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Archviz in Blender 2.8 | Modern Bathroom | Class 1: Modeling

teacher avatar Victor Duarte, Learn everything you can

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (2h)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Overview

    • 3. Walls / Windows

    • 4. Wood planks

    • 5. Sink / Door / Marble step

    • 6. Bath / Mirror

    • 7. Radiator / Toilet

    • 8. Lamp

    • 9. Faucets timelapse

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About This Class

Hello everyone!

I'm so glad to introduce a new course of architectural visualization in Blender 2.8.

We will replicate this modern bathroom designed by Dibujo.Design Interiors : Large Contemporary Bathroom

In this first class we will model almost everything of this modern bathroom. There are about 2 hours of explained modeling where we will learn at least one technique or trick on every part such as:

  • Boolean operations to cut holes on walls
  • Bevel objects to achieve realism
  • Array elements
  • Subdiv modeling

*Beginner-Intermediate level

By the way, this is the first class of a total of 4 classes. In further lessons we will learn all the steps and workflow to achieve photorealistic renders of this modern bathroom. We will take a look on materials, cloth simulation, collection instancing, lighting, rendering and postproduction.

I really hope you enjoy this course. Later, after finish the 4 classes I'll probably run a little contest among the best results, so work hard on it! I can't wait to see your results!

Take care and have fun,


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Victor Duarte

Learn everything you can



I'm Victor Duarte, a 3D artist and Mechanical Engineer from Barcelona.

As a mechanical engineer, I've worked for 10+ years in many sectors, specially in renewable energy. Mi passion for 3D art, 3D visualization and the CGI world has always kept me in constant learning and willing to improve every day.

I enjoy doing 3D related to archviz, hardsurface, sci-fi, concept art and mechanical design among others :)


