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Archviz in Blender 2.80 / Class 1: from DXF to Walls

teacher avatar Victor Duarte, Learn everything you can

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Class 1 intro

    • 2. Part 1. Import DXF and check scale

    • 3. Part 2. Cleanup the mesh

    • 4. Part 3. Extrude walls, floor and ceiling

    • 5. Part 4. Closing door gaps and walking through

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About This Class

Hello everyone! 

In this class you'll learn some useful techniques* that I apply when I work with DXF files of real clients.

All with the brand new Blender 2.8! 

In this kind of Archviz projects, you must be fast and accurate (especially if you're freelancing) in terms of wall measurings. With this method is a breath! 

I'll provide you the DXF file, so you can follow me if you want during the class. 

You'll learn in 4 easy steps how to go from DXF to 3D

  1. Import DXF layout and check scale
  2. Cleanup the mesh
  3. Extrude walls, floor and ceiling
  4. Closing door gaps and walking through

*Beginner-Intermediate level

By the way, this is the first part of a series I'm preparing where you'll learn the steps to achieve realistic interior renders. Having a look on placing doors, windows, details, setting materials, lighting (EEVEE?), rendering and postproduction. All in the brand new Blender 2.8!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Victor Duarte

Learn everything you can



I'm Victor Duarte, a 3D artist and Mechanical Engineer from Barcelona.

As a mechanical engineer, I've worked for 10+ years in many sectors, specially in renewable energy. Mi passion for 3D art, 3D visualization and the CGI world has always kept me in constant learning and willing to improve every day.

I enjoy doing 3D related to archviz, hardsurface, sci-fi, concept art and mechanical design among others :)


