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Arabic for beginners course

teacher avatar Mohammed Gamal, Quran and Arabic teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

18 Lessons (2h 41m)
    • 1. My name is

    • 2. Where are you from

    • 3. I am busy

    • 4. Family

    • 5. Who is this

    • 6. Numbers 0 5

    • 7. Do you have brothers

    • 8. How do you look like

    • 9. Colors

    • 10. My dream boy

    • 11. My dream girl

    • 12. Nominal sentence 1

    • 13. My house

    • 14. Numbers 6 10

    • 15. House and Neighbors

    • 16. Where your brother lives

    • 17. Daily verbs

    • 18. Verbal sentence 1

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About This Class

Arabic for beginners course offers lessons from everyday life in an easy and simple way. You will learn how to:

  • Introduce yourself in Arabic and your nationality to others
  • Talk about your family and your relatives (males and females)
  • Numbers and colors
  • Describe yourself and others (tall, short, fat, slim, strong, weak, handsome, ...)
  • Talk about your home and neighbors and your address
  • Grammar (the nominal and the verbal sentence)

And more of vocabulary and sentences in Arabic.

And in every lesson, you will learn the difference between male and female form in Arabic.

As for the Arabic grammar, it is no longer difficult because in Arabic Course 1 we review grammatical rules in order to give you your needs to talk in Arabic.

We offer you some free videos to let you make sure that we are doing our best to make you learn Arabic easily and comfortably.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mohammed Gamal

