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Apple Keynote - Presentations on Mac OS X

teacher avatar Colin Marks, Certified Microsoft & Apple Trainer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

24 Lessons (2h 11m)
    • 1. Welcome Video

    • 2. Welcome Video

    • 3. Downloading Keynote

    • 4. Keynote Overview

    • 5. Getting started with Slides

    • 6. Adding Slides

    • 7. Adding text to slides

    • 8. Adding bullet points

    • 9. Saving the Keynote

    • 10. Photo slides

    • 11. Running the Keynote

    • 12. Adding tables to keynote

    • 13. Table options

    • 14. Entering charts

    • 15. Interactive charts

    • 16. Chart Options

    • 17. Text Boxes

    • 18. Shapes

    • 19. Picture options


    • 21. Master slides

    • 22. Animation

    • 23. Transitions

    • 24. Skillshare project

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About This Class

This Apple Keynote course is designed to bring you through all the stages of creating a keynote presentation that you will be proud to show and confident enough to stand and deliver.

This course is ideal for anyone who aspires to create presentations that can be either delivered to an audience or to be exported to video format.

You will create a presentation following the step by step video tutorials. We will learn how to enter multiple slide types and learn the different types of slides that are available for selection.

In this course we will cover the following topics

  • Slide selection - You will select slides based on the content that you need to include.

  • Entering text in slides- you will learn how to enter and format text in slides and text boxes

  • Enter and edit pictures on slides.

  • Create tables and charts to display data in an easy to view format.

  • Add animations to objects and text to make them stand out within the presentation.

  • Apply transitions to slides so that each slide looks like it merges with the next with ease

  • Run a presentation on a screen, projector or monitor

  • Export a presentation or part of a presentation to video format

You will also learn how to share a presentation so that you can allow others to collaborate with you and to create one presentation.

At the end of this course you will be able to create a full presentation with Apple Keynote and deliver it with confidence.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Colin Marks

Certified Microsoft & Apple Trainer


I am an IT Trainer with over 8 years experience in delivering training in both Apple and Microsoft to a large array of clients, in both public training centres and corporate environments.

I have an IT teaching diploma and focus mainly on software training. I hold a current Microsoft Office Master certificate and have been teaching Microsoft Office Specialist (Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint and Outlook all to an advanced level) for the past 6 years.

The training I deliver ranges from iPad and iPhone training to Office productivity applications like Pages, Numbers and Keynote. I also train in video editing software like Final Cut Pro X and iMovie.

I feel the most important part of training is developing a connection with your students, building trust in both sides.See full profile

