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Architectural Photoshop Section

teacher avatar Jessica Souza, Architect & Archviz artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. PDF

    • 3. Add textures

    • 4. More textures

    • 5. Shadows and lights

    • 6. Trees and people

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About This Class

Hey guys!

In this class you're going to learn how to make an awesome architectural section on Photoshop.

This course is for architects and architecture students who wants to boost the visuals of their presentations and projects.

Have a nice class and let me know if you have any further questions :)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jessica Souza

Architect & Archviz artist



My name is Jéssica and I'm an architect and Archiviz artist from Brazil. 

I love art and discovered myself in architectural representation. Most of everything I know about softwares and techniques I've learnt online by myself and I know how important it is to have acessible and reliable tutorials so you can do the same!

With this in mind, I'll do my best to share my knowledge.


I hope you enjoy and learn a lot!



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1. Intro: Hey, guys, My name is Jessica today. Oh, teach you how to make an awesome section of her project to using photo shop. Affection like this would definitely call attention and show you're designing a very creative way. Once you learn that technique, you can make of a right of styles and different design for sections for desultory Oh, you need to load the basic. So no tocar they photo shop. Also, I would provide you with all defies I used on this tutorial so you can follow the glasses. 2. PDF: Okay, So for this first part, we're going to use all to catch a satin prepare affection before going to photo shop. I am using auto catcher to this part as it's the most familiar. Softer. But you can generate the sectional, rabbit or evens catch up. The park is that day, and you have your section to add it. Here, have a simple residential section. Doesn't have many details as I want to focus on the graphics here and not on the technical part. But it doesn't mean you can keep more information. It goes according to the type of work and the intention. You're doing the section if you include the district graduation portfolio or to a client. He want me more appropriated to keep more details and information about your design. But as you see here, I took all the annotations and left only the clean droving so nothing will interfere. The elements ray about child on photo shop. Now we're going check sport dystopia. I like to draw the window. I want to say I mean told element the part of the drug I want to keep on the media. So for that I draw a tangle with a four day nations. And then I skated to feed my drub. I like to do each month in the proportions and also to better fit on the paper. This is actually very good when you need to feed on their porch photo or whatever you want to keep this chaos, according to the paper, we don't use. So after that, let's take your Brent for the printer. You select all Tokat Pdf for the paper site Elijah below for the full bleed, they for block area window and it would ask you just like the area So you click your and then his other point. Don't forget to check, fit the paper and also center. The blocks, as we see, is not quite fitting because it's inverted. So you just like your own lanes, Kate. And you should, too, right? I like to preview it. Just safety looks nice, and if it's all fine, let's say that 3. Add textures: Okay, so here we have our pdf opened and that, you see, it doesn't have a background. Just start. We're going to create a new layer and they make your right rectangle on it. This will be our background. Let's rename it. It's very parting that we name you. Organize your layers so we don't get lost. Also renamed the sexually here. Just click on it twice and typed in they How do you use the crop to To make a drawing area bit smaller? You cannot just it doesn't differ. So now that we have her background, go back to the section layer, we're going to start adding texture, trait. First of alls. I wanted walls and pillars to have a concrete texture, so I'm perfectly downloaded an image with the texture to use. You can go to a pink dress on other sources, search and saved a man journeyed. That's the cold brick texture going to use the last director affection. I hope all time drag Damon's to make opus. You have older world parts covert. Engage in nature. Just aim it just like, um contrato de and recited. As you wish Now the recovered everything go back to layers, hold all. Just select all the concrete texture and then emerge the layers by clicking with the right Botham and selecting deception renaming to concrete. Now I think your past of the concrete extra dollar little bit Not for us to see what's behind an average this section. Earlier in life, select old areas. Watch over for natural used to match you went to you Hold shifted to select more than one area. I also saw like this terrorism his labs. - After we finished the selection, go to concrete layer in type Contra J. You would create a new layer via coping. Keeping only the part was selected. Haida Comfort Layer and then renamed the New Layer made his walls 19. Christie or best back to normal. Now reconsider attack. Sure, a lot better. 