Arduino Motion Detector: Step By Step Guide

Ashraf Mad, Microcontroller, pic microcontroller,educational

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4 Videos (23m)
    • 1 Introduction(2)

    • 3 How Does It Work

    • 4 Circuit Diagram

    • 5 Code Explained in Details


About This Class

Make your own Arduino Motion Detector and start Catching Intruders, Control devices and lots more Cool Application

This Course will show you how to build an Arduino Motion Detector Device that will Fire an Alarm once an Intruder is detected in a range of 6 to 7 meters, it will take you in a step by step manner to know what each component inside the device circuit is, and what it does and how to wire it up

You will know what is the actual working principle of Motion detectors that you see in banks and in door opining and closing mechanisms and what you can do with it and how to interface it with your own Arduino and make it execute and action using simple codes freely, you will no longer needs to buy a motion detector or customize it since you can make the device yourself.

After this course you will be able to make your own Motion detector and the choice is yours to use it in any application that comes in your mind and can make your life easier, since all connections are explained in details.

Goal From This Course:

- Connect a Motion Detector Sensor to Arduino Board with all necessary Components and make it work.

Required Materials


  • Arduino or an Arduino clone board (freeduino), or you can make your own custom Arduino board.
  • PIR Motion Sensor.
  • A piezo buzzer or an 8-ohm speaker.
  • 9V Battery and connector.
  • Connecting wires.


  • Arduino IDE





Ashraf Mad

Microcontroller, pic microcontroller,educational

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