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Applied Marketing Strategies in the Digital Era

Ilenia Vidili, Founder at The Smarter Crew

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7 Lessons (36m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Lesson One The Digital Disruption

    • 3. Lesson 2 How Marketing Has Changed

    • 4. Lesson 3 The Customer Journey

    • 5. Lesson 4 The Micro Moments

    • 6. Lesson 5 The Importance of Video Content

    • 7. Conclusion


About This Class

Whether you're have a basic understanding of digital marketing, are a small entrepreneur or marketing professional seeking for a more rounded understanding of digital marketing, this course is perfect for you.

Tap into the new digital era and gain fresh knowledge on the latest digital marketing methods, this course has been crafted for you to directly and effectively apply what you learn to your brand.

This mini course will give you a flavour of the digital revolution, along with its trends, what are the impact of these on your customer journey and on your customers micro moments. Finally we will look at the importance of video content in your marketing strategy. 



1. Intro : the's courses perfect for entrepreneurs, business owners, freelances and whoever needs marketing is part of the job. Thes lesson could also benefit. Market is at the beginning off the carrier. It is really for those who need to understand how digitalization is changing, the way we interact with our customers and how to that to the changes. You will have a flavor of the digital revolution along with its trains and how these impacted your customer journey in your customer micro moments. Finally, we will have a look at the importance off video content and how to apply base to your marketing strategy. My name is Elena Vitaly. I have over 10 years experience in marketing strategies applied to multinationals and startups across different industries. I'm super excited that you've decided to join this meeting course. Nescafe fatted. 2. Lesson One The Digital Disruption : Thank you so much for being here with me today. If you're repeating, learn and massive Thank you for following me. And to take some time for these marketing course. I'd like to start this course by talking about the digital revolution. You know what this means for your company? Let's think about it for a moment. We're so used to the new normal now that we take things for granted. And when we look back at how technology was before we can see a huge advancement First, the digital revolution that I'd like to bring out today is what we experiencing in this particular moment. As you know, the education was only accessible by books by schools and you had to be physically present . This is not the case anymore. We are experiencing these amazing revolution right now. You are following this course of from a completely different side of the world. And tomorrow you might be watching from a difference out of the world. What does he mean? Digital revolution? The average the business review definition ease disruption describes a process whereby a smaller company with fewer resources is able to successfully challenged establishing convent business. This is exactly what I'd like to talk to you today. Do you remember Weight Watchers? They spend hundreds of 1,000,000 of dollars in over 30 years trying to build their customer base. And in just over four years, a small application called Lose. It destructed the industry, stealing over 13 million customers from the market. Years ago, businesses were just good enough if that was fine today, good enough doesn't exist anymore because it's just not good enough. So I wanted to show you this graph By James McKay Way, vice president of Forrester. You can see this photograph in the full explanation in its book Digitally structure, which are highly recommend. If you're into technology and innovation, let's have a look in the old destruction. Very few people had access to the capital necessary to develop new ideas, so very few ideas were brought to the market. But that changed with the digital destruction, where many people have access to digital tools that allow them to bring more ideas to market at a fraction of the cost. So even if there are 10 times more innovators operating 1/10 the cost and we multiply these two elements together, we're talking about 100 times the idea power we the digitally structure. So what does it mean? It means that the cost to destruct is falling to zero, and the most important thing is that it's falling for everyone, including your company. So how do we compete with digital distracters? We follow the mindset, we become like them and we get us connected to our customers as possible. We don't have to be a digital business, but what is important is that we gather quickly and we embrace technology and all its doors . Prepare your business to get connected to your customer more deeply than ever before, because it's not just about technology, but it's more about people and how they get impacted in the day to day life. So let's have a look at some off the industries that been successfully destructed over the decades. For example, the music industry. I'd like you to take a look at these interesting graph, which shows the advancement off the music industry off the decades before the Internet revolution, we used to listen to music in a physical form, so that's from the Radio two finals, two cassettes to CDs and then the MP three came along in the 19 nineties and that is when we started seeing a significant shift. Typical music consumer used to buy another Today is no more about the physical format that is about listening to a song and the personalization of music libraries like the services provided by Spotify, Deezer Tidal and Set. So notice the shift from product based Teoh Service based Today musicals. Rumor is not just looking for a song is looking for an entertainment is looking to a social landscape is looking for an interaction. $1 industry that is being destructive is a bunker system. Before he was all about cash, we used to go to the bank with our saving book putting money in and out. Then pay power came along this amazing super safe system were recruited to make transactions online Today Transferwise Transferwise is this incredibly amazing system when we can transfer money from one country to another, undercutting the commission's that banks charge today customers What does he mean? It means that this is the start of a revolution We're an established business like the bank gets disrupted at the end of this course I sincerely hope that you're going to take away that in order to build the next generation of product experiences, you are going to distract your company. And I'm no talking about Prada destruction, which has been around for centuries. But I'm talking about digital Prada destruction, which is more about how you interact with your customers. There is a lot to talk about disruption, but I better stop here. And I'd like you to follow me to the next video, which is going to be how marketing has changed over the decades and over the digital destruction. Thank you for watching. 