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8 Lessons (49m)
    • 1. Lesson 1, First 7 Letters

    • 2. Lesson 2, Second 7 Letters

    • 3. Lesson 3, Third 7 Letters

    • 4. Lesson 4, Fourth 7 Letters

    • 5. Lesson 5, Numbers

    • 6. Lesson 6, Days of the Week

    • 7. Lesson 7, Colors

    • 8. Lesson 8, Common Phrases

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About This Class

In this course, you will learn Arabic from the alphabet to basic conversation. There are a high demand and low supply of Arabic-speakers in the Western world. Relatively few people ever venture to learn Arabic. With the growing importance of the Middle East in international affairs, there is thus an extreme shortage of workers who are versed in Arabic language and culture. With this course, you can learn vocabulary and pronunciation anywhere and anytime. 

Seat back and enjoy. 

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Andrii S.

The videographer


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1. Lesson 1, First 7 Letters: Hello and welcome back again to our streets. Here's Mr ST. I will teach you how we can be able to speak in Arabic fluently, as we agreed. Report. Okay. Here this video. We'll try to explain the 1st 7 letters in our vic how we can say fluently. Okay, so are you ready? So the first left we're gonna have in our vic is letter Elif, I live and the world has said Start with the letter Aleph for as said as said, which is lying also, we have the world added neb our number, which is rabbit. So rabbit in English, it means Internet in Arabic. And also the word line in English. It means, as said in our vic. Okay, the next leather. We have got be the letter back. Bet which you start the word been bean like girl. So the girl in English, it means bend in our vic. Also, we have the world Butta. But the which is duck so duck in English. It means Bata in our vic and also the world girl in English. It means been in Arabic. The next letter we have to give me the letter debt that the world tag. Okay, which is Crown crown. You know the crown. Everyone with the crown. Yeah. Okay, so tag in Arabic, it means crown in English. Okay? And also we have the world camera number, which is dates so number in Arabic. It means dates in English and also the world tag in Arabic, it means crown in English. The next letter is gonna be the letter Thet fit, which is thought Ben. So Ben, which is a snake in English. So So, Ben. In Arabic, it means stake in English. US. We have the world thar libre our Lebanon, which is fox. So Thalib in Arabic, it means Fox in English And also the world thought ban. So, Ben, in Arabic, it means snake in English. The next letter is gonna be a letter regime Zem jean in Arabic like the ward Jemele or an erection accent. You can't say Gammel Gamel, which is camel in English. So the camel in English, it means Gamel or General in our vic. Also they we have the world, Jameel or Gammel Gay meal in Arabic, which is an English beautiful. So beautiful in English. It means get me in our vic the next letter, we're gonna have the letter. Hot, huh? Like the world. Hey, vet. Hey vet, which is shoes? You know the shoes are in English. It means Hey that in Arabic. And the next word we have Haimar Haimar which is donkey in English. So we have two wars over here. It's Hey that like shoes And also Haimar like donkey in English. The last letter we have for this video is Gabby, the letter from the EPA Lotus here it's like the world Haruf Haruf which is sheep in English. So Haro in Arabic, it means sheep in English. Also we have the world Sharif, Carrie for, like, autumn, the season in English, autumn in English, it means Sharif in Harvick. So basically, these are the seven first letters in our vic. Just the place. Try to write it down. Try to use it just as much as you can in many other horse. And let's wait for our next seven letters in our vic. Thank you. Have a nice day 2. Lesson 2, Second 7 Letters: Hello and welcome back again to our streets. Over here there's Mr Sharif out a few. And these video How it can be able to say fluently Upcoming seven letters in our vic from the letter they'll tell the letter Sob in Arabic. OK, Are you ready? Great. So the first letter going to start with today is giving the letter Del del like the world data diarrhea, you know, die era, which is circled? Yes. So the world diarrhea, which is circle also we have the world dub dub like beer in English. So the world diarrhea which is circle it also the world dub, which is beer. Okay, The next letter we have for this video it's Gabby The letter