Arduino Robotics for kids & Parents: Step by Step STEM Course | Deepankshu Dey | Skillshare

Arduino Robotics for kids & Parents: Step by Step STEM Course

Deepankshu Dey, Automation Engineer, Arduino & STEM Hobbyist

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21 Videos (42m)
    • Class & Teacher Introduction

    • Software Introduction

    • Arduino Basics & LED Control

    • LED Control Programming

    • Single Motor Control Circuit Design

    • Single Motor Control Programming

    • SIngle Motor Control for one Cycle

    • Single Motor Control Cycle Programming

    • Reverse the Direction of Rotation

    • 2 Motors Control Circuit Design

    • 2 Motors Control Programming 1

    • 2 Motors Control Programming 2

    • First Robot - Mech Assy & Circuit Design

    • Robot Control Programming 1

    • Robot Control Programming 2

    • Working with Robot Sensor - Circuit Design

    • Robot Sensor Control Programming

    • Obstruction Avoider Robot Assy & Circuit Design

    • Obstruction Avoider Robot Programming 1

    • Obstruction Avoider Robot Programming 2

    • Obstruction Avoider Robot Programming 3


About This Class

In this class we will build an Obstruction Avoiding Robot from Scratch.

What will you learn?

  • Mechanical Assembly of the Wheeled Robot
  • Basics of Motors & Sensors
  • Electronics Circuit Development for Motors & Sensors
  • Writing the Program using Scratch based GUI Programming Environment

Pre Requisites of the Class

  • Enthusiasm to create something new
  • No Prior Technical Knowledge required
  • No Prior Programming Knowledge required

Hardware Requirement

  • Arduino Prototyping Board
  • Bread Board, DC Motors(2), IR Sensor, Motor Driver(H-bridge), Jumper Wires
  • Mechanical Robot parts like Chassis & Tyres

Its different - Learn Theory while applying them

Start learning by applying the fundamentals instead of learning the long theories first. The course has been deliberately kept short to deliver outcomes quickly & we have knowingly skipped few concepts which are not necessary while starting but are learning barriers to start enjoying technology. You will learn concepts to understand the electronics or science behind every item, Circuit designing & building circuits from scratch, logic building for programming Arduino but be assured that you will start building Arduino applications from the very first session. Believe me Robotics is for everyone and you are going to make it a kids stuff during this course.

Class with an Extra Benefit - Learn 2 software together

You will use a Scratch based programming platform which makes it easy for the learners to start writing programs immediately. You will learn different programming concepts like for loop, while loop, if & else statements but in an easy way. You can also learn the coding & its syntax used in Arduino IDE as the software generates IDE codes too.

All the best !!





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Deepankshu Dey

Automation Engineer, Arduino & STEM Hobbyist

Deepankshu Dey is an Automation Engineer with equipment & process knowledge of various industries viz. Automobile manufacturing, Digital Manufacturing & Automation, Paper manufacturing, Tiles manufacturing, Textiles, Oil refining, Heavy Engineering, Fabrication, Boat manufacturing, Transformers manufacturing, Machine tools.

He has worked on Industrial Robots of ABB & FANUC which included Programming & Maintenance of the Robots used in the Automobile body manufacturing & Upholstery or ...

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