Quran and Arabic teacher


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1. My name is: Welcome toe. Arabic course level one. Let's learn this conversation between Mazen and way to greet someone in Arabic, say a solemn while equal in Arabic we have some expressions toe greet people. But usually we use this Islamic greeting assalum while the other person will reply saying why you cool Salam So to greet someone say s and m while you can And he were apply saying while a to ask someone how he is se okay for her. Okay, for hello literally means how is you? Condition Okay. Fajardo, how is your condition? Okay for the question world have Hey look, we have towards now We have held in the black color means condition And this calf is a connected pronoun in Arabic. This calf means you okay for high Look. How is you? Condition? How is the condition off use? Can you find her? He will reply saying Anna, be higher. I am fine on a B high. You and uh Oh I Anna I The higher fine, The higher fine on a B. Hi, I am fine in Arabic. We don't say anything equals verb to be Anna behi you. I am fine. Well, Hamda Lelay and praise be to Allah. Well, Hamda really and praise be to Allah. You can reply with this full expression on a a hiring while ham do really, or you can say one part off them. You can say Ah now behind only or alhamdulillah toe. Ask someone about his name. Se must smoke. What's your name? Must smoke, man, The question wall is smoke we have towards. We have a basement in the black color that means name Isman name. And this calf, as we said, is a connected pronoun means you must smoke. What's your name? What's is the name off use in Arabic? We arranged the meanings. Now we ask about the name that belongs to you. So we say, Is Cem first? Fulwood by the pronoun is smoke the name off. Use must smoke. What's the name off use? Tell your name, say Ismea. My name Ismea full with bar your name in this example? We have where in So where? It's said Ismea, Where my name is where Ismea. It's the same. We have towards Ismet the black color name. And this year is another connected pronoun in Arabic. This year now means my ismea my name Ismea. The name off mine is a way. And finally to welcome him. Say, Alan Wasa Alan Asylum means welcome. The other person also can reply with the same expression. Let's read this conversation again between Gazan and way a solemn while a why they sent in okay for her and be hiring while handle really mess more ismea where learn west. We have a very important note in Arabic. We differentiate between male and t me. As we learned this is a part off the conversation. We learn it between Mazen and way Mazen asked where in K for? Hello. How is you? Condition now? This calf The connected pronoun calf has fat above it. Okay for her Luca, it's a pronounce it K Faja Luca Khalifa Haruka How is you condition for I mean when you give the calf fat, Huh? This means you are speaking to may. What if you are going to speak toe fee main Like Selwa in this part cell. Where is female? Listen okay for her, Lukey Okay for Hey looky Now the calf has casserole. Kasra, This calf also means you. But now for the main. So to differentiate between me and female. Give them in. If the calf off the male fat, huh? And the calf or the fee main Kasra Okay for higher Luca for mean. Okay for high low key for female also Mesen, ask it Where ill about his name saying mass moca. What's your name? It's is the same. The calf now has fat mass Moca What's your name now for Made. What about with that? He made must smoky. What's your name for the female mass? Smokey, The calf now has casserole. So remember the calf means you're the calf Means you're with data for May with Castro full . See me. 2. Where are you from: Welcome toe, Arabic course level one. Let's alone this conversation between Honor and Hassan as we known it before. We have some expressions in Arabic to greet people. We learned it before a ceremony aleykum the Islamic greed in a Sanam Alaykum. Now we have another expression to greet people. Mara Heaven. Hello, Mara. Heaven and the other person will reply with the same expression. My heaven to ask someone how he is c k for hello as we known it for high Look. How is you? Condition Okay for high. Look. How is you? Condition. Okay, you fair? The question would have had a look. We have two worlds we have hand in the black means condition, health condition. And this calf means you. This care is a connected pronoun in Arabic. Now Allah is talking toe Hassan Hassan is made. So we give the calf fat, huh? As we learn it before. Okay for High Luca, How is you? Condition four male. Okay for her, Luca, the other person were applied and behind you I am fine on a be higher. I am fine. Well, Hamda, really And praise be to Allah. Law on a a hiring one ham gorilla. I am fine. And praise be to Allah. Tow us. Someone about his country Say mean in a And where are you from? Mean in a and men means from men from a una the question wolf I mean a way I know where and you and the pronoun you I mean in a enter. Where are you from? Me in a and, uh, Toe. Ask him about his country and to tell your country. Say, Anna mean, I am from And I mean Anna, I I mean from And I mean I am from Fulwood Bar your country. Now we have Hassan from Egypt. Nestle and I mean Mills. I am from easy Isla asked him I let wanted to make sure off his nationality. Hell end you three as we learn it. Anta means you Australia is the nationality. The three Egyptian and chemistry means you are Egyptian. Now we have held the question war Hell ask is about a complete sentence after it And time is three. You are Egyptian. This is a complete sentence. So hell remember Hell is a question worth asking about complete sentence after it is it right? All wrong Hell Antam three. Are you Egyptian? As you can notice Now we have No three the nationality. We have the same letters off missile Egypt. We just added. Yet after the country needs this is how we make nationality in Arabic. It's your Grissom. For the most off countries, we add year after the country name to make the nationality. No else Egypt. Now we added yet no. Sorry. You're Egyptian in Australia. Egyptian hell anthems three. Are you Egyptian? Hassan said Non. Yes. Let's re the conversation again between Allah and Hassan. Mother have been martyr. Have been okay for her. Anna. Be hiring while humbly, I mean in a and and I mean mills hell and chemistry. No. Now we have a very important note. As we said before in Arabic, we differentiate between male and female. This is a part off the conversation. We learn it between honor and Hassan between two males. Allah ask, It hasn't about his country saying mean in a and where are you from? I mean angina. And as we learned, ente is a pronoun and means you, but anta means you full male. Where are you from? Mean In a ente where are you from? For the mail. What about with if he made Now we have men in Is female Allah asked here? I mean in a NT Where are you from? Mean In a and E now that has cast a ra under it. This means you for female. I mean in a and e So we have the same from now on You for male, it has fat. I mean in a And for the female it has Kasra mean in a and e Also we learn it about nationality hell And three As we said, we adhere only toe the country name to make the nationality. This is for the mean toe adhere only this is for the mean What about if he made listen held an teens three Yeah What? After the country name after meals Now we have no three. Yeah after the country name we have the yet that makes the nationality there off the nationality full would buy this close. This gross in Arabic is called seeming in there We added to feminine adjectives Family in jobs, family nationalities like this Hell anti misri Yeah, we added after miss after the country namely added year off the nationality Fulwood by the feminine. There 3. I am busy: will come toe Arabic course level one Let's alone this conversation between side and on a between male and female as well Only before for greeting usually use the Islamic greeting as Senamuang and the other person will reply saying why you comes to ask a female how she is They say carry Fajardo, kill Yoma How is your condition today? Okay for her Yoma Now that calf has Kasse. The scare, as we said before, is a connected pronounce It means you now we give it castle because we talkto fee me Okay Fajardo kill Yoma. How is you condition today at home today? Yeah, Hannah, we use Yeah, usually before the name off the person that we talked to like now all the person that we call Que Faja Uchiyama. Hannah, how is your condition today? Yeah, I know. And that said Alhamdulillah. Praise be to Allah. Be high year Fine. The high year Fine side basket Hannah Hell Araki feeling my set? Can I see you in the evening? As we said before Hell is a question war Hell, Ask is about a complete sentence after it. Is it right or wrong? Is it going to happen or not. Hell, Roky feeling My said now we have this sentence Araki film I said I see you in the evening Iraqi now we have two words are our key See you are our key See you film a set in the evening fee in Al Massa The evening Hell Araki Film essay Can I see you in the evening? Hannah? It said let no on a machine? Yeah I am busy today on a machine that Yoma I am busy today Anna, I Meshulam busy. Yeah, home today. As we can see, Mistura has the feminine stare. We said before we at this feminine it's that four feminine adjectives Nationalities, jobs Now we have an objective measure Ola Easy. So we add the feminine there because Hannah is fee me. This means if you want to say busy for the main Just delete this feminine there. So we have much fool for the mean machine. Sayyed said Lemos killer No problem, Lamb Moschella. No problem, Araki. Heck on! See you later, Roky. See you now happen later Araki happen, Han Etc Mocelin Mystery the conversation again! A Salam Waal! Wow! Okay for high Kill! Yo my hand! Alhamdulillah! there behind hell are Rocky field myself? Nay. And I assure you now, Mesquita, our ocular hip on mass At in now we have a very important note as we load it in the conversation. Sal, you ask it and at hand. Roky feeling my set. Can I see you in the evening? And Iraqi are out. See you. This is the aura. See, are to see the little elliff in Arabic has two shapes The first cheap, the usual one and the second cheap. That looks like the yet the verb arrow in this with the shape A second shape that looks like the This shape must be the last little off the world Must be the last little off the world We can't write it at the beginning or