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1. Welcome Video: Hi, guys. Just a quick welcome video for all the students enrolled on the course, As you would have heard earlier. My name's Colin. I'm gonna be teaching the right way to right this course, please do Avail of any of the question and answer section. So if you do have trouble any sections, just send me a message and I'll get back to your straight away. I really appreciate it if you enjoy the course to give a review because it helps other students know exactly what they're getting. So don't be afraid to give me a shout on the answer section or the question and answer section on. I'll get straight back. So let's go and have some fun. 2. Welcome Video: Hi, guys. Just a quick welcome video for all the students enrolled on the course, As you would have heard earlier. My name's Colin. I'm gonna be teaching the right way to right this course, please do Avail of any of the question and answer section. So if you do have trouble any sections, just send me a message and I'll get back to your straight away. I really appreciate it if you enjoy the course to give a review because it helps other students know exactly what they're getting. So don't be afraid to give me a shout on the answer section or the question and answer section on. I'll get straight back. So let's go and have some fun. 3. Downloading Keynote: Okay, So in this first lecture, we're gonna go, and we're gonna get keynote just for anyone that doesn't have it. If you have it, he confines forward this video. We're gonna go to the APP store down here at the very bottom on. What we're gonna do is we're gonna go up here the top lifetime corner. We're gonna search for keynote, so we're just gonna type it. Straighten Kino, press the return or an turkey and keyboard You can see here. Keynote on it has the small cloud perseid toe beside. It means it has previously being downloaded. So it's on your iCloud account. There's a record of it you can see over here. This other application here just says, get that means that it's free. And then this one beneath it is get with in our purchases. Depending on the year of your mark, your keynote will be available for either free, or you may have to pay a small fee for if it's an older Mac, but usually anything after 2000 and 14 will be free. So I'm just gonna take on this cloud it's gonna download. I'll fast forward in post production, so that You don't have to sit and watch it on. Once we get it open, then we can have a look at the four screen we see. Okay, So keynote has done noted, Probably talk about 10 or 15 minutes out of dialogue to, depending on your Internet speed, it will download and install quicker for you. So once we have it. So this keynote, maybe already on your Mac, depending on if you bought it, Brian, you are intended from somebody else. But that's the stages to getting Kino. So I'm gonna close out of the APP store on. What we're gonna do is we're gonna take on launch part the launch parties where your programs will rest so you can see launch parties down here down at the very bottom on your dark. It's a small rocketship there. You can also access it on your keyboard. You have six small square, so it's gonna be up in the top row of your keyboard. Six small squares and if you prance it, it will open launchpad for you. So this just shows you all your applications that you have on your Mac. So you can see we have keynote here keynote hasn't been opened yet, and it's he hasn't been opened yet. This varies number because it has the small blue dark beside of the salmon numbers has here . It has a small blue dot. If you want to put keynote on your dock for later use, so down at the bottom, you can just quickly grab it dry. Get down. The doc would make room for two. You can see it's splitting them apart there on Release it on. That added to your dark down at the very bottom. If you want to remove a thing from your doc so you can see I have my books here. If we want to remove it from the dock, I grab it, drag it up until it is removed on day, release it and you'll hear that puff. So it's to add the program. So just say, for example, if we wanted to add the numbers, I don't think I have it at it. If I take it Dragon turn, you can see it makes room for on my release it so keynote pages and numbers are the tree programs that go together. These are presentations making war documents on making AM spreadsheets. So we're gonna open, keen over. I'm gonna take on it. It's going to open for the first time, So this is the first time that this M version of keynote has opened. It will come up on your computer if you If you do, let me ask you if you want to look at the new features that it has or anything, but this is the first screen that we have. It's a presentation you can see. It gives us a couple of different teams that we can choose from standard or wide new. Depending on your screen size, you will want to pick standard of whites. If your screen is a square screen, you can go with standard. Where's if your screen is a white screen? So, like your television or your laptop, you can go with the white version, and you can see the difference in them. There's the wide one and there's the standard. I'm gonna go with White cause I'm using a wide screen here on. The next thing we want to do is which option do we want to use now? We will look later on at the different options for the start, we're going to do just a straightforward. I tend to like this Grady int one. It's the one that apple use, and I'm gonna click on it and I'm gonna take on. Choose on, it'll open keynote forest. And so in the next action will have a look at the layered off the screen. So we'll see you then. 4. Keynote Overview: Okay, So this is your me and keynote window. No, don't worry about the black background or the Grady in background. This is gonna be the same. No matter whether you have a Grady and background a white black or whether using one of the more elaborate teams So a team is just colors that go in the background. It gives the background this black or Grady and color. It gives the tax that's color and so on. If you're using a wife by grounded Lee, give you black taxed of using a black banker and white tax and so on. So what we're more concerned about in this section is the layout off the screen. So this is our keynote screen. So I'm going to start at the top, left their own Rocawear right down through the keynote presentation window. So the first thing we have is the traffic light buttons top left corner, read arm bar on green, and the red button obviously is going to close out of it. The yet that I am a button is going to minimize your screen. Don't fear. Put your back to your dad. Stop on it puts it down into the bottom here for your keynote. It's still there on. Then we have this green bottom is gonna put you into full screen. So we take on the green button, you'll see they're part of straight away into full screen. If you ever want to get back, put your mouths up to the very top of your course or up to the very top on it will give you the green button back again and we can take it out. But you're back to normal. Okay, this toolbar at the top is a contractual toolbar. Know anyone that has taken any my previous courses will know. I always explain about this toolbox. So it's contractual, and what that means is it's going to change with the context. So if I click on my a different application here, so like my pages from area, if I click on pages, you'll see it No gives me a pages toolbar at the very top I can close out of. That gives me pages to a bar at the very top. When I click back on to keynote, it changes to Aquino to about, so it's gonna change, depending on what you have in your bottom window, so that's important to know right away. A true apple. If you are in a program, the toolbar at the top, you will change depending on what it is, even when you're in full screen. If you put your most back up to the top, you'll see you will get that toolbar there for you. So going to leave it out of full screen screens big enough here. I want to be able to see it. So here we haven't top left hand corner with the different views. So the minute we have what's called Navigator of You so it shows your navigation pane here on the left hand site on your navigation pane is gonna list your slides right down along here. We'll explain in a second about that. If you wanted, you could put it on to slide. Only when you see it's only showing the slave you. I tend to tell students to leave the navigation pane on there on the left hand side because it's good to be able to see how many slated to have a what's laid you're on in the entire presentation. Your zoom, then alos you'd Izu Muir Page in a road that you can see exactly what you want. I'm going to leave it at 100%. The ad slide button. We're gonna look out in more detail later on, but that does exactly what it says. It's gonna know uto add a slight Your presentation. Our player button here is gonna play the presentation later on on This is our life keynote life so we can share this presentation Life to anyone. This is on me and toolbar. Now, when we get into the tech of the course, we look a difference. Actions off the two about. But the main thing is that we know the toolbar is there if you in the gray area here. So I'm just going to zoom in a week but into a gray area that you can see if I secondary click. So again, for anyone new to this course, if you two finger tick on a tripod or right click on the most, depending what you're using. If you're using a Mac book, it's a two finger click or a right click. Now you may have it set up for a right click on a track part later and that's fine. So it's a second retake that we want. You can see it the minute it showing icon and text, or you can set it to show icon only. I tend to leave it a default joing icon on tax because it keeps you that you can see exactly wanted it straight away the next option. We have years of collaborate option. So this is where you can share your presentation with others or walk with your presentation . So, years ago, if you were walking with a presentation with five other people, you would have to give each of them a copy of your presentation on they would have their own copy Dent so you would have a matter of fact sex presentations. And at the end, you would have to amalgamate the morning into one. No, with file sharing and the Internet as good as it is, we can collaborate. So what we do is we have one presentation on. We invite others to share that one presentation with us so the others can walk on it on. People can do it on at the end. Then we have one presentation. All contributed to fight six different people over the right hand side. Here we have this pin on the right hand side. So we have this pin and you can see it has three different sections at the top. It has former UNAMID on it has document. So the former tableaus you the four martyr styles animation then allows you to add animation to any of your slights on document gives you other settings for your document. So again, we will look at that in due course when we get into the presentation. So that's the quick run over off the difference actions. We know where we are now, with the only other section we have. Is this man slights Action that we're gonna look at later on whenever we get into the tech of the course. So what see is in the next actual 5. Getting started with Slides: okay. And then for these lectures, I'm gonna take my zoom over here in the top lifetime corner down to 75% just purely so that you can see the whole area off that slight. And don't worry if your slate is more square shipped. If you're using a smaller screen or more square ship screen, so screens common eider 16 by nine or 16 by 10 or four by tree. So think of the old square television, as opposed to the new wide screen TVs for depending. What's a screen you're using your screen. Me look slightly different, but it won't be too bad. So I want us to be able to see the full slide there and mean the outline here rather than in 100%. You just can't make out the whole lot off. So when we have our slide here, you can see that where it says double check to an ad on double click to add it here at the bottom. These are called placeholders, regardless of the presentation. So for that you're using, it's going to use placeholders and keynote is no exception to that. So you have your slide here, so think of your slide as being a blank page on. Then you have this place ordered, goes on top of it. The players thought that the writing that we're gonna put into keynote isn't going to actually go on the page. It's going to go into the placeholder on then and turned that place orders going to go on top of the pitch so you'll be able to see if I move. I can move the plants, order freely round the pitch. So when I put text into it, Lelo me to move the place, order forward on back. So that shows us that the taxed isn't actually on the page or the background or the slight . It's actually in that place older, and then the placeholder is on the slate. So that's important to realize from the start, I can not to move these and you can see I did move it down and put it back or a I pressed the on do button to put a bike. Word is Apple have these old Saturday that in the areas that look past, so they have all the walked on for us, so it's very easy for us. We double click in where it is double click. To add it on, we're gonna enter our presentation. And for this presentation I'm going to do a presentation based on a small village in Portugal and I go to quite often on. It's just for sample purposes. If you want to create your own presentation and that's OK, or if you want to follow along with me, we can do that. I will give you all the files that we need for it, and it might be good for you to be able to use the files to go along with us. So what we're gonna do is we are gonna type in the name of the villages Valvo. I'm gonna put an olive or on a comma on I'm just gonna put Portugal. And so this presentation is going to be about olive oil portrait. It's not gonna be a presentation that's going to be factually correct or anything. It's just about getting content into a presentation so that we can see exactly how to do it on in the subtitle section. So the one beneath it, we're going to double check in, down on. You can put your own name in there. I'm gonna put my name in on so it's gonna be a presentation at both. Are small village different things gonna put pictures into it? Maybe some facts and different types of things that we can use just to get the content there. So when you do it, you can see here that they although this writing those locus if it's on our screen or is if it's on our background here. If we click into the players, although it can be freely moved around the page on, that would indicate that it's not actually on the background. It's inside that place older. So I think that's an important thing to realize before you start making presentations for yourself that the Viagra and is only there as a background you upon your tax entities we boxes on we placeholders. So that's the four screen done. When we come back, we have a look. It's starting. There are different screens to it. So what's he is in the next lecture 6. Adding Slides: Okay, Before you start entering content into your presentation, you should always nearly know what you're going apart beforehand. So you should have some kind of a plan before you start to create this presentation. So we have a force laid in its A title slide. So this is when we were starting to talk about our presentation. We have this up on the screen, in the background. So you're saying Welcome to the presentation. My name is on whatever your name is. So it's your gonna be your backer and you're forced. You're starting screen. We want to start adding more slides here. Onda. We gonna use this? I'd slate, but no. When we click it, you'll see it's going to give us a number of different options here. So this is why we need to have some sort of a plan in place. So you can see here It's given us different types of slides that we would like to add. So the 1st 1 here is title and subtitle. So what we're gonna do in this lecture, we're going to get to know the difference actions here. So title and subtitle is the one that we have on the screen at the minute. It's a title on a subtitle section across Smith Ah, horizontal photograph. Then we have a title in the center, so just only a Titan without the subtitle. We have a photograph variously, and you see it's given you a small option. I'm going to zoom in just cause it maybe a wee bit hard for you to to see. So what do men to you? Conceded the different ones, too. There's the ADSL, a button, so we have a photograph that's very good. We have a title at the top. We have a title and bullets. So it's a title section and then a section for bullets. It's going to be a title and then bullets on photo so you can see it's a section for a title, a section for bullets and then a photograph. This is purely bullets photo tree up. So tree photographs on the one screen we have a quote section that you, me and wanted just put a bit of tax in the middle of the screen to show quote. So somebody said this or somebody said that we have a photograph slight. So just with a photograph full screen on, then we have a blank slate on the blank slate is exactly what it says. It's just a pure blank slate. The majority of the slides that we're gonna be using are going to be realistically, if you're doing a presentation, four slides would get you away with doing a very good presentation. Obviously, you need a titans like like we just did. You're gonna need a slide that has text on it on bullets. They go into the one things. Whether it's bullet points are taxed. We'll talk later on about bullet points and text. The other one we have then is a