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Apple macOS Sierra: What's New?

René Fürst, Learning by doing

Apple macOS Sierra: What's New?

René Fürst, Learning by doing

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9 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Whats new on macOS Sierra

    • 2. macOS Sierra new features and changes

    • 3. Universal Clipboard

    • 4. Siri on macOS Sierra

    • 5. More new features to macOS Sierra

    • 6. Optimized Storage new on Sierra

    • 7. iCloud Drive for Desktop and Documents

    • 8. What's new to Apple Mail

    • 9. iWork Collborate

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About This Class

Learn the basics of all new features to macOS Sierra. We take a tour how to use the new features, and how important is to know what's new on macOS Sierra.

Learn something about the features like:

  • Tabs, tabs, and more tabs!
  • Basics of Siri in Sierra
  • Messages
  • Universal Clipboard
  • Auto Unlock with Apple Watch
  • Picture in Picture from Safari or iTunes
  • iCloud Drive
  • Optimized Storage
  • and much more!

Meet Your Teacher

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René Fürst

Learning by doing


I am a online teacher from Austria since 2015 for specific IT courses.

Working since over 18 years in different big companies and learned much about enterprise IT Systems and working with Linux, Unix, OSX and Windows Systems. Also like to Programming , but my focus is on the System administration. 

My courses on Skillshare should help people who need specific skills.

I know my english isn't that best, but i'm sure the courses can help you to understand what you searching for. My main courses and big courses are currently in my nativ language German, if you can understand German you can also visit this courses, and i'm happy about Feedback!

