Arbitrage 101: How to Package your Items to Ship to the Amazon FBA Warehouse | Jason Gandy | Skillshare

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Arbitrage 101: How to Package your Items to Ship to the Amazon FBA Warehouse

teacher avatar Jason Gandy, Quantum Course Instructor

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Product Upload & Ship Overview

    • 2. Add Product to Amazon

    • 3. Helpful Items & Packaging Tips

    • 4. Packaging Guidelines

    • 5. Create a Shipping Plan

    • 6. SKU Label Walkthrough

    • 7. Product Packaging Walkthrough

    • 8. Partnered Carriers & Shipping Labels

    • 9. Add Shipping Label to Package Walkthrough

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About This Class

Do you want to learn a simple strategy that can add $100 or more to your weekly income? A method where all you have to do is shop in order to make money?

Welcome to Arbitrage 101: Find & Sell Products Using Amazon FBA

In this course, you will learn some simple methods to easily find product deals, both offline and online, to list and sell on Amazon. You will walkthrough how to scan product barcodes with your iPhone and instantly discover how much money you can make for each item. Amazon is the largest online retailer, and you can take advantage by offering products to the millions of customers searching Amazon every day. 

Work from home or start a side hobby that actually pays! 

The entire process of finding products to sell and sending them to the Amazon FBA warehouse may seem confusing and time consuming. But with my help and the step-by-step process provided in this course, you will learn how to simplify the process and begin earning more income today. 

The more you shop, the more you make! Make a few extra dollars by shopping around in your spare time, or even start a side business by systemizing the process to sell more inventory.

The opportunity to make money on Amazon has never been better! Amazon continues to grow and gain more customers looking to purchase products each year. 

The process of finding and selling products using Amazon's FBA service can be started quickly with very little start up cost. 

If you follow the steps, this course will literally pay for itself...


What You Will Learn:

  • Helpful Items and Tips for Packaging Products 
  • Walkthrough of How to Correctly Package Your Products 
  • Labeling Your Packages for FBA
  • How to Send Items to the Amazon FBA Warehouse

Meet Your Teacher

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Jason Gandy

Quantum Course Instructor



Welcome to Quantum Courses!

Quantum Courses is a premier online education company with a vision to provide valuable information to eager learners around the world. Our goal is to bring our students educational content that is not only valuable, but also entertaining!

We work to identify topics that benefit both our current and future students. What sets our courses apart is our quality & value. Each course is made to the highest standard, featuring easy to understand, step-by-step training, with zero fluff or filler. Let’s make learning fun again!



About The Instructor

Jason Gandy is the founder of Quantum Leap Commerce LLC, the parent company of Quantum Courses. He is a serial entrepre... See full profile