3. Lesson 2 How Marketing Has Changed : Hello and welcome back. I recently came across an article from the Harvard Business School with the title sign Traditional marketing Dead. Well, this is what has been happening since advancement off the technology and the Internet of the whole Well, let's face it didn't really happen off a night, But it's been slowly moving from telling and selling towards. More caring is sharing. If you remember before we used to tell people what we had to sell, this is what we got. This is what he doesn't give us. The money that doesn't really work anymore used to be effective back in the day when the competition was much lower and we were bombarded by millions of arts every day. So what has really changed? I'd like to bring your attention to how marketing has changed over the past decades. Let's have a look. Well, festival attention span is shorter than ever before. It's like a goldfish I even seen for myself and scrolling down on Facebook. And if a video doesn't catch my attention with a few seconds, I shut it off. If something doesn't catch our attention straightaway, we are off it. It is sad, but it is true. Another fact is, now consumers there more choice available than ever before, and it is largely thanks to the fact that we now live in a global economy. It used to be limited. Will be could buying a local supermarket. But now we can find pretty much everything from across the world. There has been a massive change in the way that consumers that as individuals are consuming media, and I mean a massive change in a triple digit percent age before, we used to listen to the radio watching TV and real magazines. Now the alternative is the online media, which has grown by over 100% in the last year alone, which is an incredible shift from the traditional media to the online media. Also, marketing has changed because the reserve a more cynical attitude towards the big businesses, and that is partly because of what happened in two dozen eight with a credit crunch, loads and loads of businesses got locked out, so now there was more focused on the human part of the business. Do you remember before the shop assistant was sort of nice, aimed death as long as they managed to get the customers out of the doors with not too much trouble, the customers will normally forget about everything. That's not the case anymore because the biggest changed of digital era ease the customer service never sleeps. That means that your customers expect you to address they need at all times and as fast as possible. There has been an increasing preference for humanized brands, and companies are over faces. Corporations. People are looking for companies that can deliver emotions, grants that can deliver emotions and no just products, products, products Emotions are Donnelly work as an impulse shopping thing, but they actually keep their spine. We buy products and services their own emotions. So marketing communication is no more about campaigns and products. But is more about advocacy is about Rhea movement that people and tribes and communities believing. So think about creating a tribe, a community around your product around your brand, because the tribes and communities are those who really believe in your brand were really the fans off your brand and who bring customers to your company. The great thing is that a huge marketing Badgett is no more necessary to take advantage of these new digital marketing channels. The's means that you will be competing based on your skills as an advertiser and no, based on your budget. The digital era is given an opportunity for everyone to play. Yes, those with the biggest budget of steel ever. A bigger opportunity, but it's no the big advantage, as they had before. I wanted to bring your attention to how marketing would change in the coming years. So I picked together a list of the most important changes that we will see in the marketing activities and how technology will change the way we market our products. Number one, we'll start seeing brands and using augmented reality to better engage in target customers . For example, using locations brand intricate, sponsored, augmented reality content, which can only be accessed that that spot And at that time, Number two video has seen a massive huges increase in marketing campaigns. But professional live videos is perceived as more genuine and build a closer relationship with the customer number three. This is a very interesting one. I don't have one yet, but some of my friends ahead, and this is truly a revolution. Conversational interactions such as Amazon's Alexa, Google's assistant, Microsoft's Cortana, Shat Books and others will continue to find their place in the consumer's daily or teens and lives. Number four. Video marketing is absolutely booming and becoming a very influential former digital marketing. No days we will ever look at the importance of video later intercourse, but just to give you a flavor. As our attention span decrees, marketers are heavily relying more and more on creating video content to boost search engine rankings. Increase engagement in website traffic rights number five in personalized emails and now, as old does the fax machine. Personalization will become the king in marketing, such as personalized emails, landing pages and videos number six. Again, this is something that is already out there, but we will have a massive shift. Google says that 20% of its mobile queries our voice searches and that number is only going to increase. Us. Consumers get used to asking Alexa Siri, and there's much reach for insights on what to buy. We will need to get ready for these very soon and adopted content to the start of searches . Number seven application programming interfaces are being created in. This will enable any business to better predict its marketing spend to better optimize their budget. Here is the end of the lesson. Next lesson will be on how the customer journey has changed over the past years and what this means for your brand. Follow me to the next video and thank you for watching. 