit the work that I do. And, you know, perhaps you heard this. Perhaps you even heard it from me in my previous workshops. But, you know, I feel it's important not only to remind ourselves, but perhaps, you know, I say things differently today than I said yesterday, and so helps you get something out of it that you didn't get before. So in my presentation here, I would like to focus on letting you know, first of all, and five things that I believe are very, very important, if not vital, for people to stay healthy and to improve their lifestyle if they have have already a healthy lifestyle. So this is if you are doing everything perfectly, and if you are amazing in all areas off your health, then this might be just a reminder. So speaking, or you know you can use the check box here too. Let me know of your feedback. You know things that you are practicing in your life that you like to wear here toe actress Intention are things that you would suggests as a compliment or as a supplement to things that I'm going to share with you here. I believe that you know, having a healthy diet, having a balanced diet, a diet that is full off foots and vegetables and foods in general which are alive, full of energy for off vital energy full of sun. And so I think vegetarian for almost 20 years now and then many times I I acted even a vegan diet. And I believe that it's very, very important to, you know, it doesn't matter what your weeds, really You can have a vegetarian diet or or not a vegetarian diet or meats fish, you know, do anything that you want. But if you want health, then I believe that whatever you wheat should have a lot of sunlight along concentration off vital energy, that energy that you can see that it's alive. So you know that saying off you are what you eat Yes, I believe so, because everything that you eat becomes a part of you. If it's a food that has a lot off vibrant, healthy energy, that's what you become if it's not so vital and so not so alive. That's what you become because all the cells are in your body. It's up the foods that you eat, and so they become what you it So it's it's very, very important is a step number one to adopt a healthy diet. Step number two. I believe it's to keep a exercise routine on a daily basis, if possible, If not possible, then assume that if you, you know, run every now and then or you know at least walk. They say, like 15 minutes. But I So that's a now your body moves the energy setting what it moves. The blood circulation happens more fluidly. More oxygen is brought to the brain into all the cells of your body. You know it's so vital to keep this exchange off. CO two That happens inside your body with the oxygen that is outside of your body. So, you know, bringing in an oxygen and bringing out Come on, the accent It's so, so vital. And the more you do it, the better meaning, the deeper you do it, the better. Because then all the cells in your body gets this alive and fresh energy off abundant oxygen. And what what does your brain, which is the most heavy organ that you have in your body? What does he eat or it? It's with its oxygen, so you know it's many, many other things. But you know that without oxygen, the brain disinfection and it's the primary fools that feeds the brain. So the more oxygen did you bring in your body the better. Getting enough sleep? I've seen breathing recently, many journals and many particles on line and off line that speak about sleep and the importance of sleep. The importance off going to Beth sent one time and waking up. It's another specific time and having at least 7 to 9 hours, they say, for adult off sleep, usually going to bed at the same time and waking up with the same time so that the rhythm of the body and no creates the space off healing and the they are discovering that there is a lot of things that happened during sleep. The city is not stressful. Then the body cannot recoup. The brain cannot recoup all those memories, and others experience information that happens throughout the day and that processing the foods that you eat in a deeper level and the storing the specific things that they need to be starting the specific places in your body. You know all that happens in your sleep, and they also found out or are finding out's that's there's a lot of things that can be memorized and and the brain can still be used doing sleep. And so you know that the saying also, you know, if you need to study for your exams the next day, puts the book and they're your pillow. You know, it's It's a bit like this, and the brain gathers information on a people level during sleep and also detoxify eyes a lot and helps helps it docks. If I love the body and sell for the body to be cook, get enough sleep removal. Those that sells create more cells and they really and make the energy come up again. So that's and the next morning can we captain start today and be full of energy, then a good sleep. A good night's sleep is like in an immune system, boosting its one of the things that I'm going to speak here. It's so vital, you know, the more you boost your immune system, the more the chances off having a healthy last. You know, I have been lucky to have been introduced to many, many different natural medicine things that are out there. One of them is essential oils. And basically, since I've been starting, using essential is a long, long time ago. But more in the past three years, I haven't been sick as I used to be. I remember last year I got sick, which I stayed in bed two days because I couldn't move. I was overwhelmed with fever and this lip. Still, my central laws were my medicine, and I have occasional calls and, you know, I feel a bit sick sometimes. Take my sexual eyes and then, you know, believe it or aren't you know it's It's up to you. I really get through with natural medicine and, you know, except if I have hospital, are somethin simulator central from some disease, which not not going helps never happen. You know essential lots and natural medicine is the way. But a lot of food skin can also boost. Your immune system will speak about it all. So the worry. What's not getting everything here and now? But bull semen system is vital, being alert and focused. You know this sense off alertness, the sense off, not getting too much involved with your thoughts and not getting too much taken by your emotions and feelings. It's so vital, and so this sense off alertness which meditation, for instance, rings a lot. It's from the photo. It's something. It's a tool that I use on a set on a daily basis, and it brings me Elect Miss Being so focused it brings me a sense off peace Thomas in them inner alive. It's sort speech. And so, being electing, focused, he's very important in the several tools that I would like to also share with you today. That's enhanced this possibility in your life, but five for me, I'm not enough. These another one which is drinking enough water again, having to do with bringing oxygen to the body but also fluid, you know, they say, and that doctors that, you know drinking fluids is not really enough. Drinking water is what's fighting, You know, we know that Children have, like, 80% off their body composition made of water. We adults 75 to 80 or a bit less. You know, it's like we all know, the more you family heading, what do you want to do? You, too. And any clues to drink water cause it's what's going to make all the cells in the body if gets more fluidity and the bloodstream have flip flows better in the body. And so the brain gets more oxygen and you know it is basically able to release all the things that are happening inside your body. And so drinking water is fantastic, but they say that 1.5 to 2 leaders minimum, for they don't know if you can do it, but sometimes is difficult, but the salmon is a bit easier because, you know we sweat a lot, but still it's so important. And you don't get an app on your phone to remind you once in a while to drink some water, and you are getting your supplements that you know you have to drink water to have them, and so bring creative ways to remind yourself to drink water. It's sell, sell, sell so vital. Sometimes I forget. And I have to remind myself this is why I'm speaking about this app that I have on my phone , which, you know once in a while reminds me a drink. Some water. Okay, Some also some things that you can put you on your bottle like type of timer and that you can regulates. And them, you know, certain time, the time it goes up, Senator drinks and water. So, you know, bring the said cut off regular reminder in your life, your daily rhythm so that you can be reminded to drink water. But is this enough? Well, for me is it's really enough when is complemented with other things like essential oils, ends, meditation. I will speak a little bit about this in a moment 2. Meet Wahido Marata: I just wanted to, um, present myself and some of you might not know me. And some of you might have seen this presentation and or similar one because this one is the first time. But, um and then don't know me. And so my name is wanting Morata. I am, and, you know, passionate about essential oils about natural man they seemed about and everything to do with health and well being. I love neuroscience. I love and meeting people working with people in my coaching sessions or in the group's where I teach here in my local community and and and basically give workshops and weak people and help people true basically, and make them a big, more aware off know what is happening in in real life, behind all the things that we are exposed to in the mundane start off speaking or exterior all external world, which sometimes you know, takes us away from what is more important. And and so I have been studying in different parts of the world not only NLP but massage and different types of meditation, and I combine everything in the same kind of parts. I start it up and then what comes out is, I believe, very amazing tool that allows people to utilize the different pieces of the tools in their lives and no promotes their well being, promotes their mental clarity and find out ways to heal the body in the morgue. Losing weight. I was born in Portugal two and a German mother and a Portuguese father. And then I you know, I did many, many things, including from a early age till to the age of the team. And I spent time in man private school run by Jesuit. So we and Messi, we had them. The religious upbringing at brings her, and it was very interesting. It was like a little community focused on spirituality, and they brought me a lot of lessons, but also brought me to playing tennis way. Have tennis courts in there, you know. It was very, very beautiful to learn tenis and the later on to become a tennis coach in and share, especially that I haven't for sports but mainly for for tennis. But after I graduated from civil engineering, I went on the little trip, which lasted for one year between yet, and I learned meditation in several techniques