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1. Product Upload & Ship Overview: now that you have found and purchased some items to sell, let's look at the process of shipping your products to the F B A warehouse enlisting your products for sale on Amazon. In this section of the course, I will show you the process of how to upload your products to Amazon in order to list them for sale. We will also discuss how to package your products for shipping and a few helpful items to make the packing and shipping process much easier. We will also look at how to select the shipping company to send your products to the Amazon . FB a warehouse, print your shipping labels and how to ship your items to the F B A warehouse. 2. Add Product to Amazon : Let's look at how to upload your products to Amazon in order to list them for sale. You can accomplish this by either using the Amazon Seller central website or the Amazon. Sell a rap In this course, we will go over how to upload your product using the Amazon Seller Central website. In order to upload your products to Amazon. First, start out by going to settler central dot amazon dot com and log into your account. After you have logged into your account, go to the inventory tab and select add product. Now, either enter a description of your product or your product's name into the text, fuel and press search. The product I'm uploading today is the Lego mix ALS Bernard addition. Salt. Type that into the search field. Make sure the product that comes up in the results is actually the product that you're trying to sell. Once you are verified, this you can select sell yours. You will now be taken to a product description page where you can enter the condition of your items, how much you want to sell them for and other relevant information for selling your product on Amazon, the S K U is a unique identify for the product, which is assigned by the merchant for this package. I'll just name it Lego Bernard one for the condition. This is a brand new item still in the package, so all select new for the condition notes. I'll just put in their new and unopened. Now let's look at the price. Amazon automatically shows the lowest price selling for that item. In order to use this price, just click the match low price button. Continue through the list and in start any relevant details for your product. When you get down to the bottom, you'll see a section that's called Fulfillment Channel. Make sure you select that you want Amazon to ship and provide customer service for your items. Once this is selected, click, save and finish. 3. Helpful Items & Packaging Tips: Now let's go over a few helpful items to help package your products to ship to the F B A warehouse. Packaging your products to ship to the Amazon warehouse can be a tedious process. There are a few items I recommend purchasing in order to make sure the process of packaging your products is easy and Tom efficient. These items are packaging tape to help sell your packages box cutter or scissors, a scaled away your items. A tape measurer to get your package dimensions for shipping spare boxes for your items. Packaging materials such as Bubble Rapper newspaper have sheet shipping labels to print the labels for your shipments, and you can also purchase a label printer. But a standard home printer will work just fine when starting out. There are several options you have when packaging your products, depending on the item types and quantities you have. Now, let's go over a few packaging tips. All case packed items must have the same sk you, which is the Amazon warehouse barcode and same condition for loose products. Each unit must be contained within a single secure package. Units sold US sets must be marked. This sets on their packaging, make sure all boxed units are securely closed and won't open during shipping. A suffocation warning label is required on poly bags with over a five inch wide opening. Products that expire must include the expiration date on both the master carton and each individual item. Amazon does not accept marketing materials such as pamphlets and other non Amazon labels, and make sure all dangerous items such as knobs or sharp objects are properly packaged and secure to avoid injury. 4. Packaging Guidelines: Now let's go over a few. Got lines for shipping your products to the F B A warehouse. When packaging your products, there are some important got lines you should follow in order for your packages to be accepted into the F B. A warehouse failure to comply with the F B A product preparation requirements, safety requirements and product restrictions may result in refusal, disposal or return of inventory. Blocking the future shipments to the fulfillment center or charging a preparation or non compliance fee. Let's discuss some of these guidelines. Make sure you have at least two inches of packaging material around and in between your items inside your packaging box. If your items are being shipped in the manufacturer's case, pack the boxes most likely already properly secured. Make sure your shipping box isn't too large. If it is oversized, you will need to fill it up with enough packing material so that the box is not damaged. If heavier boxes air, put on top of it during shipping, you must also apply a suffocation warning label to poly bags with over a five inch wide opening. You are not allowed to secure your packaged items using packaging, peanuts or shredded paper. These can get messy. You should also remove and cover up all other scannable bar codes and shipping labels on your shipping box. I recommend going to Amazon seller Central, supports webpage and reviewing all the policies and got lines for packing, shipping and selling your products using the F B A service. After you have properly packaged your items used the scale toe way, each box and the tape measure to get the dimensions of each package. You will need these in an upcoming lecture to get your shipping labels. 5. Create a Shipping Plan: Now, let's look at how to create a shipping plan in order to send your items to the Amazon. FB a warehouse To create your shipping plan, head over to your seller Central dashboard. Now, let's go up to the inventory tab and select Manage inventory. Once on the manage inventory page, you're gonna find the item that you want to replenish, which I'm gonna be replenishing the legal packs. Go over to the drop down menu and select sin slash Replenish inventory. Once you're on the Seine, replenish inventory page. You want to make sure you select create a new shipping plan and also select the packaging type for my item. It's just gonna be an individual product. Now click Continue to shipping plan. Here is what we select how many of each item we will be sent into Amazon to set the quantity. Look under units on the all products tab and type the number of each item that you want to send. I'm only sending one on this order now click Continue. Here is what we tell Amazon who will be prepping our items for shipping. We will be prepping it ourselves. But Amazon also offers a service, where they will prep your items for you. For a fee, click on the prep may be required. Tab. Go over to the hoop reps, drop down menu and select Merchant. Now click. Continue. Here is what we will tell Amazon how many labels we need to print for our items. I'm only shipping one item, so I will only print one label. Go to the drop down menu and make sure you have the correct label size selected for the sheets that you purchase. Once you have verified your label size, click on print labels for this page. A pdf version of the labels will automatically be downloaded to your computer. Now click. Continue here. You can verify that all the information on your shipment plan is correct. You can also view the prep fees, but we don't have any. Since we're prepping the items ourselves. Let's go down to create new shipment name and select the name for the shipment plan. I'll just call this one sample plan one. If you have multiple items your shipping the Amazon, sometimes they'll have you send them to various different warehouses. Be sure to check this before you add the labels to your items. Now let's hit. Approve shipment before moving on the select Our shipping carrier. Let's printout the pdf sk you barcode we downloaded earlier and add it to our products. 