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1. Introduction: Hello, everyone. Victor here. I'm so not to introduce a new course where we're going to recreate these nights. Other bathroom. In this first class, we're going to model almost everything here. It may seem a little bit simple, but there are some tricky things to work on that are two hours off modeling. And I can tell in every part or a chapter off these first class there at least one useful technique or one trick regarding you will have the reference to download. So I encourage you to grab them and start motherly. Stay tuned for the rest off the glass is coming with course on. I really hope you enjoy. Take care and have fun. 2. Overview: so we're going to start looking at our references. By the way, I'm using the software pure if the software is free and allows you to rearrange your your reference images around an infinite campus so you could have, like thousands off images in for me isa mast half you can to mean and some out and take notes and it allows you, especially if you have side screen. You go have in the other screens your reference and in your main screen blender, and they were flow. He's really fast. With this method. I will leave our link in the description with this software, Remember is free and as well as the image reference. So I encourage you to rearrange your images aimed in half a good lecture off off them. Now let's take a look at what we're going to model and render. So I choose these bathroom because it may look a little bit simple, but we have some Triki modeling things going on here. These ruling planks are indented in the ceiling and the wall as well as the floor, and then we are going to model pretty much everything on this scene like simple, the lamps, faucets and the trouble fraction. But we're going to make some clothes simulation now. In this case, we don't have any layout. So we're going to guess Ali reads what makes your mints. We have in the rial predict you will probably have some layout or usually have layout or at least some measurement off the room. But his room has quite simple shaping. Turns off is this a square room And we have over here. I Lou entrance here to the shower as we can see a right in this image. Half these entrance here to the shower with a gap on the ceiling. So the over oh, shape is pretty much a rectangle. So we're going to guess you read the measurements, but is really important that we tried to maintain a congruence with the measurements. So, for example, his bath. If we take these bath as a reference, we have probably your two meters or 1.8 meters off lands that we have now are reference, For example, we can see that these were blanks probably are 1.8 meters length or something like that. So we going to start modeling the shape off this off these worlds Taking Japan Does those reference, for example, the height of the ceiling probably make you 0.8 meters off three meters. So we're going to start by this signing to take this reference in my sights screen and now a blender. We're going to start with the world's. 3. Walls / Windows: So let's start by doing the world's and going to make cube shift a mesh cube. Now, with the snapping into increment going to move it to happen in said accessing holding control, they can snap the skip to the floor. How I'm going to edit mode. I'm gonna Scully in the X axis until I have, like 4.5 meters in this world. Scalea had y axes to 4.5 meters as well and for now, angry to select faces with three. And so, like the stop face on these bottom face and delete them. I'm going to Marcus, reference these good planks. So I'm going to make a loop. Cuts off this world. So with control are I scroll the wheel mouse up until I have to look cuts left, click and right leak to place these look cuts at the middle off the world. Now I'm going to a scale these facing the X axis to 1.8 meters and now we have thes reference for the foot planks and without click isolate the group off the top face and movie upper a deal. They have three meters. Or maybe Morrissey his Paris G said axes in one percenter and we have now three meters live . We're going for a stop toe exceed it won't now ings the modifiers. I'm going to add a solidifying the fire the thickness. If we take a look at the image, we have pearly 0.3 meters off sickness. So in thickness I'm going to put your 0.3 and and even sickness. So we have the same thickness alone. All the world. Now the upset. As you can see, it's pointing inwards. I'm gonna set it to one. So we maintain the measurements and the thickness goes out now before adding more geometry and going to create a new collection. Resting spot in and I'm gonna name, eat exterior wall and select a steward. Well, piers, I am moving to steer Well, now let's make the floor soul with the course or at the world origin. Engage it and have it. They were college in press shift has been closer to work origin. So let's make the floor ship a mesh plane now in edit mode, going to the Vertex moat, pressing one or these Russian and then going to change the snapping two birthday cakes and make sure that you have closest and project onto self. Now we can select number tricks on and proceed to move. And Holy Control is not to another critics. Now we can place a solidifying modifier or more easy, easy ones, the same solidify as these worlds. It's more receive. You have enabled that the copy attributes Haddon. So go to edit preference in such for copy attributes. Maybe I recommend to have these little other always enabled. So make sure you safe preferences. And with this other, I can now click on the floor and the world. And as you can see, the world is the last one selected and you can tell with these highlights. This is yellow and disease orange and the yellow one is the last selected or the active object. And now you can press controversy in copy a bunch off attributes off the active object. I'm going to copy selected money, fire and select So lead. If I and now we have the same solidify a plate to these object, I'm going to change the upset so we have the thickness off the floor on the right direction . Now, an important thing to check is the face orientation. So you go to over lace and select face organization. You can see it's pointing blue, so he's correct. I'm going to disable it again. And as we did with this 30 year, well, I'm going to create another collection which contains the floor so I can create a new collection colleague Floor Select. This plane first came to move through the floor. Or more easy, is to select the plane and that you can see here at the outline. Er, we can drag under up any object to another collection. Now we can isolate different parts off our scene. Now let's make the holes for the windows, and for these I'm going to use the bullion method. So first I'm going to call these anti collection brilliance. And in this collection I'm going to create a cube in going to a movie taller here and enter edit mode scale in X axis. And I think this windows if we take a look at the reference again, this we knows probably are one meter or 10.8 meters. I'm going to Scully in the X axis to one meter, Skelly in the white Access O'Leary Manji important thing here is to pass through the world's clearly something like this going to move it to the X axes are literally. Now I'm going to select the wall and at a bullion while the fire, the operation will be different and the object with the little eyedropper I can select the Cube. So now if I hide these Cube, we can see we have the whole created in our world. But this is a pretty tedious method and we're going to see a fast workflow to perform billions. So I'm going to press controversy and undo these operation only de bullion Now go to edit preferences and look for tool. So what these other does is allow us to perform of Julian's with shark. It's so, for example, if I grabbed these Cube and the world, I'm going to perform a look. A with these cube, because the wall is the less selected is the active one. So I praise the cube for the Boolean object on dwell on I press control vinyls pressing control my girls, we perform a difference Willian and also takes the bullion shape and political look at the object properties we can see Invisibility Blender, our dimensionally, the sables, their disability for the render an interview for this play, we can see that East this plate as bounce so it don't bother us while we are moving. Now we can select these bully and object, and we called Movie around and modify these cuts. So is a measured way. Instead, off modeling the entire loop on may be making another look here, and another here selected his face and the leading for me the fastest way in arteries to create windows and gaps for doors. Things like that is the best way working with Williams, So looking at our reference, let's take a look at these window and we can see it's nearly couch in the ceiling and these marvel step. So let's modify it a little bit too much. Our reference and just barely xx is a little bit more and scurried, save axes and maybe move it down on you eat something like this. For now, I'm going to press out of D to make a duplicate linked object and with the bullion selected and select the world and control miners to perform their difference bullion. Now, looking again on our reference, we can see that these wood planks are indented in the interior off the wall and the ceiling . So let's create this cup for the bootlegs. I'm going to select these bullion, object and press shifted the and make a simple copy. And if you remember, we made previously in these walls to edges for the reference off the wood planks. So what I'm gonna do ease because we can't see And yet I'm going to activate. In their view, port overlays the wife frame and make sure you have thes value at one. So now we can see all the edges and geometry off our measures. Now I select the bullion object and go to edit both and ice like this face. And remember, we have the snap into Vertex so I can move this face in the X axes ing with control. I can snap through these edges. I'm going to move up these face now in going to Tuggle, X ray uber sit and go down with the mouse. You can change to x ray or pressing these leader of acting over here. I'm going to select his face and move it down a little bit just about now. I'm going to make an error for explain an issue that go happen when we perform some Boolean operation. No, As you can see, we have these bullion object intersecting perfectly with his edge. And now if I make a bully operation I select with two objects The wall is the active one. My breast control miners to make a difference. You can see nothing is happening. If I move the subject a little bit around, you can see we are making the cut. But now we can't see anything. And this is because when you have this kind of situation where the bullion object is perfectly matching another edge or another surface like, for example and going to any mode and scaling in x axis a Lear it we're passing through these edge. So now these kind of issue disappears. So in order to resolve that kind off issue, we could make two things. One of them is Scalea. Just the leader leads in this case in the X axis. Just leave it so the issue with the bullion disappears. Or maybe we can go to the edit mode of the wall and the solve these two edges. But we're going to do for the situation is going to edit, moan and scale. Ali Ritz is Bolden and the problem He's gone. Let's adjust the death off these bullion, so going to select these face and move it in the Y axis. And if I want a exact measurement off this gap, where I could do is moved his face in the Y axis has not be to this Vertex. As you can see, we have the issue that we talked about before. Now, in this position, I can move it in the Y Axis point Teoh. Three miners. And there we go. If we hype now, the bullion collection and I'm going to disable the wire frame. As you can see, we have the gap made on the world. I'm going to adjust the leader with the overall size of the room. So I select the world's and the floor and I compressed top to go to edit mode and now in anything there to objects at the same time so I can go to the X ray won't collect these Vertex and the scale like X axis, and we have now