in the medic weekend. So when we add a connected pronoun after this LF we simply change it toe the first shape off Aleph are like this. Now we change it The Aleph. Then we added the connected pronoun after it are our key. This is the Final Four, Roky. See you. So remember the letter. Aleph has two shapes the 1st 1 year and the 2nd 1 looks like the Yet the 2nd 1 must be the last little off the wall. If you add a connected pronoun after it, simply change it toe the first shape off at if Roky. 4. Family: Welcome toe Arab course level one. Let's learn these sentences about family members. Have a jet. This is Grandfather. Have jet. Have uh, this four mean Jed? Grandfather have jet. This is Grandfather Heavy. Jutta, this is Grand Mother Heavy This full fee main. So we have had for men and Evie four feet. Me Jed, the grandmother. We only added feminine Steptoe have the female off Jet head the Jeddah This is grandmother . Have a way. This is Father. Yeah, well, it had a this full men when it close up have Waleed heavy He were leader This is Mother Heavy. This four female where Leader We only added feminist there toe when it where leader Mother I had uh this is brother head off. This is brother ever iss for mean off brother have e o this is sister have the This is sister Have he this four fee main Well system Oh is the only exception in the family members Now we don't add the feminine Stay well is the only exception We don't add family instead tow it And also we change the voles from so heavy oak This is system Have it This is some Heather Ignat, This is Son Hever. This four main evening Some finally heavy. He Illgner. This is the auto heavy. If DNA, this is daughter. Have he this for female DNA? We added. Feminine is there now let's re the sentences again. Have the job. Have the jet have When it heavy were the that and the off have the have it Has he eaten? Now we have a very important No. We learned it heavy. He wear leader. This is Mother where leader ins with feminine stay in Arabic We have two shapes for the little there shape one and cheap too. The difference between them that the second shaped their feminine is that must be the last letter off its war. We can't write it at the beginning or in the mid It it must be the last little So when we add a connected pronoun after it like the Yet that means my we simply change this feminine . It's there. So the first shape off there let's read the three sentences. Have he wear Lee That he This is my mother. We change the feminist that now Then we have the year. That means my heavy. Really that he This is my mother. Have he were leader? Toka, this is you, Mother for the main You for the main heavy. Well, the cookie This is your mother for the fee. Me Another important. No. Now we have Heather AKI, this is my brother Now we have the yet That means mine have that key we talked about about brother that belongs to me. So we say our first followed by the pronoun. As we said before in Arabic we arranged the meetings. Now we talk about belongs to me. So you say F e now off is belonging to me. What about the other connected? Pronounce? Listen, have a who can This is you, brother. Now we have the calf. See? We have well between Ah and okay also have a hokey This is you rather also we have well between and the connected down after it. Remember when you add up to the yet no problem f e But when you end Oh toe any connected pronoun except the yet and well between us and that pronoun Ah, who can Now we have well between ah and the pronoun Because the pronoun is not yet also ah whole keep the same at Well 5. Who is this: Welcome toe. Arabic course level one. Let's know this conversation between men and and way men and asked man had Who is this man ? Has a man the question war? Have that this for the mean as well? Only before man. Heather Who? This where? They said have the well. Edie, this is my father. Have there were led. Now we have wedding Fulwood by the connected now. And yet that means my where lady the father off mine have that were greedy. Well, who What will be were who? What are he And he is Whoah this well means and well where he who were a new Now we lower be I'll be were who will be and he is looked Manel Ask mess more What's his name? My small man The question war What is small? We have two words now is Smith name is Smith name And this, uh is a connected pronoun Means is must small. What's his name? Well, it said is smoke his name mass in a smooth amassing. His name is massing So now we lower and you connected through now And the pronoun hair that means his Manel asked women heavy he And who is this women This well means and men The question world who? Man heavy This full female. So Manele is asking about He made women heavy. He where it said heavy. He wearily that he this is my mother and the wary that he This is my mother. We're here up Abeba! And she is looked. We're here for Eva. And she is Doctor. This well means and yeah. And you pronoun here. Yeah, she Yeah, she will be back. Dr. Aviva. Doctor. Now we have feminist there and I'll be back. As we said before we have the maid. Two different sheet between male and female. We add feminist there through the fee me Bobby back. Manel asking mess more her. What's your name? Must move her man. What? This small heart here Name is Smith. I mean, and this connected pronoun hair means here Mass. Moha, What's the name off here? It's is the same. We ask about the name off here. So we say name first. We say Ismet forward by the connected through now. Mass Moha. What's here? Name. Where? It said it's smaller model. What? Here? Name is model. It's more hand model literally this conversation again. Hman has have there were led Well, who will be mess more? It's smooth. Jazzy women Heavy. He heavy. He were leader T where he out? I'll be back. Must more Her is small. Her model wife. So now remember, we have new some new words. Uh huh. Hey yeah. She the connected through now in hair is the connected. Now that means here finally we have a job to be a doctor for the mail will be back, Doctor also. But for that you mean as it has the millions Now we have a very important note. We learned it until now. Five connected, pronounced in Arabic. You learning so? Yeah. Ismea, My name is me. Amazing! This is for the me. This one for the fee. Me ismea. Massine. My name is Mazen Ismea. Ma'rwa. My name is model. Now we have the female. So Yeah, it's the same for me. And see me is smoker measure. Your name is mess now. The calf as fat, huh? The calf. That means you. It has fat, huh? For the me is smoky Ma'rwa. Your name is Mara. Now the calf as Cassa is mochi. This means you're for that fee. Me? Finally, the two new connected pronounce. It's smooth massing. His name is Matt is smooth. His name, this means is it's small, huh? Model? What here? Name is Marta. What is more, uh, this connected pronoun hair means 6. Numbers 0 5: Welcome toe Arabic course Level one. In this video you will learn numbers from 0 to 5. We have the numbers and in getters also, let's city of them sleep. Sleep where? Hey, Where if man If man celebs. So I left other by ottobar hems hems Let's see them again. Sleep, Sleep where? Hey, where? Hey, if man if man so less so are by auto by hums hums 7. Do you have brothers: welcome toe Arabic course level one. In this video you will learn to talk about your brothers. And how many brothers do you have? Let's learn first how to say I have This is leather. Leather means tohave. We use leather with the connected to announce after it. We don't use the separated pronounce first when we use leather forward by the connected pronoun we change this Alif off leather two years its opponents it now let a forward by the connected pronoun after it as we have now to yet we mixed them toe Be one yet with shed uh above it No today Yeah, leather yet means all you have Ladha yah I have now this shadow this shaped like the first part off See above the means toe Prevents the year twice led a yet Ladha Yeah, all you have. What about with the other? Pronounce? It's a scene we have, lady. As we said, we change the Aleph off leather two year laddie Fulwood by the connected through now on after it let the EQ you have for the maid lead a Can you have for the me lead a key you have for the female lead a key you have for that He made lead a He he has laddie. He as we learned before the letter hair It's connected pronoun off he the little hat means hiss means him lead a He he has I'm finally for she led. They uh she has led a Yeah, she has. Now let's lower this conversation between Bassma and I didn't breast MMA the female Ask it Ideal Halladay ca What? Yeah, I d Do you have brothers? I didn't. Hell a daycare. Itwas as well. Only before hell is a question world asked about the sentence after it. Is it right all wrong Now we have a complete sentence after hell lead they can as we learn it. You have. Can you have if we're brothers Nadege It where you have brothers If What is the plural? Off Off? Hela Deka Ecuador. Yeah, I d Do you have brothers? I didn't, I think Said Nam. Yes. Now letter. Yeah. Oh, I have one brother. Let the yah I have a brother. What about this one? Where a today. Your home? Where? Head? I have one brother. We learned it where head means one. We say we're head after that. Now we say Where hate after the now in English you say one before the noun. But in Arabic we see where after the now. Why? Because oh brother is described as where head. So we save a noun first followed by the adjective where head now is a joke. Leda, your home Where I have one brother West Massive happened really happened. Okay, Hella Danica. Ah ho it Do you have sisters? Ah ho Ed Sisters Halladay! Erica, Do you have Ah ha were sisters. I ve said now. Yes. Lead a year 10. I have two brothers now. The Yeah. Are you have off then? Two brothers. You can see now we have the world. Oh, with the little there. Oh, sister One sister. Now we added Ellie, flown toe the singular. This is how we talk about two off the singular in Arabic. Oh, once is so to talk about two sisters and Ellie flu. Then no, There yet Then are you have two brothers. The alley flu now a connected toe. The singular off means to oh, then two sisters. What nt End You anti. You for the female? Basma is female. We're anti and you best massive lady your whole when I have two brothers. Leather? Yeah. Ah ha! When I have two brothers now we have off in black off. Brother, we have a lift Noon in red, Elif. Noon means two brothers. But for this is an exception. Also, we add well between the singular and the L A flu. Ah ha Wayne! Ah