Velle Vell Like the world VEB , which is Wolf wolf. Okay, also, we have the world Zohra Zura, which is corn in English. Okay, so the world which is wolf and also the world Vora which has court. Okay, great. So the next letter we have is get me the little Rock bra like the world Roman from Mon room mon, which is pomegranate. Okay, so again, the world Roman in Arabic, it is pomegranate in English also we have the world rocks, rocks which is the head. OK, so head in English, it means for us in our vic. So again the world Roman and Arabic with his pomegranate in English and also the world wraps in Arabic. It means head in English. Okay. And the next letter we're gonna have the litter Zine Zien Like the world Zara. Zahara which is flour or rose in English. So Zara in Arabic, it's flower in English. Also, we have the World Zoo gig or Zosia Asia in Egyptian accent again. Say zoo gig zu gig, which is glass? Okay. So again we have the world, Zahara, and also the world zu gag. Okay, The next letter we gonna have is get me the letter. Seen seen like the world Semeka Sam aka which is fish, you know. So the fish in English, it means Semak in our vic Sematech. Okay. Also gonna have the world sick. Keen sicking which is knife? Ok, so the knife in English, it means sick Keen and our vic and also the world fish. It means Semak in our vic. Okay. The next leather gonna have give me the letter Sheen Sheen like my name. My name is Mr Sharif. So Sharif, start with the word with the letter sheen in our vic. Okay? We also have the word ship back ship back, which is window. Okay, so the window in English, it means ship back in our vic. Also, we're gonna have the world shams, which is son Shams. So, son, in English, it means shams in our vic and also the world ship back in our vic. It means window in English. Okay. The last letter we're gonna have for this video today is Give me the letter. Sod the Saad, which is like the world Saif Saif, which is the season summer? No, the summer in English. It means Saif in Arabic. Saif Okay, we can have also the world son do son do which is the box? So the box in English, It means son do in Arabic and also the world. You know it like Saif. It means summer. And also you have the world like Sadiq Saadiq which is like friend so Saudi in Arabic. It's friend in English and also like, say son Duke it means box and also the world Saif in Arabic. It means summer in. Okay, great. Thanks for watching for this video. And just waiting for our next seven letters in Arctic is Well, okay. Thank you. Have a nice day. You take care. 3. Lesson 3, Third 7 Letters: Hello and welcome back again to our streets. Here's Mr Sharif. And here's how we can be able to speak are currently in Egyptian accent. Okay, so now in this video, we're trying to explain the letters in our vic from the letter dog till the letter cough in Arabic. OK. Are you ready? Great. So the first lady we're going to start with today is Give me the letter dot Dog. And we as we already agreed before that, the letter Daddy would never gonna find somewhere else. He would never gonna fight in any other languages, but in our vic. That's why it's called the language or Arabic language. Okay, so the letter dot like the world Uvda duff dar like frog in English. So the world duff dar in Arabic, it means frog in English. Also gonna have the world the Bar da bar, which is a hyena. The animal. Okay, So, frog, the animal, which is Dolph Donna in Arabic. And also we're gonna have the world hyena, which is another animal, which is the bar. The bar. The back in our be okay. The next letter we're gonna have is give me the letter like Qayyarah, you know, tell ya Roaches plane the plane. It's gold toy. Your are in Arabic. You're okay. Great. And also gonna have the world. Tayar Aiyar It's a bit similar, but just different words Qayyarah. It means plane. But by your it means the pilot himself. The part with the one Ray driving or just in the plane itself. His name is Tayyar in Arabic, which is pilot in English. And the toy Jara, which is plain in English. Okay, the next leather gonna have is gonna be the letter. The the Okay. As you can see, we can find, like the reword the ville, which is shadow. So the shadow off someone, it means the in Arabic. The okay, also gonna have the world, the beer, the beer, which is like gazelle or like deer. Okay, so they'll be in Arabic. It means gazelle or deer in English and also gonna have the world villa, which is shadow in English. Okay, the next letter gonna have give me the letter. Ein eine like I in which is I So the eye itself it called Ayn. So the war. The