photographs light. So we have a photographs. Light is going to be another one on. Then we have another one, which is are taxed on photographs on it. If you can do them four types of slaves, you can do a good presentation or a good content one. So we're going to do title and bullets. I'm gonna take it on one zoom ot. You can see the effect that it has. So if title and bullets I'm gonna take onto it and you can see it. No ads are seconds laid in here at the very top. It gives us a section of the top for a title on. It gives us a section at the bottom to put the bullet points enter. This is gonna be the man and slide type that we're gonna use and you'll find it will be the man type of one that you're going to use if you're in the presentation because it's taxed on bullet points or titles and bullet points, you do want to tend to use bullet points over taxed on. The reason for that is if you use bullet points. The passionate that's at the presentation is listening to you rather than reading from the screen. If you put a whole lot of text on the screen, you'll find people will read it. Whereas if you have just single phrases and you speak about them phrases, the people are listened to you under more engaged here, so we're gonna use bullet points. It's seen as bad or practices having the bullet point on so in the next. Actually look is starting to add the stuff, too, will see you then 7. Adding text to slides: no. So this first slide that we're putting in or it's going to be the force light after a title is going to be a slide with text on it. When you're dealing with slides with taxed on it, there's two types of things we can do. We can put in a slide with just predominantly taxed on it, or we can put in the slide with a bowl of points. No, it's seen as an advantage if you use bullet points because it allows the listener to be able to listen to you as opposed to ranged. Attacks. Because people will. It's human nature to If anything's in front of the screen, you will continue on reading. So if you have a bit of tax that you want to show, it's OK to show a small bit of text but don't have a full screen full of tax, because what will happen is people will read the won't listen to you. So if you want to show people you would listed out in bullet points as opposed to four paragraphs, three paragraphs. So the first thing we're gonna do is we're going to enter a title. I always tell students make sure you have a title at the top of the screen because it allows the user or the Paterson watcher to be able to see exactly what is on your screen or exactly what you're dealing. But so I'm gonna call it the same again. Al Gore, Portugal. Now, in this bottom sanction here what we're gonna add the taxed This doubled up as a taxed on a bullet point section so they don't have one for each to just have a tax action by default. So the first thing that goes there is bullet points, but we can quickly change that. And that's what we're going to do for this for section. So we're gonna enter in a small bit of tax here just to show you how to do it. So we're gonna double click to add it in where it says there No, it's ready for bullet points because that's the predominantly what it wants to do. It wants about bullet point in. But we're going to go over to the right hunts idea and you can see the right hand side. I'm going to zoom in for you just in this right hunt site. is our four marching tub on. You can see it's selected on text at the minute that that will be selected for you. You won't need to do that right down at the very bottom Here. You can see bulletin lists on at the minute it selected for bullets, so it's showing bullet points. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna click in here. I'm not gonna change it to none. So what that is doing is when I do my let's see now, it's not giving us ah, bullet point option. If I take it back and put bullet back on, you can see it has the bullet point ready and click it and put the border point on known. It allows us to do that. So that's how you flip that section into being a bullet point list or just a normal tax list. We're just gonna type in here olive or is a small village located in the Al Gough region of Portugal. We're not going to say too much about it, but you can see we have it. Hell, no. So what we can do is some small adding features will look a later on anyone, but you can see we're going to select a bit of tax forced, weaken, select attack. So but just clicking and dragging across a. But once we have the tax elected, it will automatically show us options for text over here on the right hand side, this is also contextual, so it changes depending on the context. You can see here we have alignment features, so the minute it's aligned to the left hand side, you can see it's over right on the left hand side of our slide. We've been option here for Santa, and we also have an option for Write a line and justified I'm gonna center. So it's nice in the center off our screen. If we want from here, then we can change the size of the text upward. I'm or the font type that I tend to leave things the way they are when it comes the changing font size and find type onboard like garlic and underline the reason for days we can always go back in Iran and change it. But Apple have spent hundreds of thousands making sure that this all looks right on your screen. They have everything done pretty much good that you don't need to worry about changing size or text. Just pick a template or pick a team on go with right out your stuff. After that, you can go and change it. So with that, everything else he would always try and get the tax, then forced in your pictures and everything after I just go back and added and change it on the different types of things. So that's putting in a small bit of tax. We've only put in one single line of text. It would be the same if you put in a paragraph or two paragraphs again. It's not advisable because you don't want people reading from on the screen. But that's the main thing about getting tax then, so we'll see. Isn't an extraction when we look at bullet points. 8. Adding bullet points: Okay, The next thing we want to do is you want to add another slight. We are going to add same site again. It's gonna be a title on bullet Point on it. We're going to use this one to actually put in bullet points. So we go to the ADSL a, but not the top left corner. And we're gonna take title on bullets and it puts it in for a sitting and see its lay on our slide down along the left hand side. Just when we have this in when I'm gonna show you is if you go between the two pans, you can see you get a narrow like that. You can click on, drag it out if you want to make your slights action bigger, or you can drag it in. If you want to make it smaller, I tend to tell students that I like to be able to see the heading here. Don't worry too much about attacks. You're gonna have to make it a lot bigger to see the text. But I like to be able to see the heading, so to be able to read the heading and that gives you the option of being able to No, What's on each light? That's another plus two putting the heading there, then you can see straightaway. It's that Wieber bigger it lows you to see what's on each laid on the left hand side without having to actually go into it. So it's just a week, but a good practice. So the next thing we're gonna do is we're gonna double click here to add title gonna put another title in here and we're gonna just put in features of valuable. Okay, So don't worry too much if this isn't exactly right. But what we're going to do, then, is where it says double take two added down at the bottom. We're going to double click in here. We are going to leave it on bullet points because we're gonna enter a bullet point in here in this one we're gonna do is we're gonna just list some of the features that Alvord hides . The 1st 1 is it has treat 10.5 kilometers of beach of Sandy beach. Okay, the when we want to put in a new bullet point, we just take enter. It gets on to the next line on. The next thing we have is there's historic buildings we had enter again. So there's restaurants on bars we had enter again. On the other one will have AIDS. An elevated walk with okay on. We just call us the Boardwalk. So there's an elevated walk where it's just a walk, where it's elevated up above the sound of Sandy June's there on its elevated above it on. People go out and walk in the mornings on it. It's a lovely morning walk so you can see how, with the bullet points, it's laying it out for us. No, we could have a paragraph about each off them things. We could elaborate an awful lot more. But what will happen is if we put it on the screen, people will read from the screen and not listen to us. We can talk about a paragraph about the treat 0.5 kilometers of sandy beach, but we don't need to have it up on the screen behind us, so that automatically makes people listen to you as opposed to reading what's on the screen . So that's what you can you want to do. You want to be in control off this lecture. You want to be able to say that it's you that's giving this lecture or presentation. You're ready to talk about historic buildings whenever you talk about it. So you want to dictate the pierce that the students are the people that are given it, they are going out. So that's bullets on text, polling in bulletin text on in the next lecture. We're gonna look at saving because we want to make sure we have the stuff saved. We only have treat slides and so far, but we want to make sure we don't lose them, so we'll have a look at that in the next election. 9. Saving the Keynote: Okay, So in this lecture, we're gonna look at saving the presentation that we have here. No, I am Keynote will automatically save it for you so it automatic keeps a record of it, but it doesn't name it for you or anything. You can see here at the very top. It's untitled. It's called on. It's telling us that it has been added. So if we click on us, just give it away, Zach, and it will come up for you. So the name of it at the minute is untitled. We're going to see if it eyes. I'm just going to say that I was ill. Gav holidays on. If you wanted to add any tags to it, we could put a tag to. So there's different. The reason we would do tags is later on. If you wanted to search for it or if you want to do it so we're just gonna put maybe Aquino's on us on later on a positive that it's a red create new to Taik keynote, so we have Aquino tied down on a later on. If we look at it, we can. Then they force action research for keynote will automatically come up for us. It's saving it at the minute to our documents. So if we click on this down arrow here, you can see it's going to give you other options about where you want to save it to. So if you wanted to save it to your dad's top or your downloads or to a USB or something, you could do that. So the minute it gives you that the preset, your documents, your home file, your users, I am your SSD, your downloads desktop and so on. But if you wanted to pick where you want it to put it right down at the very bottom, even option for other, if we click on it, it will open up for us and you can see here it opened up with different options for us. Here on, we can select where we want down along the left on site. So if you want to save it on a different location or in your documents or desktop forever, you could save it to their I'm gonna leave it in my documents for the time being on. I'm gonna take on save all move, and it puts it there so you can see we have in Algarve holidays at the very top note saved . You could also save it your Reichard, and then you'd have it available across all your devices. So that's saving your presentation just so you don't lose any work that you've done. So what see is in the next lecture? 10. Photo slides: no in this next section. What we're gonna do is we're gonna look out putting in a new slight. So we're gonna add a new site over here at the left hand side, and we're going to go with this photo horizontal. So we're just gonna put in a horizontal photograph. It's gonna be a photograph here. We can double take to add a title here on double sector actors to title and subtitle, and that shows you a picture or a placeholder off where your picture is going to be. So the quickest way to put in a photograph is if you look down at the very bottom right hand corner of your photograph here that you have, you have a small photograph option or photos option What that is going to do when we take on it. It's gonna open up our own photographs or our photos on our Mac so we might have a look later on at the difference Actions of photos. So you can see here. It gives you all your photographs laid out here, so I only have a few on this. This is a dam, A mac. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna pick a photograph. This is one of the ones I took a check on it. It puts the photograph in and you can see that it put it in exactly the way the placeholder raise it. Sizes at the bands that thinks it can on. I'm just gonna double Tector Adami photo. I'm just gonna say Salvo at nice, Andi, we can double flicked. It added if we wanted to. But a subtitle in or something. If you don't want to put a subtitle and you can just leave that there and it won't show up on your presentation for you. So we have that's partner in the photograph. We were luckily in Iran and Harry with size the photographs, I would do all these. But this lecture is just about getting a photograph on the page using their default belt, then things that they have their later on in the course, we look at how we can maybe customize our photographs or do different things to it. But for the time being, it's just a matter of getting the photograph on the page so that we can have one on our slide. Okay, so in the next action, we're going to look briefly at how we would run the presentation 11. Running the Keynote: Okay, so we have a couple of slides in here now on. That we want to do is we're going to run the presentation on Run the keynote. What that means is we're going to go in tow presentation, mold, or we're going to go into keynote mold that it's up behind us on a big screen. Or it's on a monitor somewhere that we're able to deliver this keynote to our audience. Now it's very basic. So far, we're going to click on the first light. I always tend to tell people it's like on the first light, just cause it's the starting point on. We have an option here for player. They want to replay it. Kino will begin our presentation. You can see it goes into full screen mode There for you. On it has are titled Screen on Adult. Oh has our am No, I am at the bottom there. If we take on the entire or turnkey, this allows us to proceed through the presentation. So it's just as if we're showing slight were just Ananta every time we had enter a new screen or a new slide shows up behind us. No, it's very straightforward. There's no big things on it, but you can see straightaway. It's attractive looking. It's it's nice and clean and crisp. But the grade Ian's nice is the one that we're using. This the one that happened used to use for for all the keynotes on. Then we have the photograph. There are no, it's very basic. There's no things comin in from the right hand side and that. But if you went somewhere and went to deliver this presentation, people would be impressed with it, depending on how you can speak to them. And then we hit enter again on a Texas biking so you can see we only have four slates there . So demanding is in this lecture is that we learned how to run the presentation or this lecture, how to do it on its this play button up the top corner. So we click on play, and we did to take it on the 1st 1 Like we said, Andrea, they can play on. It will automatically start running. Truth on, we can click, enter, enter, enter. We could also have maybe a click so you could have a click device that you can click your way of truth. There's remote abstinent Get for the phone and the watch that you can use for that so you could have your phone and you could be swiping on your phone. You could have your iPod that you could swipe on the iPad and it would be connected to your mic and it would move in the market. So we will look at all that in due course. But this actress, just about being able to get the presentation or Aquino running for us. So when the next action, we look at how we will add more stuff to 12. Adding tables to keynote: Okay, So in this action, we're going to continue on with getting content onto our presentation or keynote. So what we're gonna do is I collect at the end. I'm on the last line here on the left hands night. I'm we're going to take on add slide. I'm going to add one, which is a title top. It's called. So it's a section the top for a title on the rest is blank. So we're going to double click again and we're just gonna call it. I'll bore weather on. We're going to click out of a 10. So that puts in your title there. I'm not gonna use thes title bars. Order these bars at the top here. So what we're gonna do is the 1st 1 I'm going to use AIDS, the table one. So I'm going to click it on. It's gonna give me options of tables. I'm going to zoom in just so you can see them in more detail. So we have four priests at ones here, and you can see it has a section of the top on section at the bottom. This one just this action at the top. This one has just blanks actions this one here, then section of the top on the bottom. And then it has an area of the site. And if you click the arrows, you can see you can go true, and it will give you different colors. That me, it suits you right There were true. I'm gonna just do on area at the top of an area to side. So this one here. So I take it it puts it in for me and you can see it puts my table straight into the middle for me, there has a lovely centered for me. Just remind toe work