of meditation, and I came back to Europe and I started organizing what shops on meditation and health and well being. And then I started realizing slowly, slowly my big dream, which was basically to leave a life based on values such as kindness, commitment, honesty, generosity and gratitude. You know, it's so important holidays, too. No blame the things that we don't have, the things that we would like to have and what the other has and we don't have, you know, jealousy and so many sort off negative thoughts that come from our negativity, bias of the brain and makes us feel inferior or make us feel this lack in life. And then when we touch ourselves, NBC Oh, we actually have health believing comfortable places out in Europe on United States or the United Countries in the world and the BRATITUDE many times this is and you know, I know this because I have a human being, and for me it's the same. So focusing on gratitude is something that's for me, allows people to fulfill their dreams and buy some truth and freedom in the sense off vision that everything is possible. And so This is what what I wanted to share with you about myself. Please let me know if you have any specific questions about me. Off course doesn't have to be here. We can shoot me. An email are finally on social media. But like I was saying, you know, meditation for me is something that has been studied extensively, excessively days. And there's a lot of information about it online. And then, you know, if you don't know about meditation, it doesn't have to be that you sit down actually can be. Did you actually doing mundane things like Washington dishes are working on a computer or taking care of your Children and, you know, having a nice time with them. It's basically an inner space off focus in alertness, and it's a bit sometimes beyond the mind and thoughts and has all to do with the catchments . So it's like you are doing things like you are in a movie and you put your senses into this kind off alertness. And so instead off saying, Oh, this is the sound, though. Is is that sound. You start putting your your year hearing into a sort of a different frequency and you put your intention on hearing sounds that are not so audible now, usually, and so you know the sense of taste. When you eat you, you sort off put your real attention on food, and we don't get to secondary anything else. And every sport that you put in your mouth. You really chew that food then and appreciate it and try to feel the textures and try to feel the energy behind all the foods that you're eating. So it's about focus, and it's about alertness. And, of course, when you do these and your concentration proves you're focusing proofs and all these combined with the healthy lifestyle and it's like you are, um, really making sure that all the movements, you know, that you do all the things that you touch bring a really physical experience to your life. And so these many, many different benefits from from meditation say they say, Your scientists actually say that proves you are you are health And then, you know, of course, lowering the levels of stress and anxiety and, you know, reducing the the How do you say the experience off having such a intense moments with your journal Lance Releasing So many amounts also so great demands of adrenalin or cortisol. And so you know, automatically those hormones get balanced in the body and so they don't, um, get shoot into the brain. So high quantities and, you know, reduces the stress and anxiety. Also, I don't think it's enough because off essential ones and this is totally my experience, of course, and I have been using essentials for many, many years, and I'm going to show you year the benefits of essential or it's on the four aspects that I was speaking about and, uh, let's started. 3. What Are Essential Oil And How To Use them Safely: before we start, like I always say, and you have essential less if you do and please bring them out if you haven't yet and share your experience with me if you have any already in the make sure that this experience has become a practice in your life. I know that some people that are watching have already centralize because of them, but it is important. That's if you don't and you know at the end of the workshop, because I can tell you where to get the best essentials in the market before we continue. I always ask these, you know, some people here that are watching No, this is something that I always do, and I really would like to ask for your commitment, even if it's just for today, even if it's just for the next hour. Even if it's just for the next day or week, I would like to ask for your commitment to improve your health. Since we are here together, why not? Why not take this opportunity to spend the next moments in your life, really focusing on putting the tools that I would share with you and I have checked so far on your daily basis on your daily routines. Why not give it a try? Please? You feel really, really would like to commute and the percent commitment, Thank you very much. And yes, yes, yes, great, great, Great. So I have the commitments in the You know, I really asked her to meet me, because the more I feel that there is a commitment from your side, the more I can give my commitment from this side. It's stuck, and I would like to start by just briefly saying that essential oils are natural compounds that are found in seeds, embark stems, roots flowers and other parts of plants, mainly from plants and in the well, actually only for plants, I believe. But you know, it's very important gets a and the essential oils are found from plants which are, if possible, white bracket, if not from places which are Christine and I don't Onley recommends. And you know that they come from biological sources because sometimes actually, you're gonna have the biological stamp from seven places because they're basically wide brush it. There is no way that's that institutions can get say that it's bio because you know it has to do with so much bureaucracy and stuff like that. So and it's important to to find really, really amazing pure, essential oils so that they can be used in the food preparation, beauty treatments in healthcare products and practices. And, you know, there's some recipes that I would like to share with you. We share, you know, they cannot be then with this insurance which are not pure and coming from the person sort locations in the world, because otherwise that can become toxic. Here's something that I found the other day, and I got so amazed that I wrote here this quick course in chemistry. And I'm just going to without this to you because, you know, you can give me a comment afterwards and see how amazing he says Salas on how mind blowing it is to read these words and find it's essential. Eyes are so powerful. Listen to this because off timing molecular structure off the components of an essential oil, they are extremely concentrated. Listen. One drop contains approximately four million drilling medicals. The medically debt is a four with 19 zeros after it. We have 100 trillion cells in our body, and that's a lot. But one drop of essential on contains enough molecules to cover every cell in our entire bodies with 40,000 monikers. So imagine one molecule of our body is and covered with 40,000 Monica's office insurance. So tell me right now, if you don't think that decentralize actually work on it on an riel tangible way, considering that it only takes one more molecule off the white kind to open and receptor site and communicate with DNA Walter Cellar function, you can see why even inhale small amount off oil vapour can be profound can have profound effects on the body. Brandon Nimmo sheets sometimes too many on oil molecules, overload receptor sites and they freeze up without responding it out in a smaller amount would be would have been just fight. So this is why sometimes less is better on sometimes knowing the difference is the art of the enormous there. So this is let me know if you don't think this is absolutely amazing and that it gives you just an idea how essential oils you know can go through the brain. The blood brain barrier and the connects directly with euro transmitters in the neurons in the brain and, you know, shoot diseases such as cancer. You know, I have some people in the audience here that have their family and beloved ones having to go through such intense and challenging times with cancer. And, you know, something like Freaking says can help tremendously. And then we're going to find out why. But this is one off the reasons why it's just amazing how essential eyes work. And, yes, even even a small amounts off essential oils are amazing. So and how dropped 10 essential aswell. There are three main ways. How you can pretend essentials by steam, desolation, local pressing and and well, I said three ways gets a century was I'm too and stink. The selection or compressing are the most common ones. The 3rd 1 is using solvents, but obviously some part off anything that I say. It's right because solvents are highly toxic and they leave a lot of particles in and the essential oil and it becomes even more toxic. This is why buying through a pretty great and essential oils is vital. How to use essential oils safely, usually and by using three methods off application. The 1st 1 is a dramatically which basically can be then uneasily with diffuser, and I highly recommend using diffusers. And then you have topically where you use on the skin directly, usually combined the essential because some some of them are really, really concentrated. So, too, and so dissolve them in carrier oil, like jojoba oil are coconut oil or even only one or internal in that internally, taking essential ones is sometimes quite dangerous. So I don't recommend you doing this by yourself. Really find and aroma therapists or medical professional men in physician or, you know, someone that knows what they're doing in order to know how to use it. Or you can ask me directly, and I can explain how you can take some of them, too. 4. Healing and Essential Oils Advanced Training: Skin Rejuvenation: the first aspect off these, and I'm sorry if I'm going too fast, it's there's not much time. I'm seeing the clock and the time is flying and the first aspect is off our bodies in our health and well being. Then I would like to focus. Today is about skin care. It's about skin rejuvenation. It's about taking care of the skin is you know the skin is, you know, the largest organ of our body. Its function is to guard muscles, bones and internal organs, you know is function is so so and important, no doubt layouts, proper skin and the defenses from environmental factors including dehydration, infection and disease that cannot happen. So we really need to have a proper skin hydrated, mostly must rise it. Mr Rise clean in the you know something that can absorb enough fighting means from from the sun come, for example, from vitamin