App Design: Use Sketch Like a Pro | Karim Balaa | Skillshare

App Design: Use Sketch Like a Pro

Karim Balaa, UI/UX & Product Designer

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9 Lessons (1h)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. What is Sketch

    • 3. What we're going to designing

    • 4. Overview of the tools and features

    • 5. Artboards and App Planning

    • 6. Symbols and Splash Screen

    • 7. Images and Feed View

    • 8. Exporting and Article View

    • 9. Class Project


About This Class

Learn how to use Sketch like a pro. Starting from the basics and moving to some more advanced features. We will be covering most of the features and tools and we will be creating a few screens along the way.

In this class we're going to learn all about Sketch, what it is and what it's great at. This is going to be more of a technical class on how to use Sketch and not so much about product design thinking (although we will do a little bit of that as well).

This class is for people that are just starting out with Sketch and also people that are familiar with Sketch and looking to learn a few new tips and techniques.