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Arabic In Front Of You Series "Part 1"

teacher avatar Adam Fathy, A Physical Therapist + Online Teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

17 Lessons (3h 42m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. 1.1 " Unit 1"

    • 3. 1.2 "1st &2nd Dialogues" Introducing

    • 4. 1.3 "3rd Dialogue" Nationality

    • 5. 1.4 "4th Dialogue"

    • 6. 1.5 "5th Dialogue" Jobs

    • 7. 1.6 "6th Dialogue" Family Member

    • 8. 1.7 "Lesson 2"

    • 9. 1.8 "Vocabularies"

    • 10. 1.9 "1st & 2nd Exercises"

    • 11. 2 "Numbers"

    • 12. 2.1 "Lesson 3"

    • 13. 2.2 "Make a sentence"

    • 14. 2.3 "Lesson 4" Sounds

    • 15. 2.4 "Lesson 5" Speech

    • 16. 2.5 "Lesson 6" Reading

    • 17. 2.6 " Writing"

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About This Class

Hello and welcome back to another class on Skillshare. Arabic is a worldwide language nowadays and millions of people speak Arabic even in non-Arabian countries. To make a long story short, if you are trying to learn Arabic then stop thinking like a student and it is a load on your shoulders to learn it..... Start enjoy the process by practicing it daily with your friends as practice brings perfect...

If you still struggling with reading Arabic, being familiar with the letters, their different shapes and sounds, then I recommend you to check my first class here which was about the basics that make you good to go and start real learning like this series.

Regarding this class, it is part 1 of a long series of book Arabic in front of you... We will try our best to upload the upcoming parts as soon as possible... Also, I hope that everyone interacts, drops comments and asks questions, and help each other in the discussion section of course I will be there for any inquire....... Hope you the best......

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Adam Fathy

A Physical Therapist + Online Teacher


Hi there,

My name is Adam, a graduated Physical Therapist who started teaching Arabic and Quraan in 2017 with good experience in Online classes.
I joined Alimlive, Tareequl Jannah, and IQRA institutes but I finally settled down with my private work through which I helped many to be able to read Arabic and Quraan and start the journey.
Hopefully, there would be more courses here on SkillShare soon enough.
Take care.