D, which is so vital and itself. And if we don't have proper skin, if it's not hydrated, if it's not glanced if it's not properly moisturized. And of course, you cannot regulate properly out temperature and cannot sail and produce for help. The production of vitamin D so they take care of the skin. Is one off the best investments that we can do in our lives? And this is why I would like to present to you several essential oils gets can actually help tremendously the skin. And if you do it on a on a daily basis, then the results are visible in the intentional in the you know, and not only for yourself, but for your family, for your Children. You know, I've been in India for so many months, and and I see how they use essential oils no, or even plants that essential is that I derive from and they just mixed with coconut especially, and they rub on the skin off there. And Children, you know, they so many capsule in size and you need yet it's used oils and essential oils. And then, you know they know. You know that from from ah, little age from a tender age, it's very important to have the skin hydrated. It's basically one off the the best investments that you have in your life. So cleaning most religion moisturizing your skin in protecting it from the sun into fighter . It's what I would like to focus here and how to improve the skin rejuvenation. I also have prepared four pdf files that I'm going to give you when the workshop is finished. And you know, they explain all these for aspects off our lives that I am focusing here the morning tail, and still we can read more about it later. So if you don't pick up everything here or if you think it's slightly incomplete or slightly too fast and don't worry, because first of all, I'm going to always be able to reply to any questions that you have. But with these and the F files, you are able to read more about all this things that I'm saying. Which skin type is yours? Are you having a normal skin, dry Skeen, oily skin or commission off both? This is very important so that you know which type off a specialized to use. And most of us have a combination off both. But you know, for instance, for me and when I, you know, shave or after my shower and I get very, very dry skin. So I always have to use some, you know, normal other oil, which I love with coconut arms races, but mix a queen mixed with different essential eyes. And I have one totally love, which has frankincense, another another essential oils, which I'm going to let you know about which basically is a body better. But you know, it's so smooth on the skin, and really most arises it. It really leaves this sense off freshness for a long time. And so knowing your your skin type is very important because you need to know if your skin is producing too much ciba or too little off it. And this is what actually balances the dryness. Slash oiliness off your skin. And so, like I was saying, the amount of single produced by the sea basses glands in the skin control the efficacy off the skins barrier function and, as a result, the condition of your skin so overproduction off Seebohm can lead to oil is from acne brown skin, while low symbol produces dry skin. And then it's very important that the respiratory glands in the skin produced sweat to help the body maintaining sultan optimal optimum temperature. Excessive or low sweat production, of course, can influence the skin condition, and so if you sweat too little. Usually the skin gets more dry. If you sweat too much, then the skin that can tend to be too much more pasteurized, and so we need somehow to have a balance in the skin. Select is always and smooth again, able to absorb enough oxygen, but enough water, enough sunlight so that it can produce all the vitamins and and have all the minerals balanced in every damn and damn layers of the skin. So I would like to focus down on the top of special laws for skin rejuvenation, and that the number one favorite, one that I like to share with you is geranium. And I remember my mother having a lot of draining my grandmother having a lot of uranium and that I still remember the sent off journey. But nothing beats the sent off uranium essential oil. And you know, essential oils from geranium has so much so many amazing properties. For instance, it's can assists, preventing skin problems like sagging and wrinkling and help give your muscles don't periods appearance. Because it has so much anti bacterial anti Fogel and the antioxidant properties, it can basically clean the skin from any pathogens. And so it gives this kind of smooth in the vibrant skin off course and using joining essential oil can be used mixed without essential ones. And it would actually be interesting if you could have all the essentials that I have here putting in creating, which doesnt so a neutral cream or even a carrier oil and put some drops off each. And they're with the right mix I can share with you afterwards how to do this and, you know, try it on your own. Erskine for for skin rejuvenation, because many of them have not only these properties, but they can help with recalls that can help in spots. They can help with blemishes and then basically keep the skin smooth and ready to face the day, so draining specifically it can help. It eliminates the appearance, self scars and dark spots by helping improve blood circulation just below the surface of the skin and helping promote unequal distribution off Mel, which is so important it can help speed up the healing off wounds by drinking blood. Blow clotting Self. If you have a cat, for instance, and that it's difficult to to hell or it's taking more time to heal. You know, putting some geranium allows the blood to clocks, and you know this way creates the kind off surface that is required for the skin to start trying and to start healing. This helps off course stopping toxin from reaching your bloodstream through open wounds. It can also benefit hemorrhoids and helped treat athletes fruit. And so geranium is an amazing, essential oil, and I really, highly recommend you to use it. One of them. That's them Many people don't really understands totally, because it's so normal and you can use for so many any things. You know, they say that level there. If in doubt, use lemon, which means that's 11. There is so good for so many things, but it's actually very, very good for the skin. It's actually very good for other things to you about. But for instance, listen to this. It's amazing level there, believe from pain with helps here these sore intense muscles, joint pain and rheumatism, sprains, beck, IQ and lumbago. Levin. There may also help listen, pain followed wig, needle intentions. You know, I've bean raising my Children with also essential oils and the power off healing three central lines, and I remember many times, you know, with bruises or with markets, you know, using the left in there just to help heal, but also calm the skin around it and let's the fluids and in the blood clotting and reduced . Since information so help the skin with the healing and just by counting it so 11 there's very smooth is very a gentle on the scheme in the it also treats various skin disorders such as acne, psoriasis, X men and wrinkles. It helps to form the scar tissue. This is why you know, putting around the skin around the wound that is healing is so much vital because it's also gleams it around it. And so, you know, healing wounds, cuts and burns is so amazing. And of course it was. Insect bites are itchy skin, you know. It suits skin minutes in that way, and so because, like I said, it helps inflammation. It helps reduce itching, swelling and redness. You know, some dermatologists say that they also helps kill lies in last eggs and nits. But you know, it's up to you to try it with such a A specific, Uh um you know, situation, but yeah, it's Ah, boost, then hair growth. Also, this is 11 11. There is an essential why, like I said, that can be used in many, many different ways, and the one off them is with the skin frankincense. And I don't think many people know frankincense and that no more bewildered and Maura maze with frankincense than I am because they have experienced it with things like cancer and other specific things that, um, you know, very, very challenging but frankincense for the scheme specifically. And I love freaking sense also because it's part off these amazing butter that I use daily basis. It helps also with my psoriasis that you know I experienced once in a while on my hands. It keeps it so smooth, and, you know it's like soaking my hands on pure goodness. And then so what this breaking sense do for your skin? It helps regenerate cells in there, you know, and healthy cells to healthy cells and keep existing cells and tissues healthy. It's just for a skin health and can help treat dry skin, reverse signs of aging and reduce the appearance off stretch marks and scars. So I highly recommend it, especially if you have stretch marks. You know, many women really, really struggle with this it with stretch marks, especially on the hips and them on the breasts. And, you know, taking care of Children is so demanding and they take so much off women's physical body and appearance. So helping your body with frankincense essential you don't just give it a try. You know, it's it's up to you. And like I said, the skin off the face and the overall skin appearance can be really, really that you proved with frankincense. Essential is, uh, he has estrogen's properties, so it's Jackson threat. Strength Threat strengthens the gums, the hair roots and stops wounds from believing a little bit like, yeah, what you call 11. There does. And so it speeds up the healing. This is reckoned sense and the next one that I would like to focus on its cypress because, for instance, it helps a lot with and, you know, uh, very cozy. Very ghosts is veins. No, my my girlfriend, for instance than his problems with the same that once in a while, a massage her legs with bland office socialist that I have here common touch with Cyprus and Cyprus. You know, energizes, um did fluidity off. Yeah, the fluids inside the skin and not only the blood that helps with circulation, but what improves how the fluids flow inside the body. And so and, you know, cypresses and other another one that I really, really highly recommend. Melaleuca. It's so amazing. Antiseptic and the it's ah, it's Ah um, an essential all incomes from, ah, plants called to no milk or tea tree and that mainly comes from Australia, and it's so, so amazingly smooth on the skin. And so because it's antiseptic, it's very, very good to foods when there's a cut. If you don't have anything, hand the melaleuca really helps. It's so anti bacterial that you know you can use anywhere inside that you were around the skin. And it's also very good for psoriasis and that no problems with fungi and, you know, like your athletes food, for instance, and so it really, really helps with skin. Another one is Roma Camel, which