App UI Design and Prototyping in Sketch and Principle | Al Mamun | Skillshare

App UI Design and Prototyping in Sketch and Principle

Al Mamun

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6 Videos (50m)
    • Intro

    • Sketching Out Ideas!

    • Style-Guide!

    • Designing in Sketch!

    • Prototyping in Principle!

    • Class Project and Good bye!


About This Class

This is a quick and easy beginner’s guide to App design and prototype process. In this course you’ll learn how to approach designing after coming up with an idea! After that we’re going to sketch out our ideas, explore colors and fonts and see how to come up with a style guide.  We’re going to design the app screens in Sketch and bring those screens into Principle and create a simple interaction animation! Sketch and Principle are two great tools for UI design workflow! You can still follow along even if you don’t have either of those two software!

This class is for anyone who’s just starting out in UI/UX design but not sure how to approach the whole process. I’m going to share my process throughout the whole course which is going to help you figure out how to get started when that next big idea hits you!





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