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1. Whats new on macOS Sierra: welcome toe. Make us Sierra. In this course, you will learn what's new to Mackris. Here. Uh, make us here is the latest operating system from ever. And I will show you in discourse Howard works and how it feels The new of look and feeds from the Metro Sierra. You know about the new features? Example The photos feature Mr New Amazing Memories features about the optimization story and new toe ever music, iTunes, the primary make steps, learning about the taps in finder and every other applications. And we were going also through this course is the universal Clipper. To learn how to connect the IOS device with your apple watch and working correctly, Sierra will also hear what is Epple Bay about this the Mackris Sierra from every directly and how it works on your Mac. Best experience, mouth click and roll discourse on We see us in the first lecture 2. macOS Sierra new features and changes: ladies and gentleman's to this lecture. New features and changes in my quest Sierra and the 1st 1 is you exceed Here in the background. We have two new backgrounds In Micro Sierra. You can find the backgrounds into the system preferences under the desktop and screensavers on the desktop. You see here, Sierra one. And here are two backgrounds, and they had two beautiful nice backgrounds from Epper here, delivered to my Quest Sierra one off the next cool features in Micro Sierra is keep folders on top and sorting by name, and you can find this feature under finder into the preferences and advanced. Here you find the feature keep falls on top when sorting the name and hear what makes when you sort here by name, you see, the folders are always on the top, and this is a really nice feature, and I like to use this more and more. And that's sort of the four orders by name and also the programs or files by name. After the folders, the fourth would be always keep on top in the list. One off. The changes in Macro Sierra is also the notification center you see here a notification had done. The right top here looks very different from the my Quest version before it's not even more so dark. It's more like a gray and luminous ST features, and that's it. But after next, changes are the volume control bar. If you click on the contra bar here right now, you see you have not only the William Change slider. You see also the output devices and you can switch the auto. Put us right now from here. The next feature is you can now change this in a way. If you help, hold the con command key and click drag and drop this icons from the left, two to the right. If you like, you can put Siri on the right here, and the notification center is always the latest one. But now you can change the order here. And this is from the menu bar. Very nice. The next new feature are the taps feature. Now in my crazy are you have taps everywhere. It means you can open the finder and you get here on the second folder and it's just you here under applications. I opened the adobe and I can hear a click. Also right click and say Open in a new tip And here's he we have got now two steps. We have to applications here that over here and also we can rearrange the tests but drag and drop here from left to right and also create a new taps here right now and open here The movies created next to tap and opened the pictures. And you see, if you have no pictures, application movies and adobe for their here and you cannot rearrange this are close to step by clicking on the eggs and that's it. Yes, debt steps in make us Sierra. You can find it in all new applications in all Apple applications and let's take a look to the next feature. Now we got some taps in my quest Sierra features, and the next one I want to show you is in the system. Preferences under the dock here prefer taps when opening documents. You can set us to all this in full screen on Lee or manually, and I would explain you how this work in the PHS we opened the pages document and here CV open a blank document and now we have said this to always, and that means if you have this application to full screen mode, there will always be created, the application and tap for this. Right now, I want to put command and and you see here I create a second line here a second page, and you have now here two taps in pages. Also, if I change this year, not in always in full screen only that means when I have this pages in four screen, then it creates the taps automatically, and now it's in full swing. Only when I create a new pages document or open a new page is document, and now I justice. You see, we have here a certain second window and not anymore here in a new tap, because we have now set it here toe in full screen on Lee. And now it is not in a tap. It's now in a new window. That's the new feature here in the prefer tops when opening the documents. Next feature is the automatic, Ellis said the dot on the end off the line. If you may get double space, how this works, we go to the texted it and right. Ah, new line and said here this is new test. And now I hate the double space and you see here that thought disappeared here. Right now, I make this a little bigger and see and new test double space and you see dot is always be here. But if you don't like this feature, you can go also in the system preferences and under the keyboard on the text, you can check off this box at period with double space off the next cool feature on my grass. Sierra is the picture and picture mode. Then be watching a film or movie or something on the YouTube or every website you can now have to picture in picture here. We can use this here with this button here, and then it pops out and you hear fear the picture in picture mode and you can slide it here and make it bigger or smaller. And you can put it in every corner you want here, here, here, or back into the browser. And this is very nice and you can hear show the movies and we're here together. And this is a very picture in picture motors. Now you can switch between the desktops. And if you have safari here or something, order you can hear brought everything or working together and have this picture in picture movie here. You can use this, Mr Spartan. But under YouTube, you have here on YouTube video. Let's show this video and here on the right click on the video. So you see, he had a menu from YouTube a second right thing on the same video. You can open the picture and picture movie here right now. Now you see also the YouTube videos in the picture and picture motors. Take X to get it back and stop or Mr Button to push it back to the browser. Now