Aromatherapy Acupressure For Emotional Wellbeing | Mark Perren-Jones | Skillshare

Aromatherapy Acupressure For Emotional Wellbeing

Mark Perren-Jones, Best-Selling Instructor, 100K Students

Aromatherapy Acupressure For Emotional Wellbeing

Mark Perren-Jones, Best-Selling Instructor, 100K Students

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32 Lessons (2h 27m)
    • 1. Welcome to my aromatherapy acupressure course!

    • 2. The best of both worlds

    • 3. How to use this course

    • 4. Dilution Rates

    • 5. Diffusers, inhaler tubes and more

    • 6. Safety with Essential Oils

    • 7. An important word about your essential oil shelf life

    • 8. TCM and the emotions

    • 9. How to treat yourself and/or your clients, family and friends

    • 10. Should I press all of the points?

    • 11. Blending by the notes

    • 12. A List of soothing and stimulating essential oils for you

    • 13. Great news if you are a therapist as well!

    • 14. If you are really struggling emotionally

    • 15. How to improve your Focus, Concentration and Memory

    • 16. Worry

    • 17. Fears/Phobias

    • 18. Anger

    • 19. Insomnia

    • 20. Mild Depression

    • 21. Stress/Irritation/Frustration

    • 22. Fatigue/Exhaustion

    • 23. Happiness/Joy/Positivity

    • 24. Anxiety/Panic Attacks

    • 25. Grief/Loss

    • 26. A word about what to do if you get massages

    • 27. Addictions

    • 28. Something special that you can do for your clients

    • 29. Your Rescue Remedy points and essential oils

    • 30. What to do when you need to become more relaxed

    • 31. What you need to do when you need more energy, have more focus and concentration

    • 32. Congratulations!

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About This Class

In aromatherapy acupressure, you create a synergistic effect by selecting an aromatherapy essential oil that possesses the same function as the acupressure points to create an incredibly powerful healing technique that balances the body, mind and spirit.

Aromatherapy acupressure is a gentle, safe and profoundly effective treatment modality that combines the energetic healing qualities of aromatherapy essential oils with specific acupressure points in order to trigger energetic changes in the individual that will bring the person back to a state of emotional balance.

Using aromatherapy acupressure results  in more significant clinical effects than using either aromatherapy or acupressure by themselves!

This course is designed so that you can use aromatherapy acupressure on yourself or on your family, partner or your clients.

For example, if you are suffering from anxiety, are worried, frustrated or stressed you will learn how to apply particular aromatherapy essential oils that are well known for their potent calming effects (such as Roman Chamomile or Lavender) to specific acupressure points such as CV-17, Yintang, or heart 7 acupressure points that have been used for thousands of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat these exact emotional imbalances.

Likewise, if you are fatigued, exhausted or would just like to have more energy, be more focused and increase your memory then you will also learn how to apply aromatherapy essential oils such as Rosemary that studies have shown to not only stimulate the body and mind but also increase people's memory by 65% and the apply that aromatherapy essential oil to acupressure points that are well known to energize the body, mind and spirit.

You can apply all of these aromatherapy acupressure skills to yourself, your family or your clients. If you are a therapist, this is a fabulous technique to add to your repertoire of treatment techniques to assist your client on a much deeper level. The aromatherapy acupressure treatments can be used as a stand alone treatment or as a beautiful way to help your clients with their emotional wellbeing.

"Aroma-acupressure had a greater effect than aromatherapy on agitation in patients with dementia."

"..aroma-acupressure was better able to improve agitation, inhibit the sympathetic nervous system, and activate the parasympathetic nervous system compared with aromatherapy"

(Study involving 186 patients of the comparison of the efficacy of aromatherapy acupressure compared to just aromatherapy  for the treatment of dementia-associated agitation)

Start learning how to do aromatherapy acupressure today. It is simple, safe and incredibly effectiv

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mark Perren-Jones

Best-Selling Instructor, 100K Students


Hello, I'm Mark.

Mark Perren-Jones is a bestselling massage course and pain relief, instructor.

He is also the owner of the award-winning Isla Verde Spa, a highly regarded massage therapist, acupuncturist and Pain Specialist and his youtube channel has well over 2 million views. He has more than 25 years experience in the massage and acupuncture field and has worked in spas and clinics throughout the world. He has massaged Presidents and their families, Olympic athletes, professional sports people and celebrities around the world.

Mark's spa earned an incredible 100 out of 100 5 Star Reviews on Tripadvisor! ( 100% 5 STARS). In just 6 months after the Isla Verde Spa opened, it became the No.1 Ranked spa in his highly competitive. It was also ... See full profile