for these women and on it has it in straight away for us. So what I'm gonna do is we're gonna dio table here just to represent data to show people data off the temperature off the village in the different years. Now you can add it in if you want. I'm going to speed it up as I'm typing in. Just so you don't have to sit there and watch me typing in. So if you want, you can go to where I finished typing in. You can pause the video and you can tape it, then if you want to have that same data as me, so I'll go ahead. No, type it in. I'll speed it up. Then later on, when I get it done. Okay, so I this much typed in on. I wanted to show you how we would add another column or take and call him off or take a role for a condom off. So the column's run up on Diane's or April Colin Mayer column. June column on Rose Run across 2000 and 18. Cock Crow 2017 Roll 1 2016 Role Up the top. Here we have this two lanes of sacral two lines and out of the top right hand corner off your table to concede. There it is there. So what we can do is if we get it gives us the options to put an extra one on or it gives us the option to take one off. I'm not gonna take one off because I have my daughter entered, but I wanted to be another two columns because I want to put in July and August. Okay. I also want to remove one of these roles because we only need three years. So again, I clicked the one at the bottom of the role. I press it don't to remove one of the rules, and that's it done. So I go ahead camp in July and August. Now and then I'll speed it up later on. Okay, So you can see there. No, we haven't done. And the man thing I wanted to show you was how to put text on your slide. The main points we wanted to go to This is number one toe. Enter a table. We just check on the table button and then select the table that we want to put in. If we have too many columns or not enough columns, we can click on the we line at the very end, and it allows us to put it out. Our ticket in I am. All these figures here are degrees south, sisters and cares. And anyone's wondering. We use Celsius here, or I am so you may use foreign height and we look later on it. How you would put them that different types of things. But the main thing is for this that we can get our our table in couple of things that we can look a despot in here will allow us to move to table around the pitch. Okay, and you can see straightaway that it's getting these hundreds on it so you can see the yellow bars. So the yellow bar has shown me that it's in the middle. It centered on in the middle. It sent. So it's dead. Santa Robert if I move it down away, but you can see it's still in the center, but it's not in the middle, so it's in the center. So when you have the two of them, when it's given you that plus line so straight down and straight up, you know then that it's in the dead center off your slide. So that's tables. In another sanction. We look at her. We would Ardmore stuff into our sleight of the tables. You can see straightaway are straightforward when we run our presentation. Now you'll see how the presentation looks. So we took in the first slide. We go to player, I'm gonna walk my way through the presentation and you can see know how your presentation lock sorts. It's a lot Mawr visual for year, the colors look right. There's not really looks out just on a side note. I even back to the foresight to start the presentation there. If at any time you want to go in to check to see what something looks like on your sleight , just taken the slide that you want press play on. It starts from that slight. So it's a good way of been able to Chequers, which will find is you'll be adding stuff to your presentation, check and see what it looks like going out of it, maybe changing the bed and then going in so it saves you having to go back to the start every time. Okay, so what's he is in the next actual? 13. Table options: no. So once we were on tables and wanted to cover the rest of tables just so that we're not running on ahead and not doing what we want to get done. So if I click on this light, you can see on the right hand side. Here we have the this pan on it slightly, so it's given us options that are four slights. But when we click on the table, you can see the window changes, so I just take off and click back on the table so you can see it automatically changes for us. So it's contact Jewel to this. The way Apple walks in. Keynote numbers pair just the whole of them. So we have four different sounds I'm just gonna assume in for we were just so you can see a wee bit battle. We have four different tabs at the very top. We have table cell taxed on a range on each of these highs. Options for the table if I take out of the table to go away because I don't need them. But as soon as I take back into the terrible, they are there for me. So from this option If we take on table at the top left hand corner, you can see that we can change the style of the terrible. So if we don't like the style that we're currently using, we can change one of the styles we can add to them. Do whatever we want there. At the minute we have one had I'm one photo. So the Hatter on for Are there ones that are here? So I'm just going to America so I can show you so you can see that this one here is giving us the option for the green. So the minute we have one green and it's showing us the one here. So if I take up and to see it puts two on it for me. So it would be to do if you needed the options that you wanted to maybe two sections at the side or to call to rules at the top. You would do it. Okay. The same with this one here. So this one here, it's showing you choose the number of had a rose. So if we click it if he wanted to put 200 Rosen, it puts the two on its first. We're happy enough with the one at the minute. We then of the other option for the photo road down at the bottom. And if I click it, if I wanted that, I could put one on. For example, if you're doing a total or something like that, you could use that. We're going to leave it at zero. We can also add the number of columns and rows here, so I use the button area. Does the quickest way to do it when you have your your script, their slide open. But you can add a row here and take a row off. They are in this contractual top, but the right hand site. We can increase or decrease the size off the font. So if we wanted to increase the size, you can see I'm growing it one at a time. Or I could decrease it one size at a time there so you can increase and decrease whatever you want to tell. It suits your battle table outline is thes lines that outlined the terrible, so you can see here at the minute it's showing you you can select the color off them if you wanted. If you wanted the product of blue, you can put it the blue. And maybe you might want it to be two or three points so you can see what it's doing there . That this might look visually correct. But I'm just trying Teoh to get showing you all the different objects going back to this color Swatch. I'm just gonna put my screen back away. But so when we click on the color options, you can select colors from here. Or if you click on this color swash, I'm going to zoom in and show yet here. So I'm gonna just zoom into this color option here, and it gives you different options for colors. Now you can click, and you can. You can drag them different colors, different sheds. You can put pictures. You can put different things into it, but the man thing I want to show you, But this is this color pecker here down at the bottom this year. So it's the color picker, and if we take it up, we can much a color, too. So if you hide a color on the screen to just say you wanted this area here to be the same color is the great. There you would just take on it, go up to the gray and click on the gray, and then it marches the color for you. So if you wanted the outline to be the color off the gray, you would click on it on Select the great from the window debt that you wanted. So that's what that color to is about. You can quickly change the different colors to the ones that you want. Andi. It allows you to be able to do that so it allows you to pick the colors up. You're great lines, then, are the great lines that are contrary Middle. Here, you can see you taking them. I turned them on and off there on I can take them and turned them on and off here at the site. In case that they're collecting your great lines, we can put different role color so you can see you can change the colors on. If you want, you could have top and bottom. You can see it's a different color there, and it doesn't cover here. Difficult meet leaves it easier for people to be able to see it on. Then you have your row height on your role wet so you can automatically change the height of the role. Or you can order might be change the width off the columns. Here. You can also do it by clicking and dragging at the top. So if I just zoom in on let you see it. So in between E and F, you can manually make them bigger and smaller by clicking and dragon. But your most they are under allow you to do it. But if you knew the size that that you wanted to go to, you could do it over the very top. Then we have the cell area here to the cell tab at the very top on. This is going to give you options to change the cells of your table to the first option we have. There's a drop down list, so it's automatic. So if we go down here, we could select cells on. We could say it that if it was a death or a percentage or anything that you wanted a short , it would allow you to be able to show things with the death. Formato May 2019 or whatever the case is, so you can you can change them for months from them. And then we also have border style so we can take on and off borders, depending on the options that we want. The other option, then here the bottom is conditional. Highlighting the first thing you need to do is select the cells that you want to apply the conditional highlighting to. So what this is doing is it will apply a former based on a condition. So if the value in a cell is over 20 it will turn it rent. So we selected the cells and we did this by second on one cell. Go into the bottom right hand corner till you get this double headed arrow on just clicking and dragging out over the other cells. Then so themselves are selected so you can see this. We bowled starts here on the other one finishes Here we go to conditional highlighting. We want to add a route on. We gonna leave it on numbers. If you were dealing with debt or anything you do on deaths. But we're leaving on numbers so we want If a number is greater than or equal to. So we take on that when we put greater or equal to 20 apply. Maybe a red fell. So in other words, if the temperature is 20 or more, it shows up as red on these are smart to So what I mean by that is, if I was to change it to 19 you can see it remains as, um black. It doesn't go in. If I put it 19.9, it would remain black. A soon as I go to 20 it will go back to read because it's 20 or more So where 20 goes in there for it. Okay, The next option then we have is taxed. So this allows you to format the text in the table. So again, you would want to select the cells right across the table that you want to select a salad, so bottom corner, click and drag across. If you have a most she can chicken drag into it as we would hard over the track. But so it allows you to change the text type that you want so you can put a different type of tax thin. So this is the font type here you can put in if you want white taxed or if you want bold or italic, or maybe underline you can change the size of it from here on the color there on you can change the alignment or left center rice alignment, whichever you want on the spacing at the bottoms. When we're doing the bullet points, we look at space, exhorts the spacing above on below. Then we have the arrange options. Arrange only really comes into a fact if you had a terrible on something else. So if you had a table on a picture and he wanted to arrange the table on front of the picture, you would put it to the front or yet put it to the back, depending on what you wanted and let you change the size and the position here on, you can also rotate us if you want a toe, we're not gonna wrote here table. We're gonna leave it straight down. Okay, so that's table options. So you everything know that you need for table options. We may look later on out of section in a bird, doing calculations on them am on these figures. It's different what degrees Celsius? We're not gonna want to do calculations, but if you had numbers in there, you might want to add them up or subtract them. Or whatever the case is so would see is in one of the next lectures. 14. Entering charts: Okay, So for this action here, we're going to continue with the putting the content. And we're going to know Add Charton. We're gonna use the toolbar. The top to do this. First of all, we want to put our slide into we goto add slide, making sure protecting the last like their ad slide. We're gonna go title top on. We're going to go into our word says double. Take two are tighter. I'm we're gonna put in weather chart, okay? Even for capital Ederson, if you want. I'm just gonna fix them to change. So we weather chart in on. What we want to do is we have this blank area down at the bottom on. We go into charter the very top in our toolbox on we have to de Treaty or an interactive chart. The two d entreaty are very similar. The interactive chart is going to allow us to move with it. No, we will have a look at both. But first of all, we're going to put in a to de or treaty border them or last Exactly. And the treaty just looks a bit more adapter, so we're gonna leave it on treaty at the minute and you can see here we can go true. There's different color options it gives us. So it gives us different options for colors on right the way through it. I'm going to just pick this 1st 1 that we have here. Get on a potted in now you can see it parted in with data. It is taken some of the daughter from the table. There are months and the previous one, but it it puts it in. No, When you enter a chart, it needs toe, have some data. So it grabs it from any word it can because it needs toe have something. If it's no doubt a in it, it will just be a flat lane across the bottom. So we have to know go and added this data. So we go into where it says at a chart. It opens up here and you can see it's a numbers or a spreadsheet section on. We put them in. We have August we have right through to August Onda. We have the different figures here, so we changed the figures that they have on. We put our own in here for it. So What I'll do is I'll go ahead and do it here and I'll speed it up later on. Okay, so we have all the figures in there now, and you can see as I was typing them in it changes live in the background on as I add more rows here, it adds the colors in for me and you can see it adds the men. And if we wanted, we could put in a road that way using the option teal. But it puts them straight in verse. Once we have the men, we close out of this chart and you can see that we know have our data here so you can see that it's showing you the different months there, right the way a long term we will look and see about the different things we can do straight away with the charge you can see we have thes hundreds rounded the hundreds allow us to make the chart bigger or smaller. Okay, that if we wanted to make the chart bigger or small or are make it stand out. This ball in the middle of this fear in the middle allows us to be able to wrote here the chart around to whichever where we want to. You can see how impressive looking it looks when you're pointing at Rome with the light. If that was a two d charge, you wouldn't see it. Eyes nice. It doesn't look a a Snaith for you. So there we have a chart so you can see here. If we put it like that, you can see it's getting bigger right the way through. Okay, that is putting a chart in eyes in the next lecture. We go then and we will look at the different settings. I can move it around, weaken center this charges so that it is centered and in the next, actually look at the different options for it. But for the time being, we just want to know how to put in a chart. So it's straightforward. Go to chart select the charter you want on entered the doctor for that chart. Okay, so what's he is in the next election 15. Interactive charts: Okay, So continue our own. From the last lecture we have, we put the chart into It's just a standard chart. Now, before we go and look at the options for discharge, I want to show you did how to put in an interactive chart or what? An interactive chart is very similar to a normal chart, but I just want you to be able to see it. So I'm gonna click in, and what we're gonna do is we're gonna add a slight on. We're going to use the CME title on a blank area. We're gonna just product called an interactive now, probably delete their slide after. So don't worry. I just want want to show you just sort of you can see what an interactive charters I went the latest light because it won't make sense Then whether so we have the interactive chart heading in. I'm gonna take on chart on this time. We're gonna go to interactive, so I'm going to just pick this 1st 1 we can see we've to see him. We've all the different colors and all the different options there. I'm going to just pick the 1st 1 I'm just sliding my hand across the track bar. If you have the most, you could swipe across the top foot or you could use these arrows. So I'm gonna take the first interactive chart. Hell, it puts it in here and you can see it more to d type. I'm We even added chart out is what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go in and edit the chart out of first, so I'm gonna remove the data out of it and put in what we have. So I just went and got the doubted that I had in the previous one there. Okay, I copied it from the previous option. So we have different options here. You can see we have a premieres with the same figures as we had previously. I'm gonna close out of it. So I just copy and paste from blossom. Now the difference in the interactive child and you're the one. So you can see here. These are shown you the values for 2000 for airport. You can see down here airport it has in 18 17 and 16. But there's a sliding bar across the bottom and you can see the sliding bar gets bigger and smaller eyes. We slide it across so it shows you all the different data. But it's interactive in the sense that you can slide and you can move it in real time and you can see exactly the growth or how the different things are working out. So that's what the interactive chart is. I leave it in for the time being, just so we can have a look at the difference outings a week, we can see there may be other different options on it that we can change with the interactive. So are leaving for the time being on after the next lecture. I'll get rid of it then. Okay, so what's he is in the next actually is gonna be child options. 