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Arabic In Front Of You Series "Part 2"

teacher avatar Adam Fathy, A Physical Therapist + Online Teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (4h 15m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. 1.1 Unit 2

    • 3. 1.2 Lesson7

    • 4. 1.3 Third Dialogue

    • 5. 1.4 Vocabularies

    • 6. 1.5 Exercise One

    • 7. 1.6 Numbers & Syntax

    • 8. 1.7 Exercises 2&3

    • 9. 1.8 Recap

    • 10. 1.9 Hearing

    • 11. 2.0 Talking

    • 12. 2.1 Reading

    • 13. 2.2 Writing

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About This Class

Hello and welcome back to another class on Skillshare. Arabic is a worldwide language nowadays and millions of people speak Arabic even in non-Arabian countries. To make a long story short, if you are trying to learn Arabic then stop thinking like a student and it is a load on your shoulders to learn it..... Start enjoy the process by practicing it daily with your friends as practice brings perfect...

If you still struggling with reading Arabic, being familiar with the letters, their different shapes and sounds, then I recommend you to check my first class here which was about the basics that make you good to go and start real learning like this series.

Regarding this class, it is part 2 of a long series of book Arabic in front of you... We will try our best to upload the upcoming parts as soon as possible... Also, I hope that everyone interacts, drops comments and asks questions, and help each other in the discussion section of course I will be there for any inquire....... Hope you the best......

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Adam Fathy

A Physical Therapist + Online Teacher


Hi there,

My name is Adam, a graduated Physical Therapist who started teaching Arabic and Quraan in 2017 with good experience in Online classes.
I joined Alimlive, Tareequl Jannah, and IQRA institutes but I finally settled down with my private work through which I helped many to be able to read Arabic and Quraan and start the journey.
Hopefully, there would be more courses here on SkillShare soon enough.
Take care.