4. Lesson 3 The Customer Journey : Hello and welcome to consumer journey lesson. The growth of the Internet and digital era have developed in Arab your model. These is where consumers to conduct the research will line before buying off line. As we have seen in the past years, the mobile phone has enormously intensified This to the extent that we also doing in store these new behavior as may be possible for us. Marketeers toe a line to new customer journey in the past that we used to go to the store with, verily to knowledge of what we wanted to buy, and we used to rely on the sales assistant to to give us a sales pitch. Today we carry out an intense research online before he turned a stork to ensure better value for money but also to be absolutely sure what. We are getting a different type of frameworks used by Micah Tears to represent a customer journey. Traditional models suggest that the custom and moves through a linear journey down to the point of purchase these traditional customer journey models I usually referred to as the funnel. A typical example of this framework is a world is consideration purchase and advocacy whereas, you know, as he moved on to funnel, each phase represents as more their audience. These type of frameworks are way too old. Don't obviously take into consideration the digital age where, as we know, the consumer behavior has changed incredibly, thankfully. And I say thankfully because this is so simple. But is a junior ality ah, framework that works very well in the digital era. It's called C Think Do Care, created by Google Evangelist Avenue ship Cho Shik. A. First that you might think that this framework is just another way of thinking about awareness. Consideration. Purchase aimed advocacy, but you will see that to see think do care is based more on the consumer, maintained rather bon. The marketing perspective. My goal for today is for you to understand how the modern on line customer journey works and how to best target your audience at each stage. Let's have a look. The core alleged addressable qualified audience is our seen tend cluster qualified means that these are only people who threw end primarily they behavior sharing intent. This audience is the largest addressable qualified audience, which has no commercial intent yet, but thankfully to the digital era, we can communicate actively in profitably with his audience. In the same cluster. The audience is mullah. But again, through day behaviour shows some commercial intent. The do audience is the one that 98% off marketing activities are focused on. So these audiences strong commission intent and he's close to buy. This is the stage where you see by now bottoms everywhere. The care audience is the largest addressable audience that have made a list of two transactions in your company. So these are your loyal customers. There are such a little marketing activities for this cluster. There is customer service, tech support, etcetera, but nothing else. These are the four classes of customers out there. Do you have content for each of them? Do you have marketing for each of them? Most of the marketing strategies are made for the do cluster. But what if your consumers are in the sea stage? What if they are into think stage? We should be creating content and marketing for these stages to which they may not convert to straightaway, then will need some time, but very important to if we take a paperclip campaigns as an example, don't just make a campaign to for the Duke Laster, Make them for the C Class er, for the sink for the care class or as well is a simple is that Imagine that you want to target. You see customers. We they do advert by now by now bottom It's not gonna work because those customers I'm not ready yet. So take that advert Change it entail a rate for you. Seek laster and everything that goes with it your London page, your targeted, your content, everything. Let's have a look at the cluster's off a gadget company in the sea stage. We have people who love creating memories and have a certain amount of disposable income in the thing stage. We have people who love creating memories, have a certain amount of disposable income, and thinking about buying a camera in the do stage are still those people there are ready to purchase in the care stage are your current customers who have purchased twice or more. So here is an example off the digital marketing channels used in each cluster. For a company, the longer direct angle, the bigger the amount of time, effort and investment issue we spend in the cluster. Your activity for today is to use the c think do care framework and to think of which marketing channels you will be using in each cluster for our gadget company. Don't forget to share your opinion on our common box and exchange it with our community. I hope you enjoy this lesson and I really hope you were start implementing this framework in your company. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me. Or you can also share your opinion and your experiences in the comment box. Single. Thank you for watching. 