you can use if you have a Mac above 2013. The auto unlock features. If you have also the upper watch with what U. S. A. Three on it on the system preferences. A security and privacy you find now. Here, allow your apple watch toe. Unlock your make. And if you have the same Bluetooth connection and WiFi settings for your iCloud settings, miss you make you can also on love your Mac. When you opened the MacBook or something activated your I make. That's the new feature on my quest Sierra Auto on local with the ever watch. Also, even the photos application from Apple have been updated, and now you can see here the places for order, the People folder and in the places for the venue. Camera has GPS informations for the picture You will see here in a map here in Tokyo. Some pictures in pictures in London's here right now and on the people's you can define People's Here, and the automatic Ellis surge here will search for peoples who knows? And ultimately, Kelly, take it here with the name you can also search intellect can't search by category or something else. The picture would be scanned, and we have here also. Let's see here a tower like that, the Tower of London, and we put here tower and automatic L. A. It finds a clock tower tower category. It will be automatically created because the pictures would be analyzed. And now you can filter by Kit Tower or even a background or foreground beer or something else. And I don't have kids here, but ah see him off here sky. Let's try sky And here you see some pictures were Is the sky in it or something else The numerous memories feature in the photos to bundle in my quest Sierra is very great. You can hear make automatically here memorized features and you see here the pictures would be automatically arranged and you can slide it through the show. And it looks very beautiful and very nice. This this feature at the end of this you see, he had two favorite deleted this memory or you see the places all that where the pictures are showed and this is very nice. The peoples were found here in the in the photos and this are also one off the new features off make arrests a sierra. 3. Universal Clipboard: Okay, let's talk about the universe. Likely part we have here our make book and here our iPhone. And you see, here on the iPhone, I have opened a website, the apple dot com, and now I'm copy and paste this over the Universal Clippers. I can't grab some text click here on and craving some text here. Say copy. I grabbed the text. Maybe you see it in the camera. The passion and creativity off the people on your list and here on the make book side. Now, I can only put command V for insert the text, then the university. But it's lowering. And here is the text from the iPhone copied. I make this little bigger so you can read it on the camera. And here, See, I have Corbyn painted this one, but that the interesting thing is, this go so through all kinds off Epps or not only the text, it goes also only the on the pictures. I can't grab this picture here and say copy on this picture here. Copy. Then I go back to my Mac And here I say, Come on TV or here can say edit and paste. And here you see, this picture is from the iPhone copied over the universe. Sickly part. I have nothing to do with that. And I can work through this step. But how this works This works over the iCloud over Bluetooth. You must log in on the iris device and the make a wish the same. I glowed account and all swell connected with Pluto's. The Pluto's connection must be connected between this boss devices open here the Brutus preferences and you see iPhone is here listed and only if that's okay then this will working here correctly if you have some problems with the Universal Creepers the first time I had problems because upgraded from El Capitan. So I must hear sighing out and again sighing in about this iCloud account from Boss Devices . First only on the maker tried. Then I try here also a new polluters connection and then it works here very well. That's how universal clip water breaking on my quest Sierra vis IOS 10 you need IRS 10 for days and also the latest make West Sierra version. I hope you enjoy this video and hope you like it. And this year's in the next lecture 4. Siri on macOS Sierra: the newest feature on my grass Sierra. And the biggest feature, I'm sure, is Siri on Domecq Sierra and the Magas like iron Siri on IOS. And what can you do with Syrians? Howard works here. You can see the system preferences under Siri, you can set up the language. The voice the feed bag is owner off the mic input or even the keyboard shortcut and enable or disable. Siri, you can also put a Syrian the menu bar if alike. Then you have here on the top here right now. And that's what we do here right now is click on Siri. Yeah, What can you do for me? I can do so many cool things. Check it out. And here you can see what Siri can do for you in Maker s a Sierra. And you can hear, say some so much. Here, show my Donald follows. Make their screen brighter. How fastest this Mac launch photos of face time to Lisa or something else on your contact list and treat my location or opposed to to Facebook. And you can also set reminders or write emails, sending emails, find my friends contacts and play music and much, much more. So let's try this. Show me the files. Edit it today. I didn't find any files called it that were modified today. Okay. Show me files. Edit it on yesterday. I didn't find any files that were modified yesterday. Okay, There are no files here because my accent is German accent. So I have it said tow us Americans so that you can understand it here right now. That's because maybe a problem for Syria here right now. Okay, let's try something different. Let's try. How fast is this? Make your Mac has a two gigahertz intel core I seven processor. Okay, that's, uh quite fast enough on. Now, let's see. Show me my Donald folder. Now, where did I put that folder? Oh, there, under the pile of screenshots of Something funny sings here and one off the next features here. Different tow. The iris version. You can pin it here. Misters plus icon or open here. Show all the results and with this plus icon there would depend in tow the notification bar and here, see, to find a search here right now. This is very nice. If you have a notification by here and you have ours are always stay most important informations about here, the latest FAI file changes or something else. Let's try something that may be beyond my abilities at the moment. What can you do for me? Well, here are a few things you can ask me to Dio You can click also ended this section and you can see