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1. Intro: Arabic in front of you, part 2. Basically, this is our second class here from the famous stories Al-Arabyatu Byna Yadyka Arabic in front of you. Where we actually discussing more dialogues and conversations and much, much more. So in part 2, you would learn more new words, numbers, and dialogues, where you can use them on regular basis. Now i will let you with, the intro of the series. The interest in the Arabic language increased in this era, which led to the authoring of many books and stories to meet the needs of the multiple and renewed Arabic students. And here comes the Arabic in front of use arrays as a contribution to an participation in this field. Hello, my name is Adam, a graduated physical therapist and an online teacher. I worked for many online institutes that teach Arabic. And I ended up was my private comprehensive curriculum. Actually are we can front of you, is a well-known stories among the Arabic language learners as it teaches the four aspects. Listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Besides learning more about the sons of sounds, vocabularies, and syntax. At the end of this class, you will be provided with two elements. Number one is the comprehensive communication approach. Number two is the Arabian culture. The comprehensive communication approach is to be able to communicate was natives through the accepted social contexts as to interact with the natives by speaking or even lighting. Also to express yourself in a proper way in different social situations. The Arabian culture, as it will have a close look at the different cultures among the ribbons and the religion of Islam is a big part of it. In this series, we're going across different units. Each unit is about a certain subject, like greetings and introducing the family, residence, the daily life, food and drink, and much more. This class is actually for all levels, however, you need to be familiar with the alphabet and at least try to read or speak Arabic before. If you didn't. No worries. I've made a full class here about the basics and everything. You need to be able to read any Arabic word. And once you finish it, you'll be able to read Arabic fluently. Go check it. I hope you find this class more interesting than he expected. And I'll be waiting for all of your questions in the discussion section. Don't forget to bring your notebook and a pencil. You've got to go. 2. 1.1 Unit 2: Hello and welcome back to the second part of this "Arabic in front of you" series. Really glad that you passed it, really glad that you carried on until you reached this class, part 2 of Arabic In Front Of You. Really proud of you. Actually today we're carrying on from the spot that we stopped we are carrying on. Moving towards the second unit, unit number 2, we're actually doing Al-Wahdatu Al-Thanyah. Al-Wahdatu Al-Thanyah. previously we did. Al-Wahdatu Al-Awla. Okay. And it was all about greetings and introductions to somebody and to introduce somebody to another person and so on. Okay? And we haven't been through some vocab and some synthesis and some pronouns. Now we're actually talking about the second unit and we had the two, Sania to UK. And we also get some numbers from one to five, where head then R1. That was great actually because from now on, we're actually increasing the numbers. We're actually providing more numbers so that you're, you're, you're gonna be able to, once you get number ten, you're going to be able to do up to one hundred, ten hundred and more and more July, hopefully. So from this point we're actually doing this unit. So what is it about? This unit is actually focusing mainly as you can say, actually, this is kinda like a family. Yes, it is the word he says L to L plus R2. So first, that was the second. Okay, We're going to write down this way, the second unit. And an extra two in that case would mean that because means the family. All right. Let me quickly make it more obvious. The main word is okay. Okay. So in that case or if we just deleted this enzyme, if we said it's going to be from the top and it's was not was two. It means family, all family. A family. So in that case also means a family. And actually some, some members of this family. This is what we're going to talk about in this unit. More numbers, more vocab, more synthesis hopefully too. Let's jump into the next lesson. See you there. Don't belay. Prepare your notebook, your pencil, your eraser, and get ready. Be prepared. Start with a firm start, and that ends with a bright ending. Or come, see you there and don't be late. 3. 1.2 Lesson7: Hello and welcome back to the second class here. Actually we do in the second unit, okay, and what 100 two, Sania two. And the first class or the first lesson of this unit would be lesson number 7, a dorsal survey. Why? Because actually, we're carrying on, as you remember, we're carrying on what we did in Chapter 1 or in Unit 1. We're carrying on doing it. And one ends with Lesson 6. Lesson number 6, a dorsal surface. So here we're actually carrying on doing a dorsal cetera. And this is number 7 in Arabic, how it looks like and say is allowed to do, which is the view is going to give you a wide Rena about why you are going to talk about through the whole unit, through the whole second unit. Okay. All right. Now you can read this. I assume that you can read it just by yourself because we did reading, writing and pressure. I also you can write down and you know exactly how to pronounce it. It is an a well a well and her well, and I will definitely, you know what it means. The first dialogue, because we often, we mentioned, we repeat it that many, many times. So the same PSAs on war was right? Look, listen and repeat. It says, well-known bainite, only one male who are on renally Rama. It's a conversation, a dialogue between Allie and I'm Allie and I'm now resume. All right. I leave started initiated the conversation saying Asilomar AI com. This is B's via pony and multiplied by a concern. While. So Ali said, heavy, which means if you remember, yes, this for a female or for the feminine heavy he saw R2 was sati actually is talking about this. To be honest, why is this? This is a family picture. This is a family photo. Uk. In that case, he's actually saying heavy, he swore to authority. This is what exactly and literally means. This is my family picture, this is my family image. All right. The New World he is going to be SAW or two, or the web saw in itself, the word itself means a picture or an image. Okay? So the word Azra, as we mentioned above at the start of the unit, and also to the West Australians, a family. And if you add it to at the end it becomes my family was sort of t. So the word heavy, this feminine. So R2, all right, the verb to be heavy, the Kuhn, soar to authority. The word tikkun is the equivalent to the web to be, this is, is here. It's going to be neglected in Arabic because the verb to be is going to be neglected because we already understand what it means. However, the word sutra means an image, but it's a feminine tika. And at the end, closed, at the end. If you can see as we've mentioned before. Sorry. Yeah. Turkey. Yeah. Sorry. Yeah. Arabi, Yeah. And so on. Okay. So heavy. Soda to authority. This is my family picture. Amar replied, Masha. Masha a lot. Actually, Michelle loved just a phrasal verb. Oh, four sentence. We, as Muslims, we often say it like God bless, Okay, It's the equivalent, the same equivalent as God bless all to God bless. Amongst other two asks rally showed among his family picture or his family image among I was going to ask, Who's this? Was that how all these dancer one replied Oh, I'm answered. Ask the first question. Which was men. Have men. He means who? Okay. The web men, it means her. Okay. Have you already know what? It means this for male? So who is? This? Is the verb to be is going to be neglected. It's going to be dropped in Arabic. So men have, who is this? Together with men? Ali replied, said have, this is where Ledi, I've man as well in the admin. Who are Mohandas and how you get the idea. Now is introducing his father to his friend Amar to ask you to his dad. Oh, who is this man, however, he replied saying have where Liddy, agnostic and manage the name column 1. This means he is 1 this and engineer. But you actually stuck with this one where Ledi, the wet while it in itself. Well, elif lambda1, the wet while it means a father. Father. And if I did, I add to it, as we said, it's going to be my father. My father or my dad. Okay. So where did the admin? This is my father. I've nan is an engineer and then, um, ah, started or carried on our skin when men have the men as he, woman. Who has he is for this, what? For the feminine, for the fee male. Ali replied heavy. Where liberty, sorry, either help or VBA as he was validity, sorry, the EOB, but the word, sorry that actually it's an aid to feminine name, heavy. This is for a female or for the feminine, where we said, well, it means a father. Where leader means mother and mother. Okay. Mom, mom, a mother, men's wear leader. And if you add it to at the end, and that case it's not going to be a closed that it's going to be an open tag. So it's going to be aware liberty numerate correctly for you now. It's going to be where liquidity, well, elif lamb, then that opens up and 300 at the end. Where lead the t. Sorry, this is my mom. This is my mother. Sat into her name is Sita. And what do we the web or the name, Sorry, That means happy. He or she is a doctor. She is a female doctor because he said Here, Bobby bad and it was close to at the end. So he meant female. Doctor. All right. I'm all carried on asking women have to wear means and where the wet on. Wet means and woman. And who is this and has this allele is going to apply him as usual, has an API. You already know the wet. This is my brother. This is my brother is a polyp. Ready know that word because we did it on the only one who bought it means is a student, may student. If it was a female, we could have said, Boys. Brilliant. I'm modern. Finally, I think that would be his final question. Woman has one. Then he and Peachy. Ali replied heavy, heavy RT in already what it means. This for the feminine or my sister, Abdullah, his name is outlined here. While lemma hear more, I limit the word myeloma is the same equivalent to the wet wood or Risa is a teacher the same. I think. While num is quite new to you watched lean wild lima is the sediment for Mother Teresa. And finally, he mentioned without asking him, he mentioned his grandpa and his grandma. He said We'll have the jet the jet D and this is my grandpa or heavy duty will have the density and this is my grandma. So actually the word Jed. Jed means a grandpa. If you added I add to it would be D. I'm Jed, that means a grandma. If you added yet to at the end, would be my grandma. Okay. You got the idea, I think so. Ummah replied to him, Masha, law, god bless. Alright, this is a sentence, co-head memorize it this way, say this tour and the ribbon. It would actually consider you a close friend too. And once you Ste, Michelle law could blessed because we, as radian, we actually fascinated, I'm obsessed with the relation with our gut with a lot. And we always hope the best for the others. And if the others hoped or West, the best or make do for us as well. Actually consider them. One of us, consider them one of our family. Yeah, I think this is kinda weird for you. Actually. This is who we are. Okay, let's quickly recap it. All of that may clear in all of this. Okay, I'll try to make it a summary now, starting from the top to down. If you didn't write down, I'm pretty sure that you brought your notebook, your pencil, and everything with you now. Okay. And you wrote down the new wells, the new vocab because you already know that we tried to do the best. We're having a notebook and a pencil, write down what we needed to know what we get. And at the end, we summarize all of it. So let's start the dialogue. Let's carry on the dialogue as a normal dialogue. National dialogue, alley and shaded it. Asilomar AI com and mortar applied while a chromosome, basically a pony. And please put upon you to Ali heavy soda to put sati as he saw or to hostility. This is my family picture, or this is my family image. I multiplied Masha, Masha a lot. God bless Amar. Men, however, men have, Who is this? Alley replied, have LED 011. This as well, lady, I've known poem one this, this is my father. Adnan is an engineer. Amar. Woman heavy. Women heavy. And who she and who's this? The same heavy. Ali reply to him. Heavy validity. Sorry, the AOTA BBA, heavy, where liberty, sorry, the petal here, Toby, but this is my mother. Sorry Ada. She is a free male, Dr. Amal, when men have and who is that or who is a highly replied, have actually have Risa autotelic Amar gloss time. All right, That means this is my brother. Esa is a student. Amar, ask him the last question. We're men heavy and who she? Woman heavy. Ali replied term heavy, heavy poverty. Vm1 lemma. This is my sister. She's a teacher. She's a female teacher. And given an extra info about this one, we have the digit d t, d t. This is my grandpa, this is my grandma. And that's multiplied to measure couplets. Okay, let's have the second. One here. If I think that would kinda going to be related to kind along, I think so. However, let's do a semi. And how well a semi. Look, listen and repeat on a STEMI or white. We're still doing lesson number seven, okay? Omar and Uthman. Now we're actually having a real conversation, real dialogues between different people, and actually begin to know some words, some vocab from these dialogues at the end. And we've come in, we're actually come in through the vocab section, I think so the syntax and so on, as we did in unit 1. All right, it is initiated the conversation I think he was setting with his friend Rothman and showing him the picture, as you can see in the image here, showing him something. Actually we started to show him this thing, this kind of tree, this kind of family tree, to be honest. So pages asked him saying Omar, Omar asked Hal heavy, heavy, heavy, Shara. Is it or is this a tree? Is means hell, Bakke case. This for the feminine. And the word she genre means at 33, just one tree. Okay? Because the plural of this word would be scheduled. And instead of that, regardless to diet lost close to at the end, it would be just share what the singular would be. Shara, a tree. So we ask them, how heavy is this a tree? Is this tree. He said none, which means yes. Now has the genre. It's a tree. And give them an extra info. It would be heavy. Heavy, heavy this desk for feminine H2S, SO2 in our ready family. Okay, so here would be our soul amongst the messenger. And actually he's referring to the prophet Muhammad solar cell and the last and the final message and the last and final messenger of a law from the Islamic perspective. So heavy, ostinato. Ostinato. This is like a phrase or this is like Coursera to aerosol who sought to the family of the messenger, the family of profit. The family of that profit. Okay? So this family belongs to the profit of solitude aerosol. If you can't say, if you'd like to say Asara to a handmade, also to Ali was sort of two, Osman, ostinato, Amar, and so on. So it belongs to him. Okay. You know what I mean? When slot means a family, atmosphere means the profit. And of course, when we say that profit, we actually mean Prophet Muhammad, peace be opponents of the lyocell. Or more. Replied to him, as I've just said, Solara salaam, peace be upon him. And then he started to tell him about this family tree, that the family tree of the profits. So a lot of Solon Hoffman said, have a little Abdullah. Abdullah. Abdullah is a name, okay. It's called the profits name is Ahmed ibn Abdullah, Muhammad, son of Abdullah. Okay. While they do, okay, we said, well, it means a father, brilliant. A father added to it at the end would be his. This hat means his his father. This is his father, Abdullah. Okay. All right. We said Shara. Let me give you a clear example. We said shorter. So the watcher Shara. Okay, it would be this way. If we want to say his tree, we would say what we are going to convert this genre to who? The same. And we put that at the end, which means his treasure auto, sorry for the gene. Okay. So the same year have Ledoux, Abdullah, where Ledoux who, who he is and this is his father, Abdullah Ahmed, started to get familiar with the family tree. And he said, and V. And this is for the feminine, where leader to Whoo, where a leader to Amina. Amina is a feminine, is a female name. And this is Amina, the mother of the Prophet. Peace be upon him. We said, well, it means, it means what? Means mother. Okay? So if you add it to, at the end, belongs to his where lambda 2. So instead of clothes that it would be an opened that and at the WHO, at the end where leader to where I live. Or where leader to Amina. This is and this is his mother. Amina. As one carried on. Again, familiar with the, with the family tree. He said, we have jet do who abdomen polyp. Whether Judd who abdomen. Abdomen colic is actually a name of his grandpa. And as he said, Do we said the wet Jed means a grandpa. And if you added to it would be his grandpa. We have a jet. Do who? Abdomen polyp. Brilliant. And then he carried on who has allowed us what has allowed us to unmute. We don't know what it means yet. Allow bass is a name, his name is alarmed as well, however, and this is for the male. And who write the word on. An Arabic means I'm okay. It means uncool. Your father's brother. And your fathers provoke would be your uncle or your mother? Your mother's brother. Okay. Would be your uncle as well? I think in English it's going to be the same uncool for your mother's brother and your father's brother. Okay. While in Arabic actually, it's for your father's brother and Hall for your mother's brother. Okay. It's quite different anyway. So I'm means your uncle, your father's brother. And if you add it to at the end, that would be unlawful. His uncle who have Alibaba's, and this is his uncle. And IBS is named alarm bells of men said also, he has two uncles, will have the ammo hands-on. We have unmoored, and this is his uncle. Hangzhou is named as Hamza. Homer carried on site. Hello, heavy. I'm Mu2. Who? Sophia. Sophia is the name or heavy. This is for the feminine. I'm mu2. The wet and the wet I'm means. And and actually we refer to our map by referring to our father's sister. Okay. But English, if you say and and actually don't know if it's your father's sister or your mother's sister. Because actually an Arabic, my mother sister would be quite different. Okay. So here, unmatched means and, and I'm met to who you are going to convert the closed state to an open tag and then add the WHO at the end or at the end would be his wealthy unmet to who suffer you have maiming severe. And this is his aunt. Sophia's name is Sophia. And then he started to mention his, you know, his main branches as boys, his daughters. Then he said we'll have a blue. Al-hasan ibn Abdullah. The wed him means sun. The word, it means some. Ignore if you added a whole at the end. So it would be his son where the immuno and causing his name alcoholism and ibn Abdullah. And this is his son. Abdullah, his name is Abdullah Ibn Ibrahim. The oldest one of them was Ibrahim. Ibrahim, Ibrahim and this is his son. And then he started to say, Well heavy it. Netanyahu called fema. Were heavy Internet whooo, faulty MAN. Netanyahu. Okay. We said m means sun. It means DOTA. Okay. So ignore if you, if you converted the closed to an open tab and added that at the end, it would be a net two. So his daughter, and this is his daughter. Her name is Fatma. And actually he had Fatma, Eukarya, Zainab. And you consume. And these were the profits. Notice like for actually require first, actually Fatma was doing this one of them, Fault Domain, Eukarya, Zainab and Lucasfilm for notice and three sons and causing Abdullah Ibrahim. So he said at the end, heavy Internet2. Raja has the Zainab have the Internet2. So actually, that was quite long. I know. I hoped that you get what I mean about writing down the main wet or the main route of the wet. And then we added the syntax to at the end. So it converted it to his and mine and so on. Okay. So I hope you go back. You replay it if you didn't get what I mean from the first time you took it and go back to your what you wrote down. Okay, your, your notebook, as we mentioned before, is 40% of what I'm actually doing, o is 40% of the process, 40% of the road. If it's not 50, if it's not 60. This is quite I can't stress this point enough. Go ahead, keep doing this. See you Insha'Allah, do when a cell is the set dialogue, it's going to be within the house unto contains and family members and offer immediately. We're going to have a DSO, a feminine adults who offended, which is less than and less than. Number eight would be about the Moureau that the vocab, that vocabularies that we, that we went through, all of them. So I will add, um, um, my students, all of these. Okay, It's going to be mentioned and we're going to go through each one of them. Let's go back to the last one that we did here at 730. We started from a thallus next, next lesson, I think so. So don't delay. Don't forget to prepare for the class. Have a clear mind before starting. 