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1. Welcome to my aromatherapy acupressure course!: Hey, my name's Mark Parent Jones from the award winning Islam. Very spot. Welcome to my course. Now, in this course, I am going to teach you a run of therapy. Acupressure. Now, what is that? I hear you ask. What we're doing in this course is I am going to show you how you can use the incredible healing effects of a central oils which have been used for 1000 years and couple that with acupressure. And studies have shown that acupressure using aromatherapy on the points themselves, have a more powerful clinical effect in others were creating a synergy between the aromatherapy and the acupressure. So how does this work? Right. So let's say, for example, you put you will come someone else that you're suffering from. Stress, frustration, anxiety, that sort of thing. Well, in traditional Chinese medicine, we have points have been used for hundreds of years, which, like the Sea of Tranquility, CV 17 this point is famous sellers Ying tang for calming the person down now. So what? I'll teach you in the best essential oils that you can use to cover them up with the appropriate points. So let's say 11. We dilute 11 and then to a delusion which I will teach you, which is a very calming, essential oil. I could use cama and in your knife notes. I show you exactly essential oils for the exact emotional imbalance. And then you will put that essential oil dilution onto the acupressure point and then use acupressure on that point to have as a set to marry a two. It's a calming, essential oil on. We're using the energetic of the oil and then acupressure to have a much better clinical therapeutic effect on your body and mind. It's been studied, and it's being shown that acupressure with aromatherapy on the points has bean more effective than aromatherapy by itself. So I want to teach you a list. I'll take you or the different emotional states and imbalances how to get balance. I'm going to show you how to blend the oils to blend them with the note so you could make beautiful blends and lots of other things in this course. So I hope you enjoy my cause, and I'm sure you're gonna learn lots that you can use either on yourself with your clients or your family to really help either get more energy to feel happier and help all emotional imbalances 2. The best of both worlds: so acupressure has been used for 1000 years to help people with their emotions with pain and so on and so forth by balancing out their system. Likewise around, the therapy has been used clinically for thousands of years as well to help people with the therapeutic benefits of the essential oils. Now studies have been done showing that the effectiveness of just aromatherapy and just acupressure but aromatherapy with acupressure was found to be even more potent. Better clinically. So that's what we'll be doing. We're going to be marrying the two have this synergy of using acupressure and the the So the poison will be using for acupressure if it's for calming or stimulating, will use the best points on the body. Likewise, if we want to stimulate will use the best stimulating oils to put under that point as well . So we get this incredible synergy and double up on the healing effect in the healing benefits, using both of these incredible modalities now around a therapy, as they have been around for thousands of years. But it really got going in 1937 now. This was made famous really by a French guy called Rene Mahdi's Get a force. All right. Okay. I would like to apologize to the French students out there for that Absolutely horrendous. Attempted a French accent anyway, So they got mainstream or for the young people in the audience. It went viral that the guy with his arrival therapy because what he did, he burned his hand in his laboratory and then put here a ball of lavender essential oil and a tip that over. And he noticed in the in the oncoming days that his hand really healed incredibly well. And it did not become gangrenous, which was generally happened. So this is where I really started to take off. So in a nutshell, what you learn from this course is, you know, which are the best essential oils for which emotional imbalances and you put them on what could have been studied for hundreds and hundreds of research papers on one of the best points with its for anxiety for depression when it's for anger issues, mood swings and so on and so forth. So you will marry that these essential oils with the best points So the best essential oils for the best points to create an incredibly powerful healing environment 3. How to use this course: So let me just go through what's going learn in the course and how you're going to apply this to help with emotional imbalances. All right, so let's just take for example, you want more energy, you're fatigued, you're exhausted. So you go to that lecture naked, download the pdf file if you want to. And so what you're going to see there are the specific oils which are really stimulating really great for fatigue. So you look at that and you'll have a look and say, Well, do I have those those essential oils? So if you've got those, then you can use are just one of them or I'm also going to show you how to blend the different notes of the essential oils. If you don't know what that means, then that doesn't matter, cause I'm gonna teach you everything about that. But basically the notes are what you have in perfumery, where you make a okay. So in other words, you're getting a lot more therapeutic benefits from using extra oils. But you don't need to do that. You could just use one oil. Now, if you're pregnant or a nursing mother or you're treating a chart, you're going to cross check that the oils are safe to use for those particular. But if the person's pregnant, nursing or if it's a child, so you're always gonna cross check that as well, Right? So you've checked your oils. You're going to always, always, always dilute the oils, and I go through dilution rates in with the carrying oil. Never, ever, ever put the essential oils on Nate gives. You can irritate the skin or sensitized, which is even worse now. So let's say then you look at the specific points that you can use, so let's just say that we'll use Here's my 2% dilution. I've got it in a little rollerball here, and I'll put it on to what's known as heart. Seven. So put on heart seven. Both sides here because we're always gonna treat both sides, which will learn about and then we'll be plying acupressure on heart. Seven, which is knows Shen men, which is it's great for insomnia. It's great for calming as you learn, and it's it's called the Gate of the Spirit Spirit Gate. So really, really fantastic. So you'll be treating both of those and then you look at the other points and what other points you can treat as well. I'm gonna teach you not only about which of the best essential oils and the best points, but how many points you need to treat how long to trick for what type of pressure and so on and so forth. So it's all coming up. But I just want to give you a little bit of a heads up. That's what you're in for. 4. Dilution Rates: all right. So when we go to apply the essential oils, we will always always dilute them. You never want to put essential oils on neat because people get sensitized. These are very, very potent. In fact, to get one kilogram of rose essential oil, it takes 4000 kilograms, which is about a truckload of rose petals just for one kilo, 4000 kilos toe, one killer of rose petals. So they're very, very concentrated. You never want to put these on essential oils. I wouldn't even do it with lavender. You'll see them all. It will see them. You see recommendations to put lavender. If you want to be really careful, it would be very, very rare that you would get sensitized to 11. But there are cases so I would still diluted anyway now. So we're going to dilute them. We're going to dilute them into tell. You might want to get yourself a little dish, something like that. And we're going to use 10 mills off carrier oil now in your notes, I've got a list of carrier oils, so if you're a message there, but you probably got sweet almond oil, absolutely used that If you're not a massage therapist. You could just get you know, your olive oil or whatever. You've got a whole list you could use. Talavera Jill. Make sure it's natural and so on and so forth so you can use our very joke if you want to have more of a gel you can use, You know, say I'm oil walnut oil, avocado oil because we're using so much such a little amount, then it's not really that important. Like if you're using, say how Khobar for your helping with facial blemishes, that sort of thing. You can. But you can go to your covenant. Grab your make sure it's cold pressed, extra virgin olive oil. Okay, so 10 millimeters milliliters said it is a big fun, not millimeters. So that is to teaspoonful. Okay, so here I've got metal taste bird, and that's not it. There it is, so you can measure out of your carrier oil two teaspoons, which will give you 10 milliliters now for the people in the United States. They're still sticking with that imperial system. That would be 0.33 fluid ounces for you. In fact, Thea peer system, just a casual wondering. The United States use it. Myanmar, formerly known as Burma and Liberia. They're all sticking with that imperial system. A. Anyway, I will stick with their Miller latest, you know, in the 21st century. Anyway, so Okay, so you got to 10 milliliters. 100.33 fluid ounces off carrier oil into your dish. Now you're going to put in for a tube. Enough healthy adults. I've got this in your list. The dilution rates is simple, sir, To your 10 milliliters, you've got to taste burns. You're gonna put in six drops. That will give you a 2% dilution right now. If you're pregnant, nursing mother child only, or happened to have sensitive skin, then do hard that to a 1% or less Dilution, which would be three drops of essential oil to two teaspoons off carry oil. All right, it's in your notes. So you don't have what you doing? What? Three Hemi? What? Three drops for 1% for pregnant women. Nursing mothers, Children, elderly people have sent known sensitivities. And you probably know Yes, I get sensitivities. Then stay at 1%. You can go up to 5% but I would start a 2%. Always. And then if you want to go up to 5% which is 15 drops again, it's in your notes. But always stay there 2% a start or less than that as well now, So you want you want to be out of Put these into essential oils. Need to be stored in dark glass. So you wanna have. They might have a little central, a bottle, that sort of thing. Something like that is perfect cause it's dark, it's glass and you want to store them in the fridge for their shelf life. So you could do that. Now. Another thing, I think. Great. Now I've got the link. You can buy these online these air Rolla balls. So they said this is so Make sure you buy the 10 mill one. Don't go by five mil. Likewise, get 10 mil bottles if you buy them online, but something that's air type, dark and glass. So these roller balls are awesome because you put your essential oils into here and then you can put them on to your point there, and you can carry this around in your bag. Purse. What have you so and then you can work them in like that. So these are really great, really handed digital rollerball, and they're super cheap, so you don't have to worry about that. Okay? So key things to take away we go toe always. Always dilute your essential oils first, which is in for 2% dilution for healthy adults. Two tables, two teaspoons of carrier oil, six drops of essential oil and, if you like, said sensitive pregnant nursing mothers, elderly had known sensitivities. Just choose three drops to two teaspoons off carry oil. 5. Diffusers, inhaler tubes and more: Now, as I'm talking about acupressure and using essential oils on these acupressure points, I also encourage you just to use the oils that you're using in your diffuser at home or work, but using it now, my favorite diffuses are the ultrasonic ones and the nebulizer. I don't like the ones with a tea candle underneath because the heat changes the chemical constituents in them and you're detonated a bit, so I would be the best ones. If you can afford it is a nebulizer. I've got links in your notes again. The ultrasound ones, they really are the best ones to use. So using diffusers, you can just put the essential oils now for these, you don't need to dilute them, OK, so if in your well in your refuge, if you usually you put water in it this then you put the drops of essential oils direct into the water. But you can get these. I've got the links again in your notes, these inhaler tubes and you just put your drops that have a little wick inside of them and you put the drops directly onto the wicked. Then you put the wick back inside. So These are fantastic two years. You inhale your essential oils when you're out and about so as well as doing your aromatherapy using your So you wrote a book on your points and doing it points and that sort of thing. You also want to be inhaling essential oils whenever possible as well. So that could be a simple as a cotton ball, where you put your essential oils, a tissue, your diffuses, a stay at home or at work, and your inhaler troops as well, which are all really, really fantastic. So just think of that as well, apart from doing the the points with your essential oils on the points as well. Apart from that, you go to also use them in a safe diffusers, inhaler tubes and so on and so forth, especially in Bard's as well I've got that. Just make sure it's in your notes that if you put the central oils, never, ever, ever put your essential oils native, which is undiluted into you about you drop, drop drop because then you've got globules of essential oils, and you can get a reaction to those so because they know their undiluted again, you see this all over the place. I just dropped six drops into above. Don't add it with some shampoo or carrier oil. Coconut oil to love your nourishing your skin. But just make sure you use the same delusions. Um, otherwise, some sensitive areas of your body could get a very nasty reaction. 6. Safety with Essential Oils: right when you're doing the central oils, I just want to quickly tell you about Central safety because these are very, very potent. So they're certain essential oils that are contraindicated. If you are pregnant or nursing a nursing mother and also there certain oils that you could treat your Children, then you must be made aware of that, not using these ones. So there in your notes. So you always want to cross check. So if you're looking looking at a certain emotional imbalance, you want treated. If that is the case, you say you're pregnant or you're nursing mother or you're treating a child that you need to cross check always to make sure the essentials using are safe. The other thing that I want to mention is certain essential oils for a toxic which made if you go out into the sun. Um, let's say you put on Bergamo, especially Bergamo. If you go out in the sun, then the sound can get burn. Get sensitive hypersensitivity. So you need to cover up or not. Go out your 12 to 18 hour period into the bright sunshine. Certain ways that if they're steamed, is still there, not photo toxic, so you see if they're cold pressed, so you need to know it was just cold pressed or steam distilled because certain essential oils, if they're cold, pressed for a toxic. But if this thing is still there, not so you do want to check that it's all in your notes, but it's really important that you do this. If this is the case, then for safe for Children of pregnant mothers nursing, always always cross check to make sure they know the list of essentials that Contra indicated. 7. An important word about your essential oil shelf life: now throughout the course, when we start using the essential oils you're going to make, you need to make sure that the shelf life of your central's most essential oils a good for around about 2 to 3 years. The want you really need to be, and we uses a lot throughout the course. You have to be really careful. The Citrus oils now a couple of reasons now. The first thing is so Citrus ors I would change them out after a year. Don't use on your body within 6 to 12 months. The good thing is that they're not expensive Citrus oils on Ben. You can use him for clean your natural cleaning products and that sort of thing. But I wouldn't use him on the body because they start to oxidize. And then if there, then you get an increased risk of getting irritation from the oil. Okay, so oxidized Citrus oils in particular. You can get a sense tight spot get irritated by the essential oil, so using for cleaning by all means. But if they still smell fireworks, they should so change him out within the six month period. The other reason is, studies have shown now the active ingredient in lemon essential oil is limited on demotion of Citrus oars in particular, but that decreases from a 67% of the constituent limiting within 12 months, the studies have shown it goes down to 30%. So what that means to you is that the therapeutic of fix have dropped enormously just through the process of oxidize ation. So that's if no other reason really is the most important. They're not doing what they should be doing therapeutically for you. So you really want the best of essential oils. As I say there, the $6. That's great because they're not really expensive, So change them up, don't come out, use him to play around the house. 