is very common again that has really, really coming effects on the skin, and so it really suits this kid Skin makes it much more smooth and that it really, really helps. No Roman camomile just came. Amal is many times used, is also internally with them teas, for instance. So you could even take thesis essential oil with, you know, see what internally and and the pepper means again. If you don't know if you haven't done my previous more beginners like and essential trainings, then, um, here's another one for you. Peppermint is so soothing on the skin. No, usually, if you have, like a belly ache, it really helps to massage. And that means with the carrier all on the belly and because it produces bloating in the occasional digestion problems. And so, uh helps also relieve feelings off tension and the low energy. And so just massaging some the peppermint with carrying around your temples, not not on your eyes are not close your eyes. It really, really has, for instance, with migraines or headaches or just massaging the back of your neck for and comedians release off tension and stress. So if you will go to a meeting for reasons or you know if by means they have some kind off no exam or or going to a doctor's appointment that she tensed about just using Peppermint 11 there. It's really, really coming for the boy. Kelly Crisis is another one that I find so amazing and which again reduces the appearances off blemishes and this dark spots. And, you know, it's one of those you know, everlasting flowers that you know they are so so pointed and flour in there in the important and so for massaging is really important in that for healthy families, so we prove it improves the appearance off the skin. Another one is murder, which is so powerful because off the of its cleaning property, especially for the mountain and throat, but for the skin specifically suited to the skin and promote, promotes and exposing young looking complexion, it's very, very powerful in the same way that frankincense works itself were combined. For instance, this one them, if I'm not mistaken, is also Murray essential oil in the no, it actually business. But then it 61 that works in the same way that frankincense looks, so murder. It says. So, uh, I highly, Briscoe's. It's not such a fluid, um, essentially, like frankincense is fixes. It's much more liquid and vetiver free since he's it's a bit like like, 11 that like like add merchants very, very thick in needs composition So very is amazing. But And the thing that I would like to expense you is OK, we have essential oils. We we know a little bit how which one works, but how is actually work I always found so interesting, you know, in that you know, this is why I love New York science and I love to see how, actually these compounds off this issue laws really work in our in our bodies. And so by having, you know, like geranium and Helly crisis bacterial effects in having anti inflammatory effects, it helps clean the skin. And so and by these an inflammation. And you put things like frankincense in the Roman camomile rounds, the wound or even the top of the wound. It reduces inflammation. And so all those cells which are trying to and clear the cuts, make it clean. It also close to the skin. And I have influence with the special laws, so that's cleans and the reduces inflammation. And then when he makes the effects off essential wise working a much more strong way. And it has, You know, many off these oils estrogen's effects, which means that the shrink or constrict the body tissues so they help the inflammation, for instance, being reduced very, very effectively in So and, you know, decreasing the sivam damage and protecting the skin. It's something, for instance, that melaleuca thus, and so it balances the similar production off the skin. And so, if you want to Wiley, it reduces its production. Or, if you are to try, then it's promotes the protection of civil they some of them, like 11. There are anti fungal and selective, and so putting it again on itchy skin or bites off reasons or around the wound. It makes the that the skin become less irritated and the feelings off off pain to be reduced. And it also lowers the blood pressure off off with body such as Levin there. And you know, there's antiviral properties such as the question and so this is a bits, you know, it's it's a very complex, and we don't have time to speak about little details off physiology and off the body in the special, not how the cells interact directly with the essentials. But it's a way that I would like to introduce all these to you 5. Healing and Essential Oils Advanced Training: Weight Loss: I would like to focus on weight loss, you know, weight loss there. So many people that struggle with weight loss because their total body mass is, uh, a lot. They have a lot off body mess and more than normal and basically. And this means that the the you know the calories, amount of colors that they intake are more than the ones that are able to burn. And so reducing that the calorie intake or creating an exercise routine, for instance, and and higher the chances off permanent weight loss. So this is not basically then once in a while is within our regular basis. And, you know, with the sense off alertness within sense of focus, it can happen. That's the weight loss is actually permanent. So the benefits off weight loss for me and from what I've been reading throughout the years have to do with reducing health weeks. We all know that obesity is a lot linked to health issues, said she has no problems with the back problems with them. Hard to know many, many, if not if it's not the first main reason why people have strokes. It has to do with obesity with the amount of fat it is in the body that clogs the arteries and them makes blood cloths and prevents the brain to be functional to its optimal and creates problems with the heart itself. And, you know, one off the benefits is really to reduce health risks in a tangible health risks, like diabetes, for instance, and with interesting fitness. ITT's something that you know benefits weight loss. No, again about diabetes is so important because it delays the onset off it is to reduce isn't in a way that is not so visible or such a ball one of their bases and reduces hypertension . Um, which is, of course, high blood pressure and them in most of all, it's not to mention here it creates a sense off. Self confidence in their, you know, makes you feel good. You know, it makes you feel alive, and it helps you breathe better in them. You know, it just gives a sense of a life nous that too much body weight doesn't allow, you know, it's obvious that said, no more food that you that you take, the more you have to burn, which means that there's a lot happening inside a body that is not sometimes even necessary . Things like, Ah, Barschel fasting, for instance, intermittent fasting, for instance, and helps a lot. So sometimes even not eating or skipping one off the meals is so vital, and I'm not saying to loose on a regular basis. But you know, once a month or what's every season, you know, connected to the new moon, for instance, it's so important to give your body arrest deserved rest. So that's all that surplus food that has been accumulating throughout the ones can be. Actually, the ultimate can be, and just it sounds big. And so weight loss occurs when, like I was saying that the body is able to spend more energy, we depicted metabolism. Then it is absorbing from food or other nutrients, basically, and beans that's you are able to spend more energy than the one that you are in taking, so that there is a balance that, um, you know, actually, the food that you ingest is actually able to fully get digested. And this is why they say, you know, fasting is even better than eating like every two hours, because then the body has you know the total capacity off, digesting all entirely all the food that you have been eating and how to achieve weight loss. Then it sits to eat less than what you're burning and having a low calorie diet. You recommended that, for instance, this is just an example. You eat 55% off your food intake as carbohydrates, 15 15% on protein in 30% from fence, with no more than 10% of total friend coming from saturated forms and very, very dangerous and highly toxic to ingest and saturated fats. And you know how to achieve weight loss with plenty of exercise. You know, even if you are healthy, even if you are having all these amazing supplements and having a good mental activity, it's almost impossible to lose rights or to achieve a permanent weight loss without having never exercise again. This is not just for weight loss. This is for overall and amount off good health in your life. So plenty of exercise, which means at least that walk for 15 minutes. But they, if possible, to go for a run, they said. It also running improves a lot on the chemistry of the brain. And so, if not for for a swim or go for a bike ride, You know something that really moves the body makes you sweat. Makes you burn the calories that you intake and improvement in once on one slice that this is a little bit what? I've been speaking throughout the whole workshop there, if you can, if you need. If you will also use supplements healthy seven minutes. Is that all ways to do to achieve weight loss? But what are the top official was for? Weight loss number one grapefruit red food Essential oil is one that is amazing for Yeah, wait wants Why the first thing it does it's Bress is your appetite. This is Ah, you know, going a little bit into a cellular, that sort of way. But you know has to do with the enzymes off the body, and it has to do with receptors off appetites and molecules started speaking. And so it helps, you know, great food has bean shown for for many, many for many, many years. If you if you want a za positive effect on the lymphatic system which plays a role in your bodies, the toxic fication mechanism so it can help boost the activity off the leaflets, which prevent problems like poor circulation, allergies, cellulite and fluid retention. So if you have problems with fluid retention, for instance, which is one of the reasons why Because, uh, gain weight? Yeah, you know, because they're not really every gun, have exercising the great food and helps a lot to be that. So that's a It helps, um, release the fluids fluids, which are not somehow stuck in your body. It has been renowned for millennia for its glancing for purifying properties. And so you know when when you detoxify your boy when you purify your body. No, it's actually molecules which are being released from your body. No things that are stored in your body can actually being released. So days of a way that grapefruit works which you know, stresses the body to move itself in inwardly and be able to release this sort off things which are not fighting for the body to keep start. And so the weight loss happens natural, and it is commonly known to curb