Aperture: Create Dramatic Blur in your Portraits

Tabitha Park, Really good at airline sudoku

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6 Videos (24m)
    • Introduction

    • Aperture and f/stops

    • Depth of Field and Bokeh

    • Equivalent Exposure

    • Portraits

    • Final Thoughts and Project

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About This Class

In this class I'll illustrate the importance of selecting the right aperture for your scenario. We'll talk about ways to add creamy out-of-focus backgrounds in your portraits, what an f/stop is and how to push your photography to the fullest.

I'll show you a demonstration for achieving your desired Depth of Field as well as the many ways to achieve a properly exposed photo through equivalent exposure.

This class pairs well with my Shutter Speed class but can also be viewed independently :)


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AMAZING! She has so much great information on aperture and I love how animated she is as a teacher :)
Very concise and helpful explanation of aperature.
I have been taking Tabitha's classes to get out of a creative rut. Not only do the classes teach basic skills, they build on that and get your creative juices flowing when taking pics!
Shan Bush

Raleigh - Durham





Tabitha Park

Really good at airline sudoku

Hi! I'm Tabitha and I teach photography classes. I'm a lifestyle portrait photographer for a living and I make that living in the gorgeous state of Utah! I love plants and I knit and I had my appendix removed in 2014 and sometimes I worry that I might need it later to talk to aliens. Other than that I'm pretty normal.

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