how much is I got storage and something else. System preferences show my privacy settings. I forgot my iTunes password and much, much more. The best thing. It was a serious It can do so much for you and also said the questions answer or also the games did the Giants men or something else did the try and Sweden. The Giants beat the Browns by a score of 27 to 13 yesterday. But that's really nice. And also you can pin this sports event and to 10. You see, always the latest informations about the giants here became choose the X here, toe un connect from the notification bar and you have a notification by now cleaner every more. That's Siri on Mega s Sierra. Sorry, Renee, I can't do that. Okay, you can do that. So let's try something from big banks. Siri, you can call me sexy. From now on, I'll call you sexy, OK? Yes. Sorry. That name is already taken. Oh, just kidding, huh? Funny. Funny. Now Siri it It's my contact here to the nicknames Sexy. And now, when I talked with Siri, they would always say to me sexy From now on, that's cereal Negras era of funny sing and very impressive thing. And I'm sure in the future that would be more and more and more important to you. So don't think about it and try it out. And we see us in the next lecture. 5. More new features to macOS Sierra: all changes to make rest Sierra is the magnitude window pinning and what means that we can now have here to find a window. And if I put this on the right side you see here it pins on automatic led to the end off this screen. And if I open the second window, I can set it here right now. And you see here it's pinning automatically magnetic to the window. And if I go here right through to the over Bender overlay and difficult, close, slower you say here the make that pinning is here right now. Next, new features on my quest Sierra, is the support off Epper pay Epple Bay is delivered to some countries. If you're living in the U. S. Or in Great Britain, you can use Epper pay right now it was introduced on the IOS and nine devices or the in the 10 devices. And you can pay this touch I d and hold your iPhone IOS device on the terminal. But now with make us a sierra, you can also use Epper pay for us buying stuff online and you can click here on by now and then you will be asked Toe pay with touch I D. On your IOS device connected to your make. And if you have one off the newest to make pros with the touch bar, you have also an Epitope touch I. D. Fingerprint sensor inside at this touch bar, and you can pay directly from your MacBook Pro Touch a D without any informations about the past worth needed. That's a prepay you can pay online or offline and respect. QUEST Sierra Every piece apart is now included. New on my Quest Sierra For people with limited mobility's is the D well function under the same preferences exist abilities you find here the De Vil control options and that this is for users who has limited abilities about working controlled MacOS Sierra by head or I tracking technologies. And you can holding down the mouse specific Kelly and trick the mouse cars about the I tracking technologies and using all the head informations about here to working on and make arrests. Sierra system. This is very cool feature, and if you are one off this persons who need this, this is maybe this feature you're waiting for 6. Optimized Storage new on Sierra: my quest, Sierra Apple announced that this cool feature called optimized Storage men you need more space. Let your make find it for you. Space is running out on your my quest. No problem. Across Sierra has the feature built in. You can do the apple and about this Mac and you find this new button here storage And here you can click on Manage and then it appears theon demonization storage feature Here you can see some features about everything included here you see starting the iCloud If you click here, you see all informations that start in the account and here you can see the full resolution on the account is be stored and you can hear replaced into low quality informations are optimized photos and videos. And you can also dollar the organelles at any time from the cloud. Okay, The next feature is also here the optimized, a storage for the music and TV shows. And here you can save space by automatically removing items, films, TV programmes that already watched from this make it means if you have watched the movie, then that will be deleted on your Mac. And here you can click on optimize. And here you see, you can hear I got the more information about this feature. The next cool feature is a diss major. Empty trash automatically. This means you have here to trash here, the trash countries, some files and I click here on MT. To dress. But with this feature, you can automatically empty the trash every 30 days and you can turn on this feature here right now. You can also turn on this feature on the finder preferences and advanced. You see here, remove items from trash after 30 days and the reduce clutter function is here to sort through the documents and other content. Start on this, Mac and delete what you're not needed longer. You can review this files here and see here What fires can be deleted. There are some recommendations here we have seen and you see here all the applications what's be needed or not needed. And I got Dr Male space photos. And here you can also turn on the I got photo library optimization and the trash here. Right now. That's the optimization storage feature. And you can make this by my quest Sierra and hopefully we see us in the next lecture 7. iCloud Drive for Desktop and Documents: one off. The most interesting feature on Megara Sierra is the I got drive. The I can't drive has been updated. Now you can store your desktop and the documents in the I go drive. How can we do that again? Toe the system preferences under iCloud and you see here the idea a drive up And I got Dr Option You can click on the option button and here you see Destiny and Documents folder. If you clicked it on all data from the desktop and for the documents for the would be synchronized to the iCloud drive into the cloud and that's raise. You can say files right there. You usually keep them and they become available on all your computers and iris devices, so that's very interesting. But if you don't have a device, Mr. I got Dr Turned off documents and data on these devices are keep up to date with documents and data on your device. Mr. I go drive turned off. So when you turned on this and you can get all the data from the desktop and from the documents for the on your IOS device like the iPhone, the iPad or even automatic. That's