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6 Lessons (3h 29m)
    • 1. Welcome

    • 2. What you can make for your clients for them to use at home

    • 3. Using aromatherapy for specific emotional, physical and psychological disorders.

    • 4. Blending Basics

    • 5. Musculoskeletal Pain and how to treat specific disorders

    • 6. Congratulations

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About This Class

As a massage therapist , wouldn't you love to know how to apply aromatherapy essential oils to help your massage clients get better more quickly both emotionally and physically?

Well in this Aromatherapy for Massage Therapists course you will learn this and so much more..

This is not your normal  aromatherapy massage course where you will learn a few essential oils and learn how to just give your massage clients a nice relaxation aromatherapy massage and then that is it.

I want you to learn how you can make enormous changes not only to the lives of your massages clients by using aromatherapy essential oils but it will also transform your business in getting better results and increasing your income at the same time!

That's right-it is a WIN-WIN situation!

Happier healthier massage clients and a thriving aromatherapy essential oils massage business.

Learn How To Make and sell to your clients:

  • Cellulite Oil and Massage Oil Blends

  • Acute Sprains and Strains Aromatherapy Roller Bottle Oil

  • Muscle and Joint Massage Balm

  • Cold and Flus Chest Massage Rubs

  • Allergy Relief Aromatherapy Inhaler Blends

  • Anxiety Calming Inhaler

  • 5 Stock Massage Oil Aromatherapy Essential Oil Blends For Every Occasion

  • Cold and Flu Inhaler and Aromatherapy Diffuser Blends

  • Cramps and Spasms Muscle Lotion and Massage Blend

  • More than 50 Aromatherapy Diffuser Blends

  • Menopausal Lotion and Massage Oil Blend

  • Headache Relief Inhaler and Aromatherapy essential oil Roller Bottle Blends

  • The Best Insomnia Diffuser Blend

  • Muscular Pain and Tension Massage Blend

  • Nausea Relief  Inhalers

  • Lymphatic Drainage Edema and Swelling Massage OilBlends and Lotions

  • Bruises and Bumps Oil

  • and so much more!

You are going to learn how to use the best aromatherapy essential oil blends on your massage clients and then , recommend your aromatherapy products for them to use outside of your massage room that they can use between your massage sessions!

Now, based on your recommendations, they buy your aromatherapy diffuser blends for home or work that you have made, or your essential oil pain relieving lotion that they can massage onto their sore areas between massage sessions with you , or an aromatherapy personal inhaler to help with their anxiety levels or insomnia. And so much more!

I have been doing massage for more than 25 years, I have used aromatherapy essential oils on literally thousands of massage clients around the World from Elite athletes to Presidents of countries and I will show you everything that you need to know from my experience to take your aromatherapy massage to a completely new level!

When you complete this aromatherapy essential oils course you will know:

  • How to apply the correct aromatherapy essential oils for your massage clients for muscle and joint pain and emotional problems.

  • How to make a muscle easing pain balm and chest rub for coughs and colds to sell to your massage and reflexology clients

  • How to make personal inhaler blends for allergies, nausea, concentration and relaxation that you can recommend to help them

  • You will learn dozens of aromatherapy blends for every circumstance and be able to sell them for them to use at home or work

  • Essential oil diffuser blends that you can recommend that you made for them with your essential oils.

  • Your massage and reflexology clients will be able to buy your roller ball blends to use between treatments so they get better quicker.

  • Learn aromatherapy safety and dilution rates

  • Know how to use aromatherapy essential oils for muscle and joints pains, overuse injuries, make a bruise oil that you can sell and a first aid sprain and strain oil.

This aromatherapy course for massage and reflexology therapists will transform the way that you treat your clients and I personally cannot wait to share with you my 25 years of knowledge and experience.

I look forward to seeing you in class!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mark Perren-Jones

Best-Selling Instructor, 100K Students


Hello, I'm Mark.

Mark Perren-Jones is a bestselling massage course and pain relief, instructor.

He is also the owner of the award-winning Isla Verde Spa, a highly regarded massage therapist, acupuncturist and Pain Specialist and his youtube channel has well over 2 million views. He has more than 25 years experience in the massage and acupuncture field and has worked in spas and clinics throughout the world. He has massaged Presidents and their families, Olympic athletes, professional sports people and celebrities around the world.

Mark's spa earned an incredible 100 out of 100 5 Star Reviews on Tripadvisor! ( 100% 5 STARS). In just 6 months after the Isla Verde Spa opened, it became the No.1 Ranked spa in his highly competitive. It was also ... See full profile

