App Design: Use Sketch Like a Pro | Karim Balaa | Skillshare

App Design: Use Sketch Like a Pro

Karim Balaa, UI/UX & Product Designer

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9 Lessons (1h)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. What is Sketch

    • 3. What we're going to designing

    • 4. Overview of the tools and features

    • 5. Artboards and App Planning

    • 6. Symbols and Splash Screen

    • 7. Images and Feed View

    • 8. Exporting and Article View

    • 9. Class Project


About This Class

Learn how to use Sketch like a pro. Starting from the basics and moving to some more advanced features. We will be covering most of the features and tools and we will be creating a few screens along the way.

In this class we're going to learn all about Sketch, what it is and what it's great at. This is going to be more of a technical class on how to use Sketch and not so much about product design thinking (although we will do a little bit of that as well).

This class is for people that are just starting out with Sketch and also people that are familiar with Sketch and looking to learn a few new tips and techniques.





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Karim Balaa

UI/UX & Product Designer

Sup Skillshare dudes and dudettes! My name is Karim Balaa, I'm a freelance UI/UX and Product Designer from Ottawa Canada. Focusing on all thing digital. I like to think of myself as a problem solver that implements the right strategy, design and interaction. I love working with startups and help create a special experience for the digital world.

I've been fortunate to work for some amazing clients on amazing projects. Here are some of the peeps I've had the pleasure to work with:


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