Aperture: Create Dramatic Blur in your Portraits

Tabitha Park, Really good at waiting in lines

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6 Videos (24m)
    • Introduction

    • Aperture and f/stops

    • Depth of Field and Bokeh

    • Equivalent Exposure

    • Portraits

    • Final Thoughts and Project


About This Class

In this class I'll illustrate the importance of selecting the right aperture for your scenario. We'll talk about ways to add creamy out-of-focus backgrounds in your portraits, what an f/stop is and how to push your photography to the fullest.

I'll show you a demonstration for achieving your desired Depth of Field as well as the many ways to achieve a properly exposed photo through equivalent exposure.

This class pairs well with my Shutter Speed class but can also be viewed independently :)


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I loved the natural way that Tabitha communicated in these videos. A lot of the teachers of the classes I have taken from Skillshare seem so scripted and uncomfortable. When listening to Tabitha I felt like we were two friends sitting across from each other and she was sharing her knowledge of photography with me. I learned a ton and will definitely take more classes from her. Well done!
She is incredibly knowledgable on photography and has a lot to share! I learned a lot and would recommend to anyone who is interested in photography!
So easy to understand. Loved this tutorial thank you so much





Tabitha Park

Really good at waiting in lines

Photographer. Cat Whisperer. Plant Hoarder. Slytherin.