five meters lens off this well, I reactivate the bullion collections and I'm going to move these windows right over here. Let's make now the injury or war, and we take a look at the reference. As you can see, we have this interior world that separates the shower from the bathroom itself. So let's create another collection and call it interior well. And I'm going to create a plane. Oh, here and rode. Eight. XXY is 19 Greece movie happily wheat, and it's not too erratic. So we are sitting on the floor and going to select these edge and truly and is not to these Vertex with control without Click Isolate these top adjust and movie in said access and is not expected. There we go. I think that these, well, those leaders more over here. I'm going to leave 1.4 meters here for now. Now, looking again at the reference, we can see that these wooden planks off the floor much is with these interior will. So where when I do these just these interior wall toe these gap that we have already made on the exterior well, going to disable the bullion collection and go to every month and select his face move in X axis and with control is not to these verdicts now. A select these edge and off the X axes and is not to is Vertex. Let's solidify these world. So I'm going to select these inner world and the exterior well. Control Z copy selected modifiers and I only want the lady fight money fire Press OK and that we are how this is obviously still think so. I'm going to decrease the thickness and change the opposite value. Anything. A thickness off going 15. I think it's the correct mature men, but we will see later. Now we could make the gap on the floor for the blank. The reference we can see are in words the floor. So let's make this cup. I'm going to enable the Billions collection, and I'm going to duplicate with shift and need these one rotate in X axis 19 Greece and for these I'm going to disable the exterior wall. So where I could do first I'm going to press right click and said the origin at the geometry. Then I could pass G and move it in set axes and snap to the floor surface. Now I have it in the surface. Now it can push issuing these bullying tool exactly at the assure. Men's very once So I, Percy and sit access points through three miners. So it goes down now we can select now with these bullion object selected, I press shift and Greek to select the floor as well and control miners to perform a difference operation. Let's bring back the exterior world collection and to navigate inside. It's good practice to use the welcome navigation, and you can find this option in peel on navigation and welcome aviation. I suggest to create a shortcut for me. Chief Jeff works Well now, if I press shift, F can walk inside the room and it's better to have a look around of the entire scene. Now, as you can see, we have to dig up on the floor, can modify a little bit these bully and object. I'm going to move Italie with over here and there we go to say things are a little bit better. I'm going to press end and in the beauty shop and going to change the focal length to 35 millimeters percent to get read off these side panel and now we can see more space in their view. Poor. Let's continue by the ceiling. So I'm going to select the floor. She Andy wrangling to duplicate these mesh. How am going to change the upset off the solidified to go up and press G and seat and snap to spur ticks and let's create another collection? So I press here in the same collection and new collection. I'm gonna call it ceiling and select the ceiling for stem and movie toe the sailing collection. Or maybe imagine idea half here in the outline. Er, like thousands off objects you called select one object here, in their view, Per. And if you place a mouse here in the outline, er you could price point and the headliner is going to tell you where is these objects so I can drag and drop the explain ceiling toe the ceiling collection. Now I'm going to hide the floor and the exterior well collections I can see better. What do I know here? And we take a look at the reference we can see that these wood planks of the ceiling are the same as the floor So what I'm gonna do East Selectees, William Object in all trendy. So I make a linked duplicates object and I move it right over here going to move it in set axes and with control I use Napa Valley and do this or face Now I can move G and set access point CEO three and we're go to Bill. So we have these bullion object selected shift click to select day ceiling and control my nose to perform a difference. I have to say here in bullion operations, we have three different operations intersect union and difference So let me undo it's last bullion operation And if I press control plus we're going to do a union And if I press control slash we're going to make an intersection so you can see we make an intersection between the bullion object and this mesh let me and do again and control miners to perform the difference I'm gonna hide the billions collection and in evolve exterior and floor shift F to navigate insights Remember that I changed the shortcut but if you want, you can go to the view navigation in well congregation right leak and assign it to two favorite. So with deep rescue, you will have this little renew with your favorites. It's another way too fast. Go into the world navigation. Now, if you remember of the reference we have here a whole that allows to enter the light down, going to disable the floor and they exterior wall collection and I'm going to duplicate, for example, this bullying object with shifted me going to edit mode. And I'm going to Scully to have something similar to our reference. We can see we have this whole here, so let's scale it in. Eggs, axes Haley White, 10 scale said. Actually, so to object mode, I'm going to go Leary, Tapper with this bullion on ship is passing through the soothing. So we're good to go and perform, then a Boolean operation find enable Now the exterior Well, you can see we have to position it a little bit better regarding the reference so that something like this moving in sex ease, leader tweets and maybe scale eat or muftis face right over here and there we go between able again to floor election and hide the Williams Collection and let's see what more we can do now 4. Wood planks: so we probably and start with the window frames. Let's take who kind of the reference and see here we have Father Pretty simple frame for the widow and for these where I'm gonna duties let me show again the brilliance collection . So I go in and grab these bullion and these objects as the origin at the center off these whole So where I can do it spreads shift ISS and plays the course short to select. If I have the cruiser right at the center of the whole, off the window again disable the brilliance collection and I can now create a plane here is going to create displaying at the center off this window, as we have to the ceiling collection selected. His new object is going to be created in the Syrian collection. So where you can do these so, like these were in came They do move these to the exterior walk. I'm going to edit mode, angry to retain these in the x axis. And I did grease scale x axis Well, they're scale it said axes. And now with the edges mode, I can select piece, actually simple G and C axes. Then is not to these perfect this thing for these one and the same for the rest off the fish. So now we have this plane perfectly matching the whole of the wiggle. Let's go to any moment, select everything with a I'm gonna make a earlier insets with I just about there and this face. I'm not going to deleted where I'm gonna do East Person and separate. I selection. So now we have basic belief, Jill D Foreign objects and these will be the actual window lasts for now. I'm going to select display name press H So we hide it and select frame venture solidify, I think 0.0 five for this. Rainey's a good body. Now let's move fusion it. But 5% held h. I come back with the window that's and select the frame as well, and I think we look at the reference these window frame are not right in the center of this whole. So it's positioning better a little bit. You hear something like this, I think, and here we have another detail. And as you can see, the frame is going outside thes direction and the window us. It's here at these outside face a working your instead off moving the window Last too much the center off these window friend because selectees solidify and change the upset to seal . So we have the same measurement in and out going to disable the ceiling collection to see the things a little bit better. Now select these two options out D because there the same object and with his nap, there we go. This position it perfect. There is another interesting thing that we can do with the windows. I'm going to enable the brilliance collection. And if I move now, these volume obviously the window is not going too much with the whole. So where I could do is select these two objects and so, like the last, the Julian and press control p and set the parent through the object and keep transfer. And these allows to now move thes objects around and the window will be perfectly match. So now we can adjust the whole without rearranged the other objects. Gonna make the same thing for the other. We know, select these two objects and the bullion object control beep and said Byron to object and keep transfer and there we have it now. We can push issue, need a leader with whether something like this and the same for the other window just like this. And I think this is a little bit better now. It's time to make the wood plants. Let's see their reference, and these good plants are not that difficult to model. But there are some details. For example, if we take a look here because a plank that ends at the final but the other one he's overlapping. I hope you can see here in this image have this plan ends here, and the other ends the final, the very final off the wall, and then continues on. Let's see how we can do that in an easy way. I'm going to disable the ceiling collection and plays the course. Or here, or actually where I'm going to do East Select again, for example, Bullion and I have these origin at the center off the gap. So she tests kosher, just elected. So now I have the three coarser of the middle off this gap, and I'm going to create here a insight off the exterior wall and going to create a new collection, and it's going to be the wood plane. Six. So let's make a plane shift a blame and we can see we don't have actually the course or at center. So it means that these are regime is not at the center. It's not important because we can move these and maybe we can move these over here. It's not important to have always the or is in at the center off the Miss, but I will take advantage of these ever to show you how to change easily the a reason off some objects and move around. So let's, for example, we have this object in the rightly said regime to the geometry, though this is the center off the object in African press, youth is again coarser, do selected, and if I select now the plane, we can see the mismatch between the origin Andi coarser. But we can easily place the's at the coarser by pressing shift s and selection to coarser. And there we have it at the center. So let's make the wood plank I'm going to scale. These are literally too much. I work up. Rotator exactly is 90 degrees and scale. That's it axes. I think this could make like drugs since readers. So on the 12 going to push you need better sigh moving said Axis. And now it can move in the y axis and control snapper here and now instead off extruding, displaying and going to place a solidity Finally, fire sickness 0.3 You remember Andy upset at one and you can see it much is perfect with the gap that we made with Julia. Now instead, off duplicating these many times where can do these place and are regularly fire. Let me press slash So I go to loco Bill. We concede better. What's happening here? Have here a field type for these kind of situation We want to fix count. We have the count here and now, as you can see, air making duplicates in the X axis toe working Dewey's here in related hops. It is his ex. Why, instead, access. So I'm going to do said the value of the X axes and zero and in these axes one. But now, as you can see, we have some deeply 80 How you I go to the white friend you can see here you have seven copies off these objects, but we don't have any gap. So we need to increase illegally this value and we will have now the gap between the William Blanks gangland to press Slash, to go outside the local view and obviously is wrong. And we can change the upset into a narrative value, and I think they got. But it's going to be for now, something like this. Maybe my nose, quien 0.0 for something like this. For now, we'll see how it much is with a reference. And now we just need to increase the count. 