aim is the same as the lettering. The same pronunciation the same Everything Okay, so again say I in you mean either the letter or you mean the part off your body, which is fine. Okay. Also gonna have the world Alum Ahlam which is flag, You know, the flag of any country. So it means ahlam in Arabic. Okay, the next one we're gonna have the letter is rain the vein like a gazelle Zell, which is also gazelle. Okay, so areas l in Arabic. It is gazelle in English. Okay. Also gonna have the world Varela of a gorilla which is like gorilla in the animal in Arabic . So gorilla, it's Varela. Okay. Also gonna have the world like that. Is that like lunch? Okay, drive there Lunch. So we have today in this letter the world gorilla gorilla which is Grella and also have the world that that which is lunch, ok, And the next leather gonna have to give me the little faith. Faith Like the world Far, far which has mouse right in English So the world far like far away just did the same pronunciation. But I just did the different in the meaning. Okay, so far in Arabic, it means yes, exactly mouse or write in English. Okay. And the next world we're gonna have is gabby feel feel, which is start with the letter. Faith feel it means elephant, the animal. Okay, so feel in Arabic, it means elephants in English. Okay, The last letter we're gonna have in this video it will be the letter cough, cough like come on. Calmer, which is moon. So the moon. In English, it means Omar or calmer in English. Also gonna have the world heart, which is Elber. You know, the heart in English, it means help or culled in Arabic. So it's either again say, Omar or calmer Omar, an Egyptian accent comer just with the with the rest of the Gulf War. These pronounced this word as gabby, calmer or Egyptian accent would be armor, which is moon and also gonna say either Elba in Egyptian accent or called in the rest of the Arab world already sate. Okay, which is heart. Great. Thanks for working for this video and just wait for us for the last seven letters in alphabet. Thank you. Have a nice day. 4. Lesson 4, Fourth 7 Letters: Hello and welcome back again towards trees, Mr Street. I teach you how it can be able to speak flowing in the Arabic language. And this video will try to have your help and give you a hand. How it can be able to say the last seven letters fluently in Arctic. So in this video, it's basically we're just gonna be able to explain the letter from the little calf. Tell the little yet the last letter in the alphabet in our vic. Are you ready? Great. So the first letter we can start with this video. It will be the letter calf calf like the world can Kalb, which is dog? So the dog in English, it means Kalb in Arabic. OK, also gonna have the world kens Ken's, which is treasure in English. So the treasure in English, it means Ken's in Arabic. So now we have to worse When it comes to the letter calf. The 1st 1 with this Kalb dog and cans, which is treasure. Great. So the next letter gonna have is give me the little leme lamb. Okay. Like the world lemon, it's lemon. And our vic, it's mostly the same. So la moon La moon in our vic, it's lemon or lime in English. La moon. Okay. Also gonna have the world. Listen, listen, which is tongue? So the tongue in English, it means Li san in our vic. So now we have LA moon, which is lemon and listen, which is tongue. Great. So the next leather gonna have to give me the letter. Mean maim, which is met Met or an infection X against a mind. Yeah, mine. Yeah, which is water. Okay, so the water in English, it means met or mine in Arabic. OK, Also gonna have the ward Massa or magpies? May I see? Which is goat? No, the animal goat. It means in Arabic Massa or may eyes. May I za or may eyes also gonna have the world mango It's Mangga in Arabic. So the mango, the fruit in English it means Bangla in Arabic. So we're gonna have met, which is water My eyes. Which is goat or mango, which is Mangga. Great. So the next letter we're gonna have to be the letter knowing that noon which is Nora, nor like light in English. So the light in English, it means nor nor in our vic. Okay. Also gonna have the world Nala, which is the e so the world be It means in Arabic. OK, so gonna have nor which is light. And in Allah which has be okay, the next letter gonna have is give me the letter. Hey, Hey. Like, Haram, you know the permits in Egypt Okay. Against, say hot. Um which is permit so harm in Arabic, It means Kermit in English. Okay. And also gonna have the world Hera Hedorah, which is cat. So the cat in English. It's either against state Hera or in Arabic Hera, which is the