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1. Welcome: Hi. My name is Mark Jones from the award. Winning is the very spot, and welcome to my course aromatherapy massage therapist. Now, in this course, it's not just about making blends for mass. Sergeant, I want to show you so much more than that, So yes, well, I'll show you blend. I've got dozens of stock blends that you'll be able to make for everything from relax ation to help people focus to help them sleep. I've got literally dozens does a beautiful blends that I've used over the past 30 years. But more than that, I want to show you how you can help your clients between them aside centers. Right. So you had to aromatherapy massage. What teacher? That oils to use, you need to know message already. And then I will show you how to make beautiful things for your clients, like, see that they come in and they got pain. What about a beautiful roller bottle that you can sell them with a beautiful, essential oils? The pain blend that I'll show you how to use. And then they can use that between treatments on the carpal tunnel syndrome, the rotator cuff tendonitis and so on and so forth. Or maybe it's for sleeping and then help them sleep. Also show you how to use personal inhalers. So let's say someone comes in and they're having problems studying. They got an exam coming up. Well, you give them a massage used, made it calming oils. And then I'll show you how you can sell them their own personal inhaler with essential oils that that help with focus and concentration. And these were asked, after a year for a person also cups and colds and flu's and nausea. I wanted you all of that. I'm also going to show you how you can sell your clients diffuser prints because the more they use aromatherapy at home or at work, the better they're going to get between create treatments. So you have five mil bottles and I'll show you how to make these gorgeous Brent and put them in. And then you're on system to your clients. Okay, so you have friends for sleeping. I'm gonna show you how to make pain relieving SARS just so much so that your client is going to be incredibly happy because you're gonna be able to help them be much better, quicker. And not only that, it's gonna build your business. Okay? You become the resident expert in aromatherapy message and the aromatherapy oils, but they can use at home or work when they go on holidays, and you'll be able to help them in that way. And in turn, this will drive a lot more money into your business. So you really get going. Let's go. Okay, So before we get started, I want you download the e book. So I put together this evil off. Everything's in the course. All right, so everything that I'm gonna teach you from de stress blend recipes, these blends for this dilution rates safety aspects of aromatherapy and someone, and so far it's all in nearly 100 page a book. I know it's chock a block full. So you've got that now, also, you can download. I've got a century oil profiles of common essential oils. So I've got the profiles there, so interested you've got maybe some essentials at home, not quite sure what they're good for. Then you can have a look at that of a country of origin. How much do you it is and so on and so forth. So you've got that as well. Now, the third thing I've got a few to download. It is essential oils that is safe for Children. Okay, so you don't have to worry if you got Children you want to look at What do you wanna diffuse in your home? So this is probably more for you. You know, like you say, my Children throughout the spire. And but this is like for you. If you want to just diffuse him. Essential. Awesome. I've got around it there because specifically bought treating Children. So that's not the scope of this of this course, but I still want to give you those essential profiles that is safe for kids. So if you want to look through you go now. It's not every single one that's safe, but it's a lot of the really common ones. Okay, So down like that, And it's keep moving on. Okay, so now in this section, if you've already done one of my aromatherapy causes, you're well versed in aromatherapy. And you know how to store your essential oils. You know about carrier oils? You know what GCMs testing is? You know how to buy them because that's what This whole I'm gonna put this into the start of the course because someone might buy this course and has no idea what to look for when buying essential oils, how to store them properly, what are adult register rituals and so on and so forth. So this is going to give you a basic grounding of aromatherapy before we start to apply it in the rest, Of course. So if you know this, you've done one of my right there because you're so you know it'll or another aromatherapy course, for that matter, just skip under the next section. But please understand that I have to add this in for people that don't really know anything about aromatherapy so that you don't want your watch this section because they're really important things when it comes to things like irritation of the skin and what to do First sensitivity. What oil's a photosensitive, really important stuff on. If you don't know what those terms made, then you've gotta watch the first section. Now, as this is in aromatherapy course, and we're all about a central's, you want to be using 100% pure, unadulterated, essential oils. Very high quality. Correct, Right? Of course you do. You don't have adulterated sentinels, and I'm gonna explain how they adulterated and explain what to look for when buying them. But first of all, I want to get into the world of therapeutic essentials. Therapeutic grade essential oils now. But I got a bit of a conundrum. I gotta tell you, I'm in a bit of a bond. Could be a bit of a pickle. I've got a problem. You say This one says, certified pure therapeutic grade. Certify pure therapeutic. Right. All right, Now this one says therapeutic grade. All right, this one doesn't say anything, so I want you to go and check your century oils. See, because this is really important because you want to be using the best essential oils you can, So I want you to go and see for central say something like therapeutic grade. Maybe they say, certified pure therapeutic grade, maybe safe food grade, something like that. But go and have a look and see what it says on the bottle. All right. Okay. Bullshit type and company. Okay. So you got your central's. So what is better certified pure their acuity, Great therapeutic grade or just something doesn't say anything. No great. Well, me to tell you. None of them make a lick of difference. All right, there is no therapeutic. Great. I'll repeat that there is no therapeutic grade. There is no certified pure beauty grade. Now listen. That's a multi level marketing company that sells essential oils that coal there's certified pure therapeutic right now. Steady on there, Tiger. I didn't say they weren't good quality oils. I'm just saying there's no one certifying them. There is no independent body FBI on doing it. No one's out. The guy checking the oil and saying, Well, you can put therapeutic right on here because that their beauty cried that much better than just 100% pure essential oils when they 100% pure. That's what they are. 100% pure, essential oils which are therapeutic, right? And they're adulterated, essential oils. And there are higher quality essentials. Or but there is no don't fall for sound goes Oh yeah, my sentinels! You should buy this because it's therapeutic. Great! All right. No, you shared them. Who said I find them therapeutic grade Now how this all came about was back in the nineties . A multi level marketing company had breathed an idea and is a breed idea. Some smart fellow. A woman not sure who waas when Let's put therapeutic grade. Why wouldn't you? If I'm on the look in the counter that's got her lavender 11 therapeutic grade lavender or I'm running to buy that one. But it's nothing more than a marketing term. There's a marketing idea, and it's still to this day, all right, so point is somewhat comes up to you. Try to send them because that there appear to get now, remember, I'm not saying if it says therapeutic grade, that they're not great. If it says 35 certified pure, they're perfect. I'm not saying they're not great essential oils. You got it. I'm not saying that they're not great. I'm just saying there isn't any certified cure therapy because, in fact, that therapeutical that period 100% pure, essential oil. If you're about to see in the case in the course percent pure therapeutic grade, it's actually fake, and it costs me $3. So you're about to learn if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is a $3 essential oil you're just not gonna get. So what else don't you know? All right. So you got your sentinel eyes. Maybe the therapeutic, right? Maybe there No. Maybe it doesn't matter. Like you just found out. I said, let's just go through a little bit of the basics of essential oils. Now, essential oils can come from Europe any different parts of aromatic plants, so they could come from the bath. Certain essentials come from the roots. Some come from the flowers. Some come from the green twigs. Might be the leaves. It could be the rides, the fruit as in Citrus. So they come from various past, depending on what they want. In fact, the bitter orange tree has three different essential oils from the same tree. That's right. So you get bitter oranges central that's extracted from the run of the bitter orange fruit . Then you've got a pity grain, which comes from believes now. Pity in French is small, and grain means I will drop you. And that's what they could see on the leaves. The essential oil sex that it on the leaves. That's why it's called pity grain. Now the other. Oil comes in that is, nearly which comes from the flower topped. So three different and they got different therapeutic benefits. Three different essentials from the same tree. The bitter orange tree. So why do these plants have essential oils in the first place? What do they have us into laws for? Well, for two major reasons. Message, attraction and D traction, in other words, for protection or communication. So what happens is this. They have essentials. These essentials are released from the plant. That's why they need to be volatile so they're evaporate in the air to send off this message. So, for example, that protect them against a certain bacteria. Certain found guy so they have a central is for that on also certain in six. So this is why student essential oils, a fantastic insect repellents because that was their job to keep certain insects away. So certain plants have that, but other plants they might want to get pollinated, so they attract a certain type of be to their flowers to pollinate, so they might do that now. Also, some plants can send off their essential oils. Two others plants of the same species to sort of warn them, like almost like a signal, not almost everything. What is a signal? So they send off their centralized, released into the air. And so then those other plants are warned of Venice, a warning system. And then they do the same thing so that this chain reaction of sending up these volatile molecules into the air to warn them and ward off as maybe it's insects, certain animals on what have you so they don't get a now run therapy has been around. We've been using it for thousands of years. But the Egyptians 3000 BC were using a frankincense and murders piled their embalming process. King Touch Tomb 3000 Basie. They found King stops turned alabaster jars of frankincense. Essential oil in 13 hundreds with the bubonic plague. Which around then, what happened there? Particles would like that at today's chemists. Pharmacists, the Zapata grieves would use essential oils on their skin because everyone was dying the bubonic plague, right? So they would use his abrupt, several essential oils. And then they go on, rob the dead bodies of the belongings and no, not died of bubonic plague. And as the legend goes now. This is what's called thieves recipe or these oil, so you get the recipe in your notes. Had to make thieves oil. You can't buy it. It's called things up and or four thieves oil because of these four thieves. When they finally got caught stealing what the judges said, you give us a recipe from what you're using. What essential oils that you rubbing on your body and you're not dying. Albu, shorten your sentence. So that was that now and basically in the early 19 hundreds. It really the run. A sense of aromatherapy started because what they're using in World War Two, Treaty of leavened 11 lemon clothes to treat wounds in world War and really, really right up until World War Two started. Discovered penicillin, but Renee get a false a French chemist. He burned himself in a laboratory. There was an explosion and he burned himself, ran out to the grass. Apparently rollover put the fire out. But after couple days, his hand started become gangrenous. So he bathed in lavender essential oil and it removed the gangland, the gangrene and it didn't scar it all. So then he just went, Wow, these Air Central's are amazing. And they think it's him that the term aromatherapy it comes from this guy, Renee, get a plus. And they, in fact, dedicated the rest of his life to essentials that that was really, really were started to take off. Okay, I've got a riddle for you. When is an essential oil not essential oil? What? It's an absolute or a CEO to extract. Whatever I talking about, don't worry. It will all become very clear very soon. Grasshopper, let me tell you how things are extracted when it comes to essential oils. Now they're the two most common ways we extract essential oils are through distillation, whether that be steam distillation, water distillation or a bit of both. Now the other way, the main way is through cold expression, which we do with Citrus. And I'll explain all of these in a second. Well, explain right now, actually. So Okay, so what we got? We got steam distillation. We'll just go steam decision. You put your plant matter into this Still got bubbling water underneath it. It bubbles up, the steam goes up through the plant matter whether that's your flower tops leaves what have you go through that and it breaks up in the molecules of oil, and they go up with the vapor into this true roundy round, it goes into a thing called a condenser, which caused this vapor back down into a liquid. Then they go into a reservoir, and that's where we have essential oil. Generate floats on top and below. We have the water that's left over right so the central is separated and that water that's left over is known as a hydra soul or is known as a hard Dronett, or it's just not its floral waters. Okay, but you could buy in shops, right? So that's the steam distillation. Okay, we can also go with water is where they just bubble him in the water right now. Okay, we got cold expression. When I talk to about card expression is what we do. That Ryan's of the Citrus fruit to get this enjoys out of them. And what do you say they print the runs pretty freaked, breaks up in the central oil sex, and then they once have done that. It's in a centrifuge, and they squeeze all the juice and the oils out all right. And so then they separate the juice from the oil because they're separated. You're always in border juice, just water and juice and boils. And you know what I'm saying? And so then you get you always from your Citrus fruits. Okay, There are some Citrus fruits that is named distilled, and but the majority, through cold expression to the pricked, arise. And they get that oils out of the rides like that right now. So that gives us essential oils. Steam distillation of water. Destination on. We've got Citrus oils is what's interesting is off. Now here's where it gets tricky because you might come across someone saying, Well, that's an absolute non essential oil, right? What happens is there are other ways to extract essential oils. Now, some like delicate flowers, jasmine. They might not do well in the steam distillation with a temperature of that sort of thing. So they don't get what's called Selvan extraction to get yours. So what that means is they use a solvent to extract the central All right, So when they used solvent solvent and get the essential oils removed the solvent and then they have what is known as an absolute seven solvent extraction you get. Things were called absolutes. Right now, there's another way to extract fairly new way. Very expensive, super clean uses, no hate. It uses carbon dioxide, right CEO to what we breathe out. So they use is under enormous pressure to the CIA to guest becomes liquid and then acts to solve it and then to within get rid of or not get rid of extract the essential oils. The Sio two is like a self of such, but it's completely natural. And then they release the race it and the liquid becomes against again. Carbon dioxide offer goes, and it leaves you with the essential, which is called a C O to extract. All right, you got it. So distillation we get essential oils and a harder soul. Otherwise, there's a hard relax flora water as a byproduct. We got solvent. Extraction gives us absolutes. We got sewage co two extraction looking just to extract. And then we got cold expression, which gives us Jimmy a Citrus essential oils. All right, so why do a sense of oils differ so greatly in price? Where there are several factors, it could be just the country's growing. It's more expensive to grow this in the United States, for example, that it is in Iraq. It could be certain multi level marketing companies. They have to have good markup so the people would sell their products so that I need to have a higher price point. The the major thing on also the extraction process CO two carbon dioxide extraction is still really expensive. It's a very pure way of getting Central's, but at the moment still expensive. But that would say the biggest difference is you'd. In other words, how many pounds of this product does it take to get this amount of essential oil? So let me give you an example. All right, This is a 10 mill bottle off lavender, lavender and goes Augusta, Fauria, $11 gets the folly. This will take £2 of lavender flowers to get 10 mils of essential oil, this survival bottle of rose. Now this will take £105 of rose petals for this five mils. That's why Rose is so expensive. One drop of the rose isn't oil requires 60 whole rose flowers, so the difference is enormous when it comes to yield. So that's the major factor. All right, so when it comes to that, how much can you extract? Like, for example, sandalwood. Sandalwood comes from a tree that's gonna be 30 years old, so you stand of trees to be 30 years old. That's why they getting in Australia that got the planting. Only sandalwood trades Australian sandwich. So it's much better to buy from them because the Indian sandalwood they're getting cutting down forests and all the sandwiches going. But Australia doing Australian sand, which was a fantastic, essential oil. And this is standing Lee growing. And I think every tree they cut down they had about six more 10 more or something like that . So it's This is substantial growing now. So this is one of the major reasons a sense of oils get adulterated, you know, so putting in cheaper center oils or synthetic ascent soils. So we'll talk about that a little bit longer, but a little bit later. But that is the major difference between one of Central on the other. It really comes down to How much can you extract? How much of central can you really extract and how many pounds you need to do it now. When it comes to buying yours and trials, there are a few tips that I want to give you as to what? To look out for the first thing. If you're not really sure if there's an aroma therapist or aromatherapy school around going , ask them. If you're not sure where to go, they should have good supplies and good contacts. But as a general rule, you're gonna be better off going to a place that that's what they do. They sell essentials. So you go to that person goes, Oh, yeah, so this is such And they could tell you all about it because that's their thing, their essential oil people on. They know all about their product. That's where you want to go. That's where you're gonna be a much better chance. Get your pure on a daughter in essential oils, as opposed to go into a supermarket, going to the pharmacy and getting these big brand essential oils much better to go to someone because that's what they do. That's what they're into now, Having said that, if you find a let's say you go well, sandalwood, that's cheap. $12 Wow, get that. Don't are essential oils. You just can't produce them super cheaply now. City. A sandalwood tree has to be 30 years old of Indian sandalwood before they cut it down to extract the essential oils. This amount five mils of rose. Essential oil, 60 flowers for one drop £105 of essential oil of rose petals. To get this essential oil. There is no way you could find that for $15 that's why. So it goes back to yield. So don't go thinking Well, Mr Bargain, because you're not getting good, essential oils. All right, so when you look to buy well, it's gonna be no brand. It should be in doubt. Glass bottles gets affected by light of central oxidized by light, heat and air. Now she pretty much a tamper proof lid and an orifice reduces you want this? Or if it's reduced to measure out drops and course so your kids can get to it. That should be stored away from kids anyway. But the major cause of cases of poisoning