8. TCM and the emotions: So let's have a look at how traditional Chinese medicine echoed pressure, and the emotions are all intertwine and how they affect each other. So okay, I'll try and keep this basis possible, cause it's a huge and fascinating subject. But really, what we're talking about is the balance of yin and yang, so they didn't get the opposite. So Yang is warming or hot and active and energy and seller and so forth where Thean part is more nourishing, cold, damp, this sort of thing. So it's these balance of these elements, so when you're in balance, it'll be like 50 50 yen and yang. But when things go out of bounds like too much yang, you get this thing tipping of the scales, so there's gonna be less year, and this can affect people physically and also emotionally. So now, also, when it comes to the emotions, they are tied or connected to certain organs of the body. So in Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese medicine that the emotions of anger, frustration, irritation on there, they're connected with liver. So were we steamrolling points on the liver meridian. Okay, let's go back a step Murdy ins. So if you don't know this already. We talked about she and blood, So the energy systems of the body. Now these channels of energy are called meridians, and along these channels of energy, this meridians are called eco points. Now, if you stimulate the acupoints with AC, you with pressure, it'll be called acupressure if you pump to them. In other words, used natives. It's acupuncture. So what we're trying do is achieve balance throughout the body, which affect emotions, which affects a physical pain and someone and so forth by using acupressure. So and that's what they've been doing for centuries. So they know the points that have attributes of calming and other ones that are stimulating . And so that's what we're going to do. So as a center, for example, the emotion of grief is stored in the lung, so treat the lungs and this points called letting go to try to help the person move through . Worry is in the stomach and spleen, so if a person is worrying excessively then because it's connected to the stomach, they might also have poor digestion, loose stools, these sorts of things. So they're all patterns in traditional Chinese medicine. So in your notes. I'm showing you a one looks like with symptoms but emotional and physical when h of the order out of balance and what the person would be like when they are in balance. So that's what we're going toe trying to achieve. We're gonna use points that will balance out Yin and yang. So again, if Young is too active, we need to calm things down, which will bring up the in to try and get that balance. So by using acupressure with the aromatherapy, that's what we're going to be doing. 9. How to treat yourself and/or your clients, family and friends: all right, now what I've done through this course to make it easier for you because if you want to treat yourself then I've made sure the points are on the front of the body and easily accessible. I don't want to give you back shoot. Welcome back, shoot points, which you can't get it. So when it comes to student, they're going to be. I've kept the list of points for just basically the most powerful points and what you can do now, if you're treating someone, have to tell you a massage therapist, you could do these points after the massage or during the massage before the massage, whatever you like, but so you can put the essential oils on. Now you can connect to points. Let's say you've got which will learn CV 17 here, the sea of tranquility and heart seven. So you could put one one point finger on that point there and connect to the other point as well. But obviously you can't do that very easy. But likewise, I could do this point here in 10 which M is incredibly calming, which will learn about and so is this a sea of tranquility and we can use both those points a to the same time, which I'll go through now. The points generally except on the middle of the body bilateral there on both sides. So I want you to stimulate both sides. So let's go for this one here now. By the way, when you're measuring the points, that might say three fingers from the wrist cruise. So we'll do that right now. Let me show. You had a measure because if you're treating, say, a big guy has got big hands, it's gonna be his three fingers. So menu, you sort of estimate you can either use his three fingers. So let's do pericardium six, which is down through the center here, which again you learn about this point is very, very famous. They have in pharmacies, responds with a little bowl on them for nausea. So this is a great point if you get travel sickness, that sort of thing. And you could use Ginger essential oil on that because ginger is very, very good to treat nausea. So anyone pericardium six. So what, You're going to do the wrist cruise to see the restraints here? All right, three fingers now has to say if you're treating a child, it's their three fingers. So you are put their three fingers on or you kind of get a bit Okay, that's my three fingers. And then you could measure up. There's and OK, come back a little bit. So three finger wits from the risk crease. That's right, the central line between the two tendons. So measure your three fingers and then it's there and you'll feel these tendons in here. And the point is between those tenders. All right, so you do this side and then you would do the opposite side now. So how long should you trick? How long should you hold it? For now, this is really up to you. If you're as a guideline, you could do this for, say, 30 seconds to a minute and 1/2 for example. But maybe for you, it feels better to do it like the four or five or 10 minutes. So it's up to you. Just see you just going to feel it out, see how it feels to you. So essay. Maybe just yeah, 30 seconds. Feels fine now. So what you're going to do when it comes to the pressure isn't once again subjective. So if you feel obviously, if you're bruising yourself, that's way, too that you've gone way too gung ho. So you find the 0.3 fingers down there. It is between three tenants and you compress in. Now you can. You're just doodle circles or just pressed again. It's really up to you. I would suggest to keep it simple for the moment and just press in. You can use your fingers. You can double up your fingers one on top of the other. No, for example, if say, it feels better doing it like that, absolutely do it. You put the pressure just not too heavy. If you feel it's just like for your emotional state that just doing like pressure here feels much nicer, more comforting than absolutely there are no hard and fast rules, basically, what I'm saying, So the length of time you might want to do this several times a day, so half a dozen times a day, if you're feeling particularly stressed or what have you particularly worried you could do it several times a day? Both sides that press is up to you if you say, if you really don't know, then base it around about 30 seconds to a minute and 1/2. But if it feels great, you feel really comforted by doing this or really come through down whatever you use, then then do it with whatever pressure you want. Obviously not too hard. Bruise yourself, but in fresh air and for as long as you like it there, safe in Tang here. That's a really, really coming point. I'll show you were gonna piss it like this. So if you're gonna be doing that and that feels great to be in that state for 15 minutes, then by all means do it. Okay, so do it several times a day. Preston. Several temple time today using the pressure that you'd like. And finally, when it comes to pressing, it's so much better you be so much more connected to these points that if you just close your eyes and I want to do deep abdominal breathing so as opposed to this you go. All right. Come on. What? Because you close your eyes and really just focus on the point with your family finger. What have you you using? And this is your time to just focus on your breath and focus on the point and really just calm. Calm the shop down as you were just doing that so much better than Oh, what's Oh, God. Another room email? No, I'm saying so. Just do that. All right, let's move on. 10. Should I press all of the points?: Now, when it comes to using the points you'll see, I have a list of points that I recommend and these are the most powerful points on the body . So you might like to use all of those points. Or maybe, like if you're treating yourself or maybe then you might just find certain ones make you feel so much better than the others or a couple feel better than the other ones. So do listen, Teoh, listen to your body. If you certainly feel like when I do this one, it really has a great effect. Or in tang, it just this one really blesses me out. This is exactly they just use that as a site for the amount of pressure that you want. That feels right for you. The amount of time that feels right for you. And then, as you say, you might just want to select a couple of points or use him all it really is about you Listen to your body, your mind, your spirit. See what works best for you 11. Blending by the notes: Now, when you look at the oils in your notes, their in the table that I have, you'll see I've got top notes, middle notes and bass note and the numbers 33 drops, two drops, one drop. Now what has that maid? So if you want to now, essential oils have specific notes. Mayor Top note is because he's a volatile, volatile, essential oils, which means they evaporate. Now the top notes, generally a citrusy notes, that sort of thing. Now they evaporate most quickly. That's the first thing you smell in a blend, and that's what perfumes all about smelling the first notes. And then you got middle nose and then the last ones that come through to the middle notes are really sort of the body off off the blend of dissent so you can use the oils in the table by using their notes. So I've kept a very simple remember, we're using a total off six drops for 10 mills for a 2% dilution. Now, if you're using a 1% dilution and you want to do this, then what I suggest you do is used 20 mils of carry oil at second. Still use your six drops. So what you're simply doing is adding three drops of a top note and then you're middle. No, you're using two drops and then a bass note. Use just one drop. So that is your six drop total. That's 321 OK, so that's why you see those top notes, middle notes, bass notes. Now buy oh made you conduce. Use one essential oil, but if you like, you could start blending them so you could do three of the top Note two of the middle. Note one of the bass note and using the same qualities that I have in the table. If they're assuming blend, then you'll see what what if you've got the essential oils, then by whole mates, you complained them and use that blend not only in your, you know, in your blend for your acupressure that for your bath for your diffusers and someone and so forth. So that's if you want to you, by all means, you do not have Teoh blend them, but that's what makes a bouquet when it comes to perfume. So you might really like to experiment with doing that. And, of course, then you've got the qualities, the soothing qualities of the three essential oils, as opposed to just one 12. A List of soothing and stimulating essential oils for you: So what I've done here in your notes, I've given you to list one of stimulating essential oils and one I'm soothing essential eyes. So these are the qualities of the essential oils. So you've got a whole list of Let's just say, for example, you. Now what I've tried to do through the course is not give you. Yeah, they're 3 to 400 different essential oils. Now, you know, myself included don't have all of the essential oils so and you're in reality would probably all have about maybe a dozen. Maybe if you're really into it. Aromatherapy 20 or 30 perhaps, But generally will have, you know, maybe a dozen. So what I've tried to do is to keep it simple for you, with the essential oils giving you the best ones, but they're still quite common ones. Now, let's say, for example, you saw the list in. Let's say you're dealing with anger, and you look at the list of essential was, you know, I don't have any of those. Well, then that's when you go to the list that I've got here, and we'll whatever got, which is soothing, because maybe it's a well hang on I've got. How about one of Laura's tea tree? Is that soothing or stimulating? So then you go to your list, and so you can still use those at a pinch because they're still got soothing qualities and say, I've tried to put the best essential oils from the best for each category. Emotional imbalance. So But as I said at a pinch, you go, Well, I don't have that, but I've got murder on that says it's a soothing one. So you said it in my dilution. Okay, so that's download those. So they say, If you're in a pinch and you don't have the oils, then go for those using the qualities if you're gonna be stimulated or you need to be using a soothing 13. Great news if you are a therapist as well!: Oh, by the way, Now, even though I've made the course so that I put all the points so that you can treat yourself so I have got points on the back and that sort of thing. If you are a therapist, this is an absolutely brilliant way to treat your clients as well. So if you're doing massage at this in, if you do ray key. If you do reflexology, you can absolutely utilize these and put in these points and you can use two points at a time. So maybe you do your one hear on one on their wrist and so on and so forth, balancing out the energies through that way. It is an absolutely fantastic treatment that you can do alongside with your reflexology with your raking with your massage. What have you? It is absolutely a great way to help treat your clients. 14. If you are really struggling emotionally: Now, I would just like to say that if you are really struggling emotionally from depression or just really not coping well, then please see this as a therapy. It's very, very powerful. But please don't stop you medication. Or if you need counseling to see a psychologist or psychotherapist, then please go and do that. I don't just see. This is, you know. Well, I Now, Aiken, just just stop all my medication and stopped going to counseling. You need help, Get it? This is very, very powerful, as I say, But please see that this is a complementary therapy to getting counseling as well. 15. How to improve your Focus, Concentration and Memory: Okay. Now, in this section, we're going to start applying the aromatherapy acupressure toe either yourself or maybe your family or your friends or your your clients in your spiral clinic. So okay, let me just I would just walk you through the steps so you get a good understanding of what you need to do when you're doing these for each emotional imbalance. So the first thing we do is you go to download the pdf file in your resource is so what we'll do because you need to. I need you to be focused. I need you to concentrate. Need you remember what I'm talking about. Let's start with the focus concentration, memory, pdf file. So what we're gonna do is you'll see when you open that file, I've got a bit of research that shows the effectiveness of studies have been done. How effective? And your C 65 or 75% memory has been enhanced using rosemary. So there's only one lever and how effective they are. So then you go down below that and you'll see my recommended essential oils in that table so you can use as a city before you can use more than one, but I'll keep it simple for the moment. All right, on, we'll walk you through this. So let's I'll use Let's see what So firstly would do one of those essential oils. Do you have now? Remember if I said a So I said to you before. If you don't have any of those on the list now, they're common one, so I would doubt this. But if you don't, then you go to your stimulating list of essential oil to see which ones you've got. If you need to be stimulated, focus. In other words, if your energy was low and you need to get that because you're tired, you're not focused because of that. However, if you're not focused because you're scattered, your you're not concentrated because your energies also scattered. Then you'll need to do soothing. So that's up to you. Do you need to get more energy and be stimulated, energized and up lifted? That's the stimulating lows. If not, then you're going to use sitting much because you're you know, as I say you are, you need to calm down to get that focus All right now, So let's say what I'm going to use rosemary. So the first thing if you're pregnant, nursing mother or you're treating a child, you're going have to cross check the oil that you want to use or oils that you go to use to make sure they're not contra indicated. So that'll be a first if that applies to you because I'm a healthy at out, I'll be using a 2% dilution, which is six drops of essential oil into to speak teaspoons off carrier oil, which I'll go through. So But if I was, it was child pregnant, elderly or person that has known sensitivities. Then drop it back to 1% or less as your delusion, which would be three drops. So you have it instead of six. Drops would be back to three drops. OK, now, all right. So you carry oil, you got to carry oil and you get your measuring teaspoons or what have you and all you can use a little medicine, things that you used with cough medicine and that's got 5,000,010 mil whatever you want. So remember it's for the metric people out there. 