4. 1.3 Third Dialogue: Hello and welcome back to another lesson of this class that will go with the started doing it again and rationally due in the seventh lesson of the unit 2, we're actually having an orbital. And we have the two aphasia where we actually have in this number two, which is asthenia, reflects to number two. And we're doing the third dialogue, which is allowed well, a fairly soon. All right. Let's see what it says. It says unsorted was just super your pronouns. This sentence, it means look, listen and repeat. Look, lesson and repeat. All right, let's see what is it talking about? The third I look, let's have the things today more cleared. Okay. First, we have got this here and all all along. And what does that mean? Previously? We've mentioned that means mom. On mother. Yes. And o means that all father. Okay. What would what would we say if we said that mom or the mother or the dad or the father, it would be an Arabic, we're actually adding the elif and Lambda wet. So it would be that something that we call him wow, rough LFO languages. They're going to be pronounced with elephant lab. Okay? So in that case it would be an L or an OEM instead of on instead of just being mom? It would be an OEM, the mom or the mother. And it's been instead of just being an odd, it would be the dad. Oh, the Father. And okay. Let's see what they are talking about here. The moment that they are talking about. Definitely the token about family discussion. Okay. Mom said or the mom said, what do we do? Wet? Sid said, Oh, say's means, say's means you're called in Arabic, it means you're Corey. Oh, the code for the feminine off or for the female. As we've learned, the pronouns is going to be hugely difference between the male and the female, between the mean and the feminine. So for the feminine it would be that the coal and for the male it would be Jacobian. So what about said in the past, present or sorry in the past and the past tense, what would it be? It would be he said, coef Paula. She said, here, call it. Okay. So along mu or let the mom said has then we physically have then we physically. So as you can see here, I just made an arrow to the wet. Haven't guessed. By itself. It means this for the male. This for the male, and half your colon. Where is the verb to be wed? This is easy actually, it's been removed, as we've mentioned before. If they, if you have no white about this, go back to the first class. We've done here, which is part one. Okay? So here, the second one, I've just made a line for the two words. Why? Because actually most of them gives the meaning because the word itself. Then for the wet as n is the coal or ako, and alpha is the dawn prayer or the dawn time. Okay, would be the same. But Zoom is valid. However, as an unfair, together means, the coal for the prayer of fascia, or the code for the dawn prayer. As we've just mentioned, the name of the book was called allowed to buy in a day. We said a lot of area is the Arabic. But in means between the headache means hands. So all your hands. So Benedick, it's a sentence together, gives us the meaning of in front of you or in your hands. Okay? So here is the same thing which is then we fishery. So we're just actually connecting both together. So it becomes their newly February. So why did they say then no, What about this elif? Just right here and the width L or L fishery. Actually this is not an elif, this is adjoining hands-on pattern. And joining Hamza, the joining that was supposed to be an n waterway joining Amazon. What about it, please? I'm sorry. I was about him. That SWOT is it you joining Amazon but joining hands actually, it is. It looks like the elif. Okay, However, it acts differently from the left where the joining Amazon, when it comes in between too wet or between two letters, it acts as a joy in our, joins the lab before it or after it. So in that case, it joins the new to the elk, to the lamb of the web, alphaj. That's why we said then newly, newly, I think now we've got what I mean. Then newly February. Okay. And then we'll have the final translation of this. It would be heads then on fishery, this is the core for the dawn prayer. This is the code for the dawn prayer. Okay. The father has done now is to say, Oh, yeah, the father a boo or paella. He said, the father said Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. Why is it that actually, okay, but Muslims, when the heat that the code for the prayer, we normally say the same way he says Ruby to after. That was in rupee after the one who calls for the prayer. So if he says allow it, but we say allow occur. If he says in the law we say Leyla halo and so on. And he actually getting more and more has an ad from repeating the words of the demos. So you just said the same thing. And if you're into it, it means, allows the greatest allies to only good and he's the only worthy of worship. The last panel, the island, all mighty. And a low. It means a lot is the greatest or a light is the most. Great. Okay. So let's have a quick one. The mother said. This is the code for the dawn prayer. The father started to be after the one who calls for them for the as an offer the prayer. And now he's about to ask Nina and I would lead to a leaner. And so the wet I now we've no, it's actually it means where. Means where, as we've mentioned before, if you remember the first lesson, first lesson that we took, all that we did in the first unit. We said when I enter, that was second lesson, said Listen, However, we said, Where are you from? Where? Which means A1a. Guess. That was the word. And I will do. Okay. Let's just clear this. Okay. The lead. Okay. This word means children. Children. So if we say children, that would be like children, it doesn't belong to anybody. But if you want to make it van children or to say this is what children or to talk about a specific children. Okay. You would say that children you would add to it. So you would just run this end. So with B and do the same. Okay, so the due at the end that, that was done by the end. This is, it goes back to the syntax. However, the rules of now, the rules of syntax. However, you just need to be familiar with the lamb, elephant lamb that we added just right here when we said L. Yes, means that it may give some meaning of that. So the children it means however, the wed children itself means outlet. Okay. So that's that oh, that that or the father asked Alina and Lola do where are the children? What about what about the verb to be here, actually been removed as we've mentioned. So A1a, a ladder where all the children the mother replied, She answered, said sadden could have many data. So I don't feel how umami get a lot though. All right. Let's take it went by wet. Solder is a male name. Okay. So boy called SAT. Okay. So sadden goes back to the syntax. Let's say just saddened by its name. It's a male name and fy means in. Okay. I'll have many. It's supposed to be mhmm, Okay, But it goes back to, all right, let's have a Bayesian. The last letter of each word, the loss of each word. What he has for the hackathon mutton. When that goes back to the syntax, the rules of now, the rules of now. So you don't have to ask me, you didn't have to be worried about this because this is actually going to be a separate. Area of Arabic, because this is actually the most interesting part of Arabic way actually learning about the syntax of Arabic than now of Arabic. And that would be actually would ask us for an, another separate classes. Not only one class to class is about the syntax. And let us just leave it for later. Just let, let's leave it for signs for now. However, we just need to focus on that base that we're doing here for not getting confused. The last layer or the shore value of the last letter of each word. It depends all goes back to the syntax of the Arabic order rules of syntax. So the word ad hominem means the toilet, all the washroom. So if he said in feel how umami, it means in the washroom or in the toilet. I don't mean in the soul itself, but I mean, he is in the ocean actually doing something. And she just explained. She said, I don't really have many sad isn't it? The washroom? Why he's doing it? She said that I want bottle. Okay. The way you talked yet about what means he's actually make and model. What is we'll do? We'll do is actually goes back to the Muslims background. The Muslims believe when they said were, when we say we're actually make it, we'll do it for the load. Because actually we're about to offer prayer. What it looks like. It looks like this Manchus right here. This man is making a little run. Now, we as Muslims, 100 languages, watch our paths before the meeting, before the five daily meetings. When we meet our load five times a day, we're actually making making sure that we're all we're all set to go and meet him. We're all set with all pushing our own parts. We smell good. We're good and we're all conscious. Okay. We're all set and ready for DUS for this meeting. So it she said yet our this is this is the occlusion or at the literal meaning of the literal translation of it would be ablution in English. But if you would like to know about it, just write down, the Muslims will do. Okay. And of course all the Muslims know what I mean. So say I don't feel umami, sad and the washroom making a look. Okay. Let's go down. Okay. And then he asked him a question. He said, what a Mina where I NA means, well, what about, what about it this way? It means, and we've just mentioned that before. It means and where is carried on? Sheridan is another is another male name. Okay. He means actually, he got another son called Zaydan. Sad is the youngest maybe and say you don't is the oldest and events. But it literally means we're ins or you don't and worries, Sarah, you don't. Okay. Mom replied, Sorry, you don't say you need for your fatty yuck role or say you don't feel or fatty Yaro, realistic it towards but two, it says A1 is the boy filled or 40 feet means in as we've just mentioned. Okay. Alpha t, Okay? So alpha basically four. Okay? So if we say just a warfare starting from who would be just room? Okay? But if we edit or fatty or alpha 2 would be that room. So in that case, alpha two or alpha t dt events and goes back to the syntax. It means the room, the room a lower, fair to if we're just talking about it, just the main, older than the noun over there would be a lot more fat. But here, when we say fill all fatty, we just say it this way because of the fee. It's a preposition. Of course, you know that. And the preposition when it comes after preposition, we're actually ending this where it was extra, the last level of this world would end. It was a Tesla. So in that case, she said to say you didn't enter the room, which means his room, she meant his room. Yoko Ono for Anna. Your cro and N about together would be your Khurana. Why? Because of the joining Hamza, It's just right here. I'm pretty sure that you confused with Jimmy comes up, please. If you didn't get what I mean, just go back to the learn all the basics within five hours class and see, I think from rampage AND I think okay. From page 80 to 88, I was talking about the joining camps. I think so. Okay. So here let me make it clear. Jaco means reads. Okay. Let me just take this off the web itself. What it means. Please, please. Okay. The way it means, read. Okay? However, it's in the present tense and send the present time. And it's not, anyway, going to be an order because in English, if you say to someone, read actually a given him an order or command. However, in Arabic, if you're going to say this, it would be a crop. It is going to be totally different. Or let's stick with this chakra itself. It is the verb. And it means read. Okay, oh, he read in the present simple. So your crop means reads. It goes back to him. Sorry, it reads what? The Quran. Read. The Quran moment or the mother meant. Sorry, Don, OCR it and the room read or buried in the room reading the Quran. Say you don't floor fatty micro RNA. Hope you get what I mean. So the verb is your crop, and it means reads the present Santo. And Al Quran is the book that heavily loss book from the load sent down to all the Muslims, not only to the Arabs. Okay, because actually some people are countries with this idea. Let's carry on. Says ask. And again, he said the data set color or Alina, sorry to say that too. Threshold where you're going to be confused with yes, it is. Sorry the two and say, what is the difference? Alright. Easier for me. Male and female. Yeah, it's quite close. Yes. Or if we said Sorry. Okay. And say that, oh sorry the two, if we just make it a correct syntax here. So this is a female name and he just said what Alina say either to an worries. Sorry. Where is she? She said the mom said, replied, Sorry, the two females are either in free fall, masala to suddenly, so CEDAW is in that is in the place where we pray and Mazola, yes. Alright. So add masala is a word or a place where we actually make an offering, prayer. And muscle. Let that muscle, okay, a conscious, give it to you because actually, if we said the message, it means the mosque in English, it has no relation to it. However, at Masada is actually a combi, anywhere that we use to make the prey or to offer the prayer. Okay? So say you do, sorry, the two films or lashes in the place and the place where we pray what she's doing. She could be settings, could be readings, can be doing anything. However, she's praying, she is too solidly. Okay. So the word you're suddenly let's have it from the main first. You suddenly, it starts with you. You saw this assault, by the way, saw me. So the way you suddenly means he is praying all prey's prey. And the present symbol, or in the present tense, what we actually mean, a male praise. A male praise. However, if we're talking about a female, it would be to solve. So she prays. So she meant the moment, sorry, the two full masala to suddenly say the two and the place where we offer prayer, praise, she's praying. Okay. Alright. He's actually checking all of his children. That's why he started by saying, well, the children enter. Okay. So it just now mentioned all the names. You just said. Ooh. Yes, I do. So now he's got saddle. Okay. Let's recap quickly saddle. So you don't say that just only three. And I was going to ask them to do some stuff forum or to bring some stuff forum. You just said. Ooh, yes. Means we're a matter of who is a new web today and amines code or code. Okay? So if we said the code. It means a map of, however, coat itself, what it means, it means mouth of the web code itself. Just coat. And instead of just saying that it would be map, if you added to it, would be L means the coat. Yeah. It means own site or saddle. So any net amount before Yeah. Means oh, I think this is what it means in English. But we just eat. You don't just say the names. You could just say this in English. And then map of oh, yes, I do. Where is my Kaltura is the code set? Where's the code? Sad? This is what you say. You don't have to say, Oh, sat, where, where's the code? Okay. But we tend to say, yeah, very often, very frequently on regular basis, actually. We just don't call each other names. We just say yeah, AFS and then we call the name. So if I would like to Codename, I would say yeah, Mike. I would not say Michael just just by itself. I think you got what I mean. So I think let's do this quickly. Yes, I do. Where is the code? Psat? Sat replies. Have a whole now tofu. Yeah, why LED? Have a poet and Malibu? Yeah, one entity or at this desk for the male poet. And mouth of all. This is. So, uh, he means is. Finally, we've come to the verb to be is being mentioned and Arabic. While we're actually talking about stuff, we're referring to the stuff. We're actually bringing the verb to be to o a sentence. So if we just said, This is, have a coelom apple fall, this is the code. And then he said, Yeah, well LED. Yeah, it means, oh, well, we've mentioned before the web. Well, it means father. And if we added yet to it at the end, that would be my father. So yeah, why did he my father? This is the code. My father. This is the code. My dad. This is my code. Oh, this is the code that it could be the same. Okay. So then why he said what she said about his saddle just replied to him. Is that the that asked why Nevada? Yes, I do. I know Navarro do. Yes, I do. Actually, that would be Nevada. Nevada. It means glosses or a pair of glasses because it's just a single a pair of glasses. Navarra too. Okay? But if we just set and non-volatile would be the power of glosses, the path of glosses. So this glosses weighing on a lot of us do. And where is the o, the glosses always the glosses. Okay. So it replies, heavy. Haha, here. Yes. Why? Because this is a feminine word. Okay. That's why he said, Hey, and instead of Hawaii, this is heavy. Haha, for the theme, for the feminine, heavy here and Nevada tube, yellow LED. This is the glosses that this is the glosses, my father. Okay. So now that is ready. He may do. Do you just get his coat? He just got his pair of glosses and I was about to give an order command. He said, Hey Bina, a message it hey, Yeah, Bina. It administered. So hey, you had been a is just a sentence together. Means Let's go. Oh, let's do it. Or all hasten to. Okay. So just let's do it. Let's, let us, just let us, have you been at 0 accumbens just hasten ELA. It means, oh, this is very important means to okay. And master it. Of course, it means that message it because it has to have been a less loss, go to 0, less. All right? You would say like, Hey, I've been a less, go to the web go or the verb, go, where it is here. Or I, he could have said, Hey, I've been unobservable. Gd, you could have said that, but when we actually talk, we just drop in some words because the one is token towards he just gets what we mean. So actually our Wiki, so easy, you don't have to put every single word. You mean, you just get understood. Okay. The person in front of you would understand you immediately once you say the word, once you see the sentence, whatever you talking about, The he's actually we get each other, we understand each other this way. So you just said, hey, I had been an LMS Judy, Let's go to the Masjid. Saddened was her Eden replied, Hey, you have inner. Let's do it. Let's go. Why? Because saida is going to stay in the house because this is the official prayer. Mish actually quite dog. And she can't be upside in that time. Because many reasons actually, one of them is she's a lady, young ladies tell she can't be outside in that time because his dad and his mom or her mom would be afraid about to Mica had two might be kidnapped. She might get frightened from loss of stuff. So she can't be outside that time. And actually it's not an obligatory thing for the, for the females to go pray in the mustard. So they have to pray in their homes. Because actually it's better to stay home for the females in Islam than going out all the time except only for the need times. Okay. So that was just don't have it quickly. Recap it quickly. Okay. I'm just trying to translate it on the mom. Have a venule fishery. This is the code for the dawn prayer. And up the father, repeating after them ozone or beaten after the one who calls for the period Allahu Akbar low ECMO was the most a great, great and do well, well the children and sadden me at 0. 