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1. Introduction: The interest in the Arabic language increased in this era, which led to overthrowing of many books. Answer is to meet the needs of the multiple and renewed Arabic students. And here comes a rubric in front of you, so rings as a contribution to and participation in this field. Hello, my name is Adam, the weighted physical therapist and an online teacher. I work at from many online ethnicity, It's that teach Arabic. And I ended up was my private comprehensive curriculum. Actually are we can front of you, is a well-known stories among the Arabic language learners as it teaches the four aspects. Listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Besides learning more about the sons of sounds, vocabularies, and syntax. At the end of this class, you will be provided with two elements. Number one is the comprehensive communication approach. Number 2 is the Arabian culture. The comprehensive communication approach is to be able to communicate it was natives through the accepted social context as to interact with the natives by speaking or even writing. Also to express yourself in a proper way in different social situations. The ribbon culture, as it will have a close look at the different cultures among the Arabians and the religion of Islam is a big part of it. And this series, we're going across different units. Each unit is about a certain subject, like greetings and introducing the family, residence, the daily life, food and drink, and much more. This class is actually for all levels. However, you need to be familiar with the alphabet and at least try to read or speak Arabic before. If he didn't. No worries. I've made a full class here about the basics and everything. You need to be able to read any Arabic word. And once you finish it, you'll be able to read Arabic fluently TO jacket. I hope you find this class more interesting than he expected. And I'll be waiting for all of your questions in the discussion section. Don't forget to bring a notebook and a pencil. You got to go. 2. 1.1 " Unit 1": Hello and welcome back to another class on Skillshare. Basically that would be whole series about famous because a lot of media to Benedick. So basically this is going to be about how to deal in Arabic and how to use your learned Arabic that you've took years or even months to learn it. So now in this course, if you don't know how to read from the first place, maybe Econ Go back to the first class here on Skillshare on the same account. So basically, this is about how to deal, how to use your Arabic, how to use it after Lenin or the book or the series called alarm media to Benedick. What does that mean? It means or elastic, literally from the first place. We say aloud Olbia two means Arabic of course, you know it. But the two words bayonet and literally the word means in and the word means your hands. But if we connect the kinetic together, it gives us another meaning, which is in front of you. If we say the whole phrase or the whole sentence, it is allowed to Benedick Arabic in front of you, or Arabic in front of you. All write sseuda. Whole series has, I think like about three grades or three books. And the first book is all about 400 and three pages. And it's all about beyond what's the first unit, the second and so on. So the first unit he says and cooler. And cooler. So what does that mean? The first one here and 12. And so on, which means the unit. And the what Ulla means the first. So it means the first unit. And why? But if we connect it to ALU life, we have it in a phrase. It would be unwise to, it goes back to the rules and so on. This isn't shadows can be almost separate clause. But here it's Ola. Then it says it's all about a year to what tile? At the Haha to adhere to means greetings. And a tau is knowing. So greetings and knowing. A2. What bow? All right, let's jump into it. Let's just zoom in a little bit so you see it clearly. So as you can see here, it says allowed as an as you can see on the top the top right corner and the top left corner it says And yes, you on it. We said it before. And a Duxiu on the left side, left top corner. It says means the lesson. The lesson. However, the middle word here, it means, it means the view. The view which is, I'm showing you now how people, how Arabian people grieve each other and get to know each other, how they introduce each other. Essays as well. So the first word here and how well means the dialogue. The dialogue. However, the word and a while loop. It's quite close. Yes. Yeah, It means the first. The first. So an ALU connected to on how well, it becomes both a one. It means that first by Luke. And then it says over them in what I had was what the word means. Look. And the lead with STEMI means lesson. The word admins. Repeat. So look, listen and repeat. Yes, you need to do this. To get the maximum benefit of this glove. Look, listen and repeat. It shows clear all of this to make it more obviously. So now we're in the first dialogue and the first unit, and the first lesson. We've got two persons here. Actually we are just meeting each other for the first time, I think so. We have two names. Call it, and then you pick another color. Let's see, prom. And Holly. Call it a colleague. So Khalid says as LM1. Yeah, it's just quite here. I'm pretty sure that lots of you knew that. I knew what it means literally because a Selim means peace. I lay calm, means a pony to peace be upon you. A Salaam one. It could be just given you the piece. You just actually given you the message of feel safe towards me. I'm not going home. You I'm just save here. You will save. Then you need to recall him saying, while a Cousera while a counselor, peace be upon you to peace be upon you to, while a Cousera so highlighted a salami. And Hollywood replied while. And then call it, ask it a question. He said, This me, call it less MOOC. Is me call it Luca. He said, my name is Khalid. And what is your name? Alright. Was that pili? Okay. Let's clear this. This mean it means why me? My name is alright. Where is A's here. Okay. So the word is, the word itself means a name. However, if you add the lost yet to it, which is this one, is me. And instead of this, it becomes my name. Mining. It belongs to you. And then he said Khalid. So my name is Khalid. Khalid. So what about e you can say this. If your name is John, if your name is Frank, if your name is Joan, for example, if your name is LES, suggests say that is me and then put your name. It's me. John is me. Gary is me. Whether UK. And then he asked him, What is your name? My smoker. Smoker. So here it is. Mad. He actually it's a pronoun and it means what? Okay? And a sukha, it means your name. What What's your name? What is your name? Okay. My smoker replied, Sade. This me as we said it before. Me, my name is Connie 3. 1.2 "1st &2nd Dialogues" Introducing: All right, There we go. So let us now recap quickly what we've done. We said call it said a ceremony. Pauline replied, bi-layer. Salaam. Khalid said, this Mayhall it mess MOOC. To get miss MOOC. Now, right. Because we're going to talk about this today. He said it's me. Okay. Now he knows that his name is Holly and this one this one is named Khalid. So definitely he would say to him how he yes. What does that mean? It means kapha head. Okay. Kapha head. Okay. So if we raise all this, just let's focus on that one now. Kapha, look at the word kapha here means how it's a pronoun as well. And how Luca is actually referring to the state. All right, has it going, how's life and so on. So kapha, how logistic as a phrase, kapha, Halamka, how are you going? How's life? Uk. And Hollywood replied saying, while handling the whole urine, well handily let you could say the inverse and handling the same. However, the word itself means fine. Uk, which is all set, all good. What humbly lay means praise. These are actually, it's going to be related to the Muslims. They say praised, to, praise be to Allah, praise be to a lot. Okay. I think you get what I mean. All right. Surely he would ask him the same thing after replying to each question, you would say knew how he knew how he too is it going? So K for how to occur and what he added, where, where he is like and how we say what is the equivalent of an English. So we say, well, kapha had Luca and then enter, it means you. Okay for how Luca enter and how he hollers replied the same reply. The same. What? How you doing? I'm doing. All right. Let's go back. Let's jump into the second dialogue. It says here, which is okay. If we said this, he says, Well, it's funny. This wet. We said we said that means the dialogue, right? Because we've mentioned that here, up here. To remember this one. We said, well, the dialogue. And we said, a woman's the first. And how well will it away? Here, a thin. And who out of thin, which means the second is the word SME, means the second. So this is the second dialogue. It says, look, listen and repeat. So you need therapy immediately after me. That's why I'm giving you enough time to say. All right, this is going to be between how? And hydrogen. Those two names are very famous names beneath or between or among the old Arabian as it's actually referring to Muslim names. Okay, so how and why deja colleagues had a 71, she actually saying the greetings of the Muslims or the rebellions as Salaam WALL-E come. And we let it to reply by saying while a salon, how I ask it. After introducing her name, she said it's me. How much Smokey? The cat. We said mess Smokey was different. Here. We said mess, Luka. It's actually afford the male must MOOC. But for the female, it is mess mu-k. This is feminine. Permanent. Okay. So for the permanent, it is key, not care. Okay. So I'm talking to somebody, I'm saying is me at them, is me Adam, mass MOOC. However, if I'm talking to a girl, took it to a female, I would say mass Smokey. She said, it's me. As we reply it gives the wet is the noun which means name. If you add yeah, at the end of it would be My name is me. And she said her name is me. How did how asked her? Kapha how lucky. Again, kapha, the same head looky. But here is a term k for k. K, k. So k is for the male and K is a for the feminine odor female. She said the same reply. What Hamlet ILA? Yes. Reply after me. The hiring what hungry LA. And she would ask him the same question. What kapha, looky. And t Here is the thing. How lucky? And, and t, as we said here, and 10. Hello. And we're here for the feminine, it would be high lucky. And T. Howard, I said, overapplied what doing. Let's quickly recap both and know the differences between all of them. We said, we're going to take the first dialogue first between Hollywood and Holly. And then we, we say, or we mentioned the two differences. But please try to recap. Try to repeat after me English sentence I'm saying because I'm just saying in Arabic and give you the English translation of it. Call it said a Salaam one ACO colleagues that while a consoler, peace be upon him, peace be upon you to haul it. Said and asked me Khalid, mass MOOC. This may Khalid mess Luca. My name is Khalid. What's your name? Colleen replied saying It's me. It's me. My name is Khalid. Khalid replied, How are you? Oh, kapha. Hello. Okay. Kapha, have a look at the osteons. They ask it, said Howie. Colleen replied, The higher in Hungary and find operates to a law or praise to the Lord or praise to God the same. And they ask them okay for her look into what K for how Luca and Halamka and so I knew me and knew how he he asked it all colored replied grading or 100. The difference between the male and female dialogue is not the, not the, the level of greetings. However, it is an introducing yourself and also to ask questions. So introducing yourself, she said, mess, It's me how Mizuki, instead of mess MOOC. For the male, it would be maximum for the feminine than female. And then she said, looky, K for haloalkane instead of k for haloalkane. And then she asked her to give her lucky and T and a set of okay for her to look at. And because okay. If I look into is for the male, okay. For how lucky and t is for the female. 4. 1.3 "3rd Dialogue" Nationality : All right, We've come to the third dialogue in this unit, the first lesson. We still in the first unit. The first lesson, as you remember. But it says here thoroughly. And how well, yes, The, what it means to dialogue. And the word Othello slope means the third, the third dialogue. Listen, look, listen and repeat. The same crazy people from different cultures actually creating is greeting. It's each other. And chicken hands. Yes, my name is smiling to that man. Actually it says backslash n and Turkey. Pakistan and Turkey. Turkey and Paxton. Alright, we have two names today. We have Hamlet and shedding, a 100 and shedding. Muhammad started the delivery and the greetings by saying, as salaam, peace be a pony. Show me if replied. Salaam. Salaam, peace be upon you to the Hamad, asked men and men and men A1a, and where are you from? So Amer means words pronoun, okay? And and the word Min means from. This is literally, you can just giving you the literal meaning of each word. However, it is just a sentence or phrase that we use to where are you from, where you came from, and so on. So in a in a Enter a Enter. And Sheriff replied saying, and me, I'm from Paxton. And the Min as we asked from, where are you from, where you came from? So an amine back Stan. And the amine Paxton. I'm from Boston and I am Min from Mexican, I'm from Pakistan. Okay. Just Ruby often and Min max then if you if you are from America and I'm in America, if you were from Egypt and a min, notice, if we're from and Madrid maracas, you would say an amine. An amine. An amine. Italia. Okay, and so on. All right, so just recognized, this man is quite similar to the vaccines, characteristics, people and so on. So he asked him that question, expecting them to be from Pakistan. He said, hello, Enter. The Pakistani. Next, Danny, Are you back? Justinian? Iou's? It's a pronoun. And ru, ru Maximian. Maximian, which is Pakistani, an Arabic, Baxter AMI. You but Justinian, like Canadian, British, American, and so on. Sheriff replied, yes. And extinction, why is your nationality? He said num and a VAX. Tammy. One imagines yet. Okay. So Sharif is from Pakistan. That's why he said none. Yes. Yes. And ibex, tiny and maxi-min and from Pakistan one, he and then he asked Mohammed about his city, about his country. He said, What is your nationality? Oh, boy, you from the same, but here he just literally said, one, gene sciatica. And what is your nationality? Okay. Gene sciatica, the nationality. And it means you. Hamad replied saying, and a turkey. Turkey. I'm Turkish. I'm from I'm from Turkey and Turkish. And from Turkey. And Turkey. And it means I am tofurkey. I'm Turkey and Turkish from an amine. As you remember, the word Min means from two nm in Tokyo, and I mean Tokyo. So Sharif replied, I was Alan. Alan Wasserman. It means just welcoming him. It's like a phrase that we use actually always to welcome someone. They actually new to us. Oh, just the first me between us. So we say Ireland was Ireland. Hello and welcome. Hello and welcome. Okay. Let's quickly recap it. Let's just erase all of this for now. Okay, we're saying this is a dialogue, a dialogue in this first lesson, it is between 100 and Shareef. Muhammad, or a less heavy, like a real dialogue. Muhammad, solo icon. Sharif, while a concern, a 100 men and enter Sharif and I'm in Pakistan. Muhammad, I'll enter back STEMI Sharif now. And I've extend me for my agency. I took enter an a turkey. And a turkey you soon. And I'm in Turkey. Sharif, Eileen Haase. Welcome. Hello, and welcome. 5. 