10 mills, two teaspoons people in United States, My Myron Liberia, it will be 0.33 fluid ounces, two teaspoons. Let's keep it simple. So tip that in. No, I've got a little dish here, all right, Because you're gonna make Make the friend. So what we do, we do one teaspoon off, uh, extra virgin, cold pressed olive oil out of the kitchen. Two teaspoons of that, your beauty. We've done that. Now I get my rosary and I'm gonna add six drops off roads. May to that mix. Six drops their perfect. Then I'll just swell us around a little bit, and then I'm going to add it to either might like dark glass, jar or bottle. Now the ones with TP pets, a little drop is a good buns as well to use because you put drops on or you can use a roller bottle. As I've said throughout the course, so and then I would take this off and I will add them into that. So that's what I would do. So there were So let's just say now that now I have my 2% dilution in carry oil, most six drops of rosemary in two teaspoons, and now it's good to go right, So that's for acupressure points. Now let's just say because I want to get a few things you really prepared, I've got going out, got myself an inhaler tube. So whatever you do, it's gonna undo this. Take the wick out and I'm going to put let's say Rose me because I can then use that when I'm going out about. So not only can I use I'll take this with May so that I can focus on the points with this but this one. Then I'll be inhaling, which will be super powerful as well. So I'll have both of those. The other thing I'm going to do is I'm going to get some essential oils and make it blend for my diffuser cause I've got a diffuser. So that's great, cause I'm gonna be out of use that. So what I'm gonna do my future is I'm gonna make a blend because I happen to have these lovely come now. You'll see they've got suggested blend. I've got suggested blends, not they I've got suggested blends that you can use or let's say we want a practice making a bouquet will do. It will do this by the notes. All right, So if it's diffuser, you say you've got water. One of the diffuses, That's the 100 military water. Whatever you put in your go to use six drops in total. Now, of course, you could double it up, but I would start with six drops in total, and then you can always, you know, double that up if you want something more powerful. So you get a nice clean dish again, or you could drop them directly into the diffuser. But I like to mix them up first. I think it's better, so we'll get a top note. All right, I got basil, so I'll put in three drops off battle. That's three of your truck. No, And then remember, there's no carrier or because it's just for a diffuser. And then a middle note rose me like I do the rosemary. So two drops off the middle note, and now I need one of the bass note frankincense. I just happen to have that right here. So one drop off the base now 3213 atop to a middle on one of base. That will give you a lovely blend, and you could use any other words? If you have those others and know that I'm gonna drop into my diffuser when I want to use that it hub. So that's your aromatherapy done. All right, now. So what? We loaded up. We got this ready for appoints. Let's get now to the acupressure points. Okay, Now, the first EC oppression you're going to find is cold. Do 20 or g V 20. It's on the governing vessel. That's what GV governing vessel? Yes. Now, the way locate that at this point is fantastic. Not only the concert this this clears the mind and calms the mind as well. So it's really clearing point is the highest point on the body. And what you do from the tips of your is you gotta go to go straight up to the center point and you'll feel your feel around. There will be a little indentation, and that's your point there. So straight out from the tips of the ears, and now they can't do it. Should hold the thumbs there at the tips and go up like that. That's right in the center. Then you'll feel a little indentation. That's do 20 governor visit GV 20. Now, this is great for headaches for tinnitus in something. It's right at the top. So what you're going to do there So you find the point. So what we're gonna do, you're going to get your essential oil rather here I could obviously I could rub it directly and then put it up there, but essential oils on and then make sure you cover up essential oils because it volatile evaporating away. And then you can just sit back. And this is when it's time for you to close your eyes preferably and just do your deep breathing. So, as I said, you're early in the course now you really want toe go inward and whatever you do it. But just if you don't know about meditation, anything, just think just nice, relaxed, deep breathing slow the breathing down as you focus your finger up on that point there and you want to do that as they say, A minimum of 30 seconds to 90 seconds a minute and 1/2. All right, so that's do 20. A really good point really helps focus, but especially it clears the mind right. The next point is kidney. Once I've gone from the highest point of the body to kidney one, which is the lowest part of the body. It's the only point on the bottom of the foot Kidney. One is a great point to ground you. So if you need grounding, you're not focused your mind all over the place. You try to focus, but you know, you still grounded. This is this is a great point. So let me show you. All right, so I got my oil. Just use this one here. So I got my rush. Me on the delusion puts up on my finger there. All right. You could put it directly on the point. I could also do the with the role of all. So I'm gonna show you where this point is. Kidney one. So let me come back. Yeah, It's if you flex your foot, flex your foot, you feel you drop into a hollow. Now, you see, this is what someone close the under a minute. The butt cheeks of the foot. I never realized that. Yes, I guess so. It's about an inch down. So from the butt cheeks off the foot come down. It's in the centre. on. And if you flex your foot like that, you will feel it in there. Okay, so central, on and away you go. Now. Come back. Come back. Here we go. All right, So now remember, this is one of the points that's you've got two feet, I imagine. So is one of the points where you do them both sides. So I just got my foot pressing on here. Another great thing you could do for this is to put your essential oils on. Let's say the office put your central oils and have a ball like a golf ball underneath your foot, and you rub that you're on the ground with a golf ball on the ground. Put a little sort of towel down if you can't said the Brock got borders and flick off going somewhere. So you do this 36 hours for long as you like, and again just just hold this point and again, just focused. Dig, breathing. It's really important you do that each time when you're pressing the points and I do that and then get my essential oil onto the other side and do the other point as well. All right, So that's that's governing vessel 20 straight up the top of the tips of the ears into the indentation and then kidney one. Especially if you need grounding. Do it anyway. If you need grounding, spend more time on that. The next one is GV governing vessel again. 26 that we had TV 20 now Young down to 26. Now this point in is incredibly good for mental concentration and focus. Now they actually use it. It's a revival. Point is wealth. People are unconscious and so they stimulate that. Now it's also good for back pain. In fact, when we did active culture that we're way, we're told that you put the needle in here up towards up this way. But in through here, and when you see the tears coming down from the person dies, you know you've got the right spot. I never did that when I don't really want my my clients crying. But anyway, so it's right in the middle of the field right here. Midway between here Now you can use the tip of your finger and or which is better still is . Use your fingernail. Now, this is a great point If if you're drowsy, you're driving along. You drowsy that sort of thing to get my essential oil. The other great thing is it's right underneath your nose. And so you're going to inhale so much more here as well. So he's gonna press that, you see that they actually used this point on dogs and cats and horses to revive their having seizures, having cardiac arrests, respiratory distress that use that as well for people of faith. I just remember this point as well. But it is a brilliant, brilliant point for mental clarity for memory. Focus is really and it's easy to just sort of sit here. You being a meeting, pretending you're thinking you've got your rosary on your finger here. Uh huh, yes. Oh, I remember sneaky. So you could do that as well. All right, so gv 20 the top of the head Now, you could also by all means and I encourage you do this is through the to, you know, so you can do by the days. At the same time, they do those both at the same time, especially if you're treating someone, you could do them. You know, if you've got the mother massive table, for example, And do those points there You go down to kidney one and press on those as well. Put your oil on now the other one, which is the most famous point for energy. So if you're not focused and concentrating because you're just exhausted, you just don't have the energy. You've been doing a lot of study or what have you. You want to go for Stomach 36? This is the point to lift your spirits, to give you focus and give you energy. It's called the Three Mile Point because traditionally, soldiers and China would rub this and that could walk next for three mile. So how do you find this? Let me come back. So it's four fingers down from the kneecap on the outside, off the tibia, which is your shinbone one finger without let me show back here. All right, kneecap. Four things down. That's four figures. Then just come out half an inch centimeter and there is there. And of course, you would do by sides. Well, things down, come out. So you do both sides, so four things down. They just come out from the bone at this point, you could course rabbit with your fish. What have you cause you're gonna put your central oil on? Sure that. But there's nothing who's just and then now what? You could put them there. I was directly onto the point as well. My whole names. You could do that. Your finger, whatever you thought. Easiest. And that's what you do but size to get. So there are four really, really great points to help your focus to help your energy to ground you if you need it. Andi, help you concentrate. So if you're doing exams or study or you've got a business meeting, then say a great one with kidney one is with bull underneath your foot. So that's how you go to apply through these the upcoming lectures. So you get you carry oil, you get your essential oils that you want. You can use the 1,000,000 diffuser. Maybe gonna do a 2% delusion for you for you to use on your body. You just used the strike for the diffusers. Use him straight for the inhaler tubes. If you want to do that, put him on a tissue undiluted. Okay, so that's what we do. So let's get under the next lecture 16. Worry : So let's take a look at what worry and nervousness now if a person is particularly worried . What this? The emotion of worry is connected to what's called the spleen, spleen and stomach function in traditional Chinese medicine. Now, what can happen if a person worried excessively? It will, During the cold decreases their spleen energy, they explain cheap, unethical spleen, cheap, deficient. Now that would affect their digestive system. So have poor digestion. Might have no stools, this sort of thing. So the spleen doesn't like cold and damp in Chinese medicine. So if you have worried to the point where you're absolutely you're exhausted, you have pale skin fatigue. You might be getting dizzy, slow digestion, these sorts of things. Then what you want to be doing is avoiding old cold foods, cold drinks, raw foods, these sorts of things because these are all going to slowed. I just don't even further doesn't want coat. We need to nourish your spleen and stomach to increase the chief to get you better, which will help your emotions. So if this is you in your case, then you are start eating a tin, you re sources but root vegetables. If you ain't mate than beef, warm soups, spices, ginger, cumin, these sorts of spices, all those things in a warm up your system which will help you internally, which will help you emotionally as well. All right, so that's so that's what we're looking at now. Okay, so I'm going with two different things when it comes to worry. Now, if you worried and you're what I just described your work and you're run down, your you need more energy. We'll have a look at that as well. But so, first of all, so let's have a look in your list. You're going to have the All Star putting their a calming bergamot, lavender, clary, sage, jasmine, sandalwood rose or these super soothing that really so nourishing and soothing oils for you to calm things down. So once again, you could make it blend if you've got these oils using the three notes, or just use one in particular, or make it blend by not using the notes, but just blame ones that you might like. Like sandalwood. Lavender is a great blend. It's a great Britain for insomnia, actually, as well. So that's what you do. You remember two teaspoons. Get to taste, burnt out two teaspoons off your carrier oil and make sure that you check with your contra indications for Children. If you're pregnant, nursing, then you make sure that you cross check that and then you put in six drops for a healthy adult. Okay, so if I did that, then I've got a dilution here. They're putting six drops of lavender to the 1st 1 we're going to look at was tells to the point. Now, by the way, remember, Also, you might want to put some in for your inhaler for your diffuser on a tissue on a cotton bowl if you don't have inhalers and make whatever blends you like. So I've got a tip sent dilution here, just lavender. It's absolutely fantastic. And the first part point, we're gonna look at his conception vessel. It's on the midline. See the 17? It's called the Sea of Tranquility. It opens up the chest years. We worry. We start toe, wait, get closed in the chest. This will help with breathing and opens up the chest. And it's incredibly coming. One of the best points on the body for anxiety, worry and just calming your system down. So lavender. Absolutely brilliant. Rose. Jasmine. Sandra, All of these are brilliant. Bergamo on your list. So what? The way you're gonna find it, It's on the midline right here in the sternum. You're going to come up from the bottom of the rib cage in the center line, come up four fingers, and there it is there, and you'll feel a little indentation. Okay. You can't use three fingers to serve. Search for it's basically approximately across from your nipple line, the majority of people. So that point there. Now, you might want to just touches very lightly. See what feels best for you. And you're gonna breathe into this point and just focus inside, like I talked about with abdominal breathing. So you get essential oil. The other good thing about this, it's right here with a heat from your body. Apart from the point here, you start to smell. It glows coming up through. So once again, you just gonna relax back, put the points there Now another position. If you person that likes to pray another way, you could do this point. You used the better manacles of your thumbs and you can put them on to the point like that . And that's a really nice way. Especially you. Pray then by all mates. And this this is pressing the point. And it just be a natural extension to close your eyes and breathe and bio made you can praying this time. Meditate. We just focus on your breath. Same mantra. What have you So this is the sea of tranquility? Absolutely fantastic, I just think but need to combat. I'm worried. Anxious? What have you panic attacks. This point is absolutely fantastic. All right. When we talked about this, remember the governing vessel 26. I told you to use your finger. Now here you can use these in combination. It's a really potent combination as well. So once again, your central oil and and again the beauty of this is it's right underneath your nose. I love this point as well. Now I told you, this is really great for clarity and concentration of focus. It's also great point for anxiety. So you sit back and do these two at the same time on this is a really lovely connection. It's a really lovely connection. Can't hear me. Very well. Do that that you could do on these two points. So sit back and do that for his longest. Like I said, the pressure you could just use your fingertip here and balance them out by doing those points did. OK, so that's those points that now the next point, it's incredibly great for its called Shin Men or Spirit Gate. It's on the heart meridians heart seven and I'll show you how to find this point here. Now, at this point, it's a grave and saw me a great for calming you down. It's one point I used acupuncture all the time and you've got a risk crease along here. See, that's at risk, Chris and your pinky finger gonna come down. And if you flex your your hand there, you'll feel attendant pop up. You're gonna come on this side of the inside of the tendon. All right, So you're on the risk, Therese. And on that wrist side off the tendon there, I got this side of the tendon. Okay, so you do this, you do both sides, of course. And so put that on your point that once again, just breathe into the put. So that's heart seven as well. So I got these two CV 17 and TV 26 and then heart seven. Right there. Both sides you're going to work on. Now let's say that you have been so worried. Sort of, that you actually like I talked about your spleen Cheese is deficient. You're now to a point where you're you're exhausted, you're run down as well. So you're worried, but you don't have anything, so we need to stimulate your system. So this is up to you. If you If you feel that you need energy, we're going to your stomach 36 regardless. So if you're not run down, you stomach 36 with like, you're one of the soothing oils. But if you need more energy than you want to, you put in a Stimlje stimulating oil Peppermint What have you so make a delusion with these points with a stimulating oil rosemary, basil sound So forth. So remember this point It's four fingers down from the kneecap on the outside of the shinbone about a finger whipped out. Let me show. It's gonna stop talking come down so good. But, uh, I'll just my 11 delusion I say if you want to stimulate. This is a stimulating point of balancing point, but it's the best point for stimulating on the body. So if you want to get more energy or stimulate or your stomach is having problems by all main stimulate stimulating four fingers down and now and there you have it, or should that point there do both sides. Okay, so that's so you understand that so lavenders are very balancing oil. So if you just if you I still find with your energy you don't need to stimulate, then stick with all your calming oils. Right. Next point is Splain six, the most important, if not the most important, especially for females. This point is what's called three year intersection, where the kidney and spleen and liver meridians all converging. That one. This one point. Excuse me with my voice going, but this one point so it's very, very important in meridians, which more female, and it's