cravings to reduce abdominal fat accumulation and increase energy and boost Talyn's so break foot is amazing. If you can use essential because it's more concentrated. You can even take it generally. If you wish are put it in your smoothie and see, you know, try it. If not, you know, just grab a break foot one today, for instance, and and see how it works for you. But it's one of the officials that I have recommends for week loss. Cinnamon. You know, many people do not know that cinnamon is actually in the form of essential oil because it comes from a barking. And so these up many, you know, and visions off, how can a And so there's a question here. Yes, yes, of course you can take the grapefruit internal reference oil turn this, um And so, yeah, there is a cinnamon bark essential oil, which is extracted by stian desolation. And so it supports a lot the way that the metabolism of your body works. And so, um, it enhances the metabolism of the body, which is actually one of the most amazing reasons why the body can actually burn fence and have a good metabolism is by having a healthy metabolic function. And that these days um, no, the idea that say it helps regulate blood Luke. Low glucose levels in the GF donors who goes total Inspector S. O. M. Yeah. One of the reasons why um, Lugo's or sugar becomes fat is due to these ineffective way that the body has to regulate glucose levels. And this is why anytime study, because happened or if it's a latent in your body. Diabetes standing becomes a real issue, and so and cinnamon oils and works fantastically with diabetes. And so I really highly recommend that you put on your pancakes on your on your smoothie essentially, if you can, because it's much more and what's in a much more fast might. And so, uh, yeah, it has this kind of woody, but same time, sweet flavor. Soon, when I just love it. Send money is one of my favorite foods in the whole world. I always always loved it, and you know I having is think off off cinnamon to two big steel coffee, for instance, and then you know they sit in your mouth. So, yeah, it helps regulates blood sugar, which helps with long term we lost. It helps also produced the cravings for sugar because you know he has this kind of sugary taste, so it kind of puts seeing the natural way the sense off sugar that then doesn't have to be replaced by a new normal sugar or sugary foods so unstable blood sugar can lead to overheating. Also a low energy and weight gain. But adding cinnamon oil to food teas and baked goods or even smoothies help slow the rate at which glucose is released into the another. One is ginger. Ginger reduces sugar cravings and help reduce inflammation in the body ginger fresh or in the form of essential oil. It's so so amazing. I haven't always. And when I cook vegetarian food or I make a curry or if I put some coconuts, cream or coconut milk, I always always used change in the high point of these headed chunks when father or I grated. It's so amazing, having mean unity. And it reduces information, which is so important, as well as supporting digestion and the absorption off nutrients. So ginger helps digestion and helps you know the absorption off mutual, which is one of the reasons why actually, way gain Wayne Gates, what you say Wait, get game is so important or happens in such a easy way when she's by the absorption off nutrients not being optimal. So having get a good that is that Destiny will track and having the the base off the stomach with good bacteria, it's it's vital in, and Ginger helps with this. There's a compound Legija called Jules, and that they have been scientifically proven to reduce disease causing information in your intestines and overall improve absorption off the vitamins and minerals that you ingest. And so, if you observe absorbing more vitamins and minerals, then you're helping to support your bodies, cellar, cellar energy and great wittels and sell. Geagea is amazing also for weight loss. Peppermint, because it works so well with the digestive track, reduces bloating and gas is, and the occasional indigestion really, really helps with weight loss. Basically, all these oils together, they create healthy digestion in a healthy digestive track. And so it's much more, uh, clear that it absorbs the nutrients in the management and much more fast way much more balanced white. And so it helps the body to get all the foods into the right places inside the body. And so it doesn't great fat doesn't creates excess fit. It doesn't greats and exist Schubert and great said a good blood circulation. And so there is no need for even an great more from once you weeds. And once you meeting already and so these all help. You know, when I phrase this step, that or my Children I have here, for instance, these be Glynn's Ah, no, it's peppermint Comes on on this kindof really, really small bead. Let's I don't know if you can if you can see yeah, and so I just said, but one into my mouth, swallow it or give it to my Children and that, you know, say, 15 minutes. It helps that I just in my belly. You can do it with ginger. Awesome. And so, if if needed, also apply it on your belly so that it helps with digestion. Lemon is another one. That is amazing because off its cleansing properties, So it's a it's tradition and, you know it cleanses the body true and the and how this is working a practical way. For instance, ginger in the grapefruit side it's more of the fruity Citrus can off, uh, things that's that's our cases. Lemon in the rib fruit have a component called Lyman Need, which effects autonomic the autonomic nerves, which regulate digestion in reduced appetite. For instance, this is why one of the reasons and you get the cravings reduced and it's the appetite produced. It's because it works, which are with another system, which regulates transition. So you don't you don't get the feeling that you need to eat so much, or that you crave food in such a sort off instrumental way that makes you want to eat more . Makes you want to eat more often. Kids. It inhibited freezes. My foot inhibits the production off fat cells. And so the less fat cells that you have, the less your body has to. Justin has to break them down, which means that it takes less time for the food to get digested, which means that there is more energy that is, these less energy that has been used. You know that you, um, balance the weight in your body, and so there's no accumulation or fed sales, which means that there's no weight gain anti orbit so genic due to fend slowing effects, for instance, um, it's essential Houthis is cinnamon. Recent cinnamon has this a possibility, too, and have a fat lowering effect on the body. And so it reduces obesity in the another one. That's another property. That's cinnamon as like I said, this to reduce the blood glucose and in the in the body again support healthy digestion like ginger pepper. Be didn't lemon. It's so important. All these together helps a lot with the weight loss. 6. Healing and Essential Oils Advanced Training: Immune System: one of the first defenses or defense mechanisms from the body against disease. So if you don't have a strong immune system, then you are always prone to disease to having your body attacked or threatened by bacteria or viruses or fungi or any off those things. And it is much more likely that you get sick. If not, um, really, really having to deal with disease, and the force will know that it's not good. And the main main reason why I say this is because if you don't have an immune system strong, then you will always be more sick and spend more time taking care of the body than letting the body take care of itself. And this is why, you know, strengthening the even system. Boosting the immune system is so important in fight because a so you might know him. And if you don't know if you know it's important to get remind reminded that protects the body and not only protects, but it identifies bacteria, viruses, parasites and other microorganisms, and even two more cells that would harm the body in there once it recognizes it starts working and autonomously against it. And so there is nothing that you need to do if you have a strong system because they've been sitting itself, takes care off whatever is happening and can identify the way in the easiest way in the way that uses less energy in the body for dealing with the situation. This is why, when we are sick, we are needing much, much more rest than any time when we are not sick, because the system is working so strongly and so trying to be as quick as possible. But and for for the reasoning, trees is a lot of energy. So the immune system No talking here. What is immune system is comprised of several different types off white blood cells that recognize, process and destroy, destroy foreign objects. And then so it's It's very important I go straight to because time is flying straight to top essential oils for boosting the immune system. Number one. It's a bland office insurance, which have wild orange clove buds, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus leaf and rosemary leaf, amongst other things. And I like thes blends so much because, um, you know I can show you here. This is the blend that I use for when I'm getting a bit sick, it comes in this soft gels. No, I just take it once in the morning, you find not to seek, and if I'm getting a bit more sick when I see sick, is basically something that slows me down a little bit. But I never stopped working except last year had spent two days in bed because I couldn't move because my body was overwhelmed with fever and supply it. But still, this is what I took. And so these are basically protective plans. It's it's It's a blend that is, you know, basically strengthens the immune system and so and supports the system to cope in the know . It's a bit like Ignatieff, you know, if you know natural medicine, you start taking when the symptoms appear and you stop taking when the system symptoms are totally gone, and so on. Guard Protective land is looks a bit like this. It supports the body's natural antioxidant defences and and when it's defused, for instance, I know sometimes it actually been strong for my eyes, but she refused it. Articulate in soft gels. They also have big legs, you know. The same is the peppermints in small quantities. And then this one is a bit stronger because it also includes oregano is you see doesn't show here. So a protective bland supports the health. See the health of off the even system and it works. Wonders when when is the fuse? Because it also declare clears the year off bacteria or or any type off environmental threats in them, it promotes healthy circulation. So, um protected, bland If you don't have any, this is one off. The ones that I recommend is called on card. And that comes from this company. They're what we call duty era in the you can take it generally also. But, um, yeah, I usually take it internally, not from from the oil directly on the