16. Chart Options: no. So we're gonna have a look at the different options for the charts. So we put our chart in, and you can see that there's no options here on the right hand side for us for charts. So what we do is we click onto the chart, and as soon as we could go into the child, the charred options appear there. So again, contact Europe. It changes with the contacts. So we want to go ahead on. We want have a look at the different options here. So the 1st 1 we have here, I'm clicking on the chart tab at the very top off the chart options on the different force . Mint is styles, so we could put different styles in, and you can see it's changing styles, depending on what we want to the war. The factors. This looks like a stone or a marble effect, and there's two different ones there, so you could have a play about with them to see if there's anyone that you're like, I'm gonna leave it on that default one for the time being. There's child options then, so we can add a title to the chart. So we could add this title here. We could have weather chart there if we wanted, we can tick in and we could have where the charge down on if you want it, then you could get rid of the title that over it here. There's no need for the two titans to be on toe. I put that on beforehand. There's no need to have to tighten down anywhere. The next thing we have then, is a legend. They're gonna put that title off just so it doesn't confuse you. The next thing we have is a legend. Little legend is gonna show us two tires on 18 2017 and 1016. You can see it there, and if you want, you can click it from you can drag that down. And if you wanted to position at the bottom, you could do that, and I would like to put it there at the bottom or wherever you want to put it. You can put it there taking back on the chart with a child and options. We have different find options so you can change the font of the chart. If you wanted to do that, these options here is the color slows you to change the colors that's in the chart. Okay. If you wanted to put him on two different colors, maybe if one suited the particular company you're walking for or effort. If there was one that you wanted toe change into it, you could do that will change one. Maybe we'll put them on toe to these colons here. Okay, then. The next one that we have then is we have the treaty seen. So these air treaty options So you can change the depth of us so you can see that you're widening the treaty effect. Or you can put it smaller. Nearly that it's nearly like a two d effect. We can change the lighting. So where the lighting is coming from, every time you take off that they will go off. Where's the lighting coming from? So is it a soft light? Is that medium? Is it a glassy life? So you can see it will change the different lighting effects. Okay, then we have the shape of the bar. So the minute there a rectangle ball if you wanted, you could maybe put it onto a cylinder so you can see these air cylinders when I change that, I have mine that it's not really that treaty. The treaty is not much on it. And and you can see there. So with the cylinder or the I am rectangular factor So the there, the options that we have there for the charge, You can also rotate it straight from here as well as you can rotate it from these options here. Okay, so the next thing we have then on the child options is our I don't hear the same is the gaps. So this is gonna be the gaps between each of them things. So if we increase that bar, you can see every time we had it, we have to go back into it. It's increasing the gap in between each of the bars there on, then the gaps option is between the sets. So if you wanted there to be mawr oven option, so you have to keep come back and I won't let you put it up that you could win a type it in if you wanted, so you can see it's increasing the set here in between April than a gap, then may than the gap and so on. Okay, then we have a shadow. If you want to put any shadows on today's adjust straightforward sidings, you just go in and do it. And we can change the type of the off the chart there so we could put it from a treaty. Carly, um, to maybe one of the other treaties or a treaty BAR column is going to be on the side. You can see there so they don't look quite as well if you're not ready for So Treaty called him, we'll leave it there. The other one, then is these are really fiddly changes. You can change. You can put on different names you can on different things. The only one that I would really encourage it. Have a lock. It is in the Serie section, so the Siri's here. You. It's quite hard to know. So this ties and 17 for August. It's quite hard to know exactly where water days are exactly where it is so divided. You labels here. If we click onto the value labels, we can put on a number and you see it puts a number on it, so it shows you exactly that figure it is. If it was 27.2 or 27.5, you could see it so you can see that these legends on the left hand side goes 21 to 20 years. It was quite a gap there. So by putting the number on it, it allows you to be able to dial in that the other one then arranged at the very end, arranges and really gonna affect us because we're not putting a chart on the picture. If we had a child in the picture, you might want to ransom like we did with the tables, front and back, or forward and back or whatever the case is. But we just have them at the minute. Whenever we do start looking at pictures later on, we look a arranging front and back. That's charred options. If we just go quickly into the interactive chart that we did earlier to, you can see a lot of the options are the exact them, except this option here gives us round the corners. So if we want, we could run the corners and you can see we could put them there, and it gives you the option for only doing the the top corners, the outside. We also have the different options here. So if you want to put Slider, it'll only put the buttons on to you can see one of five that we can just slide straight away. True, it doesn't give us that long slide bar, okay? And that's more or less the only options that are different in the interactive chart. And I wanted to leave the interact chart in there just so that we could have a look at it to see the different options in it. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna delete the interactive chart now, because it's not gonna be part of the overall presentation at the very end. So I'm gonna take on it we can to finger click if we want in the left on site and click the lease on it will delete that sell for that slight for us. So it deletes all data and everything from the background. Okay, so it's he is in the next lecture 17. Text Boxes: now, the next option we want to look at is the taxed option 12th week when I'm gonna go back against its light for which we have Here is this picture off the marina at night Time order the bay at night time. So I'm gonna go to the toolbar at the very top here. I'm gonna take on text and you can see it puts a tax box in for me and I can move the tax box around the page. I can make it bigger by second and dragging it out. Once I click into it, I can attack so we can add any tax. We can say this is a picture off the bay at night. Okay, You can put it there. You can do all the things you can do it normal bits of text we can. We can move it around the page if we want. Just click on the outside of it. You may need to take off and back on to it. Take off and you can see you could put it down at the bottom there if you wanted. If you wanted to dry, get out. You could do that. I'm Secondly, clicking them, thinking to button by accident so you could click on drag it run. You could put it wherever you want to put it. You could make it highlight attacks like you would do on. You can put bold italic and on the line these are bold italic in on the line Just for anyone who doesn't know their bold gives it just bold text over in the right hand side. I talaq on underline that has it there, and you will see straight away. When I take off it, it goes back to me normal tabs here or back to my normal options. When I think on the tax books, it automatically gives me options for text. There's a chance. No, actually, for us to look at the arranging options. So what? The minute the text is on front of the picture. But if I go to the range options or to the back, you can see that the tax no is behind the picture, which is no good because you can't see it. So if I bring it back to the front, you can see it brings it back to the front so that it's quickly able to you enables you to be able to take tax front back so the beauty with attacks box is you can position of anyone on the screen. I just use it here, for example, just to put it on a better picture. But you can put whatever you want to go with, a paragraph in it or anything on. You can position it anywhere you want on your screen. So that's text boxes. So I see is in the next actual. 18. Shapes: Okay, This next action, we're gonna rocket ships before days. We're going to just put in the blank slate. You won't really need to do ships on the room without adding them to another slight. We'll do it on the blanks, like later on. We can take the slide out if it doesn't make too much sense. But as with everything in this course, it's not so much about the presentation making sense as opposed to the the things that we're doing to make center. I want you to know how to our chips as opposed to that. The look while in this presentation so demanding is knowing how to either ship. So we click on and we're gonna add a new slide here. We're just gonna put a blank slate to down the very bottom is just a blank slate. No placeholders or anything on it on. Then pick into the shape option. Once you take into the shape option, you can see we have a couple of different shapes here. So the basic objects animals all different categories in the left hand side. If you can do one, you can do the more. So I'm just gonna pick a square, so we pick a square, you can see it puts it in. It has 800 runners on the air. Hundreds there allow you to make a bigger or smaller if you hold the finger on the Shefki. When you're making it bigger, it means that it can't go off from a square. So I'll just demonstrate out again. So if I go to make it bigger, you can see I can make it like a rectangle, Lorik American or tangle. That's where. But if I hold my finger on shift, it puts it to square. So what makes sure that stairs the same proportion wise the same will happen? I took my finger off the shift button too early. The shift button is the one just below the Capitol button. If I go on to a circle, it would be the Sam. So here we have a circle on. I'm going to take this alcohol idea. If I was to try and change that, you can see there's no problem changing it. But when I put my finger on the shift key and then try to change it, you can see that it's keeping it the same proportions as what it waas. Okay, so this is a complete circle here. Now this one isn't changed. If I take it, it's 100 point circle. I have to make sure I keep it to the Sam you need to take over to see is it? Exacts him, kid. That's the starting point. It's 100 points, and you can see as I'm making a bigger it stay in the exact same because I have my finger down on the shift key. If I was to take my finger off the shelf. Kino. You can see now if I can change it heightened with putting it on, the Shefki will keep it by the exact same. See, that's a week tip when you're American ships, big or small. If you wanted to remain proportion wise the same. Keep your finger in the shift key. So they're just basic ships. There's other ships here you can see, so maybe we go into maybe arts are going to the food. So here's food and there's different options that may be a hamburger on symbols. There's the power symbol, and you just draw the exact same way, and you can see you can drag it out if you want. Like that, and it will do it for you. So these are all just different ships. Couple of the options that we have. What shape? So we leave this power one on the screen. Once it selected, you'll see the contractual tab over on the right hand side of your screen is we have different styles, styles taxed on a range. So the 1st 1 is the styles here. So we can change the style of a different color, different styles. Then we can change the fill of it. So if we take on the fell button here, he can see we can change straightforward color change. If we want it, we could change it to Grady. Int fell on with Grady and Phillies. Maybe blue at the top, popular at the bottom. So what? The minute I'm gonna put them too drastic, different colors so that you can see the Grady into in it. Okay, we can change the angle, lover. You can see that you can have a common in from the bottom or from the right or from the left, so you could change it depending on what you wanted. to do. If you wanted to swap them round, you can take that button there. It let you swap them around. Okay, we can change on angle. Mind nearly here. If we don't want a board running, we can have the board, Robert, or we can have the laying on it so you can see you have that laying around the tail on again. A shadow. So the minute there's a drop shadow, it's not a big drop shadow. We can increase the shadow and you can see it's going behind it. It's gonna be very hard to see if you might be able to see it better than May, and we could change the color off the shadow if you want to put a green shot. I wanted to be able to see a battle, and there's the shadow on the outside of it, and we can take the shadow off so you can see it's just that blower on it. Onda. We can increase or decrease the shadow that way. Then we have the opacity. No, this is the first time we've really seen a pass ITI in this course capacity is the transparency off it. So if I was the said that capacity don't so you can see its disappearance on. If we put it back up, it's back to follow transparency. No. So what happens is if you want something, maybe to be like a ghost of theirs number, you can set their capacity off. Done. If you wanted something to be full, be able to see if you would put it up to 100%. So a lot of the options are the exact same there. Okay, so what's he is in the next action? 19. Picture options: Okay, so I'm going to remove this last one from it. The one that we were dealing with, She Epsom was gonna take it on price, the delete key on the keyboard. We don't need that for the presentation on for the next one. What we're gonna do is we're gonna enter some media. Maybe a is pictures or videos or anything like that, and we're gonna just put a blank slate. And so we're gonna go to the ads laid button. I'm We're gonna go just blank slate and put it in there at the very end, they opened the toolbar at the very top here. We're gonna go to media on. It's going to give us options images, image, gallery, movies, music record ordeal would be using a microphone or record audio. You can take stuff than straight from your iPhone if it's connected into it. Okay, so we take on the photos gallery on here, it opens up my photos that it's just common directly from the photos up on your Mac down at the very bottom. There, you can see all the different color wheels here down at the bottom so that these are just the photographs that you have taken on your phone. And when you plug your phone into your Mac, they will upload or on your iPod, or they could be coming from your shared albums. Or you could have taken him out of camera whenever the kisses. So we have them here. I'm just gonna put in this one here. So it's just off the charts. I just take on it on. I'm gonna close out of it. It's a picture, but charge, you can see there. It has a lovely background in the background over to our lovely colors. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna make you even bigger. So I'm gonna dry, get, and you can see it's going bigger for me and I'm making a bigger So that's the difference with partner picturing so early around when we were putting a picture and we would have went ID slate and we would have picked one of the preset ones that have a picture in on. It goes into a placeholder. When you put it into a blank slate, it just goes in. And then you resize it the way you want. No, when we have the picture in. There's a couple of options we can do. So again, I'm gonna show you this. I keep showing this, but it's just in case some people watch some of the lectures and not all of them. If I take off the slide, you can see that the options on the side of giving me slide options if I click back in the picture, the option to give me the picture options. So what we do is the 1st 1 is style, so it will give you different style options, and you can see you can take on them. One of them that gives you we reflection down at the bottom so you can see it there. This one will give you. I can't even see water student. It's very, very sort of that one, and some of them are different, so you can see someone would give me a background. There were going to go back to the original picture there so you can have a play about with them different styles. This border will allow you obviously to put aboard around it. There's no this lying Truth means that there's none at the minute there. There's no border on no shadow. That's what that lane true, it means there. And so if you wanted, you could put a board runners and and you can put a lying or a picture, friends or picture frame is if we take one of the ones, you'll see what you can do. You can put maybe a border like that on it so you can see it's just a wing slate border and zoom in just so you can see it. So there's the border that was round around the page. Okay, I'm gonna zoom out just so it looks right back in the picture, I'm gonna leave that border and none just cause we want to do it. The reflection there needs. You can see here that the bottom. So the reflection is that the very bottom you can make it bigger, more reflection or smaller known, Okay. Or you can leave it altogether off the opacity to again like an early election capacity is transparency. So if you wanted to make the picture last transparent or more transparent, it see true, you can see you can dry, get up and down to whatever area you want. Obviously 100% means the picture can be fully seen, did their options. Then we have his image here. OK, so it's telling you where the file is. So return you. That's the file that we have. We can add at the mosque and what I did the mask let you do is that lets you crop different areas out of it. So we're checked on crop at the minute. So if I wanted to take the tree out of it, for example, I could just, like, drag the tree out of us on, then take on Don on it removes the tree out of it. I'm gonna on do that command and said Is the on do option? Or you could do add it on on, do your commands. That is the easiest option for U for undo. Okay, then we have this next options Quite good. One instant Alfa. So make parts of the image transparent. So what this is going to do is it's gonna make different parts of the image transparent and not the whole image. So if we take on instant Alfa, it says, click the pick a color to make a transparent drag to make similar colors transparent. So I'm gonna take the sky so you can see the sky that we have here. If I click on it, it see it's going to make it transparent. I'm just taking on Dragon knows like that, and it makes it transparent on I click here on, then dry goat on it makes it transparent. Watch if I drag. So I'm just taking on holding to the left hand side, on the right hand side, whichever hand you're going from, If I tried it too much, it's start going on the white to see that so it starts taking the white weather. Do you want to make sure you just don't go too much like that? Maybe up to Dale on. Then you can go again till maybe this area here you can remove on this area and you can remove the areas that you want to. You can see it's allowing you to remove, so you may be ableto remove mawr by going there too much. You can see you can remove different areas of it. You can go ahead. Obviously, a tree is a hard one to be done because there's we bits and pieces. If the tree wasn't there. We could just remove it straightforward enough. Once we take on Don, you'll see it will remove the background of and you can see it. There's quite a good job. The tree. If the tree wasn't there, it would be a lot easier to get that through. So if you'd something nice or a picture with a good background on it, you could remove it straight away. So that's what Instant Alfa. So just show you that one more time on duty ends the not office, so I'm going to go back. So I'm gonna reset it. The reset button there. So we click on Instant Alpha, we select the color, um, we take on drag and it would remove it for us. I'm only going to 5%. There. You can see it. I'm just clicking and holding, so I'm just literally clicking and dragging down. If we go too much like that, you can see it's taken too much of it. So you want to make sure you just do we, but at a time to make sure that you're not taking too much of a right, So there's enough of it. I probably you can see. There we have it. We can take we bits and pieces with us so we don't want to take too much. I went too much. They actually reset on. Do would take that last bit out of it for you. Okay, so that's instant Alpha. It allows you to remove areas of a background that you want. If you wanted to do it, you can see it will remove their Marius doubt for us straightaway. So depending on the areas that you wanted to go, we'll take a bottle for you. The next thing we have is again the arrange button. So if we had, say, a ship, if we go and put our ship and no So I'm just gonna put an object into me, See? What ones do we have here? So we just have ah stock. If you put the top here, we put it down in the corner at the minute the clock is on front of the photograph. So you can see if I am flicked on the clock here. If I move it to the back, the clock is no behind the photograph. And you see if I just moved a foreground pocket. But you can see that the clock is there behind it. If I bring the clock forward, taken the stock and they bring it forward, it comes forward One level So you can see there two or tree different levels A good example of this would be if we have off to it Arrange if we have tree ships So we have a square a tree angle on a Salako I'm care on Got to change the color off thes tree So I'm gonna change the sacral to green The triangle to read on We leave the square blue So you can see now that the sir the triangle is in front of the circle on its in front of the square If I bring the square forward so I'm flicked on the square Now here I'm gonna go I can't really zoom in because of his name And you won't see the area appear that I'm trying to do I am We can zoom in on that. Yeah, like that So you can see that the square is highlighted there. Now, if I take on the arrange option, if I bring the square forward, it's gonna come one level forward, not to the very front, just to the one lab. So do you see that? It's after common from behind the circa one lab. I'm gonna put it back to where it was, whereas if I bring it to the front, it's going to come right to the front, and I can send it right back so you can see that the three different levels there. So you have the option of bring it forward one level or you the option of bringing up right to the front. So that's the arrange, and that's the way of the range walk through. That's the best example nearly that we can see up. Okay, so that's the picture option so you can see the more I am the biggest ones that we do there in the picture options is the instant Alfa. It's good for taking like minded colors away, but you need to have a good contrast if it was a black and white photograph that you were dealing with. So if I go down here and trying to see, can I get a photograph? I think I have one here off a logo of mine that is black and white nearly yet This one here . Okay, so you can see this photograph Here are this local. So if I was to if I wanted to remove the background, I would take on the photograph. Go to image Instant Alfa, take on the wife and you can see I can remove the white straight away Or I could give it a wee, but more so 6% on its removing it You can see it's doing it for me there. So it's removing a good bit of the color for me there we haven't probably we, but too much. And then this week, when we want to just remove that there for us Thank you. And there we have it removed for us So you can see that when you have a contrast with black on white or grey on white or grey on black it's easier to remove it for you on. You could go in and remove it. We but mawr from it there if you wanted. So there you can see with the contrast intern Alfa is a lot easier to do So lt is in the next actually 20. Comments: okay, the last one of the options that it hopped there. The comment option doesn't really justify its own lecture. All it is is if you click it, you can add a comment, maybe change title for you to go by, clear Deron and look at it and see what the comment is. And you can go true comments if the comments are numbered. If you're more than one, you can click through them and see what the are or if you get someone to review it for you . When they're collaborating with someone else, you can see who makes the comment there on Beacon. Delete the comment as well. So it's used for Maybe if you're marking up something or if you're reading something for somebody else and you want out of comment without changing it, you can do it that way. Okay, so we have everything in the lax or in the presentation, or Kino content wise that we're gonna need. We're gonna be putting in more things later on, but realistically we have I slayed with a title. I slide with some tax done it. We have a slide with some bullet points on it. I slide with a picture on it, a slide with a terrible on a slight or the chart. You could put a movie and we will look it all down later on whenever we get into the course more. But the the men options there is done to that. A basic presentation. No, Does Lord more to do? We're going to go. No. In the next lectures, we're going to look at things like animation toe adding animation to make the presentation standards, collaborating with people, changing the document setting. So the likes of the the background colors and all them things. But for the first half, for the fourth bit of this course, we just want to see how to make a basic presentation. So you could stand up in front of an audience? No, on with this. And you could say my name is and give a presentation. Obviously, the content would need to be battle. We just put in content just to get it in here, and you could give the presentation. You can see you have your photographs there. You could have your slide here with the ladders on it, or with the numbers, whatever you wanted and you could have your chart on DSO on. No, with this hell, we only have six slides there. You could have your title slate. You could have two slaves of text Treece lanes with bullet points on them, Four slaves of pictures to slaves of Terrible's on. Then you could have a chart or 22 charts or whatever lives on you have a 20 Slade presentation on Lee knowing how to do the things that we have learned so far. So what I'm trying to say it is you don't need to know how it I don't need to show you how to taper attacks. They don't need to show you how to do this. I need to show you how to make a chart taxed on it. You can Then go on, type it out. I need to show you how to make a chart with bullet points on it, and you can elaborate on it. Now we have things to do yet on them, like for marching them and doing all the different things. But from a adding point of view were there with them one so far. So what see is in the next action we get our teeth into adding things a condemnation and really making this presentation standard O k. C. Is done 21. Master slides: Okay, so the next thing we want to talk about is what's called a slide master. Now the slide master is think of it like a rule book for all your slides. So each slide has a slight miles or so when we are adding slides here on the left hand side , we have all the different slight types on each of them. Slight types has a certain set of rules that it's extra. So if we are the title and subtitle, the title is a certain size. The subtitle is a certain size. If we Had Em Title and Bullet points that bullet points are a certain style. Onders. It's the slide master to tells it what to do so we can edit that on the way we do. It is on the menu bar appeared to top. If we go in here, we can go to view on Slide Master or at its light master or on the right hand side were more effect on a slight to remember. We have the options on a slight. We have options here for added slide master. So we click on add. It's late, master, you can see it opens up new. It looks nearly like a presentation. But do remember that you're in slave Master? No. Okay, you're not in normal view, you're editing the layered off the slide, and you're not editing and to do with slight. So it's starting to get a wee bit more complicated. So you can see Here's the title and subtitle slide on. Here is what it looks like. So it's telling you here is the title, and then here's the different levels. Then here's the picture. One title under different levels. Here's the tightness laid on its showing you what size it, it's so if we're going to tax, you can see that the size is 112. So what that means is that every title slaves Jupiter in the text or humanity goes toe cites 112. So if you wanted to change that, you can do it here. It saves. You needed to go into every single slide on changing the size of the titles. You can also use this for so the one that we've been using quite a lot is this title top. We've used that quite a lot. If we wanted to put a picture on every slide that has tightened topping us, we would have to go through each light and mind you, dude, all we could do is we could go into the master slide, which is governed everything else we could go photos we compare in our logo. Say, for example, we could use the instant out for like we did a really or just to take the wife out of it. Kids like that and I just take that sweet better. But here just to be van when we said done and we could make it smaller down into the very bottom corner, just say we wanted it like that. I'm gonna move it down into the bottom corner. Dale on. Then I'm going to say of it. So there's two ways to save it. You can go to view on exit master slides, or you can take underdone down at the very bottom. So the button here says, done. And we said, Don on here. You can see any slight. I'm just gonna zoom in fear. Any slide that is Titan at the top for that title tops late yet no highs. That small picture on it. So if I know, go to insert a new slide. So I goto add slide. Can you see the title top? It automatically has our logo on it. So it means that you don't have toe put it on every site. So I'm just gonna put in a new slide title top. I'm gonna go to the end of the slate as if we were doing earlier on. So I go add new slate title top. You can see the new slight goes in. It has the tight letter top of it. But it also has our logo down here at the bottom corner. So it automatically puts it into that because we're editing that slide master. So anything you want to do to a slide master or anything want to do to multiple slides? Do it to the slide master and not to individual slides. You can also do things like putting a slate number on us. You can see the slight numbers here. So just say, for example, if we wanted to cite number to be over in the right hon site, we could do it on one slight. They'll or what we could do is we could add it. The slave master and we could say slight number. We wanted to be on the right. We could move it to wherever we want to put us, keep it in line with it and said Don and you can see it has moved in on that one, and it'll move it on the mall. It has slide numbers on all the slides that are that slide type. So the important thing to remember here is each slide highs, its own master Slight on. If you want to make changes toe all the slides that are off that type, you need to change the master. So if you wanted to appear on top title top, you need to change the master of Title top. If you want to change to picture, you need to change the master off picture. Okay, if you want it to. Another thing you could do, for example, would be if I go in, I'm going to go in this way view and edit master slides. So we click on it, you can see it opens up all the different master slates for me here. I know. So the one we were looking at and there was this AM photo horizontal. And that's why you've had the picture that size. If we wanted the picture to be big on so we could put it that it's right out bigger text on . We could move to title down a wee bit on. We could move out, bring them. We don't need toe, move it down. You can see Know that we've only got that small area up with the top. So it's full screen. Nearly are as good as it's gonna get. We can take on done the sea automatically. The picture that we had earlier that we put in has recessed for us because we resized the master off the picture slates. If we go to put in a new picture, I'm gonna take that other one over there. We've got a plan, a new picture slate. You can see the size of the picture here on it. Okay, so the picture is big is a big, big picture. We kick on it when we go to put a picture. And so I'm gonna put one of these pictures and I just put the one of the from here and you can see it goes nearly full screen right the way around, okay? It doesn't force. And you can see how Costa Double Sector added is here because I I didn't move them down further. So once you're editing the master slight, what you're doing is your changing the layout off that slain. So when you put in a sleigh to the background, you're changing the migrant, so I hope that makes sense for you. It's it's nothing too complicated in that you don't need to do it all the time. But I do like students to know what? Because it gives them the flexibility to be able to change everything. So if you wanted a company logo or your own company local to be on every slide through the presentation, just go through it and hold on to the slave master on. Then it seems you have in the position at each time another plus what it is. It's going to be in the same place each time you put it in because it's only on one master