a great point energy. Great point for any menstrual disorders. So it's a terrific point to safer energy, and this is from your inside off your ankle bone right in the middle, the ankle bone on the inside one and then you got four fingers and then is just off the bone and I'll show you that full fingers there's about Just come back a little bit and if you slide your finger, slide your thumb down, you actually feel drops into a little hollow. Very slight. That's it. There. Now you do that. Both sides. We've got every oil you choose. If you want to stimulate your stimulating oil again is a still any point. If you want balancing the orders, calm the system down then by all major issues of calming oil, it is contra cute contract indicated in pregnancy. So don't use at this point if you're pregnant. Okay, so there's your points that you can use Now remember, you don't have to use all of them. Maybe you just like this one. Whatever works best for you. And remember diffusing on tissues in your barbs. Remember, if you're going to use a bath, as I said earlier on that always put into a carrier oil. We can put it into a little bit of shampoo, but you always want to mix them. Coconut oil is great for skin, so we're gonna have a bath. But never, ever do the drops of essential oil directly into the bath. 17. Fears/Phobias: Okay, So what wouldn't look at now is fears, phobias, insecurity. Now this is all related to kidney function in traditional Chinese medicine. Now the kidneys. Theo Element that's connected in five element theory with kidneys is water. So the kidneys One of the things kidney does his upholds the cheek keeps she lifted. But when the kidney cheek, it's through excessive fear, the CI drops, and so then the water drops on. This is where we get you know, I was so scared I peed my pants because the excessive fear stage fright these sorts of things because the kidney function, the energy, that kidney couldn't hold the water and the person wet themselves. All right, Now, so what we're gonna look at with the essential oils you want to find out really? Because I've got a central owes it of the bass notes, which grab Now remember, you don't have to blend by the notes if you'd like a particular blend of essential oils. Don't worry about the knows. I'm showing you with them the different times they released. When we talk about blending with the notes in your book, OK, um, but you don't have to like I said, throughout the course, you can use one, but you could use a couple and blend them together and see if you like those. All right, Now, when it comes to fear, then we've got the top note, which tend to be sort of citrusy Bergamo nearly these sorts of things and they kind of uplifting. So you want to see like, um, I got the bass notes, frankincense, vetiver, cedar woods, sandalwood grounding, or so do you need to be grounded? Or Do said it's a really good time to blend because the ones we have in the middle notes, then also grounding as well, but uplifting. So you're getting a doing a, um, I fearful. Do I need to be toe stimulated? Picked up uplifted Don't need to be grounded because, you know, I'm fearful, So I need to have more grounding, that sort of thing. So this is nothing. Things you can just work out. You know what? My feelings that go internally, How my feeling what do a NATO That's where you start to get into the nuances off the essential oils. And you know what? What might suit you better if you want to get into the sale of the nuances of a swell camomile, which is one of the middle notes can Mars incredibly soothing and calming as well. So very sort of things, do you think? Okay, what do I want? My plane. All right now. So Okay, once again, you cross check with pregnancy with trading Children if they're not contra indicated as usual and make other one or 2% plant right now. So let's start looking at major blend. Let's start looking at, um, at the acupressure point that we're going to use, So the first part gonna look at his kidney. Three. This point is fantastic to help your kidney CI to increase your kidney cheap. And so it's a great point for back pain on many other things tinnitus and so on and so forth. But for fear, you want to strengthen the kidneys and this is the best point on the body to strengthen the kidneys and I'll show you where that is. It's on the mid on your inside ankle, the midpoint of the ankle, right to the center, part of your ankle on the inside, and then you go across your Achilles tendon. It's between the Achilles tendon and the ankle bone, I'll show you. So he's your ankle. Heres the middle point and come into that drop off into here. So there's Achilles tendon back here. So you're in the drop off between the Achilles tendon and there's the bone there. So in between jobs, right in the mid point. So if you put it X marks the spot on your ankle, there's a midpoint. That's where you want to pay. Okay, so that's kidney three. So whatever oil you want to put on kidney three, you do both sides and stimulate those agitate says nice and easy. You could just sit there with your legs crossed and work these. It's a great point for to increase your kidney energy. Now the other one's gonna review that. We're gonna look at Pericardium six. This is the most famous point for treating nausea show, but it's also effectual liver energy, so it's really, really good. If you're really stuff like society of people in your stuff, then it it will get things moving. I will get you going. It will get you over the hump if you like. It's a really, really good point for stress for irritability, but also fear where you just can't get out of it. You think stuck. So I'm gonna get moving. Get through. Okay. In the mid point of your wrist, come down three fingers. Remember your three fingers and between the two tenders and that is pair came six. If you're feeling nausea, noisiest, then by all means use this point. So you're going to use that on both sides. So what is essential oils, Oil or oils you choose? Put that on their pericardium. Six. Now, another new point that we haven't looked at before is the in tank. It's your third eye point. So right between the IRA directed to that there's one. We just come down when you're writing that you feel a little hollow there. There's that point there. And then between the eyebrows, notice your third eye point so you can do like this and actually connect with both. Put your hands of a praying position and do this and you connect to both of them. But you could just feel like, say, if one was better than the other or Julius position here and work those as well. So this point a really great for calming Yin Tang is incredibly good for calming so working here. So once again, if you're you're incredibly fearful, insecure. This This is one of the best calming points on your body. Now what? I'm speaking of calming points on the body, I've already now this is what I wanted to do in this course. I've already told you about heart sevens, very calming Sea of tranquility. Now what I'm hoping to do is rather than give you all of the calming points in one lecture , I'm just adding them in because there are lots of them on the body. Likewise stimulating parts and balancing points, etcetera. But if I just add them here and there now you could interchange them. So let's say in my lecture that I talk about worry. I didn't mention in tank, Okay, but this is an incredibly calming point. So let's say you just love the intake. Well, then, just because I don't have it in your notes for worry, because it's that I'm trying to give you little building blocks that you'll start to remember what? The calming points for this. And for that, maybe you just have a favorite. Remember, this is it's not set in stone. Like if we did acupuncture if invited, acupuncture on someone and I want to give them a calming treatment. And they kept that said it was okay, But you didn't have a great effect. Then I would use other calming points. And for that reason I said to you, if you just thought that Yin Tang just does it for you, then used for fear, use it for what I use it for and part of that as well. So there might be just wanted just absolutely resonate with you now. So ready to this sea of tranquility. Okay, you connect with that and with the intent, so you could also do the two of these as well. So remember that 14 things up from the rib cage basically across from the nipples in that indentation and the intent so you can do it that way you could do this Now. The other point that I want to give you is really for energy as well for strength and energy. It's called the Save CI. So that is two finger widths c v six. It is to finger wits below your navel. So naval, two fingers down and there is you. Put your fingers on that. So this one is again a great one to connect and to strengthen your system to strengthen your spirit. Give you courage on once again you can connect this. Receive a 17 or you can connect with this one. You could do that life or after their There aren't rules in this. Maybe this feels great for you. Maybe this. Maybe you then alternate like this. So these ones on the midline all right today appoints now if once again, if you find that you need strength in this sort of thing then you could also use stomach 36 and explain six. Like I said to you before, if you need to be grounded used the grounding oils on those points. I'll give you in a strength. So these air stimulating points But balancing points Stomach 36 explained six. If you feel you need more energy, stimulate those points. They're both stimulating. If you need more balance and use more of a balance, you all if you need to be grounded. Thank you, Sandalwood. You see them? Which frankincense? Vetiver. So you're using a base boil on those points as well to get more inner strength to be grounded to give you courage and solar and serval. So, like a city before this is where we start to blend it, blend the oils, but then start to use his nuances of Okay. Now, when you start to get to understand what each point does get give you a better understanding off them. Then you can start to your play around a little bit more, right? This is the grounding oil. I understand this. The grounding point. They don't do that. These are calming, so used my calming oils, and then you're using the best on these points. 18. Anger : anger or after this is all about the liver energy. Now the liver is the governor of all emotions in Chinese medicine. But when it becomes your anger, the irritability, outbursts of anger or oppressed anger, frustration, stress comes from, you know, businesses work, overworked these sorts of things where the person and say like another repressive that later depression, negativity. And so this is all, as I say about the liver. So we've gotta work. Liver, liver points of jobs show you. So when someone has, until what happens is the liver cheese stagnate? So what we need to do is get their liberty work. It's designates, and it hates up, which is called liver fire or liver yang rising. So what happens? Is it just you could think of something just stagnating, stagnating. So that person's repressing anger and then just blows up. It just hates up, heats up like a pressure cooker on. This is basically what happens so that person think of us on executive, perhaps that stressed at work, and you know that their blood boils is literally that someone might say they're hotheaded because hate rises and the Chinese doing Chinese medicine, they would look at, you know, the elements that see hate rising and they likewise I see people. So when a person's got excess yang, then their their faces get red. You know that high? I think high blood pressure is gonna think Women with menstrual irregularities and a whole host of other problems headaches Treat me your neck, pain, neck and shoulder pain. All these things on the person will be really rigid. The liver it in charge of the tendons in Chinese medicine. And so the person they're flexible. They're reaching the rigid in their thinking, their rigid in their body. So what? Excuse me? So think of the type next there, headaches, red eyes, or that he's just gone up into the face. So what we need to do as you said you were going to use a point liver to the fire point, which is liver to to put out the fire were used to fighting to release it. So what we're going to do? Oh, by the way, when it comes to diet, you want to be having a sale, a pungent foods on greens and so forth. You want to call the system down now? The liver energy gets moving with things like sour things like fermented foods, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, these sorts of things to start the liberty moving and get things moving. Right. So you want to avoid things that hot, fatty fried foods, alcohol, cigarettes, coffees or they really yang things. Too much meat. Too much beef and pork are old and land. They're really young, so you won't have more sellers. You want to call this system down and get the cheap moving? Okay. You want to get this yang, bring up the yin. So, um, with the foods and also with the aroma therapy and the points now. So cause we need calming points. Sorry. Calming oils, soothing oils to help with this. So I think things like hell a crisis run camomile jasmine Rose Sandalwood and I have Citrus ones. Nearly these sorts of will get your cheap moving. They sort of calm things down to help the person with anger. Right, So the 1st 1 would look at is using liver points with these oil. So let's say you gonna use Roman camomile is great one and you do your 2% dilution. Now you're going to put on liver to and liver three. Now, Liver three is famously it's called River Gushing. What that means is, if your stuff you can't get you can't emotionally issue stuff. This is the point. All right, So this is the point that you want toe get achy moving and get you moving both physically and emotionally now, so I'll show you point. I'm gonna turn around now. Liver to is right in the webbing between your your big toe and your second time Just show you right there. That's liver too living three. Just come up about 3/4 of an inch. It's not on the bone and still in the flesh a bit. And you'll feel when your honor, so what you can do, You put your oils on and then you can either press one and then the other or just rub along the here, right along there. So you get your oils and you do both feet. Obviously, that's a really important one to do, and they could just sit here like this, cross your legs over and just work them, you know, as you may be at your desk or what have you. So those points really powerful to help with that now. We also points to help as well. Goldblatt, 20 and bladder. 10 of these in the base of the skull. Here, great for headaches, glyph great for clarity and so in removed a bit like a pressure cooker, removing the tension and hate from these shoulders and neck that's really releasing great for headaches and neck pain. So on and so forth, so very easy to get to. You've got your ears here and you'll come back around from the ears that's on the basis skull, and it drops into two Hollows. I'll show you so they're them. And so what you could do is you can just put your terms are hooking time. Some today underneath the basket. Scott, you're still on the muscles and then drop your head back or show. So if you were sitting in a safe so you have put your oils on, how did this foyer? So this I'll use my lavender dilution, which is terrific for coming, okay? And they put them in the points I saved. You sit back and hold them on, breathe and take it easy. So that's Goldblatt 20. Now the other one is fantastic for the same reasons that gives clarity of mind. It calms you down and helps of pain and stiffness is bladder 10. So it's just literally further in. So if you went to your Centrepoint will feel through the hole here. What if there I'll show you. It's in between that central hold where the spike comes up in between that and Goldblatt 20 and it's right on top of the trapezius muscles. So I'll show you. I'll show you that the central point. Go back 20 where we were and then halfway in between, so I'll show you Put my fingers on that. So so once again. So I m persuade there. OK, these getting some content of these really strong, powerful points and releases. So these muscles behind your head really, really fantastic points, especially getting headaches and your wound up in your type up through the back of the neck . So living three liver four and these ones go back 20 bladder 10. Now the other one we're going to go back to is Yin tang. Remember how Carling this is now? As it said you before you could use sea of tranquility you could use the entangled, both of them to calm things down. You could also use heart seven. Okay, put your acupressure point. You're a rather therapy on Hot seven or Yin Tang. Both of these answer. So just calm the system down through there now. The other point I want to show you because of the liver is now remember, you don't have to do all of these. You most certainly can. But I'm just going to stop showing you different points. Liver to liver three are a must This one also pericardium six. It moves that liver energy and is very, very calming. This members of law nausea 60.3 fingers down in the center between the two tendons. Remember? So you got to use this point as to move your liver cheese. So what I would do is I would go three fingers down. What I would do, I would do liver three and leave it to, and then I would come to this point to get my liver CI moving first, all right to call the river down and get that chief moving first. So that's what I would do then. Once we got a team moving, Then I would start working on more cooling points. You know, it could be this one. See, the 17 it could be in tank could be connecting the two of them. The other thing you could do is hot. Seven is right here. Remember Hot seven. Very, very calming point. Great for insomnia. Great to calm them down. So it's the what's called Shin Men. The Spirit Gate. So what you can do? You can actually pressed both the same time. Pericardium six at Heart seven. So you condemn alos up a swell so you could just be sitting there. Disc. Do those put your around therapy calming oils on