1.4 "4th Dialogue" : All right, so let's do the dialog here is the females, while they say to us when they meet each other for the first time, how they know each other. But asking these questions the same questions, however, the endings of each word would differ according to the feminine, the female. All right, here in this dialogue is as well, Robert. Yes, What are already quite good? The fourth dialogue number for dialogue, lesson or look, listen and repeat. It shows you must be Egypt and Syria, which is Surya. Actually, we have two females here, Maria and Zainab. Yeah. Okay. So let's have a different color for the one. Okay. So Marianne started the conversation by this year is to enter a seller molecule. Zeynep replied saying while a salon. Yes. So Marianne asked MEN AT and T min and the pure member here, Hamad and Sharif is a two and an eight and 10. As we've mentioned that before, enter here and a T. It adds the short Mountcastle below that at the end. Actually have no idea about the short vowels and the main shapes of the letters and the sounds of the lettuce. Go back to the first lesson or the first class that I did here on Skillshare, which all about basics of Arabic. Learn all the basics within five hours book, okay, and this kosher here, just go back and see a jacket shall lie would help really much. So Mariam said, or ask me in a, in a empty to Zainab. So Zainab replied and I mean, I'm from mess. All right. So we we said maintainer enamines. Well, you from where are you from? Where you came from, and so on. Zainab replied, and I'm from Egypt. I'm from Egypt. And the mean Marianne. She asked it Zainab after saying I'm from Egypt. She asked have maybe she, she, she came from Egypt. Egyptian. However, JavaScript have held entity or an entity must raise a huge option. Ru Egyptian, Han, Ru must three-year Egyptian and empty array. Yeah. Zainab replied. Yes. And Australia, I'm Egyptian. And she asked Mariam about nationality. One, gene Ca2 ki and ti, the cat she's, we said here Junzi a2 ki and ti. However here we said imagine sciatica 400 and Sharif and y, case of the male and the female roles. One imagines yet to K and T. Simply replied, I'm sorry, yeah. And, uh, and, uh, sorry. Yeah. I'm sorry, Ian. Okay. I'm from Surya and I mean Surya and the Min sodium. Okay. And then Surya, I'm sorry. And and I mean Surya Surya Zeynep. While contesting Allen was Alan. Alan was Elman. Service quickly, just give you the full dialogue without posing. Okay. We would say Maria and Xena. Or if you want to say the inner Bu and Maria motor. Okay, but we prefer to tend to make the last, last second. So instead of saying Maria Moon, it would be Marian. And people who watched the first clause of wine on Skillshare here, they would know what I mean by second at the end of the whites. So Marianne said, Oh, started the conversation by saying a Salaam WALL-E come. Zeynep replied. While Salaam Mariam OSC mean A1a anti Xa in replied. And then the NAS Marianne asked. Maria. Zainab replied. Now I'm an M3 year. And ask one mentions here to ki and ti more Marian onset and Astoria. And then Surya. Zeno, Zeno Balkans. By saying was Alan. Alan was n. 6. 1.5 "5th Dialogue" Jobs: Hello and welcome back to the fifth dialogue, this lesson, because actually we're still in the same lesson. Lesson number one, as we said. Okay. And why habit to an Ulla, which means the first unit, lesson number 1 and pursue. Allowed because that means number 1 in Arabic. So this is, adopts a well, the first lesson. And it says, and how well and how well Hermes, which means and who? Oh, yes, as we mentioned before, the dialogue. And at home, zou means the fifth. So the first dialogue. And it says again, you say now not me. Look, listen and repeat. Okay. So if we said that before, maybe would be aware and familiar with all the synthesis would be mentioned here in this dialogue because already most of them, we went through all of them fixer. So let's haven't the new one today, the new words. Okay. First, this is a man introducing another man to his friend. So let's see what we're talking about. We've got a helmet and his friend. Alright. I am it says Santa Monica, but replied, bi-layer concern has a fee. Who are modalities? Has a whole modalities. Or I'm at here is introduced and his brother, he saying, This is my brother. Okay, lemme write. And we tried to target. Now, this is one product. This is only the word have amines. This is a key. We've mentioned before that means brother. But if we added to it, it becomes actually my brother. My brother. Okay. And then he said Hawaii. Hawaii means he. Okay. What this word means? Hey, there is means a teacher. Okay. So that means Hayes. A teacher. As a teacher. Okay. So Hola means hey, you want to say now, what about is where is here in the sentence and the sentence actually Hawaii, this original shape of this sentence is supposed to be where your corn modalities. However, we in Arabic, we just drop it because it gives the main meaning. It gives the same meaning of our modalities. Our water is the same meaning. That's why we don't use it that much except on the lattice. And if we send letters to somebody, maybe some of us write down your coin. Means is. So we would find that your corn modalities, which literally means he is a teacher. What we normally say, who would medallist means that teacher. Cabibbo public means a doctor. Okay, so a doctor, if you call an adductor, that would be for B. And if you call somebody an engineer, for example, we would say Hua one, this one, this. Or let's quickly recap this. Asilomar AI can have an HOA would address. Okay. So what is next? Next is his brother. His brother would say Ireland was Ireland. We've known that before. Allen was Ellen means yeah, welcome, like welcome. And then Hammond says, now he's going to introduce his friend to his brother. So first I'm introducing, introduced his brother to his friend and now he's going to introduce his brother, sorry, his friend to his brother. I haven't no sane, have us all BOP, has amines. We'll just set it here to remember. This is, this is my friend. My friend. The same is, is the equivalent of a cone. A cone is being dropped. So my friend is a means. So DOP, ok. Has a Soviet UP. You find the lost year here. It refers to mine. And he didn't just stop it here. He just said he is the one this homeland this. So he's an engineer. He's an engineer. Okay. We just can say n. And then the prover said, Alan was Alan. Alan was Alan. And then when they finished the meeting, they just said goodbye, which is Maslama. I'm better said mass alum, let's say. 7. 1.6 "6th Dialogue" Family Member: All right, We are doing the six dialogue, but actually it's going to be the same. However, it's going to be like the female dialogue, some women dialogue. All right, So we have another Hoda and well, introducing each other to pass. All right, it says and how well a service x2 and x2 satisfy means the six. Number six, I mean, okay? And he says, Look, listen and repeat. I can't stress this enough. Without repeating. You're not practicing. Actually need to practice and keep repeating after me. That's why I'm saying the Arabic sentence twice or three times. That's why even if you know it, just keep saying it keeps a natural law. With practice. It, the more you practice, the more profit you are at the end. All right, so another is a female name actually. And she say Hoda, which which she has she has her friend actually. She says she said or reclined while a concern. So now the first delivered the Greetings, a cellular molecule or the implied value cosine. Now that she's introducing her sister now, she said she's saying heavy heavy hail for BBBA. Here. Bobby. Alright. He or she said Has he. Okay. Alright. In English you just say Hays. And she is. Okay. And you say this is R, This is Adam. For example, me, This is Adam. I'm just here to teach you this lesson of Arabic and so on. However, in an Arabic is a header for the male and have here for the feminine odor, female. So heavy is going to be for female or feminine. Okay. And if refers to either a female or affects a thing for S4 gamble, I would say this is a plant, okay, So this plant, I could say this heavy. And Tibet has the Kuhn never, as we said before, the wet Jacobian and which is for male and the underworld, the coin for female. We just drop it because it gives the same meaning. So heavy is going to be for the feminine, has, as we said before, is going to be for the male. Okay. So we say here heavy tea. She said, Oh, so actually the word means sister. Okay. However, if you add attached to it at the end, sorry, if I add two at the end, becomes. Why is this one system? As we said before, he said here. He said, so actually we say means bro, oh brother. However, if you add to it, it becomes my brother. My brother. Does that make sense now? I hope so. So she's she's saying Oh, she said heavy. I'm pretty sure with your beaten after me now. This is my sister. And she said here for VBA. Vba, she's a doctor. And Arabic means I'm Dr. Bob for the male. Bobby bad is like a doctor. What is a feminine dr? A female doctor. Okay. So as a difference difference that you added a tab, a closed at the end that refers to the feminine. Okay. And this is quiet, very common in Arabic way. Going to add a tag, the closed, the end, so that you actually transfer it from a male to a female adjective. Okay. So she said here, VBA. Vba. She could have said here the Kuhn for BBBA, the same. And then another friend. She said island was Alan. Yes, I'm happy to see me and so on. Now another needs to introduce have friend to half-sister. Now another, not as saying heavy. We said it means this is bought for the feminine, heavy for the aquatic. So I'll be all right if you go back here. He said Here I am at said has so b, so b p. But he actually said Saudi call p t. And this is for the feminine. We could actually take that nice hotel in oneness and Arabic if you want to look, if you want to look up for it. So she said heavy Soviet party. And it means she is, Oh, this is my friend. And she's not going to stop here. She's cannot tell something about her, which is here. She said here. She said here, hey amines, as we said before. She, okay. So he means hour. She means here. Okay. That's an adjective. Followed by means a student. A student. So that means literally, she's a student is still studying and how uni or score. So that means here PolyBase. So this quickly recap it. First completed at the end. So the system said, Oh, another sister said, Alan was news to me, to me and so on. So now they're applied at the end. When they leave each other, when they greeting each other at the end, we say, they say a silane molecule, Maslama, and they reply, or the other person replies, why say mass alum, the same? Slit less quickly, quickly reply it after just clear in all of these. And then we're going to show you the differences between each one, okay. Between the male and female conversation regarding introducing your friend or your brother or your sister. Okay. So here, I haven't said a salon, a combat, the reply it One concern. I haven't said have a couple modalities that replied LLMs allen, hamilton have L. So the UK home one, this has VOP, Guam. Hey, brother replied alumnus, alumnus to me. At the end. After they about to leave, he said Maslama, but replied mass element. Now that he's had, had a sister and her friend, she said first set I want to echo reply to Hawaii consultant. Now that has a halo VBA. This is my sister. She's she's a doctor. Allen was Alan Alda replied Alamos island. That is not as friend and this friend now that she is now introducing have friend to her sister. Say it has a hustle Ducati, hail polymer. She's just tell a student had another sister replied, was the big differences. Are he said he had a fee poem modalities. She said he has the TLB bad. At the end, closed the ambient. She said he said he has also, BUT what he actually said, heavy for the feminine. So the Riccati here. This way, the most common differences between both dilutes the male and the female introducing my looks. 8. 1.7 "Lesson 2": Hello and welcome back to the second plus or the second lesson of this series. Actually here we're still in the first unit. However, we started actually the second lesson when he say's here, dazu, which means lesson or the lesson. And it gives us number two. So the second lesson, all lesson number two, while we're still in the same unit on it, num one. And it says here new words. We need to learn new words. Why? What does that mean? This web that I've just circled, it means some vocab or the vocabularies vocab though. Okay. So the vocab, yes. Finally, we've come to the lesson that explains or gives you all the vocab that you've been using through all of the dialogues previously. And even for further, where are you going to need some vocab you're going to need? And the next lessons, hopefully. All right. It says allowable, which means the view. You mean. It means like you need to pay attention to it. Look too wet because actually, the more you look to the word or the more that you practice something while you eyes. Because I use, is like an input method where you put the knowledge, okay, and your brains, and it gives like and your own touch it to your brain again from this dot and this neon, the more you give more signals, sensory information coming in in your brain, the more it becomes firm and more strong to your brain neurons. And it would be a long-term memory, short-term memory. And essays again, look, listen and repeat. So please pay attention to this because we're actually about to write down some words. First, you have someone who's actually explaining some stuff on the board to his students? I think so. And that would be a teacher. And the teacher means that this modalities, modalities, modalities, pricing definitely this modalities this teacher will explain to students. So while a student means a student one, student, one and student would mean pilot. Pilot. Let me give you a two here. And when installing a lift lab. But if you still don't know the main names of the letters or you're still struggling with deltas from the first place. Go back to my first class here on Skillshare, where you can learn all the basics of all the reading, all the basics that you need. That would really give you a push forward towards being here with us. And understand what we're talking about here. Exactly. So tall, that means a student. However, we've said before that if we add a tab, a closed path to where it becomes a female student, which means PolyBase. Polybase. Okay, You see it clearly, I think so. Polybase. So we just added a closed path at the end. Okay? Okay, so what else? What else other than a teacher? Or at least details actually promoting doctors and engineers from the first place. So Dr and Dr. Means bobby. And we're right here on the left side. And Dr. means Toby. Okay. So that will be is a doctor. However, if we say we want to talk about a female doctor, what we say Great. I know I had someone say that. Yes, you go into add a closed at the end so it becomes Bobby. Bobby bad. Okay. Female doctor. The same for the engineer. When this engineer one, this one, this however, if you added a tab closed at the end of the scene, it would be one. This is a female engineer? Yes. In Egypt? Yes. Very good. I don't know if there is a female engineer outside. I denote by actually seems like berries. So it's going to be an engineer, female engineer. Now as for the first row, let me just close it. So let's quickly recover. Again. Just quickly say you and me missing it faster, me recap after me. I'll give you time to say, don't say in your head, just try to see it by your lips as you are standing in front of me. First, we say modalities. What that is. And it means a teacher for Leiber. And it means a female student or be bad for me. And it means female doctor. Finally, one, this one, this, and it means an engineer. The second row here, it says And and so actually we are the same, except it has a tab at the end of it. We've mentioned about AAC means brother and goes down by the way, that's why I'm writing it down for you. I'm giving you time to write down as well. And OT means sister. So means rather. And if you add a tag to it at the end, it becomes female system. So if you'd like to say my brother or my system and English, you don't say brother. You just say mine broke. So this would be the same as at the end. So instead of your ad then I add to it again. And of course for that, my sister would be p. You had another yet to it as well. Okay. And then we have this one which is sodium. Sodium. And it literally means a friend. It means a friend. And it's going to be the same boy, you add a closed at the end. It becomes a female friend. Sabi. All right, In English you would say this is a girlfriend. They need to be a friend tonight. I'm actually, I have no idea whether he is a female or a male. So in Arabic you just state of my, my friend. So VP or sodium or T. T at the end. That means a female print is quite simple actually. It makes all the things more clear and more obvious. Last line here on the last row here. Those are the main website you need to know. First and I and it means me, by the way. And it's going to be the same for the male and female. And that's the same. It means I or me. However, you is quite different. Or it would say you're referring to you as a one. And it would tell you referring to a bunch of people together, you have, you will, or I wish you all good, You all good. So here is going to be some, you know, some number of people, however, in Arabic, is quite different. Because if you say Enter and actually referring a one man, a mailman. And if is a and T. And t, If you remember, that means a female. And finally, service. And this is the same in English, however, in Arabic it's Enter and empty. 