slight. You're not having the individually place. That's what'll save you time along one. Okay, so what's he is in the next section 22. Animation: Okay, so the next thing we want to look at his animation. So this is when we want to bring a better life to our presentation. So at the minute when we run the spread, the slideshow or the Kino from gonna play it here from the start so you can see we price the after party for the 1st 1 pressing for the sacrament and everything appears on the screen as once. Okay. What we want to do is you want to start bringing them bullet points in one by one. We're gonna do it now. So the way we do it is take on the placeholder that we have the bullet point and you can see it. There are titillated and blue, so I'm just taking on it once and do it again. Second offered. Just click on the placeholder. Once we're in the area on what we want to do is up at the top right hand corner. We have the an immediate option. You can see it. Here is we take the anime adoption on then it gives us the options for ad on effect. So we take on Adam effect at the minute it set to known. It gives you a load of different ones here on the Soma. These here can be quite gimmicky. Some of the ones you can see appear or blower or dissolve or drift. These are gonna be nice and nice, subtle ones, whereas other ones are gonna be typewriters. Gonna be gimmicky them type. I'm going to do the appeal first. If you can do one of these ikan do the more. So by all means, you go and try a different ones just to see what they look like. I'm gonna do the appeal one. Okay, Now, what's happening is if I take on it, it's common in. So I'm gonna play it and I'm gonna head enter and you can see it's all appeared at once. Okay, on what we want to do is we want to go down here to the delivery options and you can see it says all at once. We want to put it down. I'm positive by bullet on what it's doing is then it's going to go from build from forced toe last. So it's going to go from the first bullet to the last bullet. So I'm gonna preview my keynote. No, to see what it looks like. You can see I'm clicked on slate tree so it's going to start from slight tree. So we take on player, it's gonna open up I pressed the anti key. Once the forced bullet point comes in, I priced the and turkey and next time the other one comes in Another time another one comes in and then the four time another one comes in on. Then I press enter and goes on to the next light so you can see the way it works straight away. It gives you more control over the type of things that you're doing. No, I want to go back again and just show you. So at the minute they're appearing, I'm going to show you one of the other ones. Just I don't usually do them, but we'll do them here. So just say, for example, maybe sparkling or sparkle so you can see the way they're coming in now. So the more gimmicky you might like it. What? These ones here there is different durations, so we can savage aeration. Two, maybe three seconds. You can preview to see what it looks like. So it borns just like a cane of Ah, a fuse. While it goes in the planning on what you're doing, it might work for you. Okay? We'll put a full screen just to see what it looks like full screen. So we presento The 1st 1 comes in, we press enter again the seconds and and so on you can see the way it it's welcome there. So so me and may like that So you can see the different ones that you can do it. They're not as bad as as they used to be. Okay, so change different ones there. There's a typewriter. If we previewed so you can see it actually types it out. Might be good if you're trying to do, like, an older style thing that you wanted to see it typing out for you. Okay, so that's it. That's how you do it. The other options here we have done at the very bottom called build order, so you can see belled order that shows us that opens up in this small window here. I'm just consuming so you can see the window. This is showing you the order that the bullet points are appearing in. Okay, so I'm gonna take on the Force one the 1st 18 selected then and you can see here it starts on click. If we wanted, we could say after transition on what that will do is it would come in after So we have slate to it's going to transition this late tree on. Then the first bullet point will come in so we can sat at maybe two. We put it to two seconds or 1.5 seconds. I'm gonna preview now. I'm just going to zoom out for you. Just suit so you can see it. So what's gonna happen is slayed. One is there, Then, of course, this late to then slight tree. Once late tree appears on the screen after 1.5 seconds, it's going to come up with a force bullet point. Remember, the ransom are still sat on click, so I will have to physically click the restroom. What? We previewed anywhere just to see what it looks like. So you can see the 1.5 seconds and there it comes up and show you the way it would look on the full screen mode. So if we start our slide show from the very start Our keynote from the very start we pressed. We have to prance. Aunt, offer these So Anto, there's the second slide. We press enter? No. After 1.5 seconds, it will start appearing. Okay to move on Now we have the press enter again for them ones. What we could do if we wanted, we could go down. So we have these and selected here. We're walking with these until we go back into the build order on we've kick on the 2nd 1 It's it was on Click will say after build one. I will give it maybe five seconds. Type that in there just to be quicker on. Then we think on Bill too. Well, say after built to apple tree rather after Bill tree on that goes the five seconds on. Then we'll say build four on. Then we'll put it after Bill tree and we put it the five seconds. So what's gonna happen here is when we go from slight to dislike tree. It's going away at 1.5 seconds and it's gonna bring up the first bullet point. It's then going to give people five seconds to read that on. It's going to bring up the second bottle 50.5 seconds. The third bullet 0.5 seconds. The four bullet point. So you see it. Nights will close out of it. I'll just go back this late to I won't go back this late one just to start to present it. This keynote. So we've started from Slate too. So we're on state to know we press the anti button hands up just for proof. So it'll do the 1st 1 It will give you five seconds to read it on. Then it will come up with the 2nd 1 It give it five seconds for that to happen, it come up toward one. So this would be a good thing if you were tryingto automated. So if you were part in it, maybe in some of the key nodes I've seen on maybe in restaurants, you know, advertising things you can do that. You can automatically sad it, that you don't need someone actually sitting there doing in the bottom. Now, a word of warning for you if you were going to do I know what I mean. Anything. Make or just turn. If you're going to do a presentation, you don't want to automatic because you don't know how long you're gonna spend talking about each ball. Appoint. Someone may ask you a question, and you might have to spend longer on one's actions and the other so you don't want the presentation going away behind you. So your battle taking it by yourself or using a tech or or your phone or your iPod in a live situation. If its pre rehashed well and good, you'll be ableto do it there. OK, I just want to briefly take his in and show you the pictures. Same thing taken the picture. Goto anime it up with the top here called Adam Effect on. Then we can go to maybe drift and scale and see what it will do. So little come in fear. There's different options. We can change it to see so well. Do you can do the sparkle again if you want, or it won't give you a typewriter, and I don't think would give you a flame so you can see it. So these are the gimmicky ones that I was talking about. OK, so there's gimmicky ones there that you can do. Dissolve. It's quite a nice one. If you were trying to create a mood nice and sort of mood dissolve is a good one. So I'm gonna go back to number. I'm not gonna go back to number tree because it will take 20 seconds to do. I'm just gonna play it from here. So when I click, you can see the picture comes in on what you could do if you want it. So we have the picture is coming in first and show you the build order down at the very bottom here. So your picture olive or night is coming enforced. So we close out of that. I'm gonna take on the tax box that we have. I'm gonna add an effect on. I'm going to maybe put that in what Typewriter? And I'm gonna go to the build order. I'm gonna take on it, and I'm going to go after build one. I'm gonna put it up to maybe one second. So it's gonna happen is when I press the button cause remember, the picture is is on the press button style. When I pressed the button, it's going to appeared the picture on after second. Then the writing is gonna type right across it. Okay, so we play it from the start. I press the button for the picture to appeal. The picture appears on then after a second the right and will go across the bottom so you can see it's kind of automatically for you. So what you can do is you can you can get groups of things ready. So, like the picture on the tax box or the picture and the caption so that you can have it ready beforehand so that you don't have the tech tick. You can just take once on everything else goes with that picture. But you don't want to be in a situation where things are happening under screen behind you on your still speaking OK know this all goes with the whole lot We can take on a tear, but we can animate a terrible on. We can maybe do the same thing we can do Move in wipe, drop drift and you see your table will drop in as well so we can all be done right the way . Truth on the same with the with the charts. So if we click on anime, we had an effect. We may be put them in to drop so you can see there drop in or we might want to change it. We can do any of the other ones, so maybe And drift on moving. You can see they're movin And the burns different options there. So you can do do the mall. There's special effects. Maybe is a we seek report flame. Okay, so there's loaded different ones there for the charts. Okay? No. With the chart options, I'm just put them onto appeared there. So they just appear into their their straightforward enough. Okay, So as well has been able to bring things in, like the tax there on your own and the bullet points. We can also bring things out. So if we click back on the box that we have here So we've been bringing the dolphin, we can go in on we can do the build out so you can see at the top here we were building in You can take on build out on we can add in effect And we can just say maybe flyers okay on instead of all at once. We can do them by bullets and forced to last. So no, we were the Lamma here, so we have stuff building in automatically. We have to go to make sure that it all walks properly. So you can see here we have 12 tree for building in on, then 1234 building out. So what we'll do is we'll click on to number one and it's gonna go after build four. I would put it upto one second number five. Then our number six is going after build five. It's gonna be one second on number seven is going after Bill six on. It's going to be one second a number it is going to be after Bill. Servant on It's gonna be one second. You could also do them the opposite way. You could take one in ticket out. I'm sure he is. That No two. Okay, so I'm going to preview it now. I'm gonna turn these down. Actually, Instead of being five seconds, I'm gonna put them learn to tree seconds because it's a bit long for you to sit watching me . Doing it is three seconds. Three seconds. Isn't too bad. Okay, so they're all 1135 1.5. Okay, perfect. So we go ahead and we'll play it. So they're only three seconds now. They're gonna wear to when we play it. It's gonna run by itself. Hopefully. So 1.5 seconds. These come in three seconds after dots on the screen, the next one's going to appear. Then three seconds after that on the screen, the next one will appear on. Then three seconds after that, the next one will appeal. And then a second after dot they're going to start going out so you can see them automatically doomed. Okay, so that's given your your readers time to view that thing. Okay, So you can see that you're building things in and you're building things out on this can be done with anything If you had a ship. So we put in the ship. So we've a week people share here. Just any kind of won it all just for the maybe the elevated walkway. So if you wanted to show people the elevated walkway you could build dotting, so you could Adam effect, we could just make it flame go out of here. It'll appear on the time it delivers. So that's it all at once we go to the order. So we have the mind walking on. We wanted to appear after the elevated walkway, which is here to see where I can just drag it up. Now I just need to make sure that it's after build for on its We put it 1/2 a second after So 3.5 kilometers coming in, then this one, then this one, then this one. Then the picture of the man walking. And then everything else is going to go out and get the man walk and will stay there on. We know what's going to stay there because we haven't brought it. I hope you're still with me on this, So if we play, it'll play by itself. I like it me hands here so that you can see that I'm not pressing anything. So it goes right the way. Truth. So after the elevated work with the Flamel appear the man will be there on Then the mind will stay there. The rest him with all gush Okay on the man my uncle wrote, because we haven't sat it to the world. We could sad it. No, to flay off or whatever the case is. OK, so that's the most important things covered. No on animation. In the next lecture, we're going to look at transitions on what transitions is. It's bringing one slide in and taking to the one night. So we're not that the content of the slights, it's taking the slides themselves. Okay, so what's he isn't next lecture. 23. Transitions: Okay, so the next thing we want to look, we've already looked at bringing in certain items like bits of tax. The orbits of pictures are ships one by one, but we want to look no at in between each of the slides. So when it goes from Slade, one to Slate to If I just previewed, we go back to the play button. When I take the bottom, you'll see it's quite choppy, so one is there. I'm just pressing the delete button to get back one. Is there a price anti under close to two? There's no kind of smoothness to it. What we can do is we can take on slide one on once we reflect on side one and click on the anime it over at the right hands idea. You can see no. Instead of animations, we have transitions, so a transition is a tradition from ones like to the next. So we take on artifact. I want to take on artifact. We can just see some of the ones in Apple are nice. Our magic move. So what? Magic moved. Those is it'll. It'll find things that are it's actually telling us here what it will do. My magic move animates objects from this late to deposition. Under next light, the two slides must have at least one object in particular on one object in and common. But in different appearance, a position on each laid. It won't really walk for us because we don't really have anything in common. Okay, so we just maybe do a different one. We won't use the might move because you won't release CNN happen. We'll do a dissolve to a nice design from one to the next. You can see it previews Andi. It gives us the same option. It says Start transition on click. So in other words, we have to click on side one to go to Slay to. We could then do the same right the way it true the monkey, or we could maybe select them all off a lannister. On we go toe artifact, we'll say, dissolve on on click so you can see I'm after doing them all in one goal to select the more they just have the command button down ticked each one of them, and it allows you to do that Then, So now if we do our presentation till we click it the start. Here we press play. When I press enter, you'll see it dissolving from one to the other. So what is ours Monte other on? Then we go on to the next screen on on to the next. When you can see UNDATED of start its movement right the way true. One of the things that we may be caught it done was we could have used the magic move on the Force one. Because I love or Portugal is in the force. One under sacrament on it should recognize if I do magic move. It does so dizzy that it recognizes that Olive or Portugal is in both slides on DIT automatically moves for us. So a preview and no, you see it's gonna look a lot better then the way it was. So if I click on Enter the Anvil portable because it's inside more 9splay, too, it just moves into its position on slayed one. So it's more of a natural looking thing. Okay, so that's transitions. There's not a whole pile more to them because they are just the area between Slade one and Slay two or Fe Tree and state for or whatever the case is, Just do take note of over on the right hand side. If I just go over here, the rain on state, any slide that has a transition on it, you can see it has a blue corner there in the bottom, right on any slide that has animation on it has tree dots. So that's how you know of a slide has animation or transition. Okay, so I see isn't an actual actual? 