and do those both sides at your desk as well. So there's some points that you can use really the com system down. But remember, the first thing I do is definitely work on the big Get those liver points. Get that chain moving so that we can cool the system down once the cheese is moving 19. Insomnia: or let's take a look at insomnia. Now there's been lots of studies done with both acupressure and aromatherapy when it comes to insomnia. There was one study recently done where they had 100 and 32 participants, and they had It was a critical controlled trial that a placebo group control group. They also had essentials with just 11 dir and then a blend of equal parts lavender, marjoram and clary sage and the outcome waas. By five, the best was the blend. People had a adjustments, had a 40% more than 40% increase in the quality of sleep. And I think about 39% increasing the quality of life. So that's what the blend of 11 marjoram and sage a supposed to just 11. It was way, way better. So now that was just a few days. So using that, I would use that. Now they are the three of those are all middle notes. So what I would do if you gotta make a blend is just equal parts. So two drops two drops two drops to give you six drops into 10 mills. So that's what I've got here. Lavender, marjoram and close age. All right, now, the points you want to use now, pericardium six. You hurry. Recall three fingers down from the risk Cruz in the centre between the two attendants. This is a terrific point for insomnia, especially because it moves. You live a cheap. So especially if it's due to stress of frustration that you That's why you can't sleep, you know? So this is a great one. Now, I would couple this Remember heart seven coming down on the risk crease right here on this side of the tendon. Right on that wrist. Crease. Now, that is a great point. Classic. Great point. Its members called Shen Gates Spirit Gate Spirit a spirit gate, which means it calms the spirit. Calmed your mind. OK, so what you can do here is do both points at the same time. Now, obviously other things like no stimulants before bed, that sort of thing don't have TV on your bed. Don't have your phone on next year. Bed, all of those things that you more than, like, you know about. So I've got them on both points so you could lie back in bed and press them both at the same time. Do you see that? There to it. Heart seven pericardium six. So that's a really nice combination that you can use. So obviously doing both sides? No, the other one, uh, that you could use is there are friend CV 17 received tranquility and yin tang. Now, again, you lie back in your bed. Now, of course, you want to be using diffusers. You can have it on a cotton next to your pillow. So again, I would try the Lavenda margin. I've got lots of different blends for you, by the way, for insomnia, they could try lots of different blends and put a cotton bowl under your pillow or next year, pillow diffusers in a bath before you go to bed. That sort of thing. And of course, working the points. So what I would do? I'll give you two ways. You could do this. So what you can do is connect the intent with CV 17 to sea of tranquility. Remember? Four figures up on your student, right? That's in that little that little a little hole, little indentation. And here. So you lie back in bed connecting these two here Now, if you like one more than the other. You could do the praying position with the backs of your thumbs on just CV 17. Or, if you have, you can do this. Do this as well on CV 70 on Yin Tang right here on. So there's a great points that you could use to help. Help asleep. So Pericardium six and heart seven both sides, and it's a especially pericardium seven. If you are angry, you're upset, and that's why you can't sleep these ones here. You could do both or either one of them. And of course it to say in the diffusers and cotton bad by your pillow in a bath before you had better keep the electron ICS out of the out of the bedroom of Vega. Pardon And, of course, no stimulus and that sort of thing before bed. Oh yes, I almost forgot. And the other one, if your mind is racing that just because some people have problems just because you just can't switch their mind off, so that's when you want to use kidney one. So that's the Remember the bottom of the foot here. I'll show you. So you here, you've got the back cheeks of the feet right here and flex your foot. And it's about an inch down from its writing ability of foot. And you'll feel that indentation there so that one is a perfect one to bring your energy down out of your head now. Okay, let's put that there so work. But I think this point here, it already feels good and come up here again. Her back. So this point here it is great for when your mind's racing because you know how good it is now. This is why I always start massaged on people's feet. When I do a message, I always done the feet. What it does, which is what it's doing now is draw the energy out of the fate could. So what I think of it this way when you mess up someone's feet, their attention now goes to their feet cause you know how the saying is. Well, I'm just all in my head, you know, I can get everything so spinning around with this takes your attention and that's your energy. Down it descends your energy get you out of your head. Why? Because you know what was great on my feet. Suddenly attention goes to your feet said that all your energy droves down to your feet. And that's exactly one of the reasons. Now, remember, one of these is so good and should do this other one hits Feeling really good oil on. Um, I've got asleep while doing this in the middle. The lecture? It was hearsay. See, I'm already dozing off. Oh, yeah, golf balls. Now, remember earlier when I said that this kidney one point is greater. You put your essential oil on and you blends what have you. And then you could put a gulf or get a little. Let me just show you if you get yourself a little micro fiber tower like I've got or something similar like this and then put that on the floor and, um, yeah, then you could put a golf ball on top of the tower. Otherwise, it was just like a tile floor. And get back to that point. I love this golf ball, so I'm dozing off already. It's working beautifully. That had the town down. So the golf course on top of the tower. Otherwise it was just on your floor, you know, zipping off across the room if you're not careful. So usually a governor on here. Of course, by all means. If you're sitting watching TV mess at this point just with your thumbs and fingers, that sort of thing. It's a really, really lovely point. Get your attention down out of your head, so I would even if your mind is not racing. This is such a great point who doesn't like their feet getting massaged. And this is a really great point I said before you going to bid just to rub this and really just descends all that cheap? 20. Mild Depression: All right, so let's talk a trading mild depression. I stress mild, obviously, in this lecture, if you're really struggling emotionally with depression, then please obviously seek help counseling medication and uses as an ed junk therapy. But it's not something you do without serious disorder that need to be treated with medication with counting that sort of thing. But you could see this is part of the plan, part of the treatment plan. Okay, now, so far as essential oils go that if if the person wants to be uplifted, then you can't go past the your Citrus class of oils, your mandarins, your lemons or oranges, your burger mo's narrowly. All these are lovely Citrus runs, petty grain, so up lifting. So if that's what the person needs, then a nice, uplifting you do citrusy blend now also. Or, of course, just one, as you know, just one in particular. But then there are other oils person might need nurturing. Now ones like jasmine rose, sandalwood, Langlands. They might want that your big more company more nurturing your mothering types of oils that so you could do that and have a blend you might want to put in you're based note of rose. And then maybe nearly as your middle wrote and say orange, for example, or grapefruit or something like that As your top note, if you want to make a nice print so you still uplifting notes on. But then you get you get this lovely based ever really comforting se nurturing bass note as well. So you could have a bit of a play around with that. All right, Now, when it comes to points, Okay, So what we want to look at is pericardium six again. Now, remember, kind of six moves your liberty. It's very famous in Chinese medicine for with depression. So three fingers down between the two tenders. Perk it now. So I'm gonna just use a 2% dilution off orange on this. Okay, put the oil on. Beautiful. Okay, so pericardium six could do this and get the president be doing several times a day. Of course, so do that. Both sides and within pericardium six. Both sides there, three fingers down from the risk crease between the two tenders. This moves your liver cheap. So this is really important. Especially people are stuck, as I said before, and you won't get that liberty moving. So it's stuck emotionally. So this that one there. All right. Now the other thing, If the person just, like, really down, run down physically and emotionally, then stomach 36. Remember the three mile point to increase their energy, Teoh, Give them or drive. So we're gonna increase their cheap. So put your stimulus stimulating oil on or blend. The fourth thing is down from the kneecap and then one finger without right there and get the person to do that. Come back now. All right, So do that. Both sides world that's going to boost their CI. You know, it's hard when you've got no energy to feel great. When you really run down on, say, emotionally and physically do this other point here. So this point is a great one to boost the system to boost your cheek In Chinese medicine, they say stomach 36. This point cures 100 diseases. You know, China is the life they like to like to say stuff like that, but it is really a point in acupuncture where it's so powerful for so many things that would use it. You're in almost every treatment. Okay, so there's your 1st 2 now, the other ones. So Okay, you can't get pasta, sea of tranquility and the intake. So you get the person to get like I've talked about, for they can connect both of these or do one at a time Either way, So Yin Tang and C V seven did she did I point, of course, between the eyebrows. Now, another point that we haven't done before. This points known as letting go. We learned about this in the grief lecture, so it's a long one, so we'll hit both alone one on along, too. So this is great for, of course, asthma breathing problems, this sort of thing. But it is a great point to to use in depression. So what, you dio you coach collarbone, Follow along underneath the collarbone until you get to where you feel the shoulder muscle comes in on right there. Now long. One is three fingers. So here's the collarbone. I'm just underneath it on the border of that muscle there of if you showed up front dealt with okay, so you'll feel that there's a groove and long one is your third finger down so that's long to up there in the corner. So just use all three fingers in there, and then you get long run along, too. So that's called letting go So the person could work that as well. It's a really, really important point. So let's get this one work so essential oils on. I would I would do you just put the central's down along here cause that's where you gonna go lung to there. So here's a collarbone. Look, walk, walk, walk. Here's where the shoulder starts. You feel that drops in, and then the fingers are going down like that. So I have the essential oils. YouTube's in delusion all right, and work there and do both sides. Now another one that's new is kidney 27. So this one is another important one to use. Now. This one is great again for asthma and chest complaints. You feel that said a hole here gets to the fresh Even then you feel the big bump here. You just gonna drop drop underneath that sort of underneath in a slightly electoral. So you feel this big bump here and then coming it. That's kidney seven kidney, 27 big party. All right, so you could do them both like that. So these once again with the central was coming into the nose as well that braided in. So get your sensual oils. And then that could work these as well. So that's it. There you come across. Just dropped in. Most of the acupuncture points do have sort of a little depression, so it makes it easier for these. Just drop up into here underneath the clavicle. That could be quite sensitive people as well. He's breathing these essential oils as well. So that's a long one. Long went along too often here. And then we come to kidneys 27. All right, in 10 se v 17 kidney 27. Remember, you don't have to do all of these points. Some might feel better than others. Now, I could feel that these these are quite tender in here. So these a good ones for me to do pericardium six as well. And finally, what you can also do, especially the persons you have type neck and this sort of thing Goldblatt 20 which you did earlier on. This is called gates of consciousness so you can get them remember that this is coming behind the years into these holes. The hopes that depressions what happened in the hole back there. So come around and it's underneath the skull there. So sub occipital and that could be really tender on certain people. And then you just get the person lay back and just to head back and breathe. So, of course, all of these points said before, of course, um, you make sure the person close their eyes and whenever they're doing these, they slow there breathing down that nice deep abdominal. Brilliant. Any point that they're doing this is really important. That is a church about before. So get them. Do not just press him, but say they spent some time by the cells so they could do that several times a day and again stress on certain ones that feel better. And, of course, the inhaler. I'd use the inhaler as well. Get the person to use the inhaler. A swell if they don't have that. Just a cotton bud that you can use, or you or even just take the essential oil mixture, got the dilution and just straight from the bottle like that. Okay, it's where was doing all the active pressure points that I've shown you 21. Stress/Irritation/Frustration: So let's have a look at stress. You frustrated? You're irritated. Could have some outbursts of anger. This is all to do with the liver. The emotions are all tied into liver cheese stagnation. The energy is not moving. So will most definitely look liver points in the best runs for that. Now, when it comes to oh, let me just go back. So with your liver cheese stagnation with the liver, you remember I talked about the anger lecture that you want to eat foods or drink things that are so sour and pungent things like fermented foods. These things get them liver energy moving. So lemon juice, great fruits, apple cider vinegar. So taste better that interested water, that sort of thing. So these sorts of things as a fermented foods things that have that pickled onions, these sorts of things. So what you want to do a deal? Pickles. I could keep going, but anyway, you get the idea so these sorts of foods start adding those to your diet as well. All right, and then stay off things like greasy fatty foods. These were stagnating, further reducing alcohol intake. No more a yang stimulants like coffee on DSO on and so forth. So more cooling foods now, right? So when it comes to a scented oils, it depends on how you're feeling. Now, if you're really frustrated and you love Citrus, then by all mixed. Now, when you blend, you can blend Central in the same group. Now Citrus oils, orange, bergamot, penny grand, nearly lime. What have you Mandarin? You could always blend them together so that the old top notes, and you could use it to to to to get to six drops on. Make a nice blend of sitters if you want to be. If you find that those Citrus oils are really what picture up because they're really stimulating and uplifting on by all means use that Citrus blend now. You also might find that you know you're feeling shattered, your feeling fragile. So then I would start looking Maura at the jasmine sandalwood. Vetiver is your Franken centers things that have that more company grounding bass notes. So if you want to put your blended had these uplifting Citrus is on, you're putting the same middle like lavender. That's also really comforting and calming Onda a bass note. So you get this lovely blend of grounding things that will help nourish your system. But also move your cheer with the Citrus and up lift you and also common with level. Is that exactly what I've got? I've got here. I've got, uh, Bergamo lender and frankincense in here right now. So a 2% dilution, of course. So when it comes to points or so the first point, you must think of a liver point. Now, of course, I'll show the 1st 1 pericardium six, you know? Well, this is a prime liver stagnation moving. So three fingers down between the tendons on? Definitely, definitely. Definitely. You wanna work? Pericardium six is a prime of liver cheese stagnation. It is really, really helpful. So by all means do these ones on both sides. The other one, of course. Great rushing. It is known as This is the number one. If you want, do one point. If you're cranky, you're irritated. You're frustrated. Which makes your liver chief standing. If it's only one point, make it liver three if you like. If I said to you, if you're stuck in a desert island which probably would be frustrated if you're the only one on their side. There's Desert Island, then liver three would be the point that you if you have one point liver. Three would be it. Now remember, it's between the webbing off your first and second your big toe secondary first and second toes between the webbing on you. Bring your thumb up, but it's just before the bones of your hip bone. Your too high up, Let me show you. So here's liver, to which were used for anger upon the wedding there. So that's a really good point to come. The person's anger down it's a five point takes. Takes