Arbitrage 101: How to Package your Items to Ship to the Amazon FBA Warehouse | Jason Gandy | Skillshare

Arbitrage 101: How to Package your Items to Ship to the Amazon FBA Warehouse

Jason Gandy, Quantum Course Instructor

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9 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Product Upload & Ship Overview

    • 2. Add Product to Amazon

    • 3. Helpful Items & Packaging Tips

    • 4. Packaging Guidelines

    • 5. Create a Shipping Plan

    • 6. SKU Label Walkthrough

    • 7. Product Packaging Walkthrough

    • 8. Partnered Carriers & Shipping Labels

    • 9. Add Shipping Label to Package Walkthrough


About This Class

Do you want to learn a simple strategy that can add $100 or more to your weekly income? A method where all you have to do is shop in order to make money?

Welcome to Arbitrage 101: Find & Sell Products Using Amazon FBA

In this course, you will learn some simple methods to easily find product deals, both offline and online, to list and sell on Amazon. You will walkthrough how to scan product barcodes with your iPhone and instantly discover how much money you can make for each item. Amazon is the largest online retailer, and you can take advantage by offering products to the millions of customers searching Amazon every day. 

Work from home or start a side hobby that actually pays! 

The entire process of finding products to sell and sending them to the Amazon FBA warehouse may seem confusing and time consuming. But with my help and the step-by-step process provided in this course, you will learn how to simplify the process and begin earning more income today. 

The more you shop, the more you make! Make a few extra dollars by shopping around in your spare time, or even start a side business by systemizing the process to sell more inventory.

The opportunity to make money on Amazon has never been better! Amazon continues to grow and gain more customers looking to purchase products each year. 

The process of finding and selling products using Amazon's FBA service can be started quickly with very little start up cost. 

If you follow the steps, this course will literally pay for itself...


What You Will Learn:

  • Helpful Items and Tips for Packaging Products 
  • Walkthrough of How to Correctly Package Your Products 
  • Labeling Your Packages for FBA
  • How to Send Items to the Amazon FBA Warehouse