9. 1.8 "Vocabularies": All right. Let's carry on. We were saying enter for the male and that was a short bow. Hebbian. However, if you say and D, That means what for the female and male and T, for female? Alright, if you would say has and has had like this, put a close over the near things. Okay. What for the male fetus? This is this is a house, for example, bait and Arabic. Actually it's a, it's a male wet. That's why we say this is house, have a Mansi, have a bait. However. Also we say has also beauty, as we've mentioned before, have your cone Soviet p. This is my friend, have for the male, heavy for the female. And it means the same. This, this is my friend. This is my friend. Now that for example, this is my friend Christina, this is my friend. Patricia, this is my friend anyway. So this is it means heavy. When Arabic we say, we don't say just this, wouldn't say have it because either for the mean well, for the female would be healthy. He has a heat the cones or the equity or heavy Patricia? Heavy. Heavy. Sarah heavy. For your name. Okay. So for the female, this for the for the male, sorry, and heavy for the female. And then we have here and here. What literally the same English. Hola. Hola here means the opposite. She, she and he, and she. I hope it's clear. Alright, if we scroll down, we'll find here for countries and for nationalities. First you've got back Stan. Stan. Next to it. You've got Tolkien. I'll throw you've got males. Males. The last one here. Soda, soda, all the same. It's the literal meaning of Pakistan. Pakistan, the country of Pakistan. And then you've got to archaea. Which means turkey. Oh sorry, this just erases a why. Turkey. So the turkey. Turkey. Turkey. And then of course, everybody knows it. It's Egypt. And Saudi or Surya means Syria. Everybody knows, all heard about it before. So these were four countries. If you want to talk about your nationality as an extension, as an Egyptian, Syrian, as a Turkish, she would say, I'm but Justinian, we've mentioned that in the first 90 we think so. We go back. We see here it was in the myelin. He said here, a una Enter, a Enter and our members. What does that mean? Nobody can go back and check it. And you'll note book actually because I already have a neat book now I knew I did not. All the things that you've learned this lesson all in this class. Yes, literally means where you came from. All. Where are you from, men, Amer. And he said Shadi for blind saying and Min back Stan. And then he said and backs Tammy, Beck STEMI. And then he asked him, What is your nationality and Hamlet? Hamlet replied and a turkey, I'm Turkish. Turkish. So if you would add a yet to the, you know, it has a different syllabus. I'll have syntax at the end of the weld. So you would just need to add this way back, Stephanie. And instead of Pakistan, you would add to it at the end STEMI. However, it doesn't go that way or ways. So it's not going to be Turkey. Tsunami or a goes with these four countries. The same, brilliant, however, with other countries, that would be a spanning if only for France and so on. Okay. So by extending a means of extinction, Turkey, the mean is Turkish. Turkish and from Turkey and from Turkey. However, here it shows you a closed at the end. And that means a female is stoking I'm Turkey. Turkey. Yeah. She is Turkish. Turkish. Turkish. And then this man came and he's saying that he's Egypt. I'm Egyptian, Egypt, egyptian. Miss three. Or you can say necessarily the same. And at the end, you've got Surya and you would say that this is from Syria. You would just say sooty and write down for you, sue. However, if you add up close to IBM to it, it becomes for the female. Saudi yet. Saudi, yeah. I would smoke cleared out. Let's quickly recap all the words. Yeah. And you try to guess the meaning of the main. Okay. Hopefully you get what I mean. So here and that page, I'm just hearing all this stuff. I will just refer to the word and say it in Arabic, a new truck to say the meaning of it all after seeing it the same in Arabic after me. You say the meaning of it. First, we've got this modalities. What it means. A teacher, somebody is explained to some students. This, this is not a doctor, by the way, it looks like a doctor. What she's not, she's holding some books. So to sit in PolyBase, PolyBase. And for the male it would be poorly and squeeze it back without the clone stamp. After it, we've got four b for b bye. And it means a female doctor. One, this one, this an engineer, a male engineer. Second row we have and it means brother or sister, if you add to a would be t, would be after we have sodium. And it means a friend. And it means my friend or a female friend. Some pronouns, which means I, the same for the female. And you bought for the May and and T. And T for the female. Has this for the male, heavy. For the female. Has the plus two ones. Here. She 10. 1.9 "1st & 2nd Exercises": All right. We've come to the practice in part. That's the part that I really love and adore. This pole actually weigh a practice. All what you've learned and it's been paged seven, actually tell page seven here on the top left corner if you see it, if you downloaded the book. So it says at the dribble and a third, three, boom. Which means they exercise the exercise. This is number one. A good review. Exercise number one is what he says he hit on this long sentence. It says Lesson stemmer, bar I lemma, which means a thick film world. But those two Eds announced together because it has adjoining homes in the middle. And we've mentioned in our previous class, learn all the basics within five hours clause on here on Skillshare. It says, when I've got an adjoining Hamza between two letters, between two worlds, you need to join the two together and it being pronounced like one word or. And the last word is unknown acid. So the whole sentence, the stemmer, some Elba Island matter or alignment. Or a tech. Bay alone as it what it means. Lesson, and then put attack and the proper square. All right, What does that mean? It means that I'm going to mention a word here in this page and you're going to say, which one is it, okay? And you put a tick before we put in it because actually, I'll put this up here. But you tried to put the tick before me doing it. I'll give you five seconds after saying each word, all like ten seconds. Okay. So I would say I would say an an Arabic, of course, I would translate it in English after 50 seconds. So I would say has, has. And it means this for the male. Yes. It's actually this one. The first one. Okay. So definitely would be Has he has he. And it means for the female. Heavy about the tech. Yet. To just write here brilliant. Or I would say, unless of course you've know it because it's retinoid. And this Egypt. How would I know it? Or you just Go back to the page. Oh, just remember, they've been adding them up for a reason. They're showing you the map, the geographical location of Egypt. And that's it. Okay. I would say PolyBase. Polybase. And it means a female student. Yes, the one that has a holding some books. And then I would say more data, this data viz, a male teacher. Yes, This want, this man is Vulcan actually standing explaining for his students modalities. And then I would say and and and mins you for the male. Yeah, What do you think? God is managed referring to this man. So and and T, and T means you. But for the female would be this. Female is referring to another one. A woman referring to another woman. Alright. Pauline. I'm male student. I'm a student. Yes, This man is little money here, is actually trying to write down some some stuff on the board. And I would say Bobby. Bobby means a female doctor. Yeah, this this little thing is not clear. Actually bought the meaning actually, she's wearing this crop of the doctors. She's actually in the room of a pregnant woman and she's trying to deliver the baby, I think so. Anyway. And the last one here would be a brava. At this one, this man, i means a sister. This lady, this young lady here. And the last one we have is sodium. Sodium, which is sodium. And we left it at the end for reasons, of course. Okay, Let's scroll it down. Well, what we see here, Let's quickly say it says here, it says, Listen and Patek and the proper. However here it says, ushered in a sort of literatus. Now, this one, I shift. Okay, so I'm going to say the name and you go and just to refer to it. Oh, put to take the same. I shared. It means prefer. Isla means to a sorta the picture. And let t, the t is 0. I should have a sutra and let it test now. Which I said which entity a smell. You listen AS1, its name. Or I would say. And then screens me or I, which is this one because he's referring to himself. And and which means you are a male, you which is that gonna be that one we've mentioned that before. Has has, which means vests for the male. Of course going to be this one because it has referring to this has one, for example, heavy, heavy, which is going to be a female. And I would say MAX 10 packs 10. Which would be that one for sure. Turkey. Turkey. Turkey, yeah. Okay. And also I would say a friend. So the UK. So the UK, which definitely means that one. And all the other pictures that we've done, it's where they done before. That was it. Come to the end? This that was the practice. I'm pretty sure that you've got a score for yourself. Write down the school, and wait for the next time to get your next score. For the sake, for the, for the new i o for the next exercises that we're going that we all go into, go through hopefully the next lessons, C, and the next lessons don't be late. 11. 2 "Numbers": All right, Hello and welcome back. Here we've come to the end of Lesson 2. In Unit number one. It says low 100 to the first unit, does a semi. The second lesson. However, it says the title is more Florida to evolve via two data1. We said it means vocab and the word above to attune means extra. So we say extra. Extra vocabularies. You're going to get in this lesson. And surely it should have learned the numbers from the first place. That's why is actually referring to in the first unit. Because actually immediate through all the course to hold the road that you have right here is actually just teaching us the basics. Actually neutrinos up to five, from one up to five. And he showed some bends, which is actually a great oddity SRI, and emit an image in front of you. So you've got now like lesson to write down. And you see as well, you have three ways to have an input information in your brain. So we say, well, and it means one, of course, as you see one pen or pencil, this man, this man. And it means to us, and it means three. So actually if you don't know how to pronounce that sound, say, Oh, in the web or in number 2, if men have been mentioned and been explained and the class I'm done on sculpture. Go back to it if you didn't yet. Okay, So let me give you a brief about it here in this lesson. It's actually the same as the th sound number three in English. So th sound, you say as like the snake sound you get, if you would say is men and Walesa, 2 and 3. Okay, and then you have, are bad or bad, which means 4. Plus 1 is comes, comes, and it means five. Okay, so let's quickly say all of them together. When ahead means one, minus2 means three, means for means five. Stick with it. Why? Because we're already having a practice here. It's a great way to remember all the numbers. Just hide in and out on top, will just erase this. Now. So you already know what. If it didn't just pose it. And once you're familiar, once you firm, was it, just go back and play again and carry on with malpractice. Okay. The first exercise, it says at the agreeable and a well, to dream acini status, Federico robber. First, exercise order to dream all at the reboiler. Well, it says swell bainite been alive for swore at immunoassay. Match between the number and its proper picture. So you need to match. If you've got two books, if you've got two books, just match the two books to number 2. If you've got one book, match it to number one, and so on. All right, altro to the way, the first one, we're going to start from the right. By the way, everything we started in our big from the right side and not from the left. It's quite the opposite today English. So here we say, we have just one book and that means one. So it actually match it to number 1. That means this one goes. Okay. Second one, we have 12312345 books. That means number 5. Where is number 5? Dinner gases here. And we'll 5. And after it we've got 41234. And before where Islam for squat here is brilliant. After we have just 12. That means it's going to go to number 2, dinner. She squat here. And finally, the three, which is that one goes, You've done it. Exercise number 2. It says that it did. It added means a line. The numbers have a proper alignment. So from one to five. And it gives you that the numbers on the top, okay. And blow in it to align them. Okay. It started with number one, so you need to put number 2, 3, 4, and 5. 12. Well ahead. This man. Yeah. Pardon me for the bad handwriting. Because actually it's called How to Write down this way in the PC. And then out of that. And then like small circle, I had this bar comes in. Exercise number 3 says sheet and the lambda d lazy. This now before all, point to the number that you listen. So that means I'm going to mention to you a number and you say which number I've been I've mentioned. Okay. So I would say yes and no. It yeah. It's this one. I would say well, ahead. Means one. Yes. Number one here means that one goes then this one is two. And finally, what does that mean? What is the name of this number here? Refer, you say, it's this one. Brilliant, well-done. Last exercise, exercise number 4 says pooling. Pooling. And Michelle remains save a number that has been referred to, right? It's going to be the same. I would say the number. And you say the number. Alright. Previously, you've just been referring to a second. But here you would say the number of the me referring to it. So I would refer this way. You say the name of the number. Yeah, this is number 4. It is enough to say, yes, brilliant. At this. Brilliant. This is quite good. And this last one is this. You say the number or the name? Amen. Amen. Brilliant, well-done. 12. 