have been with Children, and we have the orifice producer. They guzzle it down. With this, it comes out and drops. That's a lot harder, but place. Make sure you keep them out of the reach of Children. Okay, now, on the names on the labels you want to see, the top of distillation is it's stained. This dude, it was CO two extracted, So you want to see you are now the legs. If you go by, they should have this stuff either on paper or it's on the bottle or they'll be able to tell you so. Country of origin. Where was growing? Because lavender in France is going to have different aroma that say, you know, in England or somewhere else like that. So that's really important as well for the country of origin and, well, it's been distilled, and it should tell you the parts of the plants as well. So the flower tops off. So So you know what part of the plan seemed to steal flower tops? Levitan. Now, when it comes to 11 and if it's like this one and it says Lavenda, what level? Which one? Because you see, there are lots of different $11. All right now this what's called true Lebedev is 11 doula, which is the genus, so you have the family of the plants that the group of plants 11 doula, all right, and then you have the species. What type of 11 Dora and true lemon does it's known, is in gusta Fauria. So 11 doula, and could you have Berries? So another time. 11 doula is intermedia, so Lemon Dolan Intermediate is actually known as 11 din, and it costs half the amount than Labrador and gassed if Olea, to produce so 11 a lot cheaper than Augusta failure. But if I just put on lavender, I can sell 11 do because it's still from 11. Do our family, right? So if you don't have the botanical name, you don't know what type of 11. You bet your bottom dollar it's gonna be 11. Didn't it cost me half price to do it? So that's also really important. Like why, Sister says, you can have this. Well, there's like 700 different types of eucalyptus. True, so it tells you nothing, so make sure it has the botanical name as well. So distillation method, country of origin. Some even have the the date that it's being extracted bottled, so that's all important as well. If you can get that. You know how long it's been sitting on the show and when you do open them because these have specific shelf life, What's going to the best thing you could do is write down when you open blue tag when you open the bottle, because then you know, like, Oh, this thing Teoh eight months old. Okay, I should probably get a new one, because it's gonna be oxidized. Okay, we'll talk about that in more detail later on. So those are the things. But as I said, if you're not sure, see if you can asking aroma therapist or if there's an aromatherapy school, maybe even a mess at school around. Ah, but if you do find a central store there that when you want to go see the people, that that's their thing, man, that's the deal. They just they ate. Drink, sleep. Dream about essential oils. All right, so you spend your well earned money on your essential oils. You bought really great quality oils because, as you well know that if you buy cheaper center Royals, at best, you've got a central. Is that a pure but like the third distillation so that only the therapeutic benefits. At worst, you're getting adulterated. Essential oils. Okay, so they said if you want to care for them properly, you want to store them because you could double the amount of shelf life by doing the right things. Okay, that three enemies went counter Essential oxygen, heat and light. Okay, that's why they're in OPEC bottles. Dark borrows to keep the lighter right, so keep them in a cool, dark spot. Excuse me. Now the best pleasure could put them is in the refrigerator. You will double the shelf life by having them refrigerated. Okay, Now, here's a tip you might want because certain essentials will get a little bit more viscous because you're in the refrigerator, they cool down, but you just put them in your head on the other. Paid up out of the fridge and be put out of the drop is no problems whatsoever. If you buy Rose Auto essential. So five mills. You probably spend 100 plus dollars on that put in the fridge because if you put in the fridge, it should go solid. If it doesn't go solid, you start asking questions big time. Alright. Roseau will go solid in the fridge. All right, so there's an isolated now if it's been adulterated or not, okay, so keep in the refrigerator and keep them. Keep the lid on. You don't have the lids off for a long time because say they'll start to oxidize now. Some studies have been shown where lemon essential oil. What they did was they kept the lid off for three minutes a day and kept it in 77 77 degrees. Better not temperature, sort of outside and 12 months. The constituents in the lemon went from the limousine, which is the major therapeutic constituent you want. It went from 70% down to 30%. What does that mean? It means that it's probably not doing what was supposed to do for you in the first place. You want those therapeutic? You want lemon in it in Citrus oils because that's the thing that's going to beat their appearance for you on the most part. But it's gone down to 30% because of oxygen ization. So you absolutely, absolutely keep the lids on time and best put them in the fridge. Now, if you put them in the fridge, put them in something airtight. Otherwise, thank you. That sort of you, your peers could stop tasting like lemons. Perhaps because of the essential. Also, put them in an air tight container in your fridge and you're gonna be great. Okay, So the other problem when they started oxidize, especially Citrus oils, is there's a higher chance of irritation. So if you're using them and starting to oxidize now, when they are When I said that oxides you used to know because they won't smell like they should self you've been using them on. You haven't used one for a long time, and it doesn't smell the right. There's probably oxidize. Okay, some of the Citrus oils will go cloudy as well. Okay, so that's really, really important. You spent good money on high quality essentials. Put a mini fridge, put him in something air time. Okay, keep the lids on nice and tight of the address and gets them if you got a big bottle, said two ounce bottle of essential Oh, I have used half. Transfer that into a one ounce bottle, so there's not so much here in the actual container as well, so that's really important. This will last you a good amount of time, the more you care for them and keep them cool down away from Hey, they're gonna be much better. Not only much better quality, but the last year, a lot longer. Now I just want to about when you're buying Citrus oils now. Citrus oils. Obviously, in a perfect world, I would be grateful to buy all essential closer organic. You know that best but generates very much more expensive to have organic, essential oils. But when it comes to Citrus oils, it really is important if you can get organic oils because of the process. That's why they're extracted, like I told in cold expression. But they just picked the rides to pick the oil sex to come out. Now Citrus fruits can be really sprayed heavily, so they're lopping a chance of the pesticides getting into the essential oils just through the natural process of just pricking through the rides. So, really, when it comes to Citrus oils, if you can get organic, it really would be much better. So I hear what you're saying. No, I'm with you, he said. I've got these Citrus sores. They're probably three years old but I don't want chukka moment. They smell fine, but market. But then this is not the limiting any more. So it's not gonna have the therapeutic benefits. And there's a greater chance of irritating my skin because the man what do you look up? The answer. All right, so here's what you do. Don't throw him out if I smell fine, which this does. Okay, we're gonna use him for the cleaning products in the later on in the course, So you could use thes all right to you when you're gonna make your cleaning products for your house, your old natural cleaning. So hang onto, um because we're gonna use now when it comes to adulterating essential oils I've been talking about throughout the course because essential oils are big business. I mean, it's hundreds of millions of dollars, and a demand outstrips supply, so the ones remotely central's are most commonly adulterated with lots are but the real high end ones. Jasmine rose sandwich. You could imagine spending around $250 for rose oil. Well, there's gonna be a lot of people that want toe adulterated them, strips them out, or just complete fakes. So what are the ways that they adult? Right? Okay. So for example, they could cut them with carry oil. And this one now, first festival. Like a tortured because I bought six essential oils for $20 Lemon, rosemary, eucalyptus, lemon grass, some others. So I knew they were going to be adulterated. But I want to buy it to show. So you just city before you just can't buy six essential oils of 10 bills each. 20 bucks just just can't be done. What can be. But you're not gonna get pure center lows, So Okay, this is being cut with the carrier oil. So when I do this, it's awful. It feels like olive oil or mass Ajo. Essential oils are not oily around. So this its smell, it doesn't smell good at all. So this but it's oily, right? It's It's oily. Now if I get my fingers here, Yeah, now. So if I use it a pure central oil here, never on it. You could hear that. You hear that? It's got a grippy. It's not slippery and slimy. Oily. It's slippery. It's not slippery because it's not oily. All right, so this for the Catholic out so doesn't evaporate. This could really care less, but I'll do it anyway. So on. Easy way to test for that, which I'll do. I've been a white piece of paper here. Of course it's been cut with it. Said it was being cut with an oil. So a drop on this piece of paper, the one that's being cut with annoy, will carry oil. Yes, for some sort of vegetable oil. Right. So you drop of that and a drop of my other one. That's pure, said Doyle. Yeah, so just show here. Okay, So this one here, let them try out. This one is the ones been cut to carry oil. This one here is the pure oil. Okay, it's only those to dry out, and you'll see what happens once it dried out or out. So that's one method. So coming over the carrier oil. Another method is using synthetic constituents that the central always have, because the central oils have lots of different constituents in them. And, like, for example, Rose de Messina roast central, around 300 different constituents Justin Rose, essential oil. So with all these different constituents, they can make sit very cheaply these days. Make synthetic constituents like, for example, literal hesitate or Linda Lue, other of those in lavender, so they can increase because when they're testing them, they can increase the amount so synthetic so they don't have anything. Therapeutic benefits. So that's another way using synthetic constituents to stretch out the essential oils and make it look better than they actually are. And so that's a second. The other way is just simply make putting cheaper oils into. Also, let's say they call it clothes but oil. But it's other being cut with clover leaf leaf oil, which is way cheaper to make. Or it's just super cloverleaf, and they flat out lie and calling it close. But oil sand with lavender. Cut it with 11 din, which is way, way, cheaper makers, I told you earlier on, and so they can put it hide that within the lavender and don't show smell similar a swell. So there's lots of different things that they could do. I've got a link that you can have a look at all the different oils in the different ways they that they will adult, right. These oils have a look at that and you just say it is mine bubbling. It's well known that the amount let's say in Bulgaria that they produce you're the market was in the market's central markets. What they know is there's a soon amount gets produced each year, but way more is getting sold. All right, It's just no possible let's say 100 tons of lender went to the market was produced on them for the market, but they're selling 500 tons. So you know, where did all that extra come from? Of course, it is stretching out these essential oils. So they say, And the ones that, like Sandalwood and Rose, you know, these ones a highly valuable. So, yeah, it is a big problem. But then we have testing techniques, mess spectroscopy, and guess chromatography these really high tech things. Two ways of testing, which I'll go into alleged knows what that all means and how they test them. Okay, so when you're buying Central's, you really want to make sure that it says something called GC Stroke M s tested. Okay, this is great guest chromatography and mass spectrometry on these out of the gold standard . There are other testing methods as well. But these are the gold standard, or it comes to chicken purity of essential oils. 2. What you can make for your clients for them to use at home: The big question is, why bother using essential oils with massage? Because, you know messages incredibly therapeutic as it is, and so is aromatherapy. There have been thousands of studies be used for 1000 years to affect both mood emotion and physically through skin conditions in pain and someone so forth. So message is the perfect marriage with essential oils because essential oils and that therapeutic benefits are absorbed in the body through especially three wife one inhalation . So I think diffusers personal inhalers, and they have picked your moat main effect, mood and emotion. Surface stressed, can't sleep that sort of thing smelling essential oils and that there appeared benefits, goes into the brain into your limbic system and is absorbed through the blood stream into the body into the lungs. Self fixed coughs, coughs and colds think stressful conditions. Think people with no energy focus, concentration nets, everything inhalation. Right now, the other way is topically, so through the skin of permeate into the bloodstream through the skin. So massage was so that the third way is a combination of both but inhalation and topically . So think mess. I should a relax ation message, so you would you put this beautiful blend. So let's just say someone comes in and they got neck pain. They're stressed out. So you and your skill. What I'm gonna teach you is what are the best essential oils to blend together to affect this person in the best way possible, rather than just using Sweet Amador. Now you gonna do in aromatherapy massage that will have an effect on their mood for their stress levels and also their pain. So I think 11 do, for example. So let's say you use some lavender lavender, as you're gonna learn in the course is Jesus. It's anti inflammatory. And, of course, it's calming benefits. Your known worldwide, said Levin, is a perfect oil. Maybe a bit of sweet orange you're gonna put into the friend as you learn because of its uplifting quality. All the Citrus is have beautiful, uplifting quality, you know, it's like a bright light, and maybe you want to use him cedarwood as well. For two ground them, see them or the the woods are very grounding, and they earthy Woody, so solicited some cedarwood, some orange, a sweet orange and some lavender. Right, so you got your client and you message them and they feel fantastic cause I've got the energetic properties in the Carling properties in the uplifting and the So they go out floating on a cloud from your master bedroom, right? Okay, so with that, you can help them a mortar. Let's say that person has lots of stress and they get neck pain. So what do you do? Here's what you do, so you can then offer them. You can sell them, maybe a roller bottle they look. Next time I'll make up a blend of the same essential oils. And this is what's called the learned aroma response. So they have building your massage room felt fantastic, and neck felt so much better. They do so much more relaxed because of your massage, coupled with the aromatherapy central is that you chose right now you sell them a roller bottle. Okay, so I said I could make you a blend that whenever you get your neck pain and stress, you roll it onto the back of your neck on your chest. If you want your wrist and then you start inhaling it, and also course topically will help with that pain, and I'll show you the dilution, rates and everything. So a role a bottle is a perfect way to affect. Let's say the person comes in carpal tunnel syndrome. Make the miss up between treatments. Rub this on four or five times a day, OK, and then rub it in because it and explain to them because of this pain relieving qualities , it's an old geezer gets anti inflammatory. All this you're going to learn now. The other thing. They say the person gets him headaches, All right. They're stressed about the pain. They get headaches, make them a person, hailer or their stress levels. All right, so you can show you how to buy these. And they make whatever you stressed where you get your headache or you need more focus or you need to be concentrated, or you have suffered from insomnia to affect your mood, your emotions, your psychological well being, person hands of great or the person has a diffuser. You make them up the same blend that you had in the clinic or different one. But you can use these calm, say I'll make up a friend and you sell them this. Use this two or three times a day when your home or a study blend all these blends that you're going off, that's a kind of lower back pain. And there was so much better psyllium, your pain relieving bomb or side that you make on a gun show you how to make this. So all of these things are going to help your client so much more than just let's say they came in Europe for this treatment. In the next treatment, you're going to be helping them. So they have thes things that they can take home. You're not gonna some four, but maybe just a couple or one. So then, not only are they going to benefit more from your from your massive session, then they're gonna be so incredibly a pretty appreciate the fact that now, with their shoulder problem that they feel so much better from your treatment, they can then rub this on 4 to 5 times a day, 2 to 3 times its an old chronic problem, which you learn these things using aromatherapy. So the skill set that I'll give you is that you'll be, I don't know, one of the most appropriate essential oils to use on what application methods? Maybe it's for a bath. Maybe it's a stink. I'm going to all these different methods that you can then recommend to your clients and get way better results. And your client's gonna love you for the fact that then they've got something to take home and they're gonna get so much better, so much quicker. All right, So let me just go through the things that you might need throughout the course that you're going to use for your clients to give them the personal inhalers roller bottles on so on and so forth. So Okay, so the first thing you wanna do it now the links in your description box there so you can have a look on Amazon or wherever you need aromatherapy supplies. Store somewhere, and the first thing you need are five more bottles. All right, because when you make the diffusers essential oil blends for the futures for people. When you want to set on, sell them. You wanna have been five mil bottles, and so you'll put about 75 drops now. So throughout the course, I've got the blends with around about 10 drops in blends. So what, you want to use that to multiply those so you have the same ratios. But you're more apply those to get just about to around about 70 80 drops. Okay, So just whenever you say whatever brings you got there, then you just multiply those to get your rendered at 70 80 drops. Because the five mil bottles, um, will hold no around about 80 to 100 drops or maybe more. So that's a good amount. So you don't have too much option in the bottle. So So what you do is just to get rid of the orifice reducer, and then you put in your essential oils and you'll sell them that way. Okay, so five mil bottles the links in your description box. The other thing. So you want to get some little one ounce 30 mil sort of jobs like this, you get night on dark glass ones, that sort of thing to put in your pain relieving survives, or if you're making lotion for your clients, something like that, where you can put it in a lotion and that sort of thing. So you could make that as well now, personal inhalers. So Okay, so I've got these ones here that I mentioned throughout the course, you could get much nicer and aluminium ones. I think there are medium, but it's a little like just little cheap ones, which is great. So depending on your clientele. But I think that one's really nicer aluminium months and but whatever you like. But person Hanners again, you got the links to destruction box. So these will be on selling to your clients, given the person halos for allergies, for stress and anxiety and insomnia and started. All right, now, the other thing, you want to get again, you don't have to get over these, but I recommend that throughout the course. So you're there a good thing to have on hand on a great thing to give you close. The other thing are the roller bottles. Okay, A lot of these things are really cheap, by the way, so you don't have to, you know, forking out a whole heap of money. So these roller bottles here you get days, a 10 mill roller bottles, and so then you could sell them to your clients and your little roller bottles for, say, sprayed and