ha! Way two brothers Leather! Yeah, ho and I have two brothers. I didn't say Welcome. Ah ha! Where Toki And how many are you? Sisters? Where come we have the well means end the well means and come means how many come? How many? Ah ha! Where took your sisters? We learn it. Ah ha were sisters. So you have. Ah, how it followed by the connected pronoun calf. Ah ha! Wear Toki, Your sisters welcome. Ah ha! Where Tookie and how many are you? Sisters? Best massive lead a year. I have Oh, stoneware, header one system. Oh, don't wear header When sister Oh Sister, Foreword by the number where header when described as where header As you see now we learn it wear head Where had means one for the mean Now we have. Where? Hey there with the feminine tear. Where? Hedda One also. But for female? No. There. Yet on where? Hedda? I have one sister fucker on. So I caught on. Let's read this conversation again between best MMA and idea. Halladay ca a squatter? Yeah, I d hell, yeah. I didn't Non leather your home. Where? Non leather? Yeah, Home. Where happen? Handed a Kahoe it. How one Hello today? Kahoe way Now I'm lead a year 10 now I'm neither Year 10 were nt leather Yeah ho in No Yeah ho in where can a hardware Toki welcome Ah Holloway Tookie lead a year on where? Haider tone Focal later. Yeah. Hey, that tone focus. We have, uh, a note here. Well, only before warily files on As we said we add LF loon toe the singular Well, it father 11 Father Now we added a left loon to talk about two fathers. Well, then warily then two fathers Oh sister, to talk about 22 sisters say then Oh, Then add a left loon Also, this is how to talk about two persons to off the singular toe Add LF loon Then we learned it before where Leader, Mother Where? Leader? But as we can see where leader Indies with the feminine stay we said before this feminine it's there this closed There must be the last little off the world. If you add anything after it in the same war, you must to change this there. So the first shape off there. So the open day warily the 10 Now we added any flew to talk about two mothers so that that now is in the middle. Make it open there. Well, we the 10 I'm finally off, brother. Oh, brother, As we said off has an exception. Before we add Elif Noone to talk about two brothers, we add way Ah ha And two brothers Ah ho and two brothers. So remember to talk about two or the singular at Aleph noon toe the single and at if loon on. If the singular images with feminine is that change it toe the first shape over there. And finally the only one exception is a We add where between off and the alley food 8. How do you look like: welcome toe Arabic course Level one. In this video you will learn how to describe yourself and others. Let's read these sentences. Who will tell you? He is told. Were he outta Wheeler? And she is so as well only before ho where he Yeah, she this well means. And so we have theological tive as a new world Are we told? Ah, Well go on for the me What about the female? We add feminine is there with the feel me for Well as we learn it before we add thesis female instead differentiate between main and female in Arab We add this family instead toe adjectives like this jobs toe nationalities Also he is stone where hey are Coahuila and she is Rula. Call C. He is sure where he calls era and she is sure he is sure where here call Sierra and she is sure who on a he is a slim who wanna hate is slim where he and ah he for she is slim where he and a Haifa she is slim also with feminine that who s I mean he is fat where he s Amina and she is who s a mean he is fat. Where he s Amina and she is fake Rua away. He is thrown. We're here away. Yeah. And she is a strong Rua away. He is a strong where he away? Yeah. And she is a strong Who are the IAEA? He is we where he held by Eva. And she is we also with the Freemen instead. Who are they? I ive he is weak Where he all by Eva And she is we who are cabbie He is all where he cab era And she is all severe means old means big also so who were cabbie is all big where he aka Vera and she is all or big Finally who wa Sorry he is young where he also lira And she is young who also year severe means young and small also who will saw you is young or small where he also era And she is young or a small also mystery the sentences again throughout a we where he up? Ah well throughout a We were here Well who will call c where he up call Sierra who are costs here where he call Sierra who on a heave where he and ah, hey. For who? On a leaf. Where he and a thief Who s I mean? Well, yes. I mean, who was I mean? Well, yes. I mean rule Coe where he, uh Oh, yeah. Wow. Call we where he a Well, yeah. Who are the IEA's? Where? He all by Eva Who? Uh, Viiv. Where he ah bii for Rua Cabbie. Where he cave era cabby. Where he can be era. And finally, who will solve the U where he also era you also you where he also here we have uh, no. This is who are jewels. He is all man for the female. He argues she is all woman. It's is the same or a dues old man are Jews, old woman It's is the same for many anti me Now we don't add feminine. Is there 9. Colors: Welcome toe Arabic course level one. In this video you will learn columns. Let's free these sentences. Have ah be up. This is why have a b a as we learn it before heaven means this for the me this means Obure . Why? For the me be up Why I have ah s would This is black. Have s would have, uh this is low. Have as have, uh mo, This is red. Have Uh huh Have, uh off. This is great. Has a bottle. I have Ah, Bhutto. Cauley, this is orange. Have a bull. Cauley have Ah, Boonie. This is brown. Have money. As we learned before. As we said, Have this for the may. This means the colors we learned now our means are mask please. Literally the sentences again have ah br have be up. Have s what? Have, uh s what have, uh, Azraq had a zero. I have Ah, ma have, uh have, uh off boat. Have, uh, have ah Bhutto. Carly, have a bull. Ali, have ah Boonie have Bonnie Now we have a very important no. As we said, Have a beer. This is why for the me What about the female we learn the colors for maize for mass killings. What about the females? What about the families? No heavy He Bayu bore. This is why For that he made heavy. But you bar as you can see. First we delete this Aref. Then we change the voles and finally we add. And if Hamza But you go we add at if hams have a beer. This is why for the main heavy. But I thought this is why for the female I have Ah s what? This is black for the female heavy he saw there it's is the same to delete the Hamza to change the vowels, then toe ad. And if Hamza at the end so they black for the fee me have a zero. This is blue for the man. Heavies are are This is below for the female. Have Ah Mark, This is red full of that made heavy Hamra. This is red for the female. Have you got this? Is green for them in heavy hard rock. This is green for the female. This is how to make ah family in color from the mask to delete the Hamza to change the vowels, then toe ed. And if Hamza heavier, hard rock green for the female. This rule for the colors that start with Hamza, followed by three letters. Now we have two colors without Hamza without three letters. After Hamza Bhutto, Kali orange and Bonnie Brown, we just add Femine instead. Tow them. We make the normal rule toe the feminine is there to differentiate between the male and see me to differentiate between the masculine and that for a minute. Have you all to Carly. This is orange for the main heavy ableto call. Yeah, this is orange for the female Have been a This is brown for the main. Now we have heavy bania. This is Brown for the fee Me? 10. My dream boy: Welcome toe Arabic course level one. In this lesson, you will learn more about describing me. Let's alone these sentences further a claim My dream boy Fetter Lane Fetter Alami literally means the boy off my trees. Satya boy Lamy my dreams at Al any the boy off my dreams. Now we have at the boy Alami We have a leme dreams forward by the connected pronoun. Yet that means mine at the AL any the boy off my dreams who has shed wouldn't hassnuh Mother, He is good looking young man who was share he is young man share young men described as Hassanal Mother Good looking. As we said before in Arabic we say the adjective after it's now. Now we talk about shape. We talk about young man described as Hassan Hamada described as good looking. So we say Sha'ab. First forward by the adjective Hassan, a mother who was shed his young man, Hassanal Mother would looking well, well, well and a tool and told a little What are we? Loom a Neilan and letting the little lamb means and ah, well as we learn it before old a Kneeland ality. Well, a well, a Neilan and told ality show. That's what his air is black Xiao is a shar here so that it'll rot this hair connected down hat that means his shower Who is here? Shallow s wet His ear is black as what Now? We learned before That s what is black for the main for the masculine This means Shar is muscular. Well a day he shared reborn well here tone coffee for And he has moustache and light beer Well, a day he and he has led a He he has share Did mustache when a day he shared it and he has moustache. Well, if you don't half either and light view Well yeah yeah yeah You described as half either half Eva light the adjective Light beer Yeah yeah Described as half FIFA As we see we have half FIFA The objective end is with the feminine stay This means the area is feminine in our you hear Don't have Eva Light beer Further Lynn the boy off my dreams Leme dreams fatter Allami the boy off my dreams Where C Mongia very handsome Where C Mongia done very handsome West seem handsome was seen handsome G done very Fetter Alabamy The boy off my dreams were C Mongia very handsome Metha on I'm Eddie What's about his war? Man on What about Mather? What Never what on about man on what about I'm any his work amalie Now we have Am I left with a little lamb war? And the hair is the connected pronoun hair that means his Mather on family. What about his work? Obama? Toby Maybe Doctor Bama Toby Maybe Doctor Obama Maybe be a doctor or banner hobby maybe. Doctor Oh oh, our war Les I born much full famous player No, I want mature famous player Lay I player described as Mushu famous As we said, we say the objective after it's now Now we have the now on a I Fulwood by the adjective mush Cool famous Obama Toby maybe Doctor. Oh, yeah, I wouldn't much fool or famous player. Let's re the sentences. A man for the May who was shed wouldn't Hassan a mother Mother Welcome. We what? Ah, well on on either shall s would