5. Lesson 4 The Micro Moments : Hello and welcome to our micro moments lesson. Two years ago, go go introduced the concept of micro moments, which were born thanks to the use of the mall by phone. These micro moments that are critical touch points to to today's customer journey. As we've seen in the previous lesson, consumer behavior and expectations have completely changed. We now expect Branson to deliver an answer immediately. Consumers that have become more empowered than ever in getting what they want and when they want it because we are active with immediacy. We want things that right now in our expectation for relevancy of advertising is higher than ever before. When we look at these two things in combination, we see the people in their moments, are more loyal to their own needs, down to a specific brand. For marketeers, these moments are an open invitation to engage in their moments that they have to be ready for. In fact, research shows that 65% off smartphone users agree that when conducting a research on the smartphone, they look for the most relevant information, regardless of the company providing the information. Am I getting what I want right now? Am I getting the information that I need in the way that I need it is this brand to make me accessible and useful for me. These are all questions and moments the brands have to be ready for. Let's have a look how these critical moments are broken down. I want to know moments that are those moments when someone is exploring or researching, but it's no really on a purchase mount. I want to go. Moments are when someone is looking for a local business or considering bind something nearby. I want to do moments. Are those moments when someone needs help completing a task or trying something new? And finally, I want to buy moments Are those moments when someone is ready to make a purchase and my need help deciding what to buy? These are just digital flexes off when we really want something. We reached her nearest advise and because these ease our decision making process behavior thesis when marketing is, they really need to pay attention. To be there and be useful is what he's going to make you when your customers. But how do we tap into these lovely moments? These are three ways to make the best of this moments. And when applied, magic happens. We have to be there. Be useful and be quick. Be there. So anticipated micro moments for you. Target Hoynes. Be there when the micro moments occur and be useful. Provided digital experience that is relevant to your customers needs in the moment and quickly connect people to the answer they're looking for and finally be quick. Create a seamless customer experience across all screens and channels and measure the collective impact across them, too. So let's imagine that Emily's thinking to buy a new pair of running shoes, but she doesn't know what she extensively types of Google best women radishes. The example below Alliance Very well. This one to know moment offers expert advice before buying basically means any information given. If you were Emily, you would expect brands to be their useful to what you're searching about and also be quick so that the what side loads quickly enough so you get information you're looking for in the shortest time possible. The request by Emily's, well tucked by an informative and interactive chart, applied to the landing page with a nice, invisible call to action The important thing is also that the landing pages mobile friendly and quick to load. Now let's imagine the pole is looking for a piece of information and the proximity matters . Poll needs to find a divorce lawyer and extensively types of Google Defour slow You're near me Being a slow colas possible in your eyes is the competitive advantage for this micro moment. Getting local can be accomplished by utilizing location extensions as well as including the location in the headline of Iran. These two tactics reinforce how local you businesses and demonstrate to the user that your ideas relevant to they want to go moment. These guys also offer free consultation, which is perfect for poll. Who's going to big time with them? Jump in a tomb and talk to them in these moments uses. Look for a specific direction on how to do tasks So many of these searches start with. How to now. Let's imagine Andreia is looking for decorating their newborn room. She goes on YouTube and tights. How to paint a circle thes have it? No Holy helps Andrea to accomplish the tough she needs. It also introduces us to the company's products in these cases paint brushes and etcetera. Natalie's hungry and on their way home from work in the subway, she wants to get some sushi. But she can't be bothered with a traffic and crowd around, so she extensively Goebbels. So she delivery and the magic happens. An example of optimal advert for I Want to buy Moment is the below, which gives the possibility to order straight from a phone and get sushi delivered to house . These aren't takes Natalie to a very well organized landing page, easy to use, useful to her and quick. She only has to put a prosecuting the's means that you need to be there no stages of the micro moment. You need to be useful and meet the needs in those moments, connecting people toward they're looking for and providing useful information when they need it. I'm telling you this because, according to Google, 69% smartphone users are more likely to buy from companies that his work site or up helped them easily to find answers to the questions. Also, consumer expect your what setting up to be quick and easy as they're making decisions faster than ever, in fact, to 67% of people said that they will speech if he takes too long and there are too many steps to the point of purchase. 40% of shoppers that we wait only three seconds before abandoning a website. You don't eat programming scales to check the speed of your website. I suggest you go to this website here, analyze fix as soon as possible to winning your campaigns. You have to commit to be there, be useful and be quick with all the micro moments that truly matter to your business. I hope you enjoy this lesson and I really hope you're going to be there. Be useful and be quick across all range of your customer needs. Try taps. Don't forget to share with us how you worked for you and for your company painting collection. 