Aristotle on Advertising: Rhetoric (the Good Kind!) for Writing and Communication Strategy

Mark N. Clemente, Writer & Communication Consultant

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9 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. Rhetoric for Writing & Communication Strategy: Introduction

    • 2. Audience Analysis & Identification

    • 3. Rhetorical Research & Messaging

    • 4. Rhetorical Messaging Strategy #1: Building Believability

    • 5. Rhetorical Messaging Strategy #2: Leveraging Logic

    • 6. Rhetorical Messaging Strategy #3: Evoking Emotion

    • 7. Arrangement & Outlining

    • 8. Applied Rhetoric: Real-Life Reflections

    • 9. Conclusion & Discussion of Class Project


About This Class

"Rhetoric” has gotten a bad name. Today, it refers only to misinformation, untruthful communications, or propaganda. But “classical rhetoric” is actually the study of effective writing and speaking—and it’s been around for more than 2,500 years since the time of Aristotle and ancient Greece. The tactics and strategies of classical rhetoric that are presented in this class are a powerful means of improving business communications, as well as general writing and presentation skills. It delivers practical and proven guidance of value to professionals in the "persuasion" businesses of advertising, sales, marketing, PR, fund-raising, lobbying, and law ... as well as to senior executives who want to better communicate with their employees and stakeholders.The class is based on the author's business eBook, "Winning Through the Art of Words," which is offered as supporting course material.