very interesting and very cool feature. So But you need for this also an us make. I cannot drive space, and we can also check here optimized to make storage. This is also a new feature in Macro Sierra. And here are the full contents off the actual trifle be stored on this. If you have enough space, all the documents will be start only I got when the space is needed So you can hear also manage the Eiger drive. You get five gigabytes off free. I crowd storage if you need more storage because you have more data on your documents for dollars or in the Destin, Florida you can manage this year. And this I got a storage is shared with even the IOS devices on your iPhone or the backups from your iPhone or I pets. So this is a main cool feature, and I would recommend this feature for you. If you like to share your data between automatics and your IOS device, you can push then into the iris. I got drive up 8. What's new to Apple Mail: mail for make has also become some minor changes. If opened the mail application, you can see here now, this little button here Right now, this is a very good feature with one click on it, You can see now filter it by unread messages. If I click here and makes Mark some toe unread here under it here. And if I had here more as 100 or 1000 emails and click on this and all members, that's not its only unrated on only with attachments here and they can say without attachments also. Now you see filter it only by unread. And I can set this filtered by to me to see See to me or only from the A. P list or something else. That's a really, really nice feature on the new Apple mail. And the next new feature is the conversations are streamlined. That means if you have some messages, is here that are together. You have here one subject line here and you see the emails like message shed or something else. Beginning from the latest is on the last below here and the first message you got here, you can read it through this step by step. What's also news? A male feature is a Siri. You can now ask Siri, read my email. You have 15 emails. The latest was sent at 3 28 from Renee. First with the subject Really nice. Or you can say we write me about this Emails in an hour. Find email sent today. You're sending email from the future now? Yeah, okay. Find even us. Find emails is from Apple. You have six email messages from Apple since October 24th 2016 and here we have the email messages from Syria right now becoming from the mail. Also, new features are year little features about the preferential str updated and have been re are organized here. The account's settings and something else and also for exchange accounts means automatically check for new messages. If the accounts means ever uses E. W s a streaming notifications, then if you can use now, taps in males even without not using male in full screen, or you can set here, although no, send large attachments of this mail drop and you can set he also in the full screen application models here create a new window a second new email type here something and create a second email and you have here the taps right now became close this year. Don't save and big from full stream motors and yeah, that's it. Some amino changes in the mail and receivers in the next lecture. 9. iWork Collborate: I'm off the other new features in my quest Sierra and also in my work is the color berate feature. Now you can work this other people's on one document. It doesn't matter if it's in pages in keynote or evening numbers you got here This collaborate feature here and you can life collaborate with one. It depends on your make iPad. IPhone While I got come, that doesn't matter. If you want to collaborate with anyone, you can do it. So this is still in beta feature, and you can still hear, click, continue and then share of this feature between with a link or email or something else. I say. Here is a Lincoln can adhere the email address or directly send it to the mail and the share options you can said here Who can access who has permissions to make changes off you only and this is cereal are similar the same as before, but now it this is in real time and then we click here on share and male would be opened here for this feature, and you can go to Morrow my second account and say he pages cooperate s example and sentenced to my second I ignored account. This would percent now. Right now from here, directly on Dhere. You see, the email is here and now we can open here This page document in tow. iCloud and directly. This is safari. And this is the page. Historically from my first I gotta count. And here have the second diagnosed account so that we can see how collaboration is working . And you say here not in pages opens. We want toe open here. Dire clean. I glowed dot com and you click here on next and see start pages. And now we must see here the pages least from this document. So how can we do this? We have here a document you can say upload a new command or create a new document. We say here, create some your documents. And now I want not to create a new document. No, I want to open this document from the email What I've become right now. So I say here. Yes. Open this And here we are. I did not come. It's loading and you see Yes, in pages open and here out. Now we see here the two pages one, It's a share to desist original and MENA eat it Now you see here in the first is editing this. Also, I can see who is the owner who is editing this file also and add more people's. I can add more people's this wonder commands. And now in a change here, not people's for the animals. And here you see instantly changes on the other side and the other user can now resize images, create new images or make something. And here you see this really, really time. It's Brexit very well and very good. And also you see here if a mark something and if other user mark something then you have here the difference between the owner and the user who edited the owner sees when you hear Mark here, what user have marked this line And when you change heres something you see where the user is currently writing and that's the real time feature off the Ibrox. You'd you can use this feature not only in pages you can use it also in numbers or in keynote. And if you don is this you can close it dented. This was Safed automatically. This is really nice feature. And here we are in numbers and keynote this three eps. But this features are still in beta. I think in 2017 it would be released as a full, stable release part. It rocks currently very well. So that's it From this feature. I work in patriots and numbers and keynote and under Mackris Sierra.