whole Arab wars already saying Hera and infection accent against a with just the same meaning. So, cat, it's either Hera or also when you can have you have to say this. So this it means Heather in our vic had that Which is this? So it's either Hera like cat or this, like Heather or also harm like permit. Ok, the next letter gonna have give me the little wall. Wow. Like the world. Well, it while led the which is boy. So the boy in English, it means while lead in Arabic Ok, also gonna have the world where the where the which is flour So the flower in English It means where the in Arabic. Okay. The last leather gonna have. Here's give me the letter yet Yet Like the war yet the yet which is hand So the world yet yet its hand And also gonna have the world You mean you mean which is right? Like turn right. So you mean And also the world she man, which has left but just right and left. It means you mean and she Mel. Okay, so the letter yet we're gonna have the words yet which is hand. And also the word you mean which is right. Thanks for walking us toward visited. You can be able to finish the whole $28 in orbit. Just please try your feet as much as you can. And right here. Come. No. So we can be able to retrieve it once more. Thank you. Have one for that. You care 5. Lesson 5, Numbers: Hello and welcome back again to Mr Street Here in this video will try to explain to you exactly how you can save numbers from 1 to 1 billion. Okay. Are you ready for this? So, basically, you just in general and we're talking Arabic, but just specifically, we just talk about the Egyptian accent. Okay, so let's start for counting the numbers. Okay? The first let number we're gonna have it's number one, which is where? Head where? Head in our vic. To which is it mean it? Name three, Which is a day later. Tell a tell it. Okay, Number four, which is utter Baugh, our bar. Okay, number five. Which has come, sir. Come, sir. Okay. Number six, Which is Sit there. Sit there. Seven. Which is Sabah Seba eight. Which is 10 mania DeMann Yeah, them in? Yeah. Number nine. Which is this size. They saw number 10 which is our Shara. Ah, Sharra. Okay, so again, 123456789 10. Which is where? Head it. Name the later other bar. Come, sir. Sit there. Seba. 10 mania. This side. Okay, great. So the next number gonna have number 11 which is Hedo? Sure. 11 in English it is Hate the shutter. Hey, though Shirt in infection, accent and the usher When it comes to old golf, all our bores Okay by Egypt we gonna say, Hey, Dosha, which is 11. Okay, number 12. Which is it? No sure. It? No, Sure 13 Which is Galata Shar Talat, The sure Dalat. The sure. Okay, 14 Which is Arba Toe Shar, if you can. You just old worse over the ends with Bashar. Okay, The only difference in just in the beginning. At the same as 13. 14. 15. Justine, It's already the similar when it comes to the each word as same and the Arctic wants as well. Okay. So again, 14. It's arvato. Sure. 15. Which is Hamas? Sure. 15 Hamas. The sharp. Okay, 16 which is Sit. Sure. Sit the short. Okay, 17 Which is sabotage? Sure. Sabato. Sure. 18. Which is common? Sure. DeMint. All sure. 19. Which is this? I'm sure they saw the sure 20 which is a screen 20. Shereen I sh ream so again. 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 1920 It is Hedo. Sure it, Moshe. Tell it though shirt our bob Kosher ho Most Osher sit so sure. Subba Torture, toman torture This are torture and actually okay and great. So we're gonna start from the number 30 which is tell a teen 30 Palatine 40 which is added buying at a buying 50 which is hem scene. Come scene 60 which is 16 16 70 Which is said Bine saben 80 which is Tamminen time Anin 90 . Which is this saying this sign? 100 which is mayor May? Yeah. You remember when you really have spoken about that alphabet? We said the water the world water, water which is Maya in Arabic. So it is mayor. It's 100 Somalia, which is water and the media which is 100. Just kind of the same. Similar about Somalia and the mayor Water and 100. Great. Okay, so again, the numbers from 30 to 100 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 and 100. It is Palatine Atterbury in come seen 16 Seb. Bine time. I mean this sign and may. Okay, 1000. It is. You know the letter, Elissa. In Arabic, it's in numbers. It's elf instead of Aleph. The first alphabet in our vic. It is L which is 1000. So 1000 is elf. It's kind of similar Elephant health. So 1000. It's Aleph, It's Elf elf 1000 is elf okay? And the next number gonna have it is 10 thousands 10 thousands which is our usher Tell if Ayrshire tell if so, Usher which is 10 and thousands