the fire out of the liver. Liver fire. So come on, come along. You'll feel it. It's right in there. So he's base to find there. It's not too bad. It's about an inch up. Two centimeters a se We were you know, when you're on it and this. All right, get on to this. Yeah, it's sensitive. We got a bit delivered, Chief stagnation going on. Here. Press that. And this is a great one for, you know, for you to do just like I am talking to you. It's a great when you press here and, um, it's a really calming point. So fantastic for when you're stressed when you're stressed and emotionally stuck, you can't get moving on. This is what's called great rushing. Do that at the point. Lot of shedding away here. Essential oil on it was beautiful. So this is never three. You do that one. And I decided this was the only one you did. Out of all of these points, this would be hit. So liver three both sides and course you do your breathing close your eyes and so on and so forth. It has to be something you could do in the office, you know, without anyone really knowing. Okay, that and of course, pericardium six. Now, if you frustrated, you're stressed. You're run down. You know you a big part of it is you're frustrated and don't have any energy. Then, of course, stomach 36 on your lower leg and Splain six, Remember Spain? Six is contra indicated for pregnancy, but those ones to pick your energy up. And of course, usual stimulants use your stimulating essential oils. There's were Citrus groups have come in rosemary, peppermint, eucalyptus. You could have to see it so you could use eucalyptus. Make that into, but anything stimulating like that. So you go to your stimulating essential oils list and have a look. And you work stomach 36 explained six. Remember? Full fingers up just off the bone. Four fingers up to the midpoint of the ankle. And they have drops into a little little indentation here. If you slide thing down, your feeling dropping. That's plane six. Okay, now, of course, if you need calming down, So So those points for energy. Okay, so you're frustrating, but you just young worn out. You know, your boss has been, you know, on your case or all day or week or month. And you're really sourcing said those with your stimulant estimating all essential oils, not stimulants. And, um and, of course, getting in liver team moving. So you need energy and you get your liver team moving. All right, Now, if you've been taken over the top, you know? Yeah, you're really strung out. Then of course, you go back to your calming and you're coming. Essential oils, maybe Rose. Jasmine sandalwood. You could Still, if you like the Citrus more, by all means, you could do that. They still have calming effect. Citrus. A great uplifting. But they also have soothing effects as well. So of course, you could use your heart. Seven point. Remember, that's calming in there. So you could combine that with pericardium six and heart seven. By all means. Back to third. I put this is your if you just go to com your system down. Uh, you know, I mean, you see, if you with your work, you could just simply press this, you could have your hands like this. I mean, you have to look like you're praying, but you do that. Put your central it on CV seven. A sea of tranquility. It's called that for a reason that or, you know, you could do very sneaky August. You know, that may think as are pressing in today. All right, so those will calm you down. Of course, if you got the space, you could do both from someone and surfboard. Right? So there's if you need more energy. But by all means, get your liver team moving, and then energize if you need to. Com if your nature, but make sure you do. Liver three pericardium. Six get delivered, team moving first. And then if you need to be up, increase your energy levels. Bush. You cannot do them all if you want to boost yourself calm and move the energy with the liver cheap. 22. Fatigue/Exhaustion: All right. So let's say the person is your run down. You're absolutely exhausted. You're burnt out. All right, so now we need to boost your cheap. Now we're gonna boost your kidney CI. And, of course, your stomach. Explain cheap. Okay, So when it comes to a central oils you really can't go past, you're uplifting Citrus and spicy oil. So I think you're Citrus group, of course, but cinnamon, black pepper close all these sorts of spicy think the spicy area Cartman's these air, all uplifting and stimulating. Eucalyptus is a big lifts that I've got there that you can use. Oh, look, a whole lot of different essential oils to make some really great blends and Citrus and spice blend really well together. So Okay, so what we gonna do? The first thing we need to do is go straight to Kidney three. And this one is on the done this before. It's on the inside ankle, the mid part of the ankle between the Achilles and the ankle in the Depression, and I'll show you so the midpoint of the ankle is right there. Okay, there's top bottom, right, midpoint. And then you come down between the bone and the Achilles tendon, which is there. That is kidney three. So I've got an orange spice mix here. I'm gonna put that on kidney three. Now. Kidney three. Remember yours if you're good. If you've got poor energy, we want to build up your kidney cheese. Kidney three is the best point to do it. So you wanna work that point now? Then we're gonna work up with so kidneys. The kidney function. Chinese medicine is like the fire underneath. If the stomach and where the digestion happens, a stomach. And this explains Danek function. If you imagine that's like a cold drink burning Sorry. Cauldron boiling to a big pot boiling on the thing that's boiling it sort of food getting digested. Well, the fire underneath that is coming from your kidneys. And that's why China's okay, So the kidney fire then helps through the stomach to digest things. If the fire is not strong enough, they think you should Google away. And at least a poor digestion. All right, so the kidney fire the kidney. Yang has to be strong. So that's really important, because if you get Splain t efficient like I talked about before they're, which means low energy. Poor digestion might be pale, weak, this sort of thing. Then you got to get the kidneys boosted first. All right to get in other words, you're you're turning up the burner to get the fire going, And then that will help get the stomach and split and the digestion and so on and so forth . So, kidney three both sides with say, it could be Citrus split a split spy splint. A turning circle. Right? So that were taken the four big guns on this one. So four energizing, uplifting points. Next one's gonna be the ones we've used before. Splitting six contraindicated in pregnancy and stomach 36. All right, so these are your big guns again. So you're staying on or on the bottom of my oil here. And so what we're gonna do or get the three points for you? Of course. You're going to do them by electorally put this on. Stomach 36 has placed six and kidney three, Right? Right. So, of course you do them both sides. So we got 53. I just show you again. You sit there, brain, and then you have 30 seconds to a minute to two minutes. Wherever you like. 10 minutes come down. So space six midpoint of the ankle again. Four things up. You drop into their just off the bar. And is that one? And then, of course, four things down. One finger out stomach. 36. Okay, so you do that, Do the other side as well, Theo. Other one, which is called the Sea Off key. And that is, See the conception vessel C V six. Now that it's two fingers below your navel. We've done this before as well. Come back here. There's a naval two fingers down and they put your fingers there. So this one is a sex called received ***. So another one really great on the midline of the body to, um help has two things help increase your cheap. So once again, you get the person office for yourself. This is when you get there. Now I've got my fingers like this on the point. Come down again. And once again, Radian, what's your breath coming on? Of course, all of these points. So those points are really important to boost your cheese, boost your yang, your kidney, Yang and boost your cheek. If you're worn down your fatigue and you, you feel it might be because of frustration because irritation. And that's why you you're fatigued. You're just, you know you're completely strung out. Then do your liver three points. Okay, so if you've got any so feeling that that frustration and irritation and stress, these sorts of emotions, even anger, wear frustration boils over, then by all means, go back to your liver. Three. And add that in his well, because if the liver chase still stuck, then we need to get that moving as well. So you are a buildup and move. Move the chief. Okay, increase the cheap and make sure it's moving as well. There's no good of a stuff, so it's a good measure. Of course you could do pericardium six. Bolivar chief stagnation as well. But while you're on the legs, why not give liver three ago as well, while while you're down there? All right, so that's what you want to do. And of course, if you do, you have never chief stagnation. You think of frustration, irritation. Remember, stay off the fatty foods, the alcohol on Do these sorts of things that prop highly processed foods really work hard on heavy a good diet. Have more nourishing foods to help your sister made more. 23. Happiness/Joy/Positivity: all right. So, happiness, joy, positivity. So when it comes to look at this, we really need to look at Why that personal? Why you are not happy. So you really have to ask yourself is because the soils on the points will be specific to the reason you're not feeling joy and happiness in your life. Now, let's say so. The good that your other lectures. Let's say it just because you're run down on you have no energy. All right, so then what you wanna do? Stimulating oils. So now you start starting to get a picture. I hope how you work with different different emotions on your starting to get an understanding of the most powerful points for specific sort of physical and emotional problems. So you run down. All right, so we go straight to we get a big Four farm, the fatigue, exhausted lecture. So listen, you are not happy just because you have no energy. You're run down so stimulating oils. Citrus is spices on that sort of thing on your stimulating point kidney. Three spraying six stomach 36 see the six right two fingers underneath the naval with stimulating oil. So That's if you don't have enough energy. Okay? But maybe it's because you're not happy because you're stressed. You're stuck. You don't like the job. You're in problems with your marriage. So? So you're frustrated. You're irritated. I cant said then we could use your now again. You want to see joining to calm things down? Or do I need to pick me up? So if irritation and frustration which is why I'm not so happy, then, of course, Pericardium six liver three between the first and second toes Get that liberty moving so usually again if you want uplifting but or if you you're seeing going more towards anger that you won't have suit things down. So start thinking more like seven Sea of tranquility Yin Ting Um G 20 on top of the head here to clear focus. So this is what you want to start looking at now, When it comes to happiness and joy, you have to ask yourself, you know, one of the major contributing factors to why you're not feeling as happy as your life. Is it energy? We need to first stimulate. Is it because I just stuck in this environment? I can't stuff physically and emotionally, so let's get the liberty moving. So we might need to boost the person on this country. Do you questioning? If you're treating it could be your crime or even adjust yourself. You need to question, Do we need to be uplifted joining to become down? No, I just need to get things moving. So they organ a factory to one your selection of essential oils. My feeling insecure French are 30 day oils like that and points to help nourish your system . So more caring, or things like Rose and Jasmine, these sorts of things that really loving and warmth. So they stink to say you need to ask yourself So just when you think you could really make a bespoke treatment Uh oh, there goes my voice. Get bespoke treatment on the points in the oils on every case will be different 24. Anxiety/Panic Attacks: so when it counts suffering from anxiety, panic attacks, we want to calm the person down, obviously so soothing oil. So thinking. 11 infected. Really great combination. Studies have shown that a combination of lavender and sandalwood particularly effective at helping with anxiety but think so. Lavender camomile as the Citrus is as well, a very calming as well. I think you would see the wood, sandalwood, jasmine, these sort of things valerian benefit, patrolling these ones to sort of ground the person. Now, when it comes to anxiety, then there are several reasons a person might be having anxiety. So if the person's having anxiety because of fear, no, they're scared of something. That's why they're getting anxious. Scared was an upcoming something or other. Then you want to treat more of the kidneys because remember that the emotion of fear is read to the kidneys. So by all means, so I've got 11% would hear 2% dilution. Here's now course. You get the person to use their inhalers diffusers, that sort of thing. But if the anxiety is the primary, you found out the primary reason for that anxiety is because it's scared of some of their fearful, then kidney three and kidney one. Remember kidney one right in here. So 11 of sandalwood on kidney one. And of course, I could use a golf ball like I taught you. But deep breathing into kidney one, it will draw that energy down out of their head. It will be more grounding, and so if they're fearful, and this is why they're getting anxiety, then kidney one and kidney. Three. Most definitely, which is the one between the ankle bone and the Achilles tendon. So kidney, three kidney. One. Get them to do. But they could do. I'm holding budget these at the same time, so they're gonna boost the kidney CI and also ground them at the same time. Wrap. So that's if it's from fear. Maybe their interest, because they're worried. So excessive. Worry. So that's going to pick the stomach and explain. All right, so now remember, worrying is associated with stun explained Function Marine. So then think Stomach. 36 Plane. Six. Okay, this will balance them out. And it Cruz, because if that's why you're not getting anxious, that probably run down. So it's played six. Stomach 36 So coming oils on those points to help as well. Maybe it's because they they're anxious because that frustrated, that irritated and that's that's going to a point of anxiety. They're incredibly stressed. You say they're wired. In fact, interestingly, when person people do you have stress? When we check the pulse, the liver cheese stagnation, pulse is noticed. A wiry post. It's very much like that because it feels more like a wire. It's not nice and full, and that's what we can't completely why I'm wired. So then you stop thinking, OK, The anxiety is coming from frustration, and they got their anger, their frustration of outbursts of anger. So liver stuff going on now remember the emotion to live a frustration, irritation, anger, repressed anger. So this anxiety is coming from that. So we studied looking deeper levels for the reasons. OK, so calming oils on pericardium six and your liver. Three liver, two points. Remember them? Liver two. Number three. Number two, number three and get them to use that as well. So you're gonna have a look at those in three. Other thing is, maybe it's it's coming from the lungs as well, shortness of breath that then start using if they've got panic attacks and exciting a shortness of breath. Then by all mates, used the long one long two points here, right in here. The other thing, it just for calming points. So So that's what you got to do. You You see, you see, you can find the reason whether it's coming from beer where it's coming from. Frustrates her. Which organ is affected? So now you're fine tuning your treatments, OK? Now you're getting to a level of you. OK, so I'm finding the core reasons. It might be a couple of them that you started finding that emotion which is causing the anxiety of the panic attacks, and they deal with that. So now you're dealing with root cause, and then you also use your calming points. Okay, See, tranquilly, you coming points these ones, as well as using the ones that the root causes well, So essay coming oils are gonna do some Citrus. And again you could asked If you're treating a client used, they might have certain favorites as well. Other essential is that they don't like, so that's important as well. Could you don't go Well, we'll give you $11 said, I hate the smell of NMDA. Well, that's not gonna help him, Believe it or not, some people do not may, so do find out if you're treating people, do they have any? The central is that they really don't like the smell off in any preferences could. That will also help with your treatment as well, and yourself as well, when you're treating yourself. 