2.1 "Lesson 3": Hello and welcome back to this clause or begun frontal view on Scotia. Basically, today we're talking about the first unit. The third lesson is, you can see here says a dar su, a dorsal, which means lesson, as we mentioned before. And it gives us this number. Which number is a you remember? Yes. This is Celeste. All right. If I just scroll it up. Yeah. That was cell as you can see here. Okay. So if we say here a dorsal, dorsal assemblies, that would be a sad lesson. And we're still in the first unit and Y be two bulla the same. However, the title is quite different. It says a total Qi Bu. And now we get to a total keyboard. And now he literally a Taraki Bu. And how we are to the web authority Bu means the structures. The structures, the structure of the sentence. And, and how we are to literally means the syntax. The syntax. However, all of it, all The two words together. It gives us the grammatical sequence of the words and the phrase. This is what we're going to talk about today. It actually goes ahead to give us some exercises. Why? Because we've done lots of camp up to now. And actually we can do some exercises using these vocab. Okay? All right, so as we can see here, it says, you know already this one because we've said before, yes, don't forget to repeat. Lesson. Look, listen and repeat. Don't forget that one. We say here at the DB2 and gives us number 1. So a third review. And it says Tibet, the LSO LOL Joab a mass, I mean Leica camera film ethylene. It means exchange the question and the answer was your friend. As in the examples just below. And we say ALU and our ALU and the micelle acini, or elastic it one by 1. First says, I've exterior man, he says backstabbing. Backstabbing or a suit. He's going to ask him a question. He started by hell and back Stephanie. Hell and back Stephanie. Are you like Steinian this year? So hell is equal to r and q for the male 0 member. What? It's used for the female, right? By Stephanie. It's an adjective. So he's from extent. Yes. He asked. He actually replied saying. Yes. And I've extending and extending and IBEC STEMI. Yes. Repeat after me. Okay. Boolean. And then Pakistani, yeah. It's a female here. Actually she is wearing hijab. Alright. Some body asked her all have friend asked her saying, Look, she's AT and T naught into because this is the female, you female INT MAX 10 year. She replied, man, an ibex Taenia. None. An extent. Yes. And Palestinian. Alright. Because some countries as well and some nationalities, and we need to import questions and give the answers. I'll try to give the question and I'll try to give the answer. You give medication and so on. For the first one. I'll start with given the question and you give me the answer, okay? Alright, more cushioning. And into Turkey. And Turkey. And your answer is, um, and T2, T1 and T2, T1. Alright? If now we did a quite good, okay, give yourself 10 out of 10. But if you are confused or struggling, getting it until I said it, all right, my advice to you is just go back to the nationalities Lesson. Recap them again. Come back to here and carry on. Okay? So the question was held into Tolkien, all into Turkey. And the answer was numb and a turkey. You. All right here. Second one, I'll give the answer and you ask me the question. None. And a turkey. Turkey. Yeah. So what do you think the question is? Surely, Hell, hell, walk. And O and T. Brilliant and TY, because the word ends with the tap water and actually gives a female picture. So it's related to the feminine. So NT, Turkey. Turkey, yeah. Num and a turkey. The third one span. All right. It says Missouri. Missouri. Alright. So I'll ask the question and you answer me. Into Missouri. Missouri. Write your answer. Of course, you know, actually tried to give me an answer. If you would like to give me no, I'm not. Okay. What would it be? Less? Because lemmings know. And let's do ministry. I'm not Egyptian. I use option. Now know Egyptian, American, London or English, Palestinian, Turkish, Silurian, Saudi Arabian, however, not Egyptian. However, if you're going to say yes, I'm Egyptian, why would he say noun? And now I'm an a plus three. So let me just give you the question as well. Yeah. Alright. Entity must must Sardinia, ODC. A few. I mean, you're female if you were fewer Egyptians. But would you say none and none. And then S3, brilliant. All right, it says here, sorry. Sorry. This one is from Surya. Okay. All right. What do you think v, given the question and you answer me at the same time, or you get the question and answer yourself, I'm giving you five seconds to think about it in your head, or even tried to say about ellipse. Now, it would be appreciated for the cushion is held into sorry. Sorry. We reply saying none. And sorry. I'm sorry. Oh, let's do sorry. Actually, we're going to talk about the negative sentence later on. Hopefully for our last one, you give it. All right, I'll say the question and the answer at the same time we found to pose before me saying it. Okay, pause it. However the question is, sorry. Yeah. So empty set and T naught into an empty soda and answer a year. Now. And then, sorry, yeah. All right. So what if somebody talks to you and the feminine sentence, all right. If somebody said to you while entity and you're a male, What would you say to him? Now, an SRE, you would not come back to them, say no. You asked me or one questionnaire. You would just ask, uh, give them the answer and correct him by giving him the correct answer. Instead of saying, Sorry, Yeah, You would say now, I'm sorry. You go what I mean? Okay. All right. We're still in this lesson. However, we're having second exercise. Because here we said the first exercise at the reboiler, well, but here is the second exercise at the dribble. It says. That Jamal and Canada film is. Give us examples or sorry, give us sentences as in the example just below. What is the example just below? It gives us two words and asked me to give him a full meaningful sentence. All right. The two words are which means brother and modalities. Modalities, which means teacher. A teacher. All right, he gave the example here, is trying to help you saying a micelle, which means the example, has a homo Daedalus. Has he who are modalities. As means this for the mail? Yes. Fe means brother, but if you added I add to it becomes my brother. So this is my brother. And we deleted or we dropped the a coin because it gives the same meaning as a Coon. So dropped your coin and we said how the eth0 home odorless and a set of modalities. And who is he? That is, as a teacher, when you're home modalities. Modalities. He's a teacher. Okay, the best. This is your turn. Now, we've got two words and they give a meaningful sentence for us today. Or if you would like just to write down in the comments and me trying to help you, is it I'll be more happy to help each one of you. All right, go ahead. Drop me a comment, drop me sentences. I'll be there. I'll be really glad actually, if I see your interaction with me through the course. All right, the two words are and with that Lisa, what their visa, which means female teacher. So I'm giving you five seconds. Or if you need more, just pose and take your time given us a meaningful sentence of giving yourself the meaningful sentence. However, I'm just giving you five seconds. All right? If I were you, I would copy the same same sentence above Kevin and example 2, this one with the two differences. And medallist ASU, it's talking about the female. Well, I would say heavy down three. All right. Okay. Alright. Dropped me down. What you wrote down. And with that, right, What else? Number 2 says? Sabi and Toby. So the word so that means a friend. And Toby means, as you can see, this is a doctor. A doctor or I give a sentence, please. Five seconds. All right. I'll try to give a different sentence. Has a slow cooker for a given us using not, or it is we have L. So the HOA, Bobby. Alright, have a means. This polynomial is no heavy. So the UK and I added a cat. So the k, which at the end of it. So here refers to you. You, for the main heaven. So I'll be with Castro below the calf would be used for the female. As we said that that was for the male and empty that Wisconsin for the female. So here we would say had saw the movie, she would like to say it has also the UK. It's okay. This is just, this is my friend. Let's just write down. So the key. What'll be the same? Brilliant, well done to all of the little boy down. Quite good. Okay, number three. I'll try not to write down because you've got the ID now. Because we don't have much space to write down in the two ads all sabia, Sabi, and Toby back. Bobby bad. Five seconds. All right. So female would say VBA. Vba. All right. The second last 11, this actually I don't have an engineering problem. A got lots of friends. Engineer friends. Or I would say has a home one, this has a three. Plus one would be 0. And PolyBase. Polybase. So that means sister. Okay? And Alibaba means a female student because Pauling is a male student and volleyball was a closed, at the end, would be female student. And Kaleeba would give us the sentence of this is my sister. She's a student. Can you convert it to Arabic? Translated, please? And a translator. That would be as the TKI is. It has the has the T here, heavy here, PolyBase. All right, the third exercise, it says, again, exchange questions and answer was your friend can have a micelle as an example and massage. It says men into what? It gives you two words, the same. And you tried to give her a question and an answer to that question. And the and the extent. Alright. You would ask him very basic question. Where you came from, where are you from? Min? And we save it. And we discussed all of these before, I think so too. Are struggling with this. Go back to recap. Come, come again. Min, which means literally from a donor. And that means you for the poor male. So if you bring us meaningful sentence, it would be minima and the reply would be simply as an amine. So we would come with Enter at the start and then MIN, MAX 10. I'm in Boston. If you'd add an extra meaningful to it, you would say i'm I'm, I'm from Boston and Justinian. So you would say Arabic and I'm effects than an Arabic stemming coolant. Well, all right, tools as well. And T. So we would say main aim and t. That was the question. And D should apply. Mm, in Turkey. And I'm in Turkey. And that'll Kenya. Extra. And a turkey. She could be from Turkish, but actually she's not. Alright, sorry. She could be from Turkey, but she's not Turkish. You've got a point. Yeah. All right. Hoa and sodium and soil or the quotient would be min, aim and 89 and 10 and t because that's a male no man here. So the reply would be an amine an amine sodium. Here. They're not talking about the nationality. What we were adding the nationality too wet. To practice more and more from what we get from the lessons. I hope you get what I mean. Here. And here means she must use Asia. So a and T and M and M plus 2 would be empty. And back Stan. Alright, if we would like to use this and this, She would say the question would be mean vena cava, which means when. I multiply it by saying, whoa, I mean Surya. Surya. And you should like to say the same one here. And this would say Min Here in here. And it would reply saying, Oh, the answer would be a amine, must pay him in the last two words would be empty. And Pakistan, you for the female and vaccine is the Pakistan, the country, Pakistan. So many amen and amen Ti should reply saying, I'm from Pakistan and I'm in Pakistan. And I'm in Pakistan. And obligate the point of this rich exercises that we've been through. And the main point is to use all of what you learned, not to live them and do extra weight and extra word smooth for carbon moves. And at the end, you're not using all of them. No. We want you to get 50 cap, but use all of them through the whole day. If you get this just for today, that would be brilliant. More than enough. Just keep going and don't go down either. See you in the next lesson and don't be late. 13. 2.2 "Make a sentence": Hello and welcome back to this class for actually carrying on doing. The third lesson is that, uh, so, uh, solace, a DSO assemblies and we're still doing some exercises, but we've reached the fourth exercise. And it says at the breathable, and it gives us number four, which means, however, if you give the correct sentence, the correct syntax, it would be at agreeable or rod there at the variable a raga. And it asks us for having me said, give us few examples or give us sentences. As in the example. Just given you a name. A new tried to give us a sentence. Is this word or this name, you give us meaningful sentence. So gives us Khalid. This handsome man is called, call it. So the exercise or the example says, it's me, call it iss me, call it. Or if you remember. We were saying that means name. Alright. However, we said if we added a add to it at the end, that would be my name. Is me. My name if we added a add to it this year and the end. Okay. So it's me, Khalid. Quite simple. Quite basic. But it all right. She works a few names as well. You have meant and Baltimore. So for helene, we can see two things are for each name will come say two things following all three. If you get what I mean. All right. We can say it's me. I was in the example IS me. And we're gonna say, Oh, yes, he is highly away. A cool or a holiday. The same spot, but not least, is small. And we're adding with two dots is more who would refer to the male? This hat would refer to me. However. If you want to talk about the female, woman say is like four would be small. So highly and Adhesion. And it would be me. Deja is smooth and excellent. Hayabusa. You could just three for this one. And also this three for this one. And please drop me a comment down below. And let me correct you and let me help you. This is the lease accounting or I haven't met. It would be home. 100 is Hamad is small. Muhammad, if you would like to give us different examples, made more meaningful sentences, it would be have. So basically, Mohammed, now use in your words. Now we know what you're doing. Brilliant, well-done, carry on. So the accreting a 100, or if you'd say something more about a 100, you might say is a businessman. But we did it take the word businessman. So you can say our modalities, for example, it looks like a teacher. So Homo habilis is a teacher. And the last one would be Fatma is Smith, Ultima is tautomer here for PMMA or heavy, severe CATI fault, O and T faulty. Or you'd ask her head. And D, Fatma, are you fault? Are you Fatma hadn't. And the Parliament, I'm actually giving you hands about the future, about the next lessons. You need to be patient more than this. Okay? But the dribble hangs or add images. Please erase all of this. Quite. If he didn't get all of it, just go back. Pose how the whole clause you can download the class even. So, go back pose, write them down in your notebook. Don't tell me that you don't have a notebook. If you have a notebook, stop it now. We've taken the wrong boss. Go back, bring a notebook. Let in pencil. No hat. Or I say is at the dribble and homicide. Homicide as well. It's asking for more sentences, meaningful sentence using the two words or the duets, all Turkey and Turkey. So the word or at the example says a network k and k, I'm Turkish. Turkish. An amine. An amine. I'm from Turkey. I'm from Turkey. Okay, Brilliant. So the two words, Surya. Surya. Lots of synthesis could be given here. And lots of questions good could be given here by the way. All right. I would give me hands. I would say Surya. Surya. Now I'm an SRA. Yeah. And then when Surya now an enamine Surya. And all she would say. And here we're applying here mean Surya. Surya. Okay. All right. Sorry. Yeah. And miss and miss. Are you Egyptian or the female? Is is for the female Egyptian. Now? Yes, I'm Egyptian. And I'm from Egypt. And then when MAS or the third one would be Pakistani makes the knee and back. Stan. Thanks Dan. So thanks Tammy. And like Stephanie. And the next Danny or you could say like STEMI, if talking about a friend or to convince someone, somebody else, I need to know what is his nationality. So you would ask your friend or you'd ask a man or anyone, is hybrid Justinian. Okay. So extending the answer would be none. However, extend our MIN, MAX 10 or if you ask him himself. So you would ask him saying an extent. He replies, now I'm extending and I'm in extent I'm from Pakistan. Plus two words. Turkey. Turkey. Turkey. Turkey. Turkey. Turkey. Turkey. Oh. It says right limb, just call it down. This way. Says. A Taraki, the summary of the structures. A summary of the structures. Now. So why are you not giving us this one the stop? Because f you get them out. If you figured them out just by itself, it would never ever losing at least one in front of you to loosen, at least when he had to forget them. However, if I just come to this page, page 12 and say to you here are the summary of everything that we're going to go through. We just come to this page, memorize some whites. Done it. Yes. You'll have next day. Barely remember few of them. Just me. All right. Let's go get some help. It says number one, number two, number three, and so on. Or the first one here. It says And alright, sorry, and, uh, and the HOA. And which means I or me. And the means you for the male, however, means he, of course, for the middle. All right, and volume, which means I'm a student. And modalities, which means I'm a teacher. And or SRE and OMIM. Which means I'm a doctor. I'm sorry. Which means I'm Egyptian. And Turkey. Which means I'm Turkish. And then Suri, which means I'm Silurian. So it's going to be the same. You can use Enter and Hua, and the polyp, and Daedalus, and OB, and Missouri, and Turkey, and Saudi, Hawaii the same, or would there be? No, sorry. Oh. Fractionally given the same order correct. Syntax that you can use with the adverts. Okay? So the pronouns here and what is a pronoun? Okay? This is enough for the