24. It's okay, we cover the entire world, and now we have all these duplicated Woods blanks. But actually, we only have one plane in this case because we have first the solidify. And after making this solidify, we have the rain modifier. So it's a nice and fast way to have these kind off objects and pretty easy. Now if I want, I go to duplicate this object linked because it's going to be the same object without deep making a duplicate linked object. Rotate at X axes 19 Greece and will be down in profusion it at the floor and it's going too much, perfectly again with up when to press, Jian said. Axes and snap to this Vertex. So there we have it. I'm going to move it. But she she need to right over here and there we have the wood planks. As you can see, we need a little bit more so I can increase the count. And there were taking account that even though they are the same object, they can have different while the fires. So I can change these modifier and it's not going to change on the other duplicate link object. But remember, if we now, for example, scale these the X axis, we actually scale these as well. Now let's position these will plans at the ceiling. So I'm going to enable again the ceiling collection so out D and moving set access right on here. Perfect. Let's now take a look at how we can do these. If you remember at the reference we have this kind of situation with the planks. So let's see how we can do this, by the way, angling to move these good plans. So the ceiling collection within to the ceiling and the's what plans off the floor. Arrest him and movie. Do the floor collection. OK, now I'm going. Teoh disabled the floor and ceiling. I'm going to duplicate These were plank with shifting the in this case because we were going to change the actual match off the wood broad A. That said Access 180 Reese. So we have the thickness pointing out and move it here snapping to these Well, now I'm going to disabled you. Everybody fire cooking in this little icon. So I hide the Holy Fire and I'm going to edit mode and we're going to do these shift indeed duplicate this plane. Remember that we have to solidify. And actually, we have only a plane and I'm going to select these edge and move it in the X axes point to your three, which is the same thickness off the good blank. And now, if I enable again the array Molly Fire. We have these effect going to present slash to go to a local view and one to see in the front deal. And now we can adjust the literally the upset to something like this versus slash again to exceed the local real. And as we can see, we have to decrease the count. And now I can duplicate these without, indeed, because is the same mesh Rotate said axes. 90 degrees minus. Okay, well, we'd right here a little bit. And position the good blanks as we have injured reference. Now position the blanks. Something like thes movie. Upali read. There we go. So now we have these would plans as the reference now descends, you can see is too large. But if we change the smash going to select these poetics and move it right over here. And as you can see, we actually change the other because we duplicate this mention without indeed so is linked . So I'm going to press control seat toe and do this operation and go I can do is go to the data properties and click on these little baton, which he says Chu, and this indicates that we have two instances off this mesh. So now if I click on this one, we make a single copy off this mesh. Now you can edit this measure without editing the other one. There we go. We need to increase the count off these wood planks are going to the money fires G R A and one more. There we go. Let's enable now the floor and there we have it enable the sitting as well. And we have the good plants are ready in our seats. So far, so good. Let's move these blanks to the interior worlds collection. Okay, And now we want to show you I really important aspect off the modeling a stage which is Beverly. So if we take a look now, let me disable the ceiling. If we go now to look that or material preview, you can access person sex and going here and bacterial preview or in this little button, we have the different mouths off be apart, going to decrease a little bit. This trains off the elimination something like this. And as you can see, we have here this kind off sharp edges going on through all our missions here, at the walls, at the frame off the window. You have to think that in the real world, these perfect ages doesn't assist. So even a knife has a little bit off label on it. So to achieve realism on all our objects, you have to place a rebel modifier or model of Bevo to catch some highlights on these edges , and you will have more a readability off the mesh and more realism. So where I can do is going to select these wood planks and pressed Slash to go to the local view, and I'm going to place a bevel money fire. So now we have Here are Babel modifier in the modified stack into her different settings. Let's play with the opposite first and going to decrease the upset. There's something like this. You can type 0.3 for example, or type three millimeters, and it will be the same now. Too small thes Bevo. I'm going to make more hitches here by inquisitions segments. So if I go to the wife remote, you can see here we have more geometry and now right click and shape this month and now another important thing off the is multi is the angle off is moving. As you can see, we have a problem here. It's difficult to see, but this is not correct intense off its moting faces. So where I can do is go to the data properties and in our months to enable the outers month and in the rebel money fire harden normals. So now we have the correct is more. Think off our faces now for the situation. It's good also to enable the limit method to and go. And as it says here, it performs a label in angles above these values. So for example, we now these value is angle off. These faces is 90 degrees. So I increase these and I overpass 90. He raced. The bubble disappears so usually a good Bob. You here is 30 degrees, but it depends on the match itself and the object going to decrease their without the rebel . I went to put June millimeters nothing that's more accurate. So to achieve more realism in the overall scene and your object, I always suggest to Babel everything always you can, so it will be more readable. The scene I'm going to select the well and now with sheep, select wood planks and remember with control. See, we can copy modifiers, so I'm going to select copy selected money fires and copy the Bible. How if we take a look here at the modifier stack of the world we have first solidifying fire and then the Willians and then the bet. It's important to have the Babel after the brilliance, because otherwise, for example, if I move thes bevel up the modifier, stack the Bible, these appears. So it's important to have the Bago always after the Boolean operations. And as you can see, we have here, I work me and it's his enable. How does move in object of properties? This is we cause we have the hardened normals activated, so we need to enable out of smooth. So now we have the Bible in all our world. Going to Greece are literally the week off this Bible, I think, three millimeters or four million acres. Another possible issue is thes clamp overlap. As you can see, I increase the upsets. Nothing is changing, and this is because let me go to local view with these well, and it would take a look here, for example, I going to disable the clamp, overlap and go to the white frame moat. And here we have some issue because off the topology that creates the bevel so we can do certain things to avoid these kind off artifact. It's first of all, here in the meter type. Let me go to the wife remote. And these meter type tells how to perform the Babel. So if I change the outer to Arc, we have thes topology and this is a better apology for achieve good results. Going to solid new and just are legally the offset something like this. And to remove these artifact and going to edit mode. And I don't need any more, these adjusts. I'm going to select these words and these one and control X so I D's off is just now you go out the remote and the issue has gone. Now let's copy the Bible money fire into every object off our scene. I'm going to select the frame and then the good plants control. See and copy selected money fires. Copy the Babel and again, selectees in shade smooth and go to a doctor Properties and out of a small for outers, most 30 between 30 and 60 is always good value. And again it will take a look. Here, let me go to the wire frame mode. As you can see, we have ceased apology so I can go to the devil, my fire and in the meter type outer. I can change the two arc and now we have these nice rounded H and on the other window even it's the same geometry because it's ah linked duplicate Off the all their frame, the money fires are individual for each object. So again, I'm going to select the spraying sheet. So like the other one, control C and select and copy selected modifiers on Lee the Bible. And there we are. Now I'm going to select the other good planks with shift the ceiling swell and then the other would plants where we have the Babel already applied the Last control see selected money fires and copied Babel. So now we have the Vago applied in all our work. Lex, let's shade smooth these ones, so select these shapes. Move and shapes. Muth, You can see we have these problem with this more Think so. Just go to the doctor properties in enable outdoors muth and the same us here enable out of smooth And how if I go to the material preview, we can see that we have more readability on these would plans and, for example, here at the floor. You have these. Nice up. Let me disable the table so you can see the difference in trouble over lace. So here's before the rebel. And years after I'm going to play the rebel Molly Firas. Well, here on the floor, I select the floor and then, well, control, See selected money, fires and bubble And now shame this month and remember to enable out of his mouth. Now, if we take a look at the reference here, we have thes wood planks at the end. We have this kind off tape. So let's do that. I'm going to disable the ceiling to see better, and I'm going to places in the interior wall. So he selected gear while here in jail collections and plays the course. Or with shift and right click over here, Chief Hamish claim by to edit mode. And what a. These are the Y axis 19 Greece and simply and going to grab these age and movie here snapping. These goes here. There we go. We have to explain, and now simply and going to select the good plants as well and copy the solid. If I'm on fire and the Bible modifier There we go. We have now some unifying. I'm going to change the upset off the solidified to minors One. And there we go. 5. Sink / Door / Marble step: Let's place now some major details. For example, these marvel step. It's an easy one. So let's see. They want the cursor on the center. So I select, for example, these would plans shift has cruiser to select it. So I have now the cruiser here at the center of these good planks and going to make these barbell step in the floor collection shift. Hamish, plane, how police treat and I go to a moat and I can go to travel X ray here. Or if you want pressing these leader button, We went to select this edge movie. Oh, they're scale, I exact. Seasonally, we're going to scary. These exacts is just over here because I want to change your literally the design. If we see the reference these step this