Are you Career Relevant? Network Like A Boss: "Build Your QR Contact Card" | Professor Rick | Skillshare

Are you Career Relevant? Network Like A Boss: "Build Your QR Contact Card"

Professor Rick, Professor of Career Relevant

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7 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. SkillShare: Network Like A Boss

    • 2. Business Card Content

    • 3. Update LinkedIn URL

    • 4. Create QR Code

    • 5. Modify Business Card

    • 6. QR Contact Card Samples

    • 7. Final Thoughts and QR Card Strategy


About This Class

Everybody hates networking.  

Let's create a strong first impression without saying a word.  Let your QR Contact Card speak for you.  

This class will teach you how to create a customized QR code and add it to your personalized business card.  A business card template will be provided and by the end of this class you will network with confidence.  Join me.  

Let the networking begin...

I am Professor Rick; Gainful Employment Expert, Professor of Career Relevant, and University Speaker & Author.

I teach college students to be gainfully employed before they graduate.  Are you Career Relevant?

If not, take your 1st step with me, I can get you there.

Be Relevant.

Prof. Rick





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Professor Rick

Professor of Career Relevant

Welcome to Skillshare.

Hello, I am Professor Rick, university professor, digital author, and career educator.

After a successful traditional 10-year corporate career, I was fortunate to give back through higher education. With 15 years in academics as a professor and leader of career development; I am here to share our best practices, through our Book, Career Relevant – A practical guide to “Gainful Employment” for all college students and future graduates.


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