meal. Different from this. And I in the second column here, this ADA is for the female. Does have a difference. Node at depth is from a male to male. That's what the same pronunciation and the same way of writing. So Anna, and, and, uh, and, and uh, and, uh, sorry, yeah. Right. And you could say and D. And D, what is the sign that gives us the feminine? Closed that beach with a closed dot at the end of which now, let's consider here. Is quite clear, cluster clear. I think so. So and T and T will the Risa and D, and D, and D and D. And the same goes with hair. And so on. Column number 3 or SaaS to get more deep now, Min Amen, Amen, Amen. Men's wear. Or it literally it means Min from an honor means we're okay. Sir, you would add any pronoun offer and the NT Hawaii here, and a, and Tom, and Tom. And don't immense you for the male, for a punch people punch of males and females. Okay. We're going to go across each one of them hopefully later on. But here for now, let's just focus on Wednesdays. Amy, and then Amy and D. Where are you from for the main Where are you from for the female than a 90. Where is he from? A marijuana. Were a shift from being Amy here. Where am I from? Amer. And if you got Saleema or Alzheimer over. Number 4 says some pronouns, an anticoag here, Min, so you're given the answer of that question, Eva, anthem and aim the MDMA, Noah, main am and Anna, Anna and men Braxton. And them in nas and T min, Surya, our men to care AM in Tokyo. You know what I mean? Think so. If you were from England or would you say an amine and get ultra? Ultra or income say delta. This is an arbiter took it. If you would say an M in England, he would understand what you mean. Or a number five says Header. And it gives us only two pronouns. And empty. And extend me. Turkey. Sorry. Sorry. You pick your answer. Now. I'm sorry, ma'am. And a turkey and so on. And and T and T Extending yeah. 23 yeah. Isn't the end or an anti Surya. Now and as RIA or less to Surya. Or actually, I'm actually here. You could say Hell, OA. Extending Turkey. Sorry. Sorry. And held here. Extending Yeah. Turkey and Syria. The same. Or at number six would be none. Sorry for that. None. How to use it? And then you give the answer now, extending Turkey most tracery, that's for domain. For that, the question which was held over or under. And this lower half would be for anti hell anthrax, tinea, NAM and NAG and NAM and NAG NAM. And honestly and unnecessary. Yeah. Number 7. And heavy. Heavy. And as he have R, which means this for the male and heavy vests for the feminine odor female. So how there would be have a, have a eth0 and other Soviet how the elements, this is my brother, this is my bro. And how the US or the UK means this is mom, friend. This is my friend, however, saw the UK. So heavy, he would be heavy. This is my sister, heavy and heavy. So the equity heavy. So the body. This is my boyfriend. What for the female, of course. Plus 1 is me. Remember, we're talking about the summary of all of what we've been through a SME. So you should be familiar with all of the things we've mentioned here. Okay, if you're not, go back to their essence, recap them sodium again and the pencil. Have notebook. Write down what you get from it, and carry on from that lesson. Don't you can just try to jump the lessons unreached the summary, because actually this does not make any sense and it does not match with the memorization or the idea of getting the main idea of being able to speak Arabic autumn, the stamp Arabic at the end. Or it's me calling me, how me honey IS me. Allegiance to me for the male and the female. My name is, could a male and the female. This lesson is going to be okay. He says, I'm Darcy or raga. Where were we? We were in a dorsal Perlis. The third lesson here, it's a DSO, a robber. We're carrying on. And the next lesson. Don't forget to recap all of what we've done. See you there. 14. 2.3 "Lesson 4" Sounds: Hello and welcome back to the fourth lesson of this unit, the first unit of this Arabic in front of your part one. So as you can see here, it says a dorsal Radha, a dazu, a robber, number 4, and y to an Ulla. And what happened to an Ola? Ola, or the title says, a sweater to a family album, a small way. I lost where two means the sounds were far more understanding. And this moral or a small way, which is what you hear, the sounds and understanding what you hear. Okay? A woman, which means first a well, it means first, semi and wins second. All right, I'm just giving you a hint. One means first. I'll swear to the sounds. And it's trying to give you a sound, which is the hot sand. For basically all of the sounds of the alphabet sounds all of them with the short vowels, with the long vowels, with the shutdown, which didn't win with everything, is been mentioned and has been explained in more details than this book. And in the other class on Skillshare here, which is learn all the basics within five hours book. Okay, go ahead and check it. It's brilliant. If you're facing hundreds resistance, go ahead. Go ahead. An picket started and you get to go wireless. Get back here. It says, the variable a will listen and repeat. Stemmer. Stems. I listen and repeat. So Khalid, sound. Okay. An unrepeatable stem-mammal. Or it gives you some words, was the calf and so much was the hot. It is. And we're seeing rot or let me just make it more finance. Okay, I think now. All right, it is and cough and cough. Way different. Can be it can be a hobby. Hobby. It Ooh. Ooh. Ooh. Ooh. Can I can call on a corner. We yeah. We call we call we the second column. Nike. Nike. Nike or on. Alright, next one night, got all. Men. Are all. Mecca. Mahal. Now, ha, All right, this one fee itself. Feca, or a listen and repeat it. Don't forget, we listen and repeat. You listen to me and we'll be off to me. That's why I say it twice. Fie, fie, fie, fie, fie. Nike. Nike was the hotline. Nike. Nike RAM. Ram. We hold and drag how this is regarding the shed, the RAM and ROM. I'm giving you a quick hint about the Shonda it should day is like a small W. And it's all about doubling the letter. So we have a should the over the museum and actually this is the shoved assigned when have a should go over any of that means you have two of that law. One of them is second, one of them's in Tyvek. What the second mean and what doesn't with havoc me. Go back to the other class. Actually, you really need to do the immediate fast on a Scotia before they went that one, before going through all of these long term book which is Arabic in front of you. A lot habia to Benedick. Indeed it, how the basics first. So please go back to that one. Just have a hint about it first and come back here. You'd be brilliant. You got to go run. The third line. We have the HA or the calf at the end of the wet. While the middle line we have the hot and the gas in the middle of the wet. And the first line here. The first column, we have the cathode, the hot at the start of the wet or Alice ticket. At the end of the web, it says fx o, which means mandible fact 0, unchanged. Okay? For meso, meso, which means coat, a mess, a hot mess, a sec. Seq. Se ha, ha, mess Lu, lu, mess Lu. Lu. Nasa. Nasa. And nasa Hall. Okay. Let's bring it down. Okay. It says listen and repeat. Again. Listen and repeat. Exercise number 3 at the three will assess this. And actually those are like, Okay, this is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. All right. Actually, I prefer you listen to a reader and we cited to the Quran and the sort of main. So here's sort of a NOR Mariam. Okay? A Zomato, Zomato, a 100 comma and then added. The lead, isn't the reader, we Sita, good to go. All right. It says, after saying first, I'll sweat. All right, so Zealand missionary or says a willing first and Azuela to the sounds. Well, he says fermion, which means second. Or is that more and more and less standing? What you hear on the standing wave here, what we will actually practicing to recognize what you hear or understand which sound it is, which sound that is which is here, this little call isn't the sum of k is in sandals, have is a sandals that, and so on. But here in this exercise, you're actually focusing on understanding what you hear is if the proper word or you had another word or essays at degree while a well, STEMI or some other islands. From one, it'll bring one as less than unpoetic. And the square. All right. It says one and it gives you the two pictures. Okay. Actually, I'm picking just one word and you say which word I'm referring to. I may give a tech to it. Okay. So here I would say number one, I would say brilliant would put your trachea, of course, because I said a student, I didn't say a doctor. If I set a doctor, I would say oh, I would have said Bobby. Brilliant. Number 2. Actually, you will have to purchase, I would say one, this one, this. So now if you understand what one this means, we would simply that's a Wi-Fi said, Bobby, Sorry if I said that list, you could have done that one here. Actually, I've just said one. Because one visit is quite similar to rudderless boat for them. You might get confused with that. It is all one this way. He said BTC. I'm Dr. O is a teacher, that is an engineer. Okay. Number three, you've got two pictures of two females. I would say volleyball. Volleyball. And I won this remaining high, having some books or just one book in my hands. So if I said Bobby NBA, you could have done this one. Actually, I just said, okay, number four, we have two pictures. I would say, to God, this is quite sensitive now. Because both our teachers, what this is male and this is female. If I say modalities with database, what would you pick? This one, of course, this is a male modalities. However, if I said Madame Lisa, you could have picked the one that really sad and it was a closed tag and put a big number five, I would pick Bobby. Bobby. Brilliant. I didn't say one this I didn't say an engineer. I so problem number six, I would say for VBA hobby, but actually it would be that one. Why? Because this one is knowing the right one is for Lieber. Yes. You're right. You're okay. Yes. Is exercise number 2 at agreeable FMI stemmer? So mobile. I lemme, lemme, lemme. So one of them when I said listen, I'm a Tech and the square are the same. Actually goes back, way back to the first 0 few, first couple of lessons that we've done. Okay, I will take a number one where we're actually doing number one ticket. A brilliant, That's it. If I said could affect them. And actually I said, or at number 2, you've got to practice. I would say Madame Lisa. Well that it is. And this was definitely, this is a female teacher. So when that Risa number three, you've got to practice, you've got an engineer and you've got female student. And I would say, if now you understand what I mean, why? At the end, you're okay. You're actually doing a great job here. Well, don't carry on. Keep doing the hard work. I said poly bag, a student, a female student. Number four. All right. Now would be a either one, brother or sister. Okay. So for sure, my barber for the male versus female, I would say 11 brother mean and what will my brother means and what my system means. You say first, I expect what I'm about to choose. T or t. Of course, this one. This is my sister. If I said, you could have picked that one. Actually I of t or a number five. It's got a student, a male and a female student. I would say. Pauline. Pauline. Brilliant. You pick that one because I didn't say apparently bad poly bags. A female student on polyp is a male student. Number 6. We've got two. Yes, I would say a key. I see. This time you pick that one because I didn't say. Okay, brilliant. Alright, we've come to the third exercise activity will assess this lesson stemming from mobile and welcome to lesson and put the number in the proper square. I would say. Okay, number three, it's men. Men are actually all the others are none. Okay. This one. This one. And that one as well. Oh, I would give you alright. Let's make it more vary. So now he does have some variety here. Or outside. Berlin was Alan Eagle me now Yes. Allen was Allen. This is a phrase would say, When do we meet someone for the first time? Oh, we're just creating somebody. We say a Harlem was Alan. So it would be that one. Number one, this is the first phrase, datasets. So you put number one. All right. I would say heavy is how the mother Lesson number to this number three, I think so. So try to remember brainstorming now. Heavy. So the UK IIT. So female is introducing another female female friend to asystole, to another friend. So she's saying, I have the solubility, another gradient and it would be that one. She's referring to another one. Or it has FE calling have a fee. Call it. So this man, these two men on just to think together and he's referring to someone. So it would say, as I call it, this is my brother haunted. And the last one is a una empty. And I'm in Saudia. So one of them ask them the other saying, Where are you from? 1890. And the other replied saying an amine sodium. Because you have the Silurian map and Surya. All right, to dribble a robot, a robot. Exercise number 4 is solely from a law, are looking for more great one as it listen to the question and put the number in the square. Or I would say, whoa, I mean Tolkien poem in Turkey. Brilliant. Because it gives you a turkey. He is from Turkey. Turkey is from Turkey. All right. She's from Pakistan and out but how we say in Arabic? Yeah, tried to do it. Haha MIN, MAX, 10, brilliant am in Brexit. But if I would like to say she's Maximian, what would you say? Just quite simple here. The extension, yeah. Brilliant. Color modalities, colon modalities. He is a teacher. Brilliant if you got it from the first before CNAME English, brilliant, well-done, heavy, Surya. Surya. This is Surya, the country itself. If you referring to the country itself, you would say heavy sodium. So here, this one is referred to surrender map. Actually, this is Surya. All right. He is from Egypt. Comin, must go. I mean, you get a point. Actually this number five. And finally, we've got here for VBA. Vba. Brilliant, well done. All right. We've come to the fourth or fifth lesson, actually a dorsal ramus and y that would all at the same unit. And it's going to be above the speech. Alkali. Alkalis know how to start your speech, how to initiate no speech. And there's going to be about the next lesson. See you there. 15. 