0 sad is in the washroom, make an auto. And the father, what Agena said Eden. And where is salaried and say, you don't philosophy here, clo I'll say Don't say it is in the room reading the Koran or sorry the two. And where is, and where is Samhita and say EDA to print masala, to suddenly say data is in the place when we were, we offer prayer, praise, all praying. And a boo. Boo. Yes, I do. Yes, I do. Where is the code? Sad. Whereas the code, oh, sad. Sad, replies, has a, have a whole melt of reality. This is the code oh, that this is the code that Oh, my father. And wine and Navarra to? Yes, I do. And where is the glosses say you do? Sorry, it could be the same. So it replied, heavy here Navarro to yellow LED. This is the glosses. Father. This is the glasses that, that said he had been a SGD. Let's go to the Masjid sadden and say Eden, saddled with ISR. Eden. Replied, he had been a Let's go. That was it. I hope you get what I mean about it. So I hope also benefited more than before because actually we've been asked to zoom in because some of us, or some of these that we can't see the Arabic lettuce. Tell us why I tried to zoom in to fit more in the screen so that you can't see the white smoke clearly. And I hope you get the best. Write down what you get from this clause because next class, Let's see what it is about. Yes, it's about the vocabularies and more for our data. And actually it's going to be a huge number of these vocabularies would be mentioned in the next class. I hope you get ready with your penalty on a book. See you, and don't be late. 5. 1.4 Vocabularies: Hello and welcome back to another lesson of this class, where we're actually doing a famine, a dorsal famine, which is the aids or lesson number 8 and Wagga do a funnier. We're still in the second unit. I think this class, and by the end of unit two. So let's do it. Previously, we were talking about this family dialogue and finish the third dialogue. We've mentioned lots of new vocabularies, and these can be mentioned in today's lesson. Bring your notebook. We're going to append, you get ready. It says allomorphs are there to the vocabularies. Their vocabularies. Because if we just said vocabularies a more for that, just by itself, if we added more fraud there too. And so if I did a leaf and Lambda where it would be that vocabularies allowed to do, which means the view or our means view and alarm means the view. So look, listen and repeat on vote wisdom and wide. Let's do it. Or we can say, look, listen rupee and write down, good move land. How to write down some Lakers, didn't we? Okay, let's do it. First. We said, saw what I saw. This is another source. And it actually expressing itself. It's an image or a picture image source. Then we've got or Sarah, Sarah family, family was through wireless. Wireless. And so here we mean it all. It means father. Or that could be father or that same synonym. And then where neither. Rarely there means mother, mother or mom the same. So Sura or where did, where did sorrow. It's an image. It's a family. Where did a dad or a father? A mother or a mom. Okay. And then if we scroll down, we would say Jed. Jed means a grandpa. And grandpa. Jed. Jed. Jed means grandma and grandma, jet. Then we've got finally we've actually talking about the family members in where we actually having a son or a son. Because actually it's referring to a singular a son. And remember, we got the same wet and we add to it at the end and closed at the end of it, we have the feminine version of this wet. So Evan is the noun of a male. It means a son and a daughter. A daughter. Okay. As a scroll it down. And yes, we mentioned that web before. I think it was in the lesson number 1 of this class, of this class as part 2. We've mentioned this word and it means yeah. Does anyone remember? Yes, definitely. It means uncle. Yeah. Is it all right? My question is, is the uncle of your IT are going to be the brother of your father, All the brother of your mother. What would it be? Actually would be the father of your sorry. It would be the brother of your father? Yes. Why? Because we said that. However, if we mean the brother of your mother, It would be hard. Yes, has a different meaning in Arabic. But English both means uncle. And then we've got it means what it means. It means and and so it is Is it my mother's sister or my father's sister? Actually, it's my father's sister. I'm mad because my mother's sister means highlight. So my mother's brother means high. And my mother's system in Thailand. However, my father's brother means I am and my father's sister means. And then we've got I will add I will add means children. And if we add an outlet to where that to where it would be a lab. It means the children been mentioned in Venice before and then show data that was mentioned in the first lesson. She genre. So means a tree. A tree. So she genre, or we could say any shigella. And we mean the tree. The tree. This is correct now and we've got messages. Yes, we've got messages where we actually mean a mosque. A mosque. So that message you'd way that Muslims do offer the prayer. Masjid. If we mean administered, that means the message ID or the mosque will swaddle. We'll soon that actually is always 0, gives us the place where the imams leads the prayer. Okay? And actually this is called an Arabic. Recall it. Okay, which is the niche where we're actually pushing the direction towards the Kaaba in Mecca in Saudi Arabia, will slowly learn. And then we've got a warfare. Warfare actually literally means room or a room. It's not mentioning that the dining room, the washing room, that sitting room or wherever. Okay. So as in as in English, you just say a room. Okay. If you've got a room for me and you are asked, of course, because actually if you just said if you've got a room for me, you might mean a space for me. Okay. So if i means, however, this one available Treasury, as I've just mentioned, It's just a sentence together, the BOS of the two weights. And it means that prayer or to call for the prayer, or to call for the dawn prayer. The call for the dawn prayer. And then we'll Treasury annex line. We've got alcohol. N means the court and the last heavenly books in the last divine books came down and lays the blame book came down from the top, from the Lord eyelid. Then we've got now a tough SaaS was me now. And it means a coat, a code where you actually have in the code if you just said and out of alignment of why we're not seeing an amount or four or coffee as we just mentioned in the dialogue. Why would you ask yourself? Yes, Actually, that goes back to the semantics, syntax as we just mentioned, the ruling of syntax. So now TAF means a cold. Or if we said the code, it means element of Navarra means glass or glasses. Glasses have ma'am, means the washroom. Can man all the toilet, would be the same. Yet our robot. Yet they're all bought. It's a verb. We're actually referring to a man or a male offering, making Waldorf to start all, to get rid of for the prayer. So a man make an ablution yet a lot, but it's a verb, making a pollution because it can't be doing abolition is make an ablution. And then neon crop or macro means read. Because if we said cholera, it means here at, Okay. If we say your crop, him is, he reads or his reading. It could be to say, if we said cholera at immense, she read, she read. Wave. We said, don't crop. We meant for women. She's reading all she reads. So here you are. Immense. He reads all his reading. You suddenly, prayer means smaller. From it comes to VAB offering the prayer or making the prayer or doing the prayer. So your solidly it means he prays or his preying his brain. However, for the female or for the feminine would be to slowly. So it would be she prays or she's praying to solely. And then the last one would be wildly. Wildly, will actually meaning a female teacher. It's a female teacher. Wild lima. Why? Because wildly means a male teacher. While LEM, yeah, because we added a closed that at the end of the word and it being converted to feminine. So wild Lima. Yeah, that was all of it. Let's just quickly. Doing it again. Let's just let me raise all of it so that we can do it again. In case you do not able able to write all of them down, It's okay, No worries. But try to mimic it the way you can't do it, even if, even if it's quite bad, it took enormous go ahead and try it, try it down because it makes sense. I'm actually, it helps to be more ice more and more are the first word here. It means sore. And you got what it means. If you don't go back, replay. Where? Where? Where lambda. Where lambda. Jed. Jed. Jed bad. Md. A been a man. A man. I'm I'm I'm mad. I'm mad. I will add I will add Shigella shigella messages. Messages. Then we fishery. Then on fishery. Okay. Then we've got n n Mau Mau. Nevada. Nevada. Hadn't. Mm. Hmm, mm. Get the get the crop. You'll suddenly you'll suddenly more I Lima. Lima. Okay, we're done. Was it for I'll give you an activity now you can't do it where you actually tried to practice and have enough an active recall. Okay. Like a brainstorming gray yet? Yeah. Where we can just go back to try to make it belongs to us. Where we say Sauron, you can say my image or my picture. What would you say? Sorority? Yeah. You go along with all of this Azra authority where I live. Where LED did that? Where liberty, Jed, Jed Ignaty, Okay, and so on. And also you could say sore or two who, which means his image, his picture. And we'll just mentioned his, I think one of the lessons previously. So just add saw that. Who? So just add WHO at the end of each wet? Both Sarah would be Osaka who were eyelid, where neither who were elisa, where lipid to Jed. Jed do just that to whom? If it met to whom, and so on. With all the words, with all the verbs, with all the nouns we've got here. Go ahead and try out. I'm pretty sure I'm pretty sure that you're not going to be regretting doing this because actually it helps you just to carry on hand and don't just be lazy and stop doing this because actually it helps everybody asking me for this, asking me for more activities. Now we've got your activity. Go ahead, conduit to carry on and see Insha'Allah in the next lesson. Don't forget your pencil to forget, dependent on forgetting your book. See you that today, be safe. See you in the next lesson. 6. 1.5 Exercise One: Hello and welcome back to another lesson of this class that we've come today, exercise part where we're actually trying to exercise all of the vocabularies, all of the West that we've been learning in the previous lessons. And now, just for now, it's your turn to come in to test yourself. Normally testimony, of course, because I can't see anyone of you. Let's do it. We've got MIT exercises in this unit. So get ready. He says the gribble, and it gives us number 1. You can't say it at the Gribble. Uh, when? Yes, brilliant at the variable a. Well, and he says, the stemmer for mobile. Sort out. Semi means lessons. Then put a tech I Lemma 2 because it just means in English attack or a check on ala Sura Elmo nasa on the image. Now you've got what it means to wed, saw a photo of the image or the picture. And when I say the accurate image or the proper image, lesson, then pour attack on prefer or the accurate image that you have less than two. Okay. Let's take all of this off now. I'm just going to mention okay. Number 1 has two pages. I'm just mentioning one of them. And you you take the one that I've just said. Okay. Okay. I would just say well, okay. Actually, I was referring to this one. Now would be to take however the other one is an expert, you're next to it and it's next to well, if it would be wildly that yes. Why assembling? Because here we just learned about this refers to whether that okay. Okay. I hope you got what I mean when you then okay. Number two. Number two, we've got two pages. Some of them show is the niche whether Muslims due to prayer or for the prayer. And some of them chose the whole message. Okay, I would say massage. Massage or it could be the center of mass. Arab. Me. Yeah, definitely meant that one because I've just said here the message. So you're familiar with domestic, Well actually not everyone is familiar with the MATLAB or the niche oil, Mazola. So I just meant that all the niche. Number 3, we've got a little, Our Lady and little young man. Let's see. I would choose a banana evening. And definitely I meant this one, and it means a daughter. A daughter. However, the one next to it, this young man a means Bibi, a son. In number 4, what he says, We've got two pages, we've got coat and we've got glosses, are now PAF. Now Prof. Yeah, definitely meant that one. This is the code or element off. And the one next to it, the left side it is now var1. Yes. Nevada. Number five, we've got two verbs. One of them is doing the prey. The prey on one of them is doing or making a blue ocean. Okay, I would say yet they're all bought. Yet the open o, just choose that one. Well done if you take this one, because this is the one who's doing devolution yet the workbook. However, the other one is, you're suddenly, he's praying. All praise. And number 6 means all. We've got two pictures. An old lady or an old woman and an old man, I would say Jed. Jed that I pick which one of them. I said definitely that's that's a female. Okay. What so it's a feminine word. So actually it's a grandma. However, the other one is grandpa, means Jed. Jed. Okay. If I was forced co-head, decrease the ordinary, decrease the speed of it. If I'm so fast. Poises post after me saying the wedges pose. Tried to guess it. And you've got the meeting. Okay. Now, at the dribble assignee. Assignee, the second exercise, why it says a shift in assorted the decimal is small and I shift it assorted the decimal is small and refer or arrow to the, to the image that you lessons or that adolescent to its name. Okay. We've got many sources of many of the wet. I think so. All right. I'm just saying all of them randomly. I'm making the arrow off to just say name or two seconds or three seconds. So just take a time. What tried to be focusing on was this 1 first I would say massage. Yes, it is that one. Okay. I would say totally meant that one. Okay. Yup. Crop. Somebody is doing something here. Yeah. Yeah, this is definitely it. Somebody is reading here, this little young man. Okay. I would say it is definitely this one is a room. And then I would say hmm, mm. Hmm, mm. It means is how it yes. I would say Jed. Jed that here it is. I would say definitely everybody knows this one. Okay. I would say okay, this one it is. Okay. I would say in a son. At this one. Masjid. Masjid. Yes, it is this one. The code for the prayer, the core for the prayer. The most great, great. Definitely it is this one. Yet. Somebody is doing something here. Yet. Yes. And so on. So what was that one? Okay. This is correct down what we've got. We've got wildly man. Somebody's teaching wildly Mathematica, is it at the end? Yeah, I referred to this one. Wild lima. Me. Definitely this one. Man prays. You'll slowly because if we said two solidly, it means Shapeways. I would want to refer to when you say what it means. What it means. Yes. So what this means? Yes. If Matt what about this? This is Masada. Yes. Just look into the where we where we actually referring towards the kappa, which is the insula where we pray. Okay, I will score it actually. Okay. I think the the eighth lesson or lesson number 8. Yeah, FMN is given us more extra vocabulary, is more wet. And it says the view and it keeps telling us more about it. And it gives more exercises about it as well. And I prefer all we've come in bright. We're actually going across all the syntax. Now we finally going across it. However, we need to take the numbers from five to ten because we've just mentioned where head is then fed into cancer. And we're still need to mention that setback. Semenya, Asherah, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Okay, so that you can count from one to ten, from Whitehead to Asherah. And I think it would be better if we just left these numbers for the next clause to the next lesson, sorry, so that we can call the lesson numbers and you're not getting confused with vocabularies. And you're getting the whole thing. Now, please. If you didn't get the each of size well, if you just get like six out of nine from each one, according to how you calculate the score at the end. Just go back and recap it replayed. And until you see at least or until he gets at least nine out of 10. Because actually means a lot when we answer the right question. When your answer, when you get the right answer to the question, It means a lot to me and it means a lot to you as well because it gives you the progress bar way actually learning. Okay? No, not only performing because a great difference between learning and performance. So just focus was it, hope you not get lost. Next class, next lesson would be about the numbers. See you don't believe. 7. 