oil. Well, that's in this capsules interchange. The other one is already know. I mean, this is the most amazing, you know, Really? If I if I think about it besides frankincense, his hands don't get offended. And for regular essential while is, I mean that their properties and the ways that it work inside the body is never ending. You know, let me show you these two pages that I want to read you about. It's It's unbelievable, helps killed but bear sides in the infections. And, you know, I take it mainly with drop off a carrier oil and such as a while. This is my food and the like, I was saying before, with breadfruit. You know, if you had one job with older voice, Mrs Coconut Oil and take it internally, and usually I recommends these, you know, there is this vegetarian capsules where you put the picture and you take it internally so you swallow it and then the the capsule dissolves in Sanya Valley and that that way it works very, very faster, but the timing of it in a more Safeway I usually bakes it in my mouth. The oregano one drop again in my mouth, and I swallow it. But sometimes for a sensitive skin, it's important to take it internally like a sale of the capsule where you put the mixture inside the capsule, you close the capsule, and then it's full, and it alleviates Sinus infections and goals. You can you can use it with, um, parts off steaming water and inhaling this team, for instance, it works as a natural insect repellent and it relieves but by fresh is including poison off ivy rash. So again putting its topically on your skin mixed with a carrier oil. If you have problems to bug bites, he helps heal cold, sore cold source. I mean, it's incredible. It helps with Andrew for another skin condition. Some expert actually say that using a diluted version to treat acne and Brasil esta because off its antibacterial properties, it's easy source or throws simply add a few drops to carry all well, I wouldn't recommend a few. I would recommend one but again yesterday with the minces sore throats, so mixing it with your carrier oil helps a lot. Taking determine helps relieve muscle pain in joint paint, rooming, rheumatoid arthritis, sprains and cramps. But if you think that's all that's, I reckon essential oil does listen to these. It is known for helping prevent and treat infections, such as urinary tract infections caused by bacteria like E. Coli Ah, respiratory infections, um, yeast infections, parasitic infection go by Lima, our other top off parasites. It's even found and more effective than antibiotics, like Time that Basil and and the you know, the more you read about rain. All the more you find its its antibacterial properties, steeply killed bugs and the super resistance infections. So this is one essential oil that is my favorite essential for the immune system. Frankincense again for the immune system because off the way that it helps general regenerate cells and keeping existing cells and tissues healthy. It's usual for skin health like we spoke about, and it's also a stringent, like, I said tends to shrink and constrict body tissue so it helps the gum. It helps the here, and the stops wounds from bleeding and the insect bites and boils and, you know, healing cuts. This has to do all to do with the consistent, because the more you protect your body from pathogens, that more your immune system is able to focus on MAWR and deeper work that sales have to have to do. And so no frankincense essential oil is amazed. Clary Sage. I don't know if many people understand the power of Claire says, because it's not such a the decision law that is used or or talked about. But let me tell you what Clary Stage allows the body and to have a property immune system we have a system that actually is strong isn't and deceptive properties that make it ideal for cleaning wounds, surgical incisions, sore and ulcers so again has to do with being a Decepticon and its properties for cleaning wounds and making the immune system the possibility to work in a more in the more the levels, not just taking care off cleaning the in the wounds. It reduces the effect off exposure to toxemia narcotics in conception off excessive salt with spicy foods. It helps reduce inflammation of the skin gut and extradited tracks. Assists in the material is more foods by promoting the promotion off pile and gastric juices with destitute system. So imagine all these improving the natural response off the immune system. It helps regulate menstrual cycles and activates homes like Esther. Job Insurgent. So this is basically and there's something that's no helps a lot women with their menstrual cycles and helps the fluids to work in a much more, much more better way inside the body. So that's, you know, cramps and pain inside the daily. This had happened in such a strong way. He also stimulates the brain, the nervous system, the liver circulatory and excretory systems. And so, you know, if you want to try something really, really interesting, I haven't hear, for instance, some Roland's in them. This is from the company that I work with. There is a especially a Freeman called Clary Sage. I mean, I don't usually use expect when my girlfriend uses it. It's just it smells so good. And so this is something that I highly recommends for those months for those times off the month, which I really, you know painful for some women is to put a little bit on your belly and massage. Then you can also put years on the flats of your foods so that it enhances the way that the body cope copes with menstrual cycles. And this is a message building Luca. If we're talking about even sister, why why It promotes a healthy in system again because it's very, very smooth body, and it works directly on the skin. And so you know if if it's ah problem with and cuts again incisions, it helps a lot because it clears and his ah rejuvenating effect on the skin and and then taking internally and also helps a lot even system considered strengthens the bin system. It's a lot and the material in the antiseptic. And so it helps to the system fight with their night cells, which are wide split cells. Any any better judges, you know, if you you, uh I you know, I have this book called Mother in Essentials that is basically the Bible for me essentials , and I took to screen shots off them additional research made on milk melaleuca. And, you know, if you see here, you know, intimate to your property into political problem, it's well and to be anti inflammatory, anti inflammatory and defamatory. And he continues, anti fungal, anti fungal. So these are all resources that are following different tests in the different ways, and they tested Milka, and it's just like oregano. It's one thing after the arts wanting of reality, it it doesn't stop amaze me, the powerful and properties that these essentials so melaleuca again. It's amazing how this D tree oil works and how it basically kills any type off bacteria or off course. It needs to be taken in a specific way, but it helps tremendously clove. It's also something that is not spoken so much about in the you know it's paid Peter and the very strong in the very spicy and Woody. But listen to this, and it helps clean the teeth and gums so that, you know the immune system is not just what is inside the body, but it's the bacteria that comes from the mouth as well. So love and is a lot this kind off, um, aesthetic effect on the body. You know, it's it's usually used in dentition, and so by gleaning and having the teeth and gun clean and protected from bacteria, it helps him in system taking internally. It's also getting company in. You know, some people use it on food a lot, and, uh, you know, Halle recommends. But again, I want to explain how this works and diffusion of essential oils can purify and cleanse the air, providing any protection when the season seasonal threats are high. For instance, lemon and on guard I didn't speak here about lemon, but when he diffused lemon, you create this kind off way to protect yourself from from the impurities off here and so purifying the year is an amazing way to keep your immune system strong cleaning frequently touch surfaces such as door knobs, keyboards, cell phones and grocery cards, and began with lemon in one guard. Also with Mel. Look, you know it's it's basically kills the bacteria. And so whenever you no, you're answered skiing or occasionally on your nose or your mouth, and it doesn't make the bacteria going, tell your body supports the body's natural antioxidant defense. So all those oxidative things that exist not only the air but the things that you eat are are dealt with, and by that natural support that the immune system has with antioxidant defense, job skill, parasites and he's infections in the with starters. So this is why you know, keeping your system working at dysfunctional or it is optimal function is so, so vital. Report. 7. Healing & Essential Oils Advanced Training: Brain Health: I am so excited and pumped really with with all these explanations been and speaking about not only how essential and skin and interact with our bodies but, you know, speaking about health and well being and depression and brain health is being my passion, my passion for so many years. And, you know, depression is something so common are these so many people that I work with you. I suffer from depression or from depressive states, and you know it's so hard to cope with it. And it all has to do with the brain health and the way that your brain is taken care off on a daily basis, These many ways to address the brain and it's health. And for me, it's a combination of four continue its physical health and exercise, diet and nutrition. Cognitive activity in social engagement. For me, it's not just practicing one thing, and not for me. It's a combination off for me. This is that the the summary off. What for me is health is how to deal with the brain, physical health and exercise, diet and nutrition. Collective activity, social luggage? No, here are the four categories that used on a regular basis. Create a healthy environment and sell your brain healthy environments and mind helping by environment and sell your emotions and silent thoughts. And it's It's a much easier way to go with everything else. And sometimes people say I don't have time. Yes, you have time. And if you don't, you have to make that taking care off the brain is vital. Each habit has a big effect the longer you practice it, says Dr Joel Selena Salinas. So this is not a one thing. And events, you know, it's grating and habit. Have it and practicing. And the more you practice it, the more it's it stays with you. The more you remember about it, the more you are effective with its the more it's it's, it's effective in your body and on your mind. Brain health refers to the ability to remember to learn to play, to concentrate into my tent and cleared active mind. Brain health works a lot with meditation. Meditation creates the concentration, the clear an active mind. It