25. Grief/Loss: All right. So what it comes to treating someone that could be yourself or treating someone in particular with grief or loss Once again, you want to find out if there they like specific oils. If their specific oils that they really resonate with when it comes to working with it with essential oils, these oils are going to be really comforting, really nourishing, really caring oils Think rose sandalwood, lavender bergamot, in fact, really nice. Really nice combination, if you want. Do with notes is Bergamo is your top note. Three drops 11 to 2 drops and one of sandalwood. That's a really beautiful combination, But of course, you could just use one oil, especially person particularly likes that oil oil. Of course, if this is for yourself. So the emotion when it comes to grief and loss is associated with the lungs. So at this point, it say it is called what known as letting go. So remember coming across here so you'd want to have get my 11 to dilution here. So what you really want to do is come across. Maybe you got to come across this, Just generate the clavicle collarbone, A little dip. There and there's a shoulder muscle. So oils are on. When I just brought them down here, could you get long too long? One. And then you could just get the person and again getting them to breathe as they do this. And they could do both sides same time. But I don't find that, really. It tightens the muscles up so you could do it. But I find when you do that, it tightens up the you picked muscle. So not quite as effective, I think much better. Just toe. Let the person relax and do one at a time on these. Okay, So do both sides of long one long two and CIA tranquility. Most definitely. You want toe be working that one, and they connect with that with the in tank. Have your therapist again. I would connect the two with your hands like this. Qiantang. Sea of Tranquility on heart. Seven. Remember heart seven here. So and of course, you get that person. Show the show, the person how if you're treating someone, show the person how to use those and stupid at those points several times a day, the cells vitamin had a do a 2% delusion. Or, as I said before in the course, asked, You make them out, make them upper rollerball or just have some of these little central oils. Make the one upset their message plan or relax ation reflexology climate. What have you They make up a blend. It could be just one oil. But make it up to that because it you might not go out and do it. They might not have essential oils and said this supplying it goes really appreciate you giving them that. Show them the points. Tell them how long until about the breathing and so on so forth. They are coming to see you, Wrigley. They could do this several times a day. Tell him to put them into five. Yeah, get the rose and refuses. And so on, so forth. Bards, that sort of thing. Teaching the soothing oils or give him a combination you've done like, for example, what you just did there. Give them undiluted mixed that they could put in the bath into the future and takes him about having to put them into shampoo. Castell so or into a carrier oil for a bath. It just takes him along those lines as well 26. A word about what to do if you get massages: now, the one thing I want to mention to you is when you're doing for specific emotions, then if you are someone that gets massages, then by all means use the same oils or similar oils for whatever emotional imbalances that you're working through. And so or if we're treating someone so apart from the EC official boards, if you could get a message, then he's what I would do. I would take my own message. Oil now the most popular is sweet almond oil or maybe grapeseed. But sweet almond oil is by far the most popular. So what you need to do if you're gonna have taken message oil with you, is so let's say you're suffering from anxiety, so or you're sure you stretch your frustrated you're worried whatever. So, from that lecture of those oils, you can make either a blend or just use one. Now with message. It's the same dilution rate for a full body massage. For healthy adult, it will be 2% dilution. Now Onda again for elderly, sensitive pregnant women Children, it goes to 1% or very young Children lesson that maybe 10.25 But let's just focus on healthy adults. And so it's 2%. So what we're currently doing is we're using six drops in 10 millimeters. Okay, so with a massage, generally use about the message therapist general User round. About 30 millimeters Miller liters. Sorry, 30 milliliters, which is that one fluid ounce? All right, so so that's that's 30 meals. That should be enough for a full body massage. So what you're going to do to keep it at a 2% dilution is your just triple. So 10 mills, now 30 mil Circe 10 times three so six drops six times three is 18 total. So now, with your 30 million won food out, you'll put in 18 drops off essential oil. You might wanna blend that with the notes. So then, instead of being 321 just times it by three, So it'll be nine drops top note three times three, and then you two drops will become 62 times three, and then the one drop will be three drops. Okay, that'll give you a total of 18 drops. So if you're using a blend that you've got with your six drops, then you could, but by all means do that. But it's just remember, it's one flowed out of 30 mils and 18 drops, which is a 2% dilution, which is what you want to use for healthy adult. Have that to make it a 1% so it will be 30 miles. One food out and have 18 is nine. So then you have that for just nine drops for seven nights, elderly Children and so on and so forth. 27. Addictions: So let's look at dealing with addictions. Of course, there's lots of different addictions with cancer. It's in central. I've got lots of essential oils and given you the reasoning behind using them, lots of studies have shown the black pepper is really effective at helping with quitting smoking. So using black pepper now I use black pepper on long one long to and again. If the person you're stressed, show them the calming points of black pepper on, say, the in Tang CEO Tranquility Heart seven. For withdrawal symptoms, Anxiety those sorts of things long one long to putting it there. 2% dilution, of course, for to help them with them, strengthening their lunch. Restrict fortifying their lungs as well. So with alcohol, then Bergamo is a great, um, antidepressant ous faras echo. So great. Always like this great fruit for weight loss. I've got the reason behind all of them languishing if they've got withdrawals and there nor Jer, that's very good for that. So, Ginger. So you have a look through your notes in this for people that have addiction to alcohol. Then drink liver to never three pericardium. Six. These points to get the liver CI moving his exit. Alcohol stagnates celebrity. So get them to do that. Get them off fatty foods. Remember all that stuff we talked about with frustration, irritation with the liver, cheese stagnation getting off the fatty foods, highly processed foods, that sort of thing. So you know where you're gonna be Too much heat in their body. So more cooling foods because alcoholism will bring you bring their liberty up, liver yang, that sort of thing. So have a look at that. Now, just think what other person symptoms do they need strengthening. So kidney three Splain six, stomach 36 to strengthen the body and mind. Remember this point here GV 26 is very, very good for concentration for focus, remember, from the focus memory really repair ful here you could do deceiving, calming and focusing. Remember back in G Goldblatt 20 back here in the depressions here, gates of consciousness so help with fortifying their spirit So you can help that as well. So again, now this one up here gv 20 do 20 another really good port Put to clear the mind Clear the sensors so clarity of mind so again Want to see if this is for you. What are the major things that you need to deal with now? Is it because you're feeling down? So you're gonna stimulate uplift the points because you know you feeling flat? You So I think by this stage, and of course you know, to do so, do you need to be calm down, then coming points coming oils. All right. Do you need more focus and strength? So, in here, do you need more energy? Stomach 36 kidney, three spleen, six C V six below the navel. And then also, if it's more to do with and weight loss, for example. Stomach 36. Definitely. You want toe help with cravings and that sort of thing. So you want them nice and calm? Liver three. They're getting stuck. Remember when you stuck emotionally and frustrated? Irritated? Then deliver three points when you want to go for so you're coming. Keep the liver, Chief is frustration, irritation. You're doing the liver points. Are they more worried about certain things? Then do you explain stomach points? Are they fearful than your kidney points as we've gone through? About in the course, or do they need to be uplifted with the oils to stimulate them. To have that strength do they stressed about the whole thing on their anxious. So now you get this idea of how a couple of points with the oils based on you're finding sort of what's going on emotionally, physically combining the two and then making your your point selection and your aromatherapy selection based on everything you've gathered and say it was for yourself, you have to think about what's going on. 28. Something special that you can do for your clients: Now if your therapist, if you do Ray Key Aromatherapy massage. What have you and reflexology whatever modality you do. Well, maybe all of them I would I would make up a blend for your client and takes in the acupressure points that you want them. Teoh, put the do the aromatherapy on acupressure on. So, between treatments with you I mean, they were absolutely loved this, and so you can make them up a blend. Now you can charge for or not. I wouldn't unless you're using Rose Essential oil. Jasmine, sandalwood. They're really expensive. For the sake of six. Drop. I would just give this away free. Tell the person you know, if you had a stack of roller bottles with cheap, make that you make that up for them and say Use this 45 times a day and show them how to do the ACA pressure and tell him about the breathing and get them to do that. If you that they were complaining how they really stressed or they're really fresher or they're worried or whatever. And then you can not only do that, let's say you're doing a message. You not only hold those points. You're at the end of the massage with essential oils. You can have that blend and then give it to them and get them to do that at home between now and the next treatment. And they were really appreciate. This is something that you're they're not used to. It is showing how caring you are as a practitioner, by all means and going that extra mile to really help your clients that really appreciate it. And so that's what I suggest that you do so that if they had that, they could do that and use it up between the treatments. 29. Your Rescue Remedy points and essential oils: Now, as we get into the course, I'm going to show specific points. Now, I've really tried hard because inactive prayer, wacky puncture, acupressure. There are literally hundreds and hundreds of points now, to be honest is acupuncturists. We don't use hundreds, you know, we used would have favorite ones and ones that are more powerful than the others and that sort of thing. But I want to really try to keep this because it's the course isn't not useful to you. If I give you, you know, 20 different points for this condition, you're not going to remember them. Okay, what were the points for anxiety? What were the points for energy? So what I wanna do? I'm gonna separate by this and say we'll get further into it and I'll be more points specific. But let's just say, for example, that you had one suiting oil and one stimulating oil so that you say for one foot for concentration, for focus, you want energy that you're gonna choose one stimulating oil. So go to the list where it's got stimulating lows. And let's say you've got Basil. Okay, Great. That's a stimulating oil. Beautiful. So this is gonna be like your go to emergency kit if you can't remember anything. So you've got your stimulating oil. If you need more energy, you need focus, that sort of thing. And you've also got just one soothing oil. So one for calming that sort of thing. I just say we'll let you say that you've only got you got a soothing and stimulating. And what points could you use because you've gone completely blank. So I don't know which ones were for this for that. So I'm going to show you just points Just really easy to remember. Points for stimulating to focus for concentration. Fatigue just points for that. So in a situation where you just can't remember, you know, these are a couple of go two points which are brilliant with your steam lighting or they got in your bag and or you you're agitated. You're worried. You need to calm things down. So you got your shooting oil? What were the points? I can't remember what it was for. Anxiety account Memoirs would worry. Wait a minute. I know those two points of Mark Tommy. So let's go through that right now. Just for a situation where you can't remember anything. You're super stress. But you just remember these a comic points with the common oil 30. What to do when you need to become more relaxed: All right. So you're really frustrated. You're really stressed or you're really angry. Whatever. But whatever the situation, you need to calm yourself down. So what's I mean? A. You're just so wound up your so strung out. You're so wide. I wanted to give you something that you can remember. Or so we've got this point here right between it's about from the sternum here, CV 17 called the Sea of Tranquility. Four. Thing is up from your sternum, so good in your rib cage where gets soft. That's the bottom of the rib, Coach. Four fingers up is generally it's a little indentation there. It's about a level of your nipples and you go there so you're going to get you your let's say, I've got Levinger. I've got my 2% dilution of lavender. I'm gonna put it on my on this point here, and so do that point there, and they're going to use the same level of that's my emergency, my rescue remedy, if you like, for calming situations. So I've got 2% lavender in here, and I'll also put it on yin tang as well, which is 1/3 eye point, which is related to your six Shaqra. If you're you know, you're shockers. So put that there. Okay, we're here, Going through there, Okay. And then just press here. That's it. Right there. Could feel a little indentation. And here, so nice. Deep breathing. Focus in wood. Okay, you've got 11 here. 11 today. Left here. Sit back and you can connect these two points. So when you do this, say gonna do nice deep, generally abdominal breathing to slow your breathing down so you can focus on your breath seeing the breath come in and come out with your focus on the points or both. I like to use a visualization. So maybe you feel healing energy coming in through this point. Whatever works for you. You see that all the anger leaving through this pointed to president leaving here. Whatever you find works for you Individualization. Whether it's a mantra, whether it's just focusing on your breath, whatever you need to do. So these the points and said there are a lot of the points that you can use, but let's just say this is your rescue remedy is such for when you're really need to calm down. You've got whatever, Certainly oil you've got that's in your bag. You can sit down, has a quiet type yourself connected to and spend that time to get yourself back into a more grounded space. 31. What you need to do when you need more energy, have more focus and concentration: Okay, so you're run down. It's at three o'clock in the afternoon. Time you've got no energy, you're just exhausted or you need to study and you just don't have it within you, so you need to get stimulated. Okay, you need some or energy or up, so you've got your rescue stimulation. 2% dilution of Let's say it's got peppermint in a really great stimulating oil, so I'll give you two points again. Now the 1st 1 is called Stomach 36. It's called Three Mile Point because it's probably one of most famous points in acupuncture . I could punch acupressure because called three mile Point, because you press it and you can go on extra three miles. That's what it that's why it's called that. So it's really easy to find its four. Your four fingers. Remember your four fingers down from your kneecap gonna show you on the outside off the shin bone and one finger without let me show you, So we'll come back here. Here's the naked at the bottom of the naked four fingers. There is there, fore fingers down and then go. You have half an inch out, centimeter out, and that's it there. So to stimulate it Do both sides go down here? There we are. But that there come out slightly my sense of oil. And then I go about pressing course. You do both sides at the same time down there. What you're situated on now You could also rob them like that to stimulate them or just press. Of course you do. Both sides. OK, so that's what I got. For example, the peppermint on steps called stomach 36. Did you learn throughout the course? So there is that one. The other one we'll use is conception vessel See the six. So really ET once again, we're going to this is on the midline so they're not too points to press down the mid line . Go to your navel three fingers down, but look directly by the naval All right shape Get your stimulating blend to your fingers There we go, the oil on And then you can use both things like this Two fingers down There you are So this again when you're doing it every single time you press as I go throughout the course make sure you get you Go within Close your eyes and just breathe. So you're going to use that point there to stimulate. All right, so that's really is room. If you can't remember two points, just go to this one or just go for that one, All right? Those are your your stimulating points. But when you need more focus, you need more concentration. You need to remember something, or you're fatigued and exhausted. So these are just about your soothing You got your soothing blend you've got estimating blend. You have them with you. And if you can't remember any of them, just make sure you have locked. These wants to the soothing and then this one and this one for stimulating. Okay, so they're your emergency access if you can't remember anything else from the course. 32. Congratulations!: all right. Well, as they say, that's a wrap. I sincerely hope you enjoy the course and learned a lot. Remember, I would get back to all my students within 24 hours. So if you've got any questions, please ask me whatever questions you might have. And so just go through this. I hope you have learned a lot, and you can use this not only for yourself, but if you're treating people as well. Don't forget to use the essential oils in diffusers as well as the acupressure points inhalers if you have them and bars and so on and so forth to really encompass using aromatherapy with the occupy pressure and you see great results to help the emotional imbalances.