1.6 Numbers & Syntax: Hello and welcome back to another lesson of this class. And we've come to it. We're actually, this is the class of the vocab. This is the class of the weld. And this is the most beloved part to my heart. Because the more you memorize, more wet, the better pronunciation you get, and the better fluency you get at the end. Okay, Actually we're doing Unit 2 as we were doing last lesson and lesson number 8, a dorsal semi. We're doing the move further, tune it all for you. Tune the extra vocab, the extra words. And it says allowed to view was less than, sorry, look, listen and repeat. Okay, let's just call it down. We've got actually some numbers actually would counter. Now from five up to 10. Previously, we've said that we count from 1. We went through accounting from one up to five. We said one is where head is men humps, and that was 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. That was it. I am today we're carrying on up to 10. Okay. So we're starting from 678910 noes. So six would be actually sit down. Sit down. Okay. And it would be written this way. What do you need to be familiar with the shape and how we'll write it down. Simply write down, just align. This way. That was it. Okay? Looks like it. Okay, this is totally the inverse of 2. Because if man is just looking the right side and six or sit that looks left side, then we've got some bad setback. And sub I is simply like a V letter. Just like a V. Okay. Just what that would that would be seven. Okay. That would be so bad. And then we've got semana Semenya. It's upside down, V. Okay. Just an upside down V, semana. And then this actually these are just a circle. And then you bring down alignment. That was it. Somebody, semana and decide. Finally we've called. I shot I shot. It's actually what a hint. Plus suffragists adult. Actually in Arabic, you don't have to do a small circle, as in English, actually, quite, quite different from it. This is echo. Okay? So one plus 0 would be. Definitely 10. However, i y, z, which means plus 0, would be, actually 0 would be in the right side. What I had said would be Asherah? Yes. Ashley. Okay. Let's have a quick exercise on him. It says at the dribble away, exercise number 1, Swinburne, the lady was salty. It means match between the number and the proper lecture or the profile image. So we're actually having the lines or the numbers here. And the images here are the pictures here. So we're trying to match between the proper number according to the image, according to how many books in the image. So let's start with the have a sequence, okay, let's start from the lowest. We would start from six books here. Okay? I would say that goes to S brilliant. If you didn't take your time to do it before me, just go ahead, pose it first and then see how how I'm doing. Okay. We're just you compose it, Okay, and take your time, do it. And then play again and see your results. Okay, Good. Always sit that. Okay, this look for Seba. What should be the same piece? One more book. Okay. I would go with that one. Okay. I will just write down the number. Okay. What is Semenya? Semenya eight. That would be that one. Actually, it's upside down. V litre Semenya. Where is nine? This is a circle? Yes. And line 2 down, straight line, That's it. This. We've got nine books here. And finally we've got the last one is Asherah. It's y plus six to the right side of it. That would that would be okay. Okay. That was quite easy. A piece of cake. Number to exercise number 2 at the drivel, assignee essays are not given are that have the proper sequence? Sequence, the numbers or any memory the numbers in the proper sequence. Okay? It gives you as a stalled and you run out, you need to have the proper sequence. Likes it. Sub-band, Semenya and asha. I'll just give you five seconds if you needed more than this, though, I'd pose it. Do it. Take your time and then play again. You've got five seconds from now. Yeah. That would be an okay. I'll just type the numbers. Symptom. Set the menu to say Asherah. That would be it. Exercise number 3 says at the dribble, especially at the variable a thallus, a shift in a lady and lazy to smell. Okay, refer to the number that he is. Referred to, the number VN. So actually, I would say the umbo and you have an arrow to it, always just refer to it. Of course you go and actually now to Castillo Silva, I can't see you. So you see yourself, you test yourself. Okay, I will start with, I'm not going to start with a sequence now just randomly. I would say cba. Definitely would be that one. Okay. I shot I shot this one. Sit down. Sit down. Yes. Nice. Semana. Semenya, which is definitely this one. And the last one is it is This virulent. At the at the agreeable Robert, exercise number 4, quitting. Quitting either the lessee will see you in a hidden modalities. So in that one it would be the inverse. I will give you the arrow and you say the name of the number. Okay. I would start with this one. You've got three seconds for each number. This one is say the name. Okay. Semana Semenya. One would be sit down. Sit down. Okay. What about this one? Okay. What do you think it is? Yes. I shot. And then we've got this one. This is a circle with a straight line. This is the last one here is number seven. Yeah. Was male vet setbacks? Setbacks. Nice, well-done. On the left, we've done this down. Let's see what we've got more today in this lesson. Yeah, the syntax, I do like this index and we just call it down will now be at them down the ROA. Okay, it says a Taraki Bu, and now we have the structural, the structural syntax, the syntaxes. So actually it's a new lesson. The end says a dark suit, a test that gives you a number nine. Now you familiar with number nine. A dark suit, a Tessa. Lesson number 9, a thorough keyboard. And now we get to it is the structural syntax. Okay? What is about it? As we used to in the first clause? We've done this before, the syntax. It was actually all about taking the word that I'm, that I'm about to share two or referred to. And you put it in a sentence or giving me a sentence using this wet. Okay. And the sentence comes to your mind using all the words, all the vocabularies we've landed with when we've been through all of them and just try to do your best. You got what I mean. Okay, let's do it. So says the dribble, an exercise number 1, delta 2, 1, 0, I have a mass Emilia come off in miscellany. Okay. It would be like, as we said in class one, part one, it would be like to have a conversation with your friend, as in, as in the two examples just below. Okay? So just try to do this with yourself. You would actually call yourselves if your name is Frank, because I love the name Frank. Why don't we because originally like to be a frank and be honest and so on. Okay. Let's say you're frank one and your front view. So front one would ask, Frank two would give the answer, and then Frank two would ask and front quantile would give the answer until one. Exercise number one, example, number 1. And whisker plot here means filing. Okay? So it's like a colleague or classmate flight in one and click to upload it authentic. Number one said, a inner. Really hyena means we allow tofu. We've been talking about this. The code. Yes. We said it's called now. But if we say the code would be and instead of Natalie. So he said, you could just say, oh, you could say hyena, allow tofu. And metaphor. And PO2 replied saying have HOA and now has Hawaii and mouth. However, is this for the male? And HOA? He? Yes, he. However, in this sentence, actually it doesn't mean, it means this is, this is the verb to be here. So this is the code. Have an element of this. However, is HOA and mouth of the code. This is the code. Okay. Exercise or example number two says, vena cava. Vena cava. Where is the room? Because we said a warfare means. Room. Room. Okay. Wife, we said that room that would be unlawful. So he replied to him saying heavy, he Alpha. Now was it? That was a sin. This is the agenda about Arabic. You just said heavy and they said they'll have that. And he said here, and instead of what you change into Qian, that according to the name, according to the noun that you have, because the horrify is a feminine and Arabic, It's not like a room in English and just say, a room, go to this room, to go to this place is going to be the same. No agenda and nouns. Okay? However, an Arabic, there is agenda for the nouns and Arabic according to the name. If the word ends with sound closed at the end. So this is a feminine noun. However, if it, if it doesn't end with close that as we've mentioned before, it's not feminine. So he said the heavy, which is best for the female. And here, which means she literally, what here means, this is, it means is this is actually the equivalent of verb to be here. Heavy here. This is the room. Okay? That we've come to the exercise impart way. Actually go in to exercise and test yourself with all of the words just y here. We've got like eight watts from the vocab that we've been through. Okay. Just one question for each one. Or you can you can just make it many actually, I will tell you how. Okay. So first we've got the word. So the word that means a son. Oh, son. It's not the sun that shines. Sun as you can see, it's young boy here. So we would say the sun here. If we would like to say the sum, we would say. So in that case, if it's hidden, I can say AA, NA and NB, a man. And I would simply reply the same. I would say have, because it means this for the male, have a whole this is the Sun. Okay. So if you're talking to some to somebody, I bought a son of another another body. Okay. And actually, he just randomly ask do you by chance where he's got some oh, where is the sun now? Okay. You would just say have a whole, we'll have our AB. This is the Sun. But I talked to you that I talked to you about it. Okay. So in that case, you would just say you could say A0 and A1. Replying have what? Or if you're talking about if you took into somebody on the one hand about his son, hasten his pronoun. So, where is your son? Where is your son? How we say Arabic, what they've learned it before in previous lessons. And the first clause, I think so part one. Okay, we've said, we add to the word at the end, an extra half again. So instead of saying it didn't, it would be ignored. His son. Okay. Where is his son? Where is his son? So what about your son? Where is your son? What would it be? We would add calf to it at the end, after the noun at the end. So it would be mad. In Mecca. Ibn Abdullah, Ibn Sina, Ibn aka. So whereas your son, your son, okay. So here the cap goes back to the pronoun, you'll, okay. So what about if I want actually to give a note to make it relative related to me, like meisten. Whereas meisten, uh, you know, yeah, definitely It me rather yet to the null at the end. Whereas Monson so we said a inner, give me, I didn't look at a map. Ignore him. Oh, wow, actually could say. Whereas handsome, handsome. And instead of his son, It would be awesome. I, you know, had we had the hat and I lift to it. So we said for that for the for the male, we actually I just didn't hold places and full hat would be ignore. Ignore. We've got five versions here, five shapes. The question and the answer would be to say, have a, ignore that, ignore, have a Hawaii in VUCA, have a whole, And finally have our igneous quite brilliant student next, what? I'll give you five seconds for each wet. I'm pretty sure that's not quite enough for you to do it. However, you can dispose. Tried to do the five, the five shapes, the five questions, and get the five answers. And carry on Play again. And see if you're doing good at this exercise. Okay, Here we've come. So we'll suddenly is a nice that shows the direction towards the camera, as we've mentioned before, we say a folder, where is the nice, what is the niche? So, uh, you met at Masada. Where is the place that we use to face the Kappa, whereas the faith, the place that we use to pray. Okay, so I'll masala, I will solid layer h2. What is his name? Whereas his plays that he used to pray. Okay. I Ina Masan. Yeah. This is quite advanced. You just quickly go through what I mean Amazon. Amazon Athena k, whereas your niche. So we'll just simply say, have a Hawaiian l masala. Have a masala, misses his niche. It would be have a whole Masai. And then we say have a home most one leg. This is your nation, have a whole muscle. This is Hamish and have a methodical way and this is my niche. I'm a free quickly what we say, what we've got, we've got messages. Message it. If we go to five seconds. Okay. More than five seconds actually. So we would say a message and AMS, AMS, AMS Jidoka, where is your Mustard? Actually, we don't mean here, you must use the MSU that you built, all the MSU or your home wouldn't mean that actually. However, we mean the MSU that you use to go, they actually go and pray in. Okay. So if I'm, if I'm praying in a mass, you'd call a man, oh Rama. So I would say, where is your Masjid? I would say my message, it is Rama, actually, I mean, the message that I frequently or regularly pray is a rama. This is what we mean by your mustard. So NMS jidoka was you missed it? I in MSG do a mess, do the hallways. His message it was his message. It AMS. Ams do I always have Masjid? Whereas Ham Masjid. And finally, a message, a message GD, Where is my Mustard? Actually, that would be a frequent question. If you travel to another country or another place, you move to a new house and a new area. The struct. So you would actually ask, where is my message actually were in MSUD? We mean here, where is the message? That is more that is combi more comfortable to me and more nearer to me. All my vanity, me authentic to my culture or my thoughts, or my religion. Okay. So we'll just say have a whole message. And this is the message, it have a whole message. Judoka, this is your mustard. Have a whole message you to have. This is Hamath should have a whole message today. This is my mustard and have a mass due to who? This is his mustard. We're at number four. You've got a five seconds. Come we say hadn't. Mm-hm. Mm-hm, Mm-hm. Mm-hm, Mm-hm. Whereas the washroom, umami. Umami, where is my washroom? Actually, we could just say actually here. Whereas the ocean that icon use, this is what we actually mean by using this. By saying, I mean, okay, I have Mm-hm. Whereas his motion in her memoir whereas have washroom. And I am ma'am, where is the washroom? This is this is the washroom. Have a law, ma'am. This is mine will have a ho-hum, mommy. This is your washroom. Have a whole harmonica. This is how washroom have a ho ha memoir. And this is his washroom as haha mammal. Let's do number 5 is shows us the image or the picture. And the picture in Arabic, it's a feminine word, a feminine noun. So actually is here and instead of Hawaii. So it would be heavy. Haha saw. While you've got your five seconds, you can do it at Ostia. Yeah. We've said, hey, you know, sort2 or anus aura. So Kate, the same Amos aura, where is the image? Whereas the image I saw. I saw rotunda. Where is your image? Alina Soro to A1a, sorrow to hold. Where is his image? Hyena, Soro to have a una sorta to have. Whereas image. And finally, a sortie, a sort of t. Where is my image? I would say, this is V image, heavy here, Sura, heavy here sorta as we've just said here, heavy he'll offer. However, for the main. Now, we've said have a whole. Okay? So here for the feminine word, for the feminine noun, we would say is you say heavy here. So this is the image heavy here. Sort of t, This is my image, heavy here. This is your image, heavy head. This is how heavy? This is V image. And happy here to hold. This is his image. Shows Yara. She genre, a tree. Just to treat normal tree. A very lovely trip, beautiful tree before you five seconds. So we've got the Shara, a five shapes. A genre. Was the tree, a message or AutoCad? I initialize our autocad. Where is your trade? Show? Shout out to who? A shadow to hold. Whereas history, hyena, shadow to have. A map shows honor to have, whereas Hartree, a Nash genre to care, sorry, a massage, a mesh. Where is my tree? I would say. This is the tree. Has he has genre. Heavy, hey Sharon. This is monetary heavy. Haha shigella t. This is history heavy here. This is how a tree heavier shadow to her. This is your tree heavy here shows our took. The second last word. Now vara, a glass or a pair of DOS. We've got your five seconds. Yes. Amen Navarra. A human Navarra. Where is the gloss? Amen. Amen authority? Where is my glass of water to move? A0, a1 and Alvaro to whom? Whereas his gloss anion Nevada to have a Navarro to her. Whereas glass ionomer navarro took a human a lot AutoCad. Where is your gloss? This is the gloss heavy. Haha Navarro. This is his gloss heavy and this is how gloss heavy here. Navarro to her. This is your gloss heavy and navarro took a this is my gloss heavy here. Our last word here, it would ignore any means a daughter. She's a daughter. Okay. Before you five seconds. And we would say in this one. Yes, Wonderful. I'm pretty sure that you post. And now we play it again. After answering the five shapes, we've got a null. Whereas the DOTA it metal. Whereas his daughter Alina, whereas her daughter a man, a metal cap. Whereas your daughter AMA, whereas my daughter, the answer would be heavy. Pl. This is the daughter. Heavy here, a metal. This is your daughter. Heavy metal. This is her daughter. Heavy here. Netanyahu, this is his daughter. Heavy here, Ignaty. This is my daughter. Now we've come to the end of it. So you're now familiar with all the shapes where you can ask about these eight was actually a can go back and do the same with all those that we've been through, even in Paul McLeod spot one Arabic in front of your part one, go ahead and apply the main or the same way of questioning, using the same, the different ways that we've learned in part one. And also all the words that we've lumped here in part to the best until we see you in lesson number 9. Authentic exercise number two. And actually it's about further information, further details. When somebody asking you a question, the Stuart, don't be late, don't forget your practice and don't forget your revision. And also don't have, don't forget to have a conversation with your classmates or to find a mate. We're actually going to exchange your learning West. And also most of these XY change your progress together so that you encourage each other to carry on til the end. See that in the next lesson. 8. 