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1. Class 1 intro: Hello, everyone, Victor. Here in this class, you learn some advanced techniques that are useful to me when I work with real clients. And it's a common practice using actual D X files from the layout off the client, and you have to be fast and accurate. So it's not necessary to build all the world you know, extruding all the faces and stuff like that instead, Do we learn I thought so useful to me, and I hope you find it useful. Wait, Do you see class off Syria's I'm preparing? Do we learn all the steps from building the world's to play some details like baseboards Doors Way Does said the best lighting. Surrendering some tests and more things coming give you like what you see, subscribe and follow me if you want on social media, so take care and have fun 2. Part 1. Import DXF and check scale: Hello, everyone. And welcome on, Let's start. Make sure you have in the unit system metric and indolent meters. Now let's go and take some Adams Goto edit preferences and let's find the X f and enable it . Let's find also looked als. We're going to use it in the future, and now you can go to file import the X F go to your folder select house layout. Make sure you have blocks as link objects matched by layer. Engineer the scale toe one press import and don't. Now where is the layout? It's away their press a seven under new but and let's find out and here ISS, press G and movies near the origin. As you can see, we have different layers for the exterior walls, the interior walls and some other stuff like the elevator. We're going to focus only this parts off the building, but we're going to model all the world's because away not so first to fall. I'm gonna call these default collection layout, press A and movie to layout collection. So now we could breath. We're going to separate the exterior walls and interior walls in a minute, so first I'm going to check the scale for these. I'm gonna place the cursor over here and she a mash plane, Go to edit mode and go to the view port overlays and enable its length. You can put these in a kick for our eat. So review in the beautiful place kill. You have quick favorites and it's more nice. Now you can see the length in your selection. So it's regional the door to usually have 0.9 meters off opening. So we're gonna take that. I'm gonna scale this 2.9 over there and now I'm gonna debate the Vertex is napping. Now I can press G and is not to another tactics. So the scale, it seems to be okay. 3. Part 2. Cleanup the mesh: I'm gonna delete these plane. As you can see, some off these layers share the stop and side deals, so we're going to separate that. Collect the exterior worlds. Goto Edit Moz Elect these words six p separate selection now in going to select the Junior Worlds and the same now said the same origin through the exterior walls and interior wells . So, like the studio Wells Press one Vertex here, for example, because why not shift as coarser to selected now with exterior, well selected press right click and said Origen, too three. The coarser. The same for the Julia World's press rightly origin Through three. The cursor now create another collection and colleague Walz. Select your exterior and interior wolves and press em and move it to the world's collection . Now we can hide the layout and look at that clean. As you can see, these are corpse, so we're going to convert it to mash in other to clean up on extra Adam. Select everything right? Click convert toe mesh. Now let's see. These walls were going to clean up a bit, and now I'm just going to the lit some vertex r d solve them for example, we have got here close. I select those Joubert, ICS and Control X, and I dissolved. Seems we have the layout in a different collection. We can check those parts that we don't need them, and we compress a to highlight the edges. And with the help off the snapping two birthdays, we can move some birth express control. And it's not to other ones. And in X ray, you can select all these metrics and breast old M and much by distance, removed to Berks. Let's go with the other wells the same. I select everything I'll am by distance. Sometimes the edge Landry's and knowing So you having favorites by these two overtakes seems to go over here with the snapping, too. He's very easy. 4. Part 3. Extrude walls, floor and ceiling: now we're good to extreme. 2.7 meters, as you can see here. So I select these wells. Goto added more. Select everything extra and set access 2.7 meters. Go out the X ray and activate the its lens and check it out. 2.7. Okay, Now select these interior wells. Goto added Mount select everything and extrude said access 2.7. Done, but not that fast. We have to check out some things like the face orientation. Go to the airport overlays and enable face orientation. As you can see, we have some faces in the wrong direction Blue Okay, Read wrong. Select these wells press a and shift end recalculate normals Hide the other walls and we need to fix some off these wells manually. But this is not a problem. So, like thes face out in and flip goto object mode and bring back the other worlds and the same goto headed mode. So, like everything shift and perfect, we have a minor problem here, so I'm gonna delete these face. So, like this edge and these edge f and the salt decent with control X Don't we have the world's let me is relies a little bit better. I disable the face reputation and I go to the Buber shaving and I enable cavity the type both. And now we can see the corners a little bit better with the rich on the volley. Now let's make a floor, go to scene collection and create a new one floor. Hide the layout collection shift a mish plain and that we conceive the select. For example, these Varteks and we have this napping to Arctic. So I compressed G control to these one. These verdicts over here I can press G control to these one g control N g control don't And now let's solidify these floor vote to modifiers. Solidify Usually 0.3. It's OK and look at that. We have the plan ready to go now Let's make a ceiling because why not select the floor sheet? Indeed, movie in set access and with control snap to these Vertex. And now don't forget to flip the thickness jazz move the upset and here we are. You can now go to view navigation. Walt Navigation, so like in the game, is called the mouse to go faster and press stop toe work. It's good to change the field view so press and and go to Bill Focal Lens toe 35 for example, and we can walk in sight. Isn't it first? 5. Part 4. Closing door gaps and walking through: As you can see, we don't have the holes for the doors. We can move these to a separate collection. Press am a new collection, sailing, then press. OK, now we can hide it. I'm going to separate some parts that don't belong to this to your worlds. So I isolate with this lash button. Go to edit mode W Tuggle X ray and select some faces and press p separate by selection. Now I exceed the local view with this lash button again toggle X ray and select these worlds and this one control J. Now we separate the exterior and the interior and let's make the holes for the doors. Very simple. Make Ah, look cut where he's supposed to be the whole of their, for example. Here I move it to, for example, Jew Meaders, as you can see and at the other side another look at and I don't have to go in much two meters. I can really with the right click and wolf set access and control to snap. So these vertex now selected two faces, right Leak, Luke Tools Bridge and we are the lead. These use less face and the same for the others. I make Lucas release with, right Click that SG and set axes and snap through these Vertex. I'm going to concentrate on Lee in this part. Off the building. As you can see, they are separate flats. We have one over here and another one over here. This is the elevator on stairs. So just concentrating one for now. And we are done. We can work inside our flat with help off the layout above so very useful, and within minutes