strange or, you know, I'm gonna make up something specific for them. So again, as we learned throughout the course, so that's really organ you need and you don't even need these. I mean, you could just make diffuser blends, but as you'll see it's it's so much better when you start to using person. Hey, listen, that could take maybe at you learn again through the course on, they suffer from anxiety getting on planes so they can use. They used their little person inhaler for anxiety because they're afraid of flying. That sort of think often what it just to teach you later on the nausea one for yeah, right seasickness or travel sickness with kids, that sort of thing or study blends that sort of thing. So person highlights an awesome think. My cats just gone into the picture again. I'm sorry about that. She seems to run the house so days and roller bulls are absolutely fantastic as you learn throughout the course. So really, person highlights Robles five bottles for diffusers, and that's really all you need. Okay, of course, you said draws, of course, but that's really all you need, and you could get them on Amazon or a safe your aromatherapy supply store. Someone like that. And that's simple. Is it is all right. So what? Quickly talk about safety is really, really important. Heavy looking. Your researchers download the safety pages and because you want to cross check these always . So I've got Central as it should be avoided for pregnant women, nursing mothers and Children. Okay, so you always want to cross check that you're not using oils, they're gonna be contraindicated. Okay, so that's really important. Also, we'll talk about irritation and sensitization. So, irritation, by the way, speak of irritation. I've also got for you and your resource is certain oils that are known irritants. Or sensitize er's ones that you know you wouldn't use on someone who's got really sensitive skin. And because it can irritate this. Getting these oil much more irritating to the skin for, like, cinnamon cloves, that sort of thing. A lot of the old you wouldn't be using any way more than likely, but have a look at those, especially you're going to say someone that's got since nine sensitivities. Okay, so irritation. So if someone has a reaction to the essential oils on the skin, there can't they break out in a rash when you just want o wash it off with warm, soapy water? Cool, soapy border, wash it off and then let the affected part sort of just air out so the central will evaporate. You might wanna put some Canada, get them to put some camomile lotion cream on there, but you don't want going out into the sunshine explosion to the sunshine. All right, so that's irritant reactions of contact dermatitis now. Sensitization. Well, that's it. This is why it's so important to dilute your essential oils. This only happens if someone using Nate Essential oils sensitized is actually an allergic reaction to the essential oils, and they concern you really to break out. And that and what happens if sensitization person may never be able to use that that essentially, ever again, even 11 people breaking out with 11. I put on your neat, undiluted and then they kept a sensitization to that. And they can't use lender again because every time they level on this game has this alert. The body has his allergic reaction. All right, so that's irritation and sensitization now. Photo sensitivity. This is really important with massage. There are certain oils that are photo sensitive. So what does that mean? That means that if you apply the essential oils on a certain delusions onto their skin and they go out into the sunshine between the time they apply them in any way up to 24 hours, they could have a like it can burn the skin like a son. But even blistering. Okay, so one of the most were the most photosensitive Is Bergamo highly fire insensitive and lime as well? So you've got a list it off the photo sensitive buns to be aware of so you wouldn't want to pry them if they going out into the sunshine. It's fine to go into such and they covered up. But you gotta warn that personally, I'm even talking sun beds as well because they get burned like a sunburn because of the reaction. OK, now, having said that, you could buy, but so soon, and these generally talking about the Citrus oils, right? So certain Citrus oils. Now, if they're cold, expressed certainly Citrus oils and you're seeing your list, then be photosensitive. But if this steam distilled, they are no longer photosensitive. Likewise, with bergamot, if you can get, Bergman says. Gapped, unfree. But, captain, it's a component that effect with the sun. So if we get him free, then you don't have a problem with the photosensitivity with the client. Okay, so I just have a look at those. And so when you're buying them, if you you might want to buy, say, lime, which is steamed to steal, if you can get it instead of a cold extraction. Okay, so have a look at those Andi. Just be aware of those which of photosensitive is really important, especially you doing full body mass, as in the person's. It's summer or something has lots of sun on that. You're not aware that so, those things that just really important to make sure that you always cross checking so you're nice and safe. All right, eucalyptus. Now this is from Australia. It's been used by the Aboriginals for thousands of years, is just fantastic. Eucalyptus is really high, and one night senior also, you wanna look at the precautions with Children. Now eucalyptus is fantastic. It's an expectorant. It is brilliant for respiratory tract infections. This is the it's not for colds and flu's asthma. Respiratory infections lowers from Carter's all this sort thing. Think eucalyptus, their two main types that you'll see radio outta and a globular us. They're very similar characteristics or have different chemical constituents. But eucalyptus, I think, defusing it personal inhalers again. I wouldn't use personal haters with eucalyptus. So much for Children 10 and above. I would really For adults with eucalyptus, you could defuse it for Children. As you're saying, you re sources now. Eucalyptus is also fantastic with massage, Think sports, a stimulant said. It's really warming and its anti inflammatory so great for sports. Massage, especially you Open up belong to this sort of thing. So really fantastic for a pre event sport massage. If they open up their lungs, it'll stimulate them as also warming. That's really fantastic for that team massage bins. So think college and flues think you're spirit. Torrey Disorders. Think personal inhalers and think diffuser blends for coughs and colds and flu season and also, as they say, for really fantastic for stimulating massage blends. Now, one thing that I absolutely love are used all the time diffusers in the house, so this is something really important to emphasize with your clients. If they don't have one, they really shaped 20 bucks to get the future, and then you can help them in their time. So it has, by the psychological and physiological effect on the body that studies have shown that's really good for paying through inhalation as well. It's great. First was smoking withdrawal symptoms, and of course, it's great for if they want more focus. If they wanna have problems sleeping, you name it. So it's really, really fantastic to have a future. So on that, let's talk diffusers for a minute. When you defuse essential oils, you only want them on. So you recommend your clients for 30 to say 45 minutes and then have that basic the same amount of time. Have them turn it off for that amount time. Why is that? Why not just leave it up to two hours? What happens is the body gets just like anything. The body gets habituated to the essential oils, so the affected the essential oils have shown in studies the effect on the body. After about 40 minutes, it goes back down. So in other words, you can't just wasting essential oils, so 30 to 45 minutes and then turn it off for another 30 to 45 minutes. And so on. It's over, alternating like that. Don't just leave it on for three hours because your body just get usually gets habituated. So you're not getting the therapeutic benefits. All right, So diffuses. What do I like? So when it comes to defuse jizz, I tell you, Okay, we're standing up with the take handle ones, right? And the thing I don't like about it is a small fire risk, Yes, but your heating, the essential oils as well. So it's better to keep in his purest possible without without heating them up, just like you would with olive oil. That's what they cold pressed. So, yeah, there's a hate component is the fire component of the risk of that. But the biggest thing for May is when the candle burns out or when you're finished with it and you blow the candle out that little smoking em. But even if you press the whip, it's just smells like a smoking week from a tea candle that we were just There was my main beef with that when I used those years ago. So this does all right. The other one is a nebulizer, ones where you get to essential oil bottle and screw it directly onto it. And that's your My cat is walking around in the house as usual. So that's a very fine stream. Director of Essential Oils, which is the only one to use those 5 to 10 minutes Problem I have with the one I had was the the nebulizer little pump was, but I did it. I want to listen to that because right now I have a null trees with ultrasonic which use sound vibrations to this beautiful missed. Now the other thing with Nebulizer is they don't have water attitude like the T candor one on like the nebula, like the ultrasonic. So they are more hide once with the water more hydrated, getting water particles. Aziz Well, so this is just a little and I have, I think, cost me 20 bucks. Beautiful. You put the border and put the attention oil. It's completely silent. Onda works a treat that's absolutely beautiful. I use it all the time, so it's a great thing to recommend Well, one for yourself, of course. But also to recommend for your clients. So remember that person came in for that relax ation message massage, and you made that beautiful calming blend. And so I kept running around through my house, as usual to get that beautiful calming blend. And then you can make up that same blend for them to use at home, and they put 10 drops into a diffuser, and they can use that. But let's say for whatever response you want, whether it's for that to study for exams and they need that for more concentration or where they're really stress and show you making a D stressful like it didn't the messages, that sort of thing. And so whatever you want, so diffuses are fantastic. So encourage your client if they don't have a future to get one on the news at home or the office it workplace, What have you? All right, so what I taught you about personal inhalers? I love these. My son has one in his pencil case for school to help him with focus and study. I've used one. I've got one here that's stimulating blend. So I use this when I'm when I'm filming and when I'm doing research and that sort of thing . So I just love them and they are absolutely fantastic. Teoh, get this for your clients as well. Now I'll give you the link in the description box I bought, like 40 of these. I think that I don't have $10 or something. They're super cheap and over a little fancy little colors, right? So But the core thing is, we've got them in the fridge and stored in the fridge because I got a central oils in them on these will last anywhere from 3 to 6 months to even 12 months, depending on how much you're using. Because they kept Why is this so much better than just, you know, just yeah. Stiff. Get out of the boat. You. The problem was sniffing out of your body is every time you open the capital on your decreasing their shelf life because of the oxygen getting in so that the more you open them up, the more they're going to get auction in. So that the less the self Rifle bay, these are kept right? Of course, you could make blends which are going to show you so you can have all these different colors for the different for the different types. Go. I read one for study and media. A blue one for insomnia. So your clients, you can sell these to your client, and I suggest you do, because let me show you this. Let me grab this out for you there. All right. Well, what ago? Let him in. I dropped. All right, So let me show you what these person inhales. So you get these, and it's got the capsule, the inhaler. All right. That's cruise on their your given, cotton wicks. What? You've dropped your centralism and then you captain like that. All right. So totally enclosed now. So if someone's got suffering from college and flues, give them to use a flu season. Use that for study. Now, remember, learned aroma response. So here's what you do. If you got your teenage Children some daughter, what have you and they got exams. You can defuse him in the room or get them to use this while they're doing that and take them to school when they're doing the exam. And they can use this. Their blend for memory. What have you or for calming Or if you're going on on airplanes where you fear flying, that sort of thing or the headaches for nausea, I'll give you all these personal inhaler blends for you. So your clients, you recommend these clients for their headaches Or maybe their stress levels. Take it to work. They've got a presentation coming up any and all of these things are fantastic. So here's what you do. So you want to put in around about 10 drops. Okay. Excuse me. Ok, so All right. So we kept you. So there we are. All right. So we got that together here. So let's say that you want to make a stimulating blend. So Kotlowitz goes in a steam letting blend for a person because it run down. You know, they really burnt out. Exhausted adrenals. Say make a stimulating. All right. So you decided to put in some lemongrass. Really fantastic stimulating. Blend with lemon grass is fantastic. So we'll put in four drops of lemon grass. Okay, open and four drops of lemon grass. Eucalyptus. Beautiful stimulant. 18 senior, which is very stimulating. It's fantastic. Colds and flu's. So we'll put some eucalyptus radio Teran so put 33 drops 123 of eucalyptus already smells amazing. And and so they were put in a nice Citrus. Okay, so we'll put in some orange, some sweet orange. So what's a 433 drops of ST? It doesn't matter if by the way you get what, like four dropped instead of three, it won't matter at all. Okay, so they have this or that. Now you've got your blend and always simply dio did you put the cap on but kept on a very tight knit, Give a little psych around. Remember, I said this will last up to a year. Okay? And then you get them to close one nostril and do this 3 to 4 times on the side, depressed. And so they put in their personal or they're my sons got in his pencil case. So I mean, it's limericks, maybe want a nice uplifting when the person has trouble getting out of bed, Do this. Or maybe it's a pain blend. So you've given them you've given them a sob to use. You can use that as well, or they need to be relaxed. You know, it's absolutely Liberace, but these person had is, especially if the person doesn't have a future and seldom days. Tell them you make a beautiful blend for them. It's got a lasting up to a year on. And or I say if they use a lot, maybe three months and so on can smell that much. Come back, you make them another line or a different one on what have you and you get all these beautiful stuff blend you can have on hand. You can have them pre prepared, or you can make them up for spoke for the person for that condition to, say, Make it the same blend that you made for the massage you put into into this So they get that beautiful memory, that gorgeous message where they felt so good and then it makes me feel like I'm back on the massage table. I love these and get them from Amazon. I'll give you the link that absolutely brilliant. I wouldn't be with them. So when it comes to making blends for diffusers, you're going to need to get yourself some of these little bottles. It again, you can get him off off Amazon on five mills are the best size bottles. So again, I'll give you specific amounts of blends, that sort of thing. So what you gonna do is so you take off the little dropper, you checked it up, and so what you gonna do? You take it out and you're going to put in roughly about 75 drops and women come to the pricing. You'll know what to price and four, depending on the oils that you use, because this is five mills, which is roughly 100 drops in five mills. So you want to put around about 75 drops, which pretty much fill up the boat, that the bottle. And so this is what you do when you're having clients. And again you can make up specific ones or make up one bespoke for that person that they really loved. Or you could just have a calming blend and sell them off yourself like that. All right, so these little bottles five mills. If you get some of these, you can have them already to sell united or label or, as they say, make up a blend specifically for that person and you're just gonna use the same ratios which I'll go through afterwards the same ratios that you used for your massage blend. And then just you're going to just increase that to get up to around about 75 drops, which I'll teach you a little bit later on the course. So these little things are fantastic. You're gonna start selling blends for your clients to put in the diffusers, or they could put them into the roller bottles. And I'll show you how to do that right now. Now, another thing that you can sell to your clients, which is fantastic are these roller bottles. I love these. These are absolutely brilliant. So you think you make your pain blend again? You could have already made up, you say for nausea pain. So you just Rolla months a little reliable there. So it's just beautiful. I love this. Have neck pain head eggs again. You know, whatever you want. So you've got your carrier oil and you add your your drops in. I'll show you all about the how to blend them as well. So let me So So here's what aboard from Amazon again. It was like 10 or $15.25 of these things Let me show you. Uh, so we uses all the time. So you've got these, what these little labels you could put your label on. All right, You get these bottles, and it comes with that it rollerball thinking. All right, which put on there. And you've also got your caps in here. You know what? A couple site and you can stick on your little label on there. So you know what it is, and it comes with this little thing, so you don't break your fingernails. You put this on here, too. Take the ball off. All right? So this you put your carrier oil and I'll give you the drops and dilutions so you could make these up. And still these and they are absolutely wonderful again You climb could put him in the first. They got shoulder pain. They can use it. It's another way to apply them. And they look really nice on a really handy for you. Just put them in your bag or pocket. What have you and personal carpal tunnel syndrome, a risk pain or riders should out predict, blend that sort of thing and get them to rub it onto the knuckles for their rheumatoid off writers. They could take it any way they like. I just love these for the way they're so easy to apply for person again. It really is limitless use. It s a really good for topical applications for pain, that sort of thing. A skin disorder. All these things roller bottles are really fantastic. And and saying they look really nice and it's a really lovely way to heaven, but put them on your shelves in your spar on dso them de stressing blends. Focus blends all sort of stuff like that. And you can use that pain blends. They're absolutely fantastic way for the person to then use this again at home. So they're getting the baby treat themselves with aromatherapy between the treatments. All right, so what I would do is show you how to make a bomb. Okay, now this you can use for chest rubs, you're just gonna show you how to make the stock bomb. And then you just add your essential oil so you could make one pain or make one for coughs and cards, rubbing the chest and so on and so forth. So when you go through the other parts of the course. And you see, they said the coffin Hailer, the caution coach, personal inhaler. Then use those ratios and you add them to whatever percentage you're going to use. That maybe 2%. I'll go through this. Don't worry. All right, So what you need is a double boiler. Oh, make sure double Borden like I've got. So what do you need? A pirate's does that jug and a pot on what you're going to do because we gotta put the agrees into this. This will go into this, okay? And so you want to fill this up about an inch of water, and then you pop this into the water? OK, then we're gonna put the ingredient in. This recipe is super simple and really fantastic. Put this here. Okay, so what you need is three tablespoons off a carrier. Well, okay. So three times with carry over here, All right, now, that could be anything on using. I make it miss you. I'm using avocado oil. You could use your sweet harmony oil, grapeseed hopers, graves, skin conditions. Okay, so that's the first thing. Now we're going to head what we say fit three tablespoons of carry or and then a tablespoon off coconut oil. Now, of course, your coconut oil must be mass speak. But you should get cold pressed. Extra virgin coconut oil. Okay, so one tablespoon off that. All right, put that there and then your beeswax pellets. Now, in these works pillaging get on