1.7 Exercises 2&3: Hello and welcome back to yet another lesson of this class. Actually we still do in lesson number 9 and then 2. Okay? However, we've moved to do exercise number two, this one. And it says SME and says Tibet early altogether as enjoyable as communica, going to affect the cell in exchange question and the answer was your classmate always your main? As in the two examples just below. We said that these exercise we're actually adding or giving more details rather than just saying this is the room, this is the washroom, this is the sum, this is the daughter. And that would be at nerd. We're actually adding more and extra. And for more details about the question. Okay, Part 1, 0, Talib, one column wide. Ask it. So you don't wanna say you don't. Sorry, it is a male name is actually referring to this young boy here. A necessary don't worry aside. So he just replied saying So Aidan, philosophers say it is in the room. So you don't feel warfare. What he's doing, you just gave him more info about it. Yeah. Quran. Your clock ran. Reading the Quran. Say you don't feel offer, your crowd. Couldn't say it is in the room, reading the Quran, or say it is in the room, reads. Okay, let's actually say more accurately reading them, right? Okay. Number two, you said sorry, that took a nap. Say either to actually referring to this young lady here. So it's a feminine name to female name. She said, sorry that to philosophy. She then the, sorry the in the room. Duck crawl colon. Colon. So the verb read, OK, it's going to be way different from the agenda. For the male would be your crop. For the female, it would be tucker. Ok. And as we said in the past tense, it would be caught and Kiara. Okay. So your car is in the present. The present, Cora, past, color, and the other one. So say you'd have to offer Docker on CRAN, say that in the room. Reading Macron. What was actually is referred to as referring to giving you free. Okay? To nouns and one verb. So you would actually get two nouns. And describe what he's doing in that case. Okay, we've got four, I think so we've got two nouns and one verb here, number 1, which is praying. Suddenly. This is the verb. Okay, you're suddenly and you've got two nouns. Soils, which is a male name administered, which is a place where Muslims to pray. So we've got five seconds to give me the question. Or I might give you the question. Or a falling, falling slowly fill message, it will suddenly so solid is in the mustard. Praying. That was quite easy. Okay, We'll do the same with number 2. So anyhow, two to three middle name. Okay. And the niche where she actually facing down gaba or the direction towards the Kaaba, Mackenzie River. So personally is have, this is what she's actually doing at the moment for solutions praying. So it could give me a question now, just like we exchange it. Yeah, definitely just said a crazy a inner shadow. I will just simply reply saying so any h2 for solidly. So I also know how to end the prayer or Indonesia. Craig. Okay. I'm afraid we've got shoddy fun. She refund. And law man. These Odyssey noun and the verb is get our bot that. Yet. This is the verb we're actually describing making a door offering before from the prayer. Okay. So I get the question. I often would you say to me, often will have umami. Umami. Yet Sharif is in the washroom. Make it make an ablution. So okay. And before the last one here would be shared if at all. And that is the double bond is for the male, that the orbit is for the female. This is the agenda that we've been talking about that case. You get the question and I would reply to it. Sheriff F2? Yes. Okay. My answer would be E for to fill Beatty that Sherry for to fill that out. That was quite simple. Let us call it out. Says Lesson 9, the same exercise, number 3 at the dribble assemblies. Then add elsewhere Lovejoy. What is it? Exchange the question and the answer was your classmate. While it I've Nan and one, this is a job now. Okay, so you've got two nouns, and you've got a Korean. So it actually would describe the man, okay. And given more information about how he's doing for life. Oh, what does he do? Okay. So what DD is actually, what is your job? Oh. What kind of work are you doing? Okay. The question says, Men have Who's that? Oh, who is this? According to the distance between him and you say if his neighbor you would just say, Who's this? Men have an okay. However, if he's away, just have a great distance between you and them, you would just say, who is that? And this is completely different anaerobic as well. It is men. Never write down for you. It would be just men. Then the Wed have would be replaced by then. Okay. Which means that Who is that? We take have a head of a what this is. It's okay. You can just say I'm your consciousness neglected. That way the admin. So you just actually use to to wet the wet wear lip. A father, you just used the pronoun mine or my say you just said have aware LED. This is my father. And give them a name. Give them a name, give him a name. Adnan. This is my father, Adnan. That's at node one, this one. Poem. One, this one. He is an engineer. He's an engineer. Have a wireless LAN one. This one. This is my fault. I'm none as an engineer. Okay. I think we'll do the same. Let me just take this off. Yeah. That we've got we've got three year and Omar and embeddedness. You could just manipulate the pronoun instead of just same atom, me, my uncle. You can't just say, I'm Luca, your uncle. I'm home. His uncle. I'm okay. Your uncle? Uncle V. Uncle Alon? Yes. All right. Let's just stick with this. Make it different. Okay. First one, you've got five seconds. If the question, who is this? That would be okay. That would be the question for all the ANSYS. Okay. Okay. Onto supposed to be one of these. Have a whore. I'm me. This is my uncle. Hello modalities on his teacher. Or have Hua, I'm Omar. Or modalities. Or you can just say how I'm more or more. This is his uncle. My home address is a teacher, and so on. Okay. And you could just say also has a wham we call modalities. Have the who am I? This is her uncle, his teacher have this is your uncle or homozygous. Okay? And this is my uncooked this is have a homozygous form of address. The more we do. We've got Jed Salim. Selling is a name. Okay. And for me, yeah. Okay. So I would say my my grandpa. Grandpa John Doe, his grandpa that Ducca. Your grandpa, that Jed. Oh, sorry. And it would be the grandpa? I would just stick with mine. Okay. I would just stick with my grandpa. Man. Who's this? Has a Jet de Salim. So this is my grandpa, solemn or Toby, one. Poet, VBN is a doctor. He is a doctor. And my three, we've got a saw and polyp. All right. So in that case, I would just say men have a have a solid, has a solid. This is my brother. Solid. Wall toilet is a student. Hua polyp. He is a student. 9. 1.8 Recap: Hello and welcome back to another lesson of this class, heroic. Here we've come to the summary of all the syntaxes. Here we've come to the summary of all the words, the pronouns. Let's do it. Let's get started. Let's prepare. Bringing our pencil out format here, just making them more thicker. Yeah, it will go Say's Law, also better at Taraki or a Taraki be, model has authority, which is the summary of the pronouns or the structural summary. We're still doing less than nine. However, here we're summarizing all of what we've been through regarding this unit, unit 2. Let's do it. First. We learned how to ask by using where. We can ask about the place. Where are you from? A mentor as we've been Unit 1, we're here in unit two. We've learned to ask about nouns. A center, where is the code, where is the glass, whereas salaried and where it say that Amer amount of a inner mouth of a Navarra, whereas the glass anus or you don't, say you don't is a male name and say that it's a female name. Okay. Also we've learned to ask by using men. Who? Men, Who is this? Who is this? For the male would be men have for the female would be men heavy. And men. And I think this is quite nice to just do, expect it to get from your past. This one is, who are you? Who are you? How are you? Who are you? Man? Or you can say meant a coup, most preferable, or usually often with a man. And then we'll also could say men and D. So men, who are you for the male. But however, if you took an a to a female, this is going to be for the feminine men and D. Okay? And that, and then you've got Men Hua, who is he? Who is he? And men here? Who is she? Who she? Who is she? Okay. That was the questions using Anna and men. Then we've learned how to answer to these two questions. First, if we said if we ask the anus anal or NSRS. So in case of, sorry, oh sorry. That could be the same three, which means simply m. Okay. Well, you know, I mean how Oh, I'm in work and in the masjid. I'm in the room and the toilet and so on. So we said FIN messages feel mastered in domestic film. Female. So I let the niche where we often prayer, do the prayer, offered a prayer. And then we said Phil law, family law Alpha, which is the room. Yes. And the rule. And finally, fill hmm, mm hmm, mm. By the way, the synonym of the word at her mom is highlight. Lead to heart was fatale. And let was, for a lamb was for Pat than elif. Highlight. This is the sentiment of the word because actually meaningless. You've got toilet or shrew restroom. I don't know. More than this. You've just got 17 them in Arabic, it's holiday. Okay. So that was regarded a question, a inner salient or NSAID either or and Nevada could be in the room. If you ask him about the coat, where's my code words, the code? I could just simply answer you seeing it is in the room or even in the toilet. You left hand codon under all. However, regarding the question, men have a heavy and the anti who're here, we're actually simply replying by hair there. And then we say the thing we describe. I always say the name of it. So in case Alaskan men have or may have. Okay. Because actually men is for the conscious people. Okay? Conscious stuff like we as human beings we think, however, the other stuff, I do not think that they are not conscious. It's going to be we're going to be using matte, have miscible. It would be sorry, instead of men, it would be met. So if I said, man, I have a question mark. I would say have a huge amount of have our admin has a lot more solid. And this is the quote is domestic. This is the niche. Okay? But men, it could be actually talking about real people. Okay? Oh, actually talking about animal. Man. How though this is my dog, how the whole Kalbe, this is my cat. Heavy, could potty and so on. If you ask admin heavy. Okay. Or may heavy, math, heavy. You could just simply say heavy here and Nevada. Okay. However, some people would say heavy here. This is the female engineer or this is the engineer where the cushion is supposed to be men heavy. It's not have Hawaii because we've said may just fall unconscious stuff. So one however he have here L1 visa heavy here, a Cabibbo because I make sense now. Okay. Also you could say heavy, where liberty, this is my mother, Amina. Heavy wire leader to who, as we've learned, are actually converting the pronoun from your TA, his time to his mother. His mother heavy related to heavy. That it is my grandma. Heavy. The two jet that heavy jet that too heavy. I'm Betty. And this is my Island. Heavy Metal or you can say heavy metal. For the female. Heavy unmet who? His aunt. Heavy metal cat? Yes. People studied the last lesson. Heavy. I'm Medica, This is your aunt. Heavy alarm. This is called a data. Also we could say when I'm then we describe all we mentioned his career or her job. Okay. The thing that he does for for life. So who? Bobby him. He's a doctor. Hua modality. This is a teacher who won this. He's an engineer who, Pauline, yeah. Polyp, which is He's a, he's a student. Here. I'm Vinny mentioned the Korea or the job here, Bobby bad. Why? Because the agenda is the sort of told me that would be it'll be back here with that Lisa. Here. Finally here. Paul, Anybody here, polybase uses students. Don't actually, we're done with the recap or this quickly summarize summary regarding the pronouns. I'm the syntaxes. However, with moving Here, we are moving here to lesson 10. The same unit which is talking about the sounds and understanding what he aswell to LMS Mori, the sounds and understanding where you here. First, which is a woman, and elsewhere too. So here is giving us two letters. Two different letters, however, two sounds are too close and actually elif or Hamza and bind Sounds. Okay, which particulate is that we have here, in our case? Our way closer and unsimilar teach other. That's why most of the non native Arabic speakers. Actually they just say, instead of just saying I. So I'll actually struggling who's dying? Everybody knows that. And once you perfect, once you understand how to say I'm properly, if you'd like, we've made a progress. Actually, this is what I just said to me. Okay. So Amazon or could be a Lyft, couldn't do. Some people would call an elif instead of hands-on. Dying. Sounds. Okay, exercise them what he says at the reboiler. Well, the first exercise, stemmer will add listen and repeat. Just listen and repeat. First word. Okay, let me just pick another color. First row says 0, 0. We start by saying, oh, this is the ion sound role model. And I. So the sound comes from the back of the throat. When our baker actually sectioning or having three parts of the throat where we actually getting six different sounds from the throat. So that the bottom of the throat, the middle of, the middle of the throat, and the upper of the fruit. So in case of the bottom of the throat would actually mentioned too, that is Hamza. And the Hamza letter, which is the add our case. And that letter. Both that sounds come from the bottom of the throat, however, from the middle of the fruit with God, I in Sudan actually comes from the middle. Note from the bottom of the throat. This is a very valuable point. We're actually able to differentiate between the different sounds of hands. And I am the top o, the upper half of the fraud who would actually give us two sounds of rain and hot. And okay, let's just stick with iIn and hams that oh, the LFO. So we'll just say row. I highly highly upset. I lead. Can do law. Yeah, I'm giving you time now to you would be off to me because we said listen and repeat. Law. And Bess and lab best. Sodden. Sodden. Familiar with the ion sound. Okay, Let's cool it down. Say it's a funny listen and repeat customer, right? Again. Well, here's going to be way different. We're actually given to wet close to each other and starting from the start. And also in the middle and also at the end of the wet. Let's start with this one. I would say limited scholar and lean. A sound comes from the bottom of the throat. Yes. You said Liam? Liam? Yes. Well-done. You say after me? Well, however, the one just in front of it, It's not the same if I Eileen. Eileen. So the thing is both yet, I know, like most of you, most of the speakers of Arabic speakers, my matrix of course, would say just a limb would say the sound of the ion like a method of y. Okay. Keep him, keep on practicing. We say at that. However, this one is I that I said I I that. And then next to it. Like I said, I try to close your eyes and try to differentiate between the ones that I'm about to say. A, C. A C. So did I start with a C? So it was Amazon. Next one is, I see it. I see it. Brilliant. Next one at o. Next. I tell lm, which means pain. Lm. And Ireland. Ireland. Quite different as an a plus 2 quiz, the Hamza and when it comes in the middle of the world, how would it sounds? Just pick another color. Yeah. Yet, yet a sum, this is the sound of the second Hamza. This is the sound of the second row, the second element, yet, yet more. However, the ion is quite longer than it would be. Yeah, more. Yeah, more. So here we just said, ya ya, like I'm actually stretch in it. Okay. However, in the case of Hamza, I said yet, yet, it is quite close to the glottal sound in English. Will God indeed, Jackson, of course. However, this is actually. Kinda like the cutting we say yet, yet that you cutting this. Well actually this is the cutting Hamza because we have moved to Hamza, the coating Hamza and the joining Amazon. Okay. So in this case it would be something like yet more misses the Hamza and the case of ion would be yeah. Yeah. So what about Hamza was a show about what's unlike what? Where? When that okay. However, I would be y the y. And this one would be yeah. Oh, do who? Yet? Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh, do WHO? And next to it. All in front of it? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, do psi, psi and Lemuel that una perfectly had the sound and this would learn more from them. So, so, so, so quite different. Okay, What about the Hamza? And it comes at the end of the word, how it sounds like. The green color. However it gives a rhino would be the gym he is going to be a second one. Edge edge XY. Yeah, you listen. You listen and repeat after me. The title says similar, wide, listen, I'm free. I'm actually pose in-between semitones, edge, edge to edge as ah, at the end, edge, if front of it. Okay, so danza jazz, jazzy. Sorry, that was my bad. Go. On top of it. Jazz. Jazz. Because we've got this jazz jazz. Jaccard. Oh, yes. Sounds like yellow color. Oh, we've got the oo sound at the end because of the Amazon. Because if I know would be yellow. Yellow color. Oh, oh, okay. All right. Actually this goes to the crown part, but actually, as I've mentioned in Unit one, I prefer you listen to the famous researchers and the horizontal shift, I mean shallow ocean. Hello, sorry. This lesson's listen to this IS and it got the name of the sort of first a sharp 56, sort of Mariam 84. And never faced a second to rise off. Sort of LCA thrown all of it. Okay. And there it is. A real practicing gives you the real results that you're looking for, the real outcomes. Next lesson, we're talking about family and smoothly, which is lesson number 10. Elia shifts coolant, familiar with wisdom numbers from one to ten megawatt. So next one we're gonna talk about understanding where you here, because we've said a loss while to move smoothly. And we've been, we talked and we went through the sounds and now we're talking about how to understand what you hear. Okay? See you in the next lesson. We'll forget your pencil to forget you massive practicing. They can be safe. Hoping to divest. 10. 1.9 Hearing: All right, Hey, we've come to lesson number 10. Actually, we're doing how to understand what he hears. Or he hears. And he says Fannie and which is secondly or second. Famil alumnus Moriah, understanding where you hear, okay, you've got many exercise actually 1, 2, and 3, 4. And that's okay. This to all of them. Says at the dream, the dream STEMI lesson for Love Island. So he then put attack and the proper square. Okay, you say is 1234 and so on. So we've got a leaf and we've got two pictures, two verbs. Two young boys are doing two different verbs. I'm going to mention the VAB. And you say, and you mark the square of the proper image or the proper picture. But I actually referred okay. I would say you will suddenly if you heard me saying you're suddenly a new understood that I'm actually referring to somebody's praying. So definitely it at a tech here. Yeah. Okay. I will too. Let's just change the color. We've said we've got two images. I am a boy and a young girl. I would say if heard me say at the end. And definitely you need that. I'm actually referring to a feminine noun. So in that case it would be the daughter. Understood that it's a feminine. And also from your practicing and your revision. If known that this is the meaning of the word a daughter, isn't that brilliant? Number 3, we've got two different ones. Okay. Alina, actually, this is a woman, a woman, and this is an old woman. Difference is quite clear. Things are. So if I just said, We've got one of them is a grandma and one of them is a long just a mom or a mother. In that case. I would just mention that name in Arabic. And you understand what I'm talking about. Actually, I've just referred to the mother, which is this one. Which is an if in that case. Okay. And in case of the bat, it could be grandma. It means geht es nice. Okay. Number 4. Well, we've got a number four. We've got two different pictures. I'll take Jed. Jed. If had mesa injured. It comes in your mind that I'm actually meaning or referring to a grandpa. Because you know that grandpa means jet soon. And it actually gives this attack because we've mentioning that this old man is presenting a grandpa and this unit number five, we've got two different places. Massage. Massage. Actually, I was actually referring to this one because the message it contains the masala is not the inverse. Okay? It's not the opposite. Okay. So the masjid contains the niche we're actually facing. We pray and we offer the prayer. I'm facing the camera. While it's not the inverse because the niche is quite smaller than the message, of course. Okay, and the niche could be anywhere. However, the mustard, it's not going to be anywhere. Okay. Message. The message itself. It's a place that has many conditions, many times to be built-in and so on. However, the domestic or the niche that was all that could be in your home and your house for your, let's say for your woman just to prevent, didn't have to go to the mustard. It's better to pray at home, okay, except the pre-algebra, they can go to lesson 2. The robot can go to Leslie for the speech on Duran. Okay, number six will go. And if I'm bad. Okay, let's just stick with the same. I think this one is referring to Canada or masala. Okay. This one was actually referring to maybe doesn't make any difference. Okay. At the dribble assignee, just seem to color. I'll say at the dream authentic exercise number 2, stand out from other elements I want to brighten when SPSS and Patek and the proper square, the same leaf or one, I would say LF and bad. I would say I Isla. Sorry, you didn't get the wet island. You get the certain level of delight either. I would say. Definitely you familiar with that one. Why? Because this is the title of the unit cell for Unit 2, we'll just said is talking about the family, the Azra. Diana. However, the elif could be Shigella. The industry is yes. Number 2. We've got this one, I would say brother up, sorry. So the UK. So actually this old man is the grandpa acids. So in that case, you would actually put it to this one, even if it doesn't mean Soviet. However, you've got what I mean. So there is a friend. Number 3 we're actually referring to. Yet. They're all bought. Yet though. Which actually could be definitely this one. It's not could be it, it is this one because I lift. This one is actually sitting on a keyboard on a PC and is doing something. And that could be like his work. So in that case, you didn't take the work. However, I'm just telling you work means yeah. Yeah. Sign. It's not yet. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. I'm mainland. Number four. We've got two verbs, people praying and somebody is reading. And I will see the verb you mentioned to the web or even two to the image ticket? Yeah. Yes, it means reading. However, for the male or a female, it would be dark crop and the small here. Okay. And I'll say, okay, we've got a father and we've got on this case. I'm just pick of course it would be the older this man. It's a father. However they can get would be the Sun. It would be okay. I had a brother or sister. A nutrient. Understand what I'm actually referring to. Again. Means a brava. However, means system. Because those number 3 and 4 plus 2, 31st says stemming from Azure ELA. Lesson then refer or given to the proper image. We've got a lift bad gene and then okay, actually, I would tell you an RV conversation right now. An ETL. Which one is it? An osteotomy is LF, of course, because you already know what I mean. However, I'm just making it randomly. Anus Ariba. The mom asked you that bad, replied to suddenly here, fluorophore to suddenly particular what I mean. Okay. She she she was asking for site either the female name. And here he answered saying, Hey, a philosopher and she's in the room. Craig, guess that was Jean. Okay. Another one. Men have a man. Who is this? I would answer saying have L. So the UK online. Online. So he was asking him, who is this? Who is he? He answered them saying This is my friend Omar. And actually it is referring to that now case because this man is just introduced, the dismount. I would say men heavy. The reply would be here. So Ducati, Amina, hail Bobby, bad. Men, heavy, heavy. He has audio quality. Amina VBA. Of course, I was referring to this one because who is she? She's my friend, Amina. She's a doctor. She's a female doctor. That's what a minute. Bad. Actually, I would like you now to give me the value, Luke. And instead of me giving you to highlight because you already know what to choose. So you give the dialogue, I'll give you five seconds to think about it. If you need more time, just pause it. Anything. Yes, it can be anything. It's not it's not going to be a specific name. First, she asked a salient or a map or a no one in a Hamza, any name, just put in it, just amen. Why? Because the image is just referring to a place which is the magnitude. So you're actually talking about a painter, a place where a NSAID putting your name. He replied, who feed messages. While he did dimension what he's doing with that because the picture doesn't explain. You just edges shows us the masjid. So horrific mass dude. He is in the mustard. That was a brilliant one in my opinion. And, and before. It's quite good as well. At the very same stimulus from our lemma, element for ulama per attack. And the proposed square lesson, and then Patek and the proper squat. First it says, well, you've got three different places. This man three different can we as three different jobs and so on. So I had I would say I'll pick one of them and you say which one that I said, oh, which one I meant. Or so. Which one of these replays is the Hofer? Definitely it is g m here. Why? Because often means a room. And Jim shows us a room that was actually the toilet or the washroom. And LFOs, the message it. Number 2, we've got three different jobs. I would say Hobby, Lobby. Which one or which one of them is double beam. Definitely it could be. It's gonna be this one because WE means a doctor. If you've had me properly saying Toby and that case, ego and to rely on your practicing and your memorization of the wet. So you actually need to know that for me means a doctor. So in that case, you'd be able to recognize the image. However, if you're still struggling hearing what I'm saying. If you're still struggling, understanding what I'm saying, then I recommend the advice for you just to go back again and start over again. It's not something bad. We do the same, we redo the stuff, we revise the stuff, is it? This is why actually a revision is there for us. Okay. And then you do more work on your memorization of doors. And the three, we've got a grandpa and grandma and a mother. I would say. Jen. Jed that yes, definitely. I was referring to the grandma. Number 4. Or you've got three different feminine three different feminine. Number 4. You've got a tree, you've got a image, and you've got a family. And the three of them are feminine. I would say Solr. Solr. Which is definitely this one. Why? Because gene here is Asara, which means the family. An elif is actually referring to show genre, which is a tree. All right, number 5. What we've got, we've got a daughter, a sister, and a brother. Okay. I would actually fall. In that case, it wouldn't be this one because GM was actually referring to a brother and a leaf was actually referring to a daughter. Move into number six, I think it's going to be the last one. We've got three different careers for different jobs here. We've got modalities. And what they listen, I would pick one of them. Okay, you now go and pick me the modalities and pick not amoeba and BEC. First, this is the murderous, this is the male teacher. And second, we've got the female teacher. We've got the moderator Lisa. She's explaining or teaching. I'm Jean would go. Bobby ban, which is the female doctor. A female doctor. And that was, that was quite simple. Next lesson we're talking about the speech, how to speak with us and to, you know, to get along with others by asking questions and replying questions and so on. That would be less than 11. Okay. Before less than 12, of course. And it would be about speech. And Blake, I'll be waiting for you the best with your massive practicing. See you there. 11. 2.0 Talking: Hello and welcome back to another lesson of this class. We're actually move into do, doing Lesson 12. Okay, just picking the color. It will go that is less than 12. And it's talking about alkali. Alkalis, the speech or speaking. All right, let's go through some exercises. I think we've we've got four. We've got the first exercise. I will make it more center. Says law or enjoy them as America can have a micelle, exchange the questions and the answers was your classmate or your mate. As in examples, just below. It gives us the example here so that we can follow it. Like assemble says, all gifts, an image. Some people are praying and gave a name and a message and a verb. You're solidly middle or as a main name. And my students a place where Muslims due to prayers. And we'll certainly is a verb, prayer itself. So he said, The question was a painter or a inner shadow, the same painter. Where is a 100? Yeah. He replied by saying a few Masjid, You'll solidly I'm going to do CMS. Judy will suddenly. So he said, Hamad, in the masjid, praying is end the mastered. Praying. Feet means n because you are familiar with, unless you'd means the message that because we added l to it. And you suddenly is o means Pregel, praise. And the present simple. Or it could be in the present tense, present continuous to say. All right, that was the example. Here. We've got like four images. First one shows a female praying and it gave us her name, give us faulty or faulty metal. And then it will slowly lead, which is a place, then a verb. So I'll give you five seconds to think about it. If it's not enough, just pause it and just do it and then play again. All right, Well done. So here the question would be a inner felt we met to a file prima to the answer would briefly be felt we made to feel more fun. Lead will finally felt the medical field masala to suddenly. Okay. So Fatma, whereas Ultima Felton is in the niche. Praying, was the niche, as we've mentioned before, which is the place that we face doing we're due to prayers. Because actually this is the direction towards the Kaaba in Mecca. Number number 2 shows a young boy actually doing or making a book is to make an abortion. Now, his name is Bedford, or bedroom, and it's a place which is elevate. Did you know what this word mean? It means the House or the home. But it's preferable to be the house because a Manziel means the home and gave us a verb, which means ablution. Make an ablution. Or yet though our book, simply five seconds. Yeah, we would simply say a veteran or you can say, by the way, uh, you know, a bedroom. Where is, so is here would actually be the equivalent of the web poet or the verb to be Hua. So a bedroom or a bedroom directly. It would just simply replacing the drum fill Beatty. Yet the old book that Broomfield maybe at our book. So bed is in the house making a book. Okay. Number three. A young lady. She's reading, her name is Zeynep. She's in a certain place which called a loafer. You should know what it means. Now. She's doing something actually which is reading the Qur'an. Don't corrode corner. You've got your five seconds. Yeah. That was it. A Zainab or a Zainab? Uw? The answer would be Zainab oil field or fatty Zai noble floor for Chrome for n. What is Zeynep? Where is Zeynep? Zainab in the room or Zeynep is in the room reading Nakamura. The last one we've got here in exercise number 1, we've got a man reading the Quran as well. Him, his name is ID. However, he's in the masjid reading Napoleon. You've got the meaning now, I belong. I drew for messages or either infamous GTD. Whereas IV, IV is in the masjid reading the prologue. Exercise number 2 at 3 will ascend at the dribble SNE, the same exchange, a conversation with your mate. As in the example weighs example shows us an engineer and give us two nouns. And 11 is he initiated the conversation by seeing acylium ion income. Please be a pony. Replied while a concern and peace be upon YouTube. He said, Man heavy. It was an image to him. Man heavy matte. What is this? Heavy means this for the feminine. So how the swatter to FE, heavy sorta to FE. 11. This actually the word that was given to him. It was, however, he added the pronoun yet to it, so it goes back to my brother. Okay, So instead of saying a brother, he just made it. My brother. Say, it gives more meaningful idea about ways actually talking about so heavy thought, okay, this is my brother's image. Homeland this or homeland this one. He's an engineer. And he replied to him, Masha a lot, which means God bless me. Share a lot. Masha or logistic. One breath, one-sentence breath. And I share a lot. God bless. Okay. All right. Let's do the same with the images given to us was to, let say it was these two words. So here we've got the first one, we've got caught. And for BBBA, bought and probably been booked means a sister and BBVA, a female doctor. Female doctor. So we would say I said I want to echo initiating the conversation. What a equals Salaam, ma heavy, What is this? Heavy assault or two. Here through VBA. This is my sister's image or this is my sister's picture. She's she's a female doctor. And I shot a long complex. You've got what I mean. However, you could simply turn it and it change the pronoun. Okay, How that, let's say have here swatter to help amoeba. This is your sister's image or this is your sister's picture. She's a doctor or she's a female doctor. That would be simply it. However, you could just say, Oh, you can just change the pronoun all the places. And instead of seeing heavy or you could say how the octagon, this is your, your sisters image. However, he sought out to talk to who? This is his sisters image. Heavy saw are too poor to her. This is her sisters image, have the disorder. And this is the image of the sister. Of course, we're talking about a certain system. Okay? Number two, we've got wireless. And why limb? Why limb? So what it means a father? And the word wildly means a teacher. I said, I want my heavy, heavy sorta to weigh the poem one limb. National law. A salaam, peace be a pony. Peace be upon you to what is this or what is this? This is my father's image or this is my fault. This picture. Here's a teacher. Oh God bless you go. I'll give you just like ten seconds. 5, 4, each one of them. Okay. And you do your best. You've got it. If it's not. If it's not enough for you to do when ten seconds pose, then replay again. Okay, Brilliant. First one he had to say Zan and phobias. Um, um, for me, I'm means your father's brother. Bobby, main doctor. So a cinema Salaam, my heavy heavy heavy heavy heavy disorder to be Mesha a lot. Okay. Plus one, we've got IBM and boiling. And boiling. Ibn means a son. I'm finally means a student. So said I want to come by, they call Salaam. Now whatever he heavy sought out to me or toilet, I shall lot heavy disorder to ignore or authority. This is how SMS image has son's picture. Here's a student. How did the s-orbital ignore? Okay, this is your son's image, whole bar loop, and so on. And at the end, you just can say, God bless. We'll do the third exercise. It says at the, at the variable aesthetics, this is kind of more advanced, which is quite brilliant. He sees had digital Mellon kinda thing. Micelle give us more sentences, as in the example. It gives you only three words where I lived. And he started to give a meaningful sentence, meaningful phrase. He said have it. So he added have it. Then he added the pronoun, then added the two nouns, where lid, and then he said he is an engineer. So now we've got these words and. Like unities and try to, you know, to give us meaningful sentence using these three words. So he said, has only the island home one day where I live. This is my father. I li poem wonders, he's an engineer. Okay. All right, we've got this one, we've got one allele, the Hodeidah and for VBA. So I'm pretty sure you know what it means because we already went through all of these words before. While it means a mother, Hodeidah, female name from Eva, female doctor. May I would say simply one of them. However, he rarely did the harbinger. Here probably, but I guess you probably could say. Add the where neither to who? This is his mother, heavy, heavy, Wally, that to whom he Alto VBA. And so on. Number 2, we've got a man teaching, I think so teaching the Arabic language itself. So we've got a salaried and y lim say, and mildly Buckman's a brother. Say it mainly name y lim teacher or a teacher. So how that Becky, sorry, and Huawei limb or a whole get started for modeling. And so on. Number 3, we've got caught. Her name is Sandy that and she's a female teacher. Why me, man, what? Sorry, the wild lima heavy. The all heavy, According to this, are either had the corn wild Lima or here. One Lehman. We've got here a little boy. He looks like he's go into the score, has no back from it because he's actually not like happy for it. Anyway. We've got in bed and pilot. So a sudden cold bed. As a student have a kidney bed, the whole toilet has an imine bed. The whole toilet. Okay. You know what I mean? Okay. The one next to it, if site we've got ignore. Her name is Natasha and she is toilet. She's a female student. Or I would simply say this is my daughter. She's a student. You say in Arabic? Heavy immunity. Yes. Heavy Ignaty, whether or not the PL-200 only been the last one we've got here. We've got his name is Hamza. I'm Hamza and he's a doctor or a main doctor. Just simply say a doctor. Okay. So I'm me, Hamza. This is my father's brother, Hamza. And he is a doctor. Moving to exercise number 4 and number 5 and number 6 as well. Just do it. Number 4 says Tibet, the camera film cell, as in the examples, exchange the answer and questions with your friend. Number 1 says, Men, Who is this for? The male? He said has a Hamad. Number two says men heavy because actually he's referring to a female, referring to a female, feminine. So he replied to him, heavy men, heavy, heavy. Zainab. Number May 3 have what is this? What is this? So mad means what? Whatever message you don't. He didn't say this is the Masud. He said, this is a message. Okay. Have a messenger to where if we would like to say this is the masjid, we would simply say have a message it have a Honeywell Masjid. We would add the LF Alam to it. Number 4 says, My heavy. What is this for? The feminine? Heavy. Heavy. Proton. Okay. We've got many ways actually. You tried to help me. I'll give you the answer and you give me the question. You give the question, I'll give the answer and so on. So first word we've got Leyla. Okay. I'll give it a question. In that case. Men heavy. Guess heavy. Leyla. It's a female name called Layla. Okay. Number two, you ask me the question and I'll give the answer. Probably you've said Man heavy. Why you said management of men? Because men is only found a conscious. And man is for the non-conscious materials, often for the unconscious stuff. Okay. So heavy war is this heavy? Heavy, shallow. Number three, men has because it's my time to cut the question. Has any men have Who is this? Yeah, he also should have. Another one. What if you'd like to add more details about him? Just drop it down. Has a normal horse or the home one does have a Roma. Hello, So the API for upper beam and so on. And before the web was thrown, which is the title of the unit. And it means a family. So we actually mean he would simply reply saying heavy. Next one to the left side has a mass m. What is this? This is a Warshall. Men never have Allie. Who's this? This is for n. For n, o has a whole for, and this is the core and this is the speech of a lot. This is the work of Alla prima. Men, heavy, men, heavy to shape. She has fault him. Hey, a faulty math. Here. Let's do number 5, number 6 quickly. At the pterygoid hamulus activity world homes. The same exchange. The discussion was your front jet, the unmarked and the T, m and n. So have a jet diameter than I did they did heavy, sorry, that's my bad, not by heavy. He did that the Amina. So he replied to him, Mazatlan. Why? Because he actually introducing his grandpa and his grandma to his friend OTs neighbor, whoever he just said introducing how so? Simply, he could have just asked for them. Uh, who who who are they? And actually, it means Mendenhall or men home. Okay. So you just replay it has a good day or more. This is my grandpa and have aged that the eminent, this is my grandma, Amina. And he said, Helen was nice to meet you. We've got well at the moment where liberty, Zainab. So have that way the heavy where liquidity Zainab because it's a feminine. And the Hoda have eth0 or more. Heavy. The order I can carry on this way, Ali ibn Abdullah. So have an igneous has the immunity. Abdullah. I'm me and I'm Aziza. And me. Why? This is my father's brother, my uncle wireless. And this is my own eyes. He says This is my father's sister. As he's a heavy Amity as ISA. Exercise number 6 at the OSAT this edge, you Brian will answer the next question, which means answer, I'm the same and you ban slide just onset at Atelier answer the next, which means a Talia questions. Questions. Number one. So I'll try to make it finish soon. I felt I would say It's Abdullah. So Manuela do solar silicon is the father of the profit. So that's a limb. I would say Abdullah Manuela to autoscale Law Center, who is the mother of the profits. Awesome. I would say. Amina. If you want a chance to write down the answers, go ahead and pause it and replay after you've done with it. I'm really glad that you're happy to do this. Number three men, Jiddu, arcosolia, soleus, and limb. Who is the grandpa of the profit? I would say Abdulmutallab. Somebody, a cylinder is the uncle, who is the prophet's uncle. Who was actually he got like three uncles or for uncles. I think I fought three. So what the best or the most beloved 12 and I will call it small. It was, he was Abu. However, he was in a Muslim because he didn't believe even he before he dies. So he got another uncle, his name was alive Bess. And a third one, his name was about lab number 5, men it new gasoline. Actually the profit got three sons. Who is the son of the whole is the profit sun. So actually the profit got three sons. First he got I'll call him, and then he got Abdullah and then he got employing. The last one, this one was Ibrahim and he was the most beloved one-to-one. So I would just simply mention his name to Brian. I'm a six men. Who are the prophets. Notice he got like four daughters. The most beloved 12 is hot, was faulty. And actually she was the youngest. One of them. Meanwhile, lead. Okay. Who is your father? Okay. This is going to be t Actually, I would just type down my father's name. I'll turn my father's name is fatigue. I prefer to write down more population in that case. Okay. And then men, men, jet dukha, who's your grandpa? I would say I'm doing now. And your case, Surely you're talking about your grandpa neon and it will fall as well. My wife. Who is your uncle? Actually, I got to ankles. I got one called Baja is the oldest. And then this one is called labia men. So VUCA men. So who is your friend? And that would be a hard question now if I write that one of my friend's name, the author's would actually not happy. So prefer, I prefer just to leave it empty. This one. You have the tongs, just write down anything. It's up to you. Actually you are learning it. So now we learned how to ask, who is your friend? Men, sodomy, aka, it's up to you now. Okay. So I think we've done it. We've come to the end of it because Lesson 12 is talking about reading and writing. So next listen, I think we're talking about reading separately from writing. Okay? And actually we're ending the unit was going over the writing and then at the end, we've got a very quick test. Quick once we can actually test yourself and we'll throw it out to and authority who and how we are two and so on. And finally, we've done with unit two. So I'll go down. Just be passionate about it, just have some courage to finish it. See you in the next lesson. Don't be laid off. Forget your daily practice. Hope you did the best. 12. 