4. More textures: Now let's work abate on the interior for the Glassberg. I want that you have a light record, so I will create a new layer renaming glass and then go back to the sexually year so that killed the areas you want to paint and then go back to the glass. Painful layer, my creating while you lay your for each thing we do, we'll make it easier for later adjustments in case it's necessary. Okay, so where there were selected and in the correct layer, let's just the bridge to to paint it. I wouldn't care to pick the color. I wanted to be transparent and show the texture. I would include behind in the future, so I will take your pastor down a little bit. So now what I want to do is adding, I would lecture to the bottom part I previously selected is one. I already told you guys how to get dizzy much. Just make sure they have good quality for a better result, so I would drag it to my section here. The process is about the same. We didn't the Concord texture that suggested, I hope, old German thing, the proportions. It's very important to remember that our plated and duplicate making sure over all the area want so like older with extra layers emerged in. Don't forget to rename it now. Like little. Do opacity. Go just sexual layer and select the area. Now go back to the wood texture layer impressed culture of J to make a new layer vehicle Ni Heidi, old with layer renamed in your one and take oppressed back to normal so it gets it to result. I want to be darker, so I go to payment, adjustment and exposure so I can lower it. The interior of perfection is almost done, so like still Dexter, new areas for the Earth. I want the water color texture, which I have also provably selected our irritated horizontally and make a Copa fate so I can feed the whole area. As you see here, there's a visible division to fix that. We use the razor toe on a very low opacity, and then you start to raising it into re blends. Was a Finnish mercy layers, and we do the same process we made for the other textures. They could best it down go to sexually year so that the area want you over. Go back to the water color layer and press con troj Hi, no player and were named a new one. Take a best back and, um, after that, I would go to image. And so, like black and white as I don't want my worth to be blue. No, for this guy, I was the background layer and changed a cooler. If it so go to the layer, click with the right button and select blaming options in color of relate. You can pick the color, prefer and prevail if it to a good I will for this yellow one. Also, I want you had some texture, so approach attacks shirt and selected grain. One. You can make some adjustments here. We don't with this part, so let's have some more good days ahead. 5. Shadows and lights: No, I tried some shadows and light into your affection. Remember, jobs create a new layer for all the effects and other elements you want your bed were You suppose that the main light source is coming from the right up record here for drawing So it means that the left area will be darker. I would create a new earlier related to this shadow and I use the selection to the limit area. Want to be darker now He has to paint brush to paint areas. Great. Now you can control Dio past you as you like, until it looks more natural Also, you can make the blur toe to make the shadow softer. I would that the same in the bottom part. Now I don't want to do Is that some white spots in the area for that? Ever create rectangles job Then And then I would create a new layer and rename it with light. I'll make a triangle. Julie McDerI repent yellow just simulating Turn a light, Adjust opacity in just a blur toe to make softer After finished all Jamaica coping and place it to the other rectangle here to finish with the shadows. I wanted some of the earth texture to make it better and deeper. But before that, I want to image. I just meant in lowered exposure, they never create a new layer and co overshadows and use the pain. Toto at the black in your shadow here don't know what just sexually your it's like this whole area here. Now you can control bureau pastie until it looks OK. 6. Trees and people: we're now almost under their section. Now let's add some more today is to make it looks even better for death. How include some trees? You can go PND trees and you fight some option. Should Donald. It's important that they're in PNG firm it so they won't have a background, and you can easily Adam after heavier trees placed in by dragging into Photoshopped. I would add this one here. Let's make a darker as it's in the left area, I think here Monday, adjustments and exposure. Now I will make a cope of way to the right side and make it to be lighter. I had some vegetation here in the roof and someone decides you I were reflected, so it doesn't look the same. I would also add some vegetation this Whoa and some grass. You can just another of the elements by moving the layers. Basically, what comes first on the list comes first on the drawing, so you move in charge of the position. I wouldn't have a small elements that I want to repeat. It's a good idea to merge them so I don't have to hope one by one. Don't forget your load exposure them finally at a different tree behind house. Now, why would a person here? Just a guy on a bike? You can get a lot of cut up people too, including a drawing. Oh, Mr Cannot Website, for example. I will make it black and white. And now for defining detail. I want you had a circle around the house. Just place it Whatever. Find better in June and I hope down structures were clear. Let enough have any questions about it and other my best help. Thanks for watching.