Amazon on. So that's the hardening agent. That's what will make this hard if you want it harder if you try this recipe and make a firmer than just had more bees, works, pellets. Right. So we're gonna put two tablespoons of that in OK, so you go two good sized town space. All right? Now, if you're begin and you don't really use beeswax pellets, no worries. You can use kinda uber works or candle earwax. Okay, get those online as well. What am I doing here? Stuff. Put the lid on the coca. Hello? Because I can see, So I'm gonna wait a minute. I could see it miss happening otherwise. Okay, so there's your ingredients. All right. And then But what? Aaron, This I'm sure you had to do it. You put this and you stir this around. All right? I'm gonna show you the second. And then once you've done that, no, you could make it obviously, a much bigger amount. I'm just showing you a small amount, but so what? You've got that once these bees wax pellets had melted in here, then you just took them into we put your essential oils in. And so if you want to make one up for summer, here's what I recommend so that you could put him into little jars like this and making cute little one ounce jars with two outs. Jazz. Um but so what I suggest you do is you make up, you make up the bomb base, all right? And then just put it in the fridge. So let's say you have a client coming in, then what you're doing. You say you've got a little one ounce just, for example, and I've got the rest peace in here for you. But so then you could make so you could take it from your blend you take out from your bomb base on, take it out and you could just spitting that out, put it into either a double boiler again, and then at the essential oils right there and then, Or you could microwave it if you want putting that into a dish and you could actually make that up for someone if they come in and they want because you could make this could be relaxing blends stimulating. They say things that really come to mind if a pain and that sort of thing. So get head stuck ones sitting on your shelves in the spot. Or let's say, Just have your base and then you just make them up. You say you got a client came in, We got to pay. I've got a paint stuff. You don't have any Unhand. So get out and say, if you got one ounce jars so then you get two tablespoons of ground based heated up, take a couple seconds and your essential oils into it the Ben do you want to make and they tip it into the job. Time to go put in the fridge and solidify those solidify out of the fridge, but they can call it down. So that's what I suggest. You let me to show how we do it when we start to melt the beeswax pellets. All right, so we got the pot there and said that nature water had Then you put that down there, your Pyrex dish in the middle and just gently hated up. So you see, it's very simple. Now I'm going to show you how to do this. And then I put it into a dish to use as, say, the base bomb mix that you could just use from time to time. But if you wanted to, you let's say you're gonna make this one for a pain relief. But then once you've melted it, you let it cool down just slightly. Not hard, of course, but let it cool down, sliding. Then you add your essentials. It was a cough rub for a cough called remedy that you put your central Asian before it hardens. But just that that these ingredients called and just ever so slightly. So you see that now? So you see, starting to just all you're doing is waiting for the base works to become liquid, liquefied. I guess to say we're nearly there now, of course you could get you know, if you want to get fancy and put in different different oils, by all means, you can if you want to make something more for someone. Skin. Coconut oil is brilliant for skin. Care for hepatitis, that sort of thing. That's really fantastic. Um, but you could, of course, used hub oil. You could put it in or different types said, go back to your carrier oils lecture and see what a good for certain conditions. Okay, so now just about right there, you could gently take it off. And, of course, good. Careful with hate had then take that into there. All right, so in a couple of minutes, you would just don't really put the essential oils in just like that. Okay, so here, I'll show you the product now. So now that's how can I just put that in the fridge for a little bit on? Uh, now it's nice and hardened, so enter. So you could make obviously bigger batches and have a cause. This will last for a long, long time. And then all you do if you want to. You have a container and you've got a client comes in and maybe they Teoh cold and fruit seeds, and they got a cold or something. Or maybe come in with really pain. You could tell you, make up 3. Using aromatherapy for specific emotional, physical and psychological disorders.: All right, so in this section, what I want to do is show you how to make things like personal inhalers for nausea, for allergy relief, head eggs in Sonia, toe up, click people's moods for focus and concentration. So I really want you to get your head around the fact that your aromatherapy mass side it's not just about the mass such. It's all about words at home, things that you can promote on your Facebook page into your A man list. And what have you said that you think, Oh, allergy season is coming up? I'll promote my my allergy diffuser blend. So again, you're helping your clients more. And, of course, you're helping yourself because you're gonna be earning more money by selling these wonderful products. So you mentioned how thankful someone comes in. Oh, you got allergy relief. Okay, great. So I'll get that diffuser blend for home, and we'll make up a personal inhaler. You could take that with you if you're out in the park or what have you. And so you can help that and you start doing that for the people or one of your clients, Their Children. You didn't even know about this, but you talk about. They read your block post, for example, about nausea inhalers so the Children can use it when they go in the car that I get sick anymore. It's a headache. Relieve insomnia to lift people's mood and someone and so forth so really shouldn't get to hit around. What else can I do to help my clients? And of course, it's going to help your business. All right, so let's look at the most common client you're likely to see on. That's a person that stressed that might be form of anxiety. It might be depression might be irritability, frustrated on what have you and I've got a sentient oil If it I narrow them down into specific emotional state, but to keep it simple for you. And let's just say, for example, your client comes into your massage clinic on. They don't have any pain. They just they're stressed out there stressed out. So okay, so really think the big ones are frank and sent it absolutely beautiful. It's, um it's so incredibly coming. So I've got beautiful blends view so you could make up a beautiful blend or haven't they're ready. You could have like your stock. Relax, ation blend longer. Person doesn't say, Oh, I don't like that particular central, but lavender, camomile, frankincense, cedarwood. Any of the six is about uplifting, so that person's you're feeling it down. The Citrus have immune support, so they qualities of a immune support. So they are really up, not only uplifting, but they will help the person's strength. Think of your woods like sandalwood, cedarwood, rosewood. They are very grounding and very balancing. You think of the big wooden trees. I always think that they would just give me a big hug of this huge trees, a town, the majestic forests. So they're really, really helpful for grounding and for comforting. So if you're making a blend, for example, you might want to put a couple drops of seed. Would Lambda, of course, unless someone has a don't like lavender cameras are incredibly calming. Sweet oranges, absolutely beautiful. It's coming. It's uplifting. It's great for the immune system, as I say. So these are all the soil itself now. So as I say, you could have a blend that you make up for the person or just have this beautiful relax ation, Penn and teller and have a look at the ones that I've got there for you. Now, this is so this client, because remember, they might be tried across the shoulders, They probably on the neck. So you've got the pain relieving qualities with the 11 in there as well. And the energies equalities. So you're really killing two birds with one stone, if you like helping them physically with the essential oils with Jesus qualities, but also with the calming qualities of essential oils as well. Right? So this is also something because so many people are stressed. So many people, you know, with their lifestyles diffuser prints, relaxing diffuser blends so you might have your insomnia blends. You have relax. Ation blends, personal inhalers. This person's getting stress. You make up a beautiful personal hail of the same one that you made. Did you get the massage with just beautiful? So they just don't get stressed used? This is the calming. Ours is calming properties. There was in a boost, your immune system that was uplifting and so on and so forth. Okay, now I've got anxiety blends for you to look at with seven inhalers, diffuser, blends, massage blends this sort of thing. They go there for you on this. So you don't have to get too complicated with it. Once you get more used to the quality of the different essential oils, you can make different blends. But I've got at least lovely stock blends that are absolutely beautiful that I've used for years and years throughout the clinic. And they're absolutely gorgeous, so give them a try. All right, So what I've got in your resource is in this are just some stock massaged plants, and I abused for years in the clinic because maybe you're pushed for time. Or maybe you don't want to blend of essential oils. Maybe don't you don't do them for each client. And you just want to have some stock message, which we did in the Spar a times when it was really busy. So I've given you once that we use literally hundreds of clients with a really beautiful. So these are the certain clients. Are you going to get right? You're going to get one once a particular client that's just really stressed or they're not sleeping both on. And so I've got you a beautiful blend with that that's got lavender Roman camomile because it's so, so calming and relaxing frank and sends. So I made them. Not only now that's the only one that's got Roman. Come morning drum camera. It takes to be a bit expensive, so if you want to leave that out, you can. But it really is incredibly calming, so you could leave that out. Just increase the drops of the other oils. So you've got that. So that's your de stressing, just some watch a beautiful relaxing massage blend. OK, so you can use that. Another one I got is uplifting. So someone's run down. They burnt out that I'm feeling well, the depressed, that sort of thing. So they have an uplifting branch, so that's got 11 drink again. All the plants have got lavender, so if someone doesn't like lavender, then you could just switch that out to just take that out. OK, but this blend is has got beautiful Citrus in there, because Citrus is just so gorgeous and uplifting sweet orange, this sort of thing. So that's an uplifting blend. So you've got one person that stressed on once you just wind down to got that and Then you got one. Someone needs energy. Maybe they said that they are run down there stressed with a run down, but they need to be picked up. Another one of the few is immune boosting. So people again if they run down getting colds and flu's easily. So I've got on immune, boosting one. So you have someone's against have traveling or something on a booster. Muted. It's coming into cold and flu season, that sort of thing, all right. The other one is the person that comes in with pain. Yeah, they got aches and pains. This stress, they got neck pain, that sort of thing. They want a full body message with a lot of tension in their life and lots of pain there next, winding up on their lower back hurts, right? So I've got a beautiful pain relieving mass like it's a muscle and joint pain for the full body. Okay, so that's that climb. The fifth client is called Breathe Easy, it for someone that might be suffering from allergies, Sinus congestion, culture, fruit or they want to avoid getting cold. Folks. It's coming too cold and flu season. Maybe they got bronchitis and respiratory disorders were tight in the chest. So this is a really lovely one. Eucalyptus. Um, I thought it supports immune system, and but it's also really, really fantastic to help them with breathing as well. And as I say, it will help. You got a cold with the getting in code. So I've got data as well, which you can promote your clients as well. So these are safe, you're strapped for time, or you just want to make your life easier. So you could I've got them in 2% dilutions for full body massage with an ounce of essential oil. But if you want to increase in, so you maybe you want to make up, you know a larger bottle because you don't have to make it up each time you get a client so you could make it five or six ounce and then have those which is what we did. And then you just make the amount you want increased the amount of central old drops. So then you've got enough for, say, six clients. For example, each time you make that blend, you got enough messages for six clients. Okay, so those are really great. And you don't have to worry about What did he say for that? What I have to do for that and you've got them on your shelf. So when clients come in, there you go. All right, so I want to show you how to make an anxiety inhaler. So think of those clients that really stressed. Maybe they're afraid of flying. Maybe they've got a presentation or a plane gonna do with these Really stressed work. I've got a horrible bus or what have you or your friends? Kids, They're going to school that exams or something like that. So just think. Stress, worry, anxiety. So this is a really fantastic person. Has a really fantastic Of course, you could make them into a blend. So I'm using a total of 10 drops, so I'm gonna use Roman camomile frankincense, lavender and cedar wood. So always are absolutely fantastic for their common properties. So all right, now, if you want to use it for a diffuser planned, just multiply them by seven. So we're gonna put three drops off 11 okay? It's 11. Because, you know, is incredibly calming. So if you're gonna make this in your future blend. You would, of course, make that 21 drops. OK, because you want to make it up to the 75 around about 35 drops and five mills. Okay, Franken says. Three drops. That's what really easy. Going to 33 and one. So three drops off. 123 That's four. Think that won't matter. So, Frank, it'd again is just the most beautiful, essential oil. It's so calming. So both all of these oils are really sedating, really calming. So it's three blender, three off frankincense. Okay, And now cedarwood. See what is another incredibly calming, essential oil. Three drops off that coming there. See what sticks. It takes a while to get out to on three. So all these are just absolutely beautiful. And now Roman Canham off course. It's absolutely superb when it comes to calming. It's absolutely amazing. I've got other oils, so one drop of Roman camomile that was too do very well here. Okay, that's it. So what about 10 drops your purse inhalers? So this is a ticket in your clients? Of course. You're going to see so many climbs that are really stressed. It's just amazing. So I've got that in your notes for you. So I just think of those clients and really stressed. And they got something coming up. And, of course, personal inhalers. And of course, diffuser blends so you could promote both of them. So they won. They could take work away wherever they have to go with environment wherever stressful. And they could do this for home, to help with insomnia and sleep and selling itself. So they anxiety and had absolutely beautiful, as is this for diffuser blend. One of the things you gonna come across with your clients. They're suffering from insomnia. They either that they can't get to sleep because it minds racing, for example, or they get sick and they have problems staying asleep. All right, now, okay, So the oils that have just bring it now lots of diffuser blends rollerball blends that are relaxing for asleep, that sort of thing. So you can have a look at all of those. See what essential oils have not tried them out. Now Levin is really a nice speaking at 11 or a lot, but it is just such an amazing, essential oil. My son. I put a drop of 11 on his teddy bear every night and just put him off to sleep. It's absolutely brilliant. So central was that lavender, your Kemah Miles, sweet orange, cedarwood lang lang Vetiver. These are incredibly relaxing essential oils. Nearly so you can handle these now, Like I said to you before now. Okay, so with this, you want the person diffusing in their room. So as I touched on earlier in the course, this will come to have learned aroma response. So be great for you if you come in there. Really stressed they want to have a relaxing message. So you make this beautiful blend of Let's just say lavender, lavender and camomile. Okay, you get, they feel fantastic. Then you could recommend you conduce, um, make up a blend of asleep, asleep blend for them that they can put in the diffusion on. They put that on before they go to bed. And they put that into the room again. Or they could use an inhaler that can use that. So, but specifically for insomnia, I used civilly defuse in their bedroom and just these essentials that is so amazingly soothing and calming on. Do you really think Levin really think Kalmar Sweden. Cedarwood, these types of essential oils and Lang lang really, really calming and so really helping him sleep. So make sure you've got yourself some sleep blends that you can offer your clients, and if you're giving them a really, really relaxing massage, then that's that's the essentials you put in. They give that to them as well. They felt that was just really fantastic. You obviously don't want to put anything uplifting into the you want to just really blessed them out the massaged. If they felt totally relaxed, you could, given that same blend of essential oils or one that you might have on the shelf there, that's really fantastic. It's really up to you. But But get slip bands like that. You're selling like hotcakes because people have 70 especially these days, and obviously advised them, you know, not to have this. So fire not have a TV on the room, that sort of thing. Get all the electron ICS out of the bedroom. The bedroom is for sleeping. All right, so I want to share with you a study that was done in 2014 for morning sickness and the effectiveness of essential oils, in fact, one in particular. Essential oil. That was really effective in decreasing nausea and vomiting because you might have the clients that are pregnant or know someone and again you have to be able to help people. Yeah, probably coming in to see you because of morning sickness. But once again, you I'm gonna show you herself as the expert in the field that you can help more people with this. So it was a 2004 Dane double blind controlled study without 100 pregnant women between six and 16 weeks pregnant. On what they did One group that have two drops of lemon essential oil onto a cotton bowl. And whenever they felt nauseous to sniff that now, the other group had a Kabul. But they just had arm and Doyle. Okay, so you do with the massage on that Was that Now the people that the women that had the limit ascension oil was significantly better decreased vomiting, decreased nausea. So the way, way better by doing this. So just lemon essential oil alone was really found to be incredibly effective for morning sickness. So you know, once again, think you diffusers put out a block post. Put it on your Facebook page till about lemon oil and you're doing it. Inhaler these sorts of things because once again, you're showing that your level of expertise to be able to help people not just on the massage table, but when their home and so on and so forth. So just limit Central. I've got other nausea blends, but it was really interesting study. If they if they just want to have one oil so lemon essential oil fabulous for morning sickness. I want to show you how to make a person hailer for Nordea. So again, think of this. You're going to see perhaps someone unless I've got morning sickness. But just think of putting it out on your block posts or your Facebook page about personal headed, maybe some your crimes. They have Children that get seasick or the get carsick travel sickness, that sort of thing. So just think along those lines. So you're going out and letting people know in your social pages about these Norge inhalers that you that you could make and sell them, and again let them know that you have the last 12 months, depending on how much? Use him now. On the last 12 months. No problems at all because you're not going to use a knife noisy and head all the time. I wouldn't think. All right. So when it comes to northern there, couple of oils and really fantastic. I talked about lemon so you can use lemon or lime. So what we do is put four drops of lemon or lime. The Citrus oils are really fantastic for nausea. Okay, so there's four drops. I've got a couple of different ones. This one's this one's for Children. Okay, so four drops of lemon or lime and four drops off 11. 