2.1 Reading: Hello and welcome back to another yet, oh, yet another lesson of this class. And we've come to lesson 12. I think it's going to be the last lesson. Okay, because it's talking about reading and writing to tab2, finishing unit 2 and rather to effeminacy and Wagga to Asana, which is the second step in this whole series. I hope you the best. It says a woman. First reading all the reading. Okay. Starts with exercising directly? Yes. Because actually all all of what we've been through is all actually focusing on reading, lessening, understanding, not just getting what it means. So all of what we've been doing, you actually practicing reading. So now that we're able to read for essays, unvirtuous stemming and read what crop. Look, listen and read the case. Okay, So it says less than, so. I'll say the web for you and you try to read it off to me. Not mimicking may or may not send the same white I'm saying the same sound, however, you tried to read the letters. First one we've got here, we've got valid. Well, and the meaning is a father. At that. Next to it, we've got rarely, rarely that. Normally we don't write down the short vowels when we write down the Arabic tutor that so when we mess it each other, actually we don't use the short vowels at all unless it's actually a severe change. So for example, if I want to just report, if we've got a word, and that gives to meaning. And in case we do not put the short vowels, in that case I should and the short vowel to it. So the patent, the one that I sent the message to him, guess the idea of what this word means, okay? But normally we don't use the short vowels because we already know one. Okay? I'm actually, this is not the case in the Quran, because in the Qur'an, the cases every single word has a short vowels server. Everybody's reading the proper way and everybody gets the proper meaning of this word. Okay? So nobody is going to be confused at all. So while they're here means a mother or a mom. And the food we've got, all it means is a brava, which means assist. Let's scroll it down. That's called him a son. And daughter. If you come with me for me. It's a pleasure. I'm I'm uncle. And scroll down. We've got Jen Jen that a grandpa Jen than that, which means grandma out on as it contains a tree. Family. Yeah. A family. Alright. That was exercise. Yeah. That was excited to look, listen, and reading it. Okay. We've come to it now is actually exercising your visual abilities. So now what he says, methylate eight, which means match between this similar to words, matching between the verb, your crop, which means reads or reading. So all right, I'll give you just ten seconds to just do it. If it's not enough, of course it's not. Pose it and replay off to me or after you finished. All right, In that case, I'll try to make it fit. My pencil. I'll take this one. Goes to IBM. And then we'll suddenly goes down. And then goes to n. Okay? I'll take your soul. Goes to suddenly, I'm looking for this right here. Okay. We've got still and you just stick it in this way. The last one is, if you're confused. Just do the say in case he just picked because it has no covalent asymptote. So in case of your solidly number one, I would just pull back because it goes to that because of number two. So this one is, where is it? Sorry, Is the verb goes to head slowly and then goes to what is also here. And if lambda is ignited, goes to Xa, then SHE caught up and he did it. We've got message ID number 17, genre. I has hat letter N, which has gene. And number 9, we've got Masala which has bad. Last one. Number ten, we've got a meaning, which has four. And that was it. Let's scroll down to finish the reading. Says Ooh, ooh, ooh, assemblies. And read. All right. For each sentence. That has the image on top of it, I'll give you five seconds. So by you have the tones to read it. And then I'll read it. I'll give you a chance to read off to me. All right, I'll try to go slow. I'll say this again. Has a poem when this about foster, bit quicker hormone, this more quicker than this. You've got a choice. Number 2, we've got a man reading five seconds. Famous Judy. Judy Quran. And the three. Has been a goal for the dawn prayer. Hasten to domestic. Oh, let's go to this one. Young lady praying room to fill or fatty to suddenly felt personally felt lima to 442 suddenly. Next to what we've got. Let's make it a little more actually. Tried to read it yet. Oh boy, Oh, my more than filling. Yet that will be 0 plus 1.5. I'm Mountain Home. Why limb? Wildly one has a mountain. That was number 4, it says Arabi. Arabi syllabi measurement attained a match between the two similar sentences or between the two similar phrases. I'll try to scroll it down. The way I could say I see old friends is yes. Now, you got 10 seconds Valley and they do go into post and reply again. Yeah, in that case, actually we're calling match will have to write down 1, 2, 3, 4, or gym or bad valence on, actually we call it match here because we've got two points where we can match them. Quite surely, I'll start from the right side. It says have the number one. I'll take those two. As I D number or letter pattern. Number two of go heavy. Way, liberty. Yes, really loudly. Don't be shy. Practice brings perfect. This is my milestone. Practice brings perfect. Heavy, where liberty, ghosted letter, Wow. I'm a three hole. I will suddenly, he's praying, goes to a leaf. And before this is his grandpa goes to him. And he had to suddenly, she's praying, goes to them, missing the last one. We've got two choices now. Have a way LED, only one choice, actually, y sub 2. It's better. That's it. This is my father or this is my that goes to that. That was it for the reading. I think so. Because actually next one is going to be about writing and Qatar battle. The same lesson because it's the last lesson in Unit 2. We're talking about bad letter and letters. Okay, we've got some exercises and then we're talking about, we're talking about all, we're talking about the thought of an elif letters. And then we're ending net by a quiz at the end. Well, actually going to leave it in a discussion section, or you can just answer me or message me about this. So see you in the reading section. Now, we're done the reading. So then C in the writing section, number really. 13. 2.2 Writing: I said I'm not a lawyer, but I got to peace be upon you all brothers and sisters. He would come to the last lesson of this class. And finally, when we're doing the writing section, where we'll actually have been more, was to write down together here in main. And yeah, let's get started. Essays, funny and Alcatel. Second or secondly. The writing allowed to do what it means. It means the view or the thing that you're going to go through. We're actually going through the bat, that unsettledness. Actually they look like this. They look the same. Like the sea. It's up, don't see. Okay. Upside down. See look into the ceiling. If you add a dot below it, It's a bath. If you add two dots, it's at that. If you had three dots, then it's a set letter. This now dried them. First we've got the bat shapes attack and the set, the batch shapes. This is about when we store it. Okay? Which is in the width, the height, the height. It means. Okay, it will find, you don't have to know the meaning of Tokyo for now. However, you just look for the shape of the changes according to its location in the world. When we start with, was it when we start with the letter back at the store or at the beginning of the wet. It looks like it this way. Okay. When it comes in the middle, actually, it's connected both height. So it's connected to a thought before it, until after it. So it is for B, which means a doctor, a beam. But it comes at the end of the word. Only connected to a law before it has in wet boiling. Boiling ties quite the same phase, quite the same. Like tat when we start, was it as in wed to suddenly it looks like this way. Too slowly. When it's in the middle. As in this wet or as in this verb. Yet though I'll make an ablution that, that looks like this way. This is done that yet thou. And when it comes at the end of the web, as in you. And that. And actually this way, the sila, when we start was it it looks this way. So as in wet soap. Also, both men, both men, when the fat comes in the middle of the web, could rot, sorry, called Ross. Roth, which is actually a typo, the veggie. I don't know. I don't know a exactly To be honest. However, just like I do you remember that raphe. So it comes in this shape. Now says number 1, exercise number one, as we did in Unit 1. If you remember, if you die, then I recommend to you, I suggest you go back VFS and then come back here. I drew the letter. Okay. I'll just drag using open on the letter, such as just like a plate. Or we can just simply zoom in just 1 second. It's better now, isn't it? Let me erase it on the slide again. It's a plate. Blow. It all. Looks this way. Okay. What about the fat? Two dots on top of it? The same doesn't have to be identical by the way. Just bright red down one of these shapes. I'll get it. I bet this is TAB. Then we've got fat. We go three dots over it. And that was simply and I was quick. And you take your time. You can replay it and not trying to make it longer than enough. So you can just decrease the speed, load on the speed. Just pose it, replay it up to you. However, he says at the video, s0 23 will ascend exercise number 2, which means copy. Now it's your turn to I die. It's like, as I said, it's an, a plate was adult below it. The easiest. Let us try that now. The bat then set off the bat if of course, because it's all about a straight line. That's a plate with two dots, three dots. And they find that if you find them bigger than one of them is bigger than the others. It's more about, of course, actually, because it's not bigger than the others. All of them are equal in size. Okay? Alright. Says number three, more. Three more. Killing man. Drag with your pen over the word. Now we actually do in some ways. Okay, I'll try to do my best. This is the maximum zoom that I can get. It says, okay, actually needs to make it smaller. And we'll center, this is the center, a conga actually. So this is thought. And then connecting old and it's together. They'll be bit guess. Dailies bad. Actually, I can write better than this. Perfectly. All right. I'll try to help you. I'll try to carry on til the end. Well done. Took it at the store. I'll write down because actually it's hard to writing now the same with the same handwriting use to estimate. If we're just going to use my finger would be much easier for me. Actually, my screen is not touchy screen actually. Okay, next one we've got the same, uh, same. And then I go back and do the dots. Or you can do this and then carry on the web. So we just simply do the last stop and then go back to the first dots. Many ways to do the wet nose to drag. However, Roberto says Jacobian. So actually you're copying the web. Access can be much better now because I can make it more soccer. I control it. How do you find the now? Way better than before? To be honest? Okay. I'll try to carry on this way better than the one before it. The last one. See how I can band together all of them. This is like a scene actually. Then you add the dots below listed a wet. Look how I just left that thought. And then I go back and add the LFO it. But I can just say. I can do this. Sorry, it's actually like a kinda oblique on him. Oh, I can do this way. A same. Then we've got the word, oh, why am I tend to do it always. Okay. I'm done. I'm done. The last one we go. So you see how I connected the SAT was due out. And then I write down the bad. Boy would just simply write on the band and go back. Write down the dots. Now Assembly actually, that was all of it. Okay. Okay, unless this current down to see the thought. Okay. Zoom in. Okay. We've got this is how they look like. I'm just thought the middle. And at the end. This is the middle. It's not connected before ever. And at the end is going to be the same. Which means a nail gloss. Marissa and the LF and sodium. Okay. I'm just scrolling down. Just zoom in. This way. Simply, I think is quite close to y is going to be the same. It was adult. Okay. The elephant just about straight line, straight line brava. Mouse is just irritating me. I can do is to read I'm using this mask. Okay? And this enzyme, which means copy it. I'll talk, talk, talk. And then it becomes a lot actually. A straight line. And if and if that was it. Let me zoom out. Okay, this to exercise number 4 0. In that case, I need to reduce Sena Moore drag with the open over the world. Now it would be hard for me actually because I'm using the mass faulty man. It would be fair if I do on wet and you carry on and do the rest. Because actually you would be using your finger. And racial pay people who he is using. The mouse isn't doing the renowned this, this is kinda like struggle. Was done with the first one. Let's carry on. I was just irritated with the two dots below the C, However, I don't they? Yeah. So what exactly should I be focusing West only was the lettuce that we're doing with the stranger one day I have no idea about forget about it. Just focus was they had thought Okay. This way with focusing on only try down the other, the rest, the rest of the world not just live in it in case of I didn't take it. And the last one is a gloss. Just like a marrow. Now, the last one, yeah, I can do this. Actually. I'm giving you different ways to write down the law. Have you get what I mean? Okay. And the last one, exercise number 4. A robber. If I'm fast, slow it down, pose, replay. That's opportunity or it's in your hand. It's all about your control, says Kopi. It's right down the way that you would like to. I'm just trying to make it thicker. So I write down more comfortably, more thus. Faulty man. All right. Down to us. Okay. You'll write down three times. Yes. You've got your finger. Our last one would be Navarra. Then I go back to the line of thought. Yeah. Knows it briefly. Okay. Page 45. On page 46, actually, this is where you're testing yourself. Okay. What it says? It says jessica, test yourself. One. I mean, it says XYZ thing. So it was it. Yes. And then an older so Units 1 and 2. Number 1, it says I'm all for that to actually distribute. And the vocabulary that you've learned and you've got mine. Okay, so let's see how, how how is going to be YZ always call in that case. We say is likely to emit a TFU meconium once you've managed what? The next and that proper square and the taught. Okay. This is number 1. I'll try to help me. It was the first one. It says Bella. Okay. So you are actually looking for countries Ballad. He gave you and you tried to carry on. I would say Surya, which is just one. Okay. And then I would say back Stan. She's definitely this one. I would say I'm going to take it right away, which is this one. And so on. So number two says Vermeer, a pronoun, and the Mu and eukaryotes. I bet numbers from one to five. Oh, you've got number 5 here. Humps it was saw the family members McCann places or replace me, a job or profession. And so on. Number two says a committee met and complete the sentences or the phrases. Was the next words. Number 1, I'll just do number 1. Alpha, alpha. It couldn't be done. And we do have a T here. Then you give a profession, a job and see. Yeah. And how many you get out of? Eight. Okay. Number three says Dial M into Ariba, which means put an X on the odd. What does that mean? It means all right. I'll try to tell me was number one. Number one, it says. So the Yukon ignore all of them what actually conscious except the last one, which is done a lot of the gloss or a gloss. So this is going to be the odd one. Number two, you've got what I mean. Okay. And see how we got out of five. And just trumpet me down in the discussion section. Says Sania a Taraki Bu and how we are to overthrow keyboard now hold the structure and the syntax. It's like, Oh, so you're actually trying to select all, pick the proper pronoun heavy, Hua and navarro to yeah. So heavy is associated with haha no, Hawaii. This is the gloss that because there's a feminine. Okay. And so on. So number two says a data list of hemi field calamity, elif. Now climate. That, which means match. The question tool. Match. And the LF colon was what is proper. And that column men have had. It could actually be a heavy heavy shigella. And you carry on and see how many galaxies as well, I think so it's going to be a man. Choose the proper word or the perfect to add the best word for the sentence. Number 1 says space solar to posterity. So Sura takes Heather or has he goes back to its agenda. It's a main or feminine accidents feminists would take actually heavy. And so when you get until you see how many you get out of seven, and at the end, you calculate all of it. I mean, see how many you get out of 40. Why is your rate dropped me down your rate until I see. And the next lesson in the next class, which is going to be about and we have the two x2 and y2 authenticator, which about housing older residents a second. Okay. Just do your best with this one's i'll I'll drop it down in the discussion section or in the project section. I hope you do your best with it. Now go down people and practicing. Practice brings perfect. See you in the next class. I hope you the best to all of you.