Anyone can 'PORTRAIT' | Nanditha Vijayan | Skillshare
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9 Lessons (41m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Tools and supplies

    • 3. Creating Strokes with NIB

    • 4. Creating Strokes with PENS

    • 5. Creating Strokes with BRUSHES

    • 6. Tracing

    • 7. Outllining

    • 8. Shading & Coloring

    • 9. Thanks and Bye !


About This Class

This class is created with an idea of creating Portraits by anyone who does not have any prior experience. Which means: 'Anyone can Portrait' is specially designed for all those people who dreams to create Portraits  with ease.This is achieved using a tracing technique and hence you do not need any special skills in drawing.Through this class you will definitely achieve your dream of creating Portraits.

In this class, students will learn how to:

1.  easily draw portraits of people using tracing technique

2. use ink or pens for detailing and outlining

3. use watercolors for shading  and applying color to get a washed out finish.

Finally,there is a Bonus class from which they would also learn how to illustrate some prints and lines on clothing.






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Nanditha Vijayan

Artist & Designer

Hello All, I am Nanditha Vijayan. I am an Artist and a Designer and I love creating Artworks. Following my DREAMS,I have joined skillshare as a first step into my career in the world of Art and Fashion. Learning is a process that we do throughout this Life. Creating inspiring and intricate designs, Learning new things  and sharing my knowlege and skills is something what I am passionate about. 

So let's start getting to know each other. Follow me for more updates on classes a...

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