11 is very calming for the stomach is really, really beautiful coming there, Linda, do 34 OK, it already smells amazing. And then now, ginger. Now, you probably already know Ginger is fantastic if you don't. Ginger is absolutely brilliant for nausea. You can use it in a slice. Ginger in a t. That sort of thing for stomach upset has been used for thousands of years. So one drop of ginger essential oil. Okay, so fantastic nausea and one drop of Roman camomile course. Raymond Kmart's incredibly calming. So this is a really good choice to use as well. Drop given. There you go. Okay. All right. Four of lemon or lime, four off lavender, one of Roman camel and one of ginger. All right, then you put the cap on, shake him up a little bit, and then you've got a sick kids and to do. Of course, there's a fine, but you might wanna get the nice little aluminium ones at. It's just divine. So again, thinker, When you're promoting marketing to your clients about Nordea inhalers, say much. Maybe it's morning sickness. Maybe their Children or adults that going on a cruise and they get sea sick or they get travel sickness in the car so they just This will be a God, centers and parents. All right, so that's your now remember, The other thing is, pericardium six is an acupressure point, but classically used for nausea and very, very powerful. So it's three fingers from the get them to process as well. Okay, three fingers from the wrist crease here. Now it's gonna be three fingers off the person. So if it's a child, you need to measure with their three fingers. Okay? So from the risk cruise right in the center of the wrist, Three fingers down where the last bigger lands. Just from that you got three things away. Your fourth finger. If you like bay and you'll feel to tendons. Okay. You want to be between those two tenants, and you compress that the 32nd or get the person to press that teacher clients 30 seconds or so, even up to a minute each side, if they're feeling. Norton said that as long along within nausea, inhaler smells incredible. And so there's a really great things again I want to emphasize throughout the course of this is about helping your clients in so many more ways. They're really gonna appreciate all these different things. You do not just massage or reflexology or whatever you do but all these things, because once again, you're getting I noticed in your social pages in your Facebook page, what have you and all these things you have offering? So you're gonna be at the forefront of their mind when something comes along, and so it's really, really important. All right, so I want to show you this fantastic blend for allergy season, so I think with the allergy season comes up springtime. Then start promoting your blends for allergies. So Okay. So what I've got here is that I've got two different blends. One for Children. Remember, personal hairless? Five years and up. So I've swapped out the eucalyptus with C would see what a beautiful expectorant kinds of told you for. It's calming. It's an expectorant. It's really, really fantastic. Very grounding and very supportive of immune system. So you but for adults eucalyptus. Okay, either radio or blah Bulus. But fine. So Okay, let me show you how to do. So you get your purse inhaler. Okay, So what you do, six drops off eucalyptus. All right, so now, eucalyptus, of course. Antibacterial antiviral. 1235 six E. There we go again If you absolutely get seven and there. Don't worry, it'll Okay, so six of eucalyptus, because you could is as number one when it comes to anything related with lungs, that sort of thing. So, Lord, respiratory tract infections, bronchitis, asthma, college flu. So analogy to court. All right, so next one Roman cam are now Roma. Camera, as you remember, is incredibly calming for but mind and body and inflammation. So three drops of Roman Kenema. So Ryan came out. We suit the system and, of course, immune support as well. 123 Uh, absolutely fabulous oil. So there's gonna come. The mind is gonna come. The system is going to come down. The information really, really fantastic. And finally. So eucalyptus six drops three trucks around Kmart. And finally, what we do is putting frankincense. Frank sent is calming. So gonna put six drops off Frank 66 drops of frankincense. I said, this is personal health. So, like I said, you but the month allergy season stop promoting that. You coming up to allergy and beautiful. So think about before Allergy cessation hits user as preventive. So start telling your client about has presented preventative. Now, as we talk about in the course. So this is 15 drops total 66 and three. Okay, it's absolutely beautiful. So you get the person to use that before allergy season starts. Now at the diffuser, blend the diffusion planes. Just multiply it by five. Right Said s 06 drops. Multiply that by five, give you 30 drops of eucalyptus or if it's Children using the cedar wood for a diffused blend. Right? So you can tell your client make up this beautiful allergy diffuser blend with the five mil bottles. So just times times each one by five. So instead of six drops, you're gonna put in 36 times five study. Roma can mark three. Drop starts by five. Fifth day, so I'll give you 45 drops and then frankincense. Six drops is we give you 30 as well. So 30 30 is gonna give you 75 drops. Perfect. So you can make that blend for a diffusion. Been so you can have it so they could defuse this at home for allergies. They could take one if they get both. You know, you could call it your allergy relief kitsch and package that nicely. So they get one of the other or both. With this one. I think they can take when they go to worker. And there in the parks and someone and so forth. And one for it. Home. All right, so this is beautiful. You're another one for Children. Where I stop out changed drops a decrease of drops, which for kids got allergies so heavy. Got those and had to say promote those, especially a four allergy season. And, of course, during let's take a look at the client that doesn't want to be relaxed, that they're doing fine, but that you're gonna get back to work. So they want to be stimulated. Maybe they came in for a mess, Sergeant Lunchtime or they've got an event tonight. I've got to go do something so they don't want to be, you know, totally zonked out completely. So I think you're Citrus oil. So to stimulate the person, to uplift them, to boost the immune system. You're Citrus Oils are absolutely. They are like rays of shining light. So just remember of the frozen photosensitivity with the oils. Check those fear. Delusion maximum to stuff like that, I've got some beautiful blends few T have for stimulating essential oils. Now, course, this is another great thing for you on cell for your personal inhalers to get the person may be that your maybe just tired all the time. That sort of thing diffuser blends. So you recommend you could make a stimulating play that they can have it home. They put on the morning maybe one of those people that you know they have trouble getting out. They dragged themselves out of bed in the morning. So beautiful, stimulating essential oil blend recommended them in their diffuser, recommended when they're starting to feel if they flatten out to three in the afternoon, they flatten out of work. Personal inhaler, those sorts of things. And, of course, with your massage. So this beautiful steam writing massive bread so think spice categories as well. Black pepper is fantastic. So figure despite of warm, spicy categories Romero, Eucalyptus, pittman or these wonderful stimulating I've got beautiful blends. And so I just think that but really Citrus is are absolutely wonderful when it comes to uplifting someone. All right, so headaches or something going to come across a lot off with clients coming in their stress, They got tension, headaches, that sort of thing. So there, a couple of ways and again you would promote this through your clinic talking about your headache relief. Now I prefer to make roller bottles, so I'm gonna give you a roller bottle, blend up at an animal version and a child version for five years and above for inhalers, that sort of thing. So what I would do is I think roller bottles seem to be there to things that I think it's fantastic for headaches, roller bottles because you can apply them topically so they get in the combination inhalation and topical application. So you're on the back of their neck to help that topically. And, of course, it's still gonna inhale. Um, and also, personal inhalers are the two of those combined have been really successful with helping headaches. Okay, so I'll show you how to make the roller bottle one. So what we're going to do? We're putting eucalyptus. Eucalyptus is at inflammatory. It's stimulating. It's really fantastic for headaches. So we're gonna put in two drops, 12 off eucalyptus. Now, this is about a 3% blend. What? We're gonna have 12 drops, 3 to 4%. It's been more powerful because we're headaches, and we want to make sure that we've got a good dilution rate for these sunny spot areas. So you're okay. And okay, where are the two Dr Eucalyptus. Okay, so I'm gonna put in three drops off Pittman now, when it comes to to three free drops equipment. So when it comes to headaches, Pittman is the most famous treatment treating headaches and G six anti inflammatories. Pain relieving. It's really, really fantastic. So to eucalyptus. Three equipment, they're gonna put it now. There other oils you could use a course. Your camels, geranium. Lavender is we're gonna using this one. When you see that in the list, there are other oils if you don't have them. OK, so but two of eucalyptus, three equipment, okay. And they're gonna put him frankincense. Frankincense is incredibly calming. And sports immune systems. Absolutely beautiful going there, Frank. It's It's where you go. Three drops of Franken says Okay, all right. Speaking of lavender, and then we had two drops off lavender as well. All right, so that's a beautiful, calming oils to do it. Okay, So beautiful cameos. And then, of course, you're gonna fill this up and do the same blend, by the way, for your person inhalers. And you promote these two. Of course. You could make up a lotion as well. Just make sure you're dilution. Rates arrive again. I would keep it. You run about 4% headaches so you won't increase your drops for a lotion If it's gonna be an ounce of lotion. All right. Okay. You carry oil filling up. All right. Perfect. Okay, So this is your headache. Blend that you again. You promote people. Tell your clients about this. Give them to rub it on the back of their neck, rub it in through the back of the neck. There. If they rabbit on the temples, make sure that I got too close to the eyes that irritate the eyes. So keep it right back here if they're going to do that. But really, the back of the neck. Upper back using that in combination with your push inhaler. The two of days are absolutely fantastic for helping people with headaches. All right, so let's everything essential oils for memory, the focus for concentration. Now, you might have someone coming. So this is where you need to do you need your insight when it comes to your consultation with a person? Because I've got these stimulating blends that I've given you in your resource is here. So maybe someone's got to play tonight or they've got some big event or they're gonna make a speech or they've got an exam or something like that and they want to get a message now if they I calm and they find with it. But they just want to be really, really focused on this sort of thing. Then the stimulating friends are gonna be perfect. Okay. However, if the person's really, really stressed out, then you don't want toe. You're adding fuel to the fire by stimulating. What would be better for you to do is give them calming blends. All right, so that's where you go back to relax, ation blend nuts and stopping. Okay, what would some of these relax ation blends? So I want to calm them down. So again, start thinking camomile 11 toe your Would you see that? Which is Santa Woods? On those types of players? We got beautiful, calming frankincense, all these gorgeous calming ours because maybe that's you're not going to help them by stimulating and getting them even more anxious or more nervous, if that's their problem. Okay. Likewise, this is a great study blends that you could make up for for inhalers. Now something is really good. Members of the learned odors around my response is have, let's say, a person's study this study, of course, of something. OK, so you can do the massage with that. And then so did the message of that. And then get them to using the diffuser blend and have a personal inhaler. So when they go to the exam that they have where they have been studying home with their diffuser blend that you've made for them, then they have the same blend in their personal inhaler. So when they go to recall the information, they've got that same blend that they used when they were studying at home. And then they get that and be really fantastic to help with them with their memory, as it's recall, comes back from these essential oils that were burning when that was study. OK, so what you need to do is now again what you could also do in that message. Maybe they just need to be calmed down. But then you could make them. You could suggest them. Hey, look, I'll give you a stimulating memory blend to study blended whatever you wanna call it for you defuse. It will make your personal inhaler were rollerball. What have you but really inhaler and the diffuser would be fantastic for these people. So someone really needs to be focused. They need good memory. There need to concentrate as it. Maybe it's in the Maybe that those blends need to be coming for the massage. But then you recommend these memory, memory and hunting stimulating, focus stimulating concentration blends that you can recommend to make up for the future and for their personal inhaler. All right, so what I want to show you is a fantastic blend of essential oils. Well, I'm going to there, in your resource, is for menopausal symptoms. So you're probably gonna get a lot of women. They're suffering from menopausal symptoms. And again, I'd put it out on your Facebook page. Makeup lotions, makeup, oils, using inhalers make diffuser blends any and all of these You can fact make a menopausal kit with a personal hater, a lotion that can rub on. And the central oils are really powerful to help with menopausal hot flashes, mood swings, so on and so forth and sleep. So have a look in your resource is and you say you can make this. You can make it into a lotion. You could make it into a cream. You can use it for message. I actually have you know, promoted as like helping with menopausal symptoms with these oils. And so things that Clary Sage, which is famous for any sent mental disorders, fantastic for many menopause. Levin of his carving abilities Think geranium. There's nearly now if you don't have all of these essential oils, do you best of what you've got because all of them a powerful in their own right. But I don't like why they're so so good in the studies that have been shown. But you can make up these and then once again promote them. Not only is a message of users say, like a menopausal massage easing the symptoms of menopause, but also really oil a lotion person, hailer diffuser planes that would be really, really fantastic. And I say you could make up like a little gift pack that had a person inhaler. You're the central oil blend that they could put into their own lotion or whatever you like . So just think along those lines but grabbed the resource is and see this blend. It's really, really powerful. All right, so I'm gonna take some results of an interesting study that was done in 2016 in case you are treating certain athletes now. They did a study with now albeit it was a small study. But 20 students, they had to run 1500 meters ride. So what they did they first of all, they got them to five minutes before I had to run 15 meters to using higher to step spearmint essential oil. Okay. And then they did another one where they had nearly essential oil on and then run that. And then they did it without them using their central's at all, or basically, was what they were always running. It turns out that with both nearly and spearmint, they increase that through spire metric test. They had increased lung functions that have lung function better, and the times were quicker when they're using essential oils. So inhaling them five minutes before they went head to run 15 meters, um, and nearly was more effective than spearmint. So I just put it out there. You know, maybe you've got clients that really into you know what? Increasing ethnic performance. Maybe triathletes. Maybe they run cycle, that sort of thing. So who knows? Maybe you can start recommending nearly put it out there, advertise it. Tell him about the study, and you might just him be able to help them win that next rice. All right now, colds and fruit. I've got lots of different blends for you for college, and now it's unlikely that you're going have a client coming in. It's gotta call him through the probably cancer on your right. But this is something that you can advertise on your Facebook page in and what not? And talk about your cold in through the diffuser blends. 4. Blending Basics: all right. I want to talk about blending now throughout the whole course, I've given you all these blends, but let's say go Well, you know, I might have a guard is blending. So how do you do it? All right, so in order juice, you really want a paper and pen? Because when you're making blends, you want to write down the notes deserve the numbers of the oils and drops you're putting in. So the Jew, maybe you like it and you can't remember because you didn't write it down. Or maybe you know you didn't like it. So you know you don't want that ratio and so on and so forth. So it's really good to keep good notes about the central aji of putting in. So you know, now what we'll do is just blend three oils to stop like it's a beginner. I suggest you do 33 oils like I've done throughout the course. Then when you get more confidence, you might want four of five essential oils in a blend like that. But let's just out of three. So you're not wasting essential oils, so the first thing you would do is ask yourself that Who's this blend? Four. So let's just say it's viewed. You want to make a blend? I said. So what do you want the blend to do? Because throughout the cause I've been talking a lot about therapeutic blends. We have muscular pain. That's everything. So that's why I talk about, you know, energy. Sick problem. We want one with energetic properties. Because of this pain, any spares market anti inflammatory, its own. That's therapeutic. So I'm going to bet now when we started about affecting mood, that that sort of thing. So we're talking about diffuser place to affect motor. Let's say, for example, you wanted an uplifting blend. OK, so you think, Well, what am I going to use it? All right, so it's for May. The action I one of these this blend is to have it as an uplifting blend, and it's cause I'm gonna get out of bed in the morning. I don't have any any energy, So I wanted to fuse something in the morning, so I need uplifting blend. OK, so you're gonna look at that and so and how you're going to you. The other thing is, um, I'm gonna use it topically. American, is it inhaler? Am I going to use a diffuser? So those are the sort of questions, and these are in your notes. All right. So why don't you worked out who It's for what effect you want and your How you gonna use it . What time of day you use it in sort of the sun and so sport. Then you got to look at the essential oils that you have, right? So you don't see what central oils have you got And do these have uplifting qualities? So I've got a big list for you, of all the soothing oils or the uplifting oils to help you out. Excuse me. So you could then check ago. Okay. Otherwise, I've got look. Alright, So I've got some of these stimulating essential oils. So they're the ones you put those aside of. Okay. These stimulating essentials, the otherwise calming. So Okay, that's no good or up. So what? You've done that? So then you wanna think or what sort of sense do I like? So there are different carries a different character categories when it comes to essentially. So maybe you want you love Citrus, Citrus of beautifully uplifting. So then you want to look at the ones that you've got, and so do I have Citrus essential oils. So because they're uplifting, but so I don't want Rose May I don't want a minty Pittman. So you got the category. So you've got one of the categories of spiral. So flower, like jasmine lavender. Another one is woodsy category. So there's a different categories of essential oils. So because they blend and I've got this new list which can categories blend better with other ones. Okay, so you're really starting to make a bouquet? All right, so we got florals, which is a type lavender narrowly to your flowers. OK, then you got would see. So Cedar Woods embarks these sorts of things sand words that you would see character characters categories. Got it. I'm getting a mouthful here. You got your medicinal campus ones, like eucalyptus and tea tree that category. You've got minty character category. So spearmint pittman, these sorts of things you gotta herb herb carrot category. So you're Basil's spicy category. So cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves. What