Anyone Can Watercolor: The Basics for Creating Magical Pieces | Yasmina Creates | Skillshare

Anyone Can Watercolor: The Basics for Creating Magical Pieces

Yasmina Creates, Ink & Watercolor Artist

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12 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Brushes

    • 3. Paper

    • 4. Paints

    • 5. Other Supplies

    • 6. Washes

    • 7. Watercolor

    • 8. 3D Sphere

    • 9. Highlights

    • 10. Magical Effects

    • 11. Feather Painting

    • 12. The End

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About This Class

Welcome to the class! :)

Watercolor is a loose and unpredictable medium, which can make it daunting for most people to pick up a brush and try. The truth is the basics are very simple to learn and just take practice to master. There is a lot that can be controlled with practice, and the rest (happy accidents) is what makes it so interesting. In this course you will learn about the personality of watercolor and the simple techniques needed to paint with confidence. I will go into detail about everything you need to get started on your never-ending journey of discovery, from:

  • What Supplies to Get 
  • 6 Different Wash Techniques
  • How to Layer
  • How to Blend
  • The Water and Paint Dynamic
  • Working Light to Dark
  • Masking Fluid
  • Adding White With Other Media 
  • Salt Technique
  • Alcohol Resist Technique
  • Other Tips and Tricks

By the end of the class you will have the skills necessary to create enchanting watercolor pieces that you can sell, frame, use in your illustration portfolio, or gift to a loved one. I share all the techniques I accumulated over the years, so every watercolor enthusiast can learn something, but beginners will benefit the most. So, no more excuses! It's about time you start to dabble in the art of watercolor magic!


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