shallow s What? Whether they be shady Well, they he shared when it here don't have either when you don't have feta. Alami were seeing one did then fatter. Alabamy were See Moon Did Metha Anomaly mother Anomaly Ben out. I'll be well, Ben out. I'll be now you born mushroom now, even much war. 11. My dream girl: Welcome toe Arabic course level one. In this lesson, you will learn more about describing a fee. Me, It's Lorne. These sentences frente toe a Lamy my dream girl Fattah toe a lame fattah toe. Alami literally means the girl off my dreams thereto Lammy the girl off my greens Fattah Girl Ah Lammy my greens Miami My dreams We have a lamb dreams forward by the yet the connected around yet that means my he f potato crow Jamelia Latifa She is long, beautiful and nice girl He had a meal Now we have he effort There she is girl described as Shaqra Long as we said before in Arabic we say the adjective after it's now. Now we talk about data about girl described as chuck Long So we say fat afters followed by the adjective shop karaoke He a feta She is girl described as Shaqra loaned Wedge Amina and beautiful well of FIFA and mice, as you can see in English, you say and before the last adjective. But this is not what we do in Arabic. In Arabic we say way we say the way with that means and for every adjective he had that shot crow Jamelia One or three for she is blonde and beautiful. And my girl John, who had us for What are we? Hair. Hair is yellow and long Shall who have us. What are we Sharlow had here. Here, Sean. So here now have connected through now. Hey, that means here, Sharpe, who have here here us for yellow water. Well and long. Well, the well and long Well, they have off here, okay? And she has two raids. Well, today you have both fear, attain as we learn it before leather. Yeah, she has. Now you have We have another laddie toe have now connected through now in half. This means that I had She has that they have. She has both era 10 2 braids off here attend to rates. Well, why any? And the color off here eyes is blue. Well, I would know I had the color off here. Eyes is blue loan color loan color. This Well, as we said before means and loan color. I mean, here. Oh, I Yeah. Here. Oh, eine means I means one oil. But of course, when I has a blue color, the other one also will have the same. So we say Well, no, I mean we don't have to say to talk about the two eyes we can use one on. Why? Don't Why me, huh? The color off here I is also Well, I wouldn't want me as rock and the color off Here I is blue. We learned before that as it up means blue for Muslim This means that color that loan color that we talk about is muscling well, I wouldn't have as rock the color off Here I is blue and finally fatter toe Allah me The key yet on jeden the girl off my dreams is very smart So they're toe a Lamy the girl off my dreams Zakiya Smart Zakiya smart done very for their toe. A clammy the key. Yet in jeden the girl off my dreams is very small. Let's read these sentences again. So they tow a lame right there Toe a limb. Yeah. Sacharow would meal at 1135 shallow her us for what are we shall who have us For what? A lead? Well, a day you have off your attain Well you have a fear attain Well, why as well Why has Fattah toe a Sami Zaki. A twinge in them thereto. A Sami Zaki yet to get done. Now we have some notes as well. Only before fatter boy Fatter means boy Fattah ends with the second cheap off Al. If that looks like the air, if you'll remember things shape off Elif. The second shape must be the last little off the wall, like fatter. Now it must be the last little So when you end anything after this life like the feminine Instead, As we said before, we change this second shape a lift to the first shape that we see in fact there so far there now with the first cheap off a leaf the North number two we loan each across loaned for the female. For the male we say Ashqar, we say Ashqar, if you remember the colors that we learned before, like a set up we said to delete the hamza from the main, then to change the vowels in the female, then toe Add LF Hansa this is how we change the color from Maine he made Would you leave the hands to change the violence? Then toe add any Hamza every end off the color to make it fee me a scar shock Coro like Azra Czar that we learned before And finally Duffy era the fear A brave one braid Buffy era . It's ah, feminine world. It ends with the feminine is there As we said before, the feminine is there is the second chief off dead. It must be the last little off the world also like the Aleph. So when we add at if noone to talk about two grades, we change this feminine step this fierce, cheap Theis second cheap off there. So the first shape that we see 12. Nominal sentence 1: well come toe Arabic course level one this. Listen. You will learn the sentence structure in Arabic, starting with nominal sentence. In Arabic. We have two sentences. A nominal sentence that talks about an hour, usually definite now. And the verbal sentence that talks about a rule that talks about an action in this. Listen, we will learn the nominal sentence. As we said, the normal sentence starts with a now talks about a now usually a definite Now in honorably , we have six different amounts. Until now we learn it. Five off them. Number one pruner like Anna Ana is a definite now in R b. Ana. Ana What? Zaki Smart On a k. I am smart. This is a complete sentence. Now we talked about with Ana. We talk about the non Anna saying that came small on a key. I am smart number two. The proper noun like Mohammed Mohammad is a proper noun is a human name. Mohammed Mohammed on the doctor. Hamadan is a dog. Now we have a complete sentence. Now we talk about with Mohammed as a proper noun, saying the doctor Mohammed means Mohammed is a doctor. Number three, the administrative now like hair That this Heather What? Have a job? This is a grandfather. This is a complete sentence. Now we talk about other. We refer to someone saying hair that you talk about him Have jet. This is a grandfather number four. Any now begins with the definite article. L like Elfatih a ago Al Fattah the girl we learned before Satya Satya means girl when we add a little flame at the beginning This means that girl because a Laflamme in Arabic means that a Laflamme is the definite article. Al Fattah the girl What? Mash Hoorah! Famous Al Fattah Tomar sure the girl is famous. Number five any now we add toe one off these definite downs about for example, We have char e my hair. Now we have towards We have sharp here. Charlotte now is added to that. Yet the connected unknown. Yeah, that means my Shari my Here. So Shar is a definite now who are because it's added to the pro now in year. So the first definite now like let your toe Hassan the beard off. Hassan Lahiya also is a definite now. Now why? Because they're here is ready to Hassan. Is belonging to Hassan Hassan is a human name. Hasan is for over now. So now here Toe has on Neffa debuted. Nausea is a definite now now, like also warily where we do have the father off this you see someone in front of you You want to talk about his father and I would fire them that relating to him where we do have the father off this now where it is a definite noun because it's added it's belonging to administrative now head. And finally if what will fatter brothers off the girl If what is a definite now? Why, Because it were is added to Alfa Alfa is a definite noun. Starts with the definite article l if what will fatter you talk now about specific brothers if what will for their brothers off the girl So again we have a nominal sentence in Arabic . A normal sentence talks about a now usually a definite. Now we have six definite noun in Arabic until now we learn it five off them known like Anna , the pro pronoun like Mohammed the administrative noun Mike Heather in an ounce starts with l the definite article and like else that there. I'm finally any now and added to, uh, anyone off. These four definite now owns like Shari Char now is definite because it's at the to the well known yet Like you hear toe. Hassan Yahia is definite down because it's added to propel now like where we do have a father off this where it is a definite definite now because it's added to the demonstrative noun I'm Finally, if what will that there If we're what will for their brothers off the girl, it where is a definite noun? Because it's added to Al Fateh and Fateh starts with the definite article. And so I guru, I can say a zon example toe the nominal sentence on a key. I am smart on a back A. This is a complete sentence. This is a nominal sentence. It starts with a pronoun definite. Now it talks about that definite. Now, Anna, on our that key Now we said que about Anna. We talk about Anna K smart an a k. I am smart like more Hamadan. Bobby Mohammed is a doctor. This is a complete sentence. We talk our Mohammed. We say that Mohamed is I'm a don't be like Have the jet. This is Grandfather. We talk about Heather. We refer to someone saying that he is have that dead. This is a grandfather like Al Fattah to mature. The girl is famous. The girl is a definite now starts with the definite article L they that girl so much for the girl is a famous The girl is fails. Now we talk about Alfa on finally toe add any noun toe These four definite announce like Shari Ah we My hair is long. You talk about something belongs to the pronoun Charlie. Charlie, what are we? So this is the nominal sentence. We start with a definite down. We say something about that If in it now let's look at Mohammed Don t Even Mohammed Thistle is a nominal sentence. This is a complete sentence. It has two parts definite now And we talk about something we say about that If in it now I'll be as you can see. We said Mohamed Adan with thumb off even with them are also so the two parts off the normal sentence usually deserve some Hamadan of evil I met is a doctor like also Al Fattah Toe mature, Otto. Also, you have the, um like to Hassan half the fat on light. We have a bomber for the probe for the definite. Now that we talk about and for the thing that we say about the definite now, now we have a very, very important north. As we said, we have two sentences in R B nominal sentence starts with a definite now talks about a definite now usually and verbal sentence starts with the talks about the verb about with the action, we have a sentence like this question Hell, enter the K. Are you smart hand and the key? We said before that hell is a question. Wolf is an article. Hell, ask is about a complete sentence after it. We have