am I missing here? Missing 10 I remember. You've got course. You're Citrus category So you're all your Citrus. Is your burger Mo's your lemons and limes, that sort of thing. And finally, you've got your earthy qualities. So a virtually bit of a right. So when you combining them? So let's say you've got some Citrus, So Okay, so we've worked out thus far. You are an uplifting blend off Citrus because you love Citrus, and they're uplifting. So Okay, cross. Those are beautiful. All right, So you've got those. Now, what categories blend well together. Now, I've got these in your notes. Now. Firstly, categories in in ST Sorry. Isn't oils in the same category generally blend well together? So you complained your woods together or all Citrus. So grapefruit, lemon swing orange Bergamo A great together. So just think, if you don't really know, I've got it in your notes anyway. Which one site Which woods grow which woods? Best with which categories of essential oils. So that will give you a bit of an idea as well. But if you had no idea to blend the same category, All right, So now you've got your note. You've got you know, which ones are stimulating, which are which categories there in And if you don't have that, you don't know what's coming within. You could just go onto the Internet and find out what oils you've got and you'll be out of Find out the category there classed. Okay, so that's what we've got. So let's say you've got grapefruit bergamot at sweet. Aren't you gonna make this uplifting bread right now? That brings us to the notes now. Essential oils have notes. They have musical notes, top notes, middle notes and bass note. Okay, now the top note. Essential oils. Like a lot of Citrus, their burger is very small now. Remember, Central's are known as volatile attention oils, which means they evaporate in the air. So the top note of the ones that evaporate. So if you're making a blend, they evaporate most quickly. So there's like this. Citrus is and endure pines, and they because their molecules are so small they evaporate very quickly. So that's the first the first sent you will have from the smell first aroma. If you're in your blend, that's the one that comes up first. Okay, then you've got your middle notes noted your heart notes on these, the ones that bring your base in your top together. This way they know that is the heart notes. So things like lavender, these sorts of things which I said, that's second. So that's the money you start to smell. So if you smell face, for example, your blend after a couple of hours, it'll smell differently because the top notes gone. And now you study spell the difference because now you're getting more of the heart note coming through. And then finally have you got your baseness like like vetiver and sandalwood. Cedarwood these ones thick, viscous Lang lang. These ones are thick, viscous Central's so they don't evaporate. So, so easy is it might take a while to come out of the droppers. Okay? And that's the last thing in your room. So you know you've got now I've got table. So I've got you where I've got your soothing and you're stimulating Essential oils. You'll see. I've categorized into top middle and bass note, so you could then just go for now when it comes to a Citrus top notes, so you don't have to do this now. There is no there, no hard and fast rules when it comes to there are guidelines. But when it comes to blending, all right, it is an art and a science of itself. So you condone absolutely dual top notes. You don't have to do top middle note bass Note. Okay, But I'm telling you this in case you want to explore because it's fantastic, there's a different ways to blend with the top middle. And based on that, the 1st 1 is called the 30 50 20 Rule. So you've got 30% of the top note, 50% of your base of your middle note and 20% of your base. So what would that look like? So let's say we had three drops off. You're gonna make a nasal inhaler, so we got three drops off orange Top note. Five drops off lavender, which is a middle note, and then two drops off language, which is your base now. OK, so that's how you do that. 30 50 20 rule 30% 50% and 20% and you complained accordingly. Now, when you do blend, I say I suggest that you do small drops. Don't go straight out. Do our 30% do 15 and then you know so just if you don't like it, you're gonna waste your drops, your waster essential oils. OK, so that's one a really good way. The 30 50 20 is a fantastic way to do it as well. Okay, so that's what we're now. Another way you could blend is by the notes is just doing equal amounts, which is a fantastic way. So five drops five drops 55 top five, middle five base. Okay. And that's a very popular method to do as well. So that's another one. Now, the third method that you can do by the notes is doing drop by drop. So how how does this happen? What you want to do is you get your boat, but you start with your base note and then you're middle note and then your top. All right, so what you do, you get your base note? You dropped that in. You smell the base night. Serious. Then you get your middle note and you put a drop off your middle night and you smell the combination of your one drop of based on one of middle. Right? So you're smelling that. How does that smell? Do your life. So Do you want to put another one of Basin? And because you like that mawr. This sandwich I like more of a woody handsome. So this is now becomes really crafting Goes from beginning. Took a stock like a cookie cutter. 3 30 50 to 22. Now, you're starting to really know this might be once you get more used to them. It's OK. I really like that. So I've written that down to drops of sandalwood and a middle. Not one drop of lavender. Okay, so now you bring in your top note. So you put in, say, will put it into burger Most a nice apple thing. Burguan. So you put your top note one drop. Smell that. And then you do that. So you work up to say 10 drops again and just each time smelling the bouquet that you're making by putting 91. Doing what? That 11. Did you come through a little more? Okay. What do I know? I really like that citrusy and are now in the woods over the woods, overpowering it. Okay, so I want to bring these up, and that's another way you can blend a little more advanced way. So And that's what blending by the notes complained just straight from the categories. Okay, without worrying about the notes gets get working into the notes as well. Okay, don't really make a bouquet working on the properties that you want and you know, do you want stimulating? Do you want soothing? Do you want a sleep in blend? So you look at the properties of essential oils and then you start to get okay of these essential oils that I want. Now, don't You don't want to put in a central like that. You don't like to be Iran raw. Okay, just because it's therapeutic talked about that earlier in the class, so OK, so this is just a touch on blending if you want to get into it. Now, if you're doing topic Lee, you want to make sure that you look and make sure that you're about a massage bed, for example, that it's gonna work contraindications and dermal maximums. So you have Teoh. Great book is Robert Decisions. Central Safety. You find out dental maximums or just go onto the Internet for whatever central is you've got and check the dermal maximum, which makes the amount of drops. OK, that's it for topically, especially. You start to talk about Lemongrass is and Simmons and closed it up mentioned throughout the course and any course country indications. All right, so that gives you a little bit of an idea on blending. And so as you get more used to it, if you want to have a bit of fun with that because it really is a wonderful thing to be able to do. 5. Musculoskeletal Pain and how to treat specific disorders: Okay, So what do we do now is just tell you what we're going through the pdf file that's in your notes here. So you've got this whole breakdown off different century oils for musculoskeletal pain, and I want to go through what each of these sections made. So it's really simple beauty. Print this off. Got it All there for you. So someone comes in with chronic back pain or acute knee problem swollen ankles. Bruce is in a lip training so on and so forth. You've got them all there to very quickly so can have a look and see what oils you've got. Remember, I've got certainly different blends for you throughout the course. You can always You used those as well when it comes to pain relief. Right. So you see the first section We've got energy. Six. Okay, So pain relieving oils. So these, of course, great ones of someone's in a lot of pain, like lavender, black pepper. And you can look through those as an energetic, really, really help people with pain. Then we start to go to anti inflammatories. Okay, so we've got two categories. What? Warming anti inflammatories and cooling anti inflammatories. So when would you use? But right, so sorry, When would you use either? So let's say someone's got rheumatoid arthritis and it's flared up to its red hot and swollen. Then you go to cool that down. You wanna take that fire out? So that's where you gotta use your cooling anti inflammatories like lavender. Peppermint had a crisis of these sorts of things. So cooling now someone that would use warming Anti inflammatories like to say you're not makes you black peppers. This just a spicy type type of essential oils that had these warming properties. So someone that says you're the hips worse in cold weather with a knee hurts and cold weather and masons things so you can make up blends or they've got much chronic lower back pain and think stiffness, stiffness while warming those summer that says Now, my next don't you paying for on stiff been warming essential oils. Don't worry too much about I'm gonna go through this and remind us we do thes different scenarios if you come across. There are also, and he spends Monix for people that have maybe Charlie horses, cramps and spasms or their love back's in spasm so you can have the anti inspector, anti spasmodic, like basil, that sort of thing. And so have enough through the notes. And I've also got scenarios with rheumatoid arthritis when it's in. So when it's in a flare up condition what to use Just to remind you all the way? Osteoarthritis, gout. It's all there, so you can have a look. So if you're not sure, but they don't go through now will guide you through. So by the end of it, you'll have a really good understanding of what you need to do for each particular condition. All right, so let's have a look of someone that comes in and they got pain now it might be neck pain. Yeah, this is a very common clients come in and they might have a sore back. And this is the word you hear? No, it's sore aches, these sorts of things. So yeah. Next, just tighten stiff again. Think of warming essential oils when they start saying tightened stiff and sore achey. All right, so this is your lower back. Your client, they come in and just my back have been sitting front. The computer, just all you know, feels locked up these sorts of things. So I've got a really nice message friend for you, which is one of your stock. My assessment. So that person comes in. I would just use that stuff massage payment to keep your life really simple. Because these are two clients to come in. Lots of pain, us a lot of stiffness. It's not so much pain. It's your small stiffness aching. This locked up tight, these sorts of words and you're here. That's when you start going. Okay, I got this beautiful blend that have got muscular, masculine joint aches and pains. Now, the essential oils are really fantastic. I use it in this bath for years and years. It works a treat, OK? And of course, you could make this up for them for a roller bottle at home or lotion and so on and so forth. It's got Rose Munich. Rosemary is really fantastic. Anti inflammatory said it's also stimulating. So people are gonna be tight. You're typing. Saw Jerry gonna be worn down. Just, you know, it just wears you down like they say, having the weight of the world on your shoulders. All right, so we got rosemary now also. But ginger Ginger, of course, is the most powerful anti inflammatories, which you probably already know. People take tumeric and ginger tablets and capsules, that sort of thing. So ginger is warming, sun warm up the area, increased circulation, and it's a great anti inflammatory. So really fantastic has said the neck pain, lower back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain. What have you. So this is to say, it's a full body massage, giving them so it's gonna hope. Help them right through their whole body. All right, so the other one I've got is Black Pepper because of course, it's warming. It's an old jeez, IQ. Okay, so pain relieving. And, of course, in a very strong anti inflammatory. So that's a really nice one that the warming oils we got in here with the animal music properties, anti inflammatory properties on warming on Finally, could our old make lavender on 11 Of course, is again it's an animal. Jeez, extent inflammatory on its calming. So people in pain is gonna be generally wide. They're gonna be, you know, us nice and relaxed when they're in pain or tension, that sort of thing. So Canada. 11 does calming properties, but also, of course, it's it's great anti inflammatory and Jesus properties again. So this is just a really stand up. Fantastic. So you could use this for safer full body massage. But you could also use it in stronger dilutions if you just want to make it for your pain. Pain self. You know, you make yourself where you want to make up in oil or you would like to just to keep life simple. This will do great for any muscular aches and pains and joint aches and pains to keep your life simple. This is absolutely superb. Blend. Okay, so let's have a look. A climb that comes in with a sprain. You may or not, depending on your clinic. Well, what sort of clients You will see how experience you know where they're going to come in with the sprain in an acute stage of the just sprayed it maybe a spreader. They went to the doctor this far on and may be trusted message therapist. Then they will come to you. Uh, so how do we treat that? I came all if you if you have that person you know that you're gonna give them the rest. Ice compression elevation. I'll go through that for some of you might not know. So then he spraying the 1st 24 for 72 hours after After it's being done, you want to apply ice? No heat. Okay, so this is just this rice regime, so the rest are so r I c a. The an acronym. Rest, ice compression elevation. Rest the affected limb. You don't walk around damaging the tissues, more ice it, which makes a nice back save for 10 minutes and put a talent, the nature don't get ice burn. And so you're gonna continually ice that several times today, maybe every every hour. Two compression ban is if you can. If it's like an ankle to help with your swelling and protect the area. Getting to wear a compression bandage and elevate the limb above the level off the heart cancer, the fluid or drug will drain down. I can't. So that's what you want now. So knowing that then what you want to be doing is using cooling anti inflammatory oils, essential oils. So you treat the person gently with Cem. If you know lymphatic drainage this fluid, but I would. Getting the roller bottle is perfect for them for take home. So whatever do you could make up a small dilution? Using lavender is absolutely perfect. I'm sure you probably got that one because of an allergic pain relieving properties, its cooling anti inflammatory, and he spent market that any specimen in the area for protective spasm. That's a fantastic on. Now here's where you can have a look at, so let me just get so lavender. German camomile is brilliant peppermint calling anti inflammatory pain relieving. These are really fantastic. But let's say there's a lot of swelling. So maybe wanna put in something for limp training as well. So think great fruit, juniper, lemon. These are all great lift movies, so maybe you want to add that into dilution. So remember, this is a small area, so I would make this remember, I told you anywhere from 5 to 10 5 to 10% 4 to 10%. So five visit 10 mil roller bottle, so that would mean 5% would main 15 drops into 10 mills, so you may 10 10% 30 drops cake. It is a very small area So Levin do as I say if you want more of the information. So if it's just pain, they think. 11 Cam Amar Pittman. These cooling anti inflammatory oils. If there's a lot of swelling, then add into your blend some assay, some juniper of geraniums, great lemon and grapefruit. Fantastic. Add a few drops of those in. If this is certain amount of bruising than hell, a crisis is fantastic. So this is where you start to go. OK? Do I need to? You know, Now remember, I'm talking about blends all the way through and as you get more sophisticated in your blending, but you could just do it with just lavender. But this really started personalized, more like it is not much swelling, so really, it's a lot more pain. So these are the ways you're going to start working. Okay? Do any more pain. Relieving essential owes you any more for the fluid eyes. There a lot of bruising going on, but really a roller bottle or a lotion, something like that, your into something that you meant them up like that so they could apply that topically. I expect them. And then after that, 70 to 72 hour period. Then you can start applying your hate so more hitting. So you get the back in after that? Yeah, back in a few days, and then you can start doing some gentle work after ankle working there. I would work all the lower back, not just the ankle, because you're gonna be limping on it. Best on crutches, at worst. And so then what you could do? You work the hips and lower back all that sort of area, allow their legs because they're going to be now walking with a different gate. That so it's gonna be the whole body gonna be doing love adjusting. All right, so that's what you could do. Just work that through there and then warming essential oils around the area. So I think you pain relieving blends, that sort of thing. Lymphatic drainage, if you know how to do it. To treat your sprains, Andi. And indeed strains. All right. Overuse, injury injuries. So I think you're itis is so plantar Fasciitis, tender nighters, birth scientists. So things like carpal tunnel syndrome. So these sorts of things. So now if it's an acute flare up, So someone's got to a gym and then the 70 Really? And that really sore, like they worked on the tennis silver because they pruning the trees all week, and now they can't even hold a coffee cup. So think you're cooling essential oils. All right, so we're decrease and information. If it's an acute flare up, let's say like, it's just been over the weekend and they just something happened. So I think your lavender hello crisis. Um, you cooling anti inflammatories? Okay, 11 German camomile s a Christ them these types of things that you really want to be fantastic. And of course, you're getting them to reproduce in the clinic. It's will tell over. So putting those out on the cold compress to help your the area to calm it down and advise him now, then, absolutely. You want to be getting them a Rollerball Rollerball role. A bottle. I beg pardon. That's got a ball on it. So I guess Roller boehlje. So you're a makeup This so with your cooling essential oils for acute injury up to just to sort of 10% dilution with your calling essential oils. Okay, so if it's a capital tunnel syndrome, you get them to do this several times a day, 56 times a day. OK, and now if the condition is chronic and so it's not so painful. But it's more stiffness ago. Yeah, now it's just, you know, really, it doesn't hurt that much, but it hurts a bit, but I just generally stiffens up on me. OK, so then we gotto when a flip it on. Do warm cup warm compresses, hate packs, hot water bottles with your so you can use once again your pain south. You can use that. You can make them up a specific role, a bottle that you can use that with warming centros again. Think ginger, black pepper, these sorts of things. So we're gonna add heat to it and then a hot pack up heating essential oils and the heat pack on top of that as well. Okay, so just make sure when you do your consultation to find out if it's just a recent flare up or it's a chronic and is more stiffness rather than pain. If it's chronic, but there's lots of pain. I'd still go with the ice, Begin asked him. Does it feel better when you put I SpecTran it doesn't feel better with you in the shower like I talked about earlier on. So you just trying to find out what's best to use for them. Okay, So what I told you about treating people with cellulite. Now, this is a big area for certain people in their spas, that of the beauty treatments, that sort of thing. So if that's you, then these cellulite treatments, you know how to do it? I imagine so. But these essentials now the biggest central oils when it comes to treating cellulite grapefruit, geranium, lemon, juniper, rosemary, Cyprus. So I've got a massage blend that I've got for you in announcing 30 mils of essential oil carry oil massage oil. So I've got a blend there. That's really fantastic for treating cellulite right now. So when you train your clients, you might want to take them once, maybe twice a week if you could better if you get him twice a week. And this is absolutely take home product heaven because you want that person to be doing this between their