helps focus one of the main reasons why I am an advocate off meditation. It's because off the clear a bath to mental stability. No Tu Tu Tu on a daily basis could clearly create the space off focus. You know, it's like many people, especially when this admitted they have this experience off the mind. It's overwhelmed with thoughts in what we do. In those moments, we have two options. Either we follow those thoughts. When we watch them, we don't get attached to. We let them flow by clouds. No, the thought is here, and suddenly it's gone. We don't focus on it. We just let it flow. So the brain ex a lot of meditation, and it helps a lot by creating concentration and maintaining a clear act. Is mine having brain health? It's being able to draw on the strengths of your brain. Information management, lodging judgment, good judgment perspective. Lose them in passing your brain health. These are a little bit off ways or tools that you can enhance your brain health. And why am I saying these are not focusing right now? The specials, because I want to explain how you can do this on your own. We go without Central let's and how it is vital that the steps are are then, so that depression isn't staying comes and goes. What doesn't even come so that there is always clarity to focus on what is important and how to enhance your brain. Bring training. It's it's vital. You know, these. I don't play at the moment. But there was this application that I used to use called velocity, where there were games next, designed and designated to seem like important areas off the brain. Associate with basic cognitive activity so that the cognition know that the art off learning and to a single light knowledge is done in a the easy way so that the new new of the cortex and you know the other parts of your brain work so that the memory. So that's the synaptic activity between your neurons and then the pathways. It's a great great. The way that habits function in your brain can happen in a much more clear way, so that the pathways that lead to bad hair it's disappear in the pathways that lead to good habits are strengthen. You know, the brain works with training, the more you train a certain aspect of your life, the more you get, the more you mastered. Extending your education helps a lot. The brain. Why? Because it gives challenges. The break, you know, learning a different language. You're speaking several languages, you know, I mean a place in the world that I speak Italian on a daily basis. I speak and Portuguese on the village Speak an English on the races. You know, in many times I speak German and then, you know, I have to speak Spanish with Simpson off my colleagues and people that I work with. So, you know, extending your education, learning something new, learning to do a different craft, learning how to do the dishes, learning how to put some opposition recipes on your on your Yeah. Bedside, Yeah. You know, letting something new, maintaining high levels off mental activities, you know, by challenging the brain by by doing different games by doing puzzles by doing sudoku or or , you know, different games. You know, it's it's it's what makes you, you know, this is why you see, you know what it is called across crosswords or something similar that we see many times people, especially old people doing it. It's to retain the high levels off natural activity so that the brain is always functioning so that the brain, which is a muscle no, if you don't train the muscle, the muscle. It was slowly dying. You know, we will stop its function. No stops having oxygen. It's upsetting. Let's decoration. So the brain is a muscle We need to continue on continuously. Gives a brain what it needs. It needs that it's demeanor did say to be in, to be stimulated on a daily basis, staying healthy by breakfasting exercise and bring oxygen to divide in practicing the meditation. Like it said, the group's concentration memory focus goes the great matter off the brain. This is what scientists could keep fighting things that's we never thought off. But yes, the great matter where the cognitive cognition happens, you know it, it's it grows inside a great so it's vital. It's fighting to do the steps that other things like eating, eating well or or sleeping well, having healthy relationships and thinking positive like like I said, foods for the brain like gingko biloba. No making three orders for memory protein leads to mental likeness. You know, foods like blueberries or no rubella, for instance, are to foods which you know you can see the stand is made. Brook Lauer bears not just blocking the south off the air, and they worked with Bryant, and they stimulate the brain to, you know, enhance Nero activity. So you put this into practice. Yeah, optimal essential oils for depression, with money, the 1st 1 broken once. Many people do not know but more Beckham. What is actually a Citrus fruit? I am that, and it gives a sense off self confidence, and it's a calming, essential oil, so it helps reduce anxiety and stress. Experts say that when used in aromatherapy preparations, pregnant essential oil can help less and stress and anxiety levels off patients prior to surgery. And then every since I worked with the local school here in my local area, and then I give them two essential eyes for them to use on a regular basis by the fusion. For the Children to come in concentrate. One was big a month, another one especially and basically. And bank amounts not only reduce his anxiety and stress but helps the focus. So, you know, mentioned what this brings to your brain brings things kind of chemistry. That the brain is, um, is, uh, no calm, and it is focused in the these lesson it. It's less stressed. And of course, this works with with producing the hormones like adrenaline and cortisol, so that the brain can relax and focus on what is more important. It also helps to relieve depression, has a calming effect and has newer protective properties. And so Becca but is one of my first specialized when you want to deal with anything related to depression or health care. Levin there again, I took some photos off this amazing book. Now, anxiety and sleep reduces stress, and it has an al Jesic properties anti fungal properties in the inflammatory properties. You know all these related to the brain sedative properties. It's works with insomnia, lowering the blood pressure, helping with menopause in asthma headaches. No anti tumor properties, you see rebalance high blood pressure produces the high blood pressure Helps you broke. I. It is mental clarity. No, you can. You can just do you like yourself in reading all these pages, which are basically amazing. So, as I said 11 there has so many different properties, and it's can enhance your skin. It can basically clear mind calm your mind like my my grandmother gave me. Always never understood really deeply. Why this seconds with flowers off lavender? And she said, Oh, put it under your pillow. It will give you a nice good night's rest and say OK, spell good etcetera have been my pupils Know what? So I always did it, and now you know, I get like, Well, my grandmother knew what she was. Of course, she knew that it comes to mind and it allows arrestable sleep. So, you know, imagine how that's directs with the brain again frankincense. It has comforting properties in school for visualization, improving one spiritual connection and help overcome stress in this beer. So frankincense can be used not only in diffusion, but you can also use it internally. Sometimes I put the drop into my tank. In the end, I just lets like the official oil spread out all over my brain and all over my my the back off my my spine. It just makes me feel this kind of expansion and spiritual connection basically relaxes me . It induces a feeling off mental, Please peace. Real accession in satisfaction helps relieve anxiety. Angry and stress may help in healthy cell regeneration, keeping existing cells and tissues healthy like we spoke so many times. And it can also go beyond the blood brain barrier. This is why you know it works a lot with tumors because it helps stimulate the limbic system off the brain. Israel is the hypothalamus in pineal and pituitary glands. And so, you know, it basically directly goes to the brain. And they say that this is why you know, it works much better that sometimes chemotherapy. And, uh, no, I'm not suggesting that you use it instead off or anything like this. So please do not use this in any way that you don't feel it's right or that your physician or doctor There's an recommend you to use. But it's scientifically proven that goes beyond the blood barrier. The blood brain barrier. The undead contains Rex directly with the sales off the great. Another one of these room in Camelot. You like your leg inventive there. These are for me. Very, very logical, uplifting, uh, and at the same time and colleague and, uh, you know, it's just amazing that ive ever, for instance, is very has this very sweet and woody kind off smell. I have it here. I'm just going to smell it because you know, I sometimes it's really, really difficult to leave without essential because off this rooty and woody smell grounds No, it's like if you are too nervous or too high or too, you know, like with this electric feeling inside your body, you know it's totally ground yourself. No. Yeah, Either you put it on your wrists or you put it next to your years or the pumps of the field refutes or, you know, you put it under the Fuser. It works. Amazing misspell. It's just a little bit to make self frankincense and that mur same time to smell. But how does it work? You know, I wanted to just explain a little bit more tips off chemistry because the brain would so much in terms of chemistry. There is some chemical compounds called, says quit Turpin's, which basically helped increase the amount of oxygen delivery system off the brain, particularly around the pineal and pituitary glands. And so these chemical compounds, which exists in some of these essential oils, you know, help directly the Libby system. This leads to an increase in secretion off antibodies, endorphins and neurotransmitters. And regular, for instance, the glen one off the glands in the brain plays a major role in the storing and releasing off emotional job. So the only way to simulate this land is with fragrance or the sense of smell works directly with your respiratory system, which leads directly to the brain. Therefore, with aromatherapy incision lies, we are now able to release emotional trauma. I'll drink for that. I was just smell a little bit of frankincense. Did breath in the present. Amazing, Amazing, amazing. It also helps with healthy cells generation and keeping sales existing sales sensations healthy. Which one has this melt? Frankincense? Just all. It's gonna go beyond the blood brain barrier. Like I see, it seemed late directly the limbic system off the brand. Israel is the Osama's pineal gland, the opportunity