which is LF so usher, tell f or social LF it is 10 thousands Okay, The next number gonna have 100,000 100,000 which is meat Meet elf So meat which is 100 elf which has 1000 So 100,000 it is meat elf Let's say 200 thousands It's maintain elf meeting elf 300,000 it is yes Told to meet elf and so on. Okay, let's say one million. One million. It is mainly Yone in Arabic 1,000,000 which is Mill Yoon in Arabic and one billion which is meant Yare in Arabic. One billion. It is 1,000,000 or so. Just let's recap all numbers just in this video. Okay, so it is wear head it. Name the later utter Bob. Come, sir. Sit there. Seba Tomainia! This side I said Uh, okay. Hey, dosha it nausea. Tell a kosher our bar. Tasha Hama Starcher, Sit. Tosha Sabotage Thomann I shareem which is 20 i free 30 Palatine 40 are banging 50 cam seen 60 16 7 e Sabirin 80 feminine 90 Disdain 100 which is mayor 1000 which is elf 18,000 switches are short LF meet elf which is 100,000 100,000 with her which has meat elf 200 thousands meeting 300 thousands which has told to meet Elf 400 thousands which has robe all meet elf 500 thousands which has home So meet elf 600 thousands which is set to meet Elf 700 thousands which has so ball meet elf 800 thousands which has some new meat Elf 900 thousands which is too so meet elf one million which is men Yoon one billion which is millions. And let's say for example, how we can say 25 our vic Ok, you can say 25 over here in English already start with the 20 which is a tense and then the five Which of the once in orbit It's the voice version just against start with the ones Then you can go to the tense. So instead, against a 25 it will be in Arabic. Come, sir. Why shuhn 25 again? Start with the ones in Arabic, then the tents. So it will be Comes up. Why, sure. Okay. How again? Say for example 73 73. It's an Arabic. Doleta was set their own. They're later was set bone. How we gonna say 66 for example? So it will be Citta. Was it to in sit there was a tune or against a set that was 18. Sit. There was a tune or set our 16 against. Say the late hours have own like 73. Or to let our submarine against a 25 comes our screen. Or comes Why shuhn? How again? Say 125 for example. It will be Mayor Hamza. Why Shereen 125? It is Maia which is 125. As we agreed, you can start with the ones. So it will be cancer. Then the tents which is 20. So it will be why Xun having a say 444 for example. So it will be robo mania. Our bar were out of bounds. Obama mania Arba were out of my own or were out of banging. Okay, how? You can say 5350 5000. So it will be comma Steph 300 which is told to mayor 50 which is come seen. So it would be 5350. It is Hamas. Tlf tomorrow will come see. Okay, Great. So that was basically everything about this video about the numbers, how we can say flawlessly in Arabic language. 6. Lesson 6, Days of the Week: Hello and welcome back again to our streets. There's Mr Treat Arctic English teacher OK, today in this but you're trying to explain to you how you can say the days of the week and the months of the year fluently and Arabic language. Are you ready? Great. So the first day you can start with this Gabby's Saturday Saturday in English. It means ex cept in our vic. It's cept in except Saturday is except Okay the second day, which is Sunday. It will be I had and had Okay this third day, which is Monday. It will be a litany in Lick Ning if he just again and back a bit when you with your memory again find number two It's it name in English So it need our vic means to in English It's the same as Monday in English. It means in let me in the same and the same pronunciation, the same sparing the same everything so ill itn in which is Monday the same. And number two Which is it, Ning? Okay. The third, the fourth day, which is Tuesday. Tuesday in English. It means it. Tell it it. Tell it okay at the same and number three in English, it's tell later in Arabic. So tell it is Tuesday in English. Okay, intellect Okay, Wednesday, which is in Arba in our ball. If you remember Number four, it is our BA in Arabic, so it the same as our bar. It's Wednesday OK, Thursday, which is in Kazemi's MEES, Ill. Mies number five in English, it isn't comes in Arabic. So Commies, which is Thursday, and Hamsa, which is five. OK, the next day, which is Friday. Friday it's Goma and Goma, or some people say Al Juma in Egyptian accent, we gonna say L Goma So Goma. In Arabic, it means Friday in English. Okay, so the days of the Week Day, which is Human Day Youm Youm. Today it's L Human El Youm, which is today. So today it's any Hume or an eviction X against a in the harder