2.4 "Lesson 5" Speech: Hello and welcome back to the fifth lesson of this unit, unit number 1. Rationally do in lesson number 5 at the dorsal ramus, you can see adoption. And it's all about Alkali. It's all about a leaf color, which means speaking. All right, Here we go. We start to do some conversations between you and me. Let's have a short here. He says, uh, uh, well, you know what it means? Exercise number one. All right. The title says, well, Mesoamerica chromaffin missile. It means have a conversation with your friend or with your classmate. As an example. All right, why is the example? Okay, say make it bigger. The example gives you three words. Faulty my muscle and muscle, and actually saves you a sentence. Or actually three sentences. First, he says, is SME. For me. Paul tumor is me, means my name is faulty ma and mb Austria. And then the S3 yeah. And resorption. But she's actually shade, I'm a female Egyptian. Why? Because of the last close that at the end of the noun. Sorry, yeah, The one that you can see here. And she said, and I minimise. And then we must definitely if she was Egyptian, she's from Egypt. However, if she said I'm from Egypt and unless it doesn't mean she's, she's Egyptian. She could came from Egypt. Watches, not Egyptian. You've got what I mean. Anyway, the answer for this, or she's actually introducing house of herself. She saying ISMIR, fault him. And then we'll Soria, I'm in Los Alamos, Ireland or let me just convert it to an English conversation. I would say, this is Adam. I'm from Egypt. Congratulations on, sorry, most to me and asked me. Happy to meet you. Happy to talk to you, see you later, and so on. Okay. So we're actually going to apply this on the sentences, all the words that are given to us right here started with this one. This decent old man. You have turkey. Turkey. Turkey, and nationality for the country. So you could say, I'll give you five seconds. Basically, it would be just above this me. And Turkey and Iran was quite simple. The same. It's like a copy. Paste. Yes. Where are actually copying and pasting this time? Copy and paste. Why? Because this is called a practice layout. When you get some more pronouns, more words, more vocab, more verbs, you're actually using them the same way. This is what he's all about the language itself. So Muhammad to Tokyo, my name is Mahmud. I'm Turkish. I'm from Turkey. Most me. Okay. Number two, we've got Deja where we are. If you can really just go and read it before we seen it. It's all use Hadoop Asia and Saudia. Ida, her name, Surya Han nationality. Saudia. The country. She would say it's me, Hodeidah. And that sorta, yeah. And then men Saudia. And then also. So what if you go into enter this, your friend, your female, Let's say you, as your name is not enough and you go into entities, your friend, your female friends, to another female friend, you would say heavy or hear the same. Okay. Standard with you. You could say here heavy if she's away, you can see here heavy, the same heavy Hodeidah or hero Rhodesia. Here, Saudi, yeah, according to which you're going to choose here all heavy. Or you should say here, that case here, sorting here. Here I'm in Saudia, here. Many Saudia. She's from Surya. And that's it. You just stop here because you're actually introducing her to another person, to another friend. For the third one, or you got the idea, become, apply it to this one. But this is a male. And this, this whole piece and man is called Ali and his book Justinian from Pakistan. What would you say? What would you say, how you say in Arabic? Actually, we're not here to talk about English. Arabic. So it's me, Ali, and Bax. And Bak Stan Allen was Ireland. We also could say Ali, hello, We're back, Stephanie. Hello, I'm in Pakistan. Or we can say have Ollie all 0, 0, 1 min, max. Then the last one, it gives us a very young man here. He says This one is from Egypt, actually doesn't look like for me too, by the way. So how attain that case? We have Amazon S3 and S3 and muscle. You've got idea. A Hammond and I'm sorry. And I'm in Los Alamos, Alan, you could apply this to yourself at them. And then we're sorry. And I'm unless you could just put your name is me. Let's say Frank because I love the name Frank is, it's all about being frank and so on. So it's me a moment. Oh, sorry, It's me, Frank. And if you go and say animals 3 does not make any sense. However, let's just put it here because this is, these are the West I, you know, because you don't know what England means and what London or what Brit Britain means in that case, you can't see it. So just say it's me. Pull your knee and pull your nationality, which is the weather you're going to land. All. Just look up for it. It's up to you now. And one way, this is like 70 percent or 60 percent of the road of the way that you can learn a language. However, 40% is on you to look up for the words, luca, photosynthesis, the syntaxes, and so on. It's not all about the teacher. It's huge Pahlavi on your shoulder. Not what it like. This is going to be the learning process. I can't do this because actually I, I, I get bored when I learned and so on. No, Just ticket. Alright. Shallow ones which are like we're having a class about being productive and having your vision cluster clear in front of you. And you sort of just say, I want to learn this, I want to do this. And at the end, he came up with nothing because of what he's actually, you failed to plan. As Benjamin Franklin said before, if you fail to plan, you're planning to fail. Alright? Exercise number 2. Sorry. A febrile assignee says the same thing for conversation was your classmate or always your friend. As an example, it says And well that it is whatever it is. All right, the example that he gave essays have an API. So it added all made him related to him. He said, This is my brother. And instead of just saying I have a three, because this is what we actually knew or we learned. Up to now. Have a homo Daedalus, have a key hormone data, some pressure. They are actually repeat after me. All right, because the more your tongue is practiced in the world, the more it's going to be able to pronounce the lettuce easily, soon and have a homogeneous. This is my brother, is a feature. Allen was Alan. Alright. Examples that we have all the conversations that we need to do and copy and copy that. You could say, Has he VBA. Also, you could say here, T helper VBA. Say she is my sister. She's a doctor. She's a female doctor. Why? Because we said number two, we have sodium and 11. This is a friend. One, this is an engineer. Cosine. Cos will be your key homeland this or you could say have also DLP. Number three, we have some UCA and PolyBase. So the UCLA and he saw the PSR Ducati here. Okay, You could say heavier. So they have here polymer. Guess. The last one we have an and and polyp. So this is quite close to this one. Can use it the same would say, has a polyp. Polyps. You could say, oh, well, let's say, right, we still do in lesson number 5, the first unit, but we actually moved to exercise number three. And it says the same Tibet calorific micelle, which means have a conversation with your friend. As an example, says a salaam, peace be a pony. And please be a pony. Okay, for how Luca and we know that pressure. If you don't go back and recap it, come back to you again. K for Hanukkah, How are you How are we doing has going on? How is life? He replied, Oh, you're in. And ask it. Imagines. Imagines yet. Okay. What is your nationality? Replied? And have extra money. And I've extend knee. I'm Justinian replied to him saying was Alan, Alright, This 123 and so on. Sorry if I wasn't taught to, only part is referring to select your classmate or your mate. Alright. So there's two it took. Quite fair enough. What's going to be like three and so on. Okay, So in that case you would have to do all of these kinda long conversation now for you, you could say a saddam article. Another friend would reply to you. Like if you do this for our lists, do what? You and me. I would reply. I would stop. I would initiate the conversation and you replied to be great. All right. Let's go back and try to act naturally. Okay? A set i y equal k for how Luca emergency yet. Okay? The guy I said majors yet, okay. I didn't see majors yet to key. So you need to replace the web to CALEA to brilliant, well done, good. This is the male, the nationality for the male. So if I said emergency year two key, you should reply by saying turkey. Yeah. I would say to you, Alan was added. Right? You initiated a mere were blind. I would consider you initiated it run now by saying a Santa Monica, I would report using Wiley. I'm fine. Thank you. Humble ILA. Actually, I'm sorry. And that's a reply to your question. What is your nationality margins yet, okay, um, so, um, Syrian and SOD must meet you. Nice to meet you too, and so on. You can do this with Austria, turkey, turkey, turkey, turkey, and so on. Exercise number 4, that will go, It's actually like a circle runoff. You call what I mean what a so-called. You're actually trying to focus on older book and you're using them all the ways. Okay. If you want to skip it, okay. What I prefer you to go through all of them even if quickly by just go through all of it. All right, he says the methyl or the example says Miss smoker. Or this is like a very irrational conversation now, I love it. Domestos one, my smoker. He replied, or let me make it clear. My smoker. What is your name? He's talking a mail to me. Okay. It's me. It's me. Okay. And bought one OSCON. Were hit. Oscon. A mentor. Where you came from or where are you from? He replied saying an amine. An amine. Then plot one pot where had asked for them saying and the turkey. Or you Turkish replied saying yes. And I'm Turkish reply to him at the end. And then the conversation saying, Nice to meet you. Pleasure to me, pleasure to know you, and so on. So our list to it. That would be kind of challenging. All right, I'll take it I'll take that one and you tick tock to UGA. I forgot to tell you to do with yeah, that wasn't on purpose. I want you to read it because actually we're going to go through reading after doing the speaking. We don't really think so. Okay. Let me see. Yes, we're done reading. After doing that, speaking, we don't reading and then we're doing writing things. So in that case, let's go back here. And we're saying we're saying if Val and next time is a male, name, was a name for a, for male. Must MOOC or I. But now we should have said, It's me. It's me. When you would say and Min Paxton. And I'm in like salmon from Pakistan. Hello, Mike STEMI. Justinian had none. And that makes you sort of, you should have said that. I will say to you unless Elon Musk me. Number two. I'll take the answer in that case. Okay. Let's change the tons. You take my turn. I take your turn. You ask me. First question would be, what is your name? Go ahead. Ask me by an Arabic. What would you say? Brilliant. I would say It's me. It's me. And what? Then you would give me the second question which would be yes. Burdened. And where it came from. And men Saudia. And mean Surya. Third one is common, not hello. I'm sorry. That yeah, that's none. That was incorrect. Question for me. And I'm in Saudia or sorry, MS. Or a man and a Sway because you're asking me how. None and a little salad. The last one would be the same. If you just do the same, say it must be Luca is misaligned. And eta and eta. And let me know. And I'm sorry. That would be the challenge. Now, you've got what I mean, It's not drink anymore, it's not tricky anymore. Just go do it. If you want to carry on til the end. Just I prefer just to stop here. Try to solve it, okay? Just answer all of the questions here, drop them down, and then continue to class. Okay. If you're still waiting for me, just quickly. Say is the dribble at home is at the table at home is exercise number five. Exercise 5. All right, it gives you some arrows here. It says elif and G. So this is actually completely different from downwind. First elif, we would say, is me my smoker. I'm trying to really review now. It's me. Mess Morgan. Okay. Classmate number one. Actually the title says Tibet Azuela on job or mouse or my layer. It is not as Amelie. It's Zuma layer with your classmates. Okay, so it's like part 1, 2, 3 and thoughtful, which is classmate number 1234 and so on. So it's me, Muhammad Muslim Luca. Next one would be is Mi, Michael mass mucosa is made John is me, Frank as luca. This may carry a smoker and so on. All right. Then the reply would be, and I'm in Tokyo. And their Min and a mentor, an amine. And a mentor. I would say a mentor. And a new anthem from Egypt. Where you came from, where are you from? Okay, Number two would say the same. Number. 3 would say the same number for C to say. Jim says enter Turkey. Yet took answer is yeah. So what about the nationality? What bat was talking about a country and elif was talking about the main, main country, nationality. And their turkey. Imagines year Tucker. I'm Turkish was your nationality. And I'm sorry. I'm Egyptian. Where is your nationality? Number two says or replying and asking the same questions, and so on up to number four. The last would be number six before moving to the reading part and overuse till actually waiting for it. However, let's do number 6 first. I know that number six is quite new for you now because we're actually up to number 5 only. Whoever said This is number 6. Six means six. However, the sixth, okay, if we say the six, I'm actually that means a set. S is a set, is a set as it says here. This is like all the questions that you've learned up to now. Try to exchange it with your friends, with your classmates. Appropriate down in the discussion section, just wait for a friend to answer it to you, to apply it to you, to engage it with you. Go to work, do your part, and just wait for somebody to call you back just to your bot. I'm going to first move a muscle, Luca. Okay. For her look at in a net margins yet to go. And then you put the nationality, I'll enter Pakistani S3 and the turkey and bad archi, and Enter In C, and that point the nationality. Any nationality if you land a name, if you know the name. And the last question that you learned. And, and the Min and the important country and the Min, Saudia Helen, Helen thymine, Lebanon had anthem, France and England, and so on. And at the end you just say, you just goodbye him saying Maslama by mass and gamma and so on. And actually that would be the best you've learned up to now. Seven questions. Actually could be 14. Because if you say Mass moca, you could say mess murky for the female. K for how luca would be K for how lucky for the female or feminine men, a mentor would be a minor and D for the feminine. Yet to be here to help NT, Pakistani, yeah, and Korea and Manchuria. See you in the next lesson. We're talking about the reading, writing, but we're starting with reading. And we'll see you there. 16. 2.5 "Lesson 6" Reading : Hello and welcome back to the lesson of this unit to unit number 1. We still only number one. I think that lesson number 6. And that would be for unit number 1. And we're moving to the unit number 2. I think a 100 to a thermia to it would be in a separate class here, hopefully. So, just go back to it. Let's have a move. First. Lesson. Number 6, the first unit, it says it'll cut off at all. Well, Kitab alcohol a two, which means reading. Where means and and Catawba means writing. Reading and writing. First, which is a well-known a well-known, we did that one before reading. So the work that I wanted means first. And also we've mentioned second. Do you remember? Anybody remembers? Yes. It's funny and a well-known and funny and first, second. All right, Let's say first is reading and willing to exercise number one. Lesson here it says, Look, sorry. It says a stemmer. What crop? What it means, look, listen and read nor repeat. We say, look, listen and repeat. But now it's look, listen and read. Okay. Look here, it says an a or a. In that case, if you go to read, then we need to get closer. Yes. Vaguer. You see the lattice more clearly now. And, uh, and, uh, which means me or I and, and spins you for the male. And T. And T, which means you for the female or for the feminine in general. Who were now lessened. You need to read it. You need to look to the wet, listen how a say and then try to read it instead of just repeating what I'm saying. And you don't understand what is this or how to pronounce this land, so on. Okay. No, tried to read it. And if you don't know how to read, again, go back to the first class I made here. Learn all the basics within five hours book. You will learn how to read any Arabic wet. I promised. Second line we have here. Here. You know, this means she, but you actually need focus on Coursera would be and then the ad was for power would be blended them together, measure them together, bringing them together. It would be he. Yet here, he or she, just one word here. Okay, we're, we're, we're trying just to make it louder syllables and then bringing these syllables together. Then you get to what? We could just say. This modality, this. And we said that should the means you have to actually have to run out one of them a second. I'll be back. Okay. Which means a female student has had this for a male. Heavy. Heavy, which is this four or feminine, whether it's a picture, female and feminine. Calling Khalid. Its name. Somebody called Khalid. Okay, help me get the point. Now, you're actually chicken up yourself. An exercise number 2 at 3 Bu as Fanny say is Darla matter. So he had alkalemia and Mesilla put, which means thought, put a tick on the word. Similar to the word and the colon. So that would be the colon. Okay. Let me just scroll down. That would be the column. And each row. For example here the first row would be this. All right? Number one says Hola. Hola. So you would actually look for the same, What was the same one? To just write here. Coa is quite easy. So what you actually do with yet, you actually are trying to see or to check up your self. We chicken yourself. If you're actually getting the lettuce quite good. The shapes of the letters quiet. Okay. Number two says, for VBA, VBA. Vba. It's just quite brilliant. I'm not going to politics because actually ruins the word. Number three says and, and look for it. Where is it? First? What is a Nina? And and and t. Actually, it's not this, this, this, and the fourth or Arabia, it means o, says she's going to be this one. The last one, number 5, would be a brava. Whereas it is quite obvious. This row here. Boolean. Now says the table exercise number 3. So Brinell column attain a match between the two similar words. Match between the two similar weds. And it gives you an example. 