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Archviz in Blender 2.80 / Class 2: Doors, windows and baseboards

teacher avatar Victor Duarte, Learn everything you can

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Class2 intro

    • 2. Part1 Doors

    • 3. Part2 Windows

    • 4. Part3 Baseboards

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About This Class

Hello everyone! 

In this class you'll learn how to place the doors and windows with the free version of the Archipack addon that comes with Blender 2.8.

Note that with the paid version of this addon you have a faster workflow, check the addon here: 

You'll learn the fastest method (with the free version of the addon) to place doors and windows with the help of the 3D cursor and the snapping tools. 

In this kind of Archviz projects, you must be fast and accurate (especially if you're freelancing) in terms of wall measurings. With this method is a breath! 

*Beginner-Intermediate level

By the way, this is the second part of a series I'm preparing where you'll learn the steps to achieve realistic interior renders. Having a look on placing doors, windows, details, setting materials, lighting (EEVEE?), rendering and postproduction. 

All in the brand new Blender 2.8!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Victor Duarte

Learn everything you can



I'm Victor Duarte, a 3D artist and Mechanical Engineer from Barcelona.

As a mechanical engineer, I've worked for 10+ years in many sectors, specially in renewable energy. Mi passion for 3D art, 3D visualization and the CGI world has always kept me in constant learning and willing to improve every day.

I enjoy doing 3D related to archviz, hardsurface, sci-fi, concept art and mechanical design among others :)