l know Har the in the harder it means today, okay, Used today it is in bed in the Egyptian accent, or M set in our vic in general, So ems, which is in bed, which is yesterday So ems the same as in bear in Arabic, which is used today in English. How again? Saying tomorrow, Tomorrow in Arabic. In English. It is Bokeria book in Egyptian accent book or glad in in our vic language in general. So laden Orb okra in the same ends tomorrow. Okay, day after tomorrow. How we can say they after tomorrow It is bad book Ra Bod book ra So bad which is after and before which is able but now began Say bad Bukhara which is day after tomorrow have again say the day before it is a win in bed a win a win which is one a win Mbare which is day before Okay, great. So now let's recap the days of the week again and weak it is is born week which is is born so days of the week It is a m l s boa days of the week AM l s board. Okay, so it's Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, which is, except it had a little mean ill tell it in Arba, in Amy's in Goma. Okay, great. So now let's move on to talk about their months off the year. So the months of the year Okay, Month, which is shar in Arabic show her month Show her year, which is Senna. Senna. So the months of the year, which is sure Ascena show which of month So she hold, which is months. Okay, year, which is Senate. So months of the year, it is sure this center and the first month we're gonna have January. It is Yanna yet? Yeah. Now you're Yeah. Now you're OK. February, which is fib brawl year fib. Royer. Okay, March, which has marries Maris a pro, which is a brilliant arms. The same a pro Abe. Really? Really May which is Marry you, man, You okay, June? Which is Union Union? Une yeah, July, which is you know you You know you are Julia the same. It's you'll, you or Uli. Okay, August, which is? Ah Hostos. Our host toss at Ghost does okay, September, which is September October which is looked over November, which is November December, which is December. So it's starting from September to December. It's mostly the same as an Arabic as an English. So September, October, November, December as well. So again, let's recap it. So it's January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December and our big It is una your una your fib brought here fib brought here. Maris Maris a Brill. A real Abe real man. You man, you man, you union, union, you in? Yeah, you, Leo. You know you the only Yeah, Hostos, Of course. Those adverse toes. September, October, November and December. Thanks for watching for this video. We just almost done about the days of the week and also the months of the year waiting for your next upcoming video. Thank you. Have on day care. 7. Lesson 7, Colors: Hello and welcome back again. Our street There's Mr Street. And this video will teach you how you can be able to speak and say out out the colors in our vic. Okay. Are you ready? Great. So the first color we have, it's white color white, which is beyond the Yup yup. Up. Yeah. Okay. The 2nd 1 which is black. So the black color it is this with it's sit with so black and white. It is obedient with suid Black, it's is with Okay, great. The 3rd 1 which is Ben back Bamber, which is pink. So the bam bear with his pink them that. Okay, next. Carter, we're gonna have its red color. The red, which is Mara a murderer. Okay, ST Omer Time, Mara. Okay, yellow, which is us for thus far us for Okay, great green color. The green, which has a daughter. Oh, daughter, One more time. Oh, daughter. Okay. What about the color blue? The blue color. It is as as one more time as it. Okay, what about the let's say the color purple. Ok, the purple color. It is Ben. If cg like this one, for example, maybe just simmer like purple cutter. So purple it is men If Siggy Bad Neff CG one more time, Ben F C G. Okay, The last cut. We're gonna have its bony, which is brown. So brown EDS Boonie born me only three letters. It is bad noon yet which is born the Okay, great. So now let's recap again. Our nine cutters for this video, which is ah, beyond which is white black which is a sweet been there which is pink Ah, more which is red thus far with his yellow Oh daughter, which is green as which is you, Ben? If Siggy which is purple and the last one, it's Bernie, which is brown. So now let's have some examples about how you can use each a single car just in different things. Okay, so let's say how we can say red car. For example, Red car course. It's Arab area, or Sawyer in Arabic. Ara bia or Seiya car are obeah. Or say you're so red car. It will be Arab area. Hum, brah. Our