24. Skillshare project: Okay. Now for the sanction, we're gonna have a practice on what we're after learning. So we're in key knows now, so you'd be able to get the files needed for this. There's only one photograph for this for section be able to get the final scene for this in the resource section on. There's also a PB After with the questions on it that you need. I have the pdf here on I pod. You can have it tonight part or you can use your smartphone or you can have it under screen Besides, and you conflict over him back or you can print it out. Of course, once you have the questions that are, did you be able to read them to go culture? Okay, so what we'll do is we get started. So the first question there says, create a new presentation on with a team of your choice. So what we want to do is you want to create a new presentation and the way we do this, if you're after opening up keynote for the first time, it will ask you to choose a presentation that's probably fine. Or if you're ready in a presentation like I am here. I can go file and new on it will. Then give me this option to choose. Choose up theme. For the first time, I'm just gonna use a straightforward one. Maybe we go with the slashed presentation are slated. Team, it doesn't really matter which one that you use down there. OK, so we're using them. So you make it of your own choice. That's question one. Them, it says changed zoom setting to 75%. You can see the entire area. I've put a figure on this of 75%. I know. If I put it the 75 I can see the entire area. There are. You may need to put it last arm or depending on your screen sites. So don't be afraid. If you need to go to 50 or 42. I've noticed with some of the Mike Brooks, it goes to 42 for the 11 inch. The total tonnage might let you get away with 50. So, you know, just so you can see the entire screen area there. Okay, question. Tree then says for the screen title, enter following information apples on a tasty treat. So it just says title and subtitle. So your title areas here and your subtitles here, you don't have to worry about entering title or subtitle. You can just put it in so we double thick we're gonna put in apples and then in the subtitle lack options, we're gonna put in a tst trace. Okay, So if there's any longer sections that were parting in what I'll do is out five. Fold it later on in post production, and you can pause it whenever you're doing it. Okay, so it just says that you don't need after the words or titans or subtitle. You just need to enter information to the understand to tell you what to do. Any of these things. Aaron born here so you can see the importance actions are on board number four at a new slighted a presentation on. Then it's telling us what slightly I to select so at a new slightly presentation until, like, title and bullets layer or one that will allow you to put entitles and bullets. So sometimes you may find that different teams that using might have slightly different names on them. But it's this one here. We want to put in Thailand bullets. If you use the same themes, me, you won't have any problems with this. So we put entitling bullets on a put in our second slide. There, it says, Enter apples for the title on number two. So we put in apples for a title. And then it says for the slide, we're going to use paragraph tax and not for the points. So once you double sector added section, we need to turn off the bullet points where the minutes allowing us to put in bullet points . We wanted to put in just taxed. So we over here in the right hand side, so just make sure you're in the tax action. Once you double click in detective Edit attacks that will open up the tax action. On the right hand side, you'll see them that the state of me so donut the bullets and lists action at the bottom. You want to take where it says bullet, and you want to put it onto non so like you would have seen in the annual elections. That's how you tape in now paragraph text. So there's a wee bit of tax to put in your. So what I'll do is I'll go ahead and type it in on speeded up post production. Okay, so I've talked all that in there on. We want to. The next number is so you just follow along with us. And if you are able to go ahead and do it by yourself, bring it. So do the alignment options to on the right to center that the taxed. So we can just take on the alignment options over here. So they zoom in just so you can see it. Even lame adoptions here on the right hand side on. We just take on the center part in it with Sandra. Once we're in the placeholder, it applies that settings to the entire place order. So because we are typing attacks in the place older, it automatically does that. If you're not typing into if you have to go back and endure, just make sure you select the text or double second to it. And that's your way of selecting the text. Number nine used the font or text size options to change the signs of the tax to 70. So again, with the size of the text, you will need to select for this. Okay? And we changed the 70. So we put up the 70 or you can just click in on typing 70 and that's perfectly fine. Just make sure you do take out of it when you're finished, because it's waiting for you to take out of it. So that's your text up to 70. Okay, Number 10 years to save options to see if the presentation as apples and you can save it. Your documents folder. So the save options up in the very middle above your tool bars your toolbar is this AM table charts, tax ships, media and comment. Is your toolbar on the top of the right on the left? Sorry is your menu bar. So you have your toolbar here on your menu bar. So we're gonna use the option above the toolbar here at the minute it's called Untitled on . We're going to go toe Addis protector in the We are over the side of it. We just put in apples as the name. Don't worry about a tag. If you're doing your homework, he can put tykes tags will give you the option of Minneapolis Oxford Easier on its answers . Where do we want to save it? We're just gonna take on documents. Okay, so we say apples were taken happened? You just have to save it straight away. And you can see it's showing your small king ordered German at the very top. See, consider it showing your small keynote. I'm symbol or icon. It has the word apples wrote there. It doesn't have any anything beside apples. The reason I want to show you this is so if you watch a second, if I just click in the hour cyst or title. If I put a full stop in here, watch what happens? The knee, um, appear at the top. It changes the apples, added it. So because you've added even though it's only one full stop in the greater scale of things , what Apple is telling you is it's since you saved it has being added since that. So it's just a quick way off been able to tell you that you don't walk on, not saved. Okay, the next options, then we have wouldn't the next number two. We're on to the next page. No, off these is at a new slider presentation or to use title on bullet point layered on enter following information. So a lot of these, like people, are not gonna be title and bullet point because it's so versatile. So for the title, you can see they are a part in an apple. Varieties now were only part in in the text. In the bold writing, the next thing we have then is we want to go into the bullet points action. So we double sector added, We do want to use bullet points in this option. So we type in the foursome and we had anti or rhetorical punches down onto the next lane we put in raid we had enter. We put in Granny Smith and I told him about what this one in. This is a bit of trivia. This is what your computer is you're walking on, has been named after OK, the market. Tasha Apple. Okay, It's bad. Slightly different to the way you would recognize it. But that's the way it that's what it was named after originally. So we have em the four different things that I know you got five or six or seven things, you know, we said that area of the 7.5 times in different ones. Okay, Number 12 then says at a news slight. Choose for a horizontal layout for the slight and then, using the replace photo option on the right, entered the apples for the winter's light. You'll get the apple's photo from the resource section of the course. It will go into your Daniels for so that's in is there's a photograph that you need for this action. It doesn't really have to be dot photographs when you can put in any photograph that you want. But if you do want to keep to the course and keep doing it exactly m perfect. So what we're gonna do is I'm going to you get the photograph from the resort of section here. Andi, Whenever you product, you can put it ER downloads folder to your dad's topper into a folder or whatever you want . Once you know where the photograph a stored. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna put the first light, and so we're going to take on add slide on. We're going to go to photo horizontal so you can see the photograph goes in there. So the first thing we do then is we want to replace this photograph. If the photographs were stored in our photos album, we could just take on the option down here, and it would take us to our own photographs that has stored there. But we're not going to do that. We're gonna click on the photographs once on what that does. Is it highlight, and you can see it's highlighted with the handle drowned that it has thes. I am white squares and each corner of it taking on the image section over on the right hand side. So you may need to click on the image action. There you can see it showing you what file their currently oven to. That's just apples, placeholder that even and that team on. What we do is we take on replace, and once you click on replace, then you go to wherever you have the file saved, we take on replace mine's taking me up to my desktop straightaway. Yours may take you to your documents or wherever you were previously. So I have it stored in my task files here, and it's just an Apple's file now, are they Say it doesn't really have to be desperate. Secular? One file. You can use any photograph that you have there. I'm just gonna put the apples violent. You can see it. Put it in there. No, on once we put the apples violent, that's it. That's that question. Don't. Okay, the next one, then at the title picture of apples. So just here on the title, you convert in picture pictures of apples. Okay, so this is just about using all the different elements that were just after Larry. The next thing we have is Adam use laid unused title top slide layers so tightly tops lately. And it's just the title of the top blank there at the bottom. So we goto, add new slide on here we have titled top slightly. As you can see, it's just a tight at the top on a blank area there at the bottom on what we're gonna do is at the heading nutritional facts. So we put the heading in here. Nutritional nutritional facts it densities using the tube are at the top of the screen. Enter a table and that's night. Used the first option this year to about the top here This is our table option. So we click on table and this is the first option here on that puts it into that. That's that question done at the table, sort of contend. Two columns wide on it rose high, so we want added. It's for two condoms. So there's one column to condoms. So you want to take on the small We Sakhalin two lanes and over here on the right hand side of resume until you can see it just to the right hand side of the table. Onda. We want to select it so that it only has two columns and you see there's only and be on. We want it rose high, so we click the opposite side, then done in the last corner, and we want to put this up to air on. Then the next question is is enter the following information entered on. We have a table to enter there, so I'll go ahead and entered in on What I do is I speeded up then after. Okay, okay, so once the information's all answered and that's not done. So this is just the beginning. Information on the presentation the next one wants us to take on the four slide and run or play the presentation on just had entered the whole way to work your way through the presentation until you get the answer. They suggested by making sure your presentations walking now. So we always taken the first light there at the very start. We want to take on the play button here. We can go to the player from the Manu Barber. The play about next. Easiest one there so you can see your presentations open there. So we just had enter right the way. True. So there's a force later seconds light your third slide, your four slide on. Then your fifth slide Ananta would take you back then out of it again. So you can see that's a presentation walking there. So I do not know for 10 minutes. Okay, so the next questions is a play on a mission of facts to the bullet points and slay tree so that the comment one of the time when your presentation is run, you can choose any affected to lake. So this is where you start getting a Wieber creative with it so you can go and choose the way you want to bring them. And I'm not going to tell you which ones to do. I'm just going to do a straightforward appear. You can get creative with it. So I'm taking on the sly tree. First of all, on. Then I'm clicking in on these bullet points here that we have on. What we want to do is we want to go to the an immediate option up of the top, right hand side ideal. So you can see an image there. We click on it. Onda, we take on Arden effects were using the build in for this one. So that means that they're gonna come in weather. So we take on at an effect, I'm just gonna use straightforward appeal. You can use you contract, try all the different ones, but I'm just going to use the appear one. So the appear. So the only other thing we need to do is at the minute they're delivering all at once, so we just need to click on it and we need to go by bullet, so they're gonna bring in one at a time. If you want to preview, you can preview on. You can see that they're going to come in one at a time there for you on a course of you do a different one on us. A different animation effect. Yours will look different to mine. But that's where you start getting creative. No. So we have the man content and this is where we're starting to. Former. Okay, The next thing that we have just going to zoom back out you can see my foot full screen, though the next thing we have is apply an animation of fact to a picture and slide for so again with the picture and slide for we take on the slide for clicking the picture Make sure you take on the Al ameer of fact here so animated at the top on Tick on out in effect on whichever one you want again I'll just do a straightforward appeal You can select a different one there. This is where we do Okay Number 22 then wants us to apply transitions to the slides. So the movement from one sliding to the other is animated to What this means is if I go back to slide one here and I run my presentation So I've taken myself off the camera now just so you can see it. If I run my presentation, you can see when I hit Anto you can see her choppy. It is so I'm just prising anti on the lease between them to so enter takes it forward, the leak takes it back. Or you could use the arrow keys open down will take it from your as well. So you can see that when you do it. It's quite choppy there. So one slides gone and the other one's not. So what we want to do is press the escape key. That'll take you back. We want toe unamir the slide So we click on the slide on the left hand side, not selecting anything within here. So I'm not selecting any player, soldiers or anything. I'm just looking on the slide and you can see at the minute it's calling us transition. If I was to click on something here, it goes to build. You can see that I'm just gonna go over in the right hand side to show you. So this is where we're focusing Build over here. So if I take on the slide it says transition like an object. It's built. Do you want to make sure it stays transition there on. We want to go out. In effect, we'll just do from this one will just do maybe dissolve. Okay. Again. You do whichever one you want on. What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna put this isle of right the way through the whole lot of them . You could do for that 2nd 1 You could do a magic move. From what magic move. Those is. It moves an object that's on one screen to wear days in the second screen. So because we have the same heading, you could do that. But I'm just gonna put these, all right, The waitress. So I'm gonna say dissolve on that one. Dissolve on that one. You could to like the morning, put it in his own from that one on. Dissolve on this one. Okay. And you can see that I'm leaving it on click, which means that we will have toe my newly take the button for it to move from one. You know, you could if you wanted, go in and automatically do it after a couple of seconds. But my feeling on that is I like to be in control when I'm giving a presentation. And if it's automatically Dernis, you're not in control of it. Okay, we will talk about that anywhere. Little So now when I run, I'm gonna click back on my four slide here. I'm gonna go to play. You can see when I run my presentation I had Antah and you can see one deserves ot resolves and I had enter again when deserves out on then I have my bullets common in one of the time and they will dissolve out on. Then the next one will come in on it will desire voting. You're the result mints You can see straightaway. It's it's more fluid. It's more than it as they see your creative. Here you go and do whatever you want with it. Put whatever type of transition You can have them all different. You can have them all the same. Whatever you want. I just want to make sure that you have the content. They are forced for you to be able to get that done. The last question then to save and close the presentation. So the last step of it. Seven. Close, quickest way to do it is file and save that saves that. You can see No. Two top. It's just apples. It's not edited on close. We can click the red button here, or we can go to file and close. So that's that. So thanks for that. Get them done. Get them upload until I have a look at them and I'll give you feedback on them. Get creative with them and see you soon.