marbles that goes from world too well but I want to change a little bit. Maybe, but some people's here in the in the floor? Yes, for the sake, off teaching. So I'm going to make these three meters length and probably a leader it more off with probably 1.2 meters here. Okay, I'm going to scale eat 0.3. Maybe country is too much point ju. Yeah, When Jude's okay for me. And now, as we can see, we have to adjust. Now we read the windows, so I'm going to enable the billions collection again. And I'm going to select the bullion objects and the frame and window. So let everything. Now, if I go to any mode, I'm editing all these measures at the same time and I can select all these bottom faces and what we up our leader. It's, I think, something like this. Okay, now again, we need some Bibeau. So I select these, for example, and the good plank and control C copy the Devil Money, Fire shapes, Muth And how those mouth Maybe we need a leader with more bevel here, so I'm going to increase the upsets. I think in this case five millimeters works. Well, now, if we look at the reference we have here are Lou baseboards on these marbles. Tape, as you can see over here. So where could Dewey's select thes face, for example shift to the right click to release at the same position? So we have actually a playing here separated and now we construed its leader. It 0.0 ju maybe, and we have the same object, but with different pieces. Maybe the offset off the meadow is a little bit too much. I'm going to set it to three millimeters, and so far so look, let's work now on the Adora. Let's not forget the door, because otherwise weekends enter at this bathroom. So taking a look at the reference we have the story is pretty simple. We have some cuts here at the door, so let's see how we can do this. I'm going to place it or at the exterior world collection. So I click on the exterior herbal collection. I'm going to plays the course or right over here with shift right click. Let's create a plane. And in every moderate date at the Y Axis 19 race and now in object mode, I'm going to movie up a snapping to the floor. The door is probably two meters height or 2.1 meters. So against you select these edge and move it happen a little bit. So now we have 2.1 meters are going to scale it. Why access and the usual leaders make between 0.8 or one meter so I'm going to play something between this values. I think 10.85 8 Cool work. I'm going to place these door right over here and now. Impressive slash To go to local view so I can work easily on the single object. So back into any mode person top. I'm going to make an insect something over here. But as you can see here we have this face. So I'm going to get read off that pressing X and delete this phase. And I went to select these edge and moving in. Said access and snap took these partakes. I'm going do selectees, single face and press P and separate selection. So now we are working with the frame again. I'm going to place a solidify modifier first. Something like 0.0 Fife, for example. It's OK. I'm going to set the upset at zero. So we have the door at the middle off this frame. Now I add another solidifying with fire to the door. Maybe 0.3 signaled value upset in tow zero. And if I go to their wife room, we can see what we have. Four here, maybe. Ah, literally. Lice 40.0 Chu it's something more correct. And now to modify these geometry. Now I have to actually apply these solidifying really fired to enter and be able to any dis mesh because right now we only have actually a single plane. So I'm going to apply these solidify money fire, and now I go to object mode and I have all these faces to work on now, looking at the reference we have these these geometry here, remember, always look at the reference. So where I can do is press shift, our and and it's called the mouse app. So I have to symmetrical at troops Left, click and right click to release at the center. Now it's Kelly. Why axis some think over here and now we can select these Jew faces and I can x truly out our leader. Wheat. Just a little bit over here and there we have it our before continuing on, I'm going to place the bevel modifier, so I select the frame and the door and with shift I selected frame, so is the last selection. Now control C and copy selected money fires, and I only want the same table as the window so selective able and here we have it. Now we can select the frame shade this most and remember to enable out of smooth and the same for the door. And now we need to make these three cuts home the door and you can see here at thes image we have three cuts. So let's see. Well, I'm going to selected Are presses slash to go to the local view. And in any point, I'm going to make three low cuts with Chief Tire left click. And now if I praise right click, I will have with me disabled the excellent I have the excellent on the quick favorite, so it's more easy to disable it now. This edge loops are in the very centre, off the dark and now where it could do why I have these h loops selected. He's pressed control B and make a little bevel with only two edges. If I vice girl the will mouse, you will see I add some loops, but we are needed. We need only to just and something like this, and now you can select these faces, these front Racists and the faces on the other site. X and a leading now in H mode. I'm going to select without these edge loop and these one hand with fright flick I can go to little's and make a bridge. If for some reason jin half look tools enable we tell us you to perform some operations in a moat. Really useful. Remember to go to edit preference and in the Adams look for look tools and enable it I suggests to have it and they will always. So make sure you save your preference And for example, these breach tool is really useful to close gaps like this south saying here without click , I select these boundary loop, right click and bridge. So now we have these nice cuts on the door. I precious life will go out The luck of you and I'm going to select the door itself from the frame in control P and Byrant to object keeping transfer. And these allows me to just select the frame and move it around without changing the position off the other, which now I'm going to move a literally these they are over here, okay. And with a little navigation with welcome navigation, I take a look at the overall room, I enabled the ceiling again. Let's continue modeling some other major details. For example, we have these pretty simple shelves with the sink. So let's do that and going to create now another collection, and it will be, for example, sync. And in this collection, I will put all these objects and this part off the bathroom. So, too, though the shelves. So it's pretty simple going to create a plane in a remote I, Scully, by access our little wheat Now for move through the scene a little bit better and going to disable the collection off exterior will. And this is the power off collections. Make sure you organize your collections and objects while you are working, so it will be more easy than to move around through the scene. Okay, back on these shelves Languages. Kelly a little bit in a X axis. So, like the search and it goes over here and seasons. Well, it goes over here going to move it out up earlier, it extrude it. I'm going to enable again the etch length off his face, I think points euro something like between 0.6 and seven. I think regarding reference. So yeah, 0.65 for example. It looks right for me and now to place an object at cer tain height where I usually do is once I have the object models, I can grab the subject in the set axis and it's not to the surface. And now we know it. This is sitting on the floor. I can move again in the city taxes point eight meters And now we know this is 80.8 meters height from from this face to the floor and going to copy the same table as these wood plank. So again, chief and click to select the good planks there Last object selected and control See copies Selected money five years and in this case I want the but go now shade the smooth and enable hours months Now where I can do is if we take a look at the reference we have another shelf here more thinner. So simply a canned shift indeed didn't copy the shelf and, for example, select thes face and moving down a Louis I things half the thickness of the other. So yeah, something like point 34 for example, It's it looks nice now I'm moving in. The Y axes are literate right over here. And I think this is to with So if I take a look at the reference here, this is a little bit too with. So I'm going to select the two objects at the same time. Go to edit mode and I'm anything there to objects. And now we can move it here. I think you're probably points for for example, yeah, or 0.45. It looks right now let's create this sink. It's a pretty sing pour one. As you can see, we have these these details over here. So where I can do he's duplicate these objects movie top. And and it's not so these face now in a bid mode, I can scale it in the X axis. And now I'm looking at these reference. So I am going to move out this face something over here, This face, our leader. It's over there and these faces well, just over here now it's like this face in press. Why? To make an inset something like this, and I can move thes face. D y axis over here. Let me take a look at the reference again. Here we have another reference. So we need to scale lead leader, become the X axes. And so we have these even sickness. Here are little bit more on the Y axis. And now I extremely down just about here and now to a shift. These B form the six seed goes down, go straight and those up again. So where I could do he's make Julich cuts here at the center. I'm going to scale it at the X axis. Something over here, here and now I can select thes Jew edges and move them up a little bit. Oh, here Now, as you can see here, we don't have anybody willing. And this is because we have an end. Go here. That is below 30 t Greece, If you remember India rebel money, fire. We said the limit metal to end. Go. So if the angle is not 30 we will not have any bubble. So simply I can drag down these value until we see the rebel appears. There we go. As you can see Now we have this nice rebel. Then we go to the white friends so you can see and this is telling us that these end goal between these faces, it's something near eight. The Reese. So yeah, eight degrees will work for the sink. Now let's create thes simple shelves off these wooden planks. They have probably some system to touch here between those gaps. But this is not been security to model. So this is quite simple. I'm going to enable again the exterior wall collection. And I'm going to duplicate these objects with shift and d movie it right over here. And as this is a duplicate object off this one and is in this collection, these duplicate object will be in the same collection as long as Ulan change it. So I'm going to create another collection now in Angola local eat good shelves, for example, and select these new shelf and m move it to the wood shelves collection. Now just scale, eat and movie. So I'm going to move these face just about their select everything and the scale at X axes . It's Kallat. Why over here and looking at the reference, we have some variation on the lens off these routes shelves. So let's make some variations Here, have these one. I'm going to press shift. Indeed, to make a copy in scale. These on the X axes over here, maker. Another copy and scaly topics Axes over here. Something like this. And now. But you shouldn't eat as the reference are as you want. You can maybe choose another position off these wood shops. So let's he should meet. For example, these one over here, these large Chuan over here trying to trying to find a good compass. She shown off these as well will be team said axes. And so, for example, these one over here and going to make another copy with shift and the movement said accessories. I'm going to place these over here, for example, another one here of the center and shift Andy, Another one right over here. Maybe these one are legally shutter like this. Oh, here. So okay. For now it works. So let's continue on 6. Bath / Mirror: Let's create now the bust up or these bath