an today a k u r smart ant. Other k is a complete sentence. But we didn't start with the sentence with the different noun. Enter with the pronoun ente. Let's look at this sentence in this sentence. We don't talk about help. We talk about enter. We asked about enter if you are the case, if you are smart. So in this sentence, also in this question also we ask about the no meaner sentence. This article, this question world it doesn't effect, doesn't make anything toe the nominal sentries. So this is also a normal sentence in Arabic. We can start with some words before that normal sentence All the verbal sentence that we were alone in charm like this one also held Mohammedan of even is Mohammed. Now we have held asks about the complete sentence after a Mohammad Adan Mohamed is adopt. I'll ask about this sentence. Is it right? Is Mohammed so hell also doesn't make any change? This is a normal sentence Also in finally fine and north we say Hamadan of even as we said in the nominal sentence we have toe mean parts. We have different it Now that we talk about and the thing that we see about definite now definite now announced that we talk about is called in Gramma is called Muqtada. It means the world that starts the sentence. So Mohammed now is anything you say about Al Muqtada is called hubba Toby is hover is the thing that you say about Muqtada about the definite Now remember, the nominal sentence has two parts. The 1st 1 that we talk about is called Muqtada. And the 2nd 1 that we say about the definite noun is called Harbor. All I want you to remember The very important thing to remember is that the nominal sentence starts with a definite noun. Usually that we go about, start with the definite now, then say anything about that definite now. 13. My house: Welcome toe Arabic course level one. In this lesson, you will learn the main content off the house. Let's learn these sentences. Have a baby. This is a house. Have a baby as we learned in the previous listen well, only the nominal sentence in the nominal sentence we started usually with a definite now and we talk about like Heather. Heather is a different now because it's the administrative Now, they told me. Is the thing that we say about the definite now Ever have a lot by a tone? Now we talk about specific house. Now have a bite on is a nominal sentence. It's comprising off two parts. A definite now when we talk about and something we see about have been doing This is a house have a baboon. This is due. Have a album. This is store as we'll only have a means this full masculine, so bad And there are mostly have enough either This is window heavy enough. Eva, this is window now feather window. Now if either is feminine because every he is semini this for the family, have some fun. This is ceiling. Have some fun heavy or for tuna women this is bedroom or for two now women bedroom every year or fatto now Women, this is big room. Have Ah ha Mammon. This is a bathroom. I have a hammer. Mammon, this is bathroom. I have Ah, Ma, this is kitchen. I had money. This is kitchen heavy. He had the car. This is garden. Have the guardian. Let's read the sentences again. Have a Beethoven have a Beethoven. Had the baboon have a baboon heavy. He now feels that havina feel that. Have some fun. Have some fun. Heavy offer to now mean heavy or fight to now. Have a high ma'am. Have a high ma'am Had the ma ba hon have a buffoon Heavy. He had the cotton heavy Hadi, as we learned, have this four masculine. So every word every now after Heather is a masculine also and heavy is feminine This for the feminine This means any noun after heavy he is semen in. Now I'm finally as we learned or for two now mean means withdrew or for now, women bedroom, but literally or for two Now Ming means room for sleeping who fall sleeping now means sleeping or for room now sleeping or fight on our home. Oh, for sleeping. We have a very important no, We learned it before Leather Leather means toe head like Yeah, I have nada ya Hadi. I have a garden I can see I have in another way, Ni the also means I have the Hadi. I have a guard. It's in the sea. I can use leather or they are the sea that you had e equals we had Let's look at the other side Me Beattie had my house has ago. Anybody t we have the lamb also The body had the IQ off. My house has a guard e my house has now We used the lab Onley before by before my house. Well, when you talk about anything, belongs to human like this are let the Yahad I have. I have I am the owner. I am human. I can use leather or the name Lee Hadiya. This is for human. When you talk about anything belongs to human Lee Hadi, all you have a garden. We talk about something about gardening belongs to me. I am human, so use leather off the lamb. It's is the same. But on the other side lead 80 Hadiya My house has a guard We talked about Hadiya ca that belongs to bait. My house is not human It's not human, it's not human. So we used the name on This is the difference between mother and the leg. We can use leather and the lamb. When we talk about anything belongs to human but for unhuman We used the name on Lee. The baby had ika 80 You also to now the beauty Hammam VT Ma that m full unhuman. 14. Numbers 6 10: Welcome toe Arabic course level one. In this lesson, you will learn numbers from 6 to 10. We have the numbers and the writing letters. Let's learn then See that? See that? Sabar? I said Why Simon? Here, Simon. Here. This, uh, these are Let's leave them again. Sit there. Sit there. Said by Subba So my anemia So my anemia This this are I sure may have a rock. What's this number? May I have a rock? Math? The question world What I have Ah, this our rockman The number are rockman the number this means rockem is masculine because off Heather Okay, Read Have a rotten this number. Excellent. He saw So Manaea see the Subba? So, Manny uh this saw? Yeah, sure. Morocco Mole hat if What's the number off the phone? My rock Moral hat If math What? Rockman number? Al Het If the food Al Het If the phone. Okay, three. This number. Excellent. Yeah, sure. Uh I sure see the so man. Yeah. This saw Seba Marach. Moshe Schulte. What's the number? Off the police. A shorter The police. Okay, Read this number. Excellent. Seba sub bar. So, man Yeah, he saw See the Soma Nia Sabah. He saw Morocco moustache. What's the number off the hospital? Al Moustache for the hospital. Okay, you re this number. Excellent. This saw. I sure so, man? Yeah, Seba. See the so man? Yeah, This. Ah! And finally Morocco. Mosul DP What's the number off you'll, friend? So the pick your friend. So the friend and the calf. The connected pronoun calf. That means you off course. If you add Femine instead to solve the you will have Saudi a a friend also. But girl friend. But girl So the friend. But for the mail. So the friend he is made. If you want the female friend add feminine is that saw the okay, Read this number. Excellent, Subba So Manya. Ah, sure. Uh, this saw Sit the Asher. 15. House and Neighbors: Welcome toe Arabic course level one in this Listen, you learn mawr about house and neighbors. Let's learn this conversation between Manel and so I had about the house off. So I Monell said bay Toki Jameel on your house is beautiful baby Tookie Jimmy. But you took e your house by house and this calf is a connected pronoun Means you're for the fee me now the calf has Kasra under it. So this is you for the female baby Tookie, Your house. Jeremy Loan Beautiful Jamie alone. Beautiful. Now we have a nominal sentence as well. Only before in the nominal sentence we talk about definite now now by Turkey is a different now Who I because by is added toe the pronoun calf We said before when you add any now in tow the pronoun that now will be a definite now. Why? Because pronouns are different. It announced in Arabic. They took e your house. Now we talk about specific by specific house the house off. So I bet you too So I by Tochigi Mylan, your house is beautiful. Djamila is the thing that we say about the definite now about baby toe. So I said Chouquer. Lucky thanks to you show Carol Lucky Show Carone Thanks. Lucky to you. Lucky Now we have the lamb. That means to it doesn't mean owning something now it means toe on Lee Shukra Lucky thanks to you and the calf is the connected. Go now, Menon said. Come or fattened fee come or fat? Um fee. How many rooms are in it? Can How many? As we said before toe, ask about the number or the count off anything used Cam come How many war for orphan means room means one room or for is singular. It's not plural Now. This is another way to ask about the account off. Anything to use come forward by the singular off the thing you want to ask about, followed by the singular with and we know fat or fatten Come war photon. Now we said war for the singler. But the mean is how many rooms now we talk about with the poor. Come war fatten fee, he in it fee he towards. We have fee, that means in and the hair is connected. For now, the hair is a connected pronoun for masculine. Why? Because by it as we said before by It is masculine come war fat and feet he how many rooms are in? So I it said fee or fat 10. Two rooms are in it, but literally in it. Two rooms fee in it. As we said, Fee in. He he in it. Orphan 10 2 rooms we learned. Or for room the singular, as we said before, to talk about two off the singular Add Elliff noon toe the singular or for 10 wombs fee. He'll for 10. Two rooms are in it and we change it. The feminine stare off war for toe. Open their toe The first shape off there. Feed your fat 10 two rooms are in it heavy all Phatu! Now this is the bedroom, heavy or for toe Now, as the this for female for feminine because warfare is feminine or if I toe now that they do, we're telecyl Fattal my Asia And that is the living room. Wait till car or fatal my Isha! And that is the living room. The little well means and Pilica means that delicate means that four fee May 4 feminine. Now we talk about warfare or fertile Malaysia, The living room or FA is feminine. So we used till Tehelka means that for the family. Manel asked Wimmer Velicka And what ive that? Well, I'm a very ca women. And what the well means Well means and man, the question world means what the Leica means. That but four mostly. So now we have that we have a deal. Can that four feminine? And they're Lika that four muscular women with Erica. And what is that? Swatted? Very Cal Haman. That is the birth. Who then he can hammam. That is the bathroom. The Aleka as we said that for masculine El Hammam, the bathroom man. Nancy, have Jay. This is good. Have ah j. However, this