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1. Class2 intro: Hello, everyone, Victor. Here in the second class, we will place the doors windows, using the free version off, occupy one that comes with blender and also some details, like the baseboards using a fast technique. So we will have the stage prepared for sit ups on basic materials for the floor walls, ceiling a future glasses and said the base lighting to make some render tests and then continue feeling the scene with some assets. And remember, if you want to follow along disc less, take out previous videos and a load the files available so you can apply the same techniques and compare results if you like what you see so trying on Follow me if you want on other social media, so take care and half. 2. Part1 Doors: it's time to place some details on our house, like the doors and windows and some these boards for this, We're going to use the other one Archie Pack. So go toe, Edit Preferences Adams and look for Archie Pack. This is a free version that comes with Blender Dupin eight. But we have a complete vision with some extra features. Really useful. So check out if you want. Okay, let's play some doors over here. Pressure shift A and mesh. Archie, back and door, We have some presets. So here, by the way, these thumbnails make sure that in the information off the Adam hit this button render presets them's so you will have these thumbnails over here. Select is 1 80 by 200. As you can see, our chip creates a new collection with the door in sight. It's over here, So let's place it in the middle off these dork up. Select these worlds and go to edit mode. And let's elect these Jews edges and press shift s and coarser to select it. So we have the three curses are right in the middle off. Thes lower cop announce elective frame off the door and press sheet s and selection to coarser. So now the door, He's right in the middle off the dark up. As you can see, we have some handles here to control the with hi and some other parameters. You will find this parameters review press and then go to Archie Pack. And we can change things like the size, the direction off the door, the frame and some different models for panels. Another thing that actually creates for us is, ah, a bunch off materials so it can be useful. Let's change some parameters off these dark. Let's go to a wire frame, mod race seat and select white frame. Go to top view person seven under number and forget to have the frame off the door selected . And let's change, for example, the depth off the frame. Something like this. The door opens to the site, so let's change the direction. And let's move the upset of the actual door. Something like this, as you can see these door. Actually, it's supposed to open in this direction, so select the frame, rotate in set access 180 and change the direction of the door again. Now let's check the within the height of the door right over here and the height of the door right over there. And it's done. You can select the actual door and press are to rotate and you can see we can open and closed ours very easily. Let's duplicate these door to the other rooms. So this is a group. As you can see here, you can see the relationship lions. So, like the dark group, right, click and select Cherokee. Now we can press out on D. I duplicate plays the crucial in the middle of these guys. So select these worlds. Enter edit mode. Select these two edges Chief s courses to selected. Select the frame off the duplicated our shift as selection to cursor rotate in said access on 90 miners degrees As you can see it thes door He's the opposite direction off these one . But first, remember, this is a duplicate linked. So if we change some parameters here, these door also we'll change. So select this frame. Go to the object that are and make it single and the same for the door and the humble. Now we can praise the frame and change the direction and rotate the door. These doors opened the same direction as these one over here. So I select this door in the outline. Right? Click and select Cherokee out indeed, to duplicate linked. Let's place the cursor in the middle off the door. Cop shift s courses selected. Select the frame off the shift s selection to cursor rotating, said access. And don't these door opens the same direction off these one selected in the outline er right click Select Cherokee. Alton G. Plays the cursor and select frame shift. Escort selection to cursor. Rotate in set axes 180. Let's make thes door a little bit different because he's the main door. I place the curse or in the center she if they mash Archie pack door 80 by 200 in tub. You tweak the upset off the dirt. Ire taping sit axes 180 Just a little. We did that and change direction, and she's another model for the Laura in the section over here, for example, these one we can make more panels change the spacing, the border and even the Bible. That looks good for me and the doors are done to close at are easy. Just selected or impress out are in clear their petition. So let's close. Hold it hours, okay? 3. Part2 Windows: Now let's make these windows find the center off the gap shift. ISS. Of course it is. Electric shift a mash Archie, back window This door As you can see how statue panels So select rail chu, go to top view y frame moat and rotate in said access to much these rotation over here, go to the properties panel person and and for these we know activated ceiling collection now just tricked these parameters to match our layout. Increase the with you can change the number off the panels if you want. In our case, swinging to and in components you can see we have more properties like enabled glass Huggel out, table it out frame But with a need out table and in table you can even place a blind open it or close it in other to set up some lighting I'm gonna disable the glass for now and generate a portal and it places a porta lamp right in the middle of the window. Let's make the other windows. It seems that we mean some parts off the walls. How here that no problem selectee search and this one breast f and I'm gonna select in the layout. These parts off here Goto edit mode. I select this four birth six Be separate. Now I select is separated part and move it to walls Press right click cumber to mesh goto edit mode Select everything and extrude and extra. These windows are pretty much the same thes one to place the cursor in the center. These are separated measures. So I'm going to click these parts and this part and control Jay to join. Now I can go toe edit mode. So, like these work ticks and this one shift s cushion to selected. So this is the middle I'm going to select in the recliner, the window select Cherokee And in this case sheet And to make a simple copy, right click and ship s selection to cursor. Now it's in the middle off these gap. I moved the offset a little bit change. Do with the high is the same. Now, for the last window, I placed it coarser. And now make a linked copy. Select hierarchy and out liner out the right click shift as selection to coarser and the windows are dark 4. Part3 Baseboards: Let's place the baseboards now, said the three D course or on the floor, shift a mash plane Goto edit mode and scale eat rotating X axis 90 degrees and with the help off the snapping into a vertex G shit set to move the plane in this axis and breast control and is not to these Cartner Tuggle X ray and select these two per ticks. Move in set axes and snap to these corner. Select these tuber ticks and said the hike off these ways board to about 10 centimeters double X ray. Go out to edit mode and create a solidify modifier. Change the offset in edit mode. I select the Cech and I move it in X axis and is not it. Over here in X ray, you can see we have thes edge selected so press shift and the duplicate this edge and eyes nappy to this corner and now extrude in white access and control toe snap. As you can see, these face is pointing inside the wall, so I select the's face I'll 10 and flipped in the remote. Now taken, select. These Etch and extruded XX is is not to this corner extrude in white access control to snap and just follow the corners. And don't you can follow the same steps for the other rooms. Just select one. Etch these one, for example, duplicate in place in a corner with the control in just through the sedge and snap to the other gardeners off the room. But let's concentrate for now Onley in these living room, and now we are good to set some base lighting and some basic materials for the world ceiling and floor, so