looking at these reference to approach these modeling, we're going to use subdivision morally technique or sub the following because we have these around shape of the bath and we can achieve this body doing some subdivisions in a basic mesh. So let's see how we can do that. I'm going to create another collection here, and I'm gonna call it Bath. In this collection, I will probably put their all these little details and, for example, these four states off the bath. So here I'm going to create a plane. I'm going to disable the exterior well collection. So let's position this plane while out here now in a more that I'm going to Scully in the X axes. Right? So here, if I take a look a the exterior wall and look at the reference, we can see that there about these longer than these wood planks. So let's take these as a reference for or these bath. So you into Scully in the X axes about here and Scalea in white axes. Something like these. Let's look at the reference. Yeah, and it's at the same position as the marble step. So you're going to grab these page and movie to right over here. Now I'm going to press a slash to work on the local view anywhere it could. Dewey's extrude this. Let me see the height off. This path will be about here now, back into the local remote. If I apply a subdivision sore face modifier, we can see these effect in these, as you probably know ease have modifier to subdivide our mesh. And now what we need to do. He's provide some it's loops or support loops to achieve our form. Now working Judy's control, our said a loop or here to support these shape another loop here, another support. Look, we will probably need more subdivision to achieve this moth shape off these bath. So I'm going to set one more subdivision here at the U Poor and Orender. So we are approaching mawr, the shape in the place to superglue. Oops! Here at the center, right click to release at the center, off the object. And if we take a look at the reference again, we can see that these the stop part off the bath is round it. So let's see our free model here. We probably need to make a loop here at the center. But as you can see with these loop, we are taking the shape more straight. So where I can do is the scale at X axis just a little bit. And we will have these rounded shape at this top part. Now we can prayers, right, click and shade this most. And there we are now to make the whole off the bath. We could probably select these faces and extremely, it's down. Or maybe making inset and extremely down and try to maintain the same shape. But to do this in a proper way, where I could do is delete the stop faces. So now we have these. So now we have these shape. And if I disable the subdivision surface, actually we have these criticizing pro mesh and where I could do before, apply the subdivision. I can put I solidify before the subdivision, and basically we are doing first I solidify and then subdivision. Now, if we adjust the thickness off their solidify and let me go to their wife, read more. I'm going to disable the optimal this playoff this of division and double X ray. And as you can see, we have a perfect shape here in the inner part. Off the bus, I just ah, leader, Read the thickness. Something over here. But looking our reference we can see we have in this top part off the bus. We have sharp pitch. So where I have to do, he's fight. Disable the subdivision surface and I go to 80 mode. I have Onley these geometry. I will apply their solidify. And now if I go to edit mode and now I can play some soup art loops here to sharpening these edges. So if I enable the subdivision surfaces we have here the original mash before the subdivision angle a place I look cut here in another support Loper here. And we, as you can see here we have sharpen it these ages and this top part Maybe we need more support loops here at the top part. It's something over here. I'm here. We have thes sharper itch around our bath. So now let's take a look at our bathroom and going to disable the exterior wall and it's done. Now we can decrease a little be the subdivisions on the report and render three subdivisions will be OK, but with two within half enough subdivisions to have his moth sir face. So in render three subdivisions and in the view port to and we're good to go, let's continue with more objects. For example, we have these mirror here with pretty simple shape again without the mirror itself and part touching at the with blanks. So let's see how we can model these. I'm going to create these mirror at the sink collection and plays the coarser with shift right click here at these well, and I'm gonna make a plane rotate at the X axes 90. The race scale leads in any moment illiterate Scalea inset Access scale in X. Something like this. Let's move. It's right a little bit in the white access, so he's not overlapping with blanks and it goes down a little bit right over here. And this is actually the rounded part, the mirror itself. So it goes more out of the wall, so I'm going to move it over here for now. And where I can do he's go to any both and in Vertex mode, I can press control be to make a bagel. But as you can see, nothing happens. Always you press V to perform the bevel on Lee on the parties. Now we can scroll there will mouse up and increased their geometry on those corners. And yeah, something like this it will work even extremely. Dolly, delete Over here. There we go. And we have now these none going to local butto Make these interior part or depart that touch to the wood. So what I can do? Express shift s in place the course or at these origin. Now we can make a inside the 80 mode thinking make another plane where they had XXY is 19 Greece going to Skelly down Who here? In a scale at X Axes and Alex truly seen this direction Think judgy and the reference something like these These correct And now remember, we have to place a Babel modifier. So I'm going to change this. Most enable out the schools at 30 the grease and now I can copy the level off other object For example These wood plank. So selectees mirror and they would plank with shift and control C and Kobe selected my fires and I only want to do level. Let's take a look at these rebel when the fire and I'm going to disable the clamp overlap and just a little bit this thickness. I think in this case, one millimeter is a good value. And the major type in the outer part he's arc. Now this mirror has these little detail here and I think this is a light would help here on interior shut. But this is not turn on. But I think it's Ah nice little and we have to do it. So So let's see. I'm going to create here a plane, position the core story in the surface and create a plane. I'm going to add a mode. And Scalea, we're here where they have XX ease. 19 race Going to Scully X something on year, I think now going to move it right over here. And where I can do with this is attach it to the actual Miran going to select these two objects and press control Jay to join these two objects. Now in a moment I can see my plane is over here. If you can select now, your plane remember to Togo X ray, and you can select easily the different parts off Smash. Now let's grab these edge moving. Upolu it. I'm going to create a loop here and select this H ill and extraordinaire out here and looking at the reference, we have these corners a little bit round it, and it's a nice detail. So it's doing Bean Vertex Most languages elect these verdicts and wrest control B v toe Perform the bevel on Lee on the vortices and in this case, we don't meet that match practices. So something over here and there we go now take into account that displaying is perfectly sitting on these other one. So we need to separate our leader with this plane from these one. Otherwise, we could have some problems when rendering so I can select these part with ill and residency. Here we select elite. For example, if I plays the mouse here at thes mirror objects and I press Phil, I select Onley these element. So, knowing that I agreed to place the mouse here of, for example at these Vertex Press L now I can move it in the Y axis just the literally until week. See the plane. He's not overlapping the other face. Now let's create these simple structure to support Thai wills and stuff like that. I'm going to create it, for example, in the bath collection. And you know what? I actually am going to scare these as the reference because, yeah, I think it's a good design. So I'm going just so, like these jewel faces and movies right over here and the other one as well to select these two faces and movie to the well, there we go now for the subject I'm going to create here I Cube going to edit mode and Scalea this over here, going to move it to sit on the floor. I think it's a little bit smaller, so I'm going to press s and she said, Toe squish the model. But without changing the height off it, something like this, I think it could work. Now it select his face and move it up. Actually, I think it's more thinner, so scale, shift and set. How is I squish them all in the X y plane. Something about here now, actually, where I can do is in edit mode. I'm going to select with a these little piece and I'm gonna move it The left off these origin. So, as you can see, with half the origin here going to change the origin to be here at the floor so right click and said the origin toe three d coarser. So now the origin is in the floor. And now I going to make a mirror off these object not in the ex pats in the Y axis. Now we're going to make here some lookouts and going to a local mo to work more easy going to make you look cut here and trying to make a square shape here as well. Another loop cut. You need to select these two faces. Now I can extrude them toe the center off the object. And as you can see, we are passing through the origin. So what we need to activate here is the clipping auction. So when we arrived to the center of the object, it will attach it to the center and merch thes birth books. And actually, I'm looking at their reference. And here we don't have any peace. So where I can do is select these faces and X and delete them. They leave these us? Well, now a select these loop with out leak on one of these ages and F to make her face continuing on. I'm going to select these face extra leads about here. Something like this. Make another loop about their okay. And now Selectees face and extraordinary happened something over here. Now I make another loop and selected face an extra There were Let's see how it looks here. Now, as we have the origin here at the floor, If I change now, the is not being options to face and is not being closest. If I move these objects with G and I hold control, I can snap his object to different surface. And this is so helpful to place objects on the scene. So I'm going to place these objects over here looking at the reference. I think it's more wit, but thanks to the mirror, now we can select in the bird six molding you into trouble X ray to select everything, all these tactics and now we can move it about here. And there were I think it's more color. So I select the stop for ticks and moving up and now, looking at the reference, we can see that this object has rounded stick going through. So again, in local view, I'm going to place the course or over here with shift and right click or if I want to be exactly and going to select these two. Bar thinks she's s coarser to select it. And now I have the cursor in the center off these two of our ticks now compares a shift a and create here a circle 32 per ticks for these East. Too much, I think so. I'm going to decrease these two, maybe 12 Vertex for this kind off object. It's too little, and it's not necessary to overdo the object with, ah lot of mesh. So trough Varteks it's OK for this kind of objects going to scale it, and as you can do, we have free little issue here and this is because they're clipping. So if you have this kind of situation, I'm going to press control seat toe and do these scaling going to disable the clipping Scalea Now, Now we can again enable the clipping rotate in x axis 90 degrees Scalea again, something over here. I'm going to move it in state. Actually, it's about here and now we can extraordinaire, is until we meet the center off