6. Lesson 5 The Importance of Video Content : Hello and welcome to our video marketing lesson. As we've seen from a previous lessons, brands are dealing with a different type of customer. Patient, sophisticated and sport for choice. Content marketing has revolutionized the way Bryant into right to their customers. There are limitless option when it comes to present in your content to your audience. At light too quickly. Show you the content. Marketing metrics. This is a very useful tool for checking that your content is opinion to your audience on an emotional, irrational level, as you guiding through a path to purchase. The main purpose is off content. Marketing represented in the metrics are entertain, inspire, educate and convince. You obviously don't have to create off this type of content, but you will need to create whatever is right for the audience. What are your customer needs? What are they prepared to listen to? What did him one from you as a brand, well, content Can you produce that is meaningful for your consumers? I've recently come across a very interesting article, which lines content to do today's currency. At the beginning, I thought, I mean, with all be Bitcoins, news in your storm is easy to call Corrine, see anything? But then he got me thinking. And if you think about it, which currency Desert Brand buys trust with whether it's social media block past videos, today's dominant marketing currency, Aeneas content. As we see now, previous lesson technology is breaking down barriers between brands and customers that faster than ever before, sharing content which everywhere we do it help us to connect connection. Help us to engage an engagement least relationships in the shown economy that we leave no days. We need something that spurs connection and content works of the stimulant but intense off its potential reach. Empowered engage video content is seen by many as the king in content marketing. In fact, according to Forrester Research, one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words of toe a consumer. If you were to write a 1.8 million words on a block post, it would take you approximately 3600 pages. A simple video does work at a fraction of the time, so why video so important? Less of look? Number one video connects people emotionally having a positive impact on the consumer journey with the objective of building trust and creating a long term relationship with a customer. You have retained 95% of a message when they watch it in the video, compared to only 10% when reading it in a text number. Two. You would agree with me. The more binding video go hand in hand is definitely easier to watch a video from our my phone rather than reading a five pages long post for the mill. YouTube reports video conception rising 100% every year, and 55% of mobile users watch videos online every day. Number three videos allow you to increase the time spent by visitors on your site, meaning that longer exposure builds trust, which in turns communicates to set changes that your side as good content number four. Well, yes, after a long day at work, writing, thinking, doing except our brain automatically switches off, and the last thing we want to do is to read, concentrate, etcetera. So video makes it easier for us. And it's also idea for us to engage with Brand. Did you know that the average Internet user spends 88% more time on a Web site with video Now the five video is more social in the sense that video content encourages shares the most social media. And again, this is because video expresses emotion in people are more likely to show emotions, remember emotions and know otherwise. But social shares are more likely to increase traffic to your site. Therefore, increase the potential increasing stare was in social awareness. Video Post on Facebook have 135% greater organic reach photo post number six videos, a showcase, your product and services and there is no better way have actually seen a product in action . It is more explanatory and takes less time. Energy and effort Video can transform boarding interactions into exciting and have full experience. Last but not least, even though you're no watching the actual video, you can always listen to the audio of it and do something else at the same time. Remember, it's no just about creating a good video. It's also about identifying the micro moments in your customer journey and guided them on the most efficient path toe. What's convention? Make sure you understand the research, the video hosting platforms that give you the power to customization. This is very useful for eliminating third party advertisements that can be very long to audience. Also, make sure that your chosen platform enables you to set up a playlist, personalized content and directing your customer journey through embedded course to action . Data Inside is huge important, which will provide you with us, combative you or how your customer behaves, as well as predicting what we work in the future. Nowadays, the video market and it's not just important, but is essential. And regardless of what you're advertising, it's important to a video content in new marketing strategy. Ask yourself why? Used to. Graham has recently announced Instagram TV the an hour video option to its platform. I hope you enjoy this lesson and don't forget to share your opinion with our community. Thank you for watching 7. Conclusion : Theo message that I want you to take away is don't just create marketing campaigns, create tribes in movements that you really believe in in your community really believes thing. We've seen that today's marketing is more about advocacy, and people want to buy from companies that they really trust. And they really believe in companies that they associate themselves with brands and company that they young Meyer in day respect. So now is your turn. I'd like you to start implementing the frameworks and concepts that we've learned today in share with our community what worked and what didn't work for you and your brand. I'd love for you to share examples off digital marketing and advertising that you find effective and that you want to talk about, or even something that you and your business created and you would like to show without community. Let's do a collaborative dialogue and let Flynn from one another. If you'd like to know more about marketing strategies than check out my new full course, which is going to be released in winter 2000 Teen. Also check out my social media channels of videos and free resources at this Matic crew dot com. I'd love to help you out on your journey as you grow your business. Thank you for being with me today. And thank you for listening. I look forward to converse with you and t. C. Your comments. Have a great day.