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7 Videos (57m)
    • New View With Buttons

    • BadgeText

    • The Hbox Layout

    • Segmented Button

    • Allow Multiple Press

    • Basic Toolbar

    • Toolbar: Docked, Layout And Title


About This Class

Can anyone tell me how I might add buttons, or other components, to a title/tool bar without using the items array? For months I've been struggling to find a way to make the bar on all my views contain the same user buttons and icons.

It's a struggle mostly on List item detail views where only a back button shows. I want the back button but also own buttons on the same bar. This is so my app has a uniform look and accessible functionality across the entire build.

This course is the answer of all of this question.

The course will show you how to use Sencha Touch Framework to create Buttons, Toolbar and Titlebar to makes your apps more interactive and more beautiful.





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Fettah BEN

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