form asking Jay it good. This means that Jay, it is mostly have you done? This is good. We're come Jarrar. Lucky. And how many neighbors do you have? Where can jar or Lucky? Welcome. And how many? The little well and come, How many? This is the second way. As we said, to use the singular off the thing you want to ask about. Where can John John John is? One neighbor John Neighbor, One neighbor. Now we ask about enables. We ask about the plural, but in Arabic we use the singular welcome. John. We used the singular jar never with 10 women or Fattah. Where come John? And how many enables? Lucky do you have Lucky now the lamb means tohave. Where come geral lucky And how many neighbors do you have? That's why it said Lee sabotage Ojediran. I have knee all you have. As we said before, we can use the lamb to mean I have to mean tohave Fulwood by the connected through Now now the connected pronoun is there yet for I saw we say Lee, I have the means. I have Sabato Giron seven neighbors. Giron is the plural Giron neighbors. Lee sabotaged Iran. I have seven navels Now Let's read this conversation again. Manners said they took E J me alone, but I took it. Jimmy Chouquer are lucky. Show coral Lucky Come war fat and fee come war fat and fee fee or for 10 fee or fat 10 heavy or if I toe now heavy water for now we're still alcohol. Fertile My Asia. We're still alcohol. Fattal my Asia Women Velicka Women there, Erica. Very legal hammam Very can have a mammal have you? Don't have you doing where come Jerar Lucky Where can there are lucky Lee Saboteur G Ron the saboteur G Iran Remember now the little calf Lucky to you Lucky to you show crowd Lucky Thanks to you The land means Onley too. We're come Jarrar. Lucky. Now this'll m in. Uh, this question means you have lucky you have Zella means tohave Now we have a very important no to ask about the number of the account off anything use Come. You have two ways. Come means how many You have two ways to say Come full by the plural like this one Come war off one day How many? Oh, rooms off the house. How many are the rooms? Off the house or off? Rooms or off is the pure come war? Awful date. How many are there? Wounds off the house? This is a way to use the plural. Another way to use the singular Come or fat? An fill bite. How many rooms are in the house? Come Worf. Athan with renal fat Come or fatten War fa is the singular war for room one room. So you have two ways now toe ask using the brutal or toe ask using the singular. You have the two ways like also Cam Giron. Okey. How many are your neighbors, Giron? Okey your neighbors Giron in Red Giron. Navels or toe? Ask using the singular. Come, Jarrar. Lucky. How many enables Do you have come, Jarrar? Lucky. Come You who were Toki? How many are your brothers? How many are you brothers? Come, Toki, The same. But using the singular Come Ah ha! Lucky we learned it. A brother, One brother. So we can ask using the singular can. Ah ha Lucky! Come, Toki. How many are you brothers? Come. Ah ha! Lucky! How many are the brothers? Do you have come? Ah, how Where? Tookie? How many are you sisters? Now we have the plural. Ah ha! Were sisters all we can ask using the singular come off lucky with renal fat Come hotel lucky. But as you can see, when we ask you the plural we add the plural toe, the noun after it or awful day. Geron took Ah ha wear toe. But when we ask, use in the singular We don't have the singular toe, the noun after it. We don't add the singular toe, the noun after it. Why? Because this done ween means we don't add. We can tow this noun toe any noun after Now we don't need anything added after so we use the prepositions like fee or the lamb. Now let's free these sentences again. We'll only them before. But now we learned them for Velicka with delicate that for masculine and silica that also but full two minutes. Zarley Cab Boone Zarley Cab Boone Still can I feel that one deal can feel that one Velicka sock phone Zelic ASAC phone. Delco Fatto now will mean Ilka or fatto now will mean Zelic a hammam moon Zelic. Aha Mamoon Verily come up behind one. They really come up. Behoove dill, khadi, cotton deal Khadi, cotton. Remember the Aleka that for masculine de Luca that for feminine? So any noun after Velicka is masking any noun after Tehelka is feminine. Now we have the all our normal sentences. We have definite now that administrative now forward by something we see about 16. Where your brother lives: will come toe Arab because level one in this lesson you will learn how to tell you the address off your brother's house. It's known this conversation between Salim and more. Saleem said a knot hole. Where is your brother? A khokha una the question war were hoca you brother more outside He feels Manzi. My brother is in the house a heathen Manzi and he, my brother, feel Manziel in the house will only before she means in feel Manziel in the house we learned it also by by means house Manzi the same means house. So you have two words. You can use anyone off them also as we learn it before when we add a brother toe the connected pronoun. Yet that means my no problem. We added normally Effie. But when we add up toe any other pronoun like the calf we add well between them. Ah, who can we add? Well, in the middle between off and the connected pronoun. This is only four off. Ah, he feel man's in. My brother is in the house. Men's in the house, Selene Us. Helman zero. Who by hell man zero by is his house. Far hell As we said before the question warned. That asks about the complete sentence after it. Is it right all wrong men? Zero. Who by man zero His house that I eat then zero by his house is far. Now we use health toe asked if this right or wrong men zero Who his house connected pronoun means is that he far men zero value. Don't. This is a nominal sentence. Now we talk about definite now Manziel because it's added to the pronoun men. Zero who? God, he don't. The thing that we see about the definite now moron said, Nay know Bell who are Corey. But it is near Ben confirms the sentence After it. Ben makes you focus on the sentence after it. The sentence before Bell was wrong. The house is not far on baby too. Is not that I eat? Not far. Ben. Who are curry so focused on this? Indy's who are sorry. It is me, Corey Near who are curry? It is near Salim asked a Ah yes. Food. Where does he live? In I ask. I have a question. War were yes, Corn. He lives? Yes, Spoon. He lives now. We don't see who pronoun hope we don't need the pronoun whole. Why? Because yes, one is present. Vote Prison. So who in the present words talks about who are now? Would he about Iowa? We start the present were with the this year means yes, corn he lives now we don't need Oh now we don't need over because of the yet he lives. Yes, Kun, he gives I know. I ask on what does he live? More odd Said yes. School fee Disa sherry ahead. Yes. Good movie. Issa Sherry. He lives lying Rehab Street? Yes, Coun as we said Yes. Connie lives Yes, school is a present world. Yes Kun, we don't need more because the present world four whole starts with the now This means who were Yes. We don't need more. Yes, Kofi In or this are mine. Share your rehab. The street Oh are rehired. Share your street. Are the hair is the name of the street? Yes. Goofy Tissa. Sherry. Have he lives at my angry Have state? Salim asked. Saleem said Ever have a are you will go toe him. Have you ever had? Now we have towards this scene that you see in black means will ever have is a prison to vote ever had means I go as they have. Oh, cool. Ever had starts with the little hands on A This means Anna means I also this is a present world also we don't need Anna. We don't need and we don't have to say, Anna, This Hamza means the prison to vote with another full Anna starts with Hamza. I haven't had this Means are you Go so ever happen, I will go. This scene means well ever. Hubble Leahy Leahy Toe him Yay! Marah Yuka Fee Veli Murat Yuka Develop What is you opinion about that man? The question world What you your opinion you toe the little year are your opinion And the calf the connected announce calf That means you It has fat Her four mean because Murad is me Marah Yuka What is your opinion, Fi? Velicka About that or in the we safety Mara you coffee America We said before Velicka that fall must moron see Hassan. Okay, well now muscular. No problem there. Much skill and more problems Now I know. Let's read this conversation again between Salim and more Rob a una Holger e not Hoeger f he feel Manzi. Effie feel Manzi. Helman zero You don't Helman zero Egan No bell who are even man. Then who are car? A school, I mean. Ah, yes, yes. Cool movie. Tissa. Sherry? Yes. Goofy Disa sherry. So ever Hubble. L A some of the Hubble l a Marah you coffee? Very Marah. You coffee? Very Hassan in now. Myskina Haselman. Now, remember as we said, he we added off with the connected Yeah, no problem. When you add up toe any other pronoun except Igaya like this calf and well between us and the pro now well between them, this is the only exception for also as we said, Bali means to focus on the sentence after it is the right one also remember? Yes kun, he lives. Yes. Good. Now the present world starts with year. This yet means Yes, he lives now We don't have to say because off the yet because this is a present. Yes Kun, he lives. But for I we say ever have. Now we start the present work with Hamza. Have I go as have I go? This Hamza means are now we now we don't have to say, Anna, as the habit means I go means on the other We don't say We don't have to say, Anna. And this scene means well, now we have, uh this very important. No. Now we have a present worlds. Well, only for the West. For he Yes. You know the present world starts with Yeah, we can say who are Yes kun Or just going on Lee? Yes. Going on Lee means yes means he lives because the present world starts with yet for over Yes, For Ana s Kunal, The present verbs starts with Hams s school. Also, we can say Anna, ask Oon or Ascona on Lee. A school means I live. You have the habit? The same the present for who starts with. Yeah. Yeah. The habit for Ana at the habit. Are you go? Have you? Are you go? You have Ahab. He goes when we end. When we If we want toe talk about something will happen about the future. We only seen to the present. We learn it. Yes. Good lives. Yes. Come when we add, This is a scene. Say yes. One will live. Say s cone will live. This scene means well, sir, Escort a school. Are you will live. So I ask you know all you will live. This scene means well. So it's very simple to talk about the