6. SKU Label Walkthrough: now that you have downloaded and printed your SK you barcode for your items. Let's look at how to add them to the package. I would like to look for a good spot that's not covering up any names or important information on the item. I usually put it near the manufacturers barcode. Now let's pill off the SK you Barco that we downloaded earlier from our label sheet. I will be putting mine down at the bottom right near the manufacturers barcode. Make sure the label is secure. It won't come off during shipping. Each item that you send the Amazon must have one of these SK you barcodes In order for Amazon to be able to keep track of the items inside the F B A warehouse. Now that you've added your labels, we can now select the shipping carrier and package our products 7. Product Packaging Walkthrough: Now let's walk through the process of packing your items for shipping. I will be packing this small Lego pack to send to the F B A warehouse. I will be using a recycled Amazon box, bubble wrap, packaging tape, scissors, a tape measure and a scale. I'll start by placing some bubble cushioning at the bottom of the box to help secure the item and fills him space. Next, I'm going to place the legal said inside a bubble wrap sheet. Force a matter protection. Now I would one more packaging bubble to fill the extra space and prevent the item from bouncing around inside the box. I'll get out the packaging tape and still up the box. Cut the end off with some scissors here and we're good. After the box is sealed, take out your scaled away the package. You will need the package waiting dimensions in order to print your shipping label on Seller Central. Looks like this package weighs about 5.8 ounces. Now I will measure the package dimensions right looks like his 10 inches by 7.5 inches, but 3.5 inches once you have the weight and dimensions of your package, you can add it to the rest of your packages that will be sent to Amazon and move onto the next video. 8. Partnered Carriers & Shipping Labels: when shipping your items The Amazon It is a good idea to use the Amazon partner carrier Amazon offers large discounts. If you ship your products to the warehouse using one of their partner carriers like UPS, the shipping calls discharge to your Amazon seller account. Also, make sure you have a pack of shipping labels in order to print the shipping labels for your items. Check the size of your labels and make sure you have the correct size before you print For the shipping labels, I usually use a 8.5 by 5.5 inch to label shipping sheet. Now let's finish up our shipment plan by selecting a carrier and printing are shipping label Head back over to the shipment plan we were working on in the previous lecture and click on work on Shipment. On this page, you can review and modify your shipping contents and also select your shipping service for the shipping method. I'm going to select small parcel delivery. Since I'm only sending a small package for the shipping carrier, I'm going to select Amazon Partner Carrier, which is UPS. You could also select other non partner carriers from the drop down list. Now let's go down and enter the weight and dimensions that we recorded in a previous lecture. I'm gonna put £1 for the wait and 10 but 7.5, about 3.5 for the dimensions now click confirmed to submit your information. Now let's hit, calculate and see the estimated shipping costs for this shipment. As you can see, my shipping cost will be $3.47. For this item. Select to agree with the terms and conditions and click accept charges. Amazon gives you 24 hours to cancel this shipment. Now you are able to download your shipping label. Pdf. Make sure you have the correct size shipping labels in order to print the label. Be sure to read the labeling instructions on the right hand side. Now let's click print box labels. A PdF download of the labels will automatically be downloaded onto your computer. Once you've downloaded the pdf, you can now click on complete shipment. On this page, you could see that UPS has already provided us with a tracking number for this item. You can also look up here and see the current shipment status for this item is ready to be shipped. Once you print your shipping label and add it to your package, you can now drop your item off with their selected shipping carrier. 9. Add Shipping Label to Package Walkthrough: Now let's walk through the process of adding the shipping labels to your packages. There are a few things to keep in mind when adding the labels to your boxes. Do not put the label on the scene where the box opens. To avoid any damage to the label or to the bar code, do not write on or cover up the scannable barcode on the shipping label. Make sure the shipping label is not wrinkled and can be easily scanned. Remove or cover up any other barcodes from previous shipments on the shipping box. Once you're shipping, labels are properly applied to your packages. You can then drop off all the packages with their shipping carrier. Another important thing to keep in mind is to check which warehouse location each item is supposed to go to in your cell, a central account to make sure the item ends up at the correct warehouse. If you are shipping multiple items, Amazon tends to split the shipments to go to various different warehouses for faster delivery to customers. So don't be surprised if your items airship to separate locations. Be sure to verify that each label goals onto the correct package When putting the labels onto your shipping boxes, remember to be sure that the label is not covered by anything or plots of the scene where the box opens. Now let's print the shipping label pdf that we download it in the previous lecture and walk through the entire process of adding the label to our package and removing the older barcodes from the shipping box. The first thing I'm going to do is look over the entire box to search for any barcodes that might have been left on there from a previous shipment. Looks like this package has to old barcodes that should either be removed or covered up. Some of the barcodes can easily be taken off by just using your fingernails to pill it off the box. Let's try that with this one. Looks like that work. Once the barcode is removed, you can simply toss it out. Other barcodes that may be on the package might be a little bit harder to remove with their fingernails. For these, I like to just cover them up with blank shipping labels. Pill often appropriate size cover up label and put it over the old barcode once all of the old shipping labels have either been removed or covered up. We can now add our new shipping label on to the shipping box. Make sure you've printed the shipping label pdf that we downloaded in the previous lecture . When applying your shipping label to the shipping box, make sure you do not put it over the opening seem on the box to avoid damaging or wrinkling the label. I would like to put my labels, either just to the right or to the left of the opening seem on the box. Make sure that the shipping label is fully applaud and that the shipping box is taped up and secured for shipping. After you label each package with the correct shipping label, you can now drop off your packages with the partner carrier you selected in your cellar central account to ship your items to the F B A warehouse. You can check the status of the shipments at any time by using the provided tracking number or logging into your selfish central account.