the object. Now, if I want to move these up and down, I can sell like this with l and move it with these elements elected. I'm going to press shift indeed. Toe make a duplicate object. Yes. Out here and movie apple Ooh, it's the same gap here than here. And something like these seems nearer to the reference. Remember that we have to provide a able to achieve more realism. So again, instead of creating one neo bevel operation, I'm going to select these and, for example, with shift hands like as well, the frame of the window control C and copy selected my fires better. Let's take a look at these object Now I need to shade this most and remember to enable out of smooth. By the way, if you have these problem and you can see your geometry, this is due to the clipping. So I press in and go toe the view properties here and we have a clip starts value and going to decrease these 2.1 And here we go now, looking at the subject. As you can see, we have here a flat face. And this is because the outdoors most is holy is moving angles about 30 degrees in this case so I can increase these value literate until we have a small surf. Another possible problem we have here is if I look at the report overlays in I enable face or irritation. These faces are at the wrong normal direction. So what I need to do he's select these element press shift and to recalculate normals. Then at last we have here I sharp edge and this is because the bible is tango 30. So probably this angle is less down. 30 if I increase these tango Ah, literate. We could read off these sharp pitch If I go to the wire frame and I put these angle to 30 we perform a Bago in some off these faces had increasing a little bit these tango value off the rebel. We get rid off this issue now back here in the local view, I think these object much is really well the reference. So we have another object donor 7. Radiator / Toilet: Now we have here a similar object, these wall radiator. And it's similar in terms off the modeling technique, we can see more details here. It's a pretty simple one. So where I can do is actually and going to duplicate with Shift and the the object. And this is yes, for optimization off our time. I'm going to rotate these in same axes, 180 degrees, control a in scale, a rotation. Now you look over you. I'm going to edit month and I'm gonna grab thes vertex and picks and delete those heretics . Hey, grab these and the ones and the leave them as well. And I only need actually these stick so I can grab these were things and delete them. Now, Wiccans like these four faces breast f to make a face here and here as well. So now we have these two parts off the radiator. We can grab this part and move it here at the origin. And thanks to the mirror, we are making these models metrical. I think this part is more of either. So I'm going to Skelly pressing s and then the shift sets to squish here and scale it without changing the height. Think something like this school work in edges mode. I'm going to select these. Look edge without Glick and these as well. I'm going to scale in set access to Chief. Something like this. Okay, now we take a look at the reference we have. The shape here is actually a cube, and in the top part, let me see another reference. Yet in the top part, it finishes straight. So I'm going to select this face shift, the and extra. Now, I have separated elements in the same object. Let's see the overall scale of the model. And I think it could be bigger than we have now. So I'm going to scale these movies over here in object mode. I movie up into place it here near the wall and this part or all the Stoller. So I agreed to select these Tober takes and move it up. And I think something like this it matches Well, now let's make these horizontal parts. And where I can do these go to edit mode and events like these element with l. I'm going to duplicate this with shift and the movie in the Y axis and a little bit. You gonna scale it about their And for now, in going to a disabled clipping here in the mirror modifier, I ever take these element in X axes 90 degrees and scale. Why access? I'm going to get rid off these Juelz Loops without creek. I select them and picks and dissolve edges. Let's grab these face and movie about here. And so let these other one and enabled clipping now and move it over here. Now, where I can do is select this element with l am of these town writes about here. Okay, I'm going to press shift e n I duplicate this element and move it inside. Access suppression. Set something over here and now, without making another operation, if I prayers shift, our I repeat the last operation so I can receive her several times something like this. And looking at the reference, we have these gaps between those elements. So let's make the going to duplicate some off these elements by hovering with the mouse impressing l. I can select a few of them something like this. And now I can press shift Indian duplicate movie happen in another duplicate over here. I'm going to get rid off these at Lupin. So I select these without left, click and control X. And now these face goes up are leery and d over l a scale seems correct. So let's continue. We have here some elements, as we can see in these reference. And there is our world mounting part this chrome, barter or metallic part and we can't see it. But I assume there is the same pieces over here. So let's do this. I'm going to local. We work again and united mode. I'm going to select, for example, these face shift s and crucial to select it. And now I have this course or at the very center off thes face shift A. I'm going to make a cylinder 12 30 Sees his. Now I remember. I'm going to disable the clipping scale eats and now it can enable again clipping. And I'm going to adjust the scale off these objects. Something like these will take white axes. 19. Greece, Now a Vertex Modi can extrude these element now before continuing, going to check the face orientation and it's correct. Let's continue. I think this is going to be something over here. Analogue, compress, Struth and scale and extraordinary sexy czar legally right over here and press f to make these back face right. Leak shapes Muth. And there we go. We have another tiny detail here at the stop part, and it's pretty easy. So where I can do is go to edit mode. I'm going to select his face and shift and the movie up where they why axes 90 degrees and going out toe top view. And I'm going to position these at the center off these square movie top PolyU. It's right over here and extreme something like this. I'm going to move these a little bit because we enter the wall, so I'm going to move the's in the X axis. I almost forgot to duplicate these two little elements in the top part, but so with L. I'm going to select these elements hand just shift the knee and move it to rights. I think over here it's a good place and we have made another element. Now let's make the toilet way. Take a look at the reference here we have these reference in a side view. We have another view and as we did with the bath. We're going to model these style it with the sub d modeling technique. So let's see how we can do that. They're going to create here a cube and in a bid Modi Scalea tell you Eat Very stop again to x idiot mode. I'm gonna grab move it about here and let's see the size off these toilet in edit mode. A Scalea that little more. I think something over here it will be okay, but we're going to scale it later and there will be no no problem. But I'm going to look of you to work more. You see, the first I'm going to do he supply areas of the recent surface. And if I press control chew, I apply a money fire here said division surveys with two levels fight press control. Three. You can see we change the level offs of divisions on the view port. So it's a fast way to be different. Subdivisions are our model. For now, let's set subdivisions of the view poor on Jew, and we need to provide our model with some support loops. So the first I'm going to do is make a look here supporting these top part in these bottom part and going to place another at the center off these cube. Now we have the shape now taking a look at the reference we need to a squish. The cube that we have now we need to scale it are literate the same shape towards the well . In this case, I'm going to select these tuber ticks and now achieved s a course or two selected now have the Kurds are positions here. And if I pressed period, I can change. The people point off my operations. So let's change their people point to our three d coarser. And now the people point is here. If I select now, these thes burgesses here and I scale it in the y axis scale in why we're moving those vertex to the three d coarser I select now these bird species as well and scale at Why something over here? I think we need a leader with more off space here. So I select these work takes and move it a little bit on the Y axis. Something like this. Okay, now we have these a legal deformation or if I Look, these this site near way We have these straight face here. So in X ray mo taken selectees Vertex They have thes three Burdick's selected hands inside view. Now we can scale at y axis. We still have the three course or here. So if I scale in the white access, I will scale these bottom purchases towards the three coarser. It seems that it has a little cure here. So maybe I can plays here. Another loop at the center off the object and select these three. Artis is now inside of you. I'm going to move it on the y axis are little bit something over here. Now we need to take a nap. Salary these back parts. So I'm going to place another looper here. And as you can see, we are making these loop and fight us like the mouse. These loop is trying toe average the tilt off the loops that it has around. So, for example, if I go here about these inclination, if I go there, it about's the other one. Where it can do is press eat. Now we have on a straight loop. If I press f, I select the other one. So it's an easy way to adjust the new look. I'm going to press African and make thes loop right over here for these deformation. Off the top part where I can do is select these faces, stop faces and Macon in sit. And I'm going to make an incident as well at the bottom part. So I select all these faces and I make hell little insects. So with this, I support these these modern shape off the toilet. And now, to deform the Masons, we can see here. Where I can do is select this Vertex Chief s plays the course aura in this Matics. Now I'm going to select these faces and make sure you have the three coarser as the people point. And now, if I rotate thes faces at the X axis were rotating around this cursor so I can rotate these little eat like this. And now we have thes deformation. Now what we need to do is provide more support loops. We can place one Look here. As you can see, we have thes kind off behavior off the new loop. And if I press e, I can modify the UK pure off this Look, I press f and it goes to the other side. Something over here will work. Now I'm going to disable for now, these subdivision surface to see our topology. I will probably need another suport loop over here. And we're creating these even separation off this part in able again, the subdivision. And we probably need another blooper right over here to support a little bit these back parts off the toilet. Now for the cover, I'm going to disable the substitution you to select these faces and pressing control. Plus, I grow this election, so I selected another Lupin. And if I price control plus again, I grow the selection even more magical. Continue pressing control plus and growing the selection. But in this case, I only want these top faces So pressing control miners can t select these girls selection. So we have these faces selected. I'm depressed Shift, Andy, move it in sacks. Ease. Just a little bits over here. It's okay now where you can do is extrude this part. I enable again the subdivision modifier. And this is what we have for now. And as you probably Nazis, we have to provide more support loops. So I'm going to disable the subdivision to see better our mesh with seat. I'm going to select these faces and in the sight feel I'm going to move these faces