obeah hum. So red car it is Ah, Rabia Humber. How you can say blue shirt. Okay. Blue shirt shared, which is Amis, aren't MEES Oh means so. Blue shirt, which is Armies Army's As rep. Okay, let's say the sky as you do, for example, so summer summer, which is sky summer Sema. Is that okay? We can't say. Also the color gray gray, which is Russell. See Russo See over Ramadi. It's either Ramadi or Russo. See Ramadi or Russo. See? Okay, let's say you want to white board. How about saying White board? It's aboard. EDS. Sub aura sub Bora sub Bora So white board It will be sub Bora Be the bay, the sub Bora, which is bored white, which is a beard or beta when it comes to the sentence. So it will be sub Bora Beta, which is white board. Okay, how we can say black T shirt, for example, Black T shirt so T shirt, it's T shirt and our vic Or some people say phenomena. But it just mostly the other board of the saying T shirt, so T shirt. It's T shirt, so black T shirt, It's T shirt. This with is with okay, and so on. This. Try it home to practice. Just they can be able to use these colors. Many words are to choice and just they can be able to practice more and more. Okay. Thank you for now. Have on today. You think? 8. Lesson 8, Common Phrases: Hello and welcome back again to our streets. There's Mr Strief. And in this video I try to explain to you how you can be able to speak someone for the very first time just meeting him. So how we can be able to start a conversation with him or how he can be able to respond on his questions. Okay. Are you ready? Great. So let's say our meeting someone for the very first time. What do you think the first sentence is going to start with and give me a life? Nice to meet you and getting through this yourself. Right? Great. So how you can say nice to meet you in our vic again? Say, it's either Ellen was salan like Welcome, Lynn. Where? Sandlin. Len. Where? Said Lynn Or again? Say in Arab world, Let's say mostly you can start with a Salam alaikum a salam alaikum. So it is. Either Helen was Ellen or a cell. Um, I like um let's say nice to meet you. It will be like the shar roughed Billy Kardak. That shar rough Bilic. Oh, look, that shar roughed biblical. You get asking about what is your name? What is your name, it will be mayor. This Mac May is Mac or Arabic language against say, it's smack a especially Egyptian accent. It's smack a So it's MK A. It means what's your name? How to get, Say, how do you do? How are you doing? How you feel? You're getting saying Arabic is a yak. It's only one word is Z yecch So is a tickets either. How are you? How do you do Is a yak Okay, let's say I'm gonna ask you What is your name? You're gonna reply back? My name is so again, it's a met. A smack or a smock. A reply back. My name is which is It's me, Sheriff. It's Cem, me Sheriff Ismea, Michael Ismea, Robert Ismea Ahmed or whatever. So my name is which is this me also. Let's say how we can be able to say Good morning. Good morning. So it will be sub Aha! In higher Good, which is higher and morning, which is sub. Aha! So good morning. It is so Bahaa El Higher sub, Off and higher. How again? Say good afternoon. Okay. Good afternoon. It will be a mess. A l higher. May said l higher So afternoon It is my asset and the higher as we agreed It is good. Good afternoon. Which is my said Al Haria have again to say good night. Good night. Good night will be this box Allah here. Good night. This box I hear it's three words. Okay, This box Isla Fear which is good night. I'm going to say I am sorry. I am sorry. It will be I am which is in there and there. Assess if air CIF so I am sorry. And there s if how we're going to say Excuse me. Excuse me. Okay again and say Oh vernie our Zarni one more time r ver knee or you gonna say Marv Elarton. Mao Vera 10 again. Mark Vera 10. So yes, A Excuse me. It's either are Verney or Mark. Vera. 10. Okay. Have again. Say please, please. Yes. I'm sure you already heard this one before. Placed will be either our group, our Google, our group or men for luck men. Food luck One more time. Men. Food luck. Okay, great. So now just There's some basic let's say sentences. There just some basic greetings. How it can be able to say someone and just against say goodbye to him, Which is mass Salamah. Good boy, Ma A. Salama. Goodbye Mass, Selima Matt A. Salamah Just at home place. Try to practice more and more when it comes to this, and just stay tuned for our next upcoming videos. Again, Explain more about Arabic language. Thank you for watching for this video and hope they see later on next upcoming once thank you have on today.