between Terry Guy and by Neil Lands located in the middle of the brain that are very tiny and they work in mysterious way. And but, uh, you know frankincense is went off. The oil states is directly used for brain health 8. A deeper compassionate understanding about Depression and how to manage it.: Hi. How is it going? Are you enjoying the workshop? Are you learning many things? Is it the process that helps you realize more things about depression and brain health? Well, I hope so, because this is really the purpose of this workshop. And I would just like to say some words about depression. These many people, many people up there that's struggle with depression or depression. Episodes. I have many throughout my life, and there's nothing worse than being stuck in a reality that you feel in prison. Teen. That's what mainly depression means. It's a space that you feel trapped in, and you don't know any other way to get out of it then sometimes suicide. And this is very, very hard because some people actually cannot go out of their space without, you know, committing something so terrible, Issue said. But, um, throughout my experience and throughout the people that I've met and throughout studies in journals that I've read so many times, and I'm still reading and finding especially how essential oils work, I believe that there are many, many ways to deal with depression or at least comments, you know, going from with space that's you feel totally trapped in to a space which is less in that space if it's make sense. And so, um, one of the ways is actually to focus on something different, you know, to to go to nature, to actually basically put your mind because, you know, depression happens mainly in the mind, which triggers many, many hormones inside the brain and, you know, creates this kind off. Not so good feeling inside your body. One of the ways is to focus on something different, to focus on something that the mind is not engaged in and forest is going to the forest or going to nature and smelling a flower, you know, creating a reaction in the brain that, uh, creates the chemicals that makes you actually feel within a good move. And you know these many, many ways some people actually use like food because it creates dopamine. It creates that hormone or releases the production off that hormone inside the brain called dopamine, which is the feel good hormone. And that's what you need most when when you are depressed, you need that dopamine and that you need to lower or hormones inside the brain, such as cortisol or in the general glands such as a generally. And so it's it's very, very important to focus on something different. You know that stretch? Go for a walk, drink a glass of water. You know, uh, have socially direction. You know, Mitt, meet your friends and share with them what you're feeling and what is going on with you. No, that's helps. Tremendously. So that's just what I wanted to say. Let me know if you have any questions or if there's any issues. I'm here to help. Thank you very much. 9. What is a diffuser and how to use it?: Hello. I hope you're enjoying this workshop. And I hope that the tips and tools that I'm giving in this workshop are good enough for you to apply these techniques in your home, in your own body, in your own mind and in the family and with friends, so that this becomes a healing process for you and for the many that you work with, even for your clients dry in business. You can put the future, for instance, in your office and, you know, give it to try to your colleagues so that they can also benefit from essential oils and the healing possibilities with the specials. Today, what I wanted to show you is how to use a diffuser. Many of you know that the diffusion of essentials is one of the best techniques to actually benefit from the properties off essential oils, and the one off them with diffusion is actually one of the most direct ways to affect the brain through the offertory system. And basically, anything that we inhale connects directly to the brain through the nose, of course, and basically a diffuser diffuses molecules off the oils, mixes with water and because the water doesn't mix with essential oils. Then it diffuses the molecules. I don't know exactly how to explain how the mechanism off each diffuser works, but they all work in a similar way. They all have something like an dots or a mark that says maximum height off the water and then they have a membrane. And this membrane, which is in this center off the diffuser, is what diffuses the molecules off essential oil. And basically, what you need to do is if you have one, and if you know how to use it, then please let me know how else to use it. If I'm saying something, that is not perhaps totally secret, but they all work in the same similar way. You basically put water that you get from any tap. Be careful not to have so much calcium in the water, so that doesn't stay inside and makes it more difficult for the fusion to happen and requires more cleaning. If there is any problem with, you know, colic or Calgary, um, on basically, what you need to do is to leave the diffuser to soak in about 6 to 8 hours better from one day to the other in vinegar, so not normal, like alcoholic vinegar or just normal. Villiger would do so that it releases the discolor Chris calls him that gets deposited in the bottom off the future. So you just put some water under the fuser, and the fusion is great. I mean, it's one of the ways that I believe it's the easiest to use essential eyes. You can do this if you want to clean the air off your room, For instance, lemon essential oil, for instance, is very, very good and effective for cleaning the year. And I really highly recommend that you use this when you are dealing with sickness, sick Children or if you work in a school that you refuse. Lemon essential loyal so it gives the bacteria's in the room, and it gives us fresh air smell, you know, and basically clears everything or peppermint in order to clear your room from smells. You know if you have old rooms or, you know, if you have old family members that have that kind off really, really smell in the carpets and all around the wall papers. You know, peppermint essential oil clears. It's like it kills the bacteria from the smell sort of thing. So speaking, and so it gives us this really nice atmosphere. And then, for instance, if you want to defuse in order to be more focused, I would use, for instance, things like actually or vetiver here, you know, they really come the body. They ground the body, and then it enables the body and the mind and the spirit to really be focused on what you're doing. For instance, if you want more spiritual qualities, I would use sandalwood frankincense, which are essential oils that give this kind off uplifting, spiritually focus, sort of speaking. And so and there's many, many, many different ways. Or if you have a cold, if you have and respiratory system on problems, then you use something like peppermint and otherwise you use a collective sora bland off thesis. Sort off, you know, essential oils that actually work a lot with breathing and clearing the channels and, you know, pumping good air to the lungs. So that's basically what I'm going to do. I'm going to put some essential as I have several here and, for instance, Vetiver. It's one off the ones that I was speaking about. And another one that I have here is frankincense. Sandalwood. I have many. But I wanted to put some lemon because lemon, it's such a a powerful, uplifting on essential oil that it works in so many different ways and allows us to just breathing this freshness off Italy. Grown Citrus is you know, lemon is such a quality, essential island. You know, the essential off lemon actually comes in. Most Citrus is comes from the peel. It sits where the oil is is story is not actually inside the fruit, so lemon and vetiver vetiver is so powerful it's so thick and it has this rooty smell. And once you put it in it just, you know, brings that sense off rudeness. You know, it's not maybe a linguist word, but you know that the sense that you feel like a root, you feel like grounded in the soil. You feel your feet in your whole body kind off melting into their into whatever is under your feet. And so this is what I'm going to put. This is actually quite thick, essential oil, so it doesn't come out very well, although it's it's quite full. Let's see if any drops will come out easily. Sometimes I have to tip kept the essential oil. Let's see what's coming up. Coming out. Yes, wonderful. So as you see, it's like it's really like a very thick consistency. It's a bit like sandalwood or, um, yeah, I think symbol with this is one off the ones that this very, very thick as well. And lemon, you know, it's basically just normal. Lemon and Simpson. People ask me about quantities. I am always recommend that when you take topically and internally essential oils, you use just one drop to start with. At least when you use a diffuser, you can basically use 2 to 3 jobs off each oil and depends on how much water you put like now. I didn't put much because I will have to leave soon, so I don't, you know, waste the water with the goodness of the essential are. But if you put it on top, then I would say 4 to 5 drops in total or a bit more, but never more than 10 because it gets really, really strong. I have, for instance, a blend called on guard, which is for boosting the immune system. This is another way. Very good way to defuse or get the benefits from the fusing specializes by diffusing them so that you breathe them in and strengthens the immune system. And it's really hard on the eyes. And if I put too much, my eyes gets very, very sensitive. You know, I have to use this. So this diffuser is like this. You know, there's there's many, many different diffusers, but this is the one that I like the most is quite beautiful and works in this way. Then I plug it in in a normal plug. And then I pressed the button. And then, as you see, the diffuser starts defusing the molecules off the oil. This basically uses cold water, and many diffuses are those beautiful, cute scandal diffusers where you put the essential oil on top and then you burn it. Basically, that turns essential long into a toxic man. I think basically it actually burns doesn't really diffuse. It doesn't really allow the molecules to diffuse themselves in order for you to breathe in what is good from this Angelo. Then you just breathe in toxicity and burned oil basically, and so the fusion is the best way that I know how to use essential oils and the quickest way I have a box here off another one, which it's amazing that I use for my car. And it's one that uses USB so you can use it on your computer, in your car, anywhere that you go. There's many different kind off diffusers, so I hope they said tips you know on gave you a bit of a sense of how to use a diffuser. But if you have any questions, please ask me. Thank you.