in the Y axis now, in going to play some support looks here. One over here and another one over here. And another one here. Now we have these back part here that attractions little. So where I can do is select. These four faces are going to make an insect just about here and now this insect, I'm going to scale it into X axis. When to change, the people point to on the box center again with the period he now these four faces, I can extrude them and I'm going to make some super loops. One over here, another one and maybe one other here as well. And as you may not ease, we have to provide another look. Another super loop in these stop parts. So control are something over here and at the bottom as well. Another super hope. Now back in object mode. As you can see, we have these subdivision, so probably in the render we need to provide three subdivisions if we take a look. And breast control three and right leak shades Most. We have these toilets, so yeah, with three subdivisions, I think it work. If we take a look at the reference, I think we nail it. So, yeah, I pressure slash now to go out the local view. And if we take a look here, I think it's pretty goods, and we nail even the position off the off the toilet. So you're I think we're done with this. I'm going to create another collection, by the way. And so I purse here, this little icon, a new collection. It will be the toilet collection, and I select the toilet and move to toilet collection. Now that we are here in this world, we can create these little baton do activated tally. I I don't know the world in English, but yes, something really see, I'm going to place the course or over here, And I went to create a Blaine in any quote I Scalea right about here. I'm going to rotating x sexiest 19 grace, and I'm going to move it out of the wall on literate. Over here. Scale out sit access. Now I'm going to make your loop over here and julep cuts scrolling the mouse up. Create Joe Look, it's right click and now a Scully in X axis. Let's go to the local view now where I can do He's so like these single face and pressing why I can split thes race. So now these paces actually separated from the mish and once is separated, I can place a solidifying modify. You're going to change the upset toe one. And now if if you can see the mash weaken select we can activate these little bathroom and we will be able to see our mesh. I think it's a little It's thinner Something over here. So yeah, six millimeters, for example. And now, as we are here, you separated Precious. But we can see anything because we don't have any Bible. Now, if I apply level, I'm going to select this wood plank and control see copy and selected modifiers and I want only the level. Now we can see we have actually two measures. Thanks to these bevel this a just a little bit this level. I think it's too much, so I can know here at the level properties. I'm going to select the meter type outer into Arc. So we have this nice topology, as you can see the difference here. So the outer type into Archies always returned to achieve nice highlights. Three segments. It's okay. And where I can do is decrease a little bit. Offsets or thickness. And for these elements, I think one the millimeter gold work. Well, now it's always right. Click shavers north and enable out of smooth in the data properties and there we go. 8. Lamp: Let's see now how we can model these nice lamps here in trying to do a smart modeling. So the first I'm going to do it stylishly size off these spears. If I take a look here in the front of you, have a good reference. So guess what yet I'm going to create another new collection, and I'm gonna call it lights and we can always later reorganized. All these collections have probably taking one into another. But I like to maintain these other here because I can isolating in a were off the table, some elements off these off the scene. And it's better for modeling and texturally and Marco affordable in general terms. So back into the modeling, I'm going to place the course or over here with shift right click goingto make a us fear. And 32 segments in this case is OK, I'm going to Eddie told and scale it only really. And I'm trying to find the size off this fear. Something like this. A little bit more, I think in object mode, I'm going to place it a little beats yes to have it. Asseri reference for now, I think this goes something over here Maybe a little smaller. And now to model these single element I'm going Teoh Colville House, always not where it can do is instead off modeling Jewess fears and instead off making this whole object in trying to find the measurements where I can do is in any point going to move its for your up. And as you can see, we still have the origin point here. So now if I go to the modifiers, I make a mirror modifier in the set. Axis will have the other sphere positions symmetrically regarding these regarding the object origin. So just for reference now in going to move these objects down and looking at the reference having to edit mode and moved his fear down a little bit. And I think something like this is much ink pretty well. So it's genial, own back into a local view again. Pressing slash. Now let's make these parts of here here in the bottom part time. In the top part, we have these elements as we can see here. So where I can do is select this single Vertex and with control class again, I can We're oh, this election one more maybe. Yeah, something like this. Now you can duplicate these fire movie teams is have axes. Are Lewites over here? Now we can extrude these single piece in said access just out here. So we have these little piece that we have thanks to the mirror with coffee down. Now, if I apply subdivision surface and with control to remember, I can apply to levels off subdivisions, purse, contra Jew and I apply these subdivision after the mirror I'm going to shake smooth And we have these a little issue with their shading here. So let's exit already quickly going to select these single piece or actually invented Select the sphere and press h to hide it And where I need to do is again make some super groups here young to disable for now the subdivision to increase a little bit Day paid off the report As you can see, we have some a lot here, so yeah, a disabled for now the subdivision They move these down a little bit and maybe provide another super global here And to fix these but topology. What I can do is select these vertex and press control B v again to make a rebel on the holy on the Vertex. Now, if I scrolled, will mows down until I have only one segment off Pebble. So I achieved thes topology And now to have a better topology, I'm going to prospects ends early this face And also I'm going to select thes per texts, which is in these back part and now oppression control Bless against, like, thes merge ICS and X and elite Um, select these loop and make a literal inside here so I can extraordinaire and immediately after the extrusion I can press s to scale these faces now in each mode, eyes like these edge loop without weak and work do is press control f And were it real in these creates a we're for greet with a good topology. Now, if we look this piece in the side Beal person three We can see these literal stepping here , So I'm going to create I look here and scale it a little bits and another look here scale. It's buying, creating moral perfect curator here and there we have it. Now, as you can see, with half these Jagger it lines here but with the subdivision. We fix this issue if we take a look at the wire frame modes and disable the optimal this place this is the actual mass density that we have in this element going to decrease the subdivisions at the Vieux port to one and it's OK. Now let's create these rounded part off the lamp that goes all around these objects and to create it, I'm going to use curbs. So with this subject, select it into press shift s and plays the course. Or to select that in. Our parents want to go to front view and I'm going to create here a psycho 30 tuber ticks in any mode. I'm going to rotate the cycle in the X Axis 90 race Scalea down. And while we are in edit mode, I'm going to move it up our Lewites scale. It's and move it again. So when I'm looking for is to be concentric to these sphere, something over here now a vertex moat. I'm going to select these health part off this Hiko and the lead is Vertex. Now a select. These tuber ticks and extruded down, and I want to copy the same mirror as these spheres so I can shift. Click these fears control. See and copy the mirror modifier. There we go. Now I have the same mirror in this. It access I'm going to enable clipping. And now off thes tuber ticks to the center. Let's go toe object mode. And we have now these shape. So what I'm gonna do is supply did we were a modifier. Now we have these object up here at the top part, and here we can make a bunch off operations and we're looking now for convert toe kerf from mesh. These will compare to these match into a curve. So now, as you can see here, these little iconic changes if we take a look at the properties from a mention, this is a little triangle. And now here we have these they're like on indicating that we have a cure. So here in the cure food have thes stop saying geometry and we can adjust the death off thes bevel property and we will achieve these results. So let's adjust these step in front of you think five millimeters are matching well, with the reference now we can adjust The resolution with this is lighter for the subject for its OK, and later we can apply a subdivision surface and I think one level for the report and the render as well. It's a good value. Then, right click end shades. Most now let's see, for the cable part, I'm going to place the course store here. So where I can do is, uh, select these middle Varteks shift s and coarser to select it Now back into object mode. I'm going to create here a cylinder. I decrease the back to the courtesies to 16 and now in edit mode, I you scale it and always selectees Top face movie top a live. It's now we make an insect about here and now this face I came extremely it in said access I think this cable is to with so where I can do is in the face moat. If I press out creek near one off these edges, I can select these. It's loop Now I can scale and press sheep and set to a scale it holy in the X y plane. And I think now is more accurate. Shade smooth. Enable the out this most and let's play Sorry, little bag. Go here at thes EDS loop pressing control we and it's curled in the will Mouse up now to select and move these entire lamp instead off selecting one off each Objects where I can do is place the course or here at the center resort to selected. And here I can make an empty object. For example, a plane axis. Here we have the properties off these empty and going to decrease the size. Malik, insulate all these elements Last tie, celebrity empty. And now, Aiken, race control be and set by into object and keep transform. So now I can select these empty object and move him, rotates the entire lamp. Just selecting the single object. Where I can do now is call these empty here us silly lamp, for example. And there we have it. Now, looking at the reference, if we look at this cable, it goes between those gap on the wooden planks. So let's enable the silly collection. I'm going to select these empty object, and I'm gonna move it a little bit. Here, There we go. Now, to duplicate these entire object, I can go here and in the outline, er right click and select Shirky an hour. Praise out D and and make a link duplicate object And these nice lamps are dawn. 9. Faucets timelapse: now continuing on. I'm going to model these bathhouse its hand. The technique I'm going to use for Jesus is going to be pretty much the same for the other similar elements. Like the sink faucets do you start well, hungers the show, er so I decided to make these parts off the video is a time lapse for each of these elements because this is just making insets extroverts inserts again. And I'm pretty sure you will be able to follow it. So let's do it way, way and that's it. For now in its class, we're going to start with basic lighting and start working on the different materials, so statement.