future in Arabic just at seen before the present vote seen before the presentable at the beginning off the present world said, As you know, are you will? So you have the habit. It's easy to see we have you ever happen Go goes he goes Abou he goes now we added the scene Before this present, he will go e win. Go. The scene said of the Havel we have ever Havel all you go as Havel are you go now. We have the scene before uh over. So are you Will go. The scene means will another important north selling as we know. Mitt said, sir, as Ahab Leahy I will go toe him. Leahy toe him. This is Tina. It means to in a means to inner Indus with Elif with the second cheap off. And if that looks like the you, uh when we add connected through now toe Ella, we change this LF two year l a you know you forward by their connected now on after a l i e e Now we have yet not at If we change this olive two year. So remember for this preposition, Ella, it is a preposition, Ella. It ends with an if with the second shape off a leaf when you add a connected through now, tow this three position inner change the at if too. Yeah, the lady he e l a He and the scene full of the other connected, announced for me with the year off l a. To make one Yet with shudder This shadow this shaped like the first part off seeing we said it means to pronounce this little twice. Now we have to yet the year off l a and the connected pronoun yet Hell, yeah. Toe Alaya, Toe me for the calf l a to you for the me that have has fact l a to you for the me He'll a key to you for the female that have has castle l a key to you. I'm finally for here. L a huh? To here? Yeah, to hair. As you know, hat means here. Well, I have to hear. So remember this for the proposition when you other committed pronoun after change the theatrics off 17. Daily verbs: will come toe our course level one. In this lesson, you will learn some daily verbs on. Don't have to use them. Let's learn these sentences. A state group home in now me are you wake up through my sleeping a stay presuming now me as we learn it before the present were full. Anna full. I starts with Hamza as of April. This means all you wicker. Now we don't need the pronoun, Anna. Now we don't need the pronoun. Anna, with this present vote as a review, all you wake up. I mean now me from my sleeping mean from now me we have now sleep in now room forward by the connected pronoun. Yeah, that means my mean now me from my sleeping from the sleeping off My on. How do you mean? Alfie Ross, I get up from the bed. On how bloomin Alfie Roche on, Huh? All get up on I get up. Minal Farraj from the bid Minal mirage from the bid mean from Al Farraj. The big rush a bit. Ever have a little Haman? Are you? Go to the bathroom as Ahab. Yunel Hyman, Have Oh, you go also with Hamza. Present world for And therefore I have Are you go? It'll hammam toe to El Hammam. Sabbath CEO asked Nanny beautiful share. I wash my teeth by the brush. I'll see you as nanny. Beautiful. Share a sill. I wash the present evil on sale Are you wash as nanny? My teeth as nanny We have a snowman TIF Fulwood by the connected pronoun year s nanny The teeth off mine bill for share by the brush. Beautiful. Sure. Now we have a little bit this bad in this sentence. In this using means the noun after it is the noun off the tool that we used to make the bill make wash ever. So as nanny I wash my teeth being little phone share by the brush All four share a brush a 10 and what will find me? I e my food a 10. And when you try me at anyone I eat at an animal I eat by me my full by am food and the connected through known yet by me my food l Bess Umana bc Are you were my close This l best human ABC l bus. Are you here? Malaria. BC My clothes Malaya vis o this full with bodies A yet Mala BC My clothes, Wherever have Lyman and I goto the war this well and this world means and ever happen as we learn it before I go as have I go Ally Mel's toe the war ally mammal to the war era is a proposition in our and finally our Kabul say yeah rati a Lima I right out of cub. Oh, you're right. Say you're already my car. So you already we have, say, Yara car followed by the year followed by the kinetic pronoun Yeah, it'll Armel toe the war Philomel Lyman, I ride my car to the war Let's re thus intense is again a stay with me now a steak with homing Now on how amenable fear us on Hubble mineral fear are Ever have a little ham, man, Ever have a little Hamann? Cee Lo as nanny Real form shed I'll see you as nanny Beautiful Shed a 10 and we'll buy at 10. And what by a little best woman BC, Where ever have a family and best woman BC ever have Lima in Kabul Say yeah Rati alarm Kabul Say yeah, Rati Allama. Remember So you're already in this with now? We have Sarah in this with the feminine stay that closed there. As we learn it, before they close their must be like this off full share must be the last little off the wall. Now we added the connected pronoun. Yeah, after it after this that this means we must change this thesis. Uh, feminine stir is closed. Their toe the open there that you see in Seiya. Now we have Ah, very simple. No, well, only mean a numb from the sleeping. I mean, I feel all she from the No the now one after mean now we have now owns after men every one of them has cast. This is because men is a preposition. I mean gives the noun after it Kasra the same full. It'll Hammami a la la family. The same the now on After Ella has custody, Ella is a preposition. Gives it the noun after it Cassa So say in Al Hammami l amalie also Bill for charity that no one has custom Phil war fatty that no one has custom. So remember we have some propositions in Arabic. They give the announces after them Cassa 18. Verbal sentence 1: welcome Toe Arab because level one in this lesson you will learn the verbal sentence and its structure as we learn it before in Arabic. We have two sentences. The nominal sentence that starts with a noun, usually a definite now, and talks about that definite now and the verbal sentence that starts with ever and talks about that world in this. Listen, we will learn about the verbal sentence first. We learned thes sentences in the previous Listen, we said before that the present over for Anna starts with Hamza like a steak will all you week up and the other words a staple of all week up steak with the speaker make the world a steak with all week. Oh, you do Also, we learned that the prison for a where starts with yeah, like a stable be weeks up. And the other words also hysterical. He weeks Who is he? We don't know. So we say the name off the person who makes the after the This is the verbal sentence, the verbal sentence. We talk about the world. We start the sentence by the world. So we have Yes, Yes. Stay proof as the beginning. Fulwood boy The person who makes the world Yes. Take a where you don't. This means where it wakes up but literally wakes up where in we start with the world the vert takes dumb and the person who makes the verb ticks Dhamma also So remember, in the verbal sentence we talk about ever we started the sentence with that there Fulwood by the person who makes the vote they all day Um, we have another very important new yet And now one way where in eats it's watch your turn Our what? I'm a food The verb yet and now well eats happening toe a time The food So a tire now is the object. It takes fat yet an and one away where it's each one off time Ah fireman now has fat also yell best way in where in weirs Where's what? Yell bustle years l manner be said the closest El Bassel man A visa we years the closest the verb now happened toe all melodies, verb off Wearying happened toe mellitus So al Marri's takes fat Yellen bus Where Iran Al Man A visa where in years? The closest You don't see the where in where in washes bushes. What? Yeah, See you as Nana, who washes his teeth Assn. And now is the noun that the happened toe as Nan takes fat. Also look at the other side for something together Have away where it goes whose work in alarm. Now we have You have to have the vote. You have the happy having to you know, Lyman Ella is a preposition in Arabic. A Lamela is now Ella comes before a noun. Ella is a preposition Now they ever didn't reach toe the now on Al Amel directly. No, it needs either. It needs something. It needs a tool between them. So we don't give a Lamela. We don't give a Lamela fat vote You have helped. Can't effect alarming. Why? Because the preposition mean Eva are like walls between the world and the noun after them. So remember to give the now, in fact, her like a time yet And I will wear unit and I will work time And I was over yet and I were reaching directly to a pion without prepositions. Now we give now we give them down off the I'm a fat, the twin We used a three position in the middle like yes, Have. Where? In a little hammam. Now we have Sheila in the middle between the verb ever have and and I wont Al Hamam, we don't give a Hammond. Now we have this question Hell yet And well, where alone? A fireman. We learned it before that. Hell asked about a complete sentence after it. Now we asked about yet an hour. Where? Alone time. Now. We talked about this verbal sentence. So this question is a verbal sentence. Now we don't talk about the question world. Hell, we don't talk about it. We talk about the verbal sentence. We ask about the verbal sentence. So this question is a terrible sentence off now. One with Mama. Where in is the person who did the world with? Um Also, it's an hour. What eats what a flying off time is the Now, if that ever happened to a time and out expat her because no pre position between the world and five the same for hell yesterday where it would mean now me now we asked about also a verbal sentence, Stichel, where you don't mean now Me where in weeks up from his asleep. Now we have the same. We ask about this verbal sentence. So this question is a verbal sentence staple with Dhamma. Where in the person who did the world with dumb also, Uh, yes, I could we have. I mean, now me we have the preposition I mean before the noun now sleeping. So we don't give this non fat because off the preposition. Finally yet an hour We're even Obama get an air One is called where alone makes the world school Say I schooled, say I and finally a via the proverbial. Then I will happen to without three positions by a man is called math ruled by Emma is cool That's old in Arab. So remember, in the verbal sentence we need at least film with a vote and do a We need fell and find at least And sometimes we add my food We add my food object like a time that takes her above it