treatments. So I've got two Major a cream for you. I have made it. I've got the blend for you in there. The recipe I've got to I've got one. That's a message. Oil and a really, really easy take home products replied. And it is simply now coconut also, by the way, if you don't already know or haven't mentioned through the course while first and foremost cold pressed extra virgin oil virgin coconut oil. But you can see it's a liquid so coconut or becomes a liquid at 68 degrees or over Fahrenheit so you can see it's more than that here. In fact, it's 26 degree Celsius. Okay, so that's why it's a liquid gets cooler. It will harden. All right, So simply one cup. I just got a fudge, this boy. But you know what A cup of coconut oil looks like. One cup of that you want put into a nice little jar. Now in your notes. SRE in your description box. I've got a link to Amazon, but this down here so OK, in your notes, I've got large jobs like four ounce jars, which would be perfect for this sort of thing rather than your little one ounce ounce salve . Just you could also do the salves by the way in four hours. If you want to make bigger quantities for people. I see nothing wrong with that, I think is probably a good idea because you charge more for them. Okay, so that's one cup of coconut oil and just simply 30 drops of grapefruit essential oil. And so it's a really, really easy one. If you want to do that to make it, you just to make a really simple one for your client. The next one I've got is is uses shape but up now shape. But it's hard you don't know. And so when you use when you use three ingredients, sort base ingredients now shade better because it's remember back to the South lecture, because how we no need to put it to Oh, sorry about that Big bang and another one but pretty aero buddy, the double boiler or a makeup double boiler. So remember putting about half an inch of order in now you put your shape, I've run out of shape, but so again you could have to use your imagination. So I believe my cats walking around the house again. So you gotta put a three course of a cup of shape. Better put it in here and that that gently melt. Then once that's melted. Okay, so you gotta bring out your coconut oil now. Controls fantastic for all skin disorders. So absolutely brilliant. So if you've got clients with psoriasis X men, that sort of thing, get them to use coconut oil. It's absolutely fantastic for dry, flaky skin, everything half a cup so good at Shea butter melted. Now, if this is if you can't do it, I was hard because you're cold climate. You're gonna have to put that in there. Melt that as well. Okay, so I don't have to. I just put 1/2 cup of that in and then is your message therapist. You should have almond oil on hand. So simply half a cup off almond oil. All right, say, 3/4 of a cup of shame. Better half cup Obama or half a cup of cargo, beautiful nourishing oils. And then you've got essential oils that I've got in and I've got 3 to 3 of its engine oils , nine drops of each and again, if you don't have those essential oils, by all means, you could just put in the ones that you do have cellulite and any other treatment that I'm doing. That's why I have recommended other essentials. Good for specific conditions. Okay, so that's all you do. And then you get self your nice little jar just sort of make believe here. What's job? But you laid on make a beautiful label, if you like. And there you've got a beautiful Put them on your show cellulite cream to go to two months of really easy one that's gonna be like a city oil. Now, if the person wants that the coconut oil was just a great fruit, they could put in the fridge. If they want harder to make a bit more like a band, that's like, Yeah, well, it's easiest bomb. Just put the coconut on the fridge, it'll go hard, and then you just get that and you put a forearm. They're saying there but around the buttocks and so on and so forth. Tell me what have you Right? So there's two referees that both easy ones. Just easier, I guess so. Great. And get them to do that morning and night, given to a five minutes rubbing on the areas of cellulite. And you wanna do your treatments once a week, probably twice a way to get better results. And so there you go. So this you're saying, like, mess our joy and easy oil and easier or Okay, you know what I mean? Okay, so Ralph comes in his 43 years old. He comes in because he's sore. He's got went hiking on the weekend. It's been going up and down hills and he can hardly move. The front of his shins are burning. He's in a lot of pain, his thighs hurting him, he said, taking or ever So he's got post exercise soreness otherwise known as Dom's, which is delayed onset muscle soreness. Okay, generally happens about, you know, 24 to 48 hours about a day after that. The exercise, you know. So you go to the gym and you work out and you have done it for a long time, and then you go Wow! Really day after. Okay, so that's delayed onset muscle soreness. People to think it was because elector cast that it's not. They still don't really know, understand why, why we get delayed onset muscle soreness. We do know that It's from eccentric contraction, which really, which really produces a delayed onset muscle. Soreness. For those who don't know, concentric contraction is where you when you bring the limb closer together, you going this direction. That's concentrate East End. Tricked is when you're putting the brakes on the muscle. Okay, so, men, if I had a wait here and I'm going down to the muscle still contracting as a Lincoln's, that's East centric. So when you're walking downhill, your think going downhill, your legs are working downhill. And that's why your sins I have to decelerate. So this is what's all about deceleration, eccentric contraction. That's the major cause off. Um, no, I don't say muscle soreness, right? So he's a healthy adult sore, and so what are you going to do? All right, he wants a full body massage because he's really, really hurt. The essential oils you're going to put it will be a 2% dilution for healthy adult. And you really want to use warming warming anti inflammatories for this condition because on these increased circulation. So I think you're Cartman, you black pepper, ginger. These warming spicy essential oils are really fantastic to increase in circulation and to really help the muscles. So with warming, settlers think hate packs as well. So if you're gonna work, it is lazy and put a heat pack over as well. So you're really helping increase that that warmth and open up the pores to help. Really, a central is going in this thinking along those lines that with delayed onset muscle soreness. So you do the full body massage right? And this is so there's no it's not an emotional component. So we're not talking about personal inhalers or defusing is such unless the person said that really stressed. But this is really a physical problem. Correct. So here's where I'd be doing. You could make up a lotion With these warming essential oils, you should have on yourself your bomb yourself so you can pain relieving. So you recommend to that your client uses 3 to 4 times today, five times a day on rub it into your your sore areas wherever they're sore. It's really fantastic. It's all natural, essential oils, and it's really, really brilliant. On the other thing you could recommend if you didn't have that Rolla balls you have. If it's a small area. It's a larger area, so this is really better for smaller areas. But But, you know, they If it was just this genes, for example, the little roller will be perfect. Okay, The other thing. You get into makeup, you could make up a pain relieving oil was said earlier on a lotion and have that if you don't already have made up. So this is really we're talking about pain relieving balm, served oils, motions, that sort of thing to help them. But remember the warming anti inflammatories of what you do when it comes to delayed onset muscle soreness, get them to heat back and recommend they come back in a few days. Okay, because they could be soared to 3 to 4 to five days in up to a week. So you recommend them to come back in another couple of days. Okay, so if they came in Monday, then tell him to come back Wednesday Thursday because one of things were delayed. Onset muscle soreness and massage is message. Is one the most effective treatments to help with delayed onset muscle soreness? Okay, so it's such a good. So I think your athletes not just Ralph. But think athletes. So you want to recommend your anti anti inflammatory, essential oil message of wrote every massage. If this is like yesterday here, there was a triathlon on doing message, getting out my card to them. I used pain relieving, essential or really fantastic to help delayed onset muscle soreness. And so that's why I recommend when it comes to doing this treatment, let's have a look. Treating swelling oedema. Now this might be something as simple as someone just has, but it fluid retention. So a message Oilfield like. So their ankles swell up in the heat, this sort of thing. But it could be as much as seven lymphatic problems because the lymph glands have been removed, such as a vasectomy of the swollen arms comin up. Treated women with this. So the oils that are really good, very similar to the ones said you like grapefruit, lemon, geranium, juniper. You could also look at Cyprus Rhodes. We didn't have anything but the big one's really grapefruit Lemon geranium, juniper. Alright, so I've got a message oil. So if you're doing now for lymphatic drainage, as such, you I don't have a course on Unfortunately, I know how to do. I just haven't taught it online. So But what you want to do is if If you're treating someone with 20 if you don't know this already, what you want to do is actually working on a way to towards the heart. But keep your strokes nice and light. Okay, now. But this is not, by the way, a lymphatic. This is just talking about a Swedish massage stuff. So this is someone's leg, for example. Now you want to start, it's gonna give you kind of crash course on helping lymphatic system. So you want to start from now if it's the leg, you want to start up the hips up the groin area with a lymphatic, sir, and you want to start, so it's well worth approximately two distal. Suddenly, I'm teaching lymphatic drainage in a way so but you could you wanna work. So let's say this is the hip here that puts down here started to hit work your strokes always like this. Why are we doing that? Because we are clearing because of lymphatic bones. Have 11 way valves. So you want to clear this so you can imagine I'm clearing that air, pushing that towards the lymph nodes in the groin. All right, so pushing that, pushing and pushing it and then come down an inch and do the same thing. So you coming down is going to seem so now. That's good. What do you do that? Well, if you started the ankle you're just pushing at, it's all blocked like it's not. Can't move anywhere. The lymphatic system, by the way. It's held by breathing and movement. So other things. But so just work up and then keep working way down towards the name so that the hip here with the growing right growing so here to the NIH, study it up in the groin area and you're going to work your way down. This is different, say, swollen ankles. That's what they down to the knee and then you work down, away, down, right the way down, right to the foot. Okay, light, light pressure. You would have really liked pressure. Otherwise, you just squeeze down the lymphatic vessels and nothing moves. OK, lymphatic drainage as it is debut. It's the weight of it. I never forget. From 1992 it still should be about the weight of the egg on the skin. In other words, but you're doing lymphatic drainage. If you can feel the muscle tissue, you should only feel the skin. So this is lymphatic drainage pushing it up here, right? Just to give you an example. Okay, so if I was doing this, let's say swollen up, post second. So what you do here the lymph nodes here. And so what you do is work towards do it just with so sweet. So start here clear, and you're working towards right into here. You can start here and work your way up, okay, to start working way up or very lightly. So basically, if you can feel the bones of the muscles, you're going too hard. So it had been so the first thing you move if you were doing up a Rahman aesthetic. Drainage is work. So we're clearing the live into these major major lift notes here. So you're working towards this always doing this movement working towards as you move out, and then you got to come out and work the lymph nodes in the Exeter and your work down through there. So again, you're starting up here and you're working all your way down. So you're pushing in the direction you're pushing in the direction This way. I want to say pushing. You shouldn't feel the muscle. It's just the skin you're on. So it's incredibly like otherwise you're just squashing the port of lymphatic vessels. All right, so you work your way down, so you do that. All right, So you always starting. You start from here, work away all the way down, okay? And you'll teach your client because I've got you products for you to make for home, for cellular efforts for swelling and a Dema. So you teach the persons of Seelig, try and get them to work, you know, work their way down and explain to them because that's the way they need to do it. Not just start the car, just do this. And what a work from the top of the leg all the way down and make their way down to the foot. If it's swollen, ankles like this don't just work their way across the chest, pushing towards that's the midline and tell him how lots of has to pay. Somehow, I haven't tell you all about that dries. It wasn't really I do this, but by not right, it's good. Good to know. So you work away all the way down, even right away the fingers. And so you get the person to do that. So he takes him how to do that at home, You give them their their demons. Swelling oil or cream. I can't know what I've got for you there. I've got a lymphatic fluid message. Oil. Let me just to hear for you. What else that I make for you. A home lotion yet? So I've got your emotion. So it could be an oil or lotion. Usually carry oil like a torture through the courts. It could be a lotion. What have you But get them to work their way down like that and the same with you. You want to see them? You're once twice a week. Ideally depending on how crime had it for years. You'll be fine to get, like, twice a week for the 1st 2 to 3 weeks to make an effect on them. And then once a week after that, that would be your ideal circumstance. Okay, so that's what you wanna do. Have a look at those you can make those products. If you got some of that comes in, there's probably swelling then then you got the take home products of the film, how important it is for them to take that home. And then they do that between treatments with the a sense of stretching on. The boards of the essentials are so good for Rodina and the way they do it's really important and how like they have to do it so you'll get much better results with them as they help you help themselves between treatments. All right, so let's take a look at cramps and specimens, So Okay, let's say so. There's both acute and chronic now government about them so acute ones we're looking at, you know, someone's maybe just injure themselves and the muscles going to spasm, this sort of thing. So once again, you gotta look out And Jesus, any special logic properties So again you might look at lavender, peppermint, German, can Ahmad, the sort of really, really fantastic from acute phase that you should work that I've got some blends for you. You could give them a roller bottle, blend makeup cream that sort of thing that they could work this and use this. So you think Annie's best marks on and Jesus Pain relieving anti inflammatory? Okay, now, But more commonly, you're going to see people that have especially getting elderly population, that you see more people 50 60 that sort of thing. I got to complain about calf cramps, your charley horses, I call them so they get night time and they've got you know, I could feel it locks up. I gotta get up, walk around. So this is where you use a really lovely warming over and get them to use that at night time. So you make them up irreparable and tell him to work in their car. Woke up towards the knee. They coming up towards the heart turned work into their car. They're just gently, especially they can feel the muscle where it's type, work that stretch it out, and do that before they go to bed. So I've got a beautiful blend that you've got there so that you can use if they come in complaining the into your spine and complaining about cramps. Us peasants. So you work. That said, these are generally what you're gonna be saying these sort of chronic? Yeah, just get it might be not every night, but they lock up. Or some people do get, unfortunately every night. So you get that I don't take this time and they said, Maybe you want to do it. A lotion that so it's not greasy when they go to bed, something like that. But you see the blends that I've got for you, for the chronic ones, that'll be a great thing. You could make up for them and tell them to use that every night before they go to bed to help with these these cars. Muscle spasms. Alright, so I've got this recipe for bumps and bruises. It's a really fantastic blend, so hella crisis is really second to none. It's expensive, essential oil. It was really, really fantastic when it comes to helping with bruisers like life is 11 once again, Cyprus, Frankincense, geranium. These are really, really fantastic. So I've got a blend for you that you could use, and what I would do is have them, and I would advertise this because you're probably not going to be saying unless you're dealing with gridiron players and footballers and that sort of thing, you could probably apply a bit of bruise oil. Yeah, that might get called Corky and the thigh and that sort of thing. So then you would have your bruise oil or your lotion. Now, arnica cream is is really fantastic to help with bruises so you could have your your this'd So you got your little lotion here that you could sell for bruisers or in an oil like I say once again in roller bottles. But this is again one of those things. Now it's kid friendly, so I would be advertising this wherever you're doing it on your Facebook page. What have you until I know this is a kid for any version that for kids falling over and bumping, bumping themselves and that sort of thing falling off their bikes, This is a really fantastic on your mantel girl. Dead will go out and buy this from you and so and likewise your sports clubs, that sort of thing if you're dealing with a lot of that later in contact sports, so that's just another great thing. And to use toe having your spy to offer. And but I say Don't just let it. You don't just have that sitting there without anyone knowing. So if you're hoping that someone come along and do things with a bruise, so get it out there, talkto put it onto Facebook, put it onto your social media and tell people about your own actual bumps and bruises, oil or lotion. All right, when it comes to treating rheumatoid after right, after a couple of factors that you need to work out now because brutal personal have flare ups, many get inflamed and really painful and then subside. So you need to treat both problems individually. So if the person having affair up because it's hot red, they're inflamed, then you want to think it calling and Jews it calling anti inflammatory, essential oils. So for something, hands now again, you need to factor in the person's age. That frailty, that sort of thing. It was the only person and then stick with the dilutions quite low yesterday, I say. 4% for if it's on the hands, say, maybe 4%. If it's robust, person that you got to 10% with your oils so they think cold, cool, cold packs and cooling a century or so get them to put them on. And then they could put their cooling pack Yotel other top with an ice pack with the calling essential oils to really help alleviate the flare up now. So when it's not in a flare up condition, then you want to switch over to help with the stiffness and the soreness. So once again, warming anti inflammatory oils, your gingers, you cardamom into black peppers, those things with heat packs. Okay, what they put gloves on. So you put that your pain stop was definitely a fantastic thing. So this is great with you. You can make them up a little roller bottle for their hands. It is just around here. It's thumbed quite often, getting the thumbs, so those are two diffe 6. Congratulations : all right. Well, with their we are have come to the end of the court. So if you've got any questions, please let me know. I love to get answer questions. I get back to everyone within the day on. If you'd like one of my specific certificates, then just send me a message in the email. This doesn't have the, you know, the one that comes out that automatically generated. We had the hours on it. But if you like one from the is the very spot training academy, then by all means, send me a message, and I'll gladly get you your eye certificate that you can pin proudly on your wall. So thank you so much. I really appreciate you watching my cause. And if you wouldn't mind reviewing the course, I'd love that as well. And say something about it on, and I hope you enjoyed it. I wish you all success with trading your clients now with your aromatherapy skills.