3, it says lieber actually much that with PolyBase. All right, let me just make it more thicker because we're actually need to match. Okay. So I'll try to help you. First a stick. We say number 6. That would go with this. And the same goes to this one in a still. Or I could be like 0 or does not have that, and so on. Okay. So a salon a centimeter know the wet would just look for it's similar. It's quite obvious here. For you to read that one. It is an ionosphere Pat Man, I squat here. A Min. Number two, where is it? Min on the other column is actually quite far, is to give this way and meaner Min. Then you've got number one, it says Enter. And look for it. You would just find it here. And number 9 would be, MAN. Man. I would actually prefer to take it this way. K most similar. Now. Would be yes, humans, yes. Take it that way. Okay. The last one would be for the last one on the other side would be Toby. And before I'll be back, I'll try to go across this one. You can have full use of time. It will still be here. And that was the matching. And who's quite tricky and it was quite unorganized. I think that was the only case, or you could have just played the equivalent to it. For example, you just match that. You could have mentioned it this way. Let me show you. Just skip it and tell their side. Whereas enter into here is going to be okay, man, on the other side is going to be, well, number 5 would be xa, xa, and number six would be four, and so on. Okay. Okay, at the reward, Rhoda says exercise number 4 or STEMI or crop. Stemmer or crop. Look, listen and read. Read. Read, read, read. By the way, the first word and the Quran was greed. Okay? So when the first time is Abril came down to the prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, so I'm aligning. So you just hugged him. And a very, very lovely way. Actually, the cave was quite dark. So the profit was actually scared. What is going to happen to him in that moment? Somebody's hugging him from behind and he didn't know. He doesn't know who's that man actually. And he just said to him, read, and the profit replied and frightening seem I can't read. He said read. He said I can't read. He said read. Is it a contrary? He said, read what the name of your Lord Reid here means. Lan. Lan because he knew that the profit concrete in the first place and the message was all about land. So Islam, Quran, and message of a law, a message of Tawhid is all about learning. This where we actually do in this. We're talking in English run-up were speaking English. But we're learning Arabic because you might be talking Spanish and what, B2C in Italian, French, whoever the defense industries. However, we're actually having the same, roughly sharing the same thing, which is, we learned, we as Muslims will end. Okay? It says, Listen, you look to it, lessened. Then now you read. That's why I posed for a few seconds, three to five seconds, so that you can see after me. Okay. Hey, I'm here, Madonna visa. And then and then and then Saudia. Mm, in Saudia. You just said you just need to just say just immediately after me. If we denote outside interests often go up, try to read, point to check your reading. And Min Saudia, this is how we can say, and then you blend together and Min soda. And I'm in Saudia, an M1 and M1, this then after it immediately says and then MIN, MAX 10 and then back Stan. So actually it's here. All about you just look, listen and read. And then men, like Stan, the last one here when we hear an S3, yeah. Okay, Well, then we go With the Wind Map seconds, which is fermion, fermion writing, and make it better and better. So what reading means? Reading is as well? Is an alcohol at all? The reading or reading is alcohol. However, allocator B2 is yes. Writing. And we're still doing the last lesson of this unit in it. Number one, rabbit ruler. And it says a lot of door. What do men, the view or where you go into lab is the LF. Lf becomes a because actually this is Hamza are actually, you'd want it to two parts. Some of us say this is a lift and some of us say this is what the majority say. This is Hamza, Okay? Whenever find the sums up over, over the elif, Vc, over the, wow. It's going to be Hamza. Even if it's below the left is going to be Hamza. It's not anymore, even just by itself. Okay. Oh, could just see it this way. However, LF is all standing stick, if you can see here, is a stick, you know, just a straight line. And that's it. There, there, there. If it has all of it. Right? Actually it's about writing why you telling us how to manage? Because if you know how to pronounce, it can help writing. If you now try to come help and financing. It's like circled mate, unit follow-up. Okay. Let me make it more thicker because I think we need to make it more thicker because we need it. We're done. All right, Actually, Hey, here, it gives you the elif or the Hamza. And it gives you like different shapes with dams are all different positions of the hands-on. Different positions in words. The first word, it sees an a and then bring it back. I have Cs and we have the Hamza at the start. What the second word is a is less or the Hamza is in the middle of the wet set, ala. Ala, in that case, you actually have an Amazon the same. At the end. They'll all though all ball a and B and came at the end. Then it gives you the shape of the data. Then only connected one side. It can't be connected both sides like the elif, elif here, as you can see, it came out in the middle. Sorry, it's not going to be connected both sides. Hamza or the elif. And that enzyme B are going to be to see more connected both sides. Only one slide just before it. And that's just before it and that smog going to be connected after it. So the data when you start was it, you would find it in the web though, which means like home. They'll also, you would find in the middle, modalities funded this way. It's not connected. What I mean by it's not connected to a letter after it and is like That is not connected to let offer it like for example, the hat here, high in the web were hit. Me means one where he has been connected to the battery. You see off-grid. Why? Because the height can be connected both sides. We say, all right, hmm, do. So, um, hey, here is connected to the land before it and the mem U3. However, that is only connected before, not after than Val and the Hamza. Also for the Hamza, you've got the harbor. The harbor and heavy. Heavy. This is in the middle and the end that comes in that shape. Levees. Don't forget to use your tongue. The nonce in the valley. Okay, as we explained in the previous lesson or in the previous class. So it's all about focusing on the pronunciation because it really helps in writing and writing, focusing on one thing because it really helps and pronunciation, It's all about completing each other. Not a one is going to neglect the other side because all just one pot. You can take a few bots and just neglect another one. Okay, We're actually just having a few pots still. Next lesson would be about trying to start and writing down some letters like the Hamza, the dam design, and also going through the xj and allowed no names, no the shapes and all the sounds. And also know how to write them down and write down some words. Okay, I think that would be clear enough for just stopping here. I'll just close here and we lay on the next lesson. See you there. 17. 2.6 " Writing": Hello and welcome back to the last lesson of this class. And finally, we've come to the end of Unit 1 and y that would, that would go, we're actually doing the last part, which is why I think there's just some writing that will go. Okay, let's pick a thick or thin pen and I would go with purple. Okay. Okay. He says a country boy, a well, Fannie, or Robert says, Amika means just goes your pen On top of that. So here I think we need to zoom in a little bit more. Brilliant. So the LF is all about straight line or the Hamza, sorry, storyline and the Hamza. Okay, so how we do it this way, it's like a C then was a tail. C was a tale. See you now, a leaf. A leaf from the top to the bottom. And Amazon, a conduit, quite simple, is actually it's kinda hot the right down this way. Okay, so let's do that. That is just say bottom vertices. You can put the left side, C. C, as you can see, the values quite the same, but was the dot operator is quite simple. Writing is quite simple. Nobody has any difficulties with writing. So I'll write down from the first place. It says at the dribble, a felony offense exercise number 2, it says copy. You're actually going to write down just by yourself. I would say treeline. C was a tail. That's LF. Pull it, you got to go. I'm good to go now, put in that same c over to the left side. You're going to the left side. Left side. Coolant. See looking to the left side. That was it. I left that and I'm sorry, Hamza, that and then number three, it gives us, it gives you some words. You're going to actually knows, just make it real for you. Pen, using your pen. Ellis Island Kilimo on the word not on the law on the web. Because here it says, I will have, glad we're here now. It says alkalemia. So I would say that needs to get closer actually is the most zoomed out we can get. This is a leaf node and then a leaf. And actually if I wrote down this way, I will write down the same quite simple. It's kinda hot to the same as he did. So as I told you, using this mouse, we're going out this way. It's kinda hot. Happy to do it. Okay, The second word is said a set. We have the Hamza and the middle of the word. It's seen three dots or three Cs upside down, look into the, up, into the ceiling and then and then land on the land. I'll draw it down this way. Okay. Yeah. One of the last one. What I am doing this, don't be bored. This is learning. Actually, I know this is lesson, but on the board, once you get bored, like, Oh, I write down three times. Actually, yes. When we say three times, makes us, we're actually not putting any random number here. This number is quite enough. We just write down three times. It's quite enough to be able to write down just why you self layer on the other side. Just do it the same way you would like to. And that was dark by the way, the web. And the web. Seen this meme, then. You see how I connected the mean with them. This is why Netherlands with a circle and then the line to the data. Then why? Because that can be connected after it. And then the scene, quite good. That's it. Then we'll have got the web where head. And then the hat is going to be connected to the data before it. Because data can be connected after. The well can be with no, there's no space in between. So you can write down this way, or we can write down this way. It's not about big and small note about the inside of the circle is empty and felt the same, right? It means one. Okay, brilliant. Now, you've done many ways. Now I'll try to write down just for yourself. I'll try to help you with the middle one to say, I'm not wasting the time. Your eye down to the right, the right one on the left one. Just pause it. Write down is what is going to be said. Okay, and exploit it would be told me the scene. So write down the foot and the should dos it. So okay. Then the last word would be what? Brilliant. Congratulations. You've written down Arabic webs now. You're able to write down Arabic now. Listening, reading, speaking. While you're good to go. All right, it says lost view here would be about the bad letter. Okay, allowed to do that. Okay. So allow them to a leaf, which is allowed because actually we mentioned to number one white mentioned in the first in the alphabet, which is LFO, the Hamza. Then we say allowable affinity, which is bad because Pi is the second law. So actually we have three letters, Zai and well, just going to go quickly through it. Just to show you how we do it. Right? First of all, it says, shows you some, some shapes. Y is going to be actually the same. However, contrary connected both sides. It's only connected before, it can be connected after it, as well as the Xa as well as the well. So here would be, at the start of the web, would be greater than one box. And in the middle of the ladder would be in the web, Turkey. Turkey. The end of the ladder would be brilliant. The Zola would be Zainab. We started with it. The shape looks like this. However, if it's in the middle, it would be shaped. Eye isn't isn't. As at the end, it looks like this. I z is, IZ is. And the star looks like this way. Was Alan. Alan was how? This is in the middle. Hawaii. That was crazy, I think so. Okay. The writing section says a degree while exercise number 1. I will move with your pencil over the letter Island mode Web still. What is going to be like just, you know, I don't know how to describe it, What you're describing. This curve. Well, this kinda and then z would be the same with a dot over it. Pardon me? Because it's quite hot. Dry down this way. Though. You could just say a closed circle or an open circle. The same. Just go any options now. The same. However, if you can drive down just for you, so just don't just write down try to write down quick. I know I am doing a quick because he couldn't stop pose. It is the speed. You're going to have to write to see me resonate just a step-by-step. You're aware enough by now to write down some words. It says, exercise number 4 says number three, sorry, first column because I'll Karameh go over the word by your pencil using a pencil. Or I'll take just one. Okay. Eukaryote, the rest. Turkey. Okay. Kinda hot. Until you then connecting it could be yeah. Just below it. Would be similar. What you would say how I write them down normally. Just trying to go over. Because the tricky as an adult. The last word finally, oh sorry, that was the last wave would be our z is these are the totals. Okay, brilliant. Lost exercise in this unit would be a dribble Rebecca number for exercise. Say Copy, copy and just copy it for once. And would be which means, by the way. And then I normally write down this way. It looks quite different. I know what's going to be the same. Every bin which we did the same, except the bad handwriting. And then you connect to the known and to the right down here. Zainab. Then the web as I connect it to the xj. And Mmm, it looks more beautiful. And other one is rain and snow. As the last word would be ises. And that was it for the writing part and a 100 love tonight. I'm really happy that you reached this level. Really happy that you reach in that extent up to now. Okay. I'm really glad the team managed to challenge yourself and carried on. Tell me and after repeating all these words to Turkey, must three, sorry, many, many, many times. Actually, practice brings perfect. Okay, Just follow this. You will never regret over practicing anything useful in your whole life. And the road towards learning laboratories is all about practicing me personally. If you, if you are talking to me one year ago or two years go and English, I would never carry on a single sentence up to the end. Do we have an oppose or just having a breath? Taking a breath. So actually this is completely different. Now, what I'm trying to give classes when I'm trying to have classes when I'm trying to teach something. It is totally way different from before when we just actually tried to land, land, land, land. I'm not practicing my and for that I learned all the knowledge that I learned. It's quite given you a push forward. Just follow it. Java would get the outcomes at the end. And don't forget, just always. Hard work brings its afoot. See you in the next class, or the way in for you. Don't be late. Next class going to be the next unit or an offense. The second unit. And it's going to be about an Asana, which is the family, is going to be about the whole family, the family members, how we deal our talk, what are the behaviors, the manifesto we should know about the Egyptian families or the Arabian families in general. All of these gonna talk about in the next class. Here. See you in the next class. Don't